2018 Term 4 Week 31A 19 Oct 2018

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to Term 4. We have enjoyed a rewarding week with students quickly settling back into school routines.

A highlight of the week was the 2019 Student Leadership Induction Service. This service symbolises the passing of the light of learning and leadership to the class of 2019 and all of the special responsibilities and opportunities that this ‘rite of passage’ presents.

We know that we are in good hands as the class of 2019 move forward carrying out their duties and responsibilities within our school values of compassion, wisdom and respect, helping us to build a culture of leadership, standards and collaboration.

On Wednesday, our Junior School hosted our annual Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day. This was a wonderful time of celebration as our Junior School students and staff shared aspects of their learning and day-to-day school life with their loved ones. I’d particularly like to thank the P&F Association for all their help on the day, as well as our Jazz Band and Junior School Choir and students for providing guests with some wonderful musical entertainment.

On Thursday, HSC exams got underway for the class of 2018. The students were focused, motivated and generally positive about the English paper and somewhat relieved to have completed the first exam of HSC 2018.

Today I welcomed Bishop Murray and a number of members of the Diocesan Schools Commission and schools of the Diocese to Lindisfarne. It was a joy to share with the assembled delegates our continued progress as a school and to show Bishop Murray around the Mahers Lane Campus. Bishop Murray will also tour the Sunshine Avenue Campus prior to Speech Night 2018.

We look forward to a positive term of learning and achievement at Lindisfarne and a stong finish to the 2018 academic year.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

2020 Scholarships Open

From the Chaplain


Servant Leadership

“The greatest among you must become like the youngest, and the leader must become like one who serves.” - Luke 22:26

This week, our student leadership team for 2019 was inducted during a special service in Ngahriyah. What a wonderful opportunity for some of our young men and women to be entrusted with positions of leadership, and to live into those roles. 

However, a number of staff and guest speakers have been encouraging the whole cohort over the last couple of months to think of themselves as “people of influence” whether they have a leadership position or not. There is a difference between being given a leadership position and actually being a leader. This week, some of our Year 11 students have been entrusted with leadership positions, but it is up to them to be the leaders.

One of my favorite leadership sayings comes from John C Maxwell: “Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.”  

It's a short and simple quote, but says so much. Your ability to successfully lead a group of people in anything depends on your ability to influence the group.  You can be designated the person in charge, but not really have people listen to you or follow you.  There is a big difference between people following you because they have to and following you because they WANT to, and that difference is your influence.  

Jesus said to many people, “Come and follow me.” And even though he didn’t have a religious leadership position, many people chose to follow him because his influence was so radically different.  His influence was founded in love, kindness, compassion, inclusivity and generosity.  Those qualities were so attractive to so many, that he very quickly became one of the most influential leaders in history, and did it all without a leadership position or title.

I hope and pray that our Year 12 students in 2019 will be people of positive influence to the students they have been called to lead and serve.

God bless,

Rev Chad Rynehart
School Chaplain


Parents & Friends

P&F News and Events

Although we had a cloudy start to the week, the improved weather helped to lift spirits and kick start the new term. 

Grandparents' Day

The committee’s first event for Term 4 allowed us to thoroughly enjoy the interactions between young and old at the Grandparents' Day on Tuesday, not to mention some funny stories shared by the Lindisfarne staff. Thank you to the wonderful team of ladies that were able to give their time to help make the morning such a success and to the parents and their children who were able to provide some wonderful home baked goods. 

P&F Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon - 6 November 2018

Only a few remaining tickets for the coveted Melbourne Cup day event at North Kirra Surf Club. Get on https://www.trybooking.com/XGHE now to secure your table and add to your collection of fond memories.

P&F General Meeting - 23 October 2018

Keeping in line with a quote from French author Andre Maurois: “Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no time to form” we’d like you to stay young and join us for the P&F general meeting on Tuesday, 23 October in the library at Mahers Lane. Come and share your youthful ideas for 2019. We’d love to see you.

Kylie Potter
P&F President

P&F Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon

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Whole School News

Reminder: Application for Extended Leave or Absence

Under Section 25 of the Education Act (1990) it is a requirement that parents/guardians submit applications for approval of leave for the following:

  • Extended periods of three to five days – to the relevant Head of School
  • Extended periods of more than five days – to the Principal for:
    a) Holiday leave
    b) Elite sporting commitments
    c) Employment within the entertainment industry
    d) Exceptional circumstances (extended medical, domestic, etc)

Application forms are available on the School website under forms and should be completed and submitted to the relevant staff one month prior to the date of requested leave. A Certificate of Exemption will be provided by the School and is required to be carried with the student during the period of leave.

KIN Schools Day Charity Dinner

Round Square

Dean of Studies

Higher School Certificate Examinations

The Higher School Certificate Examinations commenced on Thursday. There were a few nerves before entering the room. I would like to thank the students for their conduct and on behalf of the Lindisfarne School Community wish them all the best for the rest of their Higher School Certificate Examinations.

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Grandparents' Day in Preschool

This week we celebrated the grandparents in our lives! We began the morning in our beautiful Preschool gardens. The children shared time with the parents and grandparents who were able to join us painting, playing, cutting, pasting, working with wood, drawing, playing musical instruments and reading. Preschool Koala Harry T’s grandfather Max even brought in a special saw to show us how he makes puzzles!

Suddenly the skies opened and we were chased inside by the rain. No matter, the children made the most of the opportunity to continue their work and play with their grandparents and new friends inside.

Tim Pettit
Preschool Teacher

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Junior School

Welcome back message from Mr Cross

A very big warm welcome back to existing and new Lindisfarne families. Although the week has supplied us with a range of weather at Sunshine Avenue the staff and students have continued to shine this week. It has been incredible to see all of our students shining their light through various aspects of learning and extra curricular. On Tuesday, 75 students from the Junior School sang beautifully at the Year 11 Leaders Induction Ceremony. It was such a great sight to see so many students from Years 2 to 4 participate in this initiative coordinated by Mr. Edwards. I want to thank him for his efforts in arranging such a magical piece for our students to perform in front of the middle and senior schools and our families and community.

On Wednesday this week we held our annual Grandparents’ Day celebration. The morning was filled with incredible music supplied by the Senior Jazz Band, interesting activities where students displayed their talents using technology with their grandparents and played Roll-a-granny which brought many smiles to a lot of faces. The morning was wrapped up with a beautiful performance by every student from Kindergarten to Year 4 singing with such joy. It truly was a special moment at Sunshine Avenue. I would like to thank the Lindisfarne  P&F and all the wonderful people that baked the fresh goods for our morning tea. Finally, a big thank you to all the grandparents that attended the morning. Even if you travelled down the road or across the sea we all thank you for making the extra effort on Wednesday.  

This week at assembly I spoke to the students about the importance of gentleness. I spoke about how the qualities of being kind, tender, gentle and well mannered towards others enable us to create a better school and a better world. Over the next two weeks I encourage you to discuss this with your children and express the need for a more gentle world where we encourage thoughtful interactions and the spread of love. I know the teachers are on the lookout for any students displaying the qualities of gentleness to nurture and celebrate our core values.

I look forward to working with the Lindisfarne community this term as Acting Head of the Junior School. 


Tony Cross
Acting Head of Junior School

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Junior School House Captains - Term 4

The staff and students at the Junior School congratulate the newly elected House Captains for Term 4. The following students will represent their house with pride and great spirit. Please join me in congratulating the following students.

Saint Barnabas House

Will Saunders

Chayse Irvine

Saint Stephen House

Kayla Archer

Connor McCormack

Saint Andrew House

Phoebe Robins

Marty Williams

Saint Cuthbert House

Bronte Woodger

Hannah Jocumsen


I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the previous house captains on their hard work throughout the year. They have represented their respective houses with tremendous pride and have carried out their duties enthusiastically and respectfully.

Amy Williamson
Acting Assistant Head of Junior School

STEM Discovery Workshops - Years 1 and 2

“STEM education is the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary or integrated approach. Students gain and apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop creative and critical thinking skills within an authentic context. It may include inquiry and project-based learning.”  http://stem-nsw.com.au/

Join our exciting STEM Discovery workshops and participate in inquiry-based learning whilst experimenting with resources including robotics and construction. There are limited places available for Term 3 to allow for an effective program. The first 20 students to register will be selected with all other applicants being considered for future workshops.

Please follow the link to register your child: 

You will be notified by email regarding your child’s place for this term.

When: 5 consecutive Monday afternoons starting Week 3 (Monday 29 October 2018)
Time:  3:00pm-4:00pm. Parents collect from classroom.
Where: 1T classroom

Linda Terry and Amy Williamson
Year 1 Teacher and Acting Assistant Head of Junior School

School Holiday Art Workshop

It was a delight to be surrounded by such excitement and enthusiasm over the school holidays. Students ranging in age from Kindergarten to Year 4 literally let their creativity shine through a range of mixed media. They enjoyed splatter painting to crayon relief, then finally tearing their completed artwork into strips to create yet another finished art piece. They learnt to blend with tone and colour producing some amazing work. Their smiles say it all.

Simone Jordan 
Art Enrichment Teacher

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Head of Middle School Report

It’s hard to believe we are in Term 4 already and before we know it, the end of the year will be upon us. It will certainly be a busy term with lots of reasons to celebrate and share some of the wonderful work and achievements of the students from throughout the year. With Term 4 being only seven and a half weeks long, it is timely to remind and encourage active participation, attendance and commitment as we finish off what has been a great first three quarters. 

We are looking forward to continuing our Year 4 into 5 transition program which has already seen our Year 4 classes visit the Mahers Lane Campus to share in activities and events as they familiarise themselves with the environment and the staff and take the opportunity to re-acquaint themselves with friends from last year. It has been great to see how well they have taken to these sessions. Thanks must go to the teachers from both campuses who have made these transition sessions so positive for the students.

This week we have also welcomed a group of visiting students and teachers from Nanshan Chinese International School. These students are with us for around six weeks and will enjoy a full program with a couple of immersion days in Years 3 and 4 classes at our Junior School Campus and in Years 5 and 6 classes at Mahers Lane. They have already had a great start to their amazing opportunity and have built some great friendships already. It has been wonderful to be able to hear about schooling and life in Shenzhen and our own students have already shown a keen interest in introducing our visitors to life a Lindisfarne student. I would like to thank all of the staff involved as well as the students who have excitedly volunteered as school buddies. I look forward to updating our community about the visit and the amazing experiences we get to share with our visitors.

Over the holidays, I had the absolute pleasure of travelling to Vietnam with a number of students as a part of the Building Across Borders program. Abigail Rynehart was one of the students who participated in this life-changing experience and has written an article highlighting the amazing features of the trip so I won’t go into too much detail. This journey formed a great starting point for the enhancement and development of Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School’s Service Learning program. I was truly a journey of discovery as we all learnt so much about the people and history of such an amazing country. We also learnt so much about each other and ourselves as we focussed our energies on building a legacy that will have an enduring, positive impact on one special family for generations to come. I can not recommend this opportunity highly enough and I want to thank the students for being so mature, open and supportive of one another throughout our time in Vietnam. I thank and congratulate their families for such positive commitment to this aspect of personal development for our students and I thank the other teachers, Mrs Leistra and Mrs Whitticker for their amazing contributions to the experience.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

The Rite Journey

I recently communicated with Year 8 parents regarding an exciting new program which Lindisfarne will be offering for our Year 9 cohort for 2019 called The Rite Journey.

The Rite Journey is a program which is deliberately and specifically targeted toward students in Year 9 to help them on their journey from childhood to adulthood.  One of our strategic goals is to provide an holistic approach to education for your children and this program fits seamlessly into that framework. We have selected a team of staff who will be involved in the teaching and delivery of The Rite Journey, and they will be participating in training with the creator of The Rite Journey, Mr Andrew Lines, on the 25 and 26 of October in preparation for the beginning of next year.

As parents and carers of our current Year 8 students, we wish to advise that you will have the opportunity to come along and hear from Andrew (all the way from Adelaide!!!) at a parent meeting on the evening of the 25 October, beginning at 6.30pm in the Mahers Lane Lecture Theatre.  Andrew will explore some of the intricacies of parenting teens in the 21st century and how The Rite Journey helps support your parenting and how you will be able to support your child through the process. We strongly encourage you to prioritise this meeting.

Below is a brief introduction from Andrew, and a few words of support and endorsement from Steve Biddulph.

We look forward to seeing you on the evening of the 25th.

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Year 7 Report - Exam Revision Tips

Is it really Term 4 already?

Well, in the blink of an eye we are in Term 4 and racing towards Christmas. It’s a short but very busy term for Year 7 and I encourage you to assist your child in being organised and top of assessments tasks and some exam revision. Taking small steps now will eliminate undue stress and anxiety as the weeks ahead get busier.

As most of the exams will occur in Week 5, now is the time to be starting a little bit of revision and preparation.

Some tips:

  1. Go back through your workbook and make sure all notes are in order and handouts have been glued into your book.
  2. If you have been away, speak to a friend or your teacher and get any notes that you have missed.
  3. Allocate some time each night to read through your notes. Do it in small sections and on another piece of paper write four or five dot points that summarises what you have just read.
  4. Keep adding to these notes and very soon you will have a couple of pages that you can just keep reading over.
  5. If you find something is tricky, get some help. Ask your teachers for some extra help.
  6. Don’t forget HOMEWORK CLUB on Wednesdays from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. This is a great way to get some extra help and work through your tasks.
  7. Make sure you divide your time between homework, tasks and some revision.
  8. Always allow time for something you enjoy whether it be walking your dog, chill time or some sport. It is good for your brain.

Share these tips with your children. Whilst busy, this last term of school is always a really fun one. Keep encouraging your children to maintain the high standards they have already set and finish the year on a really positive note.

Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator

Middle School Science

Climate Change

NSW is experiencing its worst drought in 100 years! If it rains much more in Murwillumbah we’re going to flood! It’s the best snow season the ski fields in the southern alps have ever had! 

“We’ll all be rooned said Hanrahan, before the year is out.” 

Climate change is something everyone has heard about. If you haven’t heard about it, it is probably because the person who told you about it called it “Global warming”. It is an expression everybody is familiar with but very few seem to understand. A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has thrust the issue into the spotlight. It’s a notoriously difficult subject but here at Middle School Science we like the challenge of trying to explain the hard stuff so here goes.

Firstly, the climate has always changed. It changes with how much the Earth is tilted on its axis (no, it’s not always the same), it changes depending on how far away the Earth is from the sun (no, the distance isn’t always the same), and it changes with how active the sun is (this varies in a regular but as yet mysterious cycle). It also changes when things happen suddenly like really big volcanos erupting (pretty common) or asteroid strikes (pretty rare). The other big factor that can change the climate is the type and amount of gases in the atmosphere. The climate changes for other reasons too but these are the big ones. 

The changes are tiny: when the Earth was plunged into the last ice age around 50 000 years ago, it was because global temperatures dropped between 4 and 7 degrees Celcius. This small change caused Canada to become covered in ice about three kilometres thick and the oceans around Australia to drop by about 150 metres. 

There is a reason why the temperature changes are so small. Imagine heating up a pot of water on the stove. The bigger the pot, the longer it takes to heat up. If you are trying to boil a big saucepan full of water to make pasta, it takes a long time because it takes a large amount of energy to heat up all that water. So, what if someone gave you a little pot and a BBQ and said “Just go and heat up all the oceans in the world by… one degree. It just can’t be done. It would take an EMMENSE amount of energy in the form of heat to make any change to the temperature of the ocean let alone one whole degree. But here’s the thing, the oceans ARE heating up and that temperature change represents the INSANE amount of energy that is going into them. What’s happening on land isn’t even significant. There isn’t much land to begin with (have a look at a globe and check out what colour it is!) and the land doesn’t tend to hold onto heat. The oceans are where all the action is. Once all of that energy is IN the oceans, it is hard to get rid of. It tends to stay there and do stuff like make giant storms that smash into the east coast of North America.

Now, here’s the thing. We can’t do much about volcanos and we can’t change how the Earth tilts on its axis but we sure as heck can do something about the kinds of gases in the atmosphere!
Some of the smartest scientists in the world work for the IPCC and they have given us an ultimatum (that means your last warning before you get into really big trouble) that we must limit the warming of the planet to no more than two degrees. 

The good news is that it is really easy to do: start by eating one fewer pieces of meat each week, make sure that your family installs a solar hot water system, take a bus or a train whenever possible to go places, and cool off using a ceiling fan in summer rather than cranking up the air con. 

The mistake people make is to think that problems are too big for individuals to solve. The truth is that THIS problem is SO big that ONLY individuals can solve it.

Science Quiz

Remember Thomas? He was going to throw a party every fifth Sunday in the month for a year. You were going to work out how many parties that is. Well, Sunday, 1 January is the beginning of the year. Every month has at least four weeks and NO months have six weeks so some months must have five weeks. Here we go: 12 months X 4 weeks = 48 weeks that leaves four weeks left over which must be the fifth weeks in four months so, four parties during the year. 

Well done to our readers who figured that one out.

This week’s question: (One for the Chemistry geeks). Some chemical compounds are called the “Greenhouse” gases. What do their molecular structures all have in common?

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

I hope your holidays were restful, allowing you to connect and have precious family time. 

The “holiday” period was extremely busy for a number of Lindisfarne students, staff and families. Special mention must be made of the staff who made the Kokoda Challenge possible: thank you to Tony Wright and Graham Jones (recently retired Lindisfarne Business Manager) who accompanied the students to Papua New Guinea.

To those who travelled to Vietnam on the service based learning project and their staff members: Jeremy Godden, Michelle Whiticker and Melissa Leistra another huge thank you. More details of these expeditions are in following articles.  Thank you to all those staff, students and parents who have made this possible. 

Year 12 students continue to prepare for their forthcoming HSC examinations which commenced this week. As staff we offer them all our support at this time. 

This past week has seen our new Year 11 leaders inducted into their positions of responsibility for 2018/19. I had the pleasure of attending the Leadership camp in Burleigh over the weekend. It was extremely wet but the weather did not dampen spirits.

This new group of leaders were clearly keen to be getting on with their new jobs. The Leadership Induction service was an uplifting event signalling the beginning of a busy year for our senior students. I look forward to working closely with them over the next few terms as they lead the school into 2019 . 

Charlotte Lush 
Head of Senior School

Serviced Based Learning Immersion to Vietnam

On the first day of the holidays, eight Lindisfarne students and three staff boarded a plane to Vietnam for a 13-day immersion trip. It was an eye opening experience, one that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Seeing a developing country and comparing it to the riches of our own country, really helped me understand how lucky I really am. The sights, smells, sounds and heat were unique and often overwhelming. The food was comprised mostly of bony meat, rice and various vegetables. Crossing the road was an adventure in itself as traffic didn’t stop for pedestrians even if there was an allocated crossing. It was like being in a different world. The country was so green and there was something different and interesting around every corner. Our amazing tour guides Nkung, Huy, Ha and Cuong shared their country’s history and took us on tours around Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta. 

However, the trip wasn’t about just seeing the sights and being tourists. The trip wasn’t just another country in our passports. The trip was about realising the reality of people’s lives outside the comfort of our own. It was about giving back to our world and making a difference in someone else’s life. While we were in Vietnam, we had the amazing experience of working together with local builders to construct a house for a Vietnamese family in need. We learnt how to mix up mortar and concrete and how to lay brick walls. Comparing the house the family had been living in compared to the house we helped to build, gave us a sense of satisfaction and humanity when we realised how big a difference we had made in that family’s life. 

Some of the most amazing moments of the trip outside building was when we went to visit some local schools. First, we went to a school for deaf children. The first thing I noticed was the smiles on their faces when they saw us. It was amazing to think that just the fact we were with them was enough to get them excited! They were also really affectionate to the point they would cling to us and push away any other kids that would try hug us too! We played games with them and danced for them before leaving. The second school we visited was a local primary school. When the kids saw us here, they ran from their class to greet us. And when break came, all the kids in the school came running out of their rooms to meet us and give us hugs and high-fives. I think what was so special about that was the fact that everywhere we went, kids were kids. They always had massive smiles on their faces and were all so happy, despite living in a developing country in conditions we would view as unacceptable. 

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic co-ordinator Ian who brought the idea of a service based learning tour to Lindisfarne. He was always working behind the scenes to help make the experience the best it could be for us and prepared us for Vietnam beforehand. Thankyou Ian. Thanks must also go to our amazing tour guides Nkung, Huy, Ha and Cuong who shared in our experience and made us really feel a part of the beautiful country we all grew to love. They really made the trip something special. 

Finally, I’d like to thank Mr Godden, Mrs Leistra, Mrs Whiticker and the amazing group of peers I experienced Vietnam with: Eliza Lovett, Keeley Rose, Tori Aston, Kai Albert, Tori Jones, Jemma Hansen and Joshua Imbrogno. This group made the Immersion trip unique, fun, memorable and life changing. I feel honoured to have gotten to know all these gifted and compassionate individuals. Thank you to all of you.

Abigail Rynehart
Year 10 Student

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Kokoda Trek

During the October school holidays, a group of nineteen students, teachers and parents travelled to Papua New Guinea to walk the Kokoda Track. What entailed was the journey of a lifetime.

The infamous Kokoda campaign was fought against Japanese forces during WW2. It is the only campaign that the ANZAC’s have ever fought, directly in defence of their home country. Consequentially, their heroic effort in defeating a much larger, and stronger force is very close to the hearts of many Australians today. Our group of trekkers banded together to walk in the footsteps in our heroes, embarking on a journey that will be treasured forever.

The days typically consisted of waking at 5.15am, breakfast and walking by 7.00am. Together with our porters, we would scale endless mountains, anywhere from five to nine hours. The moments when we reached the peak of a mountain were received joyously and there would be many rest stops to recover. We visited sites such as Isurava, Surgeons Rock and Brigade Hill. Usually at around 2.00pm we reached the campsite where we would be staying the night. 

It was amazing to be immersed so thoroughly in a culture so rich, yet unlike our own. The Papua New Guinean porters who guided us were some of the most beautiful people that we have ever met. They did so much for us, and it would not have been the same experience without them. 

Many of us learnt more about ourselves and about the history of our nation. It was the little moments that really made the trip; the jokes, the memories that can only be made by experiencing the track itself. We learnt a lot and were challenged to question fundamental aspects of our society; such as our reliance on possessions, as opposed to the happiness of our guides who have so little. It was eye-opening and we were transformed on many levels.

A big thank you to everyone who made the trip happen, particularly our leader Graham Jones - for his endless optimism and all his work making this trip a reality - and Gary Clifton, who provided invaluable insight to the events of the Kokoda campaign and also played a big part in the organisation of this trip.

Abby Frazer and Luca Wright
2019 School Vice Captains

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Leadership Camp

On Sunday and Monday of this week, the Year 12 student leaders went to CYC Burleigh to take part in a leadership camp. It was a great experience and we learnt a lot about leadership and teamwork.

On the first day, we spent some time with Simon Fletcher learning about the importance of communication, having an aim and a purpose that is congruent with the rest of the team and an open mind that allows us to consider the ideas of others. We also took part in a drumming circle which was both fun and required us to communicate and listen to each other.

On the second day, we had a session with Mr Marquardt where he told us about his leadership journey, giving us insights into the importance of taking opportunities, maintaining balance and setting goals. One of the last things we did was canoeing. Despite the pouring rain, we were able to use effective communication skills, teamwork and plenty of resilience to canoe across Tallebudgera Creek.

This camp was an amazing opportunity where we were able to grow as a leadership team in the hopes that we can successfully complete our goal of strengthening the school community by being people of positive influence throughout the 2018-2019 leadership year.

Jaidah Fergus-Mackie
Communication Prefect

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Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Musical Theatre Workshop

On Sunday, 4 November and Monday, 5 November we will offer our students a fantastic Musical Theatre Workshop with performing artist Monica Trapaga and experienced musical director Sean Peter.

The two-day workshop will cover performance techniques, ensemble work, choreography and a vocal solo masterclass. This workshop has been organised two weeks before the 2019 Musical auditions which will be held on Sunday 18 November 9.00am to 3.00pm.

It is not essential for students to prepare anything to be involved in the workshop, however any students considering auditioning for a principal role in the 2019 Musical are encouraged to prepare a solo vocal piece to perform as part of the masterclass session. The solo piece should be in a musical theatre style and clearly display the vocal ability of the student. Please bring a backing track or piano accompaniment sheet music for your solo performance. Lunch will be provided on the Sunday session.

Any interested students who are currently in Year 7 to 11 should RSVP to Creative and Performing Arts Assistant Vanessa Nixon via vnixon@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Todd Hardy
Director of Creative and Performing Arts

Australian Honours Program - Music

Being a part of the Australian Honours Program was such a privilege and an amazing learning experience. Over the four days spent at The Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, we were able to work with dedicated music students from around Queensland and New South Wales. We learnt how important each individual is in an ensemble and how we can all work together to achieve an amazing sound for each piece that we learnt. These selected choirs were facilitated by world-renowned conductors, flown in from countries such as the UK and USA. I was extremely lucky to work with David Lawrence, one of the UK's most diverse conductors, whose work takes him all around the world. He presently holds the current 'Guinness World Record' for conducting the UK’s largest choir of 6,846 singers!

At the end of these workshops, we performed the selection of songs we worked on, in the Conservatorium’s Great Hall. Each song was in a different language, which made the program a challenge but a great experience.

Overall, the knowledge we gained from this program will definitely benefit us in the future and I would recommend it for any students who are interested in expanding their musical knowledge.

Murran Kain
Arts Prefect

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Les Peterkin Portrait Prize

Les Peterkin Portrait Prize 2018 Exhibition Opening 

Seven of Lindisfarne’s creative students were invited to the opening of the Les Peterkin Portrait Prize at the Tweed Regional Gallery last month.  They were among the winners of this year’s 22nd Annual Competition which had approximately 2,900 entrants from schools throughout the region. In line with this year’s theme, ‘Going to a fancy dress party,’ some students arrived adorned in fancy dress and all were very excited to see their artworks displayed in the gallery. 

Congratulations to Shakyah Jordan, winner of the Coordinators Prize (11-13 years), a major award given for her artwork ‘Masquerade’ which was hung on the gallery walls as part of the exhibition. 

Congratulations to all of our winners. It is an exciting feeling to have your work exhibited in a regional gallery. The following students were able to view their work in the special books containing ‘works of excellence’:

  • Poppy McLeod ‘Imagine Me’ (Book 1: 5-7 years) 
  • Isla Leo ‘Imagine Me’ (Book 1: 5-7 years)
  • Evie Nowland ‘Spy Time (Book 2: 8-10 years)
  • Alicia Brown ‘Unicorn Queen’ (Book 2: 8-10 years)
  • Arielle Ilet ‘Wild Style’ (Book 3: 11-13 years)
  • Nelson Zagaz ‘Ninja Party’ (Book 3: 11-13 years)

The exhibition is open to the public until the 2 December for anyone interested in seeing some imaginative artworks created by primary school aged children. Admission is free.

Ursula Nash and Simone Jordan
Creative Arts Coordinator and Art Enrichment Teacher

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Taking Visual Arts to the Next Level

HSC Intensive Studio Practice course at the National Art School

Congratulations to Kyrra-Lee Nash and Lewis Watson who completed the HSC Intensive Studio Practice course at the National Art School last week and exhibited the artwork last Friday, 12 October. 

The course is designed for students seeking to further their studies in Visual Arts to tertiary level, providing an opportunity for Year 11 students in Visual Arts to enrich and extend their study within a choice of seven specialised disciplines. 120 students from over 80 school across New South Wales were fortunate to experience such a wondrous opportunity of working in high-equipped studio spaces with professional artists and lecturers. The HSC Intensive Studio Practice is a 1-unit NESA endorsed University developed course and each student receives a Statement of Results from the National Art School. The course will also appear on the student’s HSC certificate (it will not contribute to their ATAR).

Kyrra-Lee worked in the Ceramic Studio, while Lewis worked in the Painting Studio. We are very proud of the students’ initiative and achievement in undertaking the two-week course which ran over two school holiday periods. This has inspired them to push new boundaries beginning the HSC Body of Work and we encourage all Year 11 art students to apply each year. It is an exceptional experience. 

A few comments from our student included:
- having a large group of enthusiastic art students was a great source of inspiration and the people there are all like minded;
- we were challenged to try new styles and use new utensils and techniques;
- the studios and environment were inspiring and the huge sandstone structures were beautiful when walking around the campus;
- the teachers were all practicing artists and were very knowledgeable and helpful; and
- the overall experience was very well worth it and would highly recommend even if you are not looking to pursue art after school.

Ursula Nash
Creative Arts Coordinator

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Sunshine Avenue Choir

The Sunshine Avenue Choir have leapt straight into Term 4 with two incredible performances this week. On Tuesday they were honoured to perform at the Senior Induction Service, recognising the School leaders for 2019.

The choir performed the song ‘Second Star to the Right’ which was received well by the audience. In addition, the choir also performed for our families and friends at our annual Grandparents’ Day event.

I congratulate the choir on two heart-warming performances and not only extend my gratitude and thanks to them, but to all students at Sunshine Avenue, for their combined vocal performance.

Jesse Edwards
Music Teacher

Public Speaking Competition

Lachlan Marshall in Year 5 represented Lindisfarne at the A.B. Paterson Public Speaking competition in the second week of the holidays. Well done, Lachlan!

Amy Skene
Coordinator of Creative and Performing Arts

NEW - Production Club

A reminder that the first Production Club meeting will be held next Monday, 22 October from 3.30pm to 5.00pm in PA11 (main room in the music department).

The first session will focus on types of microphones and what they're used for; types of cables; and setting up an audio mixing system for a basic live performance.

Please RSVP to Mr Jackson so that we have an idea of the amount of students who will be turning up: cjackson@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Cameron Jackson
Production Manager

Learning Enrichment

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International Department

Nabari Seiho High School Visit 2019

The Lindisfarne Japanese Sister School, Nabari Seiho High School will be visiting the Mahers Lane campus again in 2019. The group will arrive Sunday, 10 March and depart Sunday, 17 March.

Therefore, we are seeking expressions of interest from our Lindisfarne families to bring one or two students into their homes and look after them during this week long visit.

If you would like an Application Form and or more information, please email Mrs Fydler on afydler@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

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Sports News

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, 23 October – NRCC Basketball Gala Day (U14s)
  • Wednesday, 24 October – T20 Gilchrist and Phelps Cricket Shields
  • Wednesday, 31 October – NCIS Secondary Basketball

Achievement – Soccer

Congratulations to Hugo McAteer (Year 6). Hugh has been selected in the preliminary squad for the Brisbane Roar. The final squad will be announced after another month of training in November. If Hugo is selected, he will have a five year fully funded contract with Brisbane. 

Sydney International Football Cup

During the term break,  Lindisfarne entered a team in The Sydney International Cup Football Tournament which took place over the October long weekend from Saturday 29 September to Tuesday 2 October. Our team of 13-year-old boys participated in this exclusive end of season event held within the impressive facilities of the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation, Narrabeen. The squad stayed on-site alongside Australian and International teams and were able to immerse themselves in an enjoyable, yet competitive football experience. 

The tournament draw saw our team play eight games over four days in a cup and plate format. The football on display was of a high quality and offered some very challenging match ups against Mosman FC, Queensland Christian Soccer Association, Narrabeen FC, Curl Curl FC and Kanwal FC. Congratulations to William Carmichael, Hudson Dellar, Lachlan Gonsal, Lachlan Howard, Hugo McCallum, Ryan Muggeridge, Declan Ryan, Kai Seguin, Kobi Tokatly, Dylan Wise, Coach Danny Morton and Mr Seguin for representing our school and participating in a spirit of camaraderie and competitiveness. 

2019 Lindisfarne Athletics Program

We would like to invite all parents and students interested in Athletics to attend a short information evening at 6.00pm on Wednesday 24 October in the Mahers Lane Library.  The information evening will detail plans for the 2019 Lindisfarne Athletics Program and will be hosted by the Principal, Mr Marquardt and the Director of Athletic Development, Mr Coyne.  Can you please RSVP to Mrs Julie Moore (jmoore@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au)  to confirm attendance.  Light refreshments will be provided.

Achievement – Tennis

Congratulations to Joshua Mammen. Joshua has been selected in the 15 Year Boys North East Tennis Team to compete in the Queensland State Teams Event to be held in Brisbane on Saturday 15 to Wednesday 19 December 2018. 

Achievement – Hockey

Congratulations to Rupert Fahy (Year 7). Rupert was co-captain of the Queensland Sabres team at the U13 Hockey National Championships over the holidays in Hobart. There were 12 state teams competing. Rupert's team only lost two games over the intensive 7 day tournament.

Achievement – Equestrian

Congratulations to Nicole Gee (Year 7). During the recent break, Nicola proudly represented Lindisfarne with her horse Warrington Park Symphony (aka Steve) at the Interschools Horse Extravaganza in Tamworth. This was a large event with over 250 students entered, Nicola came home with some wonderful placings in the Dressage, Showjumping, Working Hunter and the One Day Event. This was Nicole’s and Steve’s first interschool event together as a new combination and they are working towards the State and National Event in 2019. 

Outstanding Sporting Achievement

Please keep us informed of any outstanding sporting achievements. All details can be emailed to our Sports Administrator, Kristy Bloomfield (kbloomfield@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au)


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Hair accessories are now available at our Uniform Shop. Prices ranging from $11-$12.


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WIN! Smile Street Giveaway

Book in today for your chance to win this amazing Christmas hamper!

The team at Smile Street are a not only part of our Lindisfarne family, they are the generous Major Sponsor of the Lindisfarne P&F Melbourne Cup Luncheon on 6 November and the KIN Schools Day Charity Dinner - Champions Unite on 16 November.

Mortgage Choice

Celebrating 25 years of helping Australians make better financial choices for a better life.

Your local Mortgage Choice expert, Jo Croft, is a proud supporter of the Lindisfarne P&F Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon on 6 November.

SupaNatural Tweed City

Have you spoken with SupaNatural Health's new naturopath, Bea. Stop in and book an appointment with her today at the Tweed City shopping centre.

SupaNatural are a proud supporter of the Lindisfarne P&F Melbourne Cup Luncheon on 6 November.


Offering strong abilities in system trouble shooting; wireless networking setup and support; cyber security; virus protection and much more!

They're also locally owned and operated, and have opened their hearts (and their pockets) to help sponsor our P&F Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon on 6 November. 

CONTACT DIEGO PEISAJOVICH for helpful friendly advice.

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