From the Principal

From the Principal

Under the theme - Because of Her, We Can! - NAIDOC Week 2018 will be held nationally from Sunday 8 July and continue through to Sunday 15 July.

As pillars of our society, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have played – and continue to play - active and significant roles at the community, local, state and national levels.

As leaders, trailblazers, politicians, activists and social change advocates, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women fought and continue to fight, for justice, equal rights, our rights to country, for law and justice, access to education, employment and to maintain and celebrate our culture, language, music and art.

They continue to influence as doctors, lawyers, teachers, electricians, chefs, nurses, architects, rangers, emergency and defence personnel, writers, volunteers, chief executive officers, actors, singer songwriters, journalists, entrepreneurs, media personalities, board members, accountants, academics, sporting icons and Olympians, the list goes on.

As NAIDOC week fall in the school holidays this year we introduced a NAIDOC week assembly at our Mahers Lane Campus reflecting on the rich culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their contribution to our nation; past, present and future.

I shared a video message with students of my own reflections on why NAIDOC week is a very important time in the life of our school each year. To share in my message to students and staff please click on the link below.

NAIDOC Week Principal's Message

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

The Rabbit & The Tiger - Album Launch

The Rabbit & The Tiger is the debut album from 2017 Lindisfarne student, Lindsey Nolan.

This personal and emotive album will leave the audience with no doubt that big things are in store for Lindsey as she carves out her future as a singer/songwriter.

Recorded in the Lindisfarne Recording Studio, the album will be launched on Sunday July 8, at 2.00pm at Currumbin Creek Tavern. 

Tickets are set at $10 for Adults and Students and those under the age of 12 have free entry. 

Once again Lindsey has partnered up with the Kids In Need Association, in aims to raise funds from the ticket sales. 

Tickets are available via or at the door with no added costs. 

Check out the clips below to hear directly from Lindsey and to hear some of her work from The Night of Original Music held in the Lindisfarne Chapel at the end of 2017.

From the Chaplain


Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends News

The culmination of hard work and time paid off at our Golf Day last Friday. Competition was fierce and sportsmanship thrived.  Many laughs with first timers honing their skills to hit a small white ball into a hole many metres away!  If you missed out this year, get in early for next year's event. The excitement of the Athletics Carnival on July 5 is fast approaching and the P&F will be selling baked goods and drinks on the day. Come along in your house colours and cheer on the competitors. 

Don’t forget your kebab orders for the Fun Athletics on 6 July  as missing out is never fun. For information on ordering please see the attached details below.

P&F Letter Fun Athletics Carnival 2018

If you’re planning on attending on the day the BBQ team needs some extra help, the more the merrier.  If you can assist, contact Kiri Henry (information in link above) or leave your name at Junior School reception. 

Save the Dates 

  • Stage 3 Disco - Friday 3 August

Kylie Potter
Parents & Friends

Upcoming Events

Staff Bio

Whole School News

NAIDOC Week Celebrations

This week’s assembly was dedicated to celebrating NAIDOC week, which falls between 8-15 July. The School will be on holidays during this time, so Tuesday was our last assembly for the term to acknowledge this significant event in our school calendar.

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origin can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920’s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

The Assembly was opened with ‘Welcome to Country’, spoken by local elder Uncle Victor Slockee and accompanied by didgeridoo player Russel Corowa. Uncle Victor then went on to share a beautiful Dreamtime story that engaged everyone in attendance.

During the assembly, we were privileged to view a performance by the Yugambeh Aboriginal Dance Group. They entertained the audience with songs, dances and stories from the local Aboriginal tribes and even started a fire with two sticks, which amazed the students.

A special moment in the assembly was when we unveiled an original artwork painted specifically for our school by Marie Napurulla, who is not only an amazing aboriginal artist but a mother to four children, all attending Lindisfarne. The story of Lindisfarne is portrayed in this fantastic piece and will be hung in the theatre for all to admire.

Imbana Forrester in Year 12 was also a guest speaker on the day and spoke beautifully from a young aboriginal woman’s perspective about the importance of this year’s theme for NAIDOC week – ‘Because of her, we can.’

Imbana’s speech is below:

As pillars of our society, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have played – and continue to play - active and significant roles at the community, local, state and national levels.

As leaders, trailblazers, politicians, activists and social change advocates, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women fought and continue to fight, for justice, equal rights, our rights to country, for law and justice, access to education, employment and to maintain and celebrate our culture, language, music and art.

They continue to influence as doctors, lawyers, teachers, electricians, chefs, nurses, architects, rangers, emergency and defence personnel, writers, volunteers, chief executive officers, actors, singer songwriters, journalists, entrepreneurs, media personalities, board members, accountants, academics, sporting icons and Olympians, the list goes on.

They are our mothers, our elders, our grandmothers, our aunties, our sisters and our daughters.

Sadly, Indigenous women’s role in our cultural, social and political survival has often been invisible, unsung or diminished.

For at least 65,000 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have carried our dreaming stories, songlines, languages and knowledge that have kept our culture strong and enriched us as the oldest continuing culture on the planet.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women were there at first contact.

They were there at the Torres Strait Pearlers strike in 1936, the Day of Mourning in 1938, the 1939 Cummeragunja Walk-Off, at the 1946 Pilbara pastoral workers' strike, the 1965 Freedom Rides, the Wave Hill walk off in 1966, on the front line of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in 1972 and at the drafting of the Uluru Statement.

They have marched, protested and spoken at demonstrations and national gatherings for the proper recognition of our rights and calling for national reform and justice.

Our women were heavily involved in the campaign for the 1967 Referendum and also put up their hands to represent their people at the establishment of national advocacy and representative bodies from the National Aboriginal Congress (NAC) to ATSIC to Land Councils and onto the National Congress for Australia’s First Peoples.

They often did so while caring for our families, maintaining our homes and breaking down cultural and institutionalised barriers and gender stereotypes.

Our women did so because they demanded a better life, greater opportunities and - in many cases equal rights - for our children, our families and our people.

They were pioneering women like Barangaroo, Truganini, Gladys Elphick, Fannie Cochrane-Smith, Evelyn Scott, Pearl Gibbs, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, 

Today, they are trailblazers like Joyce Clague, Yalmay Yunupingu, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, Nova Peris, Carol Martin,– to name but a few.

Their achievements, their voice, their unwavering passion give us strength and have empowered past generations and paved the way for generations to come.

Because of her, we can!

The assembly was a special occasion to recognise and celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Matt Fydler
St Barnabas Head of House

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Managing Exam Stress

Parents and carers play an important role in supporting their teenagers through exam time. It can be difficult to know how to support a teenager manage their stress. Check out this great resource by REACHOUT.COM @

There are parent, school, and youth sections with fact sheets, recommendations and support ideas. By now you may have developed an idea of the sorts of symptoms your young person shows when they are feeling stressed, perhaps, they get agitated, frustrated, quiet or the whole house hears about their stress. Perhaps, they over react to situations or tell you everything is okay. Try to cut them a little bit of slack as exams approach, offer to cook them their favourite meal before their big exam and remind them about how proud you are of their efforts. Tell them you will try your best to refrain from nagging but you are keen to hear from them should they need your support. Teaching someone is a great study technique, so offer to be their student or quiz them on their revision notes. It is normal for you to worry about whether they are doing enough preparation, their results and their wellbeing. Remind them you love them no matter what their results are. It is important to acknowledge that not all stress is bad. In fact, just the right amount of stress is required for the motivation to study. 

Please encourage your teen to seek support if they are feeling overwhelmed.

/Users/coconnell/Desktop/Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 3.02.20 pm.png

Carley O'Connell
School Psychologist

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

From the Head of Junior School

Junior School Reports

Junior School reports will be mailed out to families in the first week of the school holidays.  These reports have been written to share student progress across Semester One.  Parents are welcome to make a time to meet with class teachers early next term if they have any queries or concerns.

Semester One Sports Certificates

Students who have represented Lindisfarne in various sporting events including NCIS Swimming and Cross Country and Casuarina Cup Rugby Union across Semester One will be receiving certificates of recognition posted home with their School Reports. We are extremely proud of their efforts and the wonderful sportsmanship they demonstrated.  These students were all individually acknowledged at our assemblies at the time of their events.  It is anticipated that these certificates will serve as valuable mementos that can be reflected upon in years to come.

Arkinstall Park Parking Thank You

Many thanks to all families who are utilising the Arkinstall Park gate entrance to the School, for parking in the Council park precinct.  Due to this diligence in avoiding access via Sullivan Street, we are in a position to continue using this entrance as into Term Three.

Sunshine Avenue Library Term Three

We have been extremely fortunate to have Mrs Erin McGovern and Mrs Skylie Campton as our Teacher Librarians this semester, and I am pleased to announce they will both be continuing in this role for Term Three.  Mr Ian Ayers has extended his well deserved long service leave for another term.

Michele Chandler
Head of Junior School


FUN Athletics Schedule

Makers Fest - Expressions of Interest

Makers Fest is a student-led STEAM conference held at King's Christian College on the Gold Coast. The purpose of the conference is to make STEAM activities available to all schools, collaborating via a range of hands-on activities and developing innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Throughout the day, students will explore STEAM, whether that is tinkering with robots or design sketching. There is something for anyone who wants to build and create.

The Makers Fest will be a fantastic opportunity for any students in Years 6-11 to  engage and challenge students in latest technology and practices used in industry.

Some of the workshops available on the day are:

  • Robotronica
  • Fast & Furious Challenge (Tether Racers)
  • MakerThings (Fusion 360 & Onshape 3D Modelling)
  • Techno Gliders
  • Drones to the Rescue
  • Mystery Box Challenge
  • Arduino Busters (coding)
  • Jewellery Makers
  • Makers Graphic Design
  • Creative Photography

The Makers Fest will be held on Friday 21 September and the cost will be $15.00 per student to participate.

Please email expressions of interest to Kim Denny

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

International Program

This week we met with our homestay families who have very generously offered to host students from Hokkaido, Japan in the first week of Term 3. 20 students from various schools across three towns in the Hokkaido region of Japan will be visiting Lindisfarne to learn about Australian culture, enhance their English language skills and to present their own experiences of schooling, and life, in Japan. It is sure to be a “true international exchange” which will no doubt leave an indelible mark upon all involved. 

Our visitors will also be presenting key elements of Japanese culture, demonstrating traditional martial arts and assisting in Japanese language classes. With the help of their cultural buddies, the visiting students will participate in the day-to-day life of Lindisfarne students as they are immersed in classes and extracurricular activities.

(Almost) immediately following this visit, we will also be hosting a group of students from Yoshiwara High School in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. The students from Yoshiwara High School are very much looking forward to meeting our students and developing their understanding of the English language. 

As the International Program grows and gains momentum it is exciting to witness the amazing interactions and learning that take part on both sides of the new friendships. As we continue to meet with new schools we will be looking to develop a wide range of reciprocal opportunities for our own students to visit, learn and experience other countries and cultures. 

Exciting times ahead.

I would also like to take this opportunity to officially welcome Mrs Amy Fydler to the International Program. Amy has already had a significant role in organising our study tours and will take up the new position of International Student Coordinator from the beginning of Term 3. 

Mr Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Middle School Science

The greatest achievement in Science is to win a Nobel Prize. It is only given for really astonishing accomplishments and Australia has won a lot of them considering the small size of our population. Our Nobel winners (“laureates”) include Barry Marshall and Robin Warren who famously discovered that stomach ulcers were caused by a simple bacteria and drank a solution containing some of the bugs to give themselves ulcers when nobody would believe them; Elizabeth Blackburn who discovered why it is that we age and how our cells “know” how old they are possibly opening the door to reversing the aging process; and Brian Schmidt who proved that our universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate which caused a lot of people to scratch their heads...

These Scientists are all amazing but even more amazing is the story of how the Nobel Prize came into being in the first place.

It was the late 1800’s when a relatively unknown old man died in Sweden. His name was Ludwig Nobel and he was the older brother of the talented chemist Alfred Nobel who had made an immense fortune by inventing dynamite, a stable form of nitro glycerine and the first successful detonating high explosive. Dynamite (or TNT) is still the most common explosive used around the world in mining, construction and, unfortunately, bombs and artillery shells.

Prior to the invention of dynamite, the only explosive available was gunpowder (or black powder) which made lots of noise, flame and smoke but didn’t really release much energy. In fact, gunpowder doesn’t “explode”, it just burns really, really fast. Dynamite explodes in an instantaneous chemical reaction releasing an enormous amount of energy in the process.

The trouble was that a French newspaper mistook Ludwig for his younger brother Alfred and wrongly printed an obituary of the celebrity scientist. The obituary didn’t mention Alfred Nobel’s brilliant career as a chemist, it just went on and on about how he had changed warfare by inventing detonating explosives and how he would be blamed for millions of deaths in the years to come.

As Alfred sat, drinking his coffee and reading his own obituary, he realised that he had to do something to rescue his reputation or else he would be remembered for all eternity as the man who invented a way to kill people more efficiently in warfare.

He had no children of his own and, after some thought, decided to put all of his huge fortune into a trust fund that would provide prize money in perpetuity (forever) for the greatest achievements in Chemistry, Physics, Physiology/Medicine, Literature and, significantly, Peace.

Each year the Nobel committee carefully researches the work of people who have been nominated and decide if they deserve membership in the most exclusive club on Earth. However, it is only because of some sloppy journalism that the Nobel Prize exists at all.

Science Quiz

Fresh water is extracted from salt water at Tugun using a process called Reverse Osmosis. It works really well but requires a huge amount of energy.

This week’s question: The only father and son team to win a Nobel Prize were Australians. Who were they and what did they win their prize for? Send your answer in to and enjoy every second of Science during your last week of the first semester.

Year 5 Activities

There has been lots of action for the Year 5 team over the past two weeks!  

The Poetry Recital Grand Final was a wonderful evening.  Mr Horvarth had the toughest job in deciding the winners from all year levels.  We are all very proud of Arielle Ilett, Sasha Koppel and Alex Greaves who represented Year 5 and entertained the audience admirably but there could only be one winner.  Congratulations to Fletcher Burdekin who was our grand final winner and presented his poem Chocaholic with such energy, fun and feeling!

We celebrated the winter solstice last Thursday.  Mrs Foyster organised a fabulous day of activities. Commencing with some investigation of what the winter solstice means, its history and some of the stories and myths around the “day the sun stands still” followed by a visit to our garden to make mulled wine (apple juice).  This warm beverage was a hit and the students enjoyed some new tastes such as the flavouring of cloves and cinnamon sticks.

We finished off our celebrations with watercolour painting and the creation of origami winter solstice stars. 

This week Year 5 shared their persuasive presentations to their classes and visiting parents. Our English focus this term has been the art of persuasion and we have explored persuasive techniques through written texts, advertising, songs, letters, spoken word, and propaganda posters.  The students have been highly engaged in this unit of work and finished with the creation of a Shark Tank style pitch to convince an audience to invest in their product or cause. This was lots of fun with many groups showing off their acting skills as well as proving just how good they are at arguing a point – perhaps a skill that many parents were already aware their children had! 

Lisa Price
Year 5 Coordinator

Winter Solstice in the Community Garden

Stage 3 celebrated the shortest day of the year last Thursday in our community garden. Each class made up a brew of mulled apple juice to keep warm and enjoyed drinking it with a shortbread cookie. While the drink was warming on the gas burner,  students made origami winter solstice stars.

Our garden has been producing some great organic produce including beans, snow peas, cabbage, a variety of lettuce, shallots, silverbeet, kale and cherry tomatoes.

The recycled bottle greenhouse is coming along slowly as we are in desperate need for some more plastic bottles – so please remember to send any 1.25L or 2L plastic bottles to school so we can finish this project.

Tracey Foyster
Year 6 Teacher

Senior School

From the Head of Senior School

Dr Marriott, Mrs Wharton and I attended a most stimulating two days at a Women in Leadership conference in Sydney last week. It was affirming to hear the theory of “Values Driven Leadership “ being repeatedly espoused. 

So, what is this? Just another version of the most current “edu-psycho-babble” speak or something which we as a Lindisfarne community could adopt? Well the good news is that we are well on the way to creating this culture. Our steps, emblazoned with the values of Compassion, Wisdom and Respect sit comfortably within this model. 

A definition of “Values Driven Leadership” within the education remit implies a conscious commitment by leaders at all levels; (from the School Council, the Principal, the Senior Executive, all staff and most importantly the pupils,) to lead with their values to create a culture where, in the words of Professor Keitha Duncan, deputy Vice Chair Academic at Bond University, puts it so succinctly: “ Students are first, second and third.” 

Here in the Senior School at Lindisfarne we are focusing on a more personalised and transformative model of student leadership. Pupils are an integral component of committees, their voice is part of decision making,  service based learning opportunities are being created and the concept of “Paying It Forward” is being embraced. Students are being encouraged to acknowledge the gifts they have been given and to show their appreciation by passing those gifts forward wherever they can. 

This is a timely reminder as we fast approach that time of year when our Year 11 pupils take on the mantle of student leadership. Serving as a leader encapsulates this “Pay It Forward” concept. I urge the Year 11 cohort to consider the ways in which they can serve their community of Lindisfarne by affirming the values of compassion, respect, integrity, and honesty; the very cornerstones of a “Values Driven Leadership.”

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Why Dare to Dream (D2D)?

In 2013, my son Parker was born. A ‘normal’ milestone for women my age and certainly nothing unusual. But for me, life away from my work and the routine of school was one of the most unsettling experiences of my adult life. I looked for inspiration and ideas in all forms from mummy groups through to mum-focused conferences. Nothing resonated and I felt more and more disconnected.

So, with the support and encouragement of my family, I started an event business called IT STARTS WITH US built on the foundations of inspiration, aspiration and motivation for women of all ages. After two successful events (one being D2D), it occurred to me that the young women I work with every day at Lindisfarne would certainly benefit from the events I was hosting.

In 2017, I was fortunate that Mr Marquardt also shared and supported my vision of delivering the D2D program to our students. The inaugural event was well attended and the young women left with lots of ideas and the foundation upon which to move forward in a positive way.

Despite the significant inroads our society has made into moving towards gender equality, empowering our young women should be a 365-day conversation. D2D is part of the conversation and I would love to see your Senior School daughter start a conversation of her very own on Monday, 23 July.

What to expect:

A day of inspiration, aspiration and motivation for our young female future leaders. A carefully curated panel of speakers will share stories about their challenges and successes in their industries and their lives. See our video from 2017.

What is included:

A panel of influential women speakers, a nourishing lunch, opportunities to connect with other young women from our School community. Transport to and from the venue is also provided.

What needs to happen:

Tickets are selling fast so please return your daughter’s permission note now to Mrs Kylie Wharton at Seats are limited and numbers need to be finalised ASAP.

Other details:

Audience: Senior School (9-12)
D2D: Monday, 23 July (Term 3 student free day)
Venue: Ardeena (515 Carool Rd, Carool NSW)
Departure from school: 8.30am to arrive at 9.00am for a 10.00am start
Event concludes at 3.00pm (returning to school by 3.30pm)

VET Work Placement

Year 12 students have been busy completing their final work experience placements this week.  In order to attain their Certificate III in Information and Digital Technology, a Vocational Education and Training qualification they complete two full weeks of work experience across their two-year program.  Local businesses, such as Precise PCs in Murwillumbah recognise the benefits of our students studying VET qualifications and state “We find IDT VET students demonstrate very strong knowledge and skills that puts them way above their peers in this industry.  This helps them to gain casual work and possibly even future employment or even traineeships with us as well as preparing them well for their future careers. We also enjoy sharing our passion for technology, services and products with like-minded young people.” Stewart Bache, Owner Manager.

Ezekiel Fischer has enjoyed a wonderful week at Precise PCs, completing a range of tasks including stripping back laptops and PCs, as well as building Computers as seen in the pictures.  Ben Mitchell, another Yr 12 IDT VET student has also had a sensational week working in the IT Support Team for a local school installing audio visual equipment into classrooms, stocktaking and fixing first line support issues in the school.  Well done Ben and Ezekiel!

Barry Woods
Director of VET and Careers


Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Murwillumbah Festival of Performing Arts

The Murwillumbah Festival of Performing Arts is an annual event which our students attend. 

Over the past week, our students have competed heavily in the Speech and Drama sections representing our school with pride.

Years K-4 were entered into the choral verse speaking sections. The speaking choirs include all students from the cohort reciting a poem together. They are judged on unison speaking, solo speaking, vocal effects, word colour, group movement and creativity.

Thank you to all of the teachers who worked so well to make this an enjoyable experience for our students. An extra thank you goes to the teachers who took on the responsibility of conducting their grade’s choir. 

Sincere congratulations go to all students who participated in the event. As you can see below, Sunshine Avenue competed incredibly well in their respective competitions. 

Choral Verse Speaking results 2018

Kindergarten – 1st place (Pardon my Garden)

Year 1 – 3rd place (Wishes)

Year 2 – 1st Place (Camera Call)

Year 3 - 1st place (The Viper)

Year 4  2nd Place (The Hole)

The Speech and Drama individual, duologue and small group sections are extremely popular, especially poem in Pairs and Group Drama.  A big thank you to our Speech and Drama teachers Kim Shepherd, Rosie Tucker and Melissa Dorge. Collectively they entered over 100 students into this Eistedfodd. Results have been outstanding and the whole Lindisfarne community congratulates all involved.

Amy Skene
Coordinator of Performing Arts

A Night Of Jazz

Featuring the Dan Barnett Big Band (Sydney)

In week one of next term we have Sydney musicians Dan Barnett and Andrew Robertson visiting the school to conduct a series of workshops with our Instrumental Ensembles and Senior Choir. This will culminate in a very special performance on Friday 27 July at the Ivory Tavern in Tweed Heads, our inaugural Night Of Jazz. The evening will feature the swinging sounds of the Dan Barnett 14 piece Big Band and open with our Stage Band and Senior Choir. Tickets are available from at the reasonable price of $30 for adults and $15 for students including some tasty canapes.  This is shaping up to be a memorable night of great music, I strongly encourage our choir and band students to stay after their performance and hear one of Australia’s leading Jjzz performers just back from his European festival tour.

Starter Strings Program

On Wednesday 27of June, some Sunshine Avenue students were treated to a fantastic afternoon of music. Alexander Warr, our string orchestra director and special guests from the Gold Coast String Quartet held a music workshop for not only existing string orchestra members but also performed for each Year 2 and 3 class. The purpose of this was to reinforce the School’s commitment to growing the Strings Program as it has proved so successful throughout Semester One and we would like to extend an invitation to all Year 2 and Year 3 students to take part in our Starter Strings Program. This will be facilitated by providing a mid year intake. 

The students who showed interest in learning a stringed instrument on Wednesday have taken home an expression of interest form, which outlines all of the information needed. We would also like to highlight that lessons will be provided by the school at no additional cost. The only cost for participating students will be to either purchase or rent an instrument for the year. Unfortunately, due to the limited number, rental instruments will be issued on a first-in, first-served basis.  

If you would like your child to participate in the String Starters Program in 2018, please return the form at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions concerning the strings program at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, please feel to contact me at

Jesse Edwards
Junior School Music Teacher

Upcoming Events


  • Stage 3 Choir performance at the Murwillumbah Festival of Performing Arts, 10.45am Murwillumbah Civic Centre.

  • Lunchtime Concert in PA11 featuring a variety of soloists 

  • Sunshine Avenue Twilight Concert Monday 3.30 to 4.15pm 


  • Junior Wind Orchestra  performance at the Murwillumbah Festival of Performing Arts, 10.45am Murwillumbah Civic Centre.

  • Vocal Twilight performance featuring students of Marissa Lee 3.20 to 4.15pm (PA11)

  • Stage 6 Drama Showcase 6.00pm to 8.30 (PA1)


  • Lunchtime Concert in PA11 featuring a variety of soloists

Learning Enrichment

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Digital Space



Sports Academy News

On Tuesday, the Year 11 and 12 Sports Academy and Development Squad members were invited to a meeting with the Manager from the Griffith Sports College, Naomi McCarthy OAM.

Griffith University is currently one of the best universities in supporting elite athletes to balance high performance sport and tertiary study. They were the number one Australian University at the Commonwealth Games, where Griffith had twice the number of student athletes and alumni than any other university in Australia.

The purpose of Naomi coming to talk with these students was to spend time with our great athletes and discuss their options after school. She discussed the pathway after school, how to balance both their sports and academic life and advised them of the sport scholarships available. After the presentation, the students had the opportunity to ask plenty of questions, which was definitely beneficial. Naomi also mentioned the importance of the transition after their sporting careers are finished.

Naomi’s experience and knowledge in this field is amazing, as she was an Olympic gold medalist in waterpolo and also attempted to study during this time.

Another opportunity the whole Sports Academy and Development Squad had last Friday was an interactive seminar on the topic of “Overtraining”. This was facilitated by Jono Freeman and Rory Davies from the Athletes Workshop. Jono is the Director of the company and is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Athletic Performance and Injury Rehabilitation Consultant. Rory is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Exercise Scientist and Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach. They have been training our athletes on a Tuesday and Thursday morning since the Academy was launched last year.

The session focused on training correctly, recovery techniques, nutrition and sleep. All necessary components that can contribute to poor training or injuries. Some other lifestyle factors that were discussed were how to minimise stress, altering training around illness and the importance of good social circles and support.

The Athletes walked away from the workshop with a wealth of new knowledge and hopefully, can use the information into their daily routines to become better all-round athletes.

Mr Matt Fydler
Director of the Lindisfarne Sports Academy

Sport News

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Tweed Netball Round 9 and LAS Lions Fundraising Round - Arkinstall Park - Saturday 30 June
  • Lindisfarne Athletics Carnival - Cudgen - Thursday 5 July
  • Primary Fun Athletics Carnival – Sunshine Avenue - Friday 6 July


We are not the only ones so proud of Flynn Southam. So is the swimming fraternity on the Gold Coast. He was awarded the 12 Years Age Group Champion for Swimming Gold Coast for 2017-2018 season. 

Below: With David Morgan, Rio Olympics bronze medallist. 


On Sunday, Callum Wines competed in the latest round of the Northern Rivers District Golf Association 9-hole competition at Grafton Golf Club. Callum shot a nett 6 under par and claimed the runner up spot. Great work! Good luck Callum for the next round at Kyogle this weekend.


Good luck to our wonderful Netball Club and Committee who will be running a raffle, cake stall and a breakfast barbecue on Saturday at Arkinstall Park. Thank you to all of the parents and club members who have donated yummy homemade food and gifts for the raffle. The prizes include Billabong back packs full of goodies, a $50 Rebel voucher and netballs. Good luck to the teams playing too! The first matches start at 9.00am and the final round of the day commences at 2.00pm. Plenty of time to come and support the Lindisfarne Lions throughout the day!

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Congratulations to Taylor Kane who competed in her very first major competition at Moreton Bay College last Saturday. Coach, Stacey Bech, could not be prouder…

“Taylor performed amazingly, finishing 1st place in Level 3 Ball and 4th place in Level 3 Freehand from 21 competitors from all over Queensland. I am so proud of her and her performances.”

Taylor and Matilda Johnston will be competing in Challenge 2 in July for Level 3 individuals and in the RG Skools as a pair representing Lindisfarne. We wish them both the best of luck with their endeavours and thank Stacey for the wonderful work she does with the RG girls each Thursday after School.

Surf Lifesaving

Well Done Shayna Cassone! Shayna won Gold in the Open Female Teams and
silver in the Open Female Mass Rescue at the Surf Life Saving IRB Racing Queensland State Titles last weekend. Kirra SLSC also took out third overall for the season and now head to the Australian titles in Thirroul during the school holidays.

Following her performance, Shayna has been selected in the Queensland Development Team to also represent Queensland at the Australian Titles. Fabulous news Shayna!


Lucy Tunsted continues to make a name for herself on the tennis courts. She is representing North East Tennis, playing in the 14s NSW State Teams Event in Gosford this weekend and has been accepted in North Coast Academy of Sport. 


Well Done to our Lindisfarne players representing the North Coast at the CIS Secondary Touch Football Championships in Sydney this week. Coach Dwyer was able to report that Ebony Richards, Logan Webb, Saige Conquest, Holli-Rose Gorter, Jacob Sands and Bryn Richards all performed to a high level against tough opposition.


Trials and training for the Athletics Carnival is well underway. Please make sure that you turn up to compete at the specified times advertised in the notices through HTG time.

Term 3 Recreational Sport

Over the next weeks, Year 7 – 10 students will be able to choose their Term 3 Sports. We have managed to organise some competition on Thursday’s this year with Hillcrest and St Andrews. It is imperative that you choose sports where you are training for an event, like the NCIS Athletics or represent the School. The competition sports for the Inter-School matches are Football, Basketball, Tennis, Netball and Oztag.

Term 3 Week 1

As well as the start of Term 3 Rec Sport in the first week back, the School also has a busy calendar of special events. Tuesday will see the Open Girls AFL Squad compete in the South East Queensland competition round of the Queensland Cup. On the Wednesday, The Rugby School from Thailand will be visiting Lindisfarne for three netball matches in the Ngahriyah and two Hockey matches on the Thursday at the Murwillumbah artificial turfs. Training for these events will continue to the end of term and throughout the holiday.

Gay Maynard
Director of Sport

After School Football (Soccer) - Junior School

Students in the Junior School are invited to attend an after school program presented by Total Football Academy. Commencing on Thursday 26 July, this 10-week program will be held at the Sunshine Avenue Campus.

Permission forms will be available from Junior School Reception on Tuesday.

Nathan Croft
Junior School Sport

Lindisfarne Athletics Carnival - Information

The Lindisfarne Athletics Carnival will be held on Thursday 5 July at Cudgen.

The program of events will be sent out on Tuesday 3 July.


Sunshine Avenue - The bus will leave Sunshine Avenue promptly at 8.40am. Carnival commences at 9.00am with the March Past.

Mahers Lane - Buses will leave Mahers Lane at 8.30am - all students are expected to travel by bus.

Student sign in/sign out at Venue

Sunshine Avenue students who are being transported straight to the field need to report to Mr Cross for roll marking and also report to Mr Cross if leaving with parents.

Mahers Lane students who arrive late at the field or who may be leaving with parents need to have their name marked on and off the rolls with Mrs Whiticker in the first aid tent.

Parent Parking

Parking is only available on the road. Please do not block the turning bay for the buses or the entrance for the ambulance.


Delicious food will be available to purchase on the day including:

  • Parent & Friends stall selling baked goods and drinks
  • BBQ (sausage sizzle) raising funds for the Vietnam Immersion Trip
  • Food Truck
  • Coffee Cart
    • EFTPOS will be available


Write A Book In A Day Competition

Have you ever wanted to be part of a team that writes and illustrates their very own book in just 12 hours??

The Write a Book in a Day competition is a team writing competition open to writers and illustrators from Years 5 to adult. All books are written by a team in a consecutive 12 hour period on one day. Teams will consist of students in Years 5-6, Years 7-9 and Years 10-12.

We will hold our Write a Book in a Day on Thursday 17 August from 8am to 8pm in the Mahers Lane Library.

If you are a  budding author and/or illustrators and would like to participate in this fun and exciting competition please email to secure your spot.

What Are You Reading?

Name: Kathryn Leary

Position in the school: Year One Teacher

What are you reading? The Shepherd's Life . A Tale of the Lake District

Who is the author?

James Rebanks

Give a brief review of the book in four sentences or less.

I loved the gorgeously vivid prose set amongst the landscape, the seasons, the mud, the animals and the people of England's Dales region.  It's an autobiography written by a shepherd whose family has farmed the same area for six hundred years.  What's interesting is that this author struggled with his schooling and literacy yet he went to Oxford, took over the family farm and became a best selling author via Twitter.

Who would you recommend read this book?

Anyone who loves autobiographies, 'against the odd's stories, rural issues, English History, Beatrix Potter (yes, you read that right)

Do you have a favourite quote or passage from the book?

“We don't give up, even when things are bad. We pay our debts. We work hard. We act decently. We help our neighbours if they need it. We do what we say we will do. We don't want much attention. We look after our own. We are proud of what we do. We try to be quietly smart. We take chances sometimes to get on. We will fail sometimes. We will be affected by the wider world... But we hold on to who we are.” 

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