From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

The school was buzzing with excitement today as we welcomed the 2019 Year 7 cohort to their Orientation Day. It was great to see so many new faces and hear the students asking questions and engaging with activities throughout the day. With Lindisfarne set to hold six Year 7 classes next year, it’s heartening to see so many families choosing Lindisfarne as their school of choice and it gives me great confidence in the future direction of our school.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to a special evening at the KIN Schools Day Charity Dinner where local champions Mat Rogers, Peter Everitt and Chloe Maxwell will unite on stage to raise awareness and funds for the Kids In Need (KIN) Association who support children with disabilities and serious illnesses. I’d like to thank our community for getting involved and backing Year 8 student Sam Smith who has been the driving force behind this event. I appreciate all of Sam’s efforts in bringing his vision of “kids helping kids” to fruition and eagerly await tonight’s festivities.

Planning is well advanced for the 2019 academic year and this week we were able to welcome our Year 4 students to Mahers Lane for their Transition Service in the Chapel. The liturgy with Rev Chad was most enjoyable and had some really great messages about personal growth and seizing opportunities. It was also a pleasure to welcome 23 new students from local schools coming to Lindisfarne. Due to the success of the School and major demand for Middle School enrolments, Year 5 has become another entry point with an extra class being added in 2019.

The Stage 3 Showcase is on this coming Wednesday, 21 November and promises to be one of the highlights of the year. We’re really excited to showcase the work of the Years 5 and 6 students and I’ve been told it will certainly be a “Celebration” for all. If you would like to join us for this wonderful event, please RSVP to

The Year 10 Dinner Dance is on next Friday evening. The dinner is a rite of passage for our Year 10 cohort and I look forward to joining them at Twin Towns to mark this special time of celebration before they prepare to commence the HSC in Years 11 and 12.

Our end of year Speech Nights are not far away with the Junior School Speech Night for Years 1 to 4 being held on 4 December in Ngahriyah, and the joint Middle and Senior School Speech Night for Years 5 to 12 on 5 December also in Ngahriyah. These are compulsory events for our students to attend as the culmination of a year of work, growing and learning at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. Speech Night is an important time of celebrating the achievement of our students, staff and community and we look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

School Fees

Friendly reminder:

All 2018 School Fees to be finalised by Monday, 26 November.

From the Chaplain

The Gift of Giving this Christmas

Christmas is coming… and we want to give!

Anyone who has been to a shopping centre recently will have noticed that the decorations are up and the Christmas carols are already playing. Some shops were at it before Halloween!

While it is easy to be swept up by the juggernaut of the commercialised Christmas, the Lindisfarne community wish to focus on something more intentional and meaningful.

The Tweed Women’s Refuge is a locally run shelter for those who are trying to escape relationships and environments which have been impacted by domestic violence.  The Tweed Women’s Refuge services an average of 50 families a year, and the Christmas period is usually a time of heightened need.

Every year, Lindisfarne has a Christmas Giving Tree set up in the Mahers Lane library, and we ask families to bring in a gift which could be passed onto the nominated recipient. This year’s recipient is going to be the Tweed Women’s Refuge.

Quite often, people who flee from domestic violence leave with very little by way of possessions, so they are effectively trying to start from scratch.

The staff from the refuge have given us a list of suggested gift items which include:

  • Gift vouchers from Lowes or Best & Less (great for school uniforms).
  • Gift vouchers for Target, Coles, Big W, Kmart etc.
  • Passes for kids activities like movies, skating, theme parks.
  • Craft activities.
  • Food items e.g. Christmas cakes, puddings, chocolates and lollies, non-perishable food items to restock pantries.
  • Sports equipment – e.g. cricket sets, sports balls, totem tennis sets.
  • Kids PJ and new T-shirts sizes 2-14 kids.
  • Ladies PJ sets.
  • School items such as stationary, lunch boxes, back packs etc.

If every family brought in one thing, we could make such a big difference to a lot of local lives who are experiencing anything BUT joy and celebration during this Christmas season.  

Annie Ford-Rose from the refuge will be attending our Christmas service on the 30th of November and  we will present our communal gifts which have been donated.

The Lindisfarne community is extremely generous when it comes to our charity work and fund raising, and I thank you all in advance for your support of this extremely worthy and deserving cause.


Rev Chad Rynehart
School Chaplain


Parents & Friends

Year 7 Parent Christmas Dinner

Upcoming Events

ELC End of Year Celebration

Staff Bio

Whole School News

Thank You Mrs Chandler

Stage 3 Showcase

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

A Message from Mr Cross

This week we celebrated the transition of our Year 4 students to the Middle School. Reverend Chad led a humbling service on Wednesday morning that involved both students in Year 4 and 5. In one of the reading Reverend Chad mentioned a story of Jesus being stuck in a storm. Jesus did not worry and he did not stress. He had faith that they would survive this ordeal. This is can be easily related to the journey our Year 4 students are about to embark on. There may be stress, worry and apprehension about the transition to Middle School however all students need to have faith that they are prepared and ready to begin a new chapter of their schooling journey. 

The idea that Jesus had faith that the lord would protect him is one that I hope parents have about the Junior School and the journey into a new grade next year. I want to thank all of the parents that contacted me in regards to class placements in 2019. The teachers are now busy ensuring that through professional knowledge create an educational environment that will be perfect for every individual. 

This week students from Year 1 to 4 were enthralled by the History Incursion. Students were taken on a journey through the history of our original inhabitants, the aboriginal peoples, early world explorers and other major events in Australia’s history. It was great to see everyone engaged in such a rich learning experience.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank all the parents that have continued to utilise the Arkinstall Park gate during the morning and afternoon time slots. Please remember that parking for this gate is situated in the public spaces provided near the tennis courts. Unfortunately parking is unavailable in Sullivan Street and parking at the side of preschool is strictly for preschool staff.  I thank everyone for their efforts in following these directions so we can continue to offer this service. 

In addition to pick up and drop off procedures, can I please ask that we continue to collect all of our students from the pick up area located at the front of the school. If you are utilising Arkinstall Park gate, please continue to collect your student from the pick up area. Students will be directed to wait in this area until they are collected by their parent or guardian. Your assistance with this is appreciated. 

Finally, on Thursday 22 November the Junior School will be holding a special assembly to say thank you to Mrs Chandler as she heads away from Sunshine Avenue to take a role in the Mahers Lane Campus. The assembly will start at 2.15pm and conclude at 3.00pm. The Lindisfarne community is also invited to attend a special afternoon celebration in our Pizza Oven area from 3.30pm. This will be a great opportunity to celebrate and say thanks to Mrs Chandler. 

Tony Cross 
Acting Head of Junior School 

Year 3 Visits Preschool

On Tuesday this week, Year 3 had our second visit to Preschool. Next year we will be Year 4 Buddies to these Preschoolers when they come up to Kindergarten. This time together allows us to start building positive relationships with all our buddies early.

Tuesday was also World Kindness Day, so we completed a kindness activity. Year 3 took our iPads to Preschool and together we made a Pic Collage of our buddies together with some adjectives to describe each other. We also took our morning tea so when we finished the activity on our iPads we sat and ate with our buddies.

We all had a lovely time together, Year 3 are very excited about becoming Buddies next year!

Click below, to see our photo gallery.

Years 1 to 4 History Incursion

This week, the students in Years 1 to 4 participated in a wide range of activities, giving them a taste of our History and what life was like in the past. They had the opportunity to interact with a variety of resources as part of a hands-on and multi-sensory incursion from the educators at Hunting History.

The students in Years 1 and 2 experienced a range of activities that helped them to understand how family life compared from the past to the present.

The Year 3 activities focussed on Community and Remembrance and included aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their connections to our local area.

Year 4 learnt about The First Fleet, British colonisation in Australia and what life was like for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders before the arrival of the Europeans.

The obvious highlight for the incursion, evident across all year levels, was the experience of dressing up as early settlers. This included discovering the attire that men and women of various status’ wore in the past. 

Ashleigh Manning
Incursion Coordinator

View the photo gallery below.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Middle School News

What an amazing week of celebration and transition for our Middle School students. On Tuesday we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming the 2019 Year 5 cohort to the Mahers Lane Campus with a beautiful liturgy and ceremony. The current 2018 Year 5s were excellent role models for the younger grade as they demonstrated their appreciation and sense of occasion. The beautifully decorated pencil cases were a lovely welcome gift too. Special thanks to Lisa Price, Rev Chad, and the rest of the teachers involved in making the transition service such a fun and special event.

I was lucky enough to find myself at the Community Garden for harvest and managed to snaffle a few samples of the organically grown produce. It was great to be able to chat with the students too about the processes of planting, tending and harvesting as they demonstrated real-life learning and genuine engagement in the garden program. 

On Thursday evening, Julie McDowell (Year 7 Coordinator) hosted more than 130 parents at our Year 7 Information Evening. It was a wonderfully positive event which allowed us to share some of the success stories of our first year as a Middle School as well as set up our families for a great 2019. One of the highlights for me was hearing from the Year 7 Homeroom teachers, who have all requested to continue in their roles for 2019, as they introduced themselves and positively discussed their commitment and aspirations for our Middle School, your children, our students. Thank you to all who attended and a special thanks to Julie McDowell for the amazing contribution to the students’ development. As I write this article, we have 72 new students orienting themselves with our school. They have had a terrific morning working with the Senior School student leaders as they meet one another and learn a little bit more about our great school.

We are looking forward to our inaugural Middle School Transition Service on Wednesday, 28 November as we celebrate the first group of Year 8 students as they move into the Senior School. This is sure to be an amazing event which also provides an opportunity for a number of Year 8 students to showcase their amazing talents and abilities. I look forward to sharing this celebration with the Year 8 parents.

With only two and a half weeks left it’s getting easier to see the finish line of a great year. I encourage all of our students to finish strong- chin up, chest out, and show that you’re ready to take the next step in your Lindisfarne journey.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Middle School Science

Poem on Nature

The year is almost over. Year 7 and 8 had Semester 2 Science exams this week and our new Year 7’s came in for their orientation day. As the year rushes towards its conclusion and every day seems busier than the last, spare a moment to reflect upon the wonder of nature
around you. It is so easy to forget.

Forbid that I should walk through the world with unseeing eyes.
Forbid that the lure of the market place should ever steal my heart away from the open spaces, green trees and wonderous creatures.
Forbid that under the low roof of workshop or office I should ever forget the slowly turning tapestry of stars that fill the night.
Forbid that when birds are greeting the morning in joyful chorus, I alone should wear a dull and sullen face.
Let the energy and wisdom in every living thing stir today within my being that I may not be alone among them a sluggard and a drone.
May I treat all things that live with a kind and gentle heart and not ruthlessly hurt any creature.

Adapted by Middle School Science from John Baillie.

Science Quiz

A whimsical Science Quiz this week for the thinkers:

Which is the odd one out from this list: Fairies, Hobbits, Elves and Leprechauns?

Year 6 Report

With two and a half weeks to go of the academic year, I thought it timely to reflect on the year that was.

The cohort has developed and grown, they have challenged the year itself and come out winners. I look at what they have achieved - from poetry and public speaking recitals, sports carnivals, academic achievements, encouraging and welcoming our international visitors through the year, enjoying the sights and temperatures of Melbourne/Ballarat; planting, preparing and devouring garden produce; navigating the complexities of friendship - just to mention a few. The students in Year 6 are ready and prepared for Year 7. And whilst tinged with sadness, the Year 6 teaching team are excited for them and their continuing journey through the Middle School.   

There are three major events still to come this term. Firstly, the Stage 3 Showcase on 21 November. Secondly, the Christmas Service at Mahers Lane on the morning of 30 November. Thirdly, the Annual Speech Night for Middle and Senior School will be held in Ngahriyah commencing at 6.30pm on 5 December. All students are expected to attend dressed in formal uniform.

Such a busy time for our students. They will certainly be ready for the summer break!

Mike Lush
Year 6 Coordinator

2018 Anti-bullying Summit

For the past two days, Mrs Myers (Head of St Stephen house) and I have been fortunate to attend the 2018 Anti-bullying Summit. Research leaders, Principals, welfare coordinators all presented their various insights into bullying, the impact it can have on the victim and what schools are doing to combat concerns and grow a culture of holistic wellbeing. It was very encouraging to see that we at Lindisfarne are very proactive in the preventative approaches we already have in place.

Some (of the many) important elements that came out of the conference included:

  1. The importance of relationships within the school where students feel they can trust and feel worthy.
  2. A focus on empathy is crucial to developing lasting and trusting relationships and eliminating bullying.
  3. Developing a culture of ‘other people matter” can significantly reduce the levels of bullying amongst peers.
  4. Peer support programs allow younger students to broaden their support network and widen their trust level.
  5. Student empowerment, starting at a young age will build resilient children.
  6. The school journey is not a linear path for any student.

At Lindisfarne I see many of these recommended actions already in place. Our homerooms in the Middle School and tutor groups in the Mahers Lane Campus allows strong relationships to foster with both peers and teachers. The introduction of our Rite Journey program next year will further deepen these crucial bonds. Empathy is something we have focussed on quite a bit, particularly in Year 7. We, as a whole school, continue to focus on ensuring our students know that other students matter and we have a team of teachers heavily invested in student wellbeing.

Mrs Myers and I look forward to sharing all our learnings with other staff and, in the meantime, we all need to remember the golden rule: “We should always treat others the way we would like to be treated.”

Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

HSC Breakfast 

Thursday, 13 December - for Year 12 students and teachers.

This event will commence at 9.00am at the Trade Skills Centre and will be an opportunity for students and staff to come together to celebrate the HSC results of this cohort. 
Please email Tania Wilhelm at if you will be attending or have any dietary requirements.

Middle and Senior School Speech Night

On Wednesday, 5 December the Annual Speech Night for Middle and Senior School will be held in Ngahriyah commencing at 6.30pm. All students are expected to attend dressed in formal uniform. 

Other Important Dates

  • Year 11 RRISK: Monday, 19 November.
  • Year 10 Surviving the Senior Years: Monday, 19 November.
  • Year 10 Dinner Dance: Friday, 23 November.

Reduce Risk – Increase Student Knowledge Program (RRISK)

On Monday, 19 November, all Year 11 students will be attending a RRISK program at Southern Cross University. This program is conducted by local council, Police and other external authorities aimed at increasing students’ knowledge and awareness of issues relating to drugs and alcohol and driving and developing skills to make responsible decisions.

Keynote speaker Paul Dillon has been working in the area of drug education for 25 years. He is the founder of the Drug and Alcohol research and Training Australia (DARTA) and works with many school communities across the country to ensure that they have access to good quality information and best practice drug education.

In order to achieve a comprehensive whole school approach towards drug and alcohol and road safety education, this year a Save a Mate group session will be delivered in school by classroom teacher as part of the overall RRISK program.

RRISK program information.

Kokoda Challenge Youth Program

In what’s been a successful year with Arabella Flynn and 45 other Kokoda Kids successfully completing the physical component of the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP) and making it through the difficult task of trekking the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, applications have just opened for the 2019 KCYP, giving Lindisfarne students this awesome opportunity to participate.
The KCYP is catered for all walks of life from the high achievers looking to challenge themselves, middle students who could benefit from a push in the right direction right down to struggling students who just need an opportunity to shine.

Interested students aged 15 – 17 years of age can contact Dann Hollingshed at for further information.  

Check out the YouTube clip below, and click this link to apply:

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

School Colours

Additional colours were presented at this week’s assembly. Please congratulate the following students on their efforts:

Half Colours for the Arts – Public Speaking 
  • Heidi Chaffey
  • Amy McEwen
  • Tia Petersen 
Full Colours for Service – Kokoda Challenge
  • Amber Jones
  • Ashleigh Jones
  • Mylee O’Kane
  • Lily Tarantini
Half Colours for Sports – Athletics
  • Oliver Churchill 
  • Jye Conquest
  • Kodey Edgar Farrell
  • Georgie Hughes
  • Tori Marchiori
  • Maia Shaw
  • Frances Watson
Half Colours for Sports – Cross Country
  • Quinn Butel
  • Oliver Churchill
  • Georgia Sweetnam
Half Colours for Sports – Golf
  • Isaac Outridge
Half Colours for Sports – Netball
  • Heidi Chaffey
  • Molly Fitzgerald
  • Georgia Sweetnam
  • Grace Wagner
Half Colours for Sports – Surf League
  • Beau Meehan
Half Colours for Sports – Surfing
  • Micah Margieson

Careers News

Southern Cross University STAR Entry Scheme 

Congratulation to the following students who were successful with their STAR Early Entry application at Southern Cross University:

  • Georgia Bantoft 
  • Janae Bramwell-Johnson  
  • Raina Cameron 
  • Callum Cargnoni  
  • Jaime Coetzee  
  • Imbana Forrester  
  • Poppy Fox  
  • Tara Heinig  
  • Bek Jenkins 
  • Ashleigh Jones  
  • Sophie Klitgaard  
  • Rosie Lomas  
  • Nicholas Manning  
  • Phoebe Marquardt  
  • Stephanie Matthewman  
  • Lucy Mcfie  
  • Lilli Noonan  
  • Nicholas Nowytarger  
  • Kyle O'Rourke  
  • Mallika Patel  
  • Jordin Ritchie  
  • Joseph Sandor  
  • Chloe Saunders-Kenny  
  • Riley Small  
  • Kiera Thomas  
  • Jahla Whelan 

Accepting the Offer (Student information)

This is a direct entry to SCU, it has no impact on QTAC preferences. Students accept this offer directly through SCU. Most students will wait for the ATAR which is released on 14 December.

Offer Rounds


QTAC - change of preference until 16 December.

Offer released 20 December from QTAC.


UAC - change of preference until 16 December.

Offer released 20 December from UAC. 

Students will know their ATAR and can adjust preferences if needed.

January Offers 

change of preference until 8 January.

Offer released 16 January from QTAC.

change of preference until 6 January.

Offer released 11 January.

It is really important during these dates that you monitor your QTAC and UAC account and respond to offers by the due date. Please email if you have any questions.

Year 12 2019: University Tour

Year 12 students of 2019 have the opportunity to participate in an optional university tour on Thursday, 6 December and Friday, 7 December 2018. These dates were chosen to ensure the students missed less HSC classes and to also fit into the time frame for the universities. Students will visit the following universities:

  • Southern Cross University
  • Griffith University
  • QUT University (Choice of Kelvin Grove or Gardens Point)
  • University of Queensland
  • Bond University

Students will stay on campus at the University of Queensland at St Leo’s College student accommodation. A permission letter and more information will be emailed to parents and students.

Thank you.

Barry Woods
Director of Careers/VET/TAS


Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


2019 School Musical

We are very pleased to finally announce Bring It On as the 2019 school musical. It seems that ever since the huge success of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat students, parents and the wider community have been asking what next?

Bitingly relevant, sprinkled with sass and inspired by the hit film, Bring It On The Musical takes audiences on a high-flying journey that is filled with the complexities of friendship, jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness. Uniting some of the freshest and funniest creative minds on Broadway, Bring It On features an original story by Tony Award-winner, Jeff Whitty (Avenue Q), music and lyrics by Tony Award-winning composer, Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights, Hamilton), music by Pulitzer - and Tony Award-winning composer, Tom Kitt (Next to Normal), lyrics by Broadway lyricist, Amanda Green (High Fidelity) and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Musical.
With a colourful assortment of characters, an exciting fresh sound and explosive choreography with aerial stunts, this hilarious, universal story is sure to be everything that you hoped for and nothing like you expected.
Auditions for lead roles will be taking place this weekend, details for ensemble roles are detailed below.

Ensemble Casting Call

Ensemble casting call for dance, cheer and hip-hop ensemble roles will occur on Tuesday, 27 November at 12.45pm in (lunchtime + Period 5).

During this casting call students will undertake a brief dance/choreography session and also have an opportunity to display their solo skills. 

This would suit students interested in dance, cheer teams, rhythmic/gymnastics, acrobatics, physical culture, Irish dancing and zumba. Students with little or no dance/ensemble experience are still encouraged to attend... the only prerequisite is your enthusiasm and commitment to being part of the musical.

There will be a special dance/cheer workshop to introduce students to the skills and disciplines required for ensemble roles on Thursday, 6 December and Friday, 7 December. This will prepare students for our intensive rehearsals starting 14 January 2019. 

Todd Hardy
Director of Creative and Performing Arts

Learning Enrichment

Homework Help with the Learning Enrichment Team

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, the Learning Enrichment team will be running a Homework Help session for students in Years 5 to 12 in the Mahers Lane Library.

All students are welcome to come along if they are requiring assistance with homework or assessment tasks. Please register your interest via email to Jodie Duggan (Middle School) and Kim Denny (Senior School).

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

​Nabari Seiho High School Visit 2019

The Lindisfarne Japanese Sister School, Nabari Seiho High School will be visiting the Mahers Lane campus again in 2019. The group will arrive Sunday, 10 March and depart Sunday, 17 March.

Therefore, we are seeking expressions of interest from our Lindisfarne families to bring one or two students into their homes and look after them during this week long visit.

If you would like an Application Form and or more information, please email Mrs Fydler on 

Digital Space



Sport News

Upcoming Event

Friday, 23 November – Big Bash Cricket for Years 3 and 4.

Sport Medals

Medals are awarded for representation outside of school at a State or National Level.

Medals for Surfing

  • Marlon Harrison (Qld Rep)
  • Dane Henry (NSW Rep)
  • Micah Margieson (NSW Rep)

Medals for Hockey

  • Rupert Fahy (Qld Rep)
  • Jade Reid (Aus Rep)

Medal for Football

  • Finnegan Wagner (Qld Rep)

Medal for Skipping

  • Laura Downey (Australian Representative)

Medal for TaeKwonDo

  • Miranda Rhodes (International Representative)

Trophies are awarded to students selected as a member or a representative of a NSW CIS team, medalled at a NSW CIS event as an individual or in a School State Team. 

Trophies for Hockey for NSW CIS Representative

  • Bridie Bedford 
  • Kate Sands

Trophies for Equestrian for Queensland Interschools Representative

  • Saffron Anderson
  • Nicola Gee

Trophy for Tennis for NSW Primary School Representative

  • Caspian Tuckwell 

Trophy for AFL for NSW CIS Representative

  • Nilaya Cannon

Trophy for Golf for NSW CIS Representative

  • Isaac Outridge 

Trophy for Athletics – first in High Jump at NSW CIS

  • Jye Walker

Oliver Churchill received two trophies for:

  • Athletics – first in 15 Years 1500m and second in the 800m
  • Cross Country – NSW CIS Representative

Athletics Achievements

Recently, Giselle Smith competed in a little athletics summer competition at QSAC in Brisbane achieving some excellent results. 1st in 90 metre hurdles, 1st in 300 metre hurdles (PB), 3rd in shotput and 4th in high jump.

Surfing Achievements

Competing in the Billabong Parko’s Grom Stomp, Dane Henry was runner up in the U12 division. Marlon was runner up in the under 14's and then won the under 16's. 

Sports Medals are also awarded for representation outside of school at a state or national level.


  • Marlon Harrison
  • Micah Margieson
  • Dane Henry


  • Jade Reid
  • Rupert Fahy


  • Finnegan Wagner


  • Laura Downey

Tae Kwon Do

  • Miranda Rhodes

Sports Trophies are awarded to students selected as a member of a NSW CIS team or to represent NSW CIS or medalled at a NSW CIS event as an individual or in a school state team. 

  • Kate Sands played for NSW CIS Primary Hockey Team
  • Bridie Bedford played for NSW CIS Primary Hockey Team
  • Saffron Anderson selected to represent Queensland in an Interschools Equestrian Competition
  • Nicola Gee selected to represent Queensland in an Interschools Equestrian Competition
  • Caspian Tuckwell was selected as a NSW Primary School Tennis Representative
  • Nilaya Cannon was selected in NSW CIS AFL Team
  • Isaac Outridge is a member of the NSW CIS Golf Team
  • Jye Walker medalled at the NSW CIS Athletics Carnival finishing first in 13 Years High Jump
  • Oliver Churchill received two trophies - one for Athletics and one for Cross Country. Oliver was selected as a NSW CIS representative for Cross Country and he also medalled at the NSW CIS Athletics Carnival finishing first in 15 Years 1500m and second in the 800m.

Lindisfarne Netball Club Tour 2019

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first Lindisfarne Netball Club Tour in 2019 to Western Australia. We will be taking three netball teams consisting of 10 players per team. We will be conducting selection trials for an Opens team, Under 15’s Team A and an Under 15’s Team B via a selection panel on the Lindisfarne netball courts starting next week (Week 6). The tour will depart Sunday, 7 April 2019 for seven nights encompassing Albany, Margaret River, Bunbury and Perth. Students will have the opportunity to play against five prestigious Western Australian schools and engage in cultural, historical and other learning experiences. For further details please contact Sports Administrator, Kristy Bloomfield via

NCIS Basketball Tournament

On Thursday, 8 November, two teams comprising students from Years 5 and 6 headed to Byron Bay to take part in the NCIS basketball tournament. Having had several training sessions in the lead up the teams were well and truly ready to play competition matches. The girls won a game and lost a game in their pool. On a count-back they topped the pool which was fantastic. The boys won their two close games in the pool and topped it as well.

Semi-finals brought stiffer competition with the girls losing in this round. They all played fantastically well with their match play improving game to game. For the boys their semi-final was a contest but they managed to win comfortably in the end. As the final began the boys started slowly but picked up the pace and their shot count. Whilst they unfortunately lost to Bishop Druitt College, they, like the girls, improved match on match, playing organised and team focused basketball.

Congratulations to both teams for all their efforts on the day.

Mike Lush

2019 – Sports Calendar

School Carnivals, NCIS and NSW CIS Events as at 13 November 2018.

For further information on any of the events below, please contact the School’s Sports Administrator Kristy Bloomfield (

Please note, some NSW CIS events are individual nominations. These are indicated in the table with ** with the date nominations close. Further details relating to the nomination process can be obtained from Kristy Bloomfield or by visiting the NSW CIS website. If the sport, your child is interested in is not listed, information is available on the NSW CIS website:


Uniform Shop


OOSHC Summer Vacation Care

Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News

Casuarina Beach Barbarians

Surfing Australia School Holiday Camps

Surfing Australia’s High Performance Centre launched a new all-inclusive School Holiday Camp package and are offering an early bird discount of $200 on their five-day camps for anyone who books in before 30 November 2018. 

Full details and camp prices via the link: 

Pro-One Tennis Academy Offers

Free Friday Afternoon Matchplay

Open to all Lindisfarne Years 3 and 4 students that are currently taking place in the school tennis program. They can attend our Friday afternoon supervised match play free of charge for this term. It runs from 4.00pm to 5.00pm every Friday until the end of term. It’s a great opportunity for them to put into matches the skills they learn at the lessons.

Pro-One Tennis Academy Christmas Party

Pro-One Tennis Academy will have their tennis Christmas party on Friday, 14 December from 4.00pm to 6.30pm. The event is open all Lindisfarne students and will include:

  • introduction to tennis for newbies;
  • tennis games;
  • prizes for best dressed (Christmas theme);
  • Santa visit;
  • free sausage sizzle;
  • giveaways and prizes; and
  • giant inflatable water slide.

Athlete's Foot

At Tweed City and Pacific Fair.