From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week, many of our students have been experiencing new challenges and character-building opportunities on school camps. Not only is camp a great time to get out of the classroom and reconnect with nature, it’s a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop new skills, face new challenges and find new interests all while bonding with their peers.

Whilst there may have been some initial anxiety for our students (and their parents) centred around sleeping away from home, who they’ll share a cabin with or even if they’ll enjoy the camp activities, the outcomes of strengthened friendships and comradery, eminent self-growth and self-expression, and a real sense of achievement have far surpassed any early doubt. 

Our students have returned albeit a little tired but with a renewed sense of independence, greater confidence and many new skills in areas including team building, problem solving, social skills and collaboration that are transferable in the world beyond school. 

Congratulations to all of our students and thank you to our dedicated and loyal staff who have coordinated camp week and supported our students during this time.

We are ending this week on a very high note as we prepare to celebrate our nation’s and, more specifically, our local region’s rich Aboriginal history and witness our sound design students’ work on a huge public scale in the production of Dungarimba Wandarahn

Dungarimba Wandarahn is a spectacular, multi-sensory experience of Bundjalung language and culture showcasing in The Quad at Lismore until Sunday, 26 May (National Sorry Day). The large-scale projection and sound installation was created by world-renowned digital artist Craig Walsh in collaboration with Southern Cross University’s Indigenous School, Gnibi Wandarahn, and Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. 

Thank you to Lindisfarne Music teacher and Recording Studio Producer, Brett Canning who is the Sound Designer for this remarkable community project and has worked with our students to produce the soundscape element of the work. Students recorded and produced schoolyard sounds in the recording studio that have been integrated into the sound design. Students also assisted with the recording of didgeridoo and sticks as played by Tom Avery. 

The work centres around the stories of Bundjalung Elder, Aunty Irene Harrington and her recollections of being a young Widjabul girl who lived on Cubawee mission in South Lismore and attended the high school in the 1950s where she says her language and culture was “swept under the carpet”. Contrasting Bundjalung and Western cultures and highlighting the complexity experienced by Aunty Irene, Dungarimba Wandarahn will reclaim The Quadrangle as a historic ‘place of learning’, recognising the importance of cultural knowledge as essential to education.

You are able to watch a special preview of the project by clicking the video below.

Tomorrow evening (25 May), Lindisfarne will be offering a bus service to Lismore for students, parents and staff who are interested in viewing this significant event. The bus will depart Mahers Lane Campus at approximately 4.45pm and will return by approximately 9.15pm. I encourage you to come along and support the work of our sound design students in this significant community artwork.

Limited sets are available and it will be first in, best dressed. Please contact our Director of Community Engagement, Simon McKinley on 0438 953 922 if you wish to book a seat on the bus. 

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain


Parents & Friends

P&F Golf Day

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FunFest Sponsorship 2019

Partner opportunities still exist for promotion of your services or products at our biennial FunFest to be held on 31 August. Festival Partner, Lead Partner, Event Partner and Event Associate options are up for grabs.

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Contact either Ramesh on 0439 039 888 or Peta on 0410 669 073 if you'd like to be involved.

Get in quick to get up to eight weeks of promotion for your business. We would love to have you on board for this huge community event.

“Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others”. (Martin Luther King).

Kylie Potter
P&F President

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Dare to Dream 2019

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An Evening with Darren Percival

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KIN School Day Charity Dinner

Join Australia's most popular talkback presenter, Alan Jones together with former Rugby Union Wallabies stars Dan Crowley and Brendan Cannon when they hit the Twin Town stage for the 2019 KIN Schools Day Charity Dinner - Champions Unite.

Proudly supported by Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School with all proceeds going to the Kids In Need Association.

Sports Academy Evening

Reminder to all Lindisfarne Sports Academy and Development Squad student to please RSVP to the Sports Academy Evening on 28 May.

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The Uniform Shop will be closed on Tuesday, 28 May in order to undertake stocktake.

Monday, 27 May - Open 7.45am to 4.00pm

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Second-Hand Uniforms

Please note that due to high numbers of items available as second-hand uniform, the Uniform Shop is currently only accepting limited items. Please call the store to directly on 07 5590 5186 to check prior to bringing items into the store.

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

This week, we celebrated National Simultaneous Storytime and also enjoyed hosting the ever-popular Book Fair in the Junior School Library. 

Our Principal, Mr Marquardt, took centre stage and kept our students entertained with the reading of Alpacas with Maracas by Matt Cosgrove. This children’s book was read by thousands of schools across the country at exactly 11.00am in a shared celebration of reading in schools.

I would like to thank our parents for their support of our annual Book Fair. I really enjoy being amongst the children as they eagerly flick through the assortment of reading materials looking for the gem to spend their (or your) money on. The genuine angst shown as they weigh up whether to purchase Captain Underpants or Ninja Kid.

One thing I am certain of is that the students would have bought many or most of the books if they had the chance. This attitude towards books and reading is something we should be very proud of and do our utmost to encourage and embrace. Reading is one of the most critical skills needed for academic success and, importantly, it also contributes positively to mental health as a tool for de-stressing and relaxation. Thank you for your ongoing support of our students’ love of reading. 

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

Preschool Adventures

On Wednesday, the Preschool Koalas, Echidnas and Possums enjoyed an absolutely brilliant morning with Year 6 up at Mahers Lane! 

On the morning of the excursion the children assembled excitedly in their class rooms before boarding Lindisfarne’s big white school bus. They put on their seatbelts before, vroom!, they were off on the winding journey up to Terranora. 

When the Preschoolers arrived, they disembarked and met their Year 6 hosts and teachers. After introductions it was down to the library for a shared reading activity. Firstly, though they were surprised by their guest reader, Principal Stuart Marquardt, who shared an animated version of Matt Cosgrove’s Alpacas with Maracas.

Next it was down to the year 6 classrooms for an art activity. The children carefully listened to their instructions before completing a collaborative crayon and watercolour painting. The preschool children and their year 6 buddies worked beautifully together, they were engaged and enthusiastic and produced some terrific work.

Finally the children headed to the bottom of the school to the Middle School’s vegetable garden. The preschool children searched for insects, sampled herbs and vegetables, marvelled at the biggest chicken coup that they have ever seen, cracked macadamia nuts and just enjoyed being outside in their beautiful surrounds, all the while in the attentive and watchful care of their new mentors.

Thanks to all of our volunteers, year 6 teachers and students and of course Mr Marquardt for making us feel so welcome and providing a wonderful morning of learning and friendship. We can’t wait to see you again!

Tim Pettit 
Preshool Koalas

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Walk Safely to School Day

Thank you to all the families and students who attended Lindisfarne’s community event for National Walk Safely to School Day. Last Friday, just before 8.00am, Junior School students, families and staff met in Arkinstall Park to recognise the importance and benefits of walking to school. Parking along Cunningham Street and walking through the back gate of the Junior School campus eases traffic along Sunshine Avenue and within the turning circle area. Walking is a great way to encourage incidental exercise and also stimuluses students’ brains so they are ready for learning. This simple initiative can occur any day of the week and also helps to reinforce road safety amongst our students. 

I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Coles and Woolworths at Tweed City Shopping Centre for donating plenty of fresh fruit to our school for this community event!

Rebecca Hassell
Year 3 Teacher

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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

​Sustainability Symposium

Last week, a group of students and teachers from Lindisfarne attended the inaugural Sustainability Symposium held at Somerset College on the Gold Coast.

Lindisfarne was approached by the organisers to present at the Symposium about our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at the Junior School and our journey so far. 

Myself, Mrs Lauran Turnbull and our kitchen garden specialist Mrs Maria Roberson, along with students, Simon Hodges, Logan Douglas, Kiki Dorsey and Phoenix Carpenter presented a workshop to approx. 50 students and teachers from across the Gold Coast. The students did a fantastic job explaining about all the different aspects of learning that happens in the garden. We concluded the workshop by teaching participants how to make a pot from recycled newspapers and planting a seed to take home and grow. A group of Lindisfarne high school students also attended the Symposium with teacher, Mr Dan Robbins. Patrick delivered the closing speech.

All students and teachers left the day feeling inspired by the incredible youth speakers who were so passionate about the causes they supported and the future of our beautiful planet.

We were all very proud of our Lindisfarne students and the great garden program that we run across both campuses.  There is still a long way to go in making our school more sustainable.  Please keep your eye out for some exciting future projects.

Jo Hetherington
Director of Early Learning and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Coordinator

Green Team

Middle School

Senior School

​Year 11 Camp

Let’s do a simulation! Walk a few kilometres into a gorge, walk up and out again and then, just when you have run out of puff, take it in turns to carry your friends the rest of the way back to base on bamboo and hessian stretchers! Just another few kilometres…

The Kokoda Challenge seemed like a good idea at the time – simulating the contribution Papuan ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ made to the Australian war effort in the Owen Stanley Ranges during World War 2. A few hours of walking down the North Tambourine mountainside on a warm day started well until one member of our group rolled her ankle right at the midway point… bottom of the gorge. Faced with no other option than to carry her out, a forward party returned with volunteers and our makeshift stretchers and kicked into rescue mode. Stretcher bearers and support team Jett Grimster, Ethan Robbins, Elliot Dowker, Oliver O’Keefe, Kipp Freeman, Devlin Fogg, Matthew McPhee, Enzo Wurtele, Mr Matt Fydler and Mrs Noelene Wright emerged from the track to loud applause followed by a group of little Year Five’s from another school who thought they were part of the best game ever. 

There were other special shared moments, particularly the card tricks, interpretative dance (the feet were moving so it must be dancing…) segments and name the capital city challenges of the Lindisfarne’s Got (No) Talent evening.

Everyone was stretched to their physical and emotional limits by the Damo and the Character Builders team and Lindisfarne staff including Mr Fydler, Mrs Wright, Mrs Lush, Mrs Myers, Mrs Walker, Mr Marriott, Miss McCue, Mrs Denny, Mr Hardy, Mr Kennedy, Mr Gazal and guest for the mock formal evening, Mr Marquardt. Ex-student Shania Myers made the drive up the hill to share her post school wisdom with us at the formal night.

Beautiful Tambourine Mountain saw a disparate group of Year 11 students arrive ready for action on Monday, and watched an exhausted but united team of future leaders pull out of the gates on Thursday. Roll on Year 12.

5000 dominos, seven wobbly tables and an order of pizzas delivered to school if we could make them run… sad face, not to be. 

Judy McCue


Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts


​Friends of The Arts Meeting

We will be holding our next Friends of The Arts (FOTA) meeting on Tuesday, 4 June at 6.30pmin the Mahers Lane Library and I would encourage any parents who are interested in being involved to join us.

FOTA was formed last year as a sub-committee of the Parents and Friends Association to focus on supporting Creative and Performing Arts events at Lindisfarne.

Mr Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

​Year 6 Lip Sync

With the rest of the school off camping, Year 6 were battling it out on the stage lip syncing and dancing to their favourite songs!

19 groups took the stage as Years 4 and 5 cheered them on in an epic showdown!

Please join us for the finals:

Tuesday, 28 May
Lunchtime (12.50pm) in Ngahriyah

It’s a show not to be missed!

Amy Skene
Drama Teacher

Learning Enrichment

Write4Fun Competition

Write4Fun encourages young student writers and artists with fantastic competitions by publishing top quality books. Selected students in Kindergarten to Year 4 participated in this competition, selecting to write either a short story or a poem, and produced some sensational results.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Chloe Manwarring - 1L 
  • Sana Rice - 3H
  • George Taylor - Kindy Dolphins
  • Eva Taylor – 3A 
  • Sienna Eddie – 4L 
  • Keanna Eddie – 2M
  • Cooper Broxup – 4L
  • Amy Spicer – 2SR
  • Alicia Brown – 4T

Below is the entry from Alicia Brown - 4T:

The Labrador in War

Bang! Bang! Bang! The sound of deadly German bullets become louder and louder, narrowly missing my small leather collar. Why do I have to be here? What I would give to be one of those pampered pooches on the news. Thousands and thousands of weary soldiers fall quicker from the blood that’s beading from their wounds. I try to bark to scare the German soldiers away, but all they do is chuckle. I am not so sure they can hear me over the piercing crackle of their own bombs. 

All I want to do is run off and hide in the bomb shelter, but I know I must serve my master. He bolts out of the shelter, ready for battle. Suddenly, ‘’Aaaaaahhh!’’ My master yells as a speeding bullet drives into his chest, while I yelp with fear. His lips purse as they form four last words. ‘’Be a good boy.’’ He weakly mumbles as his last breath catches the air. His grip on his rusty gun loosens after silently closing his eyes. Blood trickles from is wound, disappearing with the soft and gentle rain. My heart darkens with sadness, but I know I must move on.

I can’t keep the pain away. I miss him, but I need to believe in myself. I shake the flaky dry dust of my coal black fur, just as I hear another surprising bullet screaming towards me. I give a worried yelp, as I carefully dodge the small scary bullet. I don’t feel safe here anymore. I leap over the thirsty plants, wilting by the second. Suddenly, a bullet whistles towards me, too fast to dodge. I feel the strike of pain and close my eyes. I squint my eyes open to hear a soft beeping. The nurses have taken me to the medication hut, trying to heal my deep wound. 

I hear them whispering something about how bad my wound is, with a worried expression on their tired faces. I feel very weak. I close my eyes and rest for days. The nurses finally agree I can go home!  They softly place me into the small cart. The wind rocks me to sleep. After days, I smell a familiar scent. My home! I race up the steps and scrape my paws into the hard timber. The door creaks open as three lovely faces peer out. “Oh! Rex you’re home!” My family cries. I hinge up onto my hind legs to lick my beloved ones. Except my master, who I know is in a better place now. I close my eyes, snuggled in my favourite blanket. I still do not know if we have won the war. 

Kathy Lee Peers
Learning Enrichment Coordinator (P-4)

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Sound Design Project - Dungarimba Wandarahn

On Saturday, 25 May, Lindisfarne will be offering a bus service to Lismore for students, parents and staff who are interested in viewing this significant event. The bus will depart Mahers Lane campus at approximately 4.45pm and will return by approximately 9.15pm. A letter has been emailed to all parents and students from Years 5 to 12 with further details.

Bus seating will be limited.

Please come along and support the work of our sound design students in this significant community artwork.

Brett Canning 
Lindisfarne Recording Studio Producer

International Department

Host Families Needed

Can you help?

We're looking for host families for Term 3 international students.

Families are needed to host a group of students from China in Term 3 for one week from 10 to 18 August. We are looking for kind, caring, friendly and compassionate families in our school and local community who seek to learn more about the Chinese culture and share their Australian lifestyle with these visiting children.

The students will stay in pairs (shared room with same gender is okay, no shared bed) and are aged 10 to 12 years old. The children go to a bilingual school in China, so they can speak English. A hosting allowance of $630 in total will be paid for the week.

If you could help with hosting, please contact Margaret on 0408 078 023 for further information. 

Amy Fydler
International Student Coordinator 

Digital Space



Sports News

NCIS Cross Country

Lindisfarne had a very successful day at the NCIS Cross Country on Friday 17 May. As per any Cross Country carnival, athletes need to adapt to whatever conditions come their way, and there was significant falls of rain prior to the event; however, the largely sandy course was in good condition and had for the most part drained away. 

Lindisfarne won both the Primary and Secondary Championships, and have numerous runners heading to Sydney to compete. Congratulations to the following runners who placed in the Top 7, and have the option to represent NCIS at the next level:

Girls 8-9 Years

  • 3rd Siana Rice
  • 4th Isabelle Danielle
  • 5th Eira McGilligan

Girls 10 Years

  • 1st Isabella Arghyros
  • 4th Siara Travaglia
  • 7th Matilda Daniel

Girls 11 Years

  • 2nd Ava Arghyros

Girls 12-13 Years Primary

  • 2nd Bonnie Starling
  • 3rd Zara Cusick

Girls 12 Years Secondary

  • 1st Phoebe Link
  • 2nd Amy Cronk
  • 4th Caillie Eriksen
  • 5th Sienna Phelps

Girls 13 Years Secondary

  • 1st Bridie Bedford
  • 2nd Shakyah Jordan
  • 3rd Rommie Williams
  • 4th Olivia Kane

Girls 14 Years

  • 1st Olivia Copeland
  • 4th Charli McLennan
  • 5th Niamh Williams
  • 6th Kira Bucknall

Girls 15 Years

  • 1st Ruby Meehan
  • 4th Summer Wise

Girls 16 Years

  • 3rd Emily Lowns
  • 5th Heidi Chaffey
  • 6th Tori Marchiori

Boys 8-9 Years

  • 4th Ben Vickery

Boys 10 Years

  • 2nd Lachlan Arghyros
  • 3rd Marcus  Williamson
  • 4th Ajae Densley 

Boys 11 Years

  • 1st Lachlan Marshall
  • 4th Archie McColm

Boys 12 Years Secondary

  • 2nd Dane Folpp
  • 5th Kalan Bond

Boys 13 Years Secondary

  • 2nd James Campbell
  • 6th Ryan Muggeridge

Boys 14 Years

  • 3rd Rupert Fahy

Boys 15 Years

  • 2nd Jake Frazer
  • 5th Finley Neylan
  • 6th John Spedding

Boys 16 Years

  • 1st Oliver Churchill
  • 2nd Beau Meehan

Boys 17 Years

  • 4th Kipp Freeman
  • 6th Enzo Wurtele

Picture above: U9 girls pre-race

U12 Primary Football

On Wednesday, 22 May, Lindisfarne entered a team of Year 5 and Year 6 students into the Pacific Pines 9-a-side football tournament. This was an exciting opportunity for the team to continue their development after their success at CIS Football at Coffs Harbour earlier in the year.

The team stormed out of the gates winning their first 3 games in spectacular fashion. The team finished the pool rounds on top of the table having scored 16 goals and only conceding 3. After a slow start to the semi-final, the team found another gear in the second half to defeat Kings Christian College 6-1.

The final saw the team play Highland Reserve State School in a rematch of a tight and spirited pool match. The final was a tense match, with the lead seesawing throughout. Maika Butler scored one of the goals of the day to bring the team back into the match. Benjamin Dowker made save after save in front of goal, but unfortunately 2 late goals to Highland Reserve saw the final finish in their favour 3-1.

Picture above: Pacific Pines 9-a-side

The team played each match with wonderful sportsmanship and were a credit to the school. Congratulations to these players:

  • Jake Beck
  • Fletcher Bruhn
  • Fletcher Burdekin
  • Maika Butler
  • Benjamin Dowker
  • Rodan Harper
  • Makaio Jackson
  • Archie McColm
  • Tex Milroy
  • Oliver Muggeridge
  • Roy Summons
  • Finley Watson

Special thanks go to Mr Paul Beck who volunteered his time to coach the side in the lead up to the tournament and throughout the day.

Scott Lewis


Our newest Lindisfarne Equestrian team member, Ariella Stafford (Year 7), competing with her new grey Guardian of the Galaxy at only their second event, came home with some terrific results at the recent Summerland Dressage Club championships at Bangalow. Up against adult riders, they placed 5th and 6th overall in their respective classes and were the winning pony combination. 

Pictured above: Ariella Stafford

Pictured below are Nicola Gee on Warrington Park Symphony (Steve) and Zali Greeney riding Willowcroft Jester (Rory) at the recent SEQ Regional Championships held at Gatton. Refer previous newsletter for results.

Kathryn Leary
Equestrian Coordinator


This is the current Athletics schedule, we meet at the Gymnasium at Mahers Lane. We have some outstanding coaches on board, so please feel welcome to attend the following sessions to prepare for our Athletics Carnival on 4 July. All students across both campuses are welcome from Years 3 to 12.

Touring English Schools and Homestay Families Required

The Sport Department are seeking assistance from our wonderful Lindisfarne families to homestay one or two visiting students from England for the following dates:
  • 6 and 7 July (Burford School)
  • 31 July (Gowerton School)

A cultural homestay is often one of the best experiences for travelling students, so if you can make yourself available, that would be great. The visiting male and female students range in ages from 14 to 18 years old and will require three meals a day, private transport to and from school by the Lindisfarne parent. The sports that are being played against our opens teams are:

  • Netball (Girls)
  • Hockey (Girls)
  • Football (Boys)

If you can be of assistance to us, please email Cherie Montford via

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities


Stage 4 students are fortunate to have Mark Ladbrook teach their practical athletics lessons on their return to school from camp week. Mark will be working through a Fundamental Movement Program focusing on Running Mechanics, Physical Technique and Plyometrics.

The department would also like to welcome Mr Thomas Plater to the School for his five-week professional experience from Southern Cross University. Tom will be working with Years 5, 6 and 9 classes, following a week with Year 9 on camp.

Year 10 are currently part-through their Rock and Roll Program with Heart Beat Rockers, Rob and Kath Llewellyn. The assessment date is set for Monday, 1 July.

The PDHPE Faculty


Saturday Netball

Round 6 is this weekend!

Good luck to all of the teams. Play with pride and Roar!

Please see the list of games, times, umpires and courts for this week. 

Not only have we 17 netball teams this season, we also have 31 umpires! Over the first few rounds, most of the beginner officials have had their first taste of being in charge of the court and have been ably mentored by some of our more experienced umpires. It is a fabulous opportunity for the girls to learn the rules – always an advantage when playing the game! - show leadership, organisational and communication skills and also earn some money! Each Lindisfarne umpire was issued with their own bag for their whistle and wristband. Ava Taylor, Bonnie Starling, Zara Cusick, Asha Thomson and Evie-Ray Ellis-Crawford have all recently donned their whites and practiced their whistle-blowing.

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

Gay Maynard
Teacher in Charge of Netball


Uniform Shop


Mobile Number Change

Please note the recent mobile number change for Gail Dixon in OOSHC. Details below.

Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News