From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

It’s been a busy and rewarding week at Lindisfarne.

Last night I was able to attend the Festival of the Piano recital featuring Lindisfarne Alumna Ayesha Gough and four of our talented current students Rachel Robbie, Mia Watson, Madeleine Warner and Jaidah Fergus-Mackie. The standard of performance was exceptional and our current students have enjoyed being mentored by Ayesha Gough.

Internationally acclaimed Ayesha is building an outstanding reputation as a pianist. She was first prize-winner at the 2015 Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition, has performed with the Queensland Symphony, the Queensland Conservatorium Symphony, the Queensland Pops Orchestra under such conductors as Edvard Tchivzhel, Nicholas Braithwaite and Daniel Carter.

Ayesha studied under Oleg Setphanov for 10 years, both at pre-tertiary and tertiary level at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University.  Throughout 2018 she continued study in Italy with Boris Petrushansky at the Accademia Pianistica Internazionale “Incontri col Maestro”.

Ayesha’s next major goal is to study a Masters of Music at Royal College of Music in London. There is a huge financial commitment to undertake this course and it is a stretch for any emerging artist. Ayesha has established a Go Fund Me page to assist with some of the significant costs that are currently beyond her income. If you love the Arts, have a passion for music or just feel you would like to offer support to a hard-working and talented young person to pursue their dreams please consider a donation large or small.

It was special today to gather with members of our P&F and school community to celebrate the annual Mother’s Day High Tea. Thank you to our Hospitality and Music students who supported the event. Thank you to all mothers who play such a pivotal role in the lives of their children and our community. A mother’s life-long and unconditional love is the greatest gift any child can receive.

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the beauty and sacrifice of motherhood. We pray for all members of our school community who have lost mothers and continue to grieve for their mother and for mothers throughout the world who have lost children and continue to grieve that enormous sense of loss.

With love to all mothers across the world on Mother’s Day 2019.

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain


A Journey of Loss and Courage

This week, our Year 11 students heard a very courageous, emotional and passionate message from local Gold Coast resident, Melissa McGuinness. Melissa shared her testimony and story of living with grief after the death of one of her children.

Melissa lost her 18-year-old son in a horrific car accident back in 2012. Not only did Melissa’s son lose his life, but he was responsible for the deaths of four people in another car which he hit.  

Melissa is 6 years into her journey of grief and feels that she owes it to herself, her son, and a generation of young people to share her story in the hope that it will be a cautionary tale which might save lives.  Melissa pleaded with our Year 11 students to make good choices when it comes to being both a driver and a passenger of motor vehicles.

Probably the most striking phrase to be uttered during the presentation was, “Please don’t allow your car to become your coffin.”

Melissa courageously and authentically shared the very sad and painful story of losing her son, and also talked about the process of learning to live with the loss and grief associated with what happened in 2012. While it was a very emotional session, it was a timely message for our Year 11’s, many of whom are just beginning their driving experience.

This relevant and compelling presentation was another example of our commitment to provide our students with a holistic education, including learning how to experience sadness, grief and loss, while also learning valuable lessons from the experiences of others.

At the end of the session, I said to our students that they were given a very special gift by Melissa, and I would imagine that we all hope that our students would learn from Melissa’s story, and use Melissa’s advice to inform their thinking, their choices and their driving habits.  

I wish to thank Melissa for her brave and inspiring presentation.

Reverend Chad Rynehart
School Chaplain


Parents & Friends

Mother's Day High Tea

Our annual P&F Mother's Day High Tea was a SELL OUT!

Music from Lindisfarne's talented students filled the air as we dined on divine bite-sized morsels that tantalised our tastebuds.

Thank you to all who joined us to celebrate this wonderful day and also to everyone who helped tirelessly behind the scenes to make this such an elegant and successful event.

The Lindisfarne P&F Association would like to give a special thanks to the local businesses who generously donated prizes for our raffle at the Mother's Day Morning Tea today. Please show your support for these businesses, many of whom are run by parents at school.   

Smile Street -
Sea Salt Designs by Sara -
The Red Dirt Road - 
Coconut Coffee House - 
Sea Wish - 
Ingalisa Hair and Make Up - 
Pavillions Hotel Terranora -
Inky Squid - 

Melissa Andrews

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P&F Golf Day

Book a team today:

For sponsorship opportunities, please email:

Upcoming Events

An Evening with Darren Percival

Tickets only $20. Get in quick before they're all sold out!

Staff Bio

Whole School News

Tournament of Minds

Senior and Middle School students

Tournament of Minds is a problem solving programme for teams of students from both primary and secondary years. Tournament's aim is to enhance and develop diverse skills, enterprise, time management, and the discipline to work collaboratively within a challenging and competitive environment.

Last year we had 4 teams from across the school compete in the competition which was held at St Anthony’s Primary School. Students involved had a wonderful time developing their creative skills to apply to disciplines and demonstrated fantastic team spirit.
This year we are excited to announce that the NSW North Coast Division of TOM will be held at our Sunshine Avenue Campus. 

We need you!

If you are in Years 5- 10 and are interested in becoming part of a team, to design, perform, solve problems and create please email Ms Denny or Mrs Duggan by Wednesday 15 May.

Woolworths Earn & Learn

Woolworths has launched their 2019 Earn & Learn program, and we're joining the sticker-thon once again.

For those parents who aren't aware of the program, if you shop at Woolworths between 1 May and 25 June you can earn stickers. Our school will be collecting these stickers which we'll be able to swap for new school equipment; things like art and craft supplies, sports gear, teaching aids, and more.

So, for any parents who shop at Woolworths, please collect those stickers and drop them in to our collection box at Student Administration at either campus.

Thanks for helping out!

Round Square

Dean of Studies


NAPLAN assesses literacy and numeracy – important skills that each child needs to succeed in school and life. The NAPLAN tests are designed to help us make sure students are on track with their literacy and numeracy development. Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in NAPLAN tests for reading, writing, conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy.

Between 14 – 17 May, our school will participate in NAPLAN Online. Students do not need to be computer experts to take the NAPLAN test online. The students have already done a practice test for NAPLAN, so they are familiar with the website, the locked down browser and its tools. To see the types of questions and interactive features of NAPLAN Online, visit the public demonstration site.
Please encourage your child to put their best foot forward when they undertake the NAPLAN tests. 

The tests are on the following days:
Tuesday 14th May Writing
Wednesday 15th May Reading
Conventions of Language
Thursday 16th May Numeracy

Students will need to make sure that they have headphones and a fully charged laptop. 

Dr Natalie Marriott 
Acting Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Circular Rhythm ELC Visit

On Tuesday morning, the Early Learning Centre welcomed Lucas Proudfoot from Circular Rhythm to the Junior School. He engaged the children in learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture through storytelling, music and song. We learnt about how the didgeridoo is made and played, how clap sticks keep the rhythm and some Indigenous animal names and dances. 

Lucas Proudfoot is a local Indigenous performer and author. For more details please visit

Miss Michelle
Preschool Possums Teacher

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Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

I would like to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mums in our Lindisfarne community. This is of course not just the mothers of our students but also their grandmothers, who I regularly see at drop off and pick up as well as at various events throughout the year.

Every day I see and hear children tell their mums they love them and give them great hugs and kisses. All of the hard work and challenges of being a parent is made worthwhile every time a child shows this love. At school we are blessed to often see the journey from baby bump, to newborn, to first days at school, to borrowing your car! The place that mothers have in the hearts of their children will always be special and I hope this Sunday all mums are treated to a wonderful day.

Next week, our Year 3 students will sit the annual NAPLAN exams. These tests measure reading comprehension, grammar and punctuation, writing and mathematics concepts. I always try to downplay the tests to students and ask parents to please ensure that children are getting plenty of sleep and eat a nutritious breakfast each day.

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

​Junior School House Captains Induction

At Monday’s assembly our newest House Captains were inducted in front of the Lindisfarne Community. The eight students that were elected by their peers recited the Lindisfarne Junior School House Captain pledge. The pledge reads as follows

We, the House Captains pledge to uphold the school values of Compassion, Wisdom and Respect.
We pledge that we will fulfil the role of House Captain and ensure that we are excellent role models for all at school.
We will work with the staff, student and parents to ensure the Junior School is a beautiful place to be. 

Please join me in congratulating the Junior School House Captains for Term 2.

Mark Douglas 
Head of Junior School

​Life Education

This week Healthy Harold visited Sunshine Avenue. Students from Preschool to Year 4 headed off into the Life Education Van and discussed issues around living a healthy life. The van and Healthy Harold will return next week for those classes that are yet to visit. Students covered topics from healthy eating, safe storage of medicines, caring for others, peer pressure and cyber safety.

If you would like to discuss these topics further with your child please visit for more information.

Mark Douglas 
Head of Junior School

National Walk Safely to School Day

National Walk Safely to School Day is a community event which aims to promote Road Safety, Health and the Environment. This year, students and parents from the Sunshine Avenue Campus are encouraged to meet in the North East corner of Arkinstall Park and walk to school under the supervision of a parent or staff member. The event will start at 7:45 am, with walking to commence at 8:00am. We look forward to seeing as many students and parents there as possible!

Thank you 

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

​Inaugural China Cultural Tour

On Easter Monday, 20 excited students and five equally excited staff members set off on the journey to Hangzhou, China via Brisbane and Shanghai. For many, it was a journey of ‘firsts’ – the first time in China, the first time travelling solo and the first time traveling overseas.

We spent time with Mrs Kylie Wharton, Year 8 Coordinator, and Hunter Yeats from Year 8 to find out about some of the highlights of the trip.

Most memorable moment:

Mrs Wharton: I have a few moments that I will remember about our first ever trip to China. The first was sitting on the bus on the way to Disneyland and hearing the excitement ripple through when the students spotted the Disney castle in the distance. The other moment that was really special for me was meeting an 8-year-old artist from the Wenlan Middle School in Hangzhou. She showed us her gallery of work and she signed a bookmark that featured her artworks for me.

Hunter:On the weekend we travelled to the Hangzhou wetlands for a scenic boat trip and looked at the traditional Chinese architecture. We were able to learn a lot about the history of the six man-made islands and how the ancient Chinese used their land. We also had a great day at Disneyland.

What was something that you found surprising?

Mrs Wharton:Despite the language barriers, it was surprisingly easy to communicate meaning. We were able to navigate challenges through miming and trying to think of other ways of saying something. It was also lovely to see that a ‘high-five’ and a smile is a universal way of showing friendship.

Hunter: I was surprised how popular our group was. From the way we were treated and the way we were idolised was pretty funny. We also got lots of photos taken of us as we travelled around.

Would you recommend this trip to other Middle School students? Why?

Mrs Wharton: As an adult, this trip really broadened my horizons and challenged my sense of self. I had a fantastic time learning about the Wenlan Middle School, the history of China and of course spending time with our Lindisfarne students was invaluable. I would absolutely recommend this trip to all Middle School students. It’s an incredible opportunity that will hopefully become an annual event that more of our students at Lindisfarne can experience.

Hunter: It was a great experience. The culture and really having to put yourself in situations that you normally wouldn't, was a really big part of the trip. It was also really important to see how other people live and see a different lifestyle. I’ve made lots of friendships with the other students on the trip that I still talk to around school. I would definitely recommend that if any students have the opportunity to go on this trip, they should.

Thank you to all of the staff who were involved in the behind-the-scenes planning of this trip. Thank you to the members of staff who accompanied the students; Mr Godden, Mr Kennedy, Mr Kester, Mrs Foyster and Mrs Wharton.

Kylie Wharton
Year 8 Coordinator

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The Benefits of Reading

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." - Dr Suess.

One can’t underestimate the importance of reading. It could be a novel, newspaper, magazine, graphic novel, diary, autobiography, biography, manuscript or e-book.

In Year 6, we dedicate time each day for the simple act of reading a good book. There are many benefits for doing this and they include:

  • Mental stimulation
  • Stress relief
  • More sleep
  • Education
  • Better memory
  • Increases empathy
  • Improves concentration
  • Entertainment
  • Vocabulary expansion

So, I encourage you make the time to sit and read with or to your child. Enjoy the moment, start a conversation. Because after all, books, Stephen King writes, “are uniquely portable magic”.

Continuing with this theme, Year 6 are looking forward to welcoming the Preschool to Mahers Lane on 22 May. We will be celebrating National Simultaneous Storytime with them and enjoying many activities across the morning.

Mike Lush
Year 6 Coordinator

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

Sound Design Project - Dungarimba Wandarahn

On Saturday 25 May, Lindisfarne will be offering a bus service to take students, parents and staff to Lismore Quadrangle to view the multi-media sound installation ‘Dungarimba Wandarahn’. Lindisfarne Recording Studio is leading the sound design and audio production on this significant work. Students have been capturing audio recordings in the studio and around the school grounds that will make up part of the soundscape.

Dungarimba Wandarahn (Lismore place of learning) is a spectacular multimedia work celebrating Bundjalung language, history and story created by acclaimed digital artist Craig Walsh. The work takes the form of immersive large-scale visual projections and audio installations throughout the Quad precinct.

The work is inspired by the stories and recollections of significant Bundjalung Elder Aunty Irene Harrington and her experience of attending Lismore high school in the 1950’s (which was based in the Quad) whilst living on Cubbawee mission in South Lismore. Dungarimba Wandarahn juxtaposes two cultures and ways of learning, Bundjalung and Western, highlighting the complexity experienced by a young Indigenous woman living in Lismore at that time. It reclaims the Quadrangle as a historic ‘place of learning’, recognizing the importance of cultural knowledge as essential to education.

To present this work, Lindisfarne is collaborating with The Quad in Lismore and two of Southern Cross University’s schools; their Indigenous School - Gnibi Wandarahn and their School of Arts and Social Sciences.

The bus will depart Mahers Lane campus at 4.45pm on Saturday, 25 May and will return at approximately 9.15pm.

As the presentation is occurring in Lismore’s central art’s precinct, there will be a range of food options close by. Bus seating is limited. This will be a ‘first in best dressed’ offer. This is an event you do not want to miss. Please email Tania Wilhelm at if you wish to book a seat on the bus. 

Charlotte Lush 
Head of Senior School


Year 10 - Natural Ability

Year 10 students, thank you to those students that have completed the testing for Natural Ability. There will be two student workshops on Tuesday, 14 May and Wednesday, 15 May during Periods 1 to 4 which will explain the results and how they can benefit your planning for senior years.

There will also be a parent a workshop on Thursday evening - more details below.

Student Workshops








Period 1 & 2

8:40- 10:35




Period 1 & 2

8:40- 10:35




Period 3 & 4





Period 3 & 4










Period 1 & 2

8:40- 10:35




Period 1 & 2

8:40- 10:35




Period 3 & 4





Period 3 & 4



Parents Workshop

  • Thursday, 16 May at 6.30pm in the Chapel.

Robert from Natural Ability will go through and explain how the results can be interpreted and to assist future planning.

Year 12 Career Transition Plan

All Year 12 students have been emailed their Careers Transition Plan, students need to complete the personal details before their Year 12 interview. This will help with your planning for post school. Interview will continue through to Year 12 camp week.

Year 12 Camp Week

The year 12 camp week has been finalised and students will attend Monday- Friday with no early sign outs. Students will be involved with:

  • Universities talks,

  • Explanations on how and when you need to apply to universities.

  • HSC markers discussing Mathematics and English.

  • Subject specific tutorials for other subjects.

  • Major Projects

  • Vision and Goals setting

  • Group activities for all year 12.

  • RSA

Thank you.

Barry Woods
Director of Careers/VET/TAS

As a way to support our students and parents to gather information to assist students in their career planning Lindisfarne Grammar is proud to work with Options Careers Newsletter. This fortnightly edition will provide information on a large number of career areas including Local and Interstate University Admissions and Events, RTO and Vocational Educational and Training Updates, Key events in the South East Queensland and Northern NSW regions, Defence Force Recruiting and much more.

Please click here to view our latest edition of the Options Careers Newsletter.

Year 9 and 10 Wellbeing CREW Program

Lindisfarne is turning a spotlight on one of the most pressing issues facing students today, online behaviour and its potentially infinite dangers. This week all students in Year 9 and 10 took part in an educational theatre program designed to help students examine their online behaviour and the devastating consequences of online bullying. Brainstorm Productions presented their student wellbeing program The Flipside, using drama, music and role play. In the production two high school students learnt that their actions in the digital world, while seemingly entertaining or trivial to some, can have devastating outcomes for others. The performance raised questions about online ethics, internet safety, digital citizenship and values, and encouraged the students to question their assumptions about what is humorous, humiliating, harmful and ethical online.

Brainstorm Productions co-founder, Jenny Johnson said: “High school students have been using technology and interacting online for most of their lives. However, it’s an ever changing environment where the rules are not always clear and the chances of humiliating themselves or others, being the victims of scams, cyber bullying or compromising their safety and reputation is ever present. We need an ethical roadmap for navigating the online world with empathy and respect whilst protecting our online reputation and mental health. Our live theatre programs aim to give students an insight into the repercussions of their online behaviour and start a conversation about new strategies for responding positively, safely and respectfully online”.

The Flipside was part of our student wellbeing CREW program. The methodology of the program is safe, supportive and nonjudgmental, and designed to provide students with positive and useful tools that they can use in their everyday lives. All students responded and participated in a positive manner indicative of the Lindisfarne Way.

Amber Phillips
Acting Head of Cuthbert House


Mathematics Faculty


Science Matters

We live in a green world (unless you happen to live in Walgatt). Especially here in our beautiful valley, the overwhelming impression is of green leaves and green grass. All of that green is the result of plants doing the world’s greatest conjuring trick, turning boring old carbon dioxide and water into glucose. Most people remember learning about photosynthesis at school but many are not aware of the full fantastic story.

After the plants have made glucose, they use this simple molecule to create a natural polymer, cellulose, that forms the rigid wall around each and every plant cell. This gives plants the strength and rigidity they need to support themselves. This is done by a process called condensation polymerisation and is every bit as unlikely as photosynthesis itself. So, it is equally descriptive to say that we live in a cellulose world because all of that greenery represents the cellulose that the plants have made.

Plants produce other things too like proteins, oils and fruit but most of the biomass of a plant is cellulose. Now here’s the thing: no animal (including cows, sheep or goats) can digest this cellulose. It represents a huge reserve of chemical energy but it is inaccessible to the animal world…except that nature has a little trick. Grazing animals use one of the most ancient organisms on Earth, an archaic form of bacteria, to break down cellulose for them. These impossibly old organisms produce an enzyme that is capable of breaking the bonds that hold the cellulose together and turning it back into the glucose that it was made from in the first place. We can then access the energy that was in the cellulose as meat, milk, butter and cheese from these herbivores.
This week the United Nations announced that the world is losing species (biodiversity) at an accelerating rate and this loss is entirely due to the changes humans are making to the landscape. In our arrogance, it is easy to believe that we exist outside of the natural world, that we are able to somehow function independently of the ecosystems that we study at school. The simple fact is that we are inextricably linked to nature and the bounty she provides for us.

The link between sunlight, plants, cellulose, ancient micro-organisms and a cheeseburger is just one tiny example. Science is only just beginning to realise that many aspects of our health are dependent upon the microbes living on and in our bodies. The alarming rise of severe allergies may well be a consequence of our reduced contact with animals during infancy. The truth is that we are merely visitors to a microbial planet and the length of our stay will be determined by the benevolence of our hosts.

The environment in general and biodiversity in particular are traditionally the last things to be considered by those who seek to advance perpetual economic growth. However, if we are to continue to prosper, it will only be because we give the environment primacy in the decision- making process.
We take nature for granted at our peril. 

Have a wonderful week in Science.


Visual Arts

Performing Arts


​Festival of the Piano

On Thursday evening, we held a very special event titled Festival of the Piano for the opening of our new grand piano in the Chapel. 

The event was a culmination of four weeks’ worth of preparation, workshops and masterclasses with four of our amazingly talented students; Rachel Robbie, Mia Watson, Madeleine Warner, Jaidah Fergus-Mackie together with internationally-renowned concert pianist and Lindisfarne ex-student, Ayesha Gough.

It was a privilege to have Ayesha mentor the girls through works from composers like Prokofiev, Chopin, Schumann, Grieg and Brahms over three intense sessions beginning in the school holidays. Each student performed with professionalism and maturity deeply expressing the composition studied. 

Dale Norton
Music Teacher

NIDA Workshop 2019

Last Friday, Year 11 and 12 Drama students took the opportunity to spend a full and intensive day working with NIDA tutor and professional director, actor, writer and workshop facilitator, Belinda Berrington. The focus of the workshop was on different ways for students to devise theatre by learning how to use their bodies in time and space to create meaning.

Students explored a variety of techniques from a range of different stimulus material under the direct supervision of Belinda, who has had extensive experience in applied theatre, theatre in education, disability theatre and fringe and community theatre. Learning opportunities included strategies for devising physical theatre, an introduction to the concept of character viewpoint and skills in developing characterisation.

These are all critical skills in drama performance and we look forward to students utilising these skills as they embark on developing their own Group Devised performances this term.

Once again, we are grateful to NIDA, Australia’s premier performance school, for providing us with the opportunity to work closely with one of their tutors and to gain a real insight into the inner workings of the acting profession.

Simon Leach
Drama Teacher and Head of St Andrew House

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Learning Enrichment


Last weekend, I went to a fun festival called The Planting, where I learnt 2 different weaving techniques. The first one was how to make a basket out of a weed called cat's claw. People used to plant it in their gardens, but it grows too fast so now people harvest it to weave with. It was hard to keep the shape and the weaving neat, but it's quite easy to get the hang of it and remember how to do it. Cat's claw is good to weave with because it is bendy but strong. The second thing I wove was a small rug out of old T-Shirts, but it turned out more like a reversible bowl, because we pulled it too tight. We cut the T-shirts in to strips, put eleven onto a hoop, then weaved the rest on. This is a good way of recycling old T-shirts because you can make something useful out of them. I hope you try these activities if you ever go to the Planting festival!

By: Eva Taylor 3A

Kathy Lee Peers
Learning Enrichment Coordinator K-4

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Sound Design Project - Dungarimba Wandarahn

On Saturday, 25 May, Lindisfarne will be offering a bus service to Lismore for students, parents and staff who are interested in viewing this significant event. The bus will depart Mahers Lane campus at approximately 4.45pm and will return by approximately 9.15pm. A letter has been emailed to all parents and students from Years 5 to 12 with further details.

Bus seating will be limited.

Please come along and support the work of our sound design students in this significant community artwork.

Brett Canning 
Lindisfarne Recording Studio Producer

International Department

Digital Space



Sports News

Open Boys Football

Lindisfarne vs Carinya Christian College (CIS Round 3)

Our Open Boys Football team played Carinya Christian College from Tamworth on Monday, 6 May. The Open Boys are all to be highly commended for the way they have played throughout the CIS competition. Unfortunately after playing all over Carinya, the score was 1-1 at full time and they were frustrated not to be able to consolidate this dominance on the scoreboard. They went down in penalties, a tough way for the CIS journey to come to an end.

NSW CIS Swimming Carnival - Secondary

Congratulations and thanks to all the following swimmers for their extensive contributions who swam at CIS last week. There were PBs and very solid results for these individuals against some very strong opposition.

  • Ginger Allen
  • Cash Cratchley
  • Baxter Fitzgerald
  • Dane Folpp
  • Lily Hodges
  • Matthew McPhee
  • Ryan Muggeridge
  • Lily O’Sullivan
  • Flynn Southam
  • Ruby Sullivan


Well done to the following students who qualified to the next pathway for NSW All Schools in the following events:

Flynn Southam

  • Gold
  • 100m Freestyle (broke a CIS record for 100m Freestyle in 54.19sec)
  • 200m Freestyle
  • Silver
  • 50m Freestyle
  • Bronze
  • 50m Backstroke
  • 100m Backstroke
  • 200m Backstroke

Lily O’Sullivan

  • Bronze
  • 50m Freestyle
  • 100m Freestyle

NCIS Football Competition

Secondary Girls and Boys in Armidale

The Open Boys, Girls and U15 Boys Football teams left for the NCIS Football Tournament in Armidale this week. All teams played some very good football, and pushed deep into the tournament.

The U15 Boys drew 1-1 in the semi-final against BDC, and lost in a for and against countback. The Open Boys lost 3-1 in the final to BDC, and the Open Girls lost 1-0 in the final to BDC.

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen to represent NCIS at CIS:

  • Bessie Jarvis
  • Ella Bruinenberg
  • Frances Watson
  • Millie Prince
  • Olivia Kane
  • Summer Wise
  • Victoria Marchiori
  • Olivia Duindan (shadow)
  • Flynn Curtis
  • Ryan Simpkins
  • Sol Hashimoto
  • Will Edwards

AFL CIS Selections

We had two U15 representatives trialling for an AFL position in the CIS team in Sydney on Thursday, Finley Neylan and Makayla Sekac (Klyde Milroy was nominated but succumbed to injury and couldn’t take his spot).

Obviously the competition for spots is very intense, so we warmly congratulate Makayla for making it through.

Bill Turner Trophy

Our Under 15 Female footballers have stepped up to the plate defeating MSPC 2-1 in what was an edge of your seat game on Friday. Well done girls and good luck in your next round.

Fitzpatrick Shield Primary Schools Hockey Carnival

Over 60 students from Years 5 and 6 participated in the annual Fitzpatrick Shield on Wednesday 8 May. Lindisfarne proudly entered 5 teams into this gala day, highlighting the keen interest we have for hockey at this school. All participants on the day represented our school wonderfully, displaying good sportsmanship, keen participation and model behaviour throughout the day.

Our Lindisfarne Blue Team had a great competition, making the Division 2 final against a very strong St Anthony’s team, coming away runners up. All other teams played such great hockey, with many tight matches against some quality oppositions. A special thank you to Bridie Bedford (Year 7) who was asked by the organisers to volunteer as an umpire throughout the day. Congratulations to all students involved.

- Isabel Topper


Gatton Showgrounds was the venue for the Pryde's EasiFeed Interschool Queensland SEQ Regional Championships which were held from 19 April to 21 April. The championships were a huge success with over 300 entries, 149 riders and 184 horses representing 85 schools.

Lindisfarne’s Equestrian Team came home with outstanding results.  Nicola Gee (Year 8) and her big boy Warrington Park Symphony (alias Steve) came - 4th overall Secondary Intermediate Novice Dressage and 3rd Secondary Intermediate Showman.  Willowcroft Jester (Rory) was ably piloted by Zali Greeney (Year 5) to take out Reserve Champion in the Primary Preliminary Dressage.

Nicola and Steve are chasing a good result at the upcoming Burpengary One Day Event (Dressage/Cross Country/ Show Jumping) to qualify for the State Interschools in Warwick.  

Both the above girls as well as Saffron Anderson (Year 7) and Ariella Stafford (Year 7) will be representing us at upcoming competitions. We wish all the girls the best of luck.

Big thanks to the Mums (and Dads at home) for enabling the girls and their horses to compete on behalf of Lindisfarne.

Kathryn Leary

Touring English Schools & Homestay Families Required

The Sport Department are seeking assistance from our wonderful Lindisfarne families to homestay one or two visiting students from England for the following dates:

  • 6 and 7 July (Burford School)

  • 31 July (Gowerton School)

A cultural homestay is often one of the best experiences for travelling students, so if you can make yourself available, that would be great. The visiting male and female students range in ages from 14 to 18 and will require three meals a day, private transport to and from school by the Lindisfarne parent. The sports that are being played against our opens teams are:

  • Netball (Girls)

  • Hockey (Girls)

  • Football (Boys)

If you can be of assistance to us, please email Cherie Montford on

Spotlight on Sian McGilligan and Eira Grace McGilligan

Sian (5C) and Eira Grace (3H) attended the Gold Coast Open, a two day Taekwondo Tournament at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre at Carrara this weekend. Over the weekend both girls competed in their age respective divisions for Sparring, Individual and Pairs in Poomsae (Patterns) and High Kick.

Sian received a Bronze for Individual Poomsae and a Silver in Sparring.

Eira Grace received a Bronze in Individual Poomsae, A Gold for Poomsae Pairs (with Sana Rice) a Gold for Sparring and a Gold for High Kick.

Congratulations to the girls for the outstanding efforts in very tough sport.

Spotlight on Sana Rice

Sana (3H) also competed at the Gold Coast Open for Taekwondo, and received Gold medals for her Individual Poomsae and Pairs Poomsae (with Eira Grace). She also was awarded Silver for her Jumping Front Kick. Fantastic work Sana.

World Asthma Day

Tuesday 7 May was World Asthma Day. Although at present there is no cure, with good management people with asthma can lead normal, active lives.

Triggers for asthma symptoms may include:

  • viral respiratory infections, such as colds
  • exercise
  • exposure to specific allergens (if a person is allergic to them) such as house dust mites, pollens, mould spores, pets and animals
  • environmental irritants such as tobacco smoke and other air pollutants
  • cold/dry air
  • dietary triggers such as food chemicals/additives (if a person is intolerant), medicines like aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • occupational exposures to specific allergens like dust and fumes.

The key to living with asthma is keeping it under control. This means learning about what causes your symptoms, how to avoid these triggers and how to use your medications correctly. People who follow their plans are likely to have better controlled asthma, fewer asthma attacks and fewer days off work or school because of their asthma.

Don’t let asthma get in the way of living your life to the full.

The PDHPE Faculty

Netball News

Saturday Netball

NetSetGo cubs starts this weekend. Have fun girls.

Round 3 was a massive week with 3 of our teams playing twice! Well done to all of the umpires who took to the courts for the first time, ably assisted by some senior girls mentoring them. Congratulations to all of the teams, but a few mentions: The Silver Lions for winning both of their matches; the Yellow Lions for scoring their first goals of the season and really listening and implementing the game plan and to the Div. 2 Lions who beat their touring team mates from Terranora by just one goal!
Round 4 is this weekend. Good Luck to all of the teams. Play with pride and Roar!
Please see the list of games, times, umpires and courts for this week. 

Monday Night Netball

The last matches of the season saw the Red Lions victorious over opponents Centaur 29-15. The White Lions also defeated the Starlights to end the season on a high. The Gold Lions’ had a very physical contest against the CC’s but also won! Congratulations Gold Lions! for making the Grand Final of the Monday Night Netball Competition! The team will take on the All Stars at 6pm this Monday. When the two teams met in Round 6, the All Stars won by just 3 goals. That was before the tour training and games too! The Gold Lions Squad players are: Daisy Ashton, Ebony Richards, Ellie Engel, Giselle Smith, Jemma Hanson, Jewel Orr, Amber Orr, Mia Henry, Ruby Sullivan, Samantha Harvey and Shania Sealey.

Please come along and support the girls. Roar Lions!

School Netball Competitions 

There are a number of competitions for boys, girls, primary and secondary-aged netball players coming up over the next few months. Trials for training squads have already begun. The training will be on a Monday or Wednesday morning, as well as during School time but will not clash with Saturday netball training. Well done to all of the students who have already showed commitment and have attended these trials. 

Tweed Representative Netball

A number of our students and alumni netball players are performing to an elite standard representing Tweed Netball Association: Asha Thomson, Ella Mitchell, Bonnie Starling, Zara Cusick, Annie Hammond, Claudia Arghyros, Poppy Burdekin, Gracie Lynch, Ebony Richards, Mia Henry, Ruby Sullivan, Giselle Smith, Samantha Harvey, Ellie Engel and Georgia Maynard. Apologies if I have missed someone! 
The 12-15 years-old teams played at Mullumbimby in a friendly carnival organised by the Byron/Brunswick Association on Sunday and had some promising performances. Samantha and Ellie play for the TNA’s 17’s in the Premier League on Friday evening’s at Coomera. This is a very tough competition and all of the squad are turning 16 this year. They are making improvements to their games every week, highlighted against Underwood in Round 2 – particularly when our pair are on court together! Georgia is captain of Lindisfarne Head Coach’s, Dani Watters, TNA’s 19’s. They are playing up in the Open Women’s division yet still held on to a first quarter lead to defeat Jimboomba.

If you have any questions re: any of these events, please do not hesitate to email me.

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball


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