2018 Term 2 Week 15 1 Jun 2018

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am pleased to announce that we have been able to engage Mr Joseph Coyne MSc AEP, to consult to the PDHPE and Sports faculty at our Mahers Lane Campus as Lindisfarne’s Director of Athletic Development.

Mr Coyne is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable educator with a defined strength and conditioning and sports performance skill set which has seen him asked to speak at numerous high-level workshops and conferences globally. His industry accreditations are exemplary with career highlights including taking the Chinese Athletics Association jump and sprint section through to the 2017 London World Championships and 2016 Rio Olympics as the team’s Physical Preparation Coach, as well as spearheading an elite sports performance program which supported his 2016 Rio Olympics athletes who went on to win 34 medals - 19 of which were gold!

At Lindisfarne, Mr Coyne will be working to establish a best practice approach to student athletic development through strength and conditioning programs, specialist support and advice in the area of sports science and physical education, and talent identification for sporting scholarships to US colleges and other organisations beyond the school. Mr Coyne will also be establishing a track and field program for our school and will work closely with the Lindisfarne Sports Academy to promote a high-performance culture and further expose our student athletes to industry best practice across nutrition, strength and conditioning,
sports science and leadership.

Mr Coyne has already spent a number of days at the school beginning to draw ideas and programs together. He will be attending to international commitments through June/July and will return to commence implementation in August 2018. Please make Joseph welcome.

I look forward to joining members of the P&F and the school community at the 2018 Lindisfarne P&F Golf Day to be held on Friday, 22 June at the Coolangatta and Tweed Heads Golf Club. The Golf Day will be an opportunity to network with members of our school and business community. Please consider entering a team in what promises to be an exciting day of fellowship and friendship.

Final team nominations are currently being taken. Individuals interested in playing can also register and a team will be put together by the P&F. Thank you to the P&F Association for organising the 2018 Golf Day.

Kind regards,
Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain


Parents & Friends

P&F Golf Day

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at pandf@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

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Writing Competitions

Heywire Competition

The Heywire Competition is open to students in Year 10, 11 or 12 from regional Australia. It allows students to recount what is like in ‘their part of the world’. These true stories can describe any aspect of what it is like in regional Australia and students have a choice of the following formats:

Tell your story. Improve your writing skills. Learn to express yourself. This competition closes on 16 September. Act now. To check your eligibility to enter and obtain more information at: http://www.abc.net.au/heywire/competition/

Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition

The Dorothy Mackellar Poetry Awards competition is now open and entries close in 30 June 2018. The following sections are available to Years 7 to 12 students: Junior Secondary (Years 7 to 9), Senior Secondary (Years 10 to 12), Assisted learning Secondary Poetry, Multicultural NSW Award. Each section has a $500 first prize. Poems on any subject are accepted and the annual theme is optional. The optional theme is: I Have Promises to Keep. More details about the competition and prizes may be found at: https://www.dorothea.com.au/Terms-and-conditions

All entries for this competition must be emailed (in the correct format) to Mrs Walker for uploading.

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

School Photos

Year 10 Benefit Concert

Raffle Notice:

The sale of raffle tickets for the benefit concert will commence as of Monday next week. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket prior to the event, they will be available for purchase from our Year 10 Music students or in the Music room.

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday at lunchtime in the Chapel!

Ella Mcmillan
Year 10 student

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Year 3 Camp – Tyalgum Ridge Retreat

On Thursday, 24 and Friday, 25 May, Year 3 went to Tyalgum Ridge Retreat to camp there for a night. It was so exciting getting there on the bus! The activities were the initiative games/animals, the amazing flying fox, bush detective and camping skills.

On the first day, we dropped our stuff in the first room and were organised into our groups of Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3. When I got Group 1 with my best friend, Oscar we went straight to the first activity of initiative games and animals. After that we had a great lunch and went to do Activity 2, the amazing flying fox, it was so scary! In the evening, we got free time and played soccer, after that we had an amazing dinner and desert and later before bed we had the reptile show!

On the second day, we got up, got dressed, packed up and went to a great breakfast. After our great breakfast, we went on a bush walk for Activity 3. Then we had a quick break and went into our last activity, which was making damper and building a campfire. After that we had a farewell lunch and then went back to school.

Overall camp was extraordinary because I learnt a lot and faced my fears. My favourite part was making damper. Next time, I am looking forward to the big rope climbing.

Liev Tuckwell
Year 3 student

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Year 1 Landscape Excursion to The Boathouse

Tuesday, 29 May dawned clear and with beautiful weather forecast Year 1 excitedly caught buses to The Boathouse. We spent the morning observing and drawing the tranquil waters and surrounds of Cudgen Creek. This excursion complemented our integrated English/Geography unit, 'Reading the Landscape', where we have been learning all about the different landscapes that make up our vast continent. Participating in plein-air (a French expression meaning “open air”) art activities was a fantastic experience, with all our senses engaged and everyone creating a personal response to the landscape, capturing the true colours of nature around them.  

"On Tuesday I got on a bus to The Boathouse with Year 1. We sat on the deck at The Boathouse and one of the activities was drawing the landscape. I sat with my friends. Before the activities we did some breathing. We saw a snake skin and some fish." - Poppy 1T

"On Tuesday we went to The Boathouse and before we did anything we breathed. After that we did some activities and ate our morning tea. I sat with Emma. I loved it." - Mikiyo 1T

"I loved the excursion. It was amazing. I went with all of Year 1. We went to The Boathouse. I had morning tea. I also did some sketching and writing." - Henry 1W

"Today I went to The Boathouse. We went with all the Year 1 students. We did sketching and we did a sheet of what you can see, hear, smell and feel. After we got back from the Boathouse we ate our lunch. It was so much fun at the Boathouse." - Macy 1W

"Today we went to the boat house. I went with Miss Leary. We went at 9 o’clock and we had morning tea. I saw fish and I saw some rocks and we did drawing in our learning journals and it was fun." - Sofia Hawkins 1L

"We took the bus to the boat house. We were going to look at the landscape. I saw a snake skin and some people dropped pens from the deck. It was a beautiful day." - Finley de Cruz 1L
"We went to the boat house today. I did drawing and I saw rocks. I went with Lara on the school bus. I saw a man in a canoe and I saw a fish and a boat and a shark." - Isadora Pizzato 1L

Linda Terry, Amy Williamson and Kathryn Leary
Year 1 Teachers

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Kids’ Helpline

Recently, Year 4 were lucky enough to be involved in a ‘Google Hangout’ with Amber from Kids’ Helpline. She taught us that Kids’ Helpline is a free service for young people to talk with a counsellor about anything that’s troubling us, no matter how big or small.

In our interactive lesson, Amber also taught us about cyber safety. She spoke to us about the three R’s:

Always be Respectful in your interactions online
Think about your Reputation when posting information
Be Responsible when sharing personal information

This was a wonderful opportunity for the Year 4 students to connect with an expert from the comfort of our classroom. Thank you to Mr Cross for organising our sessions.

"It was fun and different talking to Amber in the Google Hangout on the screen." - Ruby.

"I learned that you could be tracked down easily just by posting something like a photo of your house online." - Sam

"I learned that you can call Kids’ Helpline to talk whenever you want." - Sabra

"You can ring up Kids’ Helpline and ask them for advice." - Rodan

"If you have a problem with your friends or are getting bullied you can ring Kids’ Helpline and talk to a counsellor." - Cameron

"You can call and talk to the same counselor each time so you feel comfortable." - Cooper

Krissy Affleck
Year 4 teacher

​Lindisfarne Community Playtime

It is testament to our welcoming and inclusive Lindisfarne community that an increasing number of families are taking advantage of the Preschool and Junior School playground each afternoon. It is a pleasure to watch the children enjoying this additional playtime with their friends, younger siblings and parents.

A reminder to these families, children must be supervised at all times and that the back gate accessing Arkinstall Park is closed at 3.30pm each afternoon.

Michele Chandler
Head of Junior School

Junior School Photos

A friendly reminder next week we have School Photos.  

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

  • Individual and class photos for all Kindergarten to Year 4 photographs.
  • Family Photos for children whose siblings are at Sunshine Avenue.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

  • Individual and class photos for all Preschool children.
  • Family photos for children who have siblings from Mahers Lane. 

Please note uniform expectations for these school photographs for both days:

  • Formal day uniform which include ties for Stage 2 children.
  • No Stockings – only white socks for girls.
  • Boys’ hair must be neat, clean and of an acceptable length.
  • Girls’ long hair must be pulled back and tied in School colour ribbons or scrunchies.
  • No makeup.

Correspondence containing further details and ordering requirements was sent to each family last week.  Please contact your student administration if you require more information.

Michele Chandler
Head of Junior School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Middle School Science

Did you have fun on camp last week? Did you do something you had never done before like set up a tent and sleep in it, have powdered milk with your cereal, or wash your own dishes in a sink? On Year 7 camp at Mebbin we were privileged to have a close encounter with a Tawny Frogmouth and a very large Carpet Python. In addition, each night we had front row seats to the most amazing star show on Earth. Fewer and fewer people around the world get the opportunity to see the stars as our cities get relentlessly bigger and light pollution makes the night sky invisible. Even in Australia most people live in towns or cities and it is only at a place like Mebbin (or Tyalgum) that you get to see the sky the way it is meant to be seen in all of its glory.

Winter is by far the best time to star gaze and staring up at the night sky is a wonderful way to spend a few minutes or even an hour or more. We will dedicate a few columns to the night sky here at Middle School Science but let’s start off with something everyone should be familiar with: The Southern Cross. You don’t need a telescope or any fancy equipment to find the Southern Cross, just go outside in a reasonably dark place and look for the big cross up in the sky. You can’t see it from the northern hemisphere so it really is a proper Aussie constellation! Let’s have a wander around.

The two bright stars below the cross are called “The Pointers” because they point towards the Southern Cross. If you look at the lower star with a small telescope or even a decent pair of binoculars you will see that it is actually two stars very close to each other. These are called Alpha Centauri A and B and they orbit around each other, locked in a gravitational dance called a Binary Star Pair. If you look really closely, you might see a very dim third star called Proxima Centauri which is famous because it is the nearest star to our own sun, a mere 4.2 light years away!

The Southern Cross itself is beautiful but, sort of like a black dot in the middle of a white board (ask your teacher) people tend to see the stars and ignore the space in between. If you just relax your eyes and stare at the bottom (the long end) of the cross, you may start to imagine that part of the space you are looking at is darker than the rest. Aboriginal people called this dark spot “The Emu” because it is roughly in the shape of that bird but why is one piece of dark sky darker than the rest? It is because of a structure called a nebula which is a massive cloud of dust and gas many light years across. Astronomers call The Emu the Coal Sack Nebula partly because it is so very black, like coal, and partly because of its shape (I don’t see why they couldn’t have just stuck with “The Emu” myself).

Just above The Emu/Coal Sack nebula is one of the most beautiful objects in the night sky. It looks like a star in the Southern Cross but, with a good pair of binoculars it will resolve into a sparkling coloured light show called “The Jewel Box”. This is a cluster of multi-coloured young stars and they are well worth a look.

Finally, the Southern Cross can be useful if you are lost because it gives you a way to find the direction south. First, draw an imaginary line through the two pointers, then draw another imaginary line from the top of the cross to the bottom. Finally, make a line that goes down from exactly in the middle of where the first two lines meet. That last line will point towards the south. Get a compass and then try it out for yourself and see if it works. The most important thing is to get out and look up at the night sky. It is better than television or social media and most people in the world will never see it.

Science Quiz

Well done to Sam who was first in with an answer to our last quiz. The closest living relative of the terrifying T Rex is indeed the humble chicken. Dinosaurs that walked on two legs were called Theropods and are the ancestors of modern birds.

This week’s question is: Here on Earth it is 2018. When you look at Proxima Centauri through a telescope, what year are you looking at?

Year 9 Camp - Camp Kokoda

One of the greatest challenges we face in life is the journey from childhood to adulthood. Last week, a privileged group of Lindisfarne teachers witnessed a small step in this journey for 92 Year 9 students at Camp Kokoda near Maroon Dam.

The experiences had during this week, the friendships built and the life lessons learnt will contribute to shaping these students as they enter this new and important phase of their lives. It is in environments such as these where learning occurs at a more natural pace with real-life consequences that are felt without filter or delay. What becomes most apparent to the observer is the genuine importance and need for respect, compassion, tolerance and communication in all our lives. Operating outside of our comfort zones brings out the very best and the very worst of us, lending focus to our current approaches, successes and failures. Learning how to deal with our fears and imperfections and those of others around us, is essential in every aspect of adulthood.

This cohort of students did the School proud in beginning to understand these challenges. Camp instructors valued the manners, maturity and enthusiasm of Year 9 in taking on even the smallest of obstacles. With a renewed understanding of self-confidence and of what it means to be self-reliant, the Year 9 students found themselves to be able to work together to set up and break camp, carry, organise, cook and clean up after themselves, as well as take on a Giant Swings, an abseil, and a Who Dang Wang, as well as carry all of their gear up and down steep mountain slopes. Frankly, they excelled themselves.

Rest assured, the next time you need a load of washing done, lunches made, dinner cooked or a toilet cleaned, there is an extremely capable young adult nearby, eager to demonstrate their abilities to you! Thanks for a great week.

Simon Leach
Head of St Andrew House

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​Year 8 Camp - Tyalgum Ridge Retreat

Year 8 camp week has been and gone! It is always a whirl wind leading up to this highly anticipated event and the memories that are made last a life time.

At Lindisfarne, camp week is an integral part of our curriculum with students engaging in many challenging activities, developing skills, knowledge and healthy attitudes to the natural environment. At Tyalgum Ridge Retreat, the landscape certainly set the scene for what lay ahead. Positioned in the world’s second largest caldera (the largest in the Southern Hemisphere!) with Mt Warning against the horizon, the Year 8 cohort got busy raft building, mountain biking, kayaking, problem solving, walking the high ropes, learning camp skills, rock hopping, doing an overnight camp out and the list continues!

On a personal note, I would like to thank the Year 8 students for being respectful and cooperative throughout our four-day experience. I had a wonderful time watching students create new friendships and develop their existing ones. The Tyalgum Ridge Retreat staff were most complimentary about our students and their conduct.

Kylie Wharton
Year 8 Coordinator

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Year 7 Camp - “Outward Bound” Mebbin

Last week, 125 Year 7 students headed out to the Mebbin State Forest for their second school camp of 2018. We looked at the camp as another opportunity to forge new friendships and continue to strengthen our cohort, whilst continuing to work our school values of respect, wisdom and compassion.

We were blessed with amazing days of sunshine and warm temperatures and while the nights were very cold, the thermals and small tents kept most people warm. A highlight for many was the camp out where small groups headed out up into the hills with a backpack and sleeping bag. A warm fire for cooking dinner and clear skies for star watching made the experience all the more special.

Year 7 were fortunate to be involved in a range of activities which included mountain biking, crate stack, leap of faith, lily pads and raft building. A lot of the activities involved climbing to a good height and placing faith in their fellow group members on the other end of the ropes. For many this was a step outside of their comfort zone but with the support of friends and their instructor many pushed through and achieved things they never knew they could.

We certainly couldn’t complain about “camp food” as we dined on spaghetti, chicken schnitzel and chocolate mousse. Our evenings after dinner were dark and filled with games such a Finding Nemo. Mr Smith won the award for best hidden teacher with his hiding spot in the back of the truck. On our final night we enjoyed the sounds of a local band that entertained us with songs about early Australian life. Quite timely with Year 7 studying Colonisation in HSIE.

I thoroughly enjoyed this time spent with Year 7. I saw students demonstrate leadership, compassion and support of their peers who may have been struggling and missing home and I witnessed some wonderful demonstrations of what can be achieved when we work together as a group. As we have said all year, “Together we can achieve the unimaginable”. I hope your child returned home full of stories and with memories that will last a lifetime

Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator

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Recent Year 5 Highlights

Ms Janeen Hanson, a secondary Technology and Applied Studies teacher here at Lindisfarne, gave some introductory lessons to Year 5 about coding. There was lots of interesting discussion about future technologies that are developing right now and in the not too distant future will be a reality for our students. The students created and wrote their own codes for simple everyday life tasks. The lessons inspired many of our students who can’t wait to develop their skills further in the field of coding and technology.

"Ms Hanson came to our Year 5 classes to talk about coding. We talked about pseudo coding and that is program language for robots. We also talked about what the future will be like. Did you know that if you are 10 years old and under that one day you will not need a driver licence! Instead you will fly a drone or a
car to school and everywhere else."
- Jake Beck

"I was so shocked to hear about all of the new things that would be developed in the future. Cars in the sky was my favourite. Also, robots would be programmed to do everything for us. We had to create a program pretending that we had a robot and we had to be over the top in being specific with our instructions. She taught us that time travelling is impossible because the sun can’t go backwards and our past can’t be recreated. I hope we get to meet Ms Hanson again. She taught us a lot. I never thought there were so many codes." - Bonnie Starling

We also welcomed The Science Factory to Ngahriyah and participated in a mini science expo. The expo presented students with the opportunity to explore a wide range of exciting, challenging and interactive Science andTechnology based activities. The students worked in pairs to follow guided discovery question cards and there were plenty of opportunities for students to create, invent and extend their thinking. An enjoyable time was had by all.

Lisa Price
Year 5 Coordinator

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HSIE Museum Expo

Senior School

Year 10 Canberra Camp

Our National Capital

Despite a very early start, a domestic flight and a long bus trip, nothing could dampen the enthusiasm and excited faces on the Lindisfarne Year 10 students as we arrived in Canberra to start our four day adventure. A jam-packed itinerary saw us visit such iconic spots as Parliament House, The National Gallery, The Australian Institute of Sport and The National War Memorial. Throw in some evening fun with a trip to Questacon and Ice Skating and you had some very tired, but content, students by the time we returned.

Indeed, one of the real strengths of this camp is the variety of venues and activities undertaken. Think of the verbal jousting of Question Time on the floor of the House of Representatives interspersed with Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles. Imagine the wonder of Science and Technology experiments at Questacon juxtaposed with a morning cycle in the fog around Lake Burley Griffin. Consider standing in the High Court of Australia followed by a private cruise around Sydney Harbour. This camp really had something for everyone.

All students represented Lindisfarne with pride and numerous Canberra locals commented on the respectful and polite manners they all showed. With citizenship and leadership being a prime focus of the camp, all students came away with a much deeper understanding of how our government operates and what it means to be a member of our greater Australian community. 

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian Government is contributing funding of $60 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the School upon completion of the excursion.

Tony Mountford

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Year 11 Camp Heaven

You can tell how much fun people had at school camp by the injuries. There was only one hospital trip during the Year 11 camp – it just happened to involve two people. A word of advice for Reverend Chad and Brendan Halligan-Stalker - next time you go to catch a high ball in a footy game you might like to look forward before looking up. Broken finger and sore shoulder notwithstanding, they, along with everyone else, had a fabulous time at North Tambourine thanks to glorious weather, great company and just enough risk taking to get the adrenaline pumping. 

Despite a local bushfire brigade-controlled burn-off that had some students convinced we were going to be barbequed, the camp themes of leadership, forgiveness and reconciliation remained our primary focus. Everyone was pushed to their emotional and physical limits by the Character Builders team and Lindisfarne staff including Mr Fydler, Reverend Chad, Mrs Lush, Mrs Myers, Mrs Walker, Mr Robbins, Mr Coverdale, Mr Marriott, Miss Hope, Miss McCue, Miss Mackenzie and Mrs Denny.

Mr Marquardt was a guest at the mock formal, as was after dinner speaker past student Shania Myers who was very careful to leave out the list of ‘all you wanted to get away with in Year 12 but were too afraid to try’. We hit the bush trails next day, followed by a Kokoda style stretcher carry which left folks just a little bit tired. The (very, very!) high ropes course the next day slowed some people down but of course those annoyingly fit types just had to run through everything and finish early - twice. 

The Year 11 students who returned are kinder, wiser and more likely to understand why people just sometimes need a helping hand.

Judy McCue

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Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Songwriting Workshop at Southern Cross University

This week, Senior CAPA students Natasha Bitancurt, Jemma McNicoll and Anjali Dutton visited Southern Cross University for an inspiring songwriting workshop with award-winning Melbourne artist Lior (pictured above), and Jazz virtuoso pianist Paul Grabowsky. The interactive workshop was eye-opening for our students and gave an insight into professional songwriting.

Todd Hardy
Director of Creative and Performing Arts

Art Achievements

2018 Rotary Art Exhibition

The Visual Arts department is very proud to announce that 10 Lindisfarne art students exhibited artworks in the 2018 Rotary Art Exhibition held in Murwillumbah last week. Three of our students won Encouragement Awards.

The 2018 Rotary Art Show provides an opportunity for local artists to exhibit their talents to the local community; compare their work with that of other artists. It allows the local community the opportunity to view the artistic talents of local artists and student work; it fosters a real-life experience for students to exhibit and provides a venue for the sale of art works; and is a nurturing environment for emerging artists in our local community.

The Encouragement Award winners are:

  • Maria Kovacevic-Moore (Year 12)
  • Neve Lembryk-Walsh (Year 12)
  • Luca Wright (Year 11)

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National Art School

We would also like to celebrate and acknowledge the success of two Year 11 art students who have been accepted into the HSC Intensive Studio Practice workshop at the National Art School in Sydney: Lewis Watson has been accepted in the painting workshop and Kyrra-Lee Nash was accepted into the ceramics workshop. The NAS HSC Intensive Studio Practice is designed to enhance and extend students’ technical, conceptual and intellectual skills under the direction of experienced, practising artists, through intensive practical study.

During the HSC Intensive Studio Practice the student will work within a specialised form using a broad range of media and refine their ability to interpret and evaluate their own and others’ artworks. They will also gain practical skills in preparing for, mounting and curating an exhibition.

We are very proud of the achievement of these art students.

Belinda Hope
Art teacher

Big Chill - Performing Arts Winter Concert

On Thursday, 21 June, Lindisfarne will hold our Performing Arts Winter Concert, the Big Chill.

The concert will showcase the amazing talents of our school Music and Drama ensembles as well as a limited amount of performance spaces for students from Year 7 to 12 which will be left open for auditions.

Auditions will be held at lunchtime on 14 and 15 June in the Chapel. Any interested acts should add their name and details to the list on Mr Hardy's office door.

Start preparing your item now and be a part of the Big Chill.

Todd Hardy
Director of Creative and Performing Arts

Learning Enrichment

da Vinci Decathlon

The da Vinci Decathlon is an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. Students from Years 5 to 11 compete in their own year level in teams of eight across 10 disciplines: engineering, mathematics and chess, code breaking, art and poetry, science, English, philosophy, creative producers, cartography and general knowledge. Winners of local/regional levels have the opportunity to go on to state, national, and even international da Vinci Decathlon competitions.

This week, seven teams from Years 5 to 10 travelled to AB Patterson College over three days to compete. It was a wonderful experience for our students and it was fantastic to witness their dedication and collaboration. 

Congratulations to the following students for being part of the 2018 Lindisfarne Teams:

Year 5

  • Lachlan Marshall
  • Tim Warner
  • Hannah Ellis
  • Eve Lambie
  • Rachel Robbie
  • Jake Beck
  • Bradley Gilmour
  • Zara Cusick

Congratulations to our Year 5 team for winning first place in the Ideation section.

Year 6

  • James Warner
  • Charlie Evesson
  • Jaxon Jordan
  • Shakyah Jordan
  • Bronte Tuckwell
  • Will Frazer
  • Louis Van Vorst
  • Ella Mitchell

Year 7

  • Thomas Ellis
  • Jye Walker
  • Ruby Dokmanovic
  • Trishul Sivabalan
  • Keira Farmer
  • Amity Chaffey
  • Bailey Keay 
  • Tate Marquardt

Congratulations to our Year 7 team who were awarded first place for General Knowledge and third place for Cartography.

Year 8

  • Drew McGlinn
  • Tom Leach
  • Harry Townend
  • Mercy Taylor
  • Mathew Lowns
  • Olivia Greenslades
  • Briony Homebroek
  • Ryan Harris

Congratulations also to our Year 8 team for being awarded first place in Engineering.

Year 9

  • Trixie Meaves
  • Tia Peterson
  • Frances Watson
  • Anajali Dutton
  • Jayden O’Rourke
  • Eliza Lovett
  • Nicholas Percival
  • Oscar Veldhoven

Year 9

  • Kelly Chen
  • Kai Albert
  • Jake Frazer
  • Max Harnel
  • Maddy Warner
  • Olivia Duidnam
  • Josie Davies

Year 10 

  • Ethan Robins
  • Jared Farmer
  • Kipp Freeman
  • Abigail Rynehart
  • Quin Butel
  • Emma Matusch
  • Amy Limbourn
  • Nathaniel Bryant

Kim Denny and Jodie Duggan
Learning Enrichment Coordinators

Homework Help with the Learning Enrichment Team

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, the Learning Enrichment team will be running a Homework Help session for students in Years 5 to 12 in the Mahers Lane Library.

All students are welcome to come along if they are requiring assistance with homework or assessment tasks. Please register your interest via email to Jodie Duggan jduggan@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au (Middle School) and Kim Denny kdenny@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au (Senior School).

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Digital Space



Sporting Highlights

Important Dates and Reminders

  • FNC NSW Secondary Netball Cup (Years 7 to 10) – Lismore – Thursday, 31 May
  • Tweed Netball League Round 6 – Arkinstall Park – Saturday, 2 June
  • NCIS Touch Championships – Lismore – Monday, 4 June
  • NSW All Schools AFL – Sydney – Monday, 4 June
  • Northern Rivers AFL Primary Schools Cup – Byron – Wednesday, 6 June
  • Gretel Tippett Primary Netball Trophy – All Saints – Thursday, 7 June
  • Bill Turner Football (Soccer) – Byron – Thursday, 7 June
  • Tweed Netball League Round 7 – Arkinstall Park – Saturday, 9 June
  • CIS Cross Country – Sydney – Thursday, 14 June
  • CIS Secondary Touch Football Championships – Sydney – Monday, 18 June and Tuesday, 19 June

Cross Country

Good luck to all of the Lindisfarne athletes who continue with their training sessions preparing to compete at Eastern Creek, Sydney on June 14 for the School and NCIS: Siara Travaglia, Eva Cusick, Zara Cusick, Zhola McKimmin, Olivia Kane, Marcus Williamson, Lachlan Marshall, Thomas Horn, Kobe McKimmin, Poppy
Burdekin, Makayla Sekac, Summer Wise, Georgia Sweetnam, Amber Orr, Olivia Lancaster, Daniel Lamb, Finley Neylan, Oliver Churchill, Quinn Butel and Kipp


Congratulations to Summer Wise and Ryan Simpkins who represented NCIS at the CIS Secondary Football (Soccer) Championships early in the week. There were
some great performances for NCIS. Hugo McAteer donned the CIS uniform this week, too, in the State Football Championships. Hugo and his team had an easy start to the tournament, winning 16-0 in the first match and coming third overall!


Good lunch to the Bill Turner Cup boys as they prepare to take on Byron Bay High School this Thursday.


Congratulations to Jesse Reid who has been selected to attend the Youth Olympic Games Training Camp for Hockey. Well done to Flynn Howarth, Brodie McDowell, Morgan King, Rupert Fahy and Oliver Jeffrey who recently competed for Tweed Border in the Coulter Shield in Ipswich. This year, the boys had to compete in Division One so were unsure of how they would go against some of the best teams in the State. They started the day with a 4-1 win against Brisbane, then followed this with a 0-0 draw against a very big and strong McKay side! They continued the day with a 4-0 win against Ipswich to finish on top of the pool and into the Grand final. The Grand final was hard fought against a very strong Toowoomba side. The boys went down 2-0 but fought hard until the buzzer. As a result of their efforts Oliver, Rupert, Flynn, Brodie and Morgan have all been selected to represent Tweed Border at the Queensland titles in McKay in July. Good luck to all of our hockey superstars!


Good luck to Nilaya Cannon who represents CIS next week at AFL, as well as our Primary School teams as the boys defend their 2017 title in Byron.


Congratulations to all of our NSW Netball Cup players at Mullumbimby. The Year 4 and Year 5/6 Gala teams were undefeated all day. The Year 5/6 competitive team were third against their mixed opposition. Although there was some rain at the end of the day, nothing dampened the Lindisfarne Lions spirit.

Well done to our seven teams at the NSW Netball Cup at Lismore (Secondary) on Thursday. All of the teams were able to enjoy a competitive tournament, but special mentions go to the White Lions who made the semi-finals and the Year 9/10 boys team who won the day! They were undefeated and will now represent the region at Casino in August. 

Nicole Cusack will be working with our Stage 3 Lions teams on Friday this week. She will also coach the Senior girls and boys over the next month.

Good luck to all of our Lindisfarne netball players over the next weeks; on Saturday’s for the School and the Gretel Tippett Trophy at All Saints (Primary) coming up soon.

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Congratulations to Piper Harrison who finished fifth in the Rip Curl International Grom Search in New Zealand recently. The best surfers from all around the world compete in this prestigious event.


Good luck to all of our six touch teams who represent the School at Lismore on June 4. This is not just a Championship Carnival but also a trial for the Secondary
teams to represent the NCIS region at the CIS event later in the month.

Gay Maynard
Director of PDHPE and Sport


Scintillating Snippets from your Mahers Lane Library

Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce

First there was Harry Potter, now meet Arram Draper, a boy on the path to becoming one of the realm’s most powerful mages. Arram has a ‘gift’ with unlimited potential for greatness – and for attracting danger. In this first book in the ‘Numair Chronicles’, three student mages are bound by fate…fated for trouble.

Monster by Michael Grant

Just when you thought the Gone series was over, it begins again. “The dome is gone, but gone is back”. A new one for all of the lovers of the Gone series.

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Term 2 at OOSHC

Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News

Celebrate... on top of the world!

Guaranteed to create lasting impressions, Ardeena and Summergrove Estate are two wedding venues only dreams are made of.

Owned and operated by one of our Lindisfarne families, Ardeena and Summergrove Estate are situated only a few minutes apart, high amongst the clouds atop Mt Carool’s magnificent hillside.

Their stunning outlooks creating infinite photo opportunities whilst tranquil rainforest surrounds radiate an intimate atmosphere of magic and romance. It’s no wonder both venues are two of Australia’s most picturesque and enchanting wedding destinations.

Join their Wedding Open Day this July and see how you can celebrate your special day on top of the world.

Thank you to Ardeena and Summergrove Estate for their support of our up-coming Dare to Dream event. 

What Are You Reading?

Every staff member and student at our school is a member of our wonderful Lindisfarne community. We are also a community of readers. Each week, we will feature a ‘What Are You reading?’ section to discover what we're reading for pleasure. Perhaps you will discover your next favourite book too!

This week, we spoke with Mr Matthew Bedford, our PDHPE Coordinator and Director of Lindisfarne Sports Academy. 

What are you reading? The Pressure Principle

Who is the author? Dave Alred

A brief review of the book: The Pressure Principle looks at the influence pressure has during sporting situations and how best to cope with its impact. The book looks at the benefits of focusing on the process rather than the outcome as a tool for managing stress levels in athletes. It also spends time discussing the use of language when dealing with stressful situations and how this can help minimise an athletes response to stress – for example replacing the word anxious with excited and threatened with challenged.

Who would you recommend read this book? Anyone interested in the way the body deals with stress, not only in sporting situations.

Do you have a favourite quote or passage from the book? "It’s not a case of getting rid of the butterflies, it’s a question of getting them to fly in formation."

Thanks for sharing, Mr Bedford!

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