From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

There was a real buzz in the school this week as we launched our innovation and entrepreneurship initiative, DisruptEd. Students and staff were joined by business leaders from within and beyond our school community who shared their insights into what makes a successful business or innovation and their work as entrepreneurs and business leaders. The DisruptEd initiative was instigated as a result of an idea by Year 11 student Lachlan Shields for students to have greater connection and exposure to the business community and supported by the Director of HSIE, Bryan Malone and Deputy Principal - Learning and Innovation, Geoff Lancaster.

In a few weeks we will launch our ConnectEd program for 2019 and beyond. ConnectEd will see a one-to-one device as a standard tool to support learning in our school. Implementation began at our Junior School at the start of this year, where a shared iPad was provided to Preschool and Kindergarten students, and a one-to-one iPad was provided to students in Years 1 to 4. It is our intention to continue this program and provide a school-owned device to each student in Years 1 to 12 as part of their learning journey at the School. There will be no additional charge for the device as we will redeploy existing IT resources to make this program a reality. The goal is to implement the highest quality device program in the region.

Through a school-provided device, we will be able to implement new initiatives to enhance teaching and learning and have the agility to adapt to emerging technologies. School devices will also provide us with a reliable and stable platform from which we will develop rigorous cybersafety and digital citizenship programs to help students navigate technology in age appropriate ways.

I encourage parents to attend the Parent Information sessions to launch the ConnectEd program.

  • Wednesday, 15 August: Parents of Stages 5 and 6 students (Years 9 to 12 in 2019 ) - 6.00pm in the Lecture Theatre at our Mahers Lane Campus.
  • Wednesday, 22 August Parents of Stage 3 students (Years 5 and 6 in 2019) - 6.00pm in the Lecture Theatre at our Mahers Lane Campus.
  • Wednesday, 22 August Parents of Stage 4 students (Years 7 and 8 in 2019) - 7.00pm in the Lecture Theatre at our Mahers Lane Campus.

This is an exciting step forward as we continue to create a 21st century learning environment.

We look forward to sharing further information with you at the Information evenings.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain

Godly Vision and Wisdom

In the King James version of the bible, Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs is one of the Old Testament books; a part of the “Wisdom Literature” of the bible. Most of it was written over 3000 years ago in the Hebrew language, and the books of wisdom informed and instructed the Hebrew people on cultural and communal expectations, and warned about the consequences of straying from godly wisdom and vision.

The stories in the Hebrew Scriptures which highlighted the dark times in their history would usually be traced back to a time when a King or Prophet or leader made decisions about their communal future where godly wisdom and vision were not foundational.

A couple of the more modern translations of the bible interpret Proverbs 29:18 with a slightly different emphasis. The Good News Bible says, “A nation without God’s guidance is a nation without order.” The Message Bible puts it this way, “If people can’t see where God is leading, they stumble all over themselves.”

Our school is in the middle of an exciting and challenging time, as we dream, vision and plan for our future. Embracing change is sometimes difficult and uncomfortable, and the Hebrew people identified as much in many of their stories. However, working through situations which are beyond our comfort zone can also build resilience, perseverance, patience and strength.

As we live into a godly future for Lindisfarne, we are already reaping the rewards of our labour with significant increases in enrolments and the number of people registering for Principal’s tours each term. As we live and lead with authenticity, the word spreads fast about the special experiences which are offered at Lindisfarne.

Please pray for our Principal, our School Council, our executive team, our staff and our families as we continue to live into a godly vision for our school and as we live out our school values of compassion, respect and wisdom.

God Bless.

Rev Chad Rynehart
School Chaplain


Parents & Friends

P&F News

A great start to the term for all and what a great use of your P&F levy funds with the addition of very professional and stunning set of cricket nets on the bottom oval. Our students, present and future, will get tremendous use of these for many years to come.

Our Parent Representative Program is bringing many parents and friends together with a Year 4 parent lunch in Kingscliff and the Year 7 parent lunch at Salt (photos below).

Edward Enninful said: “By people getting together and celebrating this idea of togetherness, great things can happen.” Let’s keep this sense of community going. If you are interested in being a Parent Representative, let your class teacher or the P&F know. We’ll get you actively involved in no time. 

Kylie Potter
P&F President

Big Boys' Breakfast - Sunshine Avenue

Big Boys' Breakfast - Mahers Lane

Upcoming Events

Staff Bio

Whole School News

DisruptEd 2018

This year, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School ran our inaugural DisruptED, a celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation and disruption. Disruption is happening to traditional business on an unprecedented scale and on Tuesday our students had the opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs and business leaders to learn how the workplace is changing.

A video message by Mark Bouris and keynote addresses by Zoe Sparks and Richard Eastes provided the Year 5 to 11 students with insights into the world beyond school. Students then rotated through workshops on topics including branding, app development, product design, cryptocurrency, startups and much more. We are indebted to our presenters for sharing their wisdom and experience with our students. Our speakers and presenters came from throughout the local community including parents, university professors and national identities. The presenters are listed below.

  • Zoe Sparks
  • Cris Edwards
  • Steve Carroll
  • Richard Eastes
  • Clent Jewell
  • Shaun Costello
  • Dr Craig Cameron
  • Martin Haubek
  • SCU - Rhys Hinds
  • Bianca Hartge-Hazelman
  • Neil Hazelman
  • Griffith - Gabrielle Brown
  • Trevor Manwarring
  • Stephanie Wimpenny
  • Bond - Lisa Shaw
  • Natalie Nichols
  • Matthew Fraser
  • Joel Gennari

A few takeaways from Steve Carroll’s session titled 'Dominate Digital' were:

People used to compare their experiences in silos - e.g. they would compare their experience in one bank to their experience in another. Consumers now compare experiences universally across all industries. He used an example that is on the main foyer wall at Google's head office where they have the quote: "You are competing with the best experience your customer has ever had!"

Personalisation of experience is critical. For example, in the Boston Marathon all runners had a tracking chip in their shirts so they were filmed at certain points in the race and a video was made up within hours of them completing the race of their highlights. Levis stores 3D scan/xray you as you walk in the store and text you with a recommendation of the jeans that will suit you best. houses will soon allow you to change the colour scheme of the house you are thinking of buying to see what it would look like with your personal touch...

Application of voice recognition technologies is the next big thing!

Our Business Studies students had the opportunity to work on their major assessment task, using the presenters to brainstorm ideas and seek advice on ways to improve their concepts. At lunchtime, our Commerce students in Year 9 and 10 led by Mr Coverdale, Mrs Rowe and Mr Mountford ran 16 different stalls. This was the culmination of their Running a Business and Event Management topic. One of the major goals of the HSIE department is to give students the ability to put their knowledge into action, to create a connection and to illustrate the relevance of our subjects. The stalls varied from Gourmet Burgers and Sausage sandwiches, to the sponge throw and the chocolate throw. The students and teachers should be congratulated on their effort and drive, raising over $2000 to go to Caitlin Ambrose's family. Years 5 and 6 also ran stalls selling their produce and rocky road chocolate.

We look forward to expanding this program in the future, and we wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made the day a great success.

Bryan Malone and Geoff Lancaster
Director of HSIE and Deputy Principal - Learning and Innovation

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Round Square

Dean of Studies

Cocurricular Activities

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

Don’t Forget Diaries and Hats

A friendly reminder to ensure you child has their hat and their diary with them at school each day.

Supervision of siblings at afternoon Sport

It is wonderful to see so many children participating in our after school sporting activities including Total Soccer and Netball training. Please be reminded siblings of students not  involved in these sporting sessions must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Speak out about bullying

In the Junior School, there is a focus on helping the children to develop and maintain positive relationships with their peers. In spite of this, there are occasionally incidents of bullying. It is important that these are reported in a timely manner so that appropriate support can be put in place. It can take courage for a child to ask for help, so here are some ways to reassure your child that it’s okay to speak up.

To start a conversation…..”What have you learned in school about bullying?” Simply opening the lines of communication may make your child feel comfortable coming to you if they witness bullying or are victims themselves. If they don’t have much to say, you could share what you have heard or relate situations you encountered as a youngster.

If your child is bullied…. “I’m glad you told me. Let’s decide how I can support you.” Children who are bullied may feel helpless. Discuss options so they feel more in control. Would they be okay with you talking to their teacher? It is important to stay calm and reassure your child that they will be supported.

When a class mate is bullied ….. “What could you do to help?” Together brainstorm ideas. Have your child think about where the bullying takes place. Your child might ask the child being bullied to play with them or sit with them at lunch time. Or you child could walk with the classmate to tell an adult about what is happening.

Michele Chandler
Head of Junior School

Word Mania Success at the Junior School

Students from Year 1 to 4 at the Junior School have been working hard on building their word knowledge through Literacy Planet’s Word Mania competition.

The aim of the game is to race against the clock to build as many words as possible in three minutes. Students drag letters into the word board to make words, then click the "Mark" button. After their score is recorded students can swap letters to build more words quickly. Multipliers, Gold and Diamond tiles add a new level of fun and help build knowledge around spelling.

In the Preparation Rounds students at the Junior School did an amazing. Students in Year 1 juniorreceived 3rd place and Year 4 placed 2nd. This is an incredible achievement considering that this competition is a national competition.

So let’s get cracking Lindisfarne. You can download the free Word Mania app from the apple store or for android users you can download the app from the Google store. At anytime students can hop on at home and participate.

The competition rounds are as follows.

  • Competition Round 1 - Monday, July 30 to Friday, August 3.

  • Competition Round 2 - Monday, August 6 to Friday, August 10.

  • Final Round - Wednesday, August 15 to Friday, August 17.

Good luck!

Tony Cross
Assistant Head of Junior School - Curriculum

Library News

Book Week - Find Your Treasure

Book Week 2018 is in Week 5 this term, running from August 18-24. This year’s theme asks your child to ‘Find Your Treasure’; an exciting invitation with a world full of possibilities. One of the greatest joys of reading, for kids and adults alike, is the opportunity to escape into another world where you can find your treasure.

As part of our Book Week Celebrations we will be having a Book Character Dress Up Day on Friday 24 August 2018. Parents will be invited to join us for the morning, where we will have a parade, as well as a picnic morning tea on the back oval.

So, where will book week take your family this year? Will you find your treasure in the past, a fantasy land or perhaps even another universe? The first thing that may come to mind for you when you think of this theme is pirates! Your child could be a classic swashbuckling pirate, a modern pirate like Jack Sparrow or even an evil pirate! You could also dress them up as a pirate's parrot, an octopus, a mermaid, or any other creature a pirate might encounter whilst finding his/her treasure!

Of course, not all treasure is in the form of a pirate's booty! I have begun asking students to think about how a pirate who seeks and finds treasure in gold can be related to how we find pleasure and treasure in reading our favourite books. The students have come up with some very interesting answers! Their ‘treasure’ could be their favourite character from their favourite book. If your child loves the book Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers, for example, why not come dressed up as her? Or if your child loves Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, then dress them up as Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket or even the golden ticket. Your ‘treasure’ could also be a literary character that has inspired you in some way. If Captain America is idolized in your household, they can dress up as him, or any number of other comic book superheroes!

Discuss the various meanings of ‘treasure’ with your children, and see what they come up with. You might also like to reflect on and share the books that you have treasured over the years and why they are special to you. The options are endless with this theme, you just have to get creative!

I look forward to seeing everyone dressed up for this year’s Book Character Day on Friday 24 August. If your child has a copy of the book or a picture of the character they are coming as, please bring this in for some class sharing time too.

Book Club

The Scholastic Book Club Issue 5 magazines have been distributed to each class. If you are interested in purchasing anything from the magazine, please use the online Scholastic Book Club LOOP ordering system. Instructions on how to order your books and make payment can be found on the back page of your magazine. All orders must be made by Friday 10 August.

Erin McGovern

Junior School House Captains

House Captains Term 3

The staff and students at the Junior School congratulate the newly elected house captains for Term 3. The following students will represent their house with pride and great spirit. Please join me in congratulating the following students.

St Barnabas House

Cooper Lovett

Nicola Middleton

St Stephen House

Christian Sabey

Evie Reid

St Andrew House

Sabra Tangye

Isaiah Leo

St Cuthbert

Oscar Schapowal

Sunny Skene

Michele Chandler
Head of Junior School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Year 8 Practise Positive Mindset

Sometimes our busy lifestyles can make it difficult to find time and space to recognise the amazing things that are happening in our lives. However, maintaining a positive mindset can have a significant impact on not only yourself but those around you – especially your children.

Whatever your thoughts around ‘growth mindset’ may be, it is imperative that as parents and educators, we are aware of the influence that our own mental health and attitude can have on our young people.

Our well-being program, GreenX7, features a ‘universal’ component that explores the quality of how you live within yourself and the world. One of the elements that we focus on is Mental Health and Attitude. Students are encouraged to acknowledge the way their psychological state is functioning in relation to the emotions and behaviours that affect their everyday life. Attitude can be positive or negative, conscious or sub-conscious and can influence all aspects of life. Facilitating an awareness of their personal mental health and attitude creates space for students to make necessary adjustments, thus creating a more positive approach to the day-to-day.

To this end, I urge you to consider how your student hears you speak and sees you act. Do you model regular gratitude? Are you positive in how you approach challenges? Do you allow time to adjust your mindset and mental health when you need to? Continual role modelling and checking in regularly will help develop a positive mindset for both you and your student.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with a cohort of vibrant Year 8 students with unique strengths and interests. What are you grateful for?

Kylie Wharton
Year 8 Coordinator

Middle School Science

Do you have a pet? Lots of people have dogs, some might even have a horse or, if you are really lucky, maybe a goat. If you are a real Middle School scientist you would never have a cat because you know what terrible damage they do to our environment but have you ever thought about having a really unusual pet? Some people keep snakes or lizards but I’m talking about really unusual. How about a rhinoceros?

Keeping rhinoceros as pets is just a Middle School Science idea but it could just get up. Imagine, you could teach your rhino to fetch a ball, walk on a lead or maybe give you rides on its nose (you could hold on to the horn). Maybe they are really cuddly and like to have their tummies scratched.  This may be a fanciful idea but there is a serious reason for considering it.

All over the world wildlife is in terrible trouble. Humans are taking away their homes (habitat) or killing them for their meat, skin or body parts like tusks or horns. The poor rhinoceros has a horn on its nose made of the same material as your hair and fingernails. It is a simple protein called keratin. Unfortunately, some people have the idea that the rhinoceros horn has magical health- giving properties when it is ground up and taken as a medicine. There are not many rhinoceros left and they live in parts of the world where people are very poor. A really good horn can be worth $300 000 and it is inevitable that desperate people will do anything to kill the rhinoceros to get their horns. If only someone would tell their customers that you could get the same effect by grinding up your own toenail clippings and eating those instead.

As the situation of the rhinoceros becomes increasingly desperate there are creative solutions being put forward to rescue them. One of these is to bring breeding populations of rhinoceros to Australia and not just to put in zoos. The idea is to convert marginal cattle stations out west into huge ranges where rhinoceros could live pretty much like they do in a similar landscape in Africa. There is not much money to be made from grazing cattle on marginal land but people would willingly pay to visit healthy herds of rhinoceros roaming freely. This is not happening anytime soon, if ever, but the idea has been suggested and, unless something is done quickly, there won’t be any rhinoceros left to worry about which would be very sad indeed. At the rate elephants are being killed for their tusks and rhinoceros for their horns, there is a real possibility that in a few years the largest animal on Earth may be the humble cow.

Have a great week in Science and think about these words from one of the great protectors of animals:

"Let us remember that animals are not mere resources for human consumption. They are splendid beings in their own right, who have evolved alongside us as co-inheritors of all the beauty and abundance of life on this planet" ― Marc Bekoff

Science Quiz

There were lots of answers last week. Well done to Emily, Tyson, Ryan and Tom for your quick responses. If the world record for high jump was done on the moon, it would be a spectacular 14.8 m. You get this answer by multiplying the record on Earth (2.4 m) by acceleration due to gravity on Earth (9.8 m/s/s) divided by acceleration due to gravity on the moon (1.6 m/s/s).

This week’s question: What are the closest living relatives of the rhinoceros?

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

This week I met with all Year 11 students in order to outline the process of nominating, voting and the appointment of our new leadership body for 2018/19. Over the next few weeks Year 11 students will be nominating for the following positions:

  • School Captains
  • School Vice Captains
  • House and Vice House Captains
  • Prefect – Chaplaincy
  • Prefect – Community
  • Prefect – Service
  • Prefect – Communication
  • Prefect – Junior School
  • Prefect – Middle School
  • Prefect – Arts
  • Prefect – Sports
  • Prefect - International

At Lindisfarne, student leadership is central to our programs. We encourage all students to recognise what leadership means in the broadest sense, so we are mindful of the various ways in which to create pathways to facilitate this transition. Some choose to step forward and nominate for roles as School Prefects. Others choose less visible ways of leading. All Year 12 students are considered as leaders and celebrated as such; role models for our younger students and school community. 

 Through our work with Simon Fletcher, the Year 11 Camp and through our year group meetings we have had time to reflect on the act of leadership. The most inspirational leaders are those who know themselves, who understand and own their drawbacks, who are open to feedback and who are able to admit mistakes. Learning about yourself and accepting your imperfections is a journey.  Leaders will need to be resilient, to bounce back and stay positive, adapting well to stress and difficult situations. Persistence will be needed in the pursuit of the shared common goal to lead our Lindisfarne community. 

We very much look forward commencing the process of welcoming our class of 2019 leaders. 

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Careers Information

  • QTAC/UAC Information Session
  • Griffith University
  • SCU
  • University of Wollongong
  • QUT
  • University of Queensland


We had a QTAC/UAC Information Session at lunchtime today (3 August). There will be another session time available after the trial exams. Any student that did not attend the information session on how to apply QTAC/UAC should attend this before booking an individual meeting.

Year 12

Your UAC pin has been emailed to you, as mentioned at the information session from last week, you will need this to access your ATAR and to apply to UAC (you will need this UAC pin to access your ATAR regardless if you apply through UAC or not). I do not get a copy of your pin, if you want to email me a copy then I can keep a record in case your pin is lost. This is totally optional for you.

Griffith University

Griffith University's Open Day - win a Microsoft Surfer Pro*
Sunday, 12 August at Gold Coast, Nathan and South Bank campuses

Open Day is fast approaching so we've just launched our online planner for students and parents to build a personalised itinerary to make sure they get to all the sessions, tours and activities that interest them. There are almost 250 events across our Gold Coast, Nathan and South Bank campuses on this one special Sunday, so the planner is a great way to get the most out of it.

Registrants who create their personalised itinerary will automatically go in the draw to win a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet*.

» Find out more about Open Day and plan your day online at

2019 scholarships are now open

Each year Griffith provides more than $40 million in direct financial support to help new and continuing students successfully complete their degrees. More than 600 scholarships are available to cover tuition, education and living expenses. It's well worth encouraging students to apply for these opportunities, as they can apply for multiple scholarships with just one application.

» Explore scholarship options and apply online at

Aptitude for Engineering Assessment (AEA): applications now open

The aptitude for engineering assessment (AEA) offers Year 12 students an admissions pathway into engineering at Griffith University.

The exam is a two-and-a-half hour multiple choice test that assesses the candidate's aptitude to think scientifically, solve quantitative problems, critically analyse information and display interpersonal understanding.

Students who successfully pass the exam will receive admission directly into the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) or Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electronic and Computer Engineering at Griffith University.

» For more details and to register for the assessment go to

Music and performing arts programs - new and simplified application process
Applications close 24 August 2018

We have simplified the application process for audition and admission to the Queensland Conservatorium. Applicants now only need to apply through QTAC by 24 August 2018.

If students have any questions regarding the new process, they should contact the Queensland Conservatorium at

» For more information on the new application process, audition requirements and dates visit

GUESTS @ the Griffith Film School

Are your students interested in studying animation or screen production at Griffith University? The Griffith Film School (GFS) is offering introductory courses in December to Year 11 GUESTS students. Taught in intensive mode by GFS lecturers, these courses provide an authentic introduction to the requirements and practicalities of undertaking a degree in animation and screen production at Griffith. On successful completion of the course, students are eligible for an adjustment of two ranks to their OP when applying for a Griffith degree, and credit transfer once they commence their related program.

Further information on these pathway courses, and an introduction to the Griffith Film School programs will be presented at the Experience Griffith Film School evening, 6 – 8pm Friday 24 August at the Griffith Film School, South Bank.

» Find out more about the GUESTS program and register for the Experience Griffith Film school evening by emailing

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University - STAR Scheme

Completing the final year of high school can be quite daunting and with so many university options to choose from, things can become a little confusing. The Southern Cross STAR early offer program is designed to remove some of this pressure so you have time to focus on what really matters – cramming in those extra hours of study to turn good into great.

Why should I participate? 
The program allows you to gain an offer into the university course of your choice, before the UAC and QTAC rounds, based on your high school grades and your school principal’s recommendation.

What can I get in to?
Students can apply for any undergraduate degree program offered at Southern Cross University.

How does it work? 
There are three levels of the program: STAR Platinum, STAR Entry and STAR Pathway.

Southern Cross University - Scholarships

University of Wollongong

The UOW Early Admission program enables high achieving and motivated Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School students to receive a UOW offer based on their academic performance and commitment to study during Years 11 and 12.

UOW Early Admission applications are now open. We invite your students to start an application at 

Applications close at 5.00pm on Friday August 24.


QUT - Scholarships/Key dates for auditions
Key Dates for QUT
Friday 14 September 2018, 5.00pm:

Final date to register for auditions for:

  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Dance Performance
  • Music

Final date to register and submit portfolios for:

  • Fashion
  • Visual Arts

University of Queensland

University of Queensland- Scholarships/Key dates for auditions[0]=type:scholarship&f[1]=field_enrolment_status:2362&f[2]=field_academic_career_term:1910

BOND University

10 September – Scholarship closing date for the following:

  • Bond University Indigenous Scholarship
  • Excellence Scholarship
  • Judge John Newton Scholarship 
  • Georgina Hope Rinehart Scholarship

21 September - Deadline for school references for all scholarship applicants who have applied for scholarships with a 10 September closing date.

Australian Catholic University

ACU Community Achiever Program early entry applications now open ACU’s Community Achiever Program (CAP), formerly the Early Achievers’ Program, is open to students who volunteer their time and energy to help others. Successful applicants receive an early conditional offer and may benefit from a reduced minimum ATAR requirement. Applications close on 31 July 2018.

The Good University Guide Scholarship Finder

Another good source for looking for scholarship is the good university guide finder below. Once clicking on the link, you just put in the search criteria to narrow down your options.

Raymont Residential College

Modern and affordable student accommodation for tertiary students moving to Brisbane.

Raymont residential college is a close-knit multicultural student accommodation community located within easy reach of major tertiary education providers and within walking distance of all public transport.

With a maximum of 120 students, we offer academic, leadership and social programs as well as pastoral support to help you achieve your full potential.

Our modern and affordable facilities include individual rooms, swimming pool, café (with three hot meals served daily), gym, library, music rooms and unlimited wireless Internet.

Raymont Residential College is a safe and secure community environment with security and on-site supervisors to help enrich your experience.
To learn more about the college or to secure your room, contact us today. Download our brochure.

Barry Woods
Director of VET/TAS and Careers


English in Years 7 to 12

Grin and Tonic

To complement their study of drama, Year 10 and 11 English students had the opportunity to view a live performance of Livid. This production by David Burton is a "fast, fun and furious look at some of the great tragic heroes of Shakespeare’s works". The Grin and Tonic Theatre Troupe interwove segments from Macbeth, Hamlet and Othello providing a modern look at the issues raised in each play. Of note, was the opportunity that students had to ask questions of the actors regarding their interpretation and depiction of the plays. This was very timely considering Year 10 have just started their study of Macbeth!

Emma Matusch (Year 10) shared her reflections on this exciting event after the performance:

I enjoyed the Grin & Tonic company’s Shakespearean performance. The inclusion of video explanations, modern interpretations, audience involvement and comedic asides made the performance engaging and interesting for the audience to watch.

Lindisfarne Public Speaking Competition - Heats

It is not too late for interested students in Years 7 to 12 to enter into the Lindisfarne Public Speaking Competition. All that is required is a five-minute speech, that has not been used before in this competition and that is suitable to school environment. Heats for the high school entrants in this Public Speaking Competition will be on the following dates:

  • Stage 4 – Thursday, 9 August

  • Stage 5 – Thursday, 16 August

  • Stage 6 – Monday, 27 August

Any interested student should email Mrs Walker to ensure that they are included in the scheduling of the heats.

Heywire Competition

The Heywire Competition is open to students in Year 10, 11 or 12 from regional Australia. It allows students to recount what is like in ‘their part of the world’. These true stories can describe any aspect of what it is like in regional Australia and students have a choice of the following formats:

Tell your story. Improve your writing skills. Learn to express yourself. This competition closes on 16 September. Act now.  To check your eligibility to enter and obtain more information at:


The Write4Fun writing competition is now open. Interested students can enter either the poetry or the short story sections of this competition. The poems must be sixteen lines or less and the short story is five hundred words or less. This competition is open to all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 and entries close on Friday 31 August 2018.  More details about how to enter this competition and the prizes can be found on:

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


CAPA ​Enrichment Afterschool Program

A new term and new Enrichment Programs. Next week we commence our six-week courses with our fantastic art tutors, Simone Jordan and Renee Douglas. Years 5 and 6 will be working with ceramics creating handmade tiles and Years 7 to 10 will be painting en plein air with Renee Douglas on Thursday afternoons. Renee will also continue the Digital Skills program on Wednesday afternoons working with the Adobe Creative Suite in the iMac Lab. There are still a few places left for each of the programs so please email Visual Arts Coordinator Ursula Nash if you are interested at

A Night of Jazz

Our musical ensembles started the term on a high note with workshops from visiting Sydney musicians Dan Barnett and Andrew Robertson. The Senior Orchestra, Junior Orchestra, Stage Band and Senior Choir were involved in intensive workshops, which were specially designed around repertoire development, performance art and ensemble cohesion.

Dan Barnett is an award-winning Jazz vocalist and trombone player, regularly travelling the world including festival performances this year in Switzerland, France, Cuba, Italy and Singapore.

Andrew Robertson is a notable musical director, multi-instrumentalist and lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium. Andrew has performed with Hugh Jackman, Barbara Streisand, Michael Buble and was recently performing in Aladdin the musical. 

Having professional artists visit the School and work collaboratively with our students is a very important aspect of our programs in Creative and Performing Arts and something we hope to develop further in the future.

Todd Hardy
Director of Creative and Performing Arts

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Grin and Tonic Theatre Company Epic Theatre Workshop

Last Monday, under the experienced guidance of Ms Kellie Lazarus from Grin and Tonic Theatre Company, students in Years 9 and 10 Drama participated in an Epic Theatre Workshop. Whilst learning about the influence of renowned dramatist, Bertolt Brecht, students engaged in a well-known narrative to assist them in learning the subtle art of theatrical subversion in order to provoke an audience in to action. Students also gained an understanding of Brecht’s intention to use the theatre as a force to help bring about necessary and difficult social change.

The students had a wonderful afternoon full of fun but also deeply reflective as they refined their understanding and ability to present works with confronting subject matter through the use satire, parody and other Epic Theatre techniques.

Simon Leach
Drama Teacher and Head of House - St Andrew

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Friends of the Arts

What a great night of entertainment and what talent! The Senior School Stage Band and Senior Choir absolutely shone last Friday night and showed us what professional performers they all are.

Dan Barnett Big Band continued to delight the packed audience well into the night. It was thanks to the generous sponsorship of Ivory Tavern that around 140 parents and friends crammed into the tavern’s function room to enjoy the night’s festivities.

Friends of the Arts (FOTA) gratefully secured a variety of donated items from local businesses which were raffled on the night as the inaugural fund raising activity. Items such as a massage, a haircut and blow dry, seafood and coffee vouchers, an eye beauty treatment, make-up, an art book and more formed the main prize, with three Naito beauty packs for the other prizes. FOTA are pleased to announce that over $600 was raised in raffle ticket sales as a result of the enthusiastic support of the guests. A big thank you to all who purchased raffle tickets, those funds will aid future arts activities organised and supported by FOTA.

The opportunity to display 12 Pop Art style paintings by Years 10 and 11 art students added to the night’s professional presentation. Liaising with the art department, FOTA presented an intimate display of high calibre artworks showcasing the creative talents of the art students. The artworks were greatly admired by the guests while queuing to enter the function room.

Friends of the Arts were very pleased with the night’s success and look forward to many more enjoyable and successful arts events in the future.

Amanda Anderson
Friends of the Arts

Learning Enrichment

Homework Help with the Learning Enrichment Team

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, the Learning Enrichment team will be running a Homework Help session for students in Years 5 to 12 in the Mahers Lane Library.

All students are welcome to come along if they are requiring assistance with homework or assessment tasks. Please register your interest via email to Jodie Duggan (Middle School) and Kim Denny (Senior School).

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Hokkaido Australia Society Visit

What an amazing week we had with our visiting group of students from Hokkaido, Japan.  The 22 students, aged between 13-14 years old had been selected from three different towns; Yuna, Naganuma and Mukawa.  Our wonderful Lindisfarne families and teachers offered their homes for a week so that these students could experience our amazing Australian lifestyle and Tweed region.  We also selected School buddies and each day the Japanese students immersed themselves in the everyday life of a Lindisfarne student from Years 5-10.

Some highlights from this visit include:

  • Homestay students and visitors excursion to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Fun and informative Japanese workshops focusing on Origami, Calligraphy, Kendama and Chopsticks with our Years 5 and 6 classes.  The Japanese students had very limited English, yet despite the communication barrier, they managed to facilitate successful sessions in teaching our students new skills whilst having alot of laughs.

  • A lively Farewell Assembly where Yuki demonstrated his black belt Karate skills to our students as well as Mr Marquardt and Mr Godden.

The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and there were tears as we farewelled them all. The connection and relationships all of our students made with these visitors will be a lifelong memory they will all cherish.  A massive thank you again to our supportive school community and families who opened their homes and showed our visiting students an awesome time.

Amy Fydler
International Student Coordinator

Digital Space



Sporting Highlights

Cross Country

Congratulations to Oliver Churchill who finished a fabulous eleventh place on Friday. He was competing for the CIS at the NSW Championships at Eastern Creek. Oliver wasn’t pleased with his performance, but he should be. He led the field at the 500m mark and stayed in contention all race.

Click here to see the video link on our Facebook page.


Our own Lily O’Sullivan certainly “ruled in the pool!” at the National Schools Swimming Championship in Hobart. Lily, a fourteen-year-old, represented NSW at the 50m Freestyle, the 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay and the All Age Relay. Lily was amazing on Friday and came a very close fifth in Australia finishing in a time of 27.6 seconds. On Tuesday, the Lily and her fellow State swimmers, climbed on the podium twice: The U14 girls won silver in the freestyle relay and bronze in the All Age Relay. We are all unbelievably proud of your achievements Lily – well done!

Surf Lifesaving

Well done the Meehan siblings! Beau and Ruby both attended Queensland Pool Rescue Championships at the weekend and they both had an awesome day! Beau came away with a gold in the 100m manikin tow, bronze in the line throw, bronze in the 4 x 50m medley relay and a couple of fourth’s in the other individual events. Ruby won silver in the 4 x 50m medley relay and also a couple of fourth’s in the individual events. Super efforts!


Last week, we wished that Dane Henry carve up those waves in the Under 14’s NSW State Titles in Maroubra. The Surfing Australia website’s account of Dane’s performance read:

The 2018 Havaianas NSW Grommet State Titles saw new NSW champions crowned today following a day of action-packed surfing in tricky one-foot peaks. 
Dane Henry (Fingal Head) hit his stride in the Under-14 Boys final, taking out the coveted division. Henry nailed a variety of frontside carves and snaps to gain the edge over fellow north coast surfer Dembe Ryan (Lennox Head).  Henry finished the final with a respectable 12.66 two-wave heat total to claim the victory ahead of Ryan by a 1.06 margin.
All qualifiers for the Havaianas NSW Grommet State Titles were determined by eight individual regional titles, which took place up and down the NSW coastline earlier in the year.
Competitors in the Under-12 and Under-14 divisions were vying for a revered NSW Junior Title, with the Under-14 division given an allocated amount of positions for the Australian Junior Surfing Titles which will take place in South Australian in November/December.
The three-day event took place at Maroubra Beach from the 27th – 29th July 2018.
Under-14 Boys
1 – Dane Henry (Fingal Head)
2 – Dembe Ryan (Lennox Head)
3 – Nate Hopkins (Norah Head)
4 – Xavier Bryce (Mona Vale)

Congratulations Dane! We are all so proud of you!


Good luck to all of the Lindisfarne teams who compete on Saturday in the TNA League and then again at the Nicole Cusack Carnival on Sunday at Arkinstall Park. We wish the Lions the best of luck.


Congratulations to Jorja Hibberd who achieved some great individual results over the weekend at the ‘Coomera Invitational’. Jorja competes in the Level 7 - Senior Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and was 3rd in the Uneven Bars, 3rd in the Vault and 4th overall. Great work Jorja.

Mountain Biking

Good luck to the Lindisfarne team of Sven Loemker, Harrison Bedford, Joshua Cargnoni, Patrick Leary, Jacob Sands, Jules Loemker, Flynn Howarth and Ben Stone-Ott who will be competing in the Mountain Bike Australia Schools Championships held in Nerang this weekend. 

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Don’t forget that the Term 3 Rhythmic Gymnastics program started this Thursday in the Ngahriyah. If you are interested in enrolling your daughter, please contact Coach Stacey directly on: 0418640200 or email:
Stacey is still providing these sessions at no cost. 


Congratulations to Nicola Gee who has been selected to be part of the QLD State Interschool Equestrian Team to represent Lindisfarne at the National Championships in Werribee, Victoria in October. Nicola and her horse AWP Royal Harmony (aka Lola) will be travelling down to the event during the September holidays to compete in the discipline of dressage.


Callum Wines was at Virginia Golf Club in Brisbane on Sunday competing in the latest round of the Junior Golf Queensland 9-hole challenge. He finished with a score of 40 and was the Division 1 gross winner. Callum also won the nearest the pin prize. Well done Callum!


Congratulations to Olivia Kane who has been selected by Northern NSW Football to play in the NNSWF SAP State Championships for girls. A massive achievement.

Some of our football players will be training for the Sydney International Cup 8-a-side competition at school. Lindisfarne will be sending a squad of 12/13-year-old boys to this prestigious event.


The LAS Championship is on the evening of August 7 next week and then the squad will be chosen for the NCIS Championships in Grafton on September 5. Year 12 students who are studying for their HSC Trials, must contact me if they would like to be considered for the School’s squad at the NCIS Championships.


Good luck to Jade Reid who is representing NSW in the National Schoolgirls U16 Hockey Team on the Gold Coast this weekend.


Lindisfarne are looking to enter Oztag teams in the South Tweed Monday (5 to 10-year-olds) and Wednesday (11 to 15-year-olds) evening competitions. If you are interested, please sign on the sheet in Student Administration at Mahers Lane or contact me via email.

Rugby Union

If you were wondering what to do in the next holidays, how about the Surfers Paradise Rookies2Reds Holiday Clinic?

Address: 32 Fremar Street, Broadbeach Waters 4218 QLD
Date: Wednesday 26th September 2018.   Time: 9:00 - 2:30pm
Ages: Under 5 – Under 12 years

All safety and training will be provided by QRU staff and as such protective gear including  mouth guards and headgear (if worn) is required.

Cost: $60 and includes a Rookies2Reds Participant Pack and a Free Family Pass to a 2019 Reds Home Game.

Rookies2Reds Centre Coordinator: Henry Bradford ( or 0451 874 693)

To find out more and register please visit:

Touch Football

Lindisfarne are looking to enter touch teams in the South Tweed Friday evening competition, as we did in the 2017/2018 season. If you are interested, please sign on the sheet in Student Administration at Mahers Lane or contact me via

Gay Maynard
Director of PDHPE and Sport

AFL Queensland Schools Cup Quarter Finals 

Congratulations to both our Senior Girls and Senior Boys AFL teams that competed at Ormeau in the quarter finals of the AFLQ Schools Cup. 

The girls played on Tuesday and in their game against Assisi Catholic College they performed extremely well. Once again, the trademark Lindisfarne pressure and attack on the footy was on show. The girls were able to beat Assisi by 22 points which then set them up against Miami State High School to see who would be the overall winner on the day. Unfortunately, the girls from Miami were a little too skilled for us and we were unable to get the win. Overall, the girls did themselves very proud and should be very happy with their efforts this year.

Wednesday was the boys' turn. The Senior Boys team were a last minute inclusion in the quarter finals after Xavier College, Lennox Head was forced to withdraw. This presented a great opportunity for the boys to play some more football together and have a chance at progressing into the next stage. Their first game was against Iona College, Brisbane and it started at high speed. Lindisfarne had several opportunities to hit the scoreboard but just lacked that finishing touch. The boys battled hard all game but couldn’t quite hit the front and went down by 24 points. Their next game against Southport State High School was much closer with the final result being a loss by only two points. 

A great effort by both teams on the day.

Matt Bedford
PDHPE Coordinator

World Cup Hockey

Very exciting Alumni news this week. Sister duo Savannah and Madison Fitzpatrick, two past Lindisfarne students (one ex-School Vice Captain), joined their fellow Hockeyroos in yesterday's World Cup battle against Argentina. The quarter-finals match headed to penalties after finishing in regular time as a scoreless draw but after a tense shootout, our girls came out on top. Madison and Savannah will now join the Hockeyroos in the semi-finals this Saturday.


Lindisfarne Vs B.O.C., Oman

Last Friday, Lindisfarne Under 13’s and the Lindisfarne Invitational side played touring teams from Bosher, Oman in two limited overs games.

Ably captained by Brodie McDowell, the Lindisfarne Under 13 Side was unlucky not to win their game after notable performances with the ball by Dan Lamb (1 for 11 off 3 overs), Rupert Fahey (1-10-3) and Gabe Leitch (0-15-3) and some gritty keeping by Brodie. Gabe, Rupert and Brodie also top scored with the bat, earning 27 (Ret.), 18 (Ret.) and 14 respectively, but all players must be congratulated for the sportsman like way they went about their ‘business’ on the day.  Further congratulations also go to Man of the Match, Gabe Leitch and Best Developing Player, Brodie McDowell.

The Lindisfarne Invitational side, comprising of current students, past students and teachers had a great success in their game, with a resounding win over the team from Bosher. In the first innings and under the watchful eye of Conor McDowell as skipper, Lindisfarne batted dominantly, crushing 180 runs off 28 overs with past student, Lawrence Miles-Mwangangi top scoring with a tightly controlled 38 runs, Joe Sandor with an electric 35 and Mr Robin’s classical 26 runs.  Lindisfarne also dominated with ball with the Bosher team only managing to scrape together 99 runs in response. Lawrence, in a Man of the Match performance, managed to also bowl 2-7 off 3 and was well supported by Conor McDowell (1-6-3), Kodey Edgar-Farrell (1-11-3), and past students James Barret (0-8-3), Alex Rigby (1-8-4) and Tom Van der Weegen (1-5-1).

All in all, it was a great day of cricket and a wonderfully educational and international experience. Much thanks must go to organisers, umpires, scorers, grounds staff, caterers and of course players and spectators, for helping to make the day a tremendous success. Well done everyone on a fantastic day!

Please see photos in the gallery below.

Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator


Uniform Shop


Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News

Road Safety

Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers Workshops

Parents and supervisors play a vital role in providing young drivers the experience they need to be safe on the roads. This course has been developed to help them teach with confidence so they can help learner drivers be safe on the road.

The free two hour workshops include information about license conditions for learner and P plate drivers, tips for using the learner driver log book and the importance of providing constructive feedback.

The course also reinforces the important role families play in providing ongoing support for young motorists in their early years of driving.

Parents and supervisors who have attended the course found it boosted their confidence and helped them better plan driving lessons, while also giving them the opportunity to share their experiences with other parents and supervisors.

  • TWEED HEADS - Monday, 6 August 2018, 6.00pm to 8.00pm, Tweed Heads Civic Centre (South Sea Islander Room) Brett Street, Tweed Heads
  • MURWILLUMBAH - Tuesday, 7 August 2018, 6.00pm to 8.00pm - Murwillumbah Community Youth Centre, Nullum Street, Murwillumbah
  • MULLUMBIMBY - Wednesday, 8 August 2018, 6.00pm to 8.00pm - Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Centre, Dalley Street, Mullumbimby
  • BYRON BAY - Thursday, 9 August 208, 6.00pm to 8.00pm - Byron Community Centre (Verandah Room) Jonson Street, Byron Bay

Road Safety for Older Road Users Workshops

A free two hour workshop to learn about changes to licensing rules and other matters that will help older road users safely stay on the roads for as long as possible.

  • TWEED HEADS - Monday, 6 August 2018, 10.00am to 12.00pm - Tweed Heads Civic Centre (South Sea Islander Room) Brett Street, Tweed Heads
  • BANORA POINT - Monday, 6 August 2018, 2.00pm to 4.00pm - Banora Point Community Centre (Coolamon Room) Cnr. Leisure & Woodlands Drive, Banora Point
  • MURWILLUMBAH - Tuesday, 7 August 2018, 9.00am to 11.00am - Murwillumbah Community Centre, Nullum Street, Murwillumbah
  • POTTSVILLE - Tuesday, 7 August 2018, 1.30pm to 3.30pm - Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre (Sandbar Room) Elizabeth Street, Pottsville
  • MULLUMBIMBY - Wednesday, 8 August 2018, 3.00pm to 5.00pm - Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Centre, Dalley Street, Mullumbimby
  • BYRON BAY - Thursday, 9 August 208, 10.00am to 12.00pm - Byron Community Centre (Verandah Room) Jonson Street, Byron Bay

Please register your interest in attending the workshop/s by calling 02 6764 6623 or emailing