From the Principal

From the Deputy Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to Term 3. We have had a busy and positive start to the new semester with students and staff participating in many wonderful events and initiatives throughout the School. It is amazing how much we can fit into a week! For our Year 12 students, Term 3 will be their last term of formal classes and we wish them well as they approach their Trial HSC exams in Week 3.

This week many of our families have hosted students from Hokkaido in Japan as well as students from the Rugby School in England. The Japanese students were all part of a scholarship program set up by the Japanese government to provide regional Japanese students with new cultural experiences. It has been wonderful to see their enthusiastic participation in school activities and the warmth of the Lindisfarne community as many have opened up their homes to our guests.

The Rugby School, with a rich history dating back to 1567, are on an international tour and competed against our netball and hockey teams. It was somewhat daunting for our students to compete against a school with such a long tradition of sporting excellence. Our girls rose to the occasion and represented the School with pride. Unfortunately our netball teams were defeated, however we were able to create an historic 4-2 win in the Firsts Hockey, which I am sure will inspire the younger students as we continue to build our sporting program.

The Rugby School has a motto “The Whole Person - The Whole Point”. Their school, like Lindisfarne, is committed to the holistic development of students - academic, sporting, spiritual, cultural, social and wellbeing. Opportunities to work in partnership with other schools and international organisations helps to build well-connected and interested global citizens and memories are created that our students will cherish forever.

Lindisfarne’s Junior cricketers and a team comprised of ex-students and teachers played against teams from Oman’s Bosher Cricket Academy today, with the Juniors being defeated and our Seniors winning by approximately 80 runs.

We’re looking forward to a great night tonight at the sold out showcase, A Night of Jazz when our talented music students and staff perform onstage with jazz virtuoso Dan Barnett and his impressive 14 piece Big Band. I’d like to thank Mr Todd Hardy, the Friends of the Arts team and Lindisfarne staff who have worked together to bring this event to fruition.

On one last note, today’s Principal’s Tour at the Mahers Lane Campus had over 60 attendees and it is encouraging to see so many families looking to enrol their students into Lindisfarne. It reinforces to me that our desire to continually improve what we offer to our students is being recognised in the wider community.

Kind regards,

Geoff Lancaster
Deputy Principal - Learning and Innovation

Important Information

From the Chaplain


Parents & Friends

Big Boys' Breakfast - Years 5 to 12

Junior School Big Boys' Breakfast - Volunteers Needed

Dear families,

The Junior School Big Boys' Breakfast is being held at the Sunshine Avenue Campus on the morning of Friday, 31 August.

For any new families to the School, this is a fun-filled morning designed to celebrate all the important males in our children's lives (dad's/grandfathers/uncles/family friends) with a scrumptious breakfast including fruit, bacon and egg rolls and a coffee van on site. It is close to Father's Day and coincides with the Gold Coast Show holiday.

As the event draws closer, I am looking for parent volunteers to assist with the set up and running of the event from 6.30am on this day. I am also request any donations that could be used for the super raffle that has now become a tradition. In 2017, we were incredibly grateful to have first prize as a Surfboard donated from The Surfboard Warehouse at Tweed Heads. If you have a business that may be willing to donate or have a connection that may be interested, please request that they contact me via mobile (0401 277 710) before Friday, 24 August.

With warmest regards,

Jane Daniel
P&F Representative

Upcoming Events

Staff Bio

Whole School News

Gold Coast Women in Business Awards

Nominations for the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards close on 31 July 2018.
Bond University is again sponsoring the Empowering Young Women’s Award for students who demonstrate significant leadership potential and outstanding qualities and performance.
If you have students/peers who would be candidates for this award, please direct them to the following link and encourage them to get their form in by 31 July and then they will have until Friday, 10 August to complete their application.
There is sponsorship available for the entry fee for students – please request this on the application form. But they must get their name down by Tuesday, 31 July.
All nominees will be invited to a special Bond University leadership and entrepreneurship workshop hosted at Bond University.

Jeans for Genes Day

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

School Arrival Time 

An increasing number of children have been arriving at the Sunshine Avenue Campus very early. Please be reminded as there is no teacher supervision prior to 8.15am, students arriving before this time will be directed to our Before School Care program. 


Unlabelled Lost Property

A reminder to parents to please clearly name your children’s belongings, including all items of clothing, lunchboxes and drink bottles. This will ensure we are able to return lost property to its rightful owners.

Michele Chandler
Head of Junior School

STEM Discovery Workshops

Stage One (Years 1 and 2) STEM Discovery Workshops

“STEM education is the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary or integrated approach. Students gain and apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop creative and critical thinking skills within an authentic context. It may include inquiry and project-based learning.”

Join our exciting STEM Discovery workshops and participate in inquiry-based learning whilst experimenting with resources including robotics and construction. There are limited places available for Term 3 to allow for an effective program. The first 20 students to register will be selected with all other applicants being considered for future workshops.

Please follow the link to register your child:

You will be notified by email regarding your child’s place for this term.

When: 5 consecutive Monday afternoons starting Week 3 (Monday 6 August 2018)
Time:  3:00pm-4:00pm. Parents collect from classroom.
Where: 1T classroom

Linda Terry and Amy Williamson

Health Checks for Children

In the past we have had a Child and Family Health Nurse visit the school to complete health checks on identified students.  At present the School Health Check is under review by the government so if you have any concerns about your child’s development please contact your local Child and Family Health Clinic.

Tweed: 07 5506 7512

Banora Point: 07 5524 914 

Kingscliff: 02 6674 9500

Palm Beach: 07 5519 2600

Alternatively, you can check with your GP if you have any concerns regarding your child’s development.

School Holiday Art Workshop

It was a delight to hold the first school holiday Art Workshop at the Sunshine Avenue Campus. A motivated group of budding artists ranging in ages attended and the students’ enthusiasm was inspiring.

They created some fantastic clay pieces whilst exploring the use of texture and imprinting. The students also created a mixed media piece.

Art Workshops will continue to be offered over the school holiday period due to its success. Notification will be given a few weeks prior to holidays.

Simone Jordan

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Head of Middle School Report

Welcome back to Term 3 and another exciting 10 weeks of learning. We welcome our new families to the Lindisfarne school community and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about our school. 

As always, we have a busy calendar and many students actively engaged in school life through a variety of classroom and extra-curricular activities. Most of our lunch breaks and many afternoons are timetabled with clubs, coaching and team learning. It is wonderful to see such a variety of enrichment and extension learning on offer. Many thanks to our teachers who are giving up their time to coordinate and lead these opportunities.


Has your child ever trudged in the door, opened up their school bag … only to discover, to their horror, that they’ve accidentally grabbed someone else’s bag? Or someone else’s hat? Or someone else’s jumper? Or someone else’s _______? Given that we now have over 370 students in our Middle School alone– all in possession of identical backpacks, hats, jumpers, etc it is quite a common occurrence. Can I please suggest a couple of things?
  • Ensure all items that are brought to school are clearly named. 
  • If your child does bring someone else's belongings home in error, please take the time to contact the school so that we can make contact. Your courtesy call will no doubt allow that family breathe a huge sigh of relief!


As the reporting season has come to a close it is pertinent to remember that a student’s success is measured in many ways outside of the academic arena. We know that the school day makes up only a portion of a child’s waking hours and we know that Lindisfarne students are consistently and actively engaged in a wide range of activities outside of school that deserve recognition. Students from our school are involved in so many ventures, sports, community service programs and cultural pursuits that bring great value to the community as well as their own development. If you know of any Lindisfarne Middle School child who has had any recent, notable extra-curricular achievements I would love to be able to celebrate these as well, but I need your help. Please let me know, by email if possible, of the achievements that you would like acknowledged in our fortnightly Middle School assembly.


As mentioned in previous newsletters, high levels of student attendance is a priority at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. Our Middle School has an attendance target of 95%. This is based on educational research that shows direct correlation between high attendance rates and student achievement. It is also a vital factor in establishing and maintaining a strong sense of well being and belonging. We request that parents make every effort to ensure that their child attends school every day (except for illness). Please follow school processes for any absence.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Middle School Science

Welcome back to Term 3! I hope you feel recharged after a wonderful holiday full of fun, relaxation and, hopefully, a healthy dose of Science around home. One of our themes here at Middle School Science is that all you have to do to appreciate Science is observe nature and it will teach you what you need to know. Well, nature has a little welcome back surprise for you.

This weekend there will be another lunar eclipse (some of you might remember the very first Middle School Science column of the year was about the Blue Red Super moon that turned out to be a bit of a fizzer when the sky turned cloudy on the night). This one is a bit different. The full moon is this Friday night but the eclipse will become total at 6.20am Saturday morning. I know, I know, it’s Saturday and that’s when you sleep in but treat yourself to a really rare spectacle of the eclipsed full moon in the western sky before daybreak. These cold winter days bring clear conditions and it should be perfect viewing weather. If you can’t bring yourself to wake up early, have a look in the eastern sky about 7.00pm for a glorious view of Mars which will appear as a big, very red star-like object.

Did you know there is a famous story about a lunar eclipse? Christopher Columbus (you know, the guy who sailed the ocean blue in 1492 and bumped into America) actually made four separate trips across the Atlantic ocean. On his forth, he ran into trouble when his ships got damaged and he had to go ashore in what is now Jamaica to make repairs. At first, the native people were welcoming and helped the Spaniards by bringing them food and giving them shelter. However, the sailors did not treat the native people well and soon their attitude turned hostile towards the visitors. Columbus knew that he needed the co-operation of the locals if he and his men were to survive so he resorted to a trick.

He had one of the earliest almanacs with him (an almanac is a calendar but with lots of extra information like the phases of the moon and celestial events like eclipses). It predicted a lunar eclipse in a couple of days so Columbus called for a meeting with the native chief and told him that unless his people co-operated he would turn the moon blood red in anger. The chief didn’t believe Columbus had such power and refused to help him and his men. Columbus lead the poor chief down to the beach at just the right time, held up his arm and…the moon slowly turned deep red. The terrified chief agreed to help the Spanish and Columbus said he would turn the moon back again, which of course he did.

This story is important for us today. It illustrates how people who have knowledge can manipulate those who don’t. It wasn’t that the chief was gullible or stupid, he simply didn’t know what Columbus knew. One of the (many) reasons for going to school is to protect yourself from being taken advantage of by people who know things that you don’t.

There is another reason why the story is important. If you do know things that another person doesn’t, it is a mark of character that you don’t take advantage or act superior because of your knowledge.

Set your alarm for 6.00am Saturday morning and have a fabulous term in Science.

Science Quiz

Well done to Ryan, Emily and Thomas who all got in quickly with answers to the quiz question on the last week of semester. Lawrence Bragg was a soldier in WW1 when he realised that you could work out where an enemy artillery gun was located by measuring the difference in the arrival time of the sound it made at two different places. This is called “sound ranging” and was a critical breakthrough for the allied troops. The Germans couldn’t work out how the allies were able to target their artillery so accurately!

This week’s question: The world record for high jump is a jaw dropping 2.45m. What would the record be if the same athlete had made his attempt on the moon? Note: this week’s question requires an exact answer with brownie points for showing working out.

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

Our Term 2 holidays were a very productive and busy time with many Year 12 students making the most of the opportunities on offer with revision sessions provided by Year 12 teachers and Faculty Directors. Maintaining this focus will be vital in the weeks ahead. 

My sincere thanks go to Dan Robins and his team of staff for taking the ski trip during the holidays. This is such a wonderful opportunity for our students. Obviously skiing itself is fun, but there are so many more benefits than the garnering of these physical skills alone. The students learn to challenge themselves, supporting and encouraging each other while stepping out of their comfort zones. Being away from home they also learn a degree of independence but of course always under the watchful and experienced eyes of our dedicated staff members who willingly gave up their time to enable this trip to happen. Thank you, Dan and your team.

Another challenge occurred during this past holiday too; congratulations to all those students and staff who participated in the Kokoda Challenge. Resilience, grit and determination were needed to complete this gruelling process and we are SO very proud of our students and staff. The hours and weeks of training demanded real staying power which was evident in the final punishing challenge.

During the first week of the holidays Lindsey Nolan’s album was launched by the Lindisfarne Recording Studio. This was a significant event where the audience were treated to a wealth of emerging talent as well as recognising the outstanding creativity of Lindsey and her body of work to date. This was a momentous occasion celebrating the creation of something unique around the world; launching original student music under a school label. 

And so, to the new term; yes, busy as ever! On Monday it was a real privilege to attend the Dare to Dream workshop along with so many of our senior female students. Kylie Wharton led this day with an inspired vision and key motivational messages.

The sportsmanship and camaraderie on display between our students and the visiting teams from The Rugby School on Tuesday and Wednesday was equally impressive. My sincere thanks to the huge team of people who worked together to provide such an important opportunity for our students. 

Our Year 12 students are already beginning to focus their attention on that final thrust towards HSC and the conclusion of their time with us while our Year 11 students are gearing up for their leadership journey.

If the holidays and Week 1 are any indication, it will be productive term!

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Year 12 Careers News

Bond University and Scholarship Information

Note: Year 12 students, please refer to email that was sent out.

Year 12

Students must submit an application to study before they can complete the scholarship component, any questions please see me.

Important Dates:

1 June – Scholarship applications open

1 August – Scholarship Closing Date for the following scholarships:

  • Vice Chancellor’s Elite Scholarship
  • ADCO Sports Excellence Scholarship
  • BPS Technology Scholarship
  • John Eales Rugby Excellence Scholarship
  • Riewoldt Family AFL Excellence Scholarship

8 August – Deadline for school references for all scholarship applicants who have applied for scholarships with a 1 August closing date.

10 September – Scholarship Closing Date for the following scholarship

  • Bond University Indigenous Scholarship
  • Excellence Scholarship
  • Judge John Newton Scholarship 
  • Georgina Hope Rinehart Scholarship

21 September - Deadline for school references for all scholarship applicants who have applied for scholarships with a 10 September closing date.

ACU: Australian Catholic University

ACU Community Achiever Program early entry applications now open ACU’s Community Achiever Program (CAP), formerly the Early Achievers’ Program, is open to students who volunteer their time and energy to help others. Successful applicants receive an early conditional offer and may benefit from a reduced minimum ATAR requirement. Applications close on 31 July 2018.

University of Wollongong

Early admission is University of Wollongong early offer program for Year 12 students. It recognises the personal qualities and skills that define who you are. We look at your results and can reward you with an early place in your chosen degree. Opens 1 August through to 24 August.

Open days
Griffith University: Sunday, 12 August from 9.00am to 2.00pm
QUT Open day: Sunday, 29 July
University of Queensland- St Lucia: Sunday, 5 August
University of Queensland- Gatton: Sunday, 19 August
Southern Cross University: Gold Coast Sunday, 29 July
Southern Cross University: Lismore Saturday, 28 July

Thank you.

Barry Woods
Director of Career/VET/TAS

Dare to Dream 2018

Inspiration. Aspiration. Motivation. These are the three values that underpin the Dare to Dream event. And, on Monday, a group of engaged Senior students gathered together at Ardeena to share the incredible stories of women who have dared to dream and are continuing to dream big in their lives.

So many impactful messages were shared by the speakers with the common theme across the day highlighting the importance of self-awareness and intuition. 

Some of the key take away messages from the day include:

Erin Norden: Clean Beauty Market
Know who you are and know your purpose
Use the strengths of those around you
Be flexible

Sarah Hua and Emily Bitkow: Vivra
Don’t be afraid to be you
Move outside your inner circle and listen to the feedback you receive
Put your ideas out to the Universe and work with intention towards achieving the goals

Zoe Sparks: Author, Speaker, Business Mentor – Spectacular Events & SHINE Business Women
Look for the niche – take advantage of timing and opportunity
Invest and develop relationships
Be grateful

Emma Newby: Some Wild Darling
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
Comparison is never going to help you develop personally or professionally
Know your value and be prepared to acknowledge it

The intention of the day is to empower the leaders of the future to have conversations about their future and understand their place in the world. And, of course, to encourage our young women to Dare to Dream.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the team who were involved in supporting the event:
Lindisfarne staff
Hampton Event Hire
Myles AV

Kylie Wharton
Year 8 Coordinator, Dare to Dream Coordinator and Founder of It Starts with Us


Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Sunshine Avenue Choir

The Sunshine Avenue Choir will be taking in a second intake student wishing to join the choir.

As a member of the choir, they will be provided with the opportunity to perform regularly in concerts. As a member of the choir, students will be required to attend weekly rehearsals on Monday from 1.15pm to 2.00pm in the music room. If your child needs to miss a choir rehearsal or leave early, a parental note is required. All students who participate in the choir must also fulfil the following requirements:

1. Demonstrate stage and rehearsal etiquette at all times; 

2. Display enthusiasm for achieving excellence in performance; 

3. Fulfil any practise requirements pertaining to the choir; 

4. Demonstrate a full commitment to all choir activities including those outside normal school hours.

Any student wishing to join the choir should come along to our first rehearsal on Monday Week 2 at 1.15pm. I look forward to working with the children and having fun whilst discovering the challenges singing in a choir can bring.

Jesse Edwards
Music Teacher

Learning Enrichment

Write a Book in a Day

Have you ever wanted to be part of a team that writes and illustrates their very own book in just 12 hours?

The Write a Book in a Day competition is a team writing competition open to writers and illustrators from Years 5 to adult. All books are written by a team in a consecutive 12 hour period on one day. Teams will consist of students in Years 5 to 6, Years 7 to 9 and Years 10 to 12.

We will hold our Write a Book in a Day on Thursday, 17 August from 8am to 8pm in the Mahers Lane Library.

If you are a budding author and/or illustrator and would like to participate in this fun and exciting competition, please email by to secure your spot.

Jodie Duggan
Learning Enrichment Coordinator (5-8)

Makers Fest

This is your last chance to express your interest in this amazing event. Applications close Monday, 30 July.

Makers Fest is a student-led STEAM conference held at King's Christian College on the Gold Coast. The purpose of the conference is to make STEAM activities available to all schools, collaborating via a range of hands-on activities and developing innovative solutions to real-world problems. 

Throughout the day, students will explore STEAM, whether that is tinkering with robots or design sketching. There is something for anyone who wants to build and create.

The Makers Fest will be a fantastic opportunity for any students in Years 6-11 to  engage and challenge students in latest technology and practices used in industry.

Some of the workshops available on the day are:
Fast & Furious Challenge (Tether Racers)
MakerThings (Fusion 360 & Onshape 3D Modelling)
Techno Gliders
Drones to the Rescue
Mystery Box Challenge
Arduino Busters (coding)
Jewellery Makers
Makers Graphic Design
Creative Photography

The Makers Fest will be held on Friday, 21 September and the cost will be $15.00 per student to participate.

Please email expressions of interest to Jodie Duggan or Kim Denny

Homework Help with the Learning Enrichment Team

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, the Learning Enrichment team will be running a Homework Help session for students in Years 5 to 12 in the Mahers Lane Library.

All students are welcome to come along if they are requiring assistance with homework or assessment tasks. Please register your interest via email to Jodie Duggan (Middle School) and Kim Denny (Senior School).

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Digital Space



Rugby School Visit - Netball

On Thursday, 26 July, a group 28 girls accompanied by Mrs Farmer and Mrs Sands travelled to Murwillimbah to represent the school in an international tournament against Rugby School. There were two games and the first consisted of the second division girls. The girls in this team fought and played well with an excellent defence but unfortunately couldn’t bring it home for the win. 

The second game was a battle of the Division 1 girls and boy was this a game to watch. These girls came out on top with a 4-2 win. The goal scorers were Teagan Woods (Year 10), Tori Jones (Year 9), Michalea Bryant (Year 12) and Kendra Fitzpatric (Year 12). 

The players from the netball teams also participated as cheerleaders throughout the games filling the stands and encouraging the players and lifting spirits. 

The day was amazing with great sportsmanship from both teams. All the girls should be proud. Three cheers for the hockey girls! Hip-hip-hip hooray-hooray-hooray! 

By Jemma McNicoll

Rugby School Visit - Netball

On Wednesday, we versed Rugby School in 3 games of netball held in the Ngahriyah. The sportsmanship shown throughout the day by both schools was praiseworthy. Although Lindisfarne was not victorious, the games were close and gave the audience a good game to watch. We are proud of everyone that was involved in the games, and their determination to keep playing, even after injuries. Overall, everyone played great games and we thank Rugby School for including us on their tour. 

By Ellie Engel and Emily Lowns

Sporting Highlights

Cross Country

Good luck to Oliver Churchill this Friday as he competes for the CIS at the NSW Championships back at Eastern Creek. He has been training hard and deserves a place in the State Squad.


All the best to Lily O’Sullivan who competes on Friday afternoon, and then again on Tuesday, at the National Schools Swimming Championship in Hobart. Lily is representing NSW at the 100m and Relay. Hopefully, she will continue to rule in the pool!


Congratulations to Micah Margieson who finished third in the NSW State Surfing Titles in Coffs Harbour this week. He was very close to winning the event, but he is still a part of the NSW team at the Australian Titles in December.

Good luck to Dane Henry in the Under 14’s (as a 12-year-old!) NSW State Titles in Maroubra this weekend. Carve up those waves Dane!


Well done to all of the Tweed Netball Club players who represented the region at the State Championships in Ipswich the first weekend of the holidays: Ellie Engel, Samantha Harvey, Amber Orr, Jewel Orr, Chloe Maguire, Gracie Lynch, Ruby Sullivan, Mia Henry, Poppy Burdekin and Lily Alford. Georgia Maynard umpired as she is too old for this event! Georgia is representing the Association each Friday evening in the Queensland Premier League.

During the holiday, the Lindisfarne Yellow Lions travelled to Brisbane to cheer on the Queensland Firebirds against the Melbourne Vixens. They looked so smart wearing their Lindisfarne Netball uniforms and it is great to see how passionate they are about their sport. Unfortunately, the Firebirds lost by a goal scored in the last second of the game – but it was a nail-biting finish!

Netball is one of the games we will play against local Gold Coast Schools in an Inter-School Challenge in Term 3. Good luck to our Rec Sport teams.

Lindisfarne have entered all of our competition teams in the Nicole Cusack Carnival on August 5 at Arkinstall Park. We wish the Lions the best of luck.


Congratulations to Bridie Bedford, Kate Sands, Tilly Leary, Sofia Clauson and Hester Clarke who represented Tweed Border at the Queensland State Titles in Bundaberg in the holidays. Bridie, Tilly and Hesta played off in the grand final but unfortunately narrowly lost 2-1. Ex-Student, Nina Murphy was ‘Player of the Final’. At the same time in Mackay, Rupert Fahy, Brodie McDowell, Flynn Howarth, Oliver Jeffrey and Morgan King were showing their skills in the under 13's Boys team. After some dominating performances, Rupert was selected to represent Queensland in the National Championships in Hobart this October.

Good luck to Jade Reid who will be representing NSW in the National Schoolgirls U16 Hockey Team on the Gold Coast early August.

Mountain Biking

Good luck to Sven Loemker who will be competing in the Mountain Bike Australia Schools Championships held in Nerang from 3 to 5 August. If you are interested in joining Sven, please visit the website below to register.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Term 3 Program Rhythmic Gymnastics program will re-commence on Thursday 2 August in the Ngahriyah. If you are interested in enrolling your daughter, please contact Coach Stacey directly on: 0418640200 or email:

Stacey is still providing these sessions at no cost. Some of the girls have been performing extremely well in the Queensland Rhythmic Gymnastics Competitions: 
Challenge 1
Level 3 - Taylor Kane - fourth Freehand, first Ball
Challenge 2
Level 3 - Matilda Johnston - third Freehand, fifth Ball
At the RG Skools, Matilda Johnston and Taylor Kane finished second in the level 1 Pair Hoop.
The Queensland State Titles are on 17 August and the girls will be competing at Level 3. We wish them the best of luck!


Many of our young students competed at the Murwillumbah and Gold Coast Eisteddfods over the holiday and achieved fantastic results. One story from the competitions has to be shared as it epitomises the School’s community values: Misty Halls competed for the first time in the 6 years and under Classical Ballet section … and took out third place! Misty was rightly proud of her huge accomplishment, as we are of her and Sienna Taylor. Sienna placed third in her demi ballet and highly commended for both classical ballet and lyrical. However, Sienna also gave moral support, confidence and reassurance to Misty, side stage, before her friend went on to compete so she didn’t get too overwhelmed. Such a terrific tale of true mateship.

Rugby Union

Congratulations to Kobe McKimmin who played Rugby for the Gold Coast Cyclones in the Queensland State Championships in the holidays. It was a high level of competition … but a wonderful result: The U12's finished equal second overall with Kobe scoring a try.


Isaac Outridge recently attended the Jack Newton Junior Golf NSW State Age Championships in Newcastle. The tournament was played over 72 holes and 4 days with the best Under 18 players from NSW and Australia. In a field of over 160, Isaac finished an amazing seventh overall and Runner Up in the 16 years division.
Unfortunately, he missed a putt on the last green that would have resulted in a play- off for the overall title. Fabulous effort Isaac!


Good Luck to all of the LAS players, students, ex-students and staff in the cricket matches v Bosher, Omar on Friday, and the LAS Teams who are playing in the Indoor Finals at Chinderah on Monday for the second consecutive year. 

Well Done Gabe Leitch who was chosen by Cricket Gold Coast as one of the three best batsmen in the U13s rep team that played against the UAE. As a result, he was invited to the end of tour dinner. Gabe has also been chosen in the GC Cricket Winter Academy, part of the Queensland cricket pathway, starting this week.


Congratulations to all of the staff and students, who showed courage, grit and determination to complete part or all of the Kokoda Challenge. Commiserations for those of you who trained but couldn’t participate due to illness. Next year!


Lindisfarne Sports Academy Member, Finnegan Wagner has recently been selected for the U13 Queensland State Team. He was recommended by Alex Bundalo (Coach) and Craig Midgley (Technical Director) from Gold Coast United to attend the Queensland State Team trials and subsequently selected from 160 players in the final squad of 16. Finnegan received the position of striker within the team. He has started training twice a week for the next ten weeks. The team will compete at the National Championships to be held at Coffs Harbour in September 2018.

During the School holidays, Quinn Butel represented the Gold Coast for soccer in the Queensland Community Cup in Mackay. The U15 team were undefeated throughout the whole tournament.

Some of our football players enjoyed the TFA program hosted by Lindisfarne over the holiday … and the wonderful World Cup! Training with Coaches Cadman, Seguin and Danny will continue throughout the term.


Congratulations to Joshua Mammen who won the last JDS tournament in the Open category held in Lismore on Sunday. Alex Robertson came 4th in the U14 category . Joshua, Alex and Lucy Tunsted all qualify to play the Champion of Champions Tournament in Grafton in three weeks’ time.

Our terrific tennis players will have the opportunity to represent the School this term:
We have some friendly matches organised on selected Thursday afternoons - following on from Rec Sport at Arkinstall Park - against Hillcrest and St Andrews. 

The LAS Championship is on the evening of August 7 and then the squad will be chosen for the NCIS Championships in Grafton on September 5. Year 12 students who are studying for their HSC Trials, must contact me if they would like to be considered for the School’s squad at the NCIS Championships.

Touch Football

Lindisfarne are looking to enter Touch Teams in the South Tweed Friday evening competition, as we did in the 2017 /2018 season. If you are interested, please sign on the sheet in Student Administration at Mahers Lane or contact me via email.

Gay Maynard
Director of PDHPE and Sport

Upcoming Sports Events

After the Siren – Year 12 Sports Academy Students


Secondary School Sevens


National Schools Mountain Bike Championships


Lindisfarne Tennis Championships


Far North Coast Regional Finals Netball Day


NRCC Netball Gala Day – U14/U16


AFLQ Schools Cup QF


NCIS Athletics


Qld Rugby – Logan 7s


NRCC AFL - U16 Boys and Girls


SEQ Girls Rugby 7s


NCIS Tennis


NCIS Netball




NSW Touch North Coast All School


CIS Primary Athletics Championships


CIS Primary Boys Cricket Trials 


NRCC Basketball


Lindisfarne Netball Presentation


CIS Secondary Athletics Championships



Uniform Shop


Out of School Hours Care

Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News

What Are You Reading?

Every staff member and student at our school is a member of our wonderful Lindisfarne community. We are also a community of readers. Each week, we will feature a ‘What Are You reading?’ section to discover what we're reading for pleasure. Perhaps you will discover your next favourite book too!

This week, we spoke with Gail Dixon, our OOSHC Coordinator

What are you reading?I Am a Cat

Who is the author? Natsume Sōseki

A brief review of the book: This delightfully readable book is a story of an unloved, unwanted wandering kitten who spends all of his time observing human nature.  Written in 1905 by Japanese Author Natsume Soseki it is now one of the most unforgettable and original works in Japanese literature.

Who would you recommend this book to? Recommended for anyone with a sense of humour, over 12 years.

Favourite quote or passage from the book: “Had I the time to keep a diary, I’d use that time to better effect; sleeping on the veranda.”

Tweed Heads and Coolangatta Surf Club


Tweed Heads and Coolangatta Surf Club are running a joint Surf Rescue Certificate and Surf Bronze Medallion course especially for high school students in the week starting 29 September 2018.

If you are 14 by 30 September 2018, please check out details at

If you are 16 by 30 September 2018, please check out details at

Along with some great activities during the week there are great opportunities to join our Nipper (U14) or Youth programs with social and training activities too numerous to list for the next year for the low cost of surf club membership.

The pool swim can be completed easily at the Nipper Sign on at Banora Pool at 9.00am on Sunday, 26 August.

If you have any questions, please call Vaughn Thomas on 0413 594 411.

Twin Towns Kids' Party

Kids In Need

Flower and Garden Show

Twin Towns District Garden Club Inc

25th Annual Show is on Saturday, 29 November 2018 at the Tweed Heads Civic Centre (Brett Street, Tweed Heads) from 8.30am to 2.30pm.

Admission: Adults - $5  |  Children - Free

Prizes for cut flowers, pot plants, floral art, produce and photography.  

Trading table with a large selection of plants for sale.

Enquiries: Monika 0412 638 373 or Freda 07 5524 1357

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