2018 Term 3 Week 25A 23 Aug 2018

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardian,

Our annual Big Boys’ Breakfast was held today at our Mahers Lane Campus. It was wonderful to see a mix of Middle and Senior School students enjoying a delicious hot breakfast with the male role models in their lives. I would like to thank the P&F for organising this fantastic event, and all the Lindisfarne staff for their help throughout the morning. We look forward to another great Big Boys’ Breakfast next Friday at the Junior School.

2018 marks the 30 Year Celebration of the annual HICES (Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools) Music Festival but it is the first time Lindisfarne has had the privilege of being a part of this performance. Senior students Ciara Blum, Chelsea Redman, Georgia Sweetnam, Madeleine Warner and Kayla Wright travelled down to Sydney for a four-day workshop alongside almost 400 of the most talented student musicians in NSW. They also had the opportunity to work with really experienced conductors at The Tops Conference Centre in Stanwell Tops including Australian multi-instrumentalist, composer and choirmaster, Paul Jarmen. The Festival concluded in a thrilling finale performance of ‘Invictus’ composed and conducted by Paul Jarmen in front of a packed audience at Sydney Town Hall. Thank you to Lindisfarne CAPA teachers Mr Norton and Ms Palmer for their hard work and musical guidance for our students during this trip.

We’re looking forward to a great night of musical performances at the HSC Music Showcase tonight. This is a great opportunity for our students and our community to see, first hand, the hard work and dedication our Year 12 Music students put into their Higher School Certificate performance examination pieces. Thank you to Mr Hardy and the Creative and Performing Arts department for creating a platform for our students to perform in front of a live audience.

Next Thursday, I will be joining Year 12 student, Jaime Coetzee as well as other staff and students at the Vinnies Community Sleepout in support of Fred’s Place. Jaime is the current Deputy Chair of the Tweed Shire Council Youth Council and has taken on raising awareness of the impact of homelessness. This event aims to raise much needed funds for Fred's Place who annually support over 12,200 homeless people in our Tweed region with a place to shower, have a hot meal, do laundry and connect to case workers. Fred's Place receives no government funding and relies on St Vinnies and community support for its ongoing viability. If you’d like to join us, or if you’d like to make a donation, please go to https://fredsplacecommunitysleepout2018.gofundraise.com.au/page/LindisfarneAnglicanGrammarSchool. Thank you to everyone who has already donated so far. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and every little bit counts!

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain


Parents & Friends

P&F News and Events

A fabulous turnout for our Big Boys' Breakfast at Mahers Lane this morning - for those of you who missed out this year, get those fingers ready early for next year’s event as soon as it appears in the newsletter.

If you’re in to planning your diary early, save the date for our Melbourne Cup Day extravaganza on Tuesday, November 6. It is a wonderful time of year to gaze at the beach, while having some quality time with others in our community. 

The Junior School Big Boys' Breakfast is just around the corner. A huge shout to Stone & Wood brewery for sponsoring an exciting ‘experience’ at their brewery as part of the raffle. If you have a prize/experience you’d be willing to donate, it’s not too late! Get in touch with us at pandf@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au or contact Jane Daniel on 0401277710

If you haven’t bought your tickets, please jump onto https://flexischools.com.au before Wednesday, 29 August as, due to catering, we do need to close bookings - don’t miss out!

I am still looking for parent volunteers to help on the day with chopping fruit, raffles and other tasks from 7.00am to 9.00am on the day. It was heaps of fun in 2017 so come and be part of it this year. If you can donate/help, please text Jane D on 0401 277 710.  🌸😊✨
Make some time to connect in any way, big or small, as Tom Ford said: “The most important things in life are the connections you make with others”.

Grab someone new to the School, join them at an event and share your Lindisfarne moments together.

Kylie Potter
P&F President

P&F Melbourne Cup Day Celebrations

Big Boys' Breakfast - Sunshine Avenue

Big Boys' Breakfast at Sunshine Avenue

You can purchase tickets to the Big Boys' Breakfast K-4 at Sunshine Avenue on Friday, 31 August. Go to www.FlexiSchools.com.au.

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Whole School News

KIN Schools Day

On Friday, 14 September 2018, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is going to celebrate a very special day called KIN Schools Day. The purpose of the day is all about “Kids Helping Kids” and a community coming together in support of a wonderful local charity, Kids In Need (KIN) which has been supporting Tweed and Gold Coast children for over 35 years. It is an opportunity for kids to experience that anything is possible and together, even in our youth, we can make a huge difference to lives of other kids.  

All funds from the day will go to the Kids in Need Association which was established to support local children with special needs and serious illness. One of the wonderful things about Kids in Need is that they help all children, regardless of their disability or serious illness. Disabilities and serious illnesses take many forms and Kids in Need have open minds and open hearts, providing support to all local Kids in Need. It is this variety of children that Kids in Need support that makes the perfect theme to celebrate KIN Schools Day a mufti day. The diversity and difference of students’ chosen clothing/outfits for the day is a reflection of the children we are raising money for. Every dollar raised goes to the kids.

The day will be full of activates, which may include, music, Tug of War Competition, raffles, guessing competition and the crowd favourite “Banga and Sauce Barbie”.

KIN Schools Day is an opportunity for students to see that a little bit of effort can make a lot of difference and to recognise the future of humanity within our society lies with us, the KIDS!

Nelson Mandela famously said: “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return.” I thank you in advance for your support of the great cause. 

Sam Smith
Year 8 Vice-Captain and KIN Ambassador

DisruptEd Shark Tank Competition

During DisruptEd, a number of students from throughout the School took part in inaugural Shark Tank competition. A panel of local business people from the wider community took part as the “sharks”. The business pitches were of exceptional quality and I am pleased to announce the following winners.

The overall winner and Senior School winner was Emma Matusch. Emma wins a $100 Apple Store gift voucher, and a mentorship with Clent Jewell from Jewell projects valued at $2100. Runners up included Kyrra Lee Nash and Summer Moule.

The DisruptEd Shark Tank Middle School winners were Imogen Hanson, Brody Slack-Smith, Koen Hodge and Nicholas Snowball, they will each receive a $50 apple gift card. Bonnie Starling being the sole Middle School runner up.

Finally, the DisruptEd Pup Tank winners are Bronte Wodger and Nicola Middleton, they will each receive a $50 apple gift card. Runners up included Bonnie Starling, Sienna Williamson and Charli Hedger.

Bryan Malone
Director of HSIE

Round Square

Dean of Studies

NAPLAN Online School Readiness Test

The school readiness test will take place between 27 August and 7 September 2018.

The school readiness test is a "practise run" for schools to assess their technology ahead of NAPLAN Online. The readiness test is not an assessment of student ability.

The purpose is to gather information from a technical perspective and see how students are able to navigate through the questions, it will also a great opportunity for the students to become familiar with the Online testing process.

Further information about NAPLAN Online is available on the national ACARA website: http://www.nap.edu.au/online-assessment/naplan-online.

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

Higher School Certificate Update

  • This week the Dance students completed their performance section of their Higher School Certificate.
  • On Monday the Textiles and Design Students submitted their major works.
  • Today the English Extension 2 Students handed in their Major Works.
  • Good luck to Japanese Continuers who will do their oral examination this Saturday.

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

Year 11 Preliminary Examination Schedule

Examinations will take place in Week 9 and 10 of this term.

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Year 1 Open Classrooms

All the junior scientists in Year 1 were excited to share some Science Week activities with their parents and guardians.

Year 1 have been investigating weather and everyone was eager to apply their creative skills, either constructing wind vanes or creating cloud pictures identifying cirrus, cumulus and stratus cloud types. In the coming weeks, we will be expanding our knowledge about different types of weather, recording symbols to show the daily weather we are experiencing and learning more about the wind including using compasses to establish wind direction.

Click 'Expand Article' to view more photos in the gallery below.

Linda Terry
Year 1 Teacher

Year 4 Transition Parent Tour

Year 1 Play in the Park

​Book Character Parade and Reading Picnic

Today, it seemed that many of the book characters that we have grown to love and cherish had stepped out of their books and into our assembly area. Teachers and students from Preschool to Year 4 dressed up as a favourite story book character and paraded by year level around the assembly area to much applause and appreciation from the audience. There were many wonderful and exciting comments about the ideas and creativity of the costumes on display and I’d like to thank all the students and families for your efforts and contribution to making your costumes so amazing!

After our parade we had our very first Reading Picnic. A family atmosphere was created throughout the back playground as students, teachers and parents shared books together under the shade of our trees on picnic rugs. It was such a special way to conclude our 2018 Book Week at Lindisfarne. Thank you to all our families who could join us for this very special morning and we hope to see you all again next year.

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Erin McGovern

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Year 7 Report - Tolerance or Empathy?

In my role as Year 7 Coordinator, I am often dealing with situations where students aren’t getting along and (at the time) are not very accepting of each other’s differences or beliefs.

In this case we could talk to students about being tolerant but tolerance is defined as "the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with."

Would we be happy to know that a child is literally just being "tolerated" or "put up with"?

When we refer back to our school values of compassion, wisdom and respect, I know that we expect more.

Within our Anglican tradition, we value:

  • Compassion: Building genuine relationships through generosity of spirit and care for others. •
  • Wisdom: Gaining the knowledge, understanding, skills and character that comes from learning.
  • Respect: Appreciating all within our environment and leaving an honourable legacy for those who follow.

This is why as a year group we are focusing on the idea that while we are different in the way we behave and act and in the friends we choose, we as peers can be respectful of those choices. When we speak and listen to each other we need to be empathetic and consider the feelings, thoughts and values of those around us. Students who learn empathy, literally learn how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and this leads to an understanding of each other that is far greater than tolerance. Children already have a very strong moral compass and will support and stand up for each other 70% of the time so for that remaining 30% we will continue to encourage having an empathetic ear.

Let's treat everyone not only with tolerance but with kindness and empathy. Let’s remember the core values that our school is built on and, step-by-step, let's change the future into a world that has moral standards much higher than just tolerance.

Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator

Middle School Science

Get into the habit of watching the news. Better yet, try reading the news (I wonder how many Middle School students have ever picked up a newspaper and read it?). You will find a connection to science just about every day.

If you have been paying attention to the news, you would have heard about the terrifying collapse of the Morandi bridge in Italy. A 200m span of this enormous bridge suddenly collapsed and fell 50m onto the train tracks and highway below. It was a tragedy for the 43 casualties who were unfortunate enough to be on the bridge at the time and a catastrophe for the Italian economy because it was the only road link to France and the route over which much of the country’s exports were transported. It will take years to remove and replace the bridge and even longer to try to work out what went wrong. You see, bridges aren’t supposed to collapse!

Scientists who check if things like bridges are safe are called structural or “Civil” engineers. They have an incredibly important job: it is up to them to decide if a design for a building or a bridge is going to work. If they don’t do their job properly the consequences can be fatal.

One of the most famous bridge disasters of all time happened in the United States. Luckily, nobody was killed or even hurt all it did was create a fantastic story.

On November 7, 1940 the day began in Washington state with a strong wind blowing. It was nothing unusual and it was not dangerous so there was not even any mention of it on the news. As the day went on, the wind kept blowing at a very steady speed. At a place called Tacoma Narrows there was a brand new suspension bridge and, as the day progressed, people crossing the bridge reported that it was swaying alarmingly. Pretty soon the government roads department closed the bridge to traffic and waited to see what would happen. What happened was the bridge began swaying more and more, then it began to twist back and forth until the entire bridge collapsed spectacularly. All because of a windy day.

You see, the engineers had made the bridge deck too long, too narrow and much too light. The wind was blowing at just the right speed to create a weird thing called “Aeroelastic Flutter” (you may have seen this when a piece of material flapping in the wind suddenly begins to madly vibrate back and forth) and from that moment the bridge was doomed. The Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse is so famous that all structural engineers in both American and Canada are presented with a steel ring made from the metal of the bridge when they graduate from university. The ring is meant to remind them to do their calculations carefully and consider all possible factors before they certify a design.

The Morandi bridge likely collapsed because it was 50 years old, it only had four supports (called tendons) holding up each section which means that it lacked something called redundancy (multiple units all capable of supporting the bridge), it was located near the sea so salt water was constantly attacking the metal in the bridge and the steel cables in the tendons were embedded in concrete so that they couldn’t be inspected. Worst of all, the engineers who last inspected the bridge reported that it was going to fall down in the next 10 years. It seems that they were just a bit optimistic!

We depend on structural engineers to keep us safe every day but most people wouldn’t even know what they do. Enjoy your week in Science.

Science Quiz

Well done to last week’s responders (you know who you are): Snow falling on the ground traps large amounts of air in its “fluffiness”. This air gets conserved as the snow slowly becomes compacted into ice. When scientists drill into the ice in places like Antarctica, they can recover ice containing air that is hundreds of thousands of years old. This air contains about 250 ppm (parts per million) of carbon dioxide compared with today’s 400 ppm.

This week’s question: Is the unicorn a real animal?

Stage 3 Disco

Students from Years 5 and 6 are invited to this year's looking '80s-themed Stage 3 Disco brought to you by the Lindisfarne P&F Association.

Please purchase student tickets via http://flexischools.com.au before 4.00pm on Wednesday, 12 September.

Pizza options available on FlexiSchools are:

  • Meat Lovers
  • Hawaiian
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free Meat Lovers
  • Gluten Free Hawaiian 

If there are any other dietary requirement not catered for in the above selections, please get in touch with P&F Representative Kiri Henry via pandf@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au or 0434 162 744.

Kiri is also looking for some parent helpers to bring this "groovy" night to life. If you're available, please get in touch with Kiri today.

Senior School

Senior School Report

Term 3 for our Senior students is always one of their busiest terms. Year 12 students have recently concluded their HSC trial examinations and are now preparing in earnest for this final milestone of their schooling. Year 11 students are preparing to step up to new leadership roles. 

With many of the Year 12 cohort in the process of submitting their major works, there are a number of events I look forward to welcoming you to in the next few weeks, the dates for which are included below. With the conclusion of the HSC trial examinations, we are in the process of receiving feedback from teachers in order to provide the best scaffolding to build programmes to support our students as they work toward their finals early next term. 

We are also continuing to work through the process of electing our new student leadership team for 2019. I have personally enjoyed meeting and speaking with so many of the cohort and have been buoyed by their ideas and aspirations to lead. This is a service role, giving back to a school which has nurtured them. It has been very positive to see that our grounding principles of compassion, wisdom and respect are alive and well in this year group which bodes well for 2019. While it will be sad to farewell our 2018 cohort, I look forward to continuing to work with the new team over these weeks into next term and beyond.

Friday, 24 August - Stage 6 Music Showcase
Friday, 31 August - Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Evening for Years 10, 11 and 12
Friday, 21 September- Year 12 Formal
Monday, 24 September- Year 12 Graduation Service
Wednesday, 26 September- Year 12 Farewell Assembly

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Rock 'N' Roll Evening


What’s Happening in English?

Term 3 is shaping up to be another exciting term for our English students. This term we again move into Assessment For Learning, whereby class time is spent working one on one, individually or in small groups to deconstruct, and compose, a range of texts. This includes a wide range of poetry, appropriations in art and film, and drama.

Year 7

Students in Year 7 may be exposed to extracts from Beowulf, Shakespearean sonnets, and poets such as Wordsworth, Coleridge and Tennyson. They may then delve into more contemporary works including slam and performance poetry - a fast growing and important style of poetry in the contemporary world. Their assessment task has been issued and students have a choice of the poet and the poem they wish to analyse. To assist students, lessons are being allocated to commence each section of the task. Students must also maintain a neat, complete and accurate record of class activities; they will be expected to submit their English book for marking as part of their assessment. To end the term, each class will compete in the Year 7 Poetry Challenge.

Year 8

Our Year 8 students are questioning whether a text is a form of appropriation or whether it is copying? Their studies this term revolve around the key question: Are texts truly original? This involves beginning to explore key concepts in reading such as intertextuality and appropriation and how composers shape meaning for different audiences in different eras. They will be considering appropriation that is used in advertising, artwork, songs – even moving into cultural appropriation. Their studies move into a closer focus of film – and in what is becoming somewhat of a tradition at Lindisfarne - a study of Chicken Run! It is an amazing text - and one that Year 11 and 12 students still speak fondly of! 

Year 9

In Year 9, a close study of drama texts such as The Secret River and Shoehorn Sonata is our focus. These are both powerful, visceral and, for some, controversial texts that challenge students to think more critically about key aspect such as context, theatricality, values and characterisation. Central to this are conversations around the purpose of the composer in crafting plays around historical events – a wonderful opportunity for our students to build cross-curricular skills and knowledge. Students have been issued their assessment task, which comprises of a number of parts. One component of the task is to maintain a well-written, complete and neat set of class notes. Whilst some time will be allocated in class for students to start each portion of the assessment under the guidance of their teacher, it is important that students allocate regular time at home to ensure that all deadlines are met. One important feature of this task is the inclusion of a more challenging final composition. Whilst every student is able to take on this challenge, it is an expectation for students in the Advanced classes…a daunting challenge as they have to explore a text of their own choosing independently! 

Year 10

Revenge tragedy is what it is about this term for Year 10. The Scottish Play. The emphasis is on textual aspects of plot, thematic concerns, characterisation and dramatic techniques. To do so, a close reading of the whole play is the aim. We began the term together – in the lecture theatre for our English lessons, unpacking Act One as a whole group. This allowed students to engage with different voices, to hear what their peers were thinking and understanding and to hear from different teachers. As we continue moving through the play, it will become increasingly important that the students develop their own ideas and thoughts about what the important aspects of the play are – whether Macbeth truly is a tragic hero or whether we do need to remember the Porter. And to justify their ideas and thoughts, students must discuss the theatricality and the language Shakespeare uses in presenting his plays on the jut stage of The Globe. And the finale – their own speech. BUT it will not be performed live … their speech will be recorded and embedded into a visual presentation; they will build a modern multi-modal text to discuss a very traditional play!

Year 11

How many of you reading this watch reality TV? The Bachelor? Big Brother? The Block? How many of you have stopped to consider the way these sorts of shows have become the staple diet of our viewing habits? Year 11 Standard English are. They are exploring a new module titled Contemporary Possibilities. Rather than re-imagine an old study or text, Miss McKenzie and Miss Steffen took the opportunity to offer a truly contemporary study - and hopefully change the way our students view reality television; challenging them to understanding how manipulation through editing and representing is a key feature of texts in the contemporary world, regardless that we have seemingly undiluted access to them. In Advanced, students are exploring the power of narratives and the way stories - especially pastiche pieces - shape the world of the past, present and future. This module looks at students beginning to tie their thinking together - crafting discursive pieces that retain a sense of analysis whilst beginning to be underpinned by a more philosophical stance on readership - whether that be an adherence to Barthes’ sentiment of the author being dead or linking their understanding of ontology to their own reading.

In each of the year groups, our aim is to again provide opportunity for students to be inspired, to think, to challenge existing ideas and appreciate a range of works. A key part of this, and of assessment this term, is consistent engagement, effort and self-discipline. Students must work to complete tasks not only in a timely manner - but to the very best of abilities. 

Lastly, keep an eye out for your children using a new program called IXL – an online program aimed at building stronger literacy skills. Most students have begun to access this. The activities can be done at the student’s own pace and include online lessons on skills and knowledge. As well as regular reading, students can be spending time on this program at home to enhance their class work!

Paul Horvath
Director of English

Public Speaking Grand Final

The Public Speaking Grand Final is being held on Monday evening, 3 September in the Chapel at Mahers Lane. The evening commences at 6.30pm and all Lindisfarne families and friends are welcome to attend this free event.

There will be musical interludes between each Stage of speakers and light refreshments will be available during the interval. The following high school students are congratulated for their selection as finalist for this evening:

Stage 4
Ruby Dokmanovic, Amity Chaffey, Oliver Greeney, Brodie McDowell and Alexander Ryan. 

Stage 5
Heidi Chaffey, Tayla Fawcett, Tia Petersen, Abigail Rynehart, Jade Yarnold.

Stage 6
Madeleine Brooker, Arabella Flynn, Brooke Marriott, Amy McEwen, Zoe Young.

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


HICES Music Festival

This week Kayla Wright, Chelsea Redman, Georgia Sweetnam, Madeleine Warner and Ciara Blum were inspired by excellence during their stay at the HICES Music Festival in Sydney. Musicians were put through their paces with an intensive rehearsal, workshop and sectional regime at Stanwell Tops Conference Centre South of Sydney. The crescendo of the Festival was a performance at Sydney Town Hall where our students performed with the Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Honour Choir and String Ensemble.

They performed alongside some of the best students in the state. All students represented Lindisfarne with high respect and showed true musicianship when rehearsing and performing within each ensemble. All musicians involved are looking forward to returning Lindisfarne and sharing some of their new-found skills and performance techniques with the broader school community.

Please click 'Expand Article' below to open the photo gallery.

Dale Norton
Music Teacher

Stage 2 Musical


Stage 2 Musical practise is in full swing and the students are getting excited for their performance in three weeks! Thanks to all of the parents who are helping with sets and costumes.

On Monday we are costuming in two sessions at Sunshine Avenue:

  • Session 1: 9.00am to 10.30am
  • Session 2: 11.00am to 12.30pm

If you would like to help at either session, please meet us in the Music room.

Also, does anyone have a spin bike that we could borrow?!

Amy Skene
Coordinator of Creative and Performing Arts (P-12)

Lindisfarne Senior Orchestra Wins First Place

On Thursday afternoon, the Lindisfarne Senior Orchestra performed at the annual Gold Coast Eisteddfod and was able to bring home first place in the B Grade Orchestra division against some very polished competition.

Our Orchestra was given praise on its excellent articulation, ensemble balance and explosive dynamic range. Special mention was made of Ciara Blum and her commanding Trombone tone by the adjudicator Mr Warwick Tyrrell, former principal Trombonist with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Congratulations to our talented musicians on a fine performance.

Todd Hardy
Director of Creative and Performing Arts

Learning Enrichment

Homework Help with the Learning Enrichment Team

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, the Learning Enrichment team will be running a Homework Help session for students in Years 5 to 12 in the Mahers Lane Library.

All students are welcome to come along if they are requiring assistance with homework or assessment tasks. Please register your interest via email to Jodie Duggan jduggan@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au (Middle School) and Kim Denny kdenny@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au (Senior School).

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Host Families Required in Term 4

Families are needed to host a group of students from China for seven weeks from October 11.

The students will stay in pairs, and are aged 9-10 years and can speak some English.

A hosting allowance of $574 per week will be paid to assist you with the additional costs incurred by your family. There will be two students per host family and a shared room is fine (for same genders only).

Host families are asked to provide three meals a day and transport to school.

If you are interested in hosting, please contact Margaret on 0408 078 023 for further information.

Digital Space



Sporting Highlights

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, 5 September - Tennis (Boys and Girls), Netball (Girls) and AFL (9-a-side Boys)
  • Thursday, 13 September - NSW CIS Primary Athletics Carnival
  • Wednesday, 19 September - NRCC Gala Day – Boys and Girls Basketball U14 and U16
  • Thursday, 20 September - Queensland Secondary Schools Surf League
  • Thursday, 20 September - Lindisfarne Netball Presentation
  • Tuesday, 25 September - NSW CIS Secondary Athletics Carnival
  • 29 September to 2 October - Sydney International Football Tournament

NCIS Athletics Carnival

A cool, clear Coffs Harbour morning greeted the Lindisfarne students for the annual NCIS Athletics Carnival. A fantastic day of events saw many personal bests achieved. Congratulations to these students who finished in the top 3 in their events and will receive an invite to compete at the NSW CIS Athletics Carnival. The Primary Age Carnival will be held on Thursday 13 September while the Secondary Age Carnival will be held later on Tuesday, 25 September.

Primary Age

  • Sana Rice (8Y) – 100m (2nd)
  • Bryce Corcoran (9Y) – 100m (3rd)
  • Hannah Jocumsen (9Y) – 100m (3rd)
  • Jamie Mifsud (10Y) – 100m (3rd), Shot Put (2nd)
  • Charlie Evesson (11Y) – Discus (2nd)
  • Eliza Fahy (U10Y) – Long Jump (2nd)
  • Blaise Telford (U10Y) – 100m (2nd), 200m (2nd), Long Jump (3rd)
  • Summer Wardle (U10Y) – High Jump (3rd)
  • Rose Beddoes-Clarke (11Y) – 100m (3rd), High Jump (1st), Shot Put (2nd), Discus (3rd)
  • Caillie Eriksen (11Y) – 100m (1st), 200m (1st), High Jump (2nd), Long Jump (2nd)
  • Bonnie Starling (11Y) – 800m (2nd)
  • Lily Alford (12Y) – 100m (2nd), 200m (2nd)
  • Christopher Anderson (12/13Y) – Long Jump (3rd)
  • Olivia Kane (12Y) – 100m (1st), 200m (3rd), High Jump (1st), Long Jump (1st), Discus (3rd)
  • Stroud Kinneally (12/13Y) – Shot Put (2nd)
  • Max van Vorst (12/13Y) – Discus (1st)

Secondary Age

  • Zhari Boal (12Y) – High Jump (3rd)
  • Annie Hammond (12Y) – Javelin (2nd)
  • Poppy Burdekin (12Y) – 400m (3rd), 800m (1st)
  • Lewis Churchill (12Y) – 800m (3rd), High Jump (2nd), Javelin (2nd)
  • Kai Croft (12Y) – High Jump (3rd)
  • Jade Gordon (Y12/13) – Shot Put (3rd)
  • Brodie McDowell (13Y) – Long Jump (2nd), Shot Put (2nd), Discus (1st), Javelin (3rd)
  • Priya Weller (12Y) – 400m (2nd), Javelin (3rd)
  • Luella Bookman (13Y) – 100m (2nd), 400m (2nd)
  • Olivia Copeland (13Y) – 1st)
  • Makayla Sekac (13Y) – 200m (2nd), High Jump (3rd), Shot Put (1st)
  • Eli Veldhoven (13Y) – Shot Put (3rd)
  • Jye Walker (13Y) – 100m (2nd), 200m (1st), High Jump (2nd), Long Jump (1st), Shot Put (1st), Discus (2nd)
  • Fredrick Watson (13Y) – Shot Put (2nd)
  • Lily O’Sullivan (14Y) – 400m (3rd), 800m (2nd), Shot Put (1st)
  • Tom Robson (14Y) – Long Jump (3rd)
  • Julien Sim-Sing (14Y) – 100m (1st), 200m (3rd), Long Jump (2nd)
  • Giselle Smith (14Y) – 100m (2nd), Long Jump (2nd), High Jump (2nd)
  • John Spedding (14Y) – Discus (1st)
  • Quinn Butel (15Y) – 400m (3rd)
  • Ocean Carrette (15Y) – Javelin (3rd)
  • Oliver Churchill (15Y) – 400m (1st), 800m (1st), High Jump (1st), Long Jump (2nd), Discus (1st)
  • Gus Edwards (15Y) – Discus (2nd)
  • Ellie Engel (15Y) – 200m (2nd), High Jump (3rd), Long Jump (1st), Shot Put (3rd), Javelin (1st)
  • Georgie Hughes (15Y) – 100m (3rd)
  • Tori Marchiori (15Y) – 400m (3rd)
  • Jacob Sands (15Y) – Javelin (1st)
  • Ryan Simpkins (15Y) – Long Jump (3rd), Discus (3rd)
  • Frances Watson (15Y) – 200m (3rd), Long Jump (2nd)
  • Jye Conquest (16Y) – 400m (2nd)
  • Kodey Edgar Farrell (16Y) – 100m (1st), 200m (1st)
  • Ella Kinneally (16Y) – High Jump (3rd), Javelin (3rd)
  • Flynn McLauchlan (16Y) – Discus (1st)
  • Kel Shaw (16Y) – Long Jump (1st)
  • Maia Shaw (16Y) – 100m (1st), 200m (2nd), 400m (2nd), Long Jump (1st)
  • Tom Tatchell (16Y) – Shot Put (2nd)
  • Chloe Green (17Y) – Javelin (3rd)
  • Cooper Lowns (17Y) – Javelin (2nd)
  • Georgia Maynard (17Y) – 100m (1st), 200m (2nd), 400m (2nd), High Jump (3rd), Long Jump (2nd), Javelin (1st)
  • Ross McCann (17Y) – 100m (1st), 200m (2nd), Long Jump (1st)
  • Ronan Smith (17Y) – 100m (2nd), 200m (3rd), Long Jump (3rd), Shot Put (3rd)
  • Jemma Wilson (17Y) – 200m (3rd), 400m (3rd), 800m (2nd)

4 x 100m Relay Results

  • Primary Age – 8-10Y Girls (2nd), 11-13Y Girls (1st), 8-10Y Boys (2nd)
  • Secondary Age – Open Girls (2nd), 14 & Under Boys (1st), Open Boys (3rd)
  • The 8-10Y Girls managed to break the current record although they placed 2nd.

Overall results

Lindisfarne finished third in the Primary Age Division and first in the Secondary Age Division.

Age Champions and Runner Ups

Congratulations to the following students who were crowned Age Champions and Runner Up Age Champions:

Primary Age

  • Junior Boys – Blaise Telford (Age Champion)
  • 11 Girls – Rose Beddoes-Clarke (Age Champion), Caillie Eriksen (RunnerUp)
  • 12/13 Girls – Olivia Kane (RunnerUp)

Secondary Age

  • 13Y Boys – Jye Walker (Age Champion)
  • 14Y Boys – Julien Sim-Sing (RunnerUp)
  • 15Y Girls – Ellie Engel (Age Champion), Georgie Hughes (RunnerUp)
  • 15Y Boys – Oliver Churchill (Age Champion)
  • 16Y Girls – Maia Shaw (RunnerUp)
  • 17Y Girls – Georgia Maynard (Age Champion), Chloe Green (RunnerUp)

Well done to all of the students who represented Lindisfarne with pride and enthusiasm. Thanks also to the staff, Mrs Bloomfield, Mrs McDowell, Mrs Whiticker, Mr Bedford, Mr Fydler, Mr Coyne and Mr Croft, who accompanied the team.

Please see photos in the gallary below.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Last weekend the Queensland State Titles were held at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre, Carrara. Matilda Johnston and Taylor Kane represented Lindisfarne in RG Skools, performing
exceptionally, receiving the Gold Medal for Level 2 Pair in RG Skools. Matilda also received the Bronze Medal for Level 3 Open Freehand.

Colbey AFL Cup

Last Friday, 17 August saw the Annual Colbey Cup AFL game against St Michaels. This year it was Lindisfarne's turn to host the day at Coolangatta and in beautiful conditions, Lindisfarne was able to claim back to back victories by 8 points. The day celebrates the life of Andrew Colbey who taught at both Lindisfarne and St Michael’s. The format of the day reflects the fun and innovative approach that Mr Colbey had towards his teaching. Lindisfarne fielded a boy’s and girl’s team for the event.

The girls kicked off first and played the first 20 minute quarter, at the conclusion of the first quarter the scores were locked at 2 all.

The Lindisfarne boys were up next and they took up the scoring from where the girls finished. The game continued to be a closely fought match with the half time score being Lindisfarne 15 to St Michael’s 13.

Then it was the girl’s turn again and thanks to a 2 goal effort from Tori Marchiori, they were able to secure a lead for the boys heading into the last quarter. The game continued to see-saw and with 5 minutes remaining the scores were level. Eventually Lindisfarne was able to edge away and score a hard fought 8 point win.

Ethan Sekac claimed the Best on Ground medal for the boys in a dominant display.


Good luck to Isaac Outridge who tees-off at Bonville, Coffs Harbour next week, representing NSW in the Australian Schools Championships.

Last Sunday, Callum Wines (Year 4) competed in the Northern Rivers District Golf Association 9 Hole Golf Competition at Lismore. Callum shot a score of 51 and finished nett winner and gross runner up. Callum now leads the nett order of merit with four rounds to go. Well done Callum!


Congratulations to Flynn Southam who ruled in the pool at the Queensland Short Course Championships last week. Here are his amazing results with many big personal best times too: Gold - 1500m Free, Silver - 200m back, Bronze - 200m Free, Bronze - 100m back, Bronze - 50m back and Bronze - 50m Free.


It is the last round of the Saturday competition this weekend. Good Luck to all of our colourful Lions teams and our umpires. Next week will be the start of the finals!

TNA’s Monday Night Netball at Arkinstall Park starts at the beginning of Term 4, with the sign on next month. If you are interested in representing the School, please would you sign on at Student Administration with Clare. The age category is Secondary School Age 12 years or over and the cost works out to be approximately $10 a game. Go Lions!


Book Week at Sunshine Avenue - Find Your Treasure

Author Visit – Zanni Louise

On Monday morning we had the pleasure of welcoming Zanni Lousie to our school to share her writing journey and her books with our Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students. With years of experience running writing workshops for both children and adults, Zanni shared her journey as a published author and then encouraged and inspired our young writers to uncover their fabulous ideas, and write their own compelling stories.

Students in 2SR gave the following feedback:

"Zanni Louise was a very entertaining author, she was also quite funny!"

"From Tweed Heads South to Three Beds Mouth, we were transported to a land of imagination. Zanni said we are all wizards. She explained that we can create magic in our heads that travels down our arms and into our fingers, into a pen and then onto a page. That magic then travels up to the reader's eyeballs and then into their brains. The magic is contagious! Because we all have brains in our heads, we can all be authors, just like Zanni."

"Zanni’s ideas come from all different places and sometimes from feelings. She said that ideas are a little like trees. They start small like a seed and with time, they grow bigger and better."

"We loved it when Zanni read Errol! to us, using funny voices. It is a very clever book that made us laugh! She answered our questions and then we had a chance to use our imaginations in the classroom and create another underworld adventure for Errol."

"We loved starting Book Week with an author visit. We think we are very lucky!"

Author Visit – Jesse Blackadder

On Wednesday Jesse Blackadder and her Storyboard bus came to Lindisfarne to share her love of reading, writing and animals, with our Years 3 and 4 students. She is an award-winning Australian author of novels for adults and children and is passionate about young people’s literacy and creativity. Jesse’s junior novels are about the unlikely friendships between humans and animals, all inspired by real world creatures and their stories.

Jesse took our students through the thrills, chills and spills of creating a story. They brainstormed ideas and story-worlds, created memorable characters, how to make a story irresistible, and how to get over the finish line.

Students in 4N gave the following feedback:

"One thing I enjoyed about this mornings session with Jesse was she let us to fun creative writing about anything we wanted which I really enjoyed. I will definitely be using the tips she gave us like don’t stop moving your hand, keep writing, and have fun. I would love to purchase on of Jesse’s children’s books after this fun session with her." - Phoebe Robins.

"I enjoyed being able to learn a few tips on how to write books from a real cool author. In the future when I write some stories, I will use all Jesse’s tips because she’s amazing." - Chayse Irvine.

"The thing I enjoyed most about this morning’s session with Jesse was when she was talking about all her adventures that she’s been on, like when she went to Antarctica and when she went to Dubai. The writing tips I will be taking home will be: if you get stuck just start writing help help help help until you get an idea. Keep the pen moving. I would love to buy one of her books!" - Jessica Irving.

Mystery Readers

As part of our Book Week celebrations, we had our wonderful teachers give up their precious time to be ‘Mystery Readers’ at morning tea and lunchtimes. Enthusiastic students sat on picnic rugs scattered around the playground, listening to a variety of stories read by our teachers.

More photos in the gallery below - please click 'Expand Article'.

Erin McGovern

Uniform Shop


Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News


Unfortunately, tonight's advertised screening of Most Likely To Succeed at Salt Common has been cancelled due to wet weather.

Tweed Little Athletics

Cudgen SLSC

Total Football Academy

Total Football Academy is delighted to announce they will be running their popular football camps during the School holidays. The Camps are open to boys and girls from any School or Club.

Holiday Camp

The holiday camp is for players aged between 5 and 12 years old. The camps will be delivered over three days. The holiday camp is fun based with development skills training in the mornings. The cost of the holiday camp is normally $160, however with their early bird special if you sign up before the 10th of September the camp is only $140.

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School

Address: Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, 86 Mahers Lane, Terranora NSW 2486

Dates: Tuesday, 2 October to Thursday, 4 October (3 Days)

Time: 9.00am to 2.30pm

Sign up here:  Holiday Camp

Development Camp (Under 8's to Under 11's)

TFA will be running a Development camp for players in Under 8's to Under 11's. The camps will be delivered over three days. The cost of the camp is normally $160, however with their early bird special if you sign up before the 10 September the camp is only $140. 

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School

Address:  Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, 86 Mahers Lane, Terranora NSW 2486

Dates: Tuesday, 2 October to Thursday, 4 October (3 Days)

Time: 9.00am to 2.30pm

Sign up here: Development Camp

W: totalfootballacademy.com.au

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