From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2019 school year. The last few weeks have been busy and rewarding as we have worked to prepare for the return of all students on Tuesday, 29 January.

A number of maintenance tasks have been completed at both campuses in order to enhance the learning environment for our students.

The work to air-condition the Mahers Lane Campus has been completed providing excellent conditions for learning and teaching across both campuses.

The ConnectEd program has commenced with the rollout of devices. It was exciting to see families and students at school during the week collecting their devices for the year ahead.  Thank you to Gavin Kennedy, Director of Information Services and his team for their tireless efforts during the holiday period to make the device rollout possible.

Today was an important day for our K-7 students as they attended class parties and orientation at Sunshine Avenue and Mahers Lane. This initial time together with each other and the staff is a great way to prepare for school next week and the year ahead.

I want to thank Mr Todd Hardy and the Performing Arts team for the work they have done with 60 of our committed students over the past two weeks to commence rehearsals for the 2019 school musical production, Bring It On. I caught a sneak preview today and the show is already taking shape. It will be spectacular. Please keep the following dates clear so that you can attend the production later this term:

  • Thursday, 4 April;
  • Friday, 5 April; and
  • Saturday, 6 April.

At the heart of any great school is a supportive community. I look forward to seeing many of our parents (P-12) at the P&F Welcome Function on Friday, 8 February at our Junior School as we launch into the 2019 academic year. It will be a big year for our P&F as they prepare for the FunFest on Saturday, 31 August.

Welcome back and we look forward to an exciting year of learning and achievement at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. 

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain

Faith Formation at Lindisfarne in 2019

Welcome back to returning students and families, and a warm welcome to new students and families. We are humbled and privileged that you have chosen Lindisfarne for the education and development of your young people.

As the year begins, I thought it was timely to inform and remind everyone of what it means to us to be an Anglican school, and how the Anglican way is lived and experienced.

One of our core beliefs as an Anglican Diocese is that God is concerned with the development and wellbeing of every person every day.  That is foundational to why Anglican schools exist and what they provide. The rationale and practice of Chaplaincy are deliberately invitational rather than obligatory.  We acknowledge that students and families come from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions, and while our school is founded in Anglicanism and the Christian tradition, one of the core premises of Anglicanism is inclusivity, so we work on an inclusive rather than exclusive concept of God, faith and spirituality.

Our framework for Chaplaincy at Lindisfarne is called Faith Formation and is based on the idea that everyone has faith in something.
Does God exist?
How did we get here?
What happens to you after you die?

Your answers to any of those questions (as examples) are technically “Faith” responses, because none of us can prove what we choose to assert or believe, and an important part of holistic personal development is reflecting on what you choose to have faith in and why.

As Chaplain of this school, I am much more interested in asking questions and facilitating discussions about the nature of faith and belief than I am in attempting to tell people WHAT to believe. There are many deep and important questions to be pondered during the course of life, and so the Faith Formation process is all about giving our young people some forums to consider the deep questions and issues, as well as some tools and skills to be able to continue on their faith journey after they leave school, because that faith will continue to develop and form during the course of life.

I look forward to sharing more about the Faith Formation process in the coming weeks.

Blessings for 2019,

Rev Chad Rynehart
School Chaplain


Parents & Friends

Lindisfarne Welcome Reception 2019

Upcoming Events

Staff Bio

Whole School News

ConnectEd Roll-Out Success

Students from Years 6 to 12 have been in to the Library this week collecting their new device as Lindisfarne rolled out the ConnectEd program ready for the first day of classes.

ConnectEd is a Lindisfarne initiative that provides access to a modern, high-quality device to students in all year levels at the School. We passionately believe in the impact that technology can have on learning, and consider a personal device a critical tool in that journey.

Future-focussed education involves using the best tools and resources available to inspire and engage students and to facilitate deep learning. Products such as Google Classroom provide a platform for open learning and collaboration and allow teachers to support work completed in class with additional resources. ConnectEd creates a stable and consistent platform to ensure all students have equal access to industry leading software for use in class and to support learning at home.

Students who have not picked up their device yet will be able to do so from the Library on their first day of school.

New Year 7 student, Max picks up his MacBook from the IT team.

Enrolments 2020

As we commence the 2019 school year and our new students begin their first day of classes, the enrolments team will begin processing 2020 applications.

Current families are strongly urged to enrol siblings immediately for the 2020 school year. Whilst priority is given to sibling enrolments, we already have significant enrolment applications for the 2020 school year. So, if you intend to enrol a sibling for 2020, now is the time to begin the application process.

Simon McKinley
Director of Community Engagement

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

I extend a warm welcome to all Junior School families to our 2019 school year. Our educators have been busy developing exciting learning programs and putting the finishing touches on classrooms after the Christmas break.

The first week back is always one of my favourites as year in, year out, I am uplifted by the passion in which the students retell their holiday adventures. What is even more interesting is the tales they choose to tell. Often a student will avidly recount a highly detailed description of one of the more mundane activities they had while their parents shake their heads and point out they actually flew away somewhere special at great cost!

I encourage our students to come prepared (maybe even photos) to share some of these stories with their teachers. Similarly, I have asked our staff to do likewise and share their holiday moments. This is an excellent way for positive relationships to be developed and our community to be strengthened.  

As a new staff member myself, please take the time to introduce yourself when you see me. The staff, parents and students of the school community who I have met so far have been incredibly warm and friendly and I look forward to getting to know everyone in the coming months and years ahead.

Drop Off and Pick Up

On the first day of school car parking will be available on the oval as well as the designated areas. The gate to Arkinstall Park will also be open to allow access from that direction. Please take the time to read the Road Safety pamphlet that has been sent out.

Traffic around all schools can be very frustrating at times so please adhere to the rules and take a cautious and relaxed approach. Student safety as we all would agree is without question the number one priority in this area. Please also be mindful of the residents in Sunshine Avenue when parking cars near driveways.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Parent Information Evening

We look forward to your company at the Parent Information Evening which will be held on the Friday, 8 February which is at the end of Week 2. Our teachers will share some of the exciting activities that they have planned for the year and it is a good chance to meet in person the teachers who will be leading the learning journey for your children this year.  

Lindisfarne Welcome Reception

The Parent Information Evening will be followed by refreshments at the Lindisfarne Welcome Reception which will be an opportunity to see familiar faces in the parent community and to welcome our new families who have joined us this year. Full details of the Lindisfarne Welcome Reception can be found in the P&F section of this newsletter.

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Head of Middle School Report

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2019 academic year in the Lindisfarne Middle School. A big welcome back to all continuing students and a warm welcome to our 100+ new students. 

It has been a tremendous week for the staff as we returned to school this week to prepare for the year ahead, meet and greet the new teachers and other staff members, and take advantage of the wide range of professional learning opportunities we had available to us. It was also exciting to return to see the huge amount of work that has gone into facilities improvements and development over the Christmas period. As we are still in the final phases of completion on a number of these projects, I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we finalise these improvements. 

As some of you may have read/heard, circumstances beyond control meant that Mrs Olivia Peach was not able to join the Lindisfarne Year 6 team. We are delighted to announce that Ms Jacqui Foster, a very familiar face at Lindisfarne, has been appointed to the role of 6D classroom teacher. Ms Foster has previously demonstrated her quality teaching and commitment to the students of Lindisfarne throughout recent years as a casual relief teacher and, most recently, teacher of HSIE. We warmly welcome Jacqui to the team.

We are looking forward to a positive start to the school year as the Homeroom Teachers get to know each and every student in their class. The role of the Homeroom Teacher (HRT) cannot be underestimated as the predominant point of contact and key relationship that the students will have with staff at the School. For parents, the HRT provides a consistent point of contact with regards to overall academic progress, social and emotional development and information sharing. You will have received communication recently regarding the upcoming Meet the Homeroom Teacher evening on February 11. This will provide parents with a great opportunity to meet the HRT and learn about the structures, processes and events of the year ahead. I look forward to seeing you all there.

I look forward to working with the wonderful students and families of Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School as we kick off 2019 with a wonderfully positive mindset, a spring in our step, and a hunger to learn.

Welcome and welcome back.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Year 8 Homeroom Team

Welcome to the 2019 academic year. We look forward to meeting the new Year 8 cohort and embracing the challenges that the year has in store for us all and also, celebrating the many successes that are sure to happen. We’ll use the newsletter to showcase, advertise and inform over the course of the year but also keep an eye out for mail in your inbox for information that is relevant to your Year 8 student. 

The Year 8 Homeroom team is led by Mrs Kylie Wharton and enjoys the experience of Mr Gavin Kester, Mrs Kelly Bedford, Mr Joel Gennari, Mr Robert Seguin and this year, Mrs Ursula Nash joins us to accommodate the extra class.

To kick off the year, we begin by profiling the staff who will lead the Year 8 students through their final year of Middle School.


Kylie Wharton
Position: Year 8 Coordinator and English teacher
Number of years at Lindisfarne: 10

Tell us why you became a teacher.

During my own schooling, I had two very influential teachers. One, for English in my junior years, and the other for Ancient History in my final years at school. Both women were pivotal in shaping my love of learning in different ways. This inspired me to become a teacher and I still strive to reflect what I admired in them in my own work with the students at Lindisfarne.

Since you’re an English teacher, what is your all-time favourite novel?

Narrowing it to a single title is tricky. However, if I can only choose one, I would say Cloudstreet by Tim Winton because I can happily re-read it over and over and, I find something new each time!

What is your favourite aspect of teaching?

I love that no two days are the same. For example, I can have two year 8 English classes and run the same lesson but the answers and ideas that come out of each of the classes can be significantly different. I also love the lightbulb moments that students have – seeing the recognition of success and achievement is the best.

What is something we might not know about you?

I’ve got a pretty wicked backhand. My dad was a tennis coach when I was growing up and I often was grouped with the older boys. I quickly learnt that no matter how much I trained, I was never going to beat them in power or strength so I had to learn to run them around the court. My double-handed backhand became my secret weapon!

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

I was reading a bed time story recently. We are a Dr Seuss family but how apt is this for the start of a year?  “You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”

This first newsletter marks the fact that we are indeed underway. We are surely off to great places where doubtless there will be mountains to climb with the corresponding joys when personal goals are achieved. We have a raft of new initiatives which will be rolled out throughout the year, the first of which is the Rite Journey which our Year 9 students will be undertaking as a cohort. 

I welcome all our new families and encourage everyone to attend the Senior School Meet the Tutors evening, to be held on Monday, 4 February at 6.00pm in the Chapel. This is your chance to meet your child’s tutor and to speak directly with members of the Senior School leadership team, following which there will be a parent information session for the Rite Journey. It will be important for all parents of students in the Year 9 cohort to attend. All parents are welcome at this second meeting. The Rite Journey is a program specifically and deliberately targeted to our Year 9 cohort. It does not take away from the role of parents, guardians, mentors but seeks to complement and support these teenagers as they yearn to be adults. Never before have young people had to deal with the pervasive influence of social media. All too often we see evidence of peers turning to the internet and media to inform their choices, to seek knowledge and to search for guidance. It is a recognised fact that adolescents are best helped by community guidance, and by personal engagement with significant adults/mentors in their lives. A unique feature of the Rite Journey is the seven step program that forms a contemporary rite of passage to adulthood; similar to that of most traditional cultures where elders guide their young in the ways of respect and what it means to be a functioning, responsible member of a community. This is a rewarding and transformative process.

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out new programs, information for which will follow in future newsletters.

And last but by no means least; it is timely to congratulate our 2018 Year 12 cohort on their impressive HSC results. They worked hard, they persevered when the going got tough and they came through in the end to be rewarded and acknowledged in their final markings. Congratulations class of 2018! 

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Vietnam Immersion 2019

“Who am I and what do I have to give?” This was, and continues to be, a question which is posed to our students where the focus was in giving back, not just to our own Lindisfarne community but also, this year incorporating a global focus. In the 2018 Term 3 holidays a group of our students had the privilege of learning first hand just what it means to be a citizen of the world and to be closely interconnected with another culture. This was certainly the case for our students who travelled to the Mekong region of Vietnam where they assisted in the construction of simple hand built homes; veritable palaces to those people who had been displaced and rendered homeless by devastating monsoonal rains. The assistance of our students in this project afforded life changing experiences not only to the people of the Mekong Delta but also to themselves. 

In 2019, Lindisfarne will once again be offering an Immersion to Vietnam to students in Years 9 to 12. The trip will take place during the October school holidays from 28 September to 12 October.

Parents of all Year 9 to 12 students will be sent a letter in the coming week asking for expressions of interest.

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School


Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Performing Arts

Welcome to another exciting year of Performing Arts at Lindisfarne. In 2019 we will continue to offer our students a broad array of experiences and opportunities within performing arts whilst integrating some new and engaging programs.

Co-curricular Music Ensembles

Rehearsals for our school ensembles will resume in Week 2 of this term, I would encourage all students with an interest in music to find an ensemble which best suits their skill level and get involved. 

Private music tuition is also available at Lindisfarne for almost all instruments and voice and right now is the perfect time to sign up. The 30-minute lessons occur during class time, before and after school on a rotating basis. For further information on ensemble rehearsal times or music tuition please refer to the Co-curricular/Creative and Performing Arts/Performing Arts Private Tuition tab on the school website.

Due to the extra workload of our upcoming musical production, dance ensembles for Mahers Lane commence in Term 2 under the direction of Mrs Phillips.

Meet the Tutors Concert

Everyone is invited to an exciting musical soiree on Monday, 18 February showcasing the talents of our private music tutors and music staff. This was a well-patronised event in 2018 and is a fantastic opportunity for students who may be interested in starting to learn an instrument or for current young musicians to hear their tutors in action. Starting at 6.30pm, the 90-minute concert will be hosted by our Friends of the Arts committee who will provide light refreshments from 6.00pm.

FOTA Meeting Friends of the Arts

Friends of the Arts (FOTA) is a sub-committee of the P&F created in 2018 for parents and friends interested in supporting the Arts at Lindisfarne. They actively supported a number of events last year including our inaugural night of jazz and the senior art exhibition. All interested parents and friends are invited join us for our first meeting for 2019 on Tuesday, 12 February in the school library at 6.30pm.

Festival of the Saxophone

During the past two days we have hosted the Festival of the Saxophone which involved intensive rehearsals and workshops with professional saxophonists Joern Harris and Martha Baartz. Students were able to develop ensemble skills, work on tone development, listening skills and improvisation. This was a great musical kick-start for our resident Saxophonists.

Congratulations to our High Flyers

Special mention should be made of our 2019 musical cast who attended a two week intensive cheerleading and dance bootcamp during the school holidays. All students involved displayed amazing dedication, commitment and enthusiasm which resulted in the development of some very impressive skills... well done all!

Mr Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Join the Lindisfarne Production Club!

Last year they worked behind the scenes on the audio/vision setups for the Stage 3 Showcase and both Speech Nights. In 2019 you'll have the chance to help out with the Bring It On musical, Big Chill concert, and other performances.

The first Production Club meeting for 2019 will be held on Monday, 11 February (Week 3) from 3.30pm to 5.00pm in the Chapel.

Please RSVP to Mr Jackson to register your interest:

Musical Cheer and Dance Camp

For the past two weeks of the holidays while most were enjoying the beach; the cast of Bring It On: The Musical were already at school!

Under the direction of industry professionals, they were involved in a cheerleading and dance intensive boot camp!

Bring It On involves a lot of cheerleading routines and to be able to perform these safely all of the cast had to learn the basics. This led to more complex routines and the results have been phenomenal!

Some formed the bases who were in charge of holding the feet and others the back spots who are in charge of protecting the flyers head and shoulders. The ‘flyers’ are the ones being thrust into the air! All were trained on how to ‘spot’ safely with an eye for precaution which is so important in a high flying show such as this one!

Once the groups were secure, time was spent on the big cheer and dance numbers.

Cradles, basket tosses and pyramids were added to the routines and the talented group of tumblers we have at Lindisfarne have impacted the high standards achieved in such a short amount of time. Already the casts commitment to this has been commendable as new skills and friendships have been forged.

Watch this space for news as we prepare for this exciting musical which is sure to be everything that you have hoped for and nothing like you expected!

Amy Skene and Loretta Visser
Musical Co-Directors

Learning Enrichment

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Songwriting Circle

Songwriting Circle is a new opportunity open to all budding songwriters, rappers, electronic music producers and composers at Mahers Lane.

Each week students will meet in an open workshop where they can work on their song ideas. Individual students can audition ideas in an inclusive environment and receive constructive feedback from other students and myself. Collaboration between students will be encouraged and fostered in these workshops.

The idea is to offer an opportunity for songwriters and music makers to work towards these sessions so they can have something new to offer each week. This does not need to be a finished song, it could be an idea for a lyric, verse, melodic idea, chord progression or a drum beat.

Each week will focus on one or more particular aspect of songwriting and specific examples will be used to highlight this focus. Students will also help build a shared resource by adding music from their favourite artists to a group playlist helping expand their knowledge of artists and styles. 

Where: Lindisfarne Recording Studio
When: Tuesday lunchtimes (first session February 5)
Who: Students in Years 5 to 12

Please feel free to contact me via if you have any questions regarding the Lindisfarne Recording Studio.

Brett Canning
Recording Studio Manager/Producer

Name that Record Label

We are very excited to announce that this year Lindisfarne will be launching a record label. The primary focus of the record label will be to give back to the community through student involvement in our recording projects. These projects will present opportunities for students in a range of areas including; music business, visual arts, audio engineering, music production, songwriting, composition and performance.

To get the ball rolling we need a punchy, original name that ties in with the philanthropic aims of the label. With this in mind, I would like to invite students to be part of the naming process by attending two brainstorming sessions to be held in the recording studio at lunchtime on Tuesday, January 29 and Wednesday, January 30. These sessions are open to all students at Mahers Lane Campus.

Come along and be part of something very special!

Brett Canning 
Recording Studio Manager/Producer

International Department

Digital Space




Welcome back to all of the continuing students and welcome to Lindisfarne to all of our new School classes. We trust that you have enjoyed a fabulous festive season with your family and friends and are as excited as we are about the year ahead.

We are very pleased to announce the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education staff for 2019:
  • Mr Croft will continue to teach PE at the Junior Campus.
  • Mrs Topper will be teaching Stage 3 classes alongside Mr Dwyer and Mrs Maynard.
  • Mrs McDowell, Mr Bedford, Mr Fydler, Mr Smith, Mr Clucas, Mr Dwyer and Mrs Maynard will be teaching Stages 4 and 5 PDHPE and PASS cohorts.
  • Mr Bedford and Mrs Maynard will teach the Stage 6 students.

As soon as we are able to confirm practical and theory lessons at the Mahers Lane Campus, your child’s teacher will email and introduce themselves and inform you of timetabled arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact the PDHPE teacher if you have any questions or concerns in this curriculum area, or contact me as the Director of Faculty.

We are all looking forward to working with all of the students this year.

Gay Maynard
Director of PDHPE

Sports News

Lindisfarne Swimming Carnivals

Both the Lindisfarne Swimming Carnivals are going to occur in Week 3 at Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre. The Senior School Carnival (Years 9 to 12) will take place on Monday, 11 February, and the Junior/Middle School Carnival (Years 3 to 8) will compete on Wednesday, 13 February.

Students will soon be invited to nominate to trial for the seeded heats at the Swimming Carnival. There will be two seeded heats (of eight) for each event. Students who have been swim training, or those wishing to represent Lindisfarne in a specific event and/or compete for Age Champion are encouraged to put themselves forward. There are also general participation heats available on the day for students of all abilities to compete in and contribute towards house points.

Cross Country

We are excited to be beginning Cross Country training in Week 4 in preparation for our carnival, with a collective goal to compete to the best of our ability at NCIS and beyond. All Mahers Lane students (Years 5 to 12) will have the opportunity to train Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7.15am, and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3.30pm. Junior School students (Years 3 and 4 only) will have sessions underway from 7.15am at Arkinstall Park on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Everyone of all abilities, in those age categories are welcome to come and improve their aerobic fitness.

Spotlight - Annabella Andrews

We have been excited to hear about the achievement of our new Year 7 student Annabella Andrews achieving some excellent results in her Brisbane North team winning the QLD Little League Girls Baseball State Titles during December.

Spotlight - Flynn Southam

Flynn Southam (Year 9) was setting the pool alight at the QLD Long Course Swim Champs during December. He set numerous Personal Bests, and took a swag of medals away from the meet including Gold in the 1500m Free, 100m and 200m Back and 4x50m Medley Relay. He also achieved Silver in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m free, 400m Individual Medley.

After School Soccer Program

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School will be running an after school soccer program during Term 1 which will be delivered by Total Football Academy. The program is for Prep to Year 4 students. Registration must be made directly with the School by emailing Kristy Bloomfield via

During the nine-week program, games will be played inside an inflatable soccer field, which captures the imagination of students, giving them a great soccer experience.  Training will take place inside a skills square focusing on different skills each week, such as dribbling, turning and shooting.  As part of the program players can also purchase a soccer kit (Top and Shorts).  

The program starts on Thursday, 5 February from 3.15pm to 4.15pm for Kindergarten to Year 4 students. 

Note: No session will ever be cancelled as there will be an undercover area and class room sessions that can be delivered.

Damien Clucas
Director of Sport

Magic United TFA Teamed Up with Lindisfarne


What an exciting year 2019 promises to be!

Planning is well underway for the Tweed Monday Night competition, Saturday Season and the Western Australia Tour. 

Please note these dates for your diary:

  • Monday, 4 February – WA Tour Training starts at 7.00am (and each Monday after)
  • Monday, 4 February – Saturday Season Information Session at Sunshine Avenue from 3.00pm to 4.00pm.
  • Tuesday, 5 February – Saturday Season Information Session in the Chapel at Mahers Lane from 3.20pm to 4.20pm
  • Tuesday, 5 February – WA Tour Information Session in the Chapel at Mahers Lane. 4.45pm to 5.45pm.
  • Saturday, 10 February - Registration Cut off.
  • Tuesday, 12 February - Lindisfarne Grading Sunshine Ave U9 and U10.
  • Thursday, 14 February - Lindisfarne Grading Mahers Lane Cadets 13-17 years 3.45pm.
  • Friday, 15 February - Lindisfarne Grading Mahers Lane U11 and U12/13 3.45pm.
  • Monday, 18 February – Monday Night Competition starts.
  • Friday, 22 February - Lindisfarne Netball Welcome BBQ at Mahers Lane 4.00pm to 6.00pm.
  • Saturday, 7 April to 14 April - Lindisfarne Netball Club WA Tour.
  • Tweed Netball Grading Games start on Saturday, 9 March with the Round 1 on Saturday, 6 April. The Grand Finals are scheduled for Saturday, 7 September.

We have a number of Lindisfarne girls who have trialled, or will be trialling, for the Tweed Rep teams. Once the Junior Squads (12 to 15 years) have been finalised we will share and celebrate the achievement of making the TNA teams. Selections for the 17 and 19 years Premier League Squads will take place on Wednesday, 13 February.

Please click this Lindisfarne Netball Club Fact Sheet link re: The Tweed Association’s Saturday competition. 

For the Monday Night Netball competition (Year 7 – Year 12) please click here to view and complete the form and email it back to me.

If you have any questions regarding Lindisfarne Netball Club, the committee are only happy to help. Please contact us via our Lindisfarne Netball Facebook page or email or

Further information is available on the Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School website under the Community/Netball tab.

Go Lindisfarne Lions!

Gay Maynard
TIC Netball


Uniform Shop


Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News