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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

It was a great pleasure to join a number of school families this morning at the inaugural Base Youth Leadership Awards.  The brainchild of local business leader, Rebecca Hogan, the Base Youth Leadership Awards are helping young people to achieve great things. 

Rebecca Hogan’s vision is to build a movement empowering young men and women to be recognised, guided and mentored to achieve great things and reach their potential.

The aim is for the Base Youth Leadership Awards for young women and men in our community to strive for excellence and be socially conscious young leaders. The inaugural women’s awards were held in conjunction with International Women’s Day celebrations.

I was very proud of our nine finalists from Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School in the following categories:

Academic and Leadership Awards
  • Jaidah Fergus-Mackie
  • Abby Frazer
  • Chloe Green
Community Service and Citizenship Awards
  • Emma Matusch
  • Ella Kinneally
Sports Leadership Awards
  • Shayna Cassone
Performing Arts Awards
  • Mia Watson
  • Murrain Kain
Creative Arts Awards
  • Madeleine McCloskey

I am pleased to announce that our very own Chloe Green was a joint winner of the Academic and Leadership Award.

Nominations are now open for the young men of the school with the Awards Breakfast for finalists scheduled for Friday, 5 April.

There was also wonderful support for International Women's Day celebrations at our Sunshine Avenue and Mahers Lane Campuses today.

The Year 4 girls and their mothers enjoyed a special morning tea and were inspired by a presentation from local business leader Jo Croft.

At the Mahers Lane Campus, the girls joined past students, lawyer Dominique O'Neill and international concert pianist Ayesha Gough. Dominique and Ayesha were interviewed by our very own Kylie Rossington. It was wonderful to have Dominique and Ayesha back at Lindisfarne inspiring the next generation of leaders. 

The Netball season is not far away, we have 160 girls registered and will field 17 teams in the Tweed Coast Netball Association competition.

We still require coaches for some of the teams. Please consider coaching a team.  We have a dedicated Teacher-in-Charge for Netball in Gay Maynard and a Head Coach Danielle Watters available to assist the parent, staff, student and past student coaches.  

The volunteer commitments include a training session each week and a game each Saturday. Our Netball Club Committee, led by President Lisa Burdekin are extremely dedicated and have put a huge amount of planning into the 2019 season. 

Please support the girls and the School by considering the coaching of a team for the season ahead.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Building Program Update

Through the P&F, a number of parents were invited to participate in workshops last week focussed on the human-centred design of the buildings currently being designed for the Junior School and Middle School. Parents, staff and students worked together with school architects, Thomson Adsett, and human-centred design consultants from Surroundings to explore the teaching and human experiences that will take place in the buildings and consider the various perspectives of all stakeholders.

The information gathered during these workshops will feed into the detailed design and helps to ensure the buildings meet the needs of all members of the community. It is exciting to see the plans for these buildings continue to progress and construction is scheduled to begin later this year.

Thank you to all of the parents who gave up their time to provide valuable input and feedback.

Geoff Lancaster
Deputy Principal - Learning and Innovation

International Women’s Day - Mahers Lane Campus

To celebrate International Women’s Day, it was wonderful to have ex-students Ayesha Gough (2012) and Dominique O’Neill (2004) join our Years 5 to 12 girls and female staff for breakfast at the Trades Skills Centre before moving the the Chapel to speak about being a women and their journeys since leaving Lindisfarne. 

Dominique (pictured left) explored a few options before studying to become a lawyer and now practices as a solicitor in Tweed Heads. We are also very fortunate to have Dominique as a member of our School Council. Ayesha (pictured right) has continued her passion for the piano since school and has played throughout the world, gaining success in competitions and receiving multiple awards. She is also an International ambassador for the children’s charity Variety.

Mrs Kylie Rossington guided the conversation with poignant questions and comments, drawing from Dominique and Ayesha wisdom to encourage and challenge our girls. They spoke about their lives, their passions, friendships, tough decisions they have made and experiences being an ambitious woman. Ayesha finished the session by exhibiting her amazing skills on the School’s Grand Piano.

Click this link to watch a short clip of Ayesha's performance.

After the event, Mrs Rossington expressed her gratitude for being involved event: 

“It was my pleasure to facilitate a discussion between strong successful women for International Women’s Day at Lindisfarne. I really believe that we, as women, need to recognise and celebrate who we are. Just like men should recognise and celebrate who they are. I cannot imagine living in a time when I could not vote, hold a job or open my own bank account. These were very real conditions that strong women – smart women – challenged. In fact, the first International Women's Day occurred in 1911, supported by over a million people. 

Today, International Women's Day belongs to all groups collectively everywhere. International Women's Day is not country, group or organisation specific. Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights." I have to agree with this. Whilst we have come a long way in society, there is still much more to be done. Being different is not bad; we should celebrate difference. So, today we do just that. Not only because we are a different gender, but because we are different human beings.

Ayesha Gough and Dominique O’Neill were great ambassadors for the day. They provided our female cohort with honest and empathetic experiences. It was a pleasure to witness girls coming together to celebrate an important part of our existence.”

I’d like to express my gratitude for all staff and students involved in the event.

Geoff Lancaster
Deputy Principal

Important Information

Lindisfarne Bus Transport

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Lindisfarne owned buses are provided to transport our students who live in QLD and south of Ocean Shores to and from school. The demand in 2019 for bus seats for students who reside in these areas has resulted in the buses being near capacity. 

As such, the School is unable to provide transport to one-off requests as it is not possible to guarantee the seat is available and priority must be given to students registered for the bus. The school coaches are licenced to carry 57 seated passengers so it is not an alternative to have students stand up while travelling.

We appreciate your understanding with this matter. Should your child need to travel to a location other than their own home, alternative arrangements will need to be made. This will assist in preventing the situation where a student who is not registered for a bus, is prevented from travelling on the bus due to the bus being over capacity. 

Brett Dinsdale
Business Manager

From the Chaplain

Beginning of Lent 2019

This week, Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent; the 40-day period (excluding Sundays) which ends on Good Friday. Across the land and around the world, many Christians from various denominations will have commemorated the day by fasting, praying or participating in ceremonies in which a mixture of ash and oil are placed on their foreheads in the shape of a cross. These rituals are meant to help people focus on their connection to God and acknowledge that while we are created in God’s image, we tend to stray from that connection more often than we are prepared to admit.

In the Celtic tradition, there has always been an understanding that what is deepest within us is a connection to the divine, and an instinct to follow the divine path of life which is all about love, and peace, and tolerance, and caring for each other.

Unfortunately, in our fast-paced, individualised Western society, we quickly become distracted by many things which society tells us are important, but which draw us away from staying on that simple and central path of inclusion and harmony with one another and with all of creation.

In the Jewish tradition, the word “T’shuva” (pronounced teshuva) simply means “return” and the English word “Repent” is derived from that Hebrew word. When Jesus proclaimed “T’shuva, the Kingdom is near” it wasn’t about shaming people or making them feel like they had failed at life. It was simply a call to return to what is deepest within us; a connection to the divine which potentially inspires us to live simply and humbly in love, peace, tolerance and caring for each other.

I would like to encourage you all to think about what “T’shuva” might mean for us this Lent. How might we have strayed from that simple and central path of divinely inspired living.

To what are you being called to return?

May God’s blessings be with you,
God’s peace be in you,
and God’s love sustain you as you find your place of connection with the divine.

Rev Chad Rynehart
School Chaplain


Parents & Friends

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Whole School News

​Student Representative Council for 2019

The 2019 Student Representative Council (SRC) will be presented at Assembly on Tuesday, 12 March.

Out 2019 members are:

  • Chairs – Chloe Green, Will Fitzgibbons, Abby Frazer, Luca Wright
  • Year 5 – Tessa Ford, Cooper Lovett
  • Year 6 – Bonnie Starling, Hayden Brown
  • Year 7 – Evie Boschma-Wagner, Fergus Hogan
  • Year 8 – Naiya Boschma-Wagner, Trisbul Sivabalan, Sabina Dempsey, Brodie McDowell
  • Year 9 – Luke Boulter, Daniel Green, Elise Matusch, Jordan Nichols, Charlize Webster
  • Year 10 – Kelly Chen, Eliza Lovett, Tia Petersen, Jessica Courtney
  • Year 11 – Annabelle Miller, Ellie Engel, Nathaniel Bryant, Aria Moore-Kovacevic, Emma Matusch
  • Year 12 – Summer Moule, Kalindi McIntosh, Jeremy Potter

National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

Bullying. No Way.
National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence: Friday, March 15 2019

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
 I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost                                         

The poem The Road Not Taken by American poet Robert Frost can and has been interpreted in many ways but, in the lead up to “Bullying. No way!” day, let us consider it in the context of bullying.

The role of the bystander in bullying is something we often discuss in assemblies and PC however sometimes we forget the immense power that the bystander holds. A national study in 2009 showed that approximately one in four Australian students are frequently bullied. However, peers are present as bystanders in 85% of bullying interactions and therefore play an important role in the bullying process. Speaking up for what is right is often more difficult than turning a blind eye and walking away. In fact, there are many valid reasons why bystanders often choose the easier route. It may be that they feel unsafe or uncomfortable confronting a bully, or they feel like standing up to a bully will make them a target however in such situations there are many alternate paths. For example; you could report the bullying to a teacher or parent or you could comfort the victim in private and support them in the reporting process. Although it is often tough to do, taking the road less travelled truly makes all the difference - if not to you, it will to the person you are standing up for.

Next week we will be standing up to bullying by raising awareness of the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence all week! There will be activities in PC every morning, a special assembly on Tuesday, and on Friday there will be a free orange and white themed mufti day to raise awareness for the cause. 

Enjoy the week and remember, if ever two roads diverge in the woods, take the road less travelled for it will make all the difference.

Jaidah Fergus-Mackie
Communication Prefect

Bring On the Tickets!

Tickets to our 2019 musical production Bring It On will be released to the public on Monday, 11 March at 7.00pm via www.trybooking.com/468796.

I would encourage our entire community to jump online quickly as this show will be a sell out. The performances are as follows: 

  • Thursday, 4 April - 6.30pm Opening Night
  • Friday, 5 April - 6.30pm
  • Saturday, 6 April - 2.00pm Matinee
  • Saturday, 6 April - 6.30pm Closing Night

Details of seat availability and ticketing options are clearly outlined on the TryBooking website.

If you encounter any issues, please contact our Director of Community Engagement, Simon McKinley via smckinley@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Terranora Road Reconstruction

Council have started work on reconstructing a large section of Terranora Road between Fraser Drive and Sunnycrest Drive. The works will take seven weeks to complete with work hours between 7.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. 

We suspect the works will cause some inconvenience to our families and staff travelling to and from school however Council has advised that the works will be split into a number of stages in order to minimise the disruption to traffic.

Please be mindful that construction work is hazardous. So, if you need to pass through this work area, please take extra care.

Kind regards,

Adele Rowlands-Dealey
Communications Officer

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Anxiety Education Month

What Is Anxiety?

Many parents are confused about the nature of anxiety and especially, when to really worry about it. Anxiety refers to feelings of worry, nervousness, or a sense of apprehension, typically about an upcoming event where the outcome is uncertain, or where a young person feels he or she might not be up to the task.

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) defines anxiety as ‘commonly experienced in high pressure situations, for example, prior to a making a speech or sitting an exam. Feelings of anxiety can also arise following a stressful event, like an accident where the person is left feeling shaken. Anxious feelings are usually accompanied by physical sensations such as a churning stomach, light headedness, and a racing heart.’

When anxiety increases to a level which effects a young person’s functioning, please seek psychological assistance via the school psychologist or an external psychologist. An appointment with the General Practitioner for a Mental Health Care Plan and referral will assist with the process of the health care system for external assistance.


Cassandra Gist
School Psychologist

Early Learning Centre

​Small Animal Experiences

There have been many studies about the benefits of having small animals in the classroom. We are very lucky in our Preschool to have guinea pigs, chickens, fish and a very special bunny! This week we have also welcomed a tank full of tadpoles, which the children have been eagerly watching grow and develop. Many of the classes throughout the Junior School have come to visit the animals as a real life learning experience that links to the NSW curriculum eg: life cycles, living and non-living, habitats etc.

Some of the benefits of having animals in the classroom are:

  • Children with no exposure to animals or nature in their home environment can see, feel, touch and make connections to the wide world of animals.
  • Observing and caring for an animal instills a sense of responsibility and respect for life.
  • A pet brings increased sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others, both animals and humans.
  • Children learn that all living things need more than just food and water for survival.
  • Students will see directly how their behaviour and actions affect others.
  • Studies show that the presence of animals tends to lessen tension in the classroom.
  • Classroom pets stimulate learning
  • Classroom animals are wonderful resources for teachers to make learning fun in all subjects!
  • Studies show caring for pets aids in improving school attendance and teaching children about responsibility.
  • They’re good for morale, and teach children about relationships and the needs of another living being. Learning to care for a pet helps children to learn how to care for people.

Jo Hetherington
Director of Early Learning

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Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

We are officially past the halfway point of Term 1 and what a busy week it has been. This week we have had a Bring It On showcase, butterfly and banking incursions, an Early Learning Centre morning tea hosted by our Lindisfarne P&F, a Rugby 7's tournament at Casuarina Rugby club, Open Classrooms in Year 1 and, of course, today we hosted a wonderful International Women’s Day high tea with special guest speaker Jo Croft from Mortgage Choice. Adding to this, our regular Running, Chess, Garden, Spontaneous Challenge and Art clubs has meant school is certainly not boring!

Parent attendance at each of these events has been very good and I would like to thank
everyone who managed to come along and support the School and their children. We have a very supportive parent body and this week has highlighted some of the positive aspects of the community in which we live. I certainly understand that many parents are extremely busy and cannot come to all of our events. I must stress that this is very much okay and I look forward to seeing these parents at events that they are able to attend. The dynamics of the modern workforce results in many people working across multiple locations, with unique times and commitments. These complexities and responsibilities impact on our ability to attend everything we'd like to.

Next week will be a little quieter but I would like to draw attention to Friday, 15 March when we will be supporting the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Students will be encouraged to wear something orange on this day to show their support.  Teachers will deliver lessons and messages throughout the week reinforcing the importance of the issue and the responsibilities we all have to make a safe environment for all.

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

Students Progressive Report

Have you signed in to view your students progressive report yet?

It has been two weeks since we launched our online progressive report platform. It has been great to hear the positive feedback from parents and carers about changing the way we provide feedback and report on student growth. I do hope that you’ve found the time to login and view the excellent learning that is happening in the Junior School on a daily basis. 

If you are a busy parent or carer, and let’s face it, who isn’t, and you’ve missed the communication about how to login to Wabisabi please email your class teacher to receive your unique web address. From this you will be able to login and view your students learning portfolio.

It is important that you are viewing your student’s learning portfolio. The key reason is due to the change in our reporting system. At the end of a semester the reports will not display individual comments for subjects. You will be updated on a weekly basis and will be informed about continual progress throughout the term. In effect, you will receive real time feedback on student progress and growth. At the Junior School, we see this as a smarter way to work with parents and carers throughout the learning journey. 

A helpful tip for home use: When viewing your student’s learning portfolio we encourage you to make a comment on that post. A supportive comment gives greater purpose to the work sample that has been placed up. The student understands that there is a wider audience and will engage with this further. We encourage you to do this as well so the classroom teacher is aware that you are viewing the items posted. You can comment on this by selecting the speech bubble at the side of the post. 

If at anytime you have questions or feedback around our online progressive reports structure, please feel free to pop into school or contact me on tcross@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Tony Cross
Assistant Head of Junior School - Curriculum  

​Year 2 Butterfly Incursion

As part of our ‘Animals Alive’ unit of study, Year 2 have been exploring the stages of growth of different living things, as well as factors that affect the survival and life cycles of animals in different environments. On Wednesday, we were fortunate to have Josephine and Diana from Gold Coast Butterflies visit our classrooms and share with us their knowledge about butterflies that live in our local area. Students studied the caterpillars, chrysalis and butterflies during different stages of their life cycle and were able to get up close and personal with some of the beautiful butterflies! We also learnt about how we can help preserve species in our local area. 

Each class now has a butterfly kit that showcases each stage of the incredible life cycle and we are lucky enough to observe the fascinating metamorphosis of these beautiful creatures at school over the coming days and weeks.

Luella S: I learnt that butterflies are not dangerous to humans and they can actually change colours! 

Henry A: I liked looking at the tiny caterpillars on the milk weed that Diana and Josephine brought with them. They were almost camouflaged!

Macy D: I thought it was amazing when I realised how tiny the eggs on the leaves were! 

Phoebe N: I liked the colourful butterflies and I liked learning about how the life cycle works.

Keana E: I liked the rotations. We could learn all the different things about butterflies.

Amy S: Seeing the different stages of the life cycle was the most interesting part of our incursion. 

Creed B: I like the colours and how we will get to see the caterpillars change into butterflies. That will be really sick.

Archer D: The slow motion video of the butterfly hatching from the chrysalis was really interesting to see. 

Saxon L: I found it really interesting when I learnt that some butterflies eat toxic plants to keep predators away. 

Year 2 Teachers

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International Women’s Day in the Junior School

Today at the Junior School, our Year 4 girls and their mothers gathered together to celebrate International Women's Day. It was a great morning for females to come together and celebrate such an important event. This year's International Women’s Day Campaignfocused on promoting better gender equality across the whole world with the hashtag #balanceforbetter.

A balanced world is a better world. How can you help forge a more gender-balanced world?

Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.

Local business women Jo Croft spoke at the elegant high tea event highlighting the need for strong female role models in leadership. She also spoke at length about her ever changing carer and the fact that you need to continually adapt and change to keep challenging yourself.

I'd like to thank Jo for joining us this morning. I believe our Year 4 girl and their mums were able to take a lot out of her speech. 

I'd also like to thank all the Lindisfarne staff that worked behind the scenes to ensure the morning was a great success.

Tony Cross
Assistant Head of Junior School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Head of Middle School Report

Week 6 saw our Middle School Captains formally take ownership of our fortnightly assemblies. The leadership demonstrated by the team through this process was amazing to see as they generated the agenda, seeking items from staff and students throughout the week. They delivered key messages to the assembled sub-school and called-to-action the student body to raise their voice and become active contributors to their school and the journey they are on. Well done team.

It was beautiful to see so many of our Stage 3 students mingling with the Senior School students at the International Women's Day Breakfast. Of particular note was they way the young women of the Senior School interacted so positively and beautifully with their younger counterparts. We have truly wonderful role models in our school for the young women coming through the year levels. Thank you to all involved in bringing that event to life.

In the coming weeks we will celebrate a number of significant events and support such national initiatives as the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence as well as Harmony Day. I encourage students to take note of the event information through the daily notices and consider their own contribution to these terrific initiatives and events.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Opportunities Galore for Year 7

In 2019, Year 7 are experiencing the brand new PDHPE curriculum. In the practical component we focus on Functional Movement and move our way through a variety of skills and the application of these in various environments. We are excited to spend the next two weeks working with Mr Anthony Kershler to further enhance our skills.

Mr Kershler was involved in the Cricket NSW development system from the junior programs right through to Sheffield Shield. He was involved in the NSW Sheffield Shield Squad for seven seasons where he played both Sheffield Shield Cricket and Domestic One Day Cricket. During that time, he was fortunate to play with some of Australia’s finest cricketers and work with some of the best coaches throughout Australia, developing a passion for not only playing but coaching and mentoring.

Mr Kershler is currently the  Zone Academy Coach for North Coast within the CNSW Pathways High Performance system. He had two years working as a Specialist Coach with the CNSW Zone Academy - North Coast. He has coached both the U13 and U14 Northern teams at Cricket NSW State Challenge. He recently returned from Alice Springs where he was the Assistant Coach to the winning Men’s NSW team at the National Indigenous Cricket Championships.

We are very excited to see how far Year 7 will progress as they focus on striking, catching and throwing under the experienced eye of Mr Kershler. We may see our next Pat Cummins or Elise Perry emerge over the coming weeks!

Mr Kershler will also be running lunchtime clinics on the Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for the next weeks. Please encourage your children to get down to our amazing school nets and join in the action.

Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator

Year 6 Discover New Ways to Enhance their Learning

The Lindisfarne Community Garden is an integral part of our holistic approach in Year 6. The skills and the knowledge being gained are invaluable; planting, soil management, plant maintenance and harvesting. However, it is not just about gardening per se. The space can be used very effectively to enhance the learning in all subject areas - it is a great outdoor classroom.

Learning for our students is a full-time job - it is a skill that has to be worked at. It requires effort and persistence; involves targets and timelines; requires study, revision, discussion, debate and working with others. At times it calls for action and other times it calls for listening, contemplating big ideas and periods of quiet reflection. And ultimately, this all starts with an open mind, curiosity and an attitude that the world is a wondrous place worth finding out about. Their learning journey continues every day at Lindisfarne and is an important part of forming their future selves.

Mike Lush
Year 6 Coordinator

Senior School

Service Based Learning Immersion to Vietnam

Lindisfarne is pleased to offer the opportunity of a Service Based Learning Immersion to Vietnam in the 2019 Term 3 holidays for students in Years 9, 10 or 11.

Students have the privilege of learning first hand just what it means to be a citizen of the world and to be closely interconnected with another culture. They will assist in the construction of simple hand built homes; veritable palaces to those people who had been displaced and rendered homeless by devastating monsoonal rains. The assistance of our students in this project afford life changing experiences not only to the people of the Mekong Delta but also to themselves. 

The program includes special visits to significant sites in Southern Vietnam, engaging in a school and tourism to understand the Vietnam culture.

Please register your expression of interest by completing the form at the bottom of the letter that was emailed to all parents of students in Years 9, 10 or 11 and return to Student Administration by Friday, 15 March 2019.  

Further information and deposits will be called for after this date. If you have any questions please contact Tania Wilhelm, Executive Assistant to the Head of Middle and Senior School, on twilhelm@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

BASE Men's Youth Leadership Awards Nominations

BASE Youth Leadership is recognising, honouring and celebrating the remarkable achievements of young men in Years 11 and 12 in the Tweed and Byron Shires. All male students in Year 11 and Year 12 achieving great things in their area of expertise/interests or making a difference in their community, are invited to nominate for a BASE Youth Leadership Award.

The following categories to nominate for:

  • Academic and Leadership Award.
  • Community Service and Citizenship Award.
  • Sports Leadership Award.
  • Creative Arts and Performing Arts Award.
  • Youth Spirit Award recognising an Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Student making a difference in their school or community.

We invite any Year 11 or 12 male student to nominate for a BASE Youth Leadership Award. It is easy to apply. Nominate online www.baseleadership.com.au
BASE Youth Men's Awards Nominations opened on 11 February 2019 and close this Monday, 11 March 2019 at 8.00pm.

The Men's Youth Leadership Awards Breakfast will be held on Friday, 5 April 2019. All finalists from the Young Men’s Awards and all finalists from the Young Women's Awards will be invited to attend the BASE Youth Leadership conference in Term 2. This is a wonderful opportunity for all involved.

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

​International Women’s Day – BASE Leadership Women’s Awards

This morning I was fortunate to attend the inaugural BASE International Women’s Day Breakfast with Mr Marquardt and Mrs Lush. It was wonderful to see so many parents present and past at the event to support this new organisation supporting emerging leaders in the Tweed and Bryon shires. 

Congratulations to Chloe Green who won the Academic and Leadership Award. 

Other Lindisfarne finalists were:

Academic and Leadership Award
  • Jaidah Fergus-Mackie
  • Abby Frazer
Community Service and Citizenship Award
  • Emma Matusch
  • Ella Kinneally
Sports Leadership Award
  • Shayna Cassone
Performing Arts Award
  • Mia Watson
  • Murran Kain
Creative Arts Award
  • Madeleine McCloskey

There were many nominations so making it to be a finalist is testament to the work these young women make in the school and wider community.

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies


Take It to the Stage

Who wrote the earliest recorded poem? Homer? Chaucer? Shakespeare? No... In fact, the earliest recorded poem in Old English has very humble origins, attributed to a simple farmhand by the name of Caedmon (hmm...distant relation? Alas no).

We know songs and poems have been passed down for centuries, or indeed much earlier through the oral traditions of our own Indigenous people here in Australia. Though the art is anything but new, it has revolutionised into a powerful modern platform known as Slam Poetry!

But what is Slam Poetry and why has it picked up so much steam? Also referred to as ‘The Spoken Word’ or simply ‘performance poetry’, it gained momentum in the 1980s through Chicago poet Marc Kelly Smith, A.K.A. ‘Slampapi’ who held the first National Poetry Slam. Since then it has evolved into a juggernaut, gaining more and more support each year.

In typical Slam Poetry there are four guidelines:

  1. There is no formal structure and no rules (the first rule is ‘there are no rules’).
  2. They are meant to be performed. Acting is welcome, though no props or costumes are allowed.
  3. They are meant to provoke and trigger emotional responses.
  4. Topics lend well to the art of rhetoric. Topics tend to be political and spark controversy.

Last year, I took a group of Year 9 students to the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival, where we had the pleasure of listening to Australia’s 2017 Slam Poetry champion. An ‘open mic style’ Slam Poetry evening in Byron Bay that weekend and one of our brave students put herself forward and delivered an incredible piece. Anjali Dutton (Year 10) was the youngest poet in the room but it didn't stop her commanding the attention of all in her audience. Check out her performance by clicking here or the link below.

At Lindisfarne, there has been somewhat of a resurgence of performance poetry. From Year 7 transforming old poems into group performance, through to HSC students writing slam for assessment tasks, Slam Poetry has been an increasingly common style in written tasks.

So, the next step is obvious: TAKE IT TO THE STAGE! 

In Term 3, we plan to hold the inaugural Lindisfarne Slam Poetry competition. Our early planning is a night of slam with spots open to a range of speakers. So keep an ear to the ground (that is a metaphor - we don’t want to see people lying on the ground!) for future announcements around this competition and in the meantime catch up with Mr Cadman if you want to discuss performance poetry or have any questions regarding the poetic form.

John Cadman
English Teacher

Writing Competitions

The Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Award
is now open. Their website states: "Our poets are encouraged to take inspiration from wherever they may find it, however if they are looking for some direction, competition participants are invited to use this year's optional theme to inspire their entries."

In 2019, the Dorothea Mackellar Memorial Society has chosen a line from the poem, The Listeners, by Walter De La Mare (1873-1956). Walter was a famous British poet, novelist and short story writer. He wrote whimsical, fantastical worlds for children and adults alike, and described children as "visionaries."’

Typed copies of poetry entries should be emailed to Mrs Walker for online submission before 20 June 2019. More details about the competition can be found at: https://www.dorothea.com.au/How-to-Enter-awards.

The 2019 Write4Fun competition is now open. There is no theme and you can write in any style. Write a poem, no more than 16 lines, or a short story (500 words or less) about something that interests you. You could win $1000 by entering this competition.

Entries are free but they must be submitted before 31 March 2019. More details can be found at: https://www.write4fun.net/.

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

​ Lions Youth of the Year – Zone Final

Jaidah Fergus-Mackie is commended for successfully competing in the Zone Final of the Lions Youth of the Year competition which was hosted by the Kingscliff Lions Club last Saturday. Besides partaking in a panel interview, she had to answer the following two questions in her spontaneous impromptu speeches: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Do you agree?Is pill testing a good idea? Additionally, she had to deliver a five-minute prepared speech.

Jaidah is congratulated for successfully moving to the next level in this competition. On Saturday, 9 March, she will compete in the Region Final of the Lions Youth of the Year Competition.

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Mathematics Faculty


Science Matters

Students in the Middle School have learned that all matter is made of particles. The gases in the air we breath, the liquid ocean, the solid earth you walk upon and you. The particles are invisible, unbreakable and eternal. If we had special ultra-microscopic vision the world around us would appear as a dizzying, dazzling kaleidoscope of dancing particles. But where did the particles inside of you come from?

We are all made of the food we eat which means that our particles came from the soil, water and air that nourished the plants that give us fruit and vegetables. They came from the grass and water that fed the animals we use for meat and milk. Every single particle in our bodies came from somewhere else before it was in us. Your particles may have spent some time in the body of a mammoth, a polar bear or a wedge-tailed eagle before they made their way into you. Before there were people to be a part of, the very same particles that are in you were in the dinosaurs, ferns and cycads of ancient times. But that is the easy bit. Where were our particles before they were in plants and animals? They were present, just the same as they are today, in the volcanoes and steaming pools of a hot, hostile and turbulent Earth before there were any living things to be a part of. 

Before that, before there was even a planet to belong to, they were part of the slowly turning tapestry of stars we see at night.

Where will our particles go when they are no longer a part of us? What will happen to the hair discarded at the barber shop or the salon? Where will the drop of blood that flew away in the belly of a mosquito end up? Well, the particles won’t notice that anything has changed. The drop of blood will become nourishment for the mosquito’s eggs before going back into the atmosphere as respired air. What next? The particles that were once part of you may turn up in the exquisite pattern on a python’s back, a speck of colour in a rose petal, or in the turned-up corner of the mischievous smile on a dolphin’s face. 

Look around at the beautiful world we inhabit. We are surrounded by everyone who ever was and everyone who will ever be.

Dust to dust.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator

Science Events

Sleek Geeks

How is your Sleek Geeks video coming along? If you were thinking of starting one but then got distracted by other things, here is a little reminder for you: A one to three-minute narrated film on any topic in science. It can include an experiment or just be a piece of research and explanation. Be creative, be imaginative but be proactive and get started!

All the details are available in the link below:


International Space School

Last week on assembly, Mr Edmonds gave a presentation on NASA and the Kennedy Space Centre. During the July school holiday, Griffith University on the Gold Coast is hosting the International Space School, Mission Discovery experience to give students in Years 7 to 10 an insight into the space industry. The five-day vacation program costs $700 but will provide a unique experience for those who take part.

The Mission Discovery event hosted by Griffith University will be a unique opportunity for our students. This is not a regular scheduled science event and neither has there been any indication whether or not it will return. Read the information contained in the brochure and keep an eye out for a letter seeking expressions of interest which will be sent out soon.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator


Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Performing Arts

Music Ensembles Tour to Sydney

We have had a fantastic response to our proposed music ensembles tour and can confirm that we will be taking 40 students to Sydney in June to undertake a series of performances and workshops. The Senior Orchestra, Senior Choir, Stage Band, Rock Band and String Ensemble will all be attending this musical event which also includes performances in Port Macquarie and Grafton. A highlight of the tour, which has just been confirmed, will be a Masterclass performance by our Senior Choir with UK Accapella Group Voces8 at the Sydney Opera House.  

Festival of the Piano

To coincide with the arrival of our beautiful new Kawai Grand Piano in the Chapel, the Performing Arts department will be presenting a series of piano masterclasses for our students with Lindisfarne Alumnus and renowned concert pianist Ayesha Gough, culminating in a piano recital in the Chapel.

Ayesha, who lives locally, will work with our piano students over a series of weeks in a masterclass style workshop, giving students tips on aspects of their performance including presentation, expression, tone control/development and piano mastery.

The culmination of the masterclass series will be a piano recital featuring a hand-picked group of Lindisfarne piano students supporting Ayesha Gough in a performance covering a variety of piano repertoire. 

Students can apply to be involved in the masterclass series by emailing Vanessa Nixon at vnixon@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au and they will be timetabled on at least one of the Tuesday afternoon workshops.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

The Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra Workshop

This week, 45 of our Elective and Ensemble Music students took a trip to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) to attend a workshop with the great Wynton Marsalis and The Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra from New York.

The students were deeply involved in the concert program which included jazz history, discussion of jazz genres, understanding big band traditions, the study of the great Thelonious Monk and his compositional techniques, and world-class performance techniques.

The students found the session inspiring with Jemma McNicoll being selected to perform some vocal improvisation with The Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra. Our students were fortunate to be exposed to the worlds finest soloists, performers, and arrangers of jazz today.

Dale Norton
Music Teacher

Bring It On Sneak Preview

Bringing on Week 6 saw the cast and crew perform for the first time in front of an audience!

On Monday, Sunshine Avenue students witnessed musical theatre on their basketball court. 
It was a triple treat of music, dance and drama all combining into one opening number.

It has not stopped this week with intensive vocal rehearsals for the entire cast, sets being built and painted and props worked into the scenes.

Tickets on sale now. Don't miss out.
Tickets at www.trybooking.com/468796.

Amy Skene and Loretta Visser
Musical Directors 

Learning Enrichment

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Songwriting Circle

Special thanks to all of the students who have been attending Songwriting Circle at lunchtime on Tuesdays. Last week’s session saw the biggest turn out yet.

A big thank you to Year 7 student, Bohdi Neylan, who performed his song ‘Thrive’ to the group. Songwriting Circle is open to all students who are budding songwriters, MC’s, electronic music producers and composers.

Brett Canning
Recording Studio Producer/Manager

Sound Recording Project for Community Installation

Thank you to all of the students who have expressed interest in this very special recording project.

I will be holding a meeting in the recording studio at recess on Wednesday, March 13 to discuss the project in detail. Students should attend this meeting if they wish to be a part of this project.

The project will require students to record sounds around the School and then process those sounds in the recording studio. There may also be some recording sessions held in the school studio where students can gain first-hand experience as audio engineers. These recordings will then be collated and used as part of a community installation.

Students may have the opportunity to be involved in the creative process of sound design and experience the thrill of hearing their work played to a public audience through a large sound system. 

Brett Canning
Recording Studio Producer/Manager

Phebe Starr Visit

Last week, senior songwriting students were treated to a video call with LA based songwriter and recording artist, Phebe Starr.

Phebe grew up on the Mid-North Coast and is now achieving at a very high level in the American music industry. She collaborates with songwriters who work with Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande and her song ‘Feel My Love’ has 3 million plays on Spotify. 

Phebe gave students extremely useful advice on songwriting, collaboration and working hard to achieve your goals. 

Brett Canning
Recording Studio Producer/Manager

International Department

Digital Space



​Monday Night Netball

Congratulations on some fine results on Monday. 

  • Sorry Blue Lions - you were the only ones who came second!
  • The Gold Lions won convincingly: 56-17.
  • The Red Lions won 35-16 and the White Lions were victorious 23-12 over the Starlights. Thanks so much for Desiree McPhee and Ella Mitchell playing in two matches.
This week:
  • Gold Lions have a bye.
  • The Red and White Lions go head to head at 6.30pm on Court 1.
  • The Blue Lions play CC's on Court 3 at 7.30pm.
  • Thursday Sport Netball

We will have the next round of matches against St Andrews during Sport time on Thursday, 14 March. It will give us the opportunity to see if the training is paying off! Girls are to wear the Lindisfarne netball uniforms.

The WA Tour

Not many more sleeps now before the Squads make some magical memories on the Netball Tour. Training is going very well with excellent attendance and commitment from the girls.

Saturday Netball

The Saturday season starts this weekend with Week 1 of Grading games. Seven of our Lions teams will be roaring into action and representing the School this season:
The Division 2 Lions; Cadets – Navy, Green, White and Red Lions and the Junior Aqua and Silver Lions.

A full list of Coaches, Managers and training details will be advertised next week.

Remember that the first junior umpire’s course for Lindisfarne is on Monday, 25 March. This is for complete beginners 12-year-old girls and above. Please let me know if you are interested.

If you have any questions re: any of these events, please do not hesitate to email.

Gay Maynard
Teacher in Charge of Netball

Inter-School Cricket

Lindisfarne vs St Andrews

Last Thursday, the Lindisfarne Years 7 to 9 Cricket Team decisively accounted for St Andrews in the first round of the Inter-School Tri-Series.

St Andrews scored 84 in their 15 overs, with some notable bowling performances from Tate Marquardt (3-1-6-0) and Gabe Leitch (1-1-2-0).

In response, Lindisfarne quickly accounted for the runs with Gabe Leitch scoring 37 of 25 balls (ret.), Rupert Fahey 31 off 25 balls (ret.) and Brodie McDowell going on to make 49 off 25 balls (ret.). In the end, Lindisfarne scored an impressive 158 off their 15 overs.

Thanks to the boys for a great game. They played in the right spirit and we are looking forward to the next match.

Simon Leach
Cricket Coach

For the Love of Hockey

Hockey has been the PDHPE sport of the month for our Stage 3 classes. It has been expertly taught by Mrs Margie Coleman and some of our very own Lindisfarne graduates. Margie has had support from ex-St Cuthbert House Captains and Queensland hockey players; Callum Fitzpatrick and Shania Myers. They have all been generously giving up their time and sharing their immense hockey knowledge by teaching our students vital hockey skills such as the correct stick grip, dribbling, passing, tackling and game play. There are many students who have shown some promising talent and should think about choosing Hockey as their game!

All of these skills will soon be put to the test in the upcoming Fitzpatrick Shield which encourages all interested students in Years 5 and 6 to participate in a fun Hockey Gala Day against other local schools. The Fitzpatrick Shield will be held on Wednesday, 27 March and information for interested students will be sent home shortly. 

The PDHPE Faculty

Sport News

Cross Country

The Cross Country track has only this week been freshly prepared at Mahers Lane. It is a wonderful lactic acid producing course that winds through our campus. Training has been happening for weeks now and everyone is welcome:

Mahers Lane: 
  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.
  • Wednesday and Friday morning from 7.15am to 8.00am.

Junior School students are welcome to join in at the Mahers Lane Campus.

Sunshine Avenue:
  • Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7.15am to 8.00am.


Training is underway for both the Under 16 Girls and Boys teams. We have quite a few matches that are being planned, so we want to collectively prepare as best we can. If you would like to join the squad to be considered to represent Lindisfarne, please attend training at 7am on Tuesday mornings.


We are enrolling in the Australian School Futsal competition, beginning with a knockout tournament in Term 2 in Byron Bay for schools in our local region. Expressions of interest have already been taken for this; however, it is not too late to put your name down. See Mr Nathan Croft at the Junior School, or myself if you are at Mahers Lane.

NCIS Swimming NEW Records

These weren’t released prior to last weeks Newsletter edition. Some wonderful contributions by Flynn Southam and Lily O’Sullivan.

Flynn Southam
  • 100m Freestyle: 56.35 sec
  • 200m Individual Medley:  2.29.35 min
  • 50m Freestyle: 25.67 sec
  • 50m Backstroke: 30.08 sec
  • 50m Butterfly: 28.88 sec
Lily O’Sullivan
  • 50m Freestyle: 27.67

Unfortunately Lily had a significant collision with the wall in the Backstroke event which needed three stitches in her eyelid, and therefore forced her to miss half of the swimming meet.

Spotlight on Ava Arghyros 

The NSW State titles for our Junior Surf Lifesavers was held at Swansea Belmont last weekend in reported swell size of up to 8 feet. Ava Arghyros has been completely dedicated to her training for years now managed some great results. She made the State final in her Under 11 Ironwoman event, and also the final in the Under 11 Individual Board event in which she came third, and therefore received a richly deserved Bronze Medal. Well done Ava.

Spotlight on Lachlan Arghyros

Also competing at the NSW State Titles for Surf Lifesaving was Lachlan. He was a State Finalist in the Under 10 Board Relay placing 4th, and was a finalist in the Individual Board and placed 6th out of 170 boys which is a fantastic effort.

Spotlight on Giselle Smith

Congratulations to Giselle who competed in the Regional Athletics Championships last weekend, and qualified for the State Athletics meet to be held in Townsville for four events. Her most significant achievements include; 4th in the 300m hurdles, 2nd (Silver medal) in the 90m hurdles, 1st (Gold medal) in shot put. She also managed to get her photo printed in the Bulletin Newspaper as well.

Real Madrid Football Clinic

The Real Madrid Football Coaching Clinic will be held in the April School Holidays. It’s a great opportunity for our students to get coaching from some Real Madrid coaching staff and to learn from the Real Madrid methodology and structures. Make sure you register and secure your position ASAP.

Dates: Monday, 15 April to Thursday, 18 April
Venue: Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School (86 Mahers Lane, Terranora NSW 2486)
Cost: Four days $399  
Register: Gold Coast/Northern New South Wales     

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities


Uniform Shop


OOSHC Term 1

Clean Up Australia Day

On Friday, 1 March, our OOSHC participated in Clean Up Australia Day. In our OOSHC area, we managed to collect over 2kg of rubbish.

The children were extremely engaged in the activity with fantastic conversation about the importance of caring for our environment and the impact it has on our world.

This is the third year we have participated and we look forward to participating again next year.

Gail Dixon
OOSHC Coordinator

Employment at Lindisfarne

Classroom Teacher of Art

Contract Position (2 weeks)

Commencing 24 March, 2019

Key Competencies:

  • Have significant passion, expertise and experience in teaching Art across the secondary year levels.
  • Is experienced with teaching the NSW Syllabus
  • Maintain a positive and effective learning environment through well‐prepared and varied lessons, which cater to the range of student abilities and interests.
  • Set realistic and challenging academic standards of student performance.
  • Provide prompt and comprehensive attention to student work submitted for marking and supervision.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, competence and confidence in the relevant subject discipline.
  • Demonstrate high levels of professionalism in all activities.
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School.
  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Applications should be forwarded to Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal via employment@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Please provide a covering letter addressing the above selection criteria, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Please refer to this link for the position description.

Applications close: Thursday, 14 March 2019

Community News