From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last night I spent the evening visiting our Year 7 students and staff at the Year 7 Orientation Camp at Thunderbird Park in the Gold Coast hinterland.

I arrived in time to see the horse riding, canoeing and team initiative activities in full swing. The students were having a terrific time bonding as a cohort and preparing for the exciting year of learning together.

Year 7 Coordinator, Mrs Julie McDowell did an exceptional job coordinating the camp and giving our Year 7 students the opportunity for a terrific personal development experience.

I loved joining our students on camp and am always so proud of how they embrace the challenge of being away from home and attempting all of the activities, some of which are new and unfamiliar.

On Saturday, we have 73 students who have registered for the annual Edutest scholarship exam. This is a record number of applicants for Lindisfarne and it reinforces the high esteem our school is held in, in the wider educational community. I look forward to welcoming students and families to the School in the morning and wish all applicants the very best for the scholarship exam.

Like most people on the Coast, I have been tracking Cyclone Oma closely. This is a large weather system with the worst of the wind and rain forecast for this weekend. We anticipate that school will operate as normal on Monday and that it will be a regular school day. However, if anything should change significantly over the weekend I will communicate with families via Facebook, Instagram, email, SMS and local radio.

No news, of course, is good news and we will see everyone on Monday for a full day of School. As with any weather system, take care, allow extra time for travel and make decisions in accordance with the weather.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

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Whole School News

Elevate Study Skills

Recently, students in Years 7 to 11 completed various modules of a study skills program offered by Elevate Education.

As a thank you for our support this year they are opening their online platform up to every student in the School.

This platform provides tailored support to students via study skills courses, activities and practice questions.

Below is the link and password for this online platform. This link and password have been sent to all students’ school email addresses. 

Password: rondo


Spotlight on Olivia-Jade Greenslade

This week we received some wonderful news from the NSW Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation.

In 2018, 56 997 students sat VALID 8 - the Validation of Assessment for Learning and Individual Development (VALID) program provides online end-of-stage assessments for the science key learning area. The assessments assist schools to monitor student achievement and inform planning, programming and assessment practice.

We were delighted to hear that Olivia-Jade Greenslade (Year 9) achieved the forth highest score in the state along with eight other students, placing her in the top 15 students in NSW.

We congratulate Olivia-Jade on these tremendous results and thank the Lindisfarne Science Faculty for providing guidance and inspiration for our students to achieve greatness.

Adele Rowlands-Dealey
Communications Officer

Round Square

Dean of Studies

HSC Minimum Standards Update

Next week students in Year 10 will do practice tests for each of the HSC minimum standards. Numeracy, Writing and Reading. These tests are done online and will allow the students to experience the format of the tests. 

Below is a link to the information provided by NESA about the minimum standard test.

Students will then sit the tests the following week. If you have any concerns or questions about the HSC minimum standards, please contact me via

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Online Progressive Reporting

In 2019, the Junior School will move away from traditional end of semester reports and begin using a new assessment and reporting procedure in the Junior School. We will begin to use an application called Wabisabi as a progressive reporting tool, where parents at home can see work throughout the year, with teacher feedback and growth statements. As such, the comment sections on the end of semester report for core subjects will no longer exist, replaced with the feedback received throughout the semester on Wabisabi.

What is progressive reporting?

At Lindisfarne we recognise that the traditional reporting process of receiving feedback at the end of a semester is not ideal as it provides little evidence of learning, no chance for collaborative improvement between home and school throughout the semester, and often leaves students and parents confused about why they have received the mark and feedback they have.

Progressive reporting is reporting on student progress throughout the semester. It represents a selected example, or examples, of the learning being produced by the student, to show their current level of understanding and ability.

Progressive reporting provides students with opportunities for growth, with teachers providing “growth comments”, explaining to students how they can reflect upon their work, and suggested goals for the future.

How will we share this learning?

The Wabisabi application being utilised across the Junior School is transforming the way that we communicate students progress and share goals for future growth, with both students and family members at home.

Please be aware that not all pieces of work that are chosen to be displayed on Wabisabi are used for progressive reporting, as there will be selected pieces of work for celebration and reflection.

Formative and Summative Assessment and Feedback

As we move away from a more traditional approach of assessing at the end of a semester, we move towards more frequent opportunities for assessment, with chances to grow and demonstrate that growth throughout the student’s learning journey.

Feedback provided on our progressive reporting will predominantly be formative in nature, that is, provided with time for students to take on feedback and demonstrate progress and growth (hence the phrase progressive reporting). It is not necessarily the result that will appear on the corresponding element of the report card at the end of the semester, as there is still the opportunity for student improvement and growth.

As we approach the end of a semester, or unit of work, feedback will become more summative in nature. This is to say, it is representative of the level of achievement that the student has demonstrated before reporting. It is not, however, a final destination, as there is always time to learn and grow in the future.

What is the parents’ and carers’ role in progressive reporting?

The teachers at Lindisfarne strongly encourage parents and carers to look over the work, read the teacher feedback and provide positive feedback of their own. Some examples of comments that parents are encouraged to use include;

  • Great job {name}, I can see that you are really working hard on your…

  • I like how you included…

  • I can see that you are really improving…

Of course not all work samples will be error-free and parents may feel that their child could do better than what they are seeing. In this case parents and carers are encouraged to respond accordingly. Examples of comments include;

  • I see that you made a few errors with… Let’s talk about how we can fix that in the future.

  • I’m not sure this is your best effort. How about we talk about how we can display our best work at all times.

How do I access Wabisabi?

Parents and carers are invited to download the Wabisabi application from the app store. This application is available for both apple and android devices. Furthermore, Wabisabi can be accessed online at from your desktop or laptop device. You may download the application over the weekend but please understand you will not be able to view anything until you receive a formal invitation from the classroom teacher.

On Monday afternoon all parents and carers from Preschool to Year 4 will be sent an email inviting them to join in their child’s online portal. Please ensure that you following the steps in setting up a successful account.

In the coming weeks I will be hosting ‘Coffee Cup Sessions’ whereby parents are invited to join me before school to go through the application and assist in anyway possible. I look forward to seeing you there.

A culture of continual improvement.

At Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar Junior School we strive to provide exceptional learning experiences, a collaborative partnership between all stakeholders and an environment where students, parents and teachers are all working towards raising academic outcomes. Progressive reporting allows for this partnership to happen and allows for our students to continually achieve great learning success.

Tony Cross
Assistant Head of Junior School - Curriculum

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Year 7 Vaccinations

Year 7 Vaccinations will take place on Thursday, 14 March at school (the venue is yet to be advised).

The vaccinations will be administered by a NSW Department of Health nurse and will be supported by our School Nurse, Mrs Michelle Whitticker and our School Psychologist, Cassandra Gist.

I encourage you to read the information provided by NSW Health to be informed about the vaccinations and return your forms promptly to your Homeroom teacher.

Please expand the article and click the link below to read about the NSW School Vaccination Program 2019.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

NSW School Vaccination Program 2019

Year 6 News

It is hard to believe that Week 5 is nearly upon us. No doubt the school routines are in place - drop off, pick-up, catching the bus, Home Learning, taking part in activities, clubs and more. Again I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your efforts and reiterate the importance for your child to start the day well. A hearty breakfast, plenty of ‘fuel’ packed for them to keep going for the entire day, arriving at school by 820am, devices fully charged, the correct uniform being worn plus hair, makeup and jewellery expectations being adhered to.

Just over a week ago, a highlight was the Swimming Carnival. There were plenty of super performances and great House spirit. Sport carnivals are a very important, compulsory part of the fabric in any school, they naturally instil the virtue of competitiveness but they also allow the idea of belonging and mateship to flourish. Whether competing or spectating the students were all integral to making the day a success and I thank them for that.

Whilst curriculum is a driver, there is plenty of diversity on offer out of the classroom. Mrs Foyster runs a gardening club every lunchtime and she welcomes anyone who is keen to help out in the Lindisfarne Community Garden. Students just need to remember to bring a pair of gardening gloves with them. A greenhouse is being built as well and we desperately need empty 2 litre soft drink bottles. 1.25 litre bottles are also needed. So, if you can spare these please get your child to bring them to school as they are a vital component for the build. 

At lunchtime a Math Clinic runs on Wednesday and a Board Games/Home Learning club on Thursday. Running Club also started this week. It is a great opportunity for students to build up their fitness particularly with the school cross country at the end of this term. When you add to this netball training, musical rehearsals, upcoming NCIS events and the fact we are not quite at the halfway point of the term, it really is an action-packed time.

Mike Lush
Year 6 Coordinator

Year 8 News

Year 8 students have had a busy couple of weeks! The Swimming Carnival was well attended last week and it was great to see the leaders of the Middle School helping the younger students at the event. It was also fun to see them speed down the TRAC slide!

Over the past week, the House groups came together to vote for House Captains to act as representatives at sporting events and within the wider community. I would like to congratulate our House Captains:

Andrew: Keeley Hughes and Rupert Fahy

Barnabas: Luella Bookman and Flynn Howarth

Cuthbert: Ruby Stante and Lewis Churchill

Stephen: Poppy Burdekin and Oliver Henderson

This team of students join with our Captains: Naiya Boshma-Wagner and Trishul Sivabalan and Vice Captains: Sabina Dempsey and Brodie McDowell to form the leadership team of 2019.

On Tuesday, 26 February, we will formally recognise all of the Year 8 cohort in the annual Leadership Induction Ceremony. Parents and guardians are invited to join us in Ngahriyah at 8.30am to 9.30am to celebrate their journey.

Kylie Wharton
Year 8 Coordinator

Year 8 Teacher Profile

This year, Mrs Ursula Nash has joined the existing Year 8 team and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and passion. This week, the Year 8E Homeroom Teacher has answered our questions and is the feature profile of the week.


Ursula Nash
Position: Art/Textiles Teacher and Year 8E Homeroom Teacher

Number of years at Lindisfarne:
I have been teaching at Lindisfarne for over 20 years. I began as the specialist Art teacher when there was just a Primary School at Sunshine Avenue. In 1997, I gained full time employment teaching Art and technology from Kindergarten to Year 12 between both campuses. I now teach Visual Arts from Years 7 – 12 and this year I am also teaching Year 9 Textiles Technology. I love teaching at Lindisfarne as much today as I did when I first began and am excited to be part of the new initiatives and. It is such a wonderful school and community that I feel privileged to be part of.

Art is such a broad term. Tell us what your favourite aspect of this subject:
My favourite aspect about teaching Art is what students explore their creative and critical thinking is visual ways, in both the making and studying of Art. I love seeing students connecting their thinking to the real world and watching their confidence grow in being able to voice their ideas and thoughts into expressive artworks where they engage passionately with exploring all possibilities with various art materials.

My ideology in teaching Art comes from the following statement:
“In Art Education students are at the centre of the art making process. We study the Arts not to train a generation of artist, but to stimulate a way of being in the world - considering, defecting, analysing, communicating, imitating, interpreting, representing, provoking, expressing, generating, creating, experimenting, problem solving, taking risks, making mistakes, judging, developing skills, questioning, forming opinions, thinking critically... “

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
At the beginning of the Year 7 Visual Arts program we watching a video where Chuck Close writes a letter to his 14-year-old self. He talks about working every day, bit by bit, and that by continuing to persevere you will eventually come to a point where it all falls together – if something appears to big, break it down to smaller bits and work on those. Art is not about the artwork itself, but the journey or process in creating art. This also stems from the statement above.

My students know that I care and that I care about what they know, I believe that as an Art teacher is my job to guide and provide opportunities for aspiring artists to engage in exploring their creativity developing confidence in making choices and problem solving, which also fosters growth in other areas of their lives.

What colour best represents you and why?
Although I wear a lot of black (for practical reasons), I am not sure what colour best represents me, I really just love playing with colour in general. I guess I think of myself more like a rainbow, full of different colours shining and inspiring as I passionately love teaching Art. Plus, rainbows always make me smile and that is always a good thing.

Senior School

Year 12 Leadership Team

On Thursday morning, our Year 12 student leaders had the opportunity to attend an interactive workshop facilitated by Simon Fletcher from Leading Teams. Simon has been working with these students since their camp last year and the purpose is to make them the best possible leaders they can be.

In the early sessions with Simon the whole year group created the trademarks that want to be remembered by as a cohort. They came up with the following: 

  • United
  • Kind 
  • Determined 
  • Honest

This week’s session was an opportunity to reflect on their own personal trademarks and also take a glance at some of the personalities and qualities that distinguish them from their peers. Students not only had time to self reflect but they then designed an individual action plan to improve some of their leadership qualities.

The Year 12 leaders were very engaged and found the experience valuable in helping them become positive leaders of the School.

Matt Fydler
Head of Barnabas House

Lions Youth of the Year

Poised. Engaging. Articulate. These words typify our Lions Youth of the Year contestants. Our students were calm, controlled and confident despite having to respond to two spontaneous impromptu speeches – a challenging experience when you are standing in front of an audience and being judged in a competition. They also had to deliver a five -minute prepared speech. This was coupled with a comprehensive application form and a panel interview.

At the Lions Club of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads on Wednesday evening, the two impromptu questions they had to address were: What are your thoughts on mobile phones in the classrooms for school children? What do you see as the implications of the recent Financial Services or Royal Commission into Banks?  Arabella Flynn then spoke on Immortality 101, Emrys Williams discussed The Future of our Oceans, Brooke Marriott provided an entertaining discourse on The Art of Puns, whilst Abby Frazer elaborated on The Art of Silence. Jaidah Fergus-Mackie then focused on Saving our Skin, whilst Hannah Jarvis clearly indicated that Appearance Matters.

The panel of adjudicators were very positive and said their biggest concern had been the high calibre of the students and the fact that they could only select one student to go through to the next round of the competition. The Public Speaking award was presented to Abby Frazer. Jaidah Fergus-Mackie won the evening and we wish her well in the Zone Final on Saturday, 2 March.

Jaidah Fergus-Mackie and Mr Bryan Shaw

On Thursday evening, Samuel Rudland ably represented Lindisfarne at the Kingscliff Lions Club. His spontaneous questions were: Being part of a team develops an individual. If I was Prime Minister I would … . For his prepared speech he discussed the trials and tribulations of serving members in Afghanistan and why being part of a global community is important. Samuel received many compliments on his mature approach and demeanour.

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

BASE Youth Leadership Awards

BASE Youth Leadership is recognising, honouring and celebrating the remarkable achievements of young men in Years 11 and 12 in the Tweed and Byron Shires.  Lindisfarne male students in Year 11 or Year 12 in 2019 achieving great things in their area of expertise or making a difference in their community, are invited to nominate for a BASE Youth Leadership Award.

The aim of this program is for the young men in our community to strive for excellence and to be socially conscious young leaders.

The following categories are areas that students can nominate for:
  • Academic and Leadership 
  • Performing Arts 
  • Creative Arts
  • Community Service 
  • Sports Award
  • Youth Spirit 

BASE Youth Men's Awards Nominations for Years 11 and Year 12 male students opened on 11 February 2019 and close on the 11 March 2019. Nominate online at The Men's Youth Leadership Awards breakfast will be held on Friday, 5 April 2019.

Matt Fydler
Head of Barnabas House

Lindisfarne Debating

Thanks to the overwhelming interest in Lindisfarne Debating, teams are now full. If you missed out this time, stay tuned as we look to enter future competitions with possibly more teams.

Round one will kick off this Friday against Emmanuel Anglican College. Wish the teams luck.

Kylie Rossington


Mathematics Faculty


World Science Festival

The Queensland Museum is presenting the World Science Festival in Brisbane from 19 to 24 March. For the past decade, the festival has brought world renowned speakers and exhibits to Brisbane for a week of celebrating all things scientific.

There are a few public events but most of the shows require prior booking and payment. It is a wonderful opportunity to delve into in science as a family by going to one of the shows.

Click here to view the festival program and consider selecting an event you and your family would like to attend together.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator

Science Matters

Science History

Year 12 Biology and Year 10 students are currently studying DNA and evolution and, as part of their work, they are learning some of the history of the discovery of DNA which has been ranked as the greatest achievement in science during the 20th century. Francis Crick and James Watson jointly received the Nobel Prize for describing the DNA molecule in 1962 and their work triggered a cascade of scientific discovery that continues today. However, there is a uniquely Australian side to the story.

Crick and Watson controversially used the work of Rosalind Franklin (pictured above) who had been making X-ray crystallographs of DNA. This laboratory technique, which allows scientists to peer inside molecules and see how the individual atoms are arranged, was invented by an Australian father and son team of physicists, William and Lawrence Bragg.

It was Lawrence, the younger Bragg, who realised that X-rays bend or “diffract” as they pass by the atoms in a crystal. If the bent rays are then used to develop photographic paper, the pattern that is formed can be used to work backwards and determine the position of individual atoms in the structure. This near impossible task has been compared to constructing an exact replica of an ornate crystal chandelier using only the pattern of light it casts upon the walls of a room as a guide.

Using Rosalind Franklin’s photographic images, Crick and Watson realised that DNA had a unique double helix structure and the rest, as they say, is history.

William and Lawrence Bragg remain the only father and son ever to win the Nobel Prize and Lawrence remains the youngest ever recipient of the award at just 25 years of age.

Science progresses by each scientist building upon the work that has gone before and if the Aussie Lawrence Bragg had not perfected the technique of X-ray crystallography, the greatest moment in science of the 20th century could not have happened. 

Have a wonderful week in Science.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator


Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Performing Arts

Proposed Sydney Music Ensembles Tour Information Evening

We are excited to offer a musical performance tour for members of our Senior Choir, Senior Orchestra, Senior Strings, Senior Rock Band, Guitar ensemble and Stage Band. The aim of the tour is to broaden the performance and workshop opportunities of our ensembles whilst exposing our students to new musical experiences.
This tour will be limited to students from Year 7 to 12 however, younger students who are members of these ensembles will still have the regular performance opportunities associated with their ensemble.  *Please note that sufficient ensemble participants will be required for inclusion in each of the above mentioned music ensembles.

An information evening will be held on Monday, 25 February in the Chapel from 6.00pm for interested students and parents.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Stage 6 Performing Arts Sydney Excursion

Years 11 and 12 Drama and Dance students and their teachers recently travelled to Sydney for HSC Performance workshops and to view OnStage and Callback.

The Group Devising Workshop, held at the famous Belvoir Street Theatre in Surry Hills and run by actor Michael Cullen, empowered students with some new and exciting techniques for creating their own performance works and gave students the confidence to trust in their own creativity and better prepare them for the months ahead as they embark upon preparing for their major performance assessments.

Students then watched OnStage and Callback- the best works from last year’s cohort of HSC Drama and Dance students.

Students watched on with consistent enjoyment and enthusiasm but at the same time, an intense analytical focus. They were impressed by what they were saw, but not completely overwhelmed.

Our students maintain a healthy level of confidence and self-belief backed up by a solid understanding of performance processes, the sum result of their experiences to date. They are also excellent collaborators and communicators. All of this holds them in good stead once they leave school to pursue their own dreams.

Excursions such as these help to inspire students to achieve their own awesome outcomes. They help to recalibrate their goals and intensify their focus; the shared experience providing an even stronger foundation and support network in their own search for excellence.

All that’s left to do is to work hard. Go for it!

Simon Leach
Drama Teacher

Learning Enrichment

Understanding Intervention

The Learning Enrichment team are committed to addressing the needs of our learners – in both academic and social-emotional arenas. At Lindisfarne, we utilise the Response to Intervention (RTI) model. This considers tiered instructional processes, to better address the learning needs of our students. Initial and ongoing progress monitoring assessments are integral components in implementing appropriate teaching and learning strategies, and drives the reflective practice required for successful intervention. 

What are the three levels of intervention?

Who is part of the RTI process?

To ensure that the Response to Intervention (RTI) model is successful for each individual child, there are a number of stakeholders. It is imperative to adopt this collaborative approach in order to provide each student with the best possible course of action, to strengthen their learning capacities.

Kathy-Lee Peers, Jodie Duggan and Kim Denny
Learning Enrichment Coordinators

Homework Help with the Learning Enrichment Team

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, the Learning Enrichment team will be running a Homework Help session for students in Years 5 to 12 in the Mahers Lane Library.

All students are welcome to come along if they are requiring assistance with homework or assessment tasks. Please register your interest via email to Jodie Duggan (Middle School) and Kim Denny (Senior School).

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

International News

During Week 2, the International Department had the honour of hosting two siblings from Taiwan for one day of classroom integration. The students were given two buddies; Abby Frazer (our current Vice School Captain) in Year 12 and Tate Marquardt from Year 8. The buddies did an amazing job as ambassadors for our school and the students from Taiwan had a lovely day experiencing our positive and welcoming Lindisfarne way.

Last week, our school hosted a group of 17 students from three different cities in China; Beijing, Guangdong and Shandong. The group of male and female students aged between 11-17 years old had one day of ESL lessons followed by four days of Classroom integration and a specialised Anzac biscuits cooking class with Mrs Archer. The visiting students immersed themselves wonderfully into the various classes we have on offer at Lindisfarne. 

(More photos in the gallery below).

All week our visitors were very well looked after by selected buddies from within our Years 8, 9 and 10 cohorts. Thank you to all of our buddies who were so friendly and cooperative and gave our visitors the opportunity to make friends and practise their English. We saw a lot of smiling faces and future friendships being formed between our Lindisfarne students and visitors this week, which makes these experiences so meaningful and rewarding for all involved.

It has been an eventful few weeks for the International Department and we look forward to welcoming and supporting more study tour groups from different nationalities throughout the year in order to help our Lindisfarne students discover other fascinating realities beyond our own borders.

“Differences simply act as a yarn of curiosity unraveling until we get to the other side.” - Ciore Taylor.

Amy Fydler
International Student Coordinator

Digital Space



Lindisfarne Sports Academy

New High Performance Coach

As most of you are aware, our Director of Athletic Development, Mr Joseph Coyne will be moving back to China in March. He will be taking up a position as the Performance Director for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Performance Institute in Shanghai, China. The students and staff are disappointed as Joseph has been an amazing asset to the Sports Academy. However, we all understand this was an offer he couldn’t let go. So, we wish him all the best and hope to see him again in the future. 

Over the past couple of weeks we have been searching for a suitable person to take on the role of High Performance Coach and it is my great pleasure to announce Dr Joanna Parsonage will be fulfilling this position.

Dr Joanna Parsonage is a strength and conditioning coach and sports scientist who has extensive experience in the physical preparation of development and elite level athletes. Over the past four years, Joanna has been coaching some of Australia best surfers at Surfing Australia’s High-Performance Centre. While at Surfing Australia Joanna completed her PhD, researching gender differences in strength characteristics and performance.

Originally from Wales, Joanna has previously worked with the Welsh Rugby Union and Welsh Tennis, coaching athletes from a junior level upwards. As a result, she has an in-depth understanding of youth athlete development which she is excited to apply in this role.

The Sports Academy members are fortunate to be having individual and small group sessions with Joanna during the school day.

Our First Meeting for 2019

On Thursday morning, the Sports Academy and Development Squad assembled for their first official meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce Mr Matt Bedford and myself to all the athletes, especially the new students who have joined the team. Also to give them an explanation of how the Sports Academy works and what lies ahead this year.

Athletes were all given a training shirt, shaker bottle and some discount cards as a welcome pack to 2019. Year 7 students were on camp and so they will collect their packs at their earliest convenient time.

Spotlight on Ella Cornelius

A big congratulations to Ella Cornelius (Year 11) on her recent selection in the NSWCIS Open Girls Cricket team. Ella will play in the NSW All Schools Open Girls Cricket Championships at Blacktown International Sports Park from 12 14 March. We wish Ella all the very best.

Matt Fydler
Director Sports Academy

Sports News


On Tuesday, we will be presenting the Age Champions and Runners Up from the Swimming Carnivals. We will also be commending all the other point contributions from the carnival including March Pass, the House Participation tally and overall House Champions.

The Lindisfarne Representative Swimming team will be heading to Alstonville to compete at the NCIS Championships on Thursday, 28 February. We wish all competitors the best of luck.

Cross Country

Cross Country began this week, and we offer all students comprehensive training to prepare you for competition or improved fitness. The training schedule is as follows:

Mahers Lane Campus: 

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.
  • Wednesday and Friday from 7.15am to 8.00am.

Note: Junior School students are also welcome.

Sunshine Avenue Campus:

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 7.15am to 8.00am

Surf Lifesaving

We wish all our QLD and NSW Surf Lifesaving Competitors all the best has they head into the business end of the season with State Championships looming. All these athletes will no doubt have their sights focused on the Australian Titles in late March.

Real Madrid Football Clinic

The Real Madrid Football Coaching Clinic will be held in the April School Holidays. It’s a great opportunity for our students to get coaching from some Real Madrid coaching staff and to learn from the Real Madrid methodology and structures. Make sure you register and secure your position ASAP.

Dates: Monday, 15th April to Thursday 18th April
Venue: Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School: 86 Mahers Lane, Terranora, NSW 2486
Cost: 4 days $399  
Register: Gold Coast/Northern New South Wales

Spotlight on Grace and Kiara Denny

Some very noteworthy commendations for two sisters, Grace Denny (Year 8) and Kiara Denny (Year 7), who are excellent athletes across numerous sport disciplines. They were both in the team that managed to secure third place at the Northern Conference, State Cup Touch Football tournament in Port Macquarie last weekend. Furthermore, they are very competent athletes in multiple Athletic events as evidenced below:

Kiara – Queensland Little Athletics Regional Championships

  • 1st – Triple Jump (PB – 9.5m)
  • 2nd – 80m Hurdles (14.4s)
  • 3rd – 100m (PB - 13.67s)
  • 3rd  – Long Jump (PB – 4.58m)
  • 4th – 200m

So, off to State in Townsville in a months-time for the above 5 events.
Grace – Queensland Little Athletics Regional Championships

  • 1st – 200m Hurdles (32.04s)
  • 1st – 80m Hurdles (14.64s)
  • 2nd – 200m (28.8s)
  • 3rd – 100m (PB - 13.6s)
  • 3rd  – Long Jump

So, also off to State in Townsville in a month's time for the above five events.

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities

PDHPE - Family Fitness

We know through research and last week's article that there are a significant number of benefits to exercising. Just 30 minutes a day can make a difference to your health; being physically active and eating well promote disease prevention; weight loss or maintenance; stress reduction and can improve performance at school and work.

If we are all going to get moving and start to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, why not do it with the ones we love. As a parent, we all know that the stresses of day to day activities can be both mentally and physically draining. This is usually enough to put us off that little bit of exercise or to postpone it until a more convenient time. However, making the effort and just getting started will benefit you and your family. 

Whether we like it or not, as a parent we are one of if not the most significant role models our children can have. The old saying ‘Monkey see, Monkey do!’ is true. Our children, from the time they are born until they leave our direct influence to live their own lives, will gain both good and bad knowledge from us. If we can take that first step to exercise with them it shows them that we believe in the value and benefits of activity, and also allows us to spend some quality time doing something together. 

A simple family fitness plan might look something like this:

  1. Start by setting a good example: Leave the electronics alone, walk to the shops or use the stairs rather than the elevator. 
  2. Enjoy the feeling of exercise: Tell your child how you feel after a session, how you are proud to have completed the session and now feel energized, tired and happy.
  3. Play together: Kids love to spend time doing things with us. Try to do things you can both be active in together, go to the playground, kick a ball or play catch. 
  4. Praise effort not results: Exercising together is not about becoming the best but doing your individual best. Our best IS good enough. 
  5. Be positive: Acknowledge and celebrate healthy choices and options out loud. 
  6. Be the student: Have your child teach you an activity they have enjoyed at school or take you exercising.
  7. Spend time with your family: The most important part of the fitness plan is to HAVE FUN! We believe this should be the number one rule in life. Find the fun in all you do!

Family Fitness is just an add on to the benefits of us being individually active. Our children will benefit from the exercise, our relationships will grow stronger and by wanting to be a good role model we are holding ourselves accountable for our own behaviour and making a healthy difference to all.

The PDHPE Faculty


The WA Tour

We had a great training session on Monday morning again this week. We have now decided to split the before-School training sessions: Junior teams will continue to prepare on a Monday morning at 7.00am and the Seniors will now be on the courts on a Wednesday morning for the early start. In the Ngahriyah each Wednesday lunchtime, the girls will have an opportunity to have an extra netball session.
The tour jerseys have arrived and there will a chance to try these on at the morning training sessions.

Monday Night Netball

Congratulations to the Gold and Red Lions Teams in Round 1: The Gold Lions defeated the CC’s 51-24 in the Ladies Division 2 and the Red Lions won against Centaur in the junior division. Also, in the Junior division, the White Lions went down 20-15 against, last year’s grand finalists, the Comets. The Blue Lions had a bye.

This week, the Blue Lions start their campaign against the Centaur Mums on Court 3 at 6.30pm and the Gold Lions play the Dominators on Court 11 at 7.30pm.
In the Junior Division, the White Lions play the Comets at 7.30pm on Court 2 and the Red Lions play the Jalapenos at 7.30pm on Court 3.
Good luck girls!

Thursday Sport Netball

Three teams played matches against St Andrews during Sport time on Thursday. For both schools, it was an opportunity to see players in various positions and in different combinations. There were some pleasing performances, particularly in the Opens A and Junior A teams. Thanks to captains Samantha Harvey, Cedar Maycock and Makayla Sekac.

Saturday Netball

Well done to all of the parents who have managed to successfully register their children to play in the Tweed Saturday competition in one of the Lions teams! The process has been extremely complicated this year and although we understand that it was frustrating, we can assure you that every club has had the same problems. The Lindisfarne Netball Club would like to thank President Lisa Burdekin, secretary Sue Hammond and registrar Lauren Taylor for their efforts throughout the last few weeks.

Gradings have taken place and many subsequent discussions re: squads. The teams will be announced in Week 5 as next Saturday we have to register these with Tweed Netball Association.

The Netball Club Barbecue has been postponed from this Friday but a new date is still to be confirmed.

Gay Maynard
Teacher in Charge of Netball


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Community News

Tweed Coast Raiders Junior Rugby League

Tweed Coast Raiders JRL are open for registrations for the 2019 season.

Google Tweed Coast Raiders JRL and click on the registration link. Cost is $175 per player and includes all CRL fees and playing kit. Active Kids vouchers are accepted and family discounts may apply. 

For further information please call Anna on 0419 901 586.