From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

At our P&F meeting on Tuesday evening we discussed the formation of a Friends of the Arts Support Group. Our Director of Creative and Performing Arts, Mr Todd Hardy has kindly offered to be the Teacher-in-Charge of the support group and I believe that there are enough interested parents and families in the school with a passion for the Arts to warrant a Friends of the Arts Support Group being formed to assist in the promotion of the Arts at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School.

The Inaugural Friends of the Arts Support Group meeting will be held at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School in the Library at the Mahers Lane Campus on Wednesday, 20 June at 5.00pm. I will be personally attending the meeting and look forward to welcoming parents and families passionate about the Arts to the meeting.

In due course other P&F support groups will form in support of our major activities and endeavours at the School.

We continue to set high expectations for student involvement and achievement at Lindisfarne. From rich, structured and challenging academic programs through to our commitment to develop opportunities in the sporting arenas. Following the success of hosting Takapuna Grammar School (NZ) for cricket, we look forward to welcoming students from the Rugby School (UK) on July 25 and 26 to play Lindisfarne in netball and hockey.

The Rugby School was founded in 1567, so they are a school of great tradition and history and we welcome two hockey teams and three netball teams to compete against our Lindisfarne Lions. Students are encouraged to put themselves forward to be included in this wonderful opportunity by filling out the attached form. I encourage everyone to be involved in this wonderful opportunity for our students and our school.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

Athletics Carnivals

Lindisfarne Athletics Carnival - Thursday 5 July 2018

Lindisfarne will be holding a Years 3 to 12 Athletics Carnival at Walter Peate Oval, Kingscliff on Thursday, 5 July 2018 commencing at 9.00am.  This will be a competitive carnival with selection for a Lindisfarne Athletics team to progress to the NICS competition. 

Various food and drink stalls will operate during the day. 

Competitive and novelty events will be conducted on the day. Results leading to the awarding of the Athletics House Shield.

Due to the competitive nature of this carnival, trials will be held at both Mahers Lane and Sunshine Avenue prior to the carnival to select athletes to compete in the events on the day.

Sunshine Avenue Campus Trial Program – Wednesday, 20 June 2018

  • 8.40am – Warm Up (back oval with Mr Croft)
  • 8.50am – Sprints – 8 years old, 9 years old, 10 years old (only sprints have the split age groups)

Events listed below are in the U10 age group only (8,9,10 years in one age group):

  • 9.30am - High Jump
  • 10.00am- Long Jump
  • 11.00am - 200m
  • 11.30am - Discus
  • 12.00pm - Shot Put
  • 1.30pm - 800m

Students who wish to trial will need to wear their sports uniform next Wednesday, 20 June 2018. If you have any questions please email Mr Nathan Croft at

From the trials, the top students in each event will be selected to attend the carnival on Thursday, 5 July 2018. 

Please talk to your child if you think they would be interested in trialling for any events and make sure they attend the trials. 

Once finalised, the list of students selected for the Carnival will be posted on the Sports Noticeboard outside the Kindy Dolphins’ classroom and on Google classroom, as well as published in the School Newsletter. Permission notes for students selected will be sent home.

Please note, only students selected will be attending the Years 3 to 12 Athletics Carnival. For all other Junior School students, classes will be as per usual on Thursday, 5 July 2018.

Mahers Lane Trials for the Field Events will be conducted during lunchtimes and on Thursday, 28 June during sport time.

Successful students will be notified of their selection.

Attendance on the day by Middle and Senior School students is compulsory as it is a normal school day. Buses will leaving Mahers Lane at 8.30am for a scheduled 9.00am start.


Junior School Fun Athletics Day for Preschool to Year 4 – Friday, 6 July

Our Junior School will be holding a P-4 Athletics Fun Day on Friday, 6 July 2018, the last day of Term 2. The emphasis on the day will be participation and FUN. All students from P-4 will be encouraged to come along and get involved in a great day to end the school term. A timetable of events will be published in Week 9 so that parents and carers can come along to join in and watch some of the events. 

If you are available to assist on the day please email Mr Nathan Croft at

From the Chaplain


Parents & Friends

P&F News and Events

A warm welcome to our new executive member, Lara Hansen who has formally accepted the role of Vice Treasurer. We are still seeking a Vice President so please don’t be shy and introduce yourself to us.

Given the healthy status of our account we are about to begin planning for future funding and we’re seeking your input and ideas. Please send through your ideas or proposals to the P&F email

Only a short time now to wait for the Golf Day and you still have time to get a team together.  The school holidays are fast approaching … our P&F Golf Day will put you in a great headspace for the busy time ahead.

Kylie Potter
P&F President

P&F Golf Day

Entertainment Books

The new 2018/2019 Entertainment Books are HERE!
Get out there and enjoy wonderful restaurants, shopping and experiences whilst supporting our cause and helping the P&F raise funds!
Order your new 2018/2019 Entertainment™ Membership today to receive up to $20,000 in savings!

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PLUS the P&F retains 20% of the price of every Membership sold which goes straight back into our school!

Order online today via

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Upcoming Events

Staff Bio

Whole School News

Round Square

Dean of Studies

Save the Dates

Subject Selection Evenings

  • Year 9 2019 - Monday, 18 June in Ngahriyah - 5.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Year 10 2019 - Monday, 18 June in Ngahriyah - 7.00pm to 8.00pm
  • Year 11 2019 -  Monday, 25 June in Ngahriyah - 6.00pm to 8.00pm


HSC Study Guide 2018

The 2018 HSC Study Guide will be available online and in The Sydney Morning Herald on Monday, 18 June.

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Self Esteem Program

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Year 7 and 8 Museum Exhibit

On Wednesday this week, the HSIE department were proud to present an Exhibition of work on the topics of Medieval Europe and Ancient Australian History. In Years 7 and 8 the teachers have been using Lee Watanbe Crockett’s Solution Fluency to guide their teaching.

Student were given the following question “how can we show people in 2018 that it’s worth learning about Medieval Europe/Ancient Australian History? How can we get people excited about Medieval Europe/Ancient Australian History?”. Students approached this question in many meaningful ways, they produced art, weapons, tools, websites, ballet, made canoes, and dioramas. Students then visited the museum, peer marking their colleagues and learning from each other’s work. Students then had to complete an individual reflection on the task, reflecting on what they could do better in the future but more importantly celebrating their final piece. The standard of work was exceptional, by allowing students to focus on an area of passion, the entire student body was able to learn from the experience, produce amazing work and reach their individual potential.

That night, we invited the wider community to see the exhibition, allowing parents, family and friends to celebrate the students work. The HSIE department will continue to focus on opportunities to use Solution Fluency, the upcoming Entrepreneur Day will be another opportunity to celebrate the innovative teaching and work currently being taught at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School.

Bryan Malone
Director of HSIE

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Middle School Science: Night Sky

Did you go out and look for Orion and Scorpius during the long weekend? Did you spend some time simply contemplating the night sky? There is no better way to gain an understanding of nature than by quiet observation and many important insights have been made by people just spending time observing.

When the day is over and the sun has gone down, it is night time and darkness falls. Nothing out of the ordinary except that here at Middle School Science we can’t help but ask questions and this is a big one. Why is the sky dark after the sun goes down?

Now, most people would think this is a silly question. It is dark because the sun has gone down and, well, it’s night isn’t it? The thing is, it is really significant that the sky is dark after the sun goes down and it goes right to the heart of our understanding of the universe.

There was a time when everybody, scientists included, thought that the universe was infinite. That’s a big word. It means never ending. Going on forever without stopping. Science and religion both taught that the Earth was sitting in the midst of an endless space that just kept going into infinity but this leads to something called a paradox. In Science, a paradox is a statement that seems to contradict itself but is still true. The paradox is this: if the universe really is infinite then the night sky should be as bright as day, but it isn’t.

If you have ever been for a walk in a forest you will know that you don’t have to go very far before all you can see are trees. Trees everywhere you look and you are not even very far into the forest. Now here’s the thing, if space really was infinite and went on forever, then everywhere you look (called lines of sight) would end in a star. Just like trees in the forest, everywhere you look you would see stars. This means that the night sky should be lit up with blazing light just like the daytime.

The fact that the night was dark really bothered astronomers well into the 20th century because it made no sense. Finally, scientists began to get an idea of what was going on and an explanation emerged for why it was dark at night.

The fact is that the night sky doesn’t go on for ever. It is finite, not infinite. Our universe has a limited size and a finite number of stars. Even more amazing was the observation made by Edwin Hubble that the night sky was rapidly getting bigger and bigger (expanding). Now things started to make sense. The night is dark because there are only so many stars and they are in a rapidly expanding space so most of area you see at night is the dark blank bit in between the stars. It is such a simple question: Why is the night dark? And yet it bothered astronomers for around two hundred years.

Science uses lots of big words and fancy equipment but some really important science is done by people just observing and thinking. Staring up at the night sky, people who were really good thinkers realised that something wasn’t right. It just took a couple of hundred years to figure out what it was.

Science Quiz

How bright is the sun? Stars are measured with a scale called Magnitude. It is a way of comparing them to each other. We are so close to the sun that it appears blindingly bright even though it is not a very bright star. Its apparent magnitude is -26 and its absolute magnitude is about 5.

This week’s question is: What is the name of the closest galaxy to our own Milky Way and which direction is it travelling? Send your answers in to and work hard on your end of term assignments!

Senior School

House Spirit at the Athletics Carnival

With the Athletics Carnival only weeks away (Thursday, 5 July), it is time to break out the House spirit.

House shirts, school sports shorts and House colours are the uniform for this regular, but irregular,
School day. Make sure you arrive in good time at school; in good voice and action ready to support
your House by either competing, assisting staff with the organisation, supporting your peers or
encouraging from your designated House assembly area.

We look forward to a fun day at the Walter Peate Oval, Cudgen which will commence with the traditional March Past. May the best House win!

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Why Dare to Dream (D2D)?

In 2013, my son Parker was born. A ‘normal’ milestone for women my age and certainly nothing unusual. But for me, life away from my work and the routine of school was one of the most unsettling experiences of my adult life. I looked for inspiration and ideas in all forms from mummy groups through to mum-focused conferences. Nothing resonated and I felt more and more disconnected.

So, with the support and encouragement of my family, I started an event business called IT STARTS WITH US built on the foundations of inspiration, aspiration and motivation for women of all ages. After two successful events (one being D2D), it occurred to me that the young women I work with every day at Lindisfarne would certainly benefit from the events I was hosting.

In 2017, I was fortunate that Mr Marquardt also shared and supported my vision of delivering the D2D program to our students. The inaugural event was well attended and the young women left with lots of ideas and the foundation upon which to move forward in a positive way.

Despite the significant inroads our society has made into moving towards gender equality, empowering our young women should be a 365-day conversation. D2D is part of the conversation and I would love to see your Senior School daughter start a conversation of her very own on Monday, 23 July.

What to expect:

A day of inspiration, aspiration and motivation for our young female future leaders. A carefully curated panel of speakers will share stories about their challenges and successes in their industries and their lives. See our video from 2017.

What is included:

A panel of influential women speakers, a nourishing lunch, opportunities to connect with other young women from our School community. Transport to and from the venue is also provided.

What needs to happen:

Tickets are selling fast so please return your daughter’s permission note now to Mrs Kylie Wharton at Seats are limited and numbers need to be finalised ASAP.

Other details:

Audience: Senior School (9-12)
D2D: Monday, 23 July (Term 3 student free day)
Venue: Ardeena (515 Carool Rd, Carool NSW)
Departure from school: 8.30am to arrive at 9.00am for a 10.00am start
Event concludes at 3.00pm (returning to school by 3.30pm)


Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Friends of the Arts

Next Wednesday, 20 June will be the inaugural meeting of the Lindisfarne Friends of the Arts, a sub-committee of the Parents & Friends Association.

The formation of this group is to harness the energy and interest of parents and friends in our school community to support our many Arts events and students.

In my short time at Lindisfarne, I have met many parents who are passionate about the Arts and often have a history or interest in music, drama or art. 

I am looking forward to meeting those parents and friends next Wednesday at 5.00pm in the Mahers Lane library.

Todd Hardy
Director of Creative and Performing Arts

Application for Instrumental, Vocal, Songwriting, and Speech and Drama Lessons

Please be reminded that if you child is having private Instrumental, Vocal, Song Writing or Speech and Drama lessons it will be assumed that lessons are continuing from term to term. If you wish to discontinue lessons written notification needs to be submitted to the Creative and Performing Arts Administration Assistant at by the close of business on Monday, 25 June, otherwise the following term’s fees will be charged.

Todd Hardy
Director of Creative and Performing Arts

​The Big Chill

This Thursday, 21 June, Lindisfarne will hold our Performing Arts Winter Concert, the Big Chill.

The concert will showcase the amazing talents of our school Music and Drama ensembles as well as a series of fantastic performances which were successful in our gruelling audition process this week. The concert will showcase music from Mozart to Hendrix, artistic student drama performances and show-stopping dance. Get to the Chapel early to secure a great seat!

Todd Hardy
Director of Creative and Performing Arts

No Excuse for Abuse

Year 10 wowed its audiences with melodic flair at the No Excuse for Abuse concert last Friday. Hosted by the Year 10 Music class and showcasing the Years 9 and 10 Music classes along with the Rock Band ensemble, the concert displayed the multitude of talent possessed by our music students and had a very special message to convey.
As part of an ongoing project, the Year 10 Music class identified domestic violence as an issue that needs to be openly confronted and addressed by our community. As a solution to this problem, the Year 10 Music class has been working in partnership with a local women's refuge. By raising awareness and shedding light on the issue, the Year 10 cohort hope to ensure that domestic violence does not affect future generations of our community. They also aimed to provide aid to help with the immediate challenges faced by the refuge on a daily basis.
Among the highlights of the lunchtime performances were a rousing performance of Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain' by Year 10, and a rocking version of 'Always On The Run' by the Rock Band ensemble. The Year 10 Music students should be very proud of the high quality showcased by our young musicians. The concert managed to raise nearly $300.00 which will go to a local women's shelter dedicated to providing a safe haven for people affected by domestic violence in our community.
Watch this space for the next initiative from the Music department to make our school community a leader in global awareness.
Jonathan Grant
Music Teacher

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Learning Enrichment

Homework Help with the Learning Enrichment Team

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, the Learning Enrichment team will be running a Homework Help session for students in Years 5 to 12 in the Mahers Lane Library.

All students are welcome to come along if they are requiring assistance with homework or assessment tasks. Please register your interest via email to Jodie Duggan (Middle School) and Kim Denny (Senior School).

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Digital Space



Sporting Highlights

Important Dates and Reminders

  • CIS Cross Country – Sydney – Thursday, 14 June
  • Tweed Netball Round 7- Arkinstall Park - Saturday, 16 June
  • CIS Secondary Touch Football Championships – Sydney – Monday, 18 and Tuesday, 19 June
  • Primary Athletics Trials - Sunshine Avenue Campus - Wednesday, 20 June
  • Last Years 7 to 10 Rec Sport Session - Thursday, 21 June
  • Last Years 5 to 6 Rec Sport Session - Friday, 22 June
  • Tweed Netball Round 8 - Arkinstall Park - Saturday, 23 June
  • NRCC Rugby 7’s (Secondary) – Lismore - Tuesday, 26 June
  • Year 10 Rock and Roll Assessment – Ngahriyah - Tuesday, 26 June
  • Athletics Trials Years 7 to 10 - Mahers Lane Campus - Thursday, 28 June
  • Athletics Trials Years 5 to 6 - Mahers Lane Campus - Friday, 29 June
  • Tweed Netball Round 9 and LAS Lions Fundraising Round - Arkinstall Park - Saturday, 30 June
  • Lindisfarne 8 – 18 Years Athletics Carnival - Cudgen - Thursday, 5 July
  • Primary Fun Athletics Carnival – Sunshine Avenue Campus - Friday, 6 July

Cross Country

Congratulations to all of the Lindisfarne athletes who competed at Eastern Creek, Sydney on Wednesday, June 14 for the School and NCIS. Results will be published in the next week’s newsletter.

Football - Bill Turner Trophy

The Bill Turner Trophy Boys and Mr Cadman, travelled down the coast for the fourth round of the competition, taking on Byron Bay High School on Thursday last week. 

The players were Ryan Simpkins, Quinn Butel, Finnegan Wagner, Brodie Copeland, Will Edwards, Gus Edwards, Flynn Curtis, Nathaniel Bryant, Jake Frazer, Dylan Wise, Corban Thomson, Hayden Brims, Lachlan Bantoft and Julian Sim-Sing.

In a classic example of the one that got away, the boys bowed out of the Bill Turner Cup last Thursday at Byron Bay High School. They fought hard throughout a tense opening sequences and passed the ball around with class and precision. They were quite unfortunate to go into the half 2-0 down by virtue of a penalty kick and a wild ricochet resulting in an own goal. The boys dominated possession but could not buy a goal in the final third. 

The boys (without any instruction) did a "1-2-3 SAM!" team huddle before the match in memory of Lindisfarne's greatest soccer talent.

They made the final four of a 32-team Far North Coast bracket and have done their school proud with their talent and class on and off the pitch.

Football -  SAP State Championship

Congratulations to Hugo McAteer who was an integral member of the SAP State Championship winning team in Coffs Harbour at the weekend. Due to his outstanding personal performance, Hugo has been talent identified by NSW Football. He is now starting the selection process to represent the state in the National Youth Tournament.


Saffron Anderson competed at the Summerland Dressage Club on Sunday, 3 June in the Equestrian Queensland Interschool Preliminary Junior Dressage. Congratulations to Saffron on achieving first place with her mount Langtree Like A Toy; a Bay Riding Pony Gelding quite new to Dressage and only purchased in January. They are making quite a team and gaining valuable points towards 2019 Regional and State Competitions.


Well done to all of our Primary Lindisfarne netball players at the Gretel Tippett Trophy Tournament played at All Saints on Thursday, 7 June. As you can see from the photographs, the girls enjoyed a fun-filled day of netball, despite the weather in the early matches. A special mention goes to Ava Arghyros who was voted the Year 5 Player of the Day.


Congratulations to Gabe Leitch who has been selected in the Cricket Gold Coast representative team to play against a touring team from UAE. He will be playing in early July. 


At the 91st North Coast Tennis Championships, held at Grafton at the weekend, Joshua Mammen and Lucy Tunsted continued to perform well on the courts. Both finished Runner Up in both their singles and doubles. 


Congratulations to Nilaya Cannon who competed for the NSWCIS Under 15 AFL team on Monday 4 June in Blacktown. The girls played well and finished in 3rd place for the tournament.


Good luck to our Lindisfarne players representing the North Coast at the CIS Secondary Touch Football Championships in Sydney on Monday, 18 June and Tuesday, 19 June, and Mr Dwyer who is a coach: Ebony Richards, Logan Webb, Saige Conquest, Holli-Rose Gorter, Jacob Sands and Bryn Richards.


Congratulations to Jade Reid who has been selected in the NSW All Schools team to compete in the School Sports Australia Under 16 Hockey Championships on the Gold Coast in August.

Gay Maynard
Director of PDHPE and Sport


Junior School Library News

The Lindisfarne Reading Challenge

It has been wonderful to see so many of our students embracing the Lindisfarne Reading Challenge, which started on Monday, 28 May 2018. Students have been introduced to a variety of authors and genres by participating in the challenge and they are discussing their reading and chosen books with enthusiasm and purpose.

Congratulations to Alby Freeman in Kindergarten Geckos who is the very first student to complete the K-2 Reading Challenge. Alby’s favourite book he read in the challenge was Rodney Loses It! written by Michael Gerard Bauer. He liked this book because when Rodney couldn’t find his pen he screwed up his face and yanked his ears because he was angry. Well done Alby!

There is still plenty of time to join the Challenge to read 30 books before the challenge closes on Friday, 9 November 2018. The challenge is open to all students from Kindergarten to Year 4.

Book Club 

The Scholastic Book Club Issue 4 magazines have been distributed to each class. If you are interested in purchasing anything from the magazine, please use the online Scholastic Book Club LOOP ordering system. Instructions on how to order your books and make payment can be found on the back page of your magazine. All orders must be made by Friday, 22 June 2018. 

Erin McGovern
Junior School Teacher/Librarian

Uniform Shop


Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News

What Are You Reading?

Every staff member and student at our school is a member of our wonderful Lindisfarne community. We are also a community of readers. Each week, we will feature a ‘What Are You reading?’ section to discover what we're reading for pleasure. Perhaps you will discover your next favourite book too!

This week, we spoke with Gareth from Year 3.

What are you reading? Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul

Who is the author? Jeff Kinney
A brief review of the book: Do you like road trips? Then this book is for you. It’s a great way to keep yourself occupied in the car, so you should read it. One of the funniest things is the new pet pig they win at a fair. It’s also cute because Manny, the youngest brother, and the pig become friends. If you’re looking for a book about a road trip you’ve found the perfect one. The book is very funny and nice. The book is also about a wimpy kid, Greg, who gets teased by his older brother, Rodrick. The book has a whole series. You should read this awesome book.

Who would you recommend read this book to? I think from Year 2 to grown ups will enjoy this book.

Favourite quote or passage from the book? There are lots of funny quotes all through the book. 

Thanks for sharing, Gareth. 

Meet Pat Rafter at the Wimbledon Charity Ball

Special guest speaker, Pat Rafter with Greg Richie as MC!

Don't miss out! Tickets only $99 available at:

Celebrate... on top of the world!

Guaranteed to create lasting impressions, Ardeena and Summergrove Estate are two wedding venues only dreams are made of.

Owned and operated by one of our Lindisfarne families, Ardeena and Summergrove Estate are situated only a few minutes apart, high amongst the clouds atop Mt Carool’s magnificent hillside.

Their stunning outlooks creating infinite photo opportunities whilst tranquil rainforest surrounds radiate an intimate atmosphere of magic and romance. It’s no wonder both venues are two of Australia’s most picturesque and enchanting wedding destinations.

Join their Wedding Open Day this July and see how you can celebrate your special day on top of the world.

Thank you to Ardeena and Summergrove Estate for their support of our up-coming Dare to Dream event. 

Year 4 Parent Lunch