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Last Sunday, a number of Lindisfarne teachers participated in iOnTheFuture 6 which was a conference for educators organised by Paul Taylor at Banora Point Primary. Over 300 teachers were in attendance. The theme for the day was "There is more in us than we know." This statement is part of a larger quote made by Kurt Hahn:

"There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less."

This quote was referenced by Ron Berger who was a keynote speaker and is the CEO of a school improvement network called Expeditionary Learning. In his talk he focussed on two areas of life that are keys to success and fulfilment; the quality of your character, and the quality of your work. At Lindisfarne we are doing a lot of work around character development. Our Faith Formation program led by Rev Chad endeavours to help our students understand the key Christian principles that underpin the work we do as a school and the need to treat all people with compassion, wisdom and respect. 

The other area is the quality of your work. Ron Berger used the term craftsmanship to talk about the need to help our students create quality work. I like this term as it implies there is some of your personality in the work too - you haven’t just done it to tick the boxes. I challenged the Years 5 to 12 students at assembly this week to think about some work they had done in the last week that they were proud of. I asked them to think about what might stop them from doing good quality work. It isn’t about getting the top mark. Good quality work means putting thought and effort into the work - doing your best.

I challenged the students to consider if they settle for less than their best, and if they do now, then when would this change? The habits students develop at school are important for life. Many of you would be aware of the quote I shared with the students:

"Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny."

It's the same idea that even a long journey starts with a single step. All the small things we do add up to make us who we are. The quote "There is more in us than we know” is very true. We need to help our students believe in their own bright futures and encourage them to make the most of the opportunities they have to learn new things. DisruptEd, which took place across both campuses this week was a fantastic opportunity for students to take ownership of their own learning by being curious and learning skills that will help them be prepared for an uncertain future. It was also wonderful to see many parents attend the DisruptEd Parent Seminar and I am grateful for the positive feedback we have received. 

Geoff Lancaster
Deputy Principal - Learning and Innovation

Important Information

From the Chaplain

The Abyss

Year 9 Rite Journey

Last Thursday and Friday, our Year 9 students travelled to Hosanna Farmstay at Stokers Siding for another significant step in The Rite Journey; The Abyss Solo Camping challenge.

One of the premises of The Rite Journey program is that self-awareness and self-reflection are extremely important skills to learn as we transition from childhood to adulthood. There are multiple activities built into the program throughout the year to allow students to develop these important life skills.

Part 3 of the program is called Is There Something More? During this time, students consider contemplative practices such as stillness, silence, intuition, awe, and mindfulness. In order to embed these skills and realise their value and application, The Rite Journey program incorporates an activity called The Abyss.

The Abyss is a solo camping challenge. Students were provided with a tent, a ration pack, and a reflection booklet, and were spaced out individually overnight so that they did not connect with or communicate with anyone else. Teachers were on duty throughout the night to address any needs or concerns which may have arisen, but the idea is that everyone is alone overnight with an opportunity to simply "be".

In our modern world where we have constant access to infinite amounts of information and stimulation, it is sometimes necessary to remove ourselves, or "retreat" from those influences in order to make the most of opportunities to practice contemplation and mindfulness. Therein lies the "challenge" of The Abyss. 

We thought this activity would be particularly challenging for most of our students, but also acknowledge that we all need to be pushed outside of our comfort zone periodically if we are to build resilience and character.

We were pleasantly surprised by the way the students embraced the challenge and the opportunity. Many of them came away from The Abyss with very positive comments, and they even surprised themselves.

As our Year 9 students continue through this program, we hope and pray that the honesty, trust, openness and resilience they are developing will continue to build in them throughout their time at Lindisfarne and beyond.

Rev Chad Rynhart
School Chaplain


Thanks to our FunFest Sponsors

Without the support and commitment of our FunFest sponsors, this event would not be possible. Thank you!

Lead Partners

Event Partners

Event Associates

Win a VW Polo

Tickets are now available in the major raffle for FunFest.

Tickets can be purchased at both Mahers Lane and Sunshine Avenue Receptions and online via

Tickets cost $50.00 and are limited to 1,000 total tickets.

Thanks to our supporting partner Tweed Volkswagon, part of Frizelle Sunshine Automotive.

  • 1st Prize - VW Polo Valued at $21,490.00
  • 2nd Prize - Flight Centre Vouchers to the value of $2,000.00
  • 3rd Prize - Mantra Vouchers to the value of $1,000.00

Tickets will be drawn at FunFest on 31 August 2019 at 4.00pm.

Year 3 Second Hand Book Stall

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P&F Race Day

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Homestay Families Needed

Lindisfarne Homestay families needed for Nabari High School visit 2020 

Lindisfarne International are looking for support from our wonderful Lindisfarne families to homestay students from our Japanese sister school, Nabari High School for March 2020. The students will be in Australia from 15 to 22 March and will require double placement (same gender) in a kind, compassionate and welcoming home. 

The homestay families will need to provide: Own bedroom, three meals, private transportation to and from Lindisfarne each day. A homestay inspection will be conducted prior to the group's arrival. A donation of $200 will be offered to all families for the week visit. 

Please email Mrs Fydler via if you would like to open your homes and hearts and have a once in a lifetime cultural experience that you will never forget.

Introducing John Skelly

This week we welcome a new Bus Driver, John Skelly, to our Lindisfarne team.

John, who will be driving the southbound Ewingsdale route, brings with him over 16 years experience in driving school buses. He has worked for Surfside for many years doing school runs around the Tweed, and is familiar with our school and the surrounding areas.  

John’s highest priority is providing a high level of care, safety and comfort to all students while they are on his bus, and he prides himself on his unblemished driving history and safe driving skills.

John is an active member of the local community and we look forward to him serving our families on this route.

DisruptEd - Mahers Lane 2019

On Thursday, the entire Mahers Lane Campus paused to celebrate DisruptEd. The purpose of this day was to educate students on their rapidly changing future and to focus on the key skills that they will need. These skills include analytical problem solving, creative thinking and resilience.

On the day, we had guest speakers from throughout the Lindisfarne community including university representatives, parents and young entrepreneurs. Our keynotes were from Education Futurist, Lee Watanabe Crockett, and our entrepreneur in residence, Navdeep Pasricha. Both speakers focussed on the optimism of the future as our students embrace entrepreneur skills.

After the keynotes, students were able to select a workshop. We had such an amazing variety of workshops and the students enjoyed hearing from all of these entrepreneurs who are disrupting their fields. I want to thank all of the volunteers for their assistance on the day.

  • School's just not my thing. Hayden McEvoy - A Team Tuition.
  • Globally dispersed companies & Q&A about the changing world of work - Lee Watanabe Crocket.
  • Critical, Creative and Analytical thinking- Kathleen Baker-Brow.
  • Entrepreneurship and Values- Southern Cross University.
  • “Mind-Set and Peak Performance”- Steve White.
  • How technology is changing sports- Ben Tattersfield - Jetson Industries .
  • Where Innovation, Fitness & Adventure Collide- Kayla Crane - Rearviz.
  • Cryptocurrency - cutting edge exchange, wallet & micro-investing- Ryan Neale - Amber.
  • Wild Ideas!!! Disruption with Nina Sackprasith from Vivre Co, Tiah Goldstein from Interwoven.
  • InspirEd: How to make your goals a reality? JG talks to entrepreneurs about their experiences.  Owen Hogan,  Ramesh Sivabalan and Kristen Merrion.
  • Show me the money - Jobs in tech now and in the future - Janeen Hanson with, Louise Bradford-Smith.
  • Design thinking to creatively address “wicked problems”- Chris Knapp.
  • Embedding Technology into daily life- Technology - Gavin Kennedy.
  • Imitation in the Music Industry - influence of theft? Ed Sheeran, Pharrell, Katie Perry, Led Zeppelin, Men at Work - Art versus Law.
  • Brett Canning - Organise PA11.
  • “Mission to Mars”- Katya May.
  • Creating innovative and successful teams in Technology Sector  GlobalX - An IT Organisation dedicated to closing gender bias and elite team-building innovation in IT.  
  • The complete software development life-cycle for enterprise partners. Entrepreneur in software startups, Roy Green.

Our mission to instil these skills is not a one-off event, but rather an ongoing process throughout all curriculum areas. The leadership team will continue to develop our entrepreneur programs throughout the School and we look forward to the involvement of the whole community at our next celebration of entrepreneurship at DisruptEd 2020.

Bryan Malone
Director of HSIE

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

DistruptEd in the Junior School

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word "disrupt" as "change to the traditional way that an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way". 

This week in the Junior School, we have definitely challenged the way students learn. This has been done by allowing students in Year 4 complete control over learning through an entrepreneurial week, ensuring our Kindergarten to Year 2 students are equipped with the skills to sustain life beyond 2040, up-skill Year 3 students with the ability to fly drones and program driveless cars (Edison's) and the possibilities this offers them, learn valuable computational skills through coding with Code Camp by creating games and apps, learn how to create documentaries and showcase their skills to the world and finally participate in an afternoon designed to promote a love for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEM). 

Year 4 students today presented to the Lindisfarne community their business to bring change to the world. All week students collapsed their timetable and complete a design thinking process with the help of Navdeep Pasricha. Students investigated how to find a need in society and create a business to bring change. Pretty impressive for 9 and 10-year-old students. We saw initiatives from saving koalas to building homes for refugees. The week has been one of intense focus, incredible displays of creativity and a whole lot of fun. Thank you to Nav, Lauran, Katie, Kathryn, Linda, all teachers involved and the students for making this such a rich learning experience for all. Look out world. Year 4 are coming for you. 

The Green Team is an initiative started to bring awareness to sustainability and the small changes that we can do to ensure generations enjoy this beautiful planet. Students this week learnt about sustainability, Take 3 from the Sea, saving orphaned joeys and the importance of composting and recycling. Thank you to Leah, Sarah, Caroline, Maria and Jo for all their efforts in creating what looks to be a regular inclusion into our curriculum. 

To find out more about all the exciting events that occurred throughout the week please talk to our students. They will be more than happy to tell about all of the amazing learning that has occurred this week. 

Tony Cross
Assistant Head of Junior School - Curriculum

DisruptEd Documentaries

One of the many opportunities provided to students during DisruptEd Week at the Junior School involved learning about and planning for the making of a documentary.

They discovered the elements of a documentary (Interview! Voiceover! B-Roll Footage! Natural Sound Breaks!) and deconstructed examples in order to give themselves the best tools to execute a cinema worthy film. 

Students have brainstormed topics and now have the task of going out into the world to capture their footage. We can’t wait to see what they create!

Krissy Affleck
Teacher - Information Services and Digital Pedagogy

Book Week

We were so excited about Book Week at the Junior School this year that we kicked off our celebrations early with our Book Character Dress Up Parade! From Pig the Pug to Harry Potter, students and staff got creative and outdid themselves as they transformed into their most loved fictional characters - some even invented their own! Thank you to the Lindisfarne families for enthusiastically participating and helping to bring our favourite books to life. 

Book Week is all about encouraging students to read, learn about new books, share texts and revisit familiar favourites. We have been engrossed in the Children's Book Council of Australia short-listed texts and students have keenly shared their opinions and ratings. In Library lessons, we explored the theme of ‘Reading is my Secret Power’ by discussing how books can unlock our imaginations and enrich our lives. Students also enjoyed visits from local author, Nette Hilton and Indigenous author and entertaining performer, Lucas Proudfoot. We feel very fortunate to have these inspiring members of our community come to our school to share their talents and stories with us.

More photos in the gallery below.

Krissy Affleck
Teacher - Information Services and Digital Pedagogy

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Tech Free Tuesday

There is no denying we are living in a tech-driven society with many existing jobs soon to be replaced or reduced by technology. It is the way forward and our children need to be prepared. 

BUT... Do we need to be attached to screens 24/7. I am a firm believer that there needs to be balance. Children need to know how to verbally connect, speak with eye contact, acknowledge and greet someone. They need to know how to entertain themselves when the phone is out of reach. Families need time to engage, converse, laugh and build memories and this isn't happening with the dramatic increase in screen time.

A 2017 study by the Royal Children's Hospital showed some alarming statistics:

  • Average screen time for 13-18-year-olds is 43.6 hours per week
  • 43% of those studied use screens immediately before bedtime
  • 62% of homes reported screen time causes some degree of conflict

So, we in Year 7 are going to try and make a change and it's called TECH FREE TUESDAY!

I have asked that each Tuesday teachers don't set any homework that involves a screen. This doesn’t mean no homework, it just means NO SCREENS. We want you to use this as a chance for families to engage and rediscover some of the things that may have gone by the wayside. Ideally, we would like parents to adopt this model as well and we will be encouraging teachers to think along the same lines, even if for one or two hours a night. 

I am encouraging Year 7 families to send in photos of yourselves enjoying this time with your family, board games, Uno, cards, reading, cooking together, a beach walk or whatever you choose to do with your family minus the screen.

What do you have to lose? Let's disconnect to reconnect and enjoy this precious time with our families.

Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator

Senior School


Mathematics Faculty


Science Matters

Science is all about investigating things and trying to find the “truth”. This is done by using the scientific method that we have discussed here at Science Matters many times before: Make your observations, come up with a hypothesis, carry out an investigation, determine if the hypothesis is correct and repeat the process.

However, sometimes the scientific method is sorely tested. Take “Moon Wood” for example.
If you want to bang together some pieces of wood to build a cubby in the back garden, you may not be concerned with the quality of the material you use. However, if your intention is to build a boat or craft a perfect musical instrument like a cello or violin you need to use the best wood there is. For thousands of years in Scandinavia there has been a folk tradition that wood for special purposes like boat-building must be cut in winter and only when the moon is in the phase called a waxing crescent (between new moon and first quarter).

As a scientist, the reaction to stories like this is usually to smile politely and proceed to ignore the simple folk who believe in such nonsense. Well, a team of forestry scientists in Germany decided to test this old claim. They used mountain spruce from Switzerland (renowned for making the finest instruments) and tested wood that had been cut in both winter and summer, during a waxing moon and a waning moon, under laboratory conditions. The results were jaw-dropping. The trees cut in winter during the waxing crescent performed better in every test that they carried out. These included things like oven-dry density, shrinkage, moisture loss and changing shape while drying (called cupping and warping).

Now here’s the thing: The tests were unequivocal, there was a measurable difference in the quality of the wood but there is no obvious reason for it. Science was able to prove that the old forester’s advice was correct but could not explain why.

This is why Science is so interesting. It answers one question but then asks a thousand more. There is no known reason why the moon should have any effect at all on something like wood quality but the old woodsmen knew what they were talking about. Maybe one day Science will work out an explanation for the phenomenon of Moon Wood but for now it remains a mystery.

The moon was the theme for international Science Week this year and over the next few issues of the newsletter we will explore some other myths and legends about the moon and the strange effect it seems to have on people.

Enjoy your week in Science and spend a few minutes contemplating the moon on these beautiful August nights.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator


Visual Arts

Performing Arts


HICES Music Festival

HICES Music Festival

This week I accompanied eight talented Lindisfarne musicians to Stanwell Tops, south of Sydney to take part in the annual HICES Music Festival. There were 400 Participants in the festival from 36 schools, all being selected by audition and placed across 12 ensembles.

After three days of intensive rehearsals and specialised tuition, our campers moved to Sydney in preparation for their Wednesday evening performance at Sydney Town Hall and Jazz performance at renowned Jazz club Foundry 616. Lindisfarne students performed in the Symphony Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, Junior Choir, Jazz Academy and well as the premiere of a new massed choir and orchestral work from Australian Composer Dan Walker. 

Special thanks to Amanda Sweetnam who accompanied the group for the camp and to quote Timothy Warner from Year 6 “The best camp mum”.

As each of our students had differing experiences throughout the music camp, Georgia Sweetnam, Abby Horvath and Bailey Keay have included the following reflections:

"This year, I was privileged enough to be selected for the HICES jazz academy. Throughout the past week I was surrounded by some of the top jazz players across NSW. We workshopped four pieces throughout three days and also worked on improving improvisation skills. On the Wednesday night, we were lucky enough to play in a Sydney Jazz Club, Foundry 616. I made many friends and it was an amazing experience to be surrounded by like-minded people. I am incredibly grateful to be able to pursue my passion at such a high level. Thank you Mr Hardy and the Lindisfarne music staff for all your support."
Georgia Sweetnam - Year 10

"Early on Sunday morning, me and 7 other students flew off to Sydney for the experience of a lifetime. After a visit to the Rocks Market and a drive around Sydney, we finally made it to our home for the next few days - The Tops. Once we got there, we hit the ground running and had a rehearsal almost instantly. I was a member of the HICES Symphonic Winds ensemble as a percussionist, and I was constantly challenged by the music. While the days may have been hard, the food was great and we got to do many fun things as well, like a giant swing, go-karting and, of course, a dance party. The final day was busy, stressful and absolutely amazing. That night, as we performed, I was overwhelmed with pride and joy when we finished, and the chilling finale was a brilliant way to end that. HICES was a fantastic experience for all of us, from the music, to the people, to the activities, it was all incredible. If you ever get offered the chance, go for it! You won’t regret it."
Bailey Keay - Year 9

"I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Vocal Ensemble for HICES and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had. We had hours on hours of rehearsal every day but all that extremely hard work paid off on the Sydney Town Hall stage. The songs we sang were very tricky, especially the one we had to sing completely in (the language of) Swahili! We met heaps of new people from all across the state who were just as interested in music as us and got to know those friends through team building activities like the giant swing and survivor obstacle courses. The camp and the beautiful concert was amazing and, as tiring as it was, worth every minute. A huge thank you to the Lindisfarne Music Department for giving me this opportunity!"
Abbey Horvath - Year 7

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Hugh and Grace at the Junior School

This week at the Junior School, we welcomed guest touring musicians Hugh and Grace and their half-tonne piano to perform for our aspiring Music students. This unique performance took place at lunchtime on Monday in the beautiful Sunshine Avenue Campus courtyard.

Hugh and Grace captivated our students with their stories of travel, adventure, songwriting and comradery throughout the Australian backroads, leaving our students thoroughly entertained, inspired and wanting more.

Hugh and Grace met on the road. Hugh was returning from playing a thousand shows across Australia and the United States, racking up songwriting and performance credits with the likes of INXS, Urban and Rawls. Grace was on the run from art school with a sketchpad full of songs. Their chance meeting prompted a musical detour, pushing an upright piano down back roads and back alleys, and writing contemporary songs influenced by country, blues and soul music.

We were privileged to have Hugh and Grace spend time with our students and share their story and I thank them for the impact they made on our students. 

Jesse Edwards
Junior School Performing Arts Coordinator

Gold Coast Eisteddfod

On Wednesday, our Senior Orchestra and Stage Band took a journey to the Home of the Arts (HOTA) where they performed at the annual Gold Coast Eisteddfod. 

Their skills were on show as they competed against like minded students from schools such as Somerset, All Saints, Emmanuel, Saint Stephen's, Robina, Elanora, Palm Beach Currumbin, and more! With high enthusiasm and determination our well presented Orchestra received Honours, with high accolades for our POWERFUL vocalists Jemma, Chelsea, and Jamie for pushing our Stage Band to take out second place.

This was a wonderful day out playing music, appreciating other students similar passions, and discovering Mr Nortons lack of knowledge about being a VSCO girl. Congratulations and thank you to all involved! 

Dale Norton
Music Teacher

Learning Enrichment

Homework Help and Skills for Learning

...with the Learning Enrichment Team

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm the Learning Enrichment team will be running Homework Help and a Skills for Learning session for students in Years 5 to 12 in the Mahers Lane Library. 

Students can work on their organisation, how they research, exam preparation and study skills. All students are welcome to come along if they are requiring assistance with homework or assessment tasks. Please register your interest via email to Jodie Duggan: and Kim Denny:

Kim Denny and Jodie Duggan
Learning Enrichment Coordinators

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Yiwu Experimental Primary School Study Group Visit

On Sunday, 11 August, a group of 28 Chinese students aged 10 to 12 years from the Yiwu Experimental Primary School were meant to arrive at Lindisfarne, however a massive typhoon made landfall and political unrest in Hong Kong meant our visitors did not arrive until last Wednesday.

Despite the uncertainty and many changes to the Yiwu itinerary, the students all arrived at Lindisfarne ready and eager to make the most of their time here. They were super friendly and enjoyed the school tours on both campuses, waving and practising their greetings in English to our students along the way.

This visiting group were homestayed by some of our Lindisfarne families and local community members. A big thank you to Margaret Imai from myqueenslandhomestay, who is our main homestay coordinator, and worked so hard to ensure all students were happy and placed in safe, welcoming and compassionate homes.

Like all of our International groups who visit Lindisfarne, we create specialised programs according to the needs and wants of the visiting school. This group was particularly interested in bush dancing, Class Immersion and Aussie baking and we thank Year 5 students, Le Ping, Mary, Amanda and Erin for being amazing hosts and assisting me in ensuring this  program for the Yiwu students went so smoothly. The students and staff all had an awesome time at our school and will now travel onto to Sydney and Canberra for the remainder of their Australian trip. 

Testimonials from the Yiwu teachers:

"Such a beautiful school, it's like a farm."     

"We had a wonderful time at your school and also appreciate the effort that you made. Your beautiful campus, lovely students and nice teachers impressed us so much."

"What a fun week we have had, thank you everyone at Lindisfarne for making our stay so fun."

Amy Fydler
International Student Coordinator

More photos in the gallery below.

Digital Space




Saturday Netball

Finals start this weekend! 

We are very fortunate to have teams and umpires involved:

Umpiring we have Sam Harvey, Amber Orr, Ebony Richards, Jewel Orr, Georgia Sweetnam and Cedar Maycock.


  • Amber is on Court 11; Ebony and Georgia on Court 12; Jewel and Cedar on Court 4 and Sam on Court 10.


  • Cedar is umpiring on Court 12; Sam on Court 2.


  • Amber is umpiring on Court 4; Cedar and Ebony are on Court 2 and Sam is on Court 3.

Playing we have:


  • The Lindisfarne Orange Lions in the 9-year-olds division. They are on Court 11 v Centaur.
  • The Lindisfarne Blue Lions play Centaur in the 10’s competition on Court 3.
  • The White Lions play Cudgen on Court 9.


  • The Lindisfarne Bronze Lions play Cudgen on Court 4.


  • The Lindisfarne Silver Lions play Kingscliff on Court 3.

Go Lions! Roar!

CIS Netball

Well done to the girls who represented the region at this high level of competition in Sydney. Hopefully you have learned from your experience and made new friends from the other NCIS Schools.

Monday Night Netball

If you are 12/13 years and over and wish to continue to play netball throughout Term 4, please let me know ASAP as we are entering teams into the Monday Night competition again this year.

Netball Presentation and Netball Centre of Excellence Launch

Please save the date for the culmination of the season with our awards evening and the launch of the Lindisfarne’s Netball Centre of Excellence: Tuesday, 17 September. We will meet at 5.30pm in the Ngahriyah. 

A friendly reminder for all coaches and managers to nominate for the awards.

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me:

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball


NCIS Athletics

The bulk of the Athletics team left at 1.30pm Monday afternoon to begin their bus journey to Coffs Harbour for the NCIS Athletics Carnival. Many students made their own transport and accommodation plans, but there were over 50 boys and girls that had a team dinner at the RSL, and stayed the night at the Budget Ibis to be fresh for competition on Tuesday.

The temperature was a perfect 19 degrees, minimal wind and not a cloud in the sky. Lindisfarne students are to be commended for the way they went around their business in a professional manner. We came 3rd in the Primary Point score, and 1st in the Secondary Point Score by over 400 points. 

Most importantly, there were Personal Bests being obliterated by our students all over the venue. There are too many stellar results to list, here is a reasonable snapshot of the highly consistent performers the Age Champion and Place recipients from Lindisfarne: 

  • Junior Girls: 1st Hannah Jocumsen
  • 12/13 Girls Primary: 1st Rose Beddoes-Clarke
  • 12 Girls Secondary: 2nd Phoebe Link, 3rd Callie Eriksen
  • 12 Boys Secondary: 2nd Kalan Bond
  • 13 Girls: 1st Kiara Denny, 2nd Olivia Kane, 3rd Etienne McDonald
  • 14 Girls: 2nd Grace Denny, 3rd Nicola Gee
  • 14 Boys: 1st Jye Walker, 2nd Fredrick Watson
  • 15 Girls: 2nd Giselle Smith
  • 16 Girls: 1st Ellie Engel, 2nd Frances Watson, 3rd Georgie Hughes
  • 16 Boys: 1st Oliver Churchill
  • 17 Girls: 1st Ella Kinneally, 3rd Maia Shaw
  • 17 Boys: 3rd Kody Edgar Farrell
  • 18 Boys: 3rd Ross McCann

New Records:

  • Callie Eriksen: 12 Secondary Girls High Jump (1.37m), and 200m (29.63), and 100m (13.85)
  • Grace Denny: 14 Girls Long Jump (5.01m)
  • Ross McCann: 18-19 Boys Long Jump (6.04)
  • Kiara Denny: 13 Girls 100m (13.44)
  • Jye Walker: 14 Boys High Jump (1.71m)
  • Phoebe Link: 12 Secondary Girls 400m (1:10.91)

We have a large contingent heading to Sydney where we want to work towards becoming a significant force. Athletics training is on as per timetable, and ALL students of ALL abilities are welcome from Years 3 to 12. We meet at Mahers Lane Gymnasium at for ALL morning sessions, and the Bottom Oval for afternoon sessions.





3.30pm to 5.00pm  




Middle Distance

Relays (changeovers and technique)

Mark Ladbroke

Phil Newton

Sid Paulraj


7.00am to 8.00am


Middle Distance

Relays (changeovers and technique)

Sid Paulraj

Matt Bedford


3.30pm to 5.00pm




Middle Distance

Relay (changeovers and technique)

Mark Ladbrok

Phil Newton

Sid Paulraj


7.00am to 8.00am


Middle Distance

Relays (changeovers and technique)

Sid Paulraj

Damien Clucas

Above: Ella Agolley, Sana Rice and Eira McGilliga

Above: Ajae Densley, Miles Scheiwe, Kobe Mundy, Cooper Broxup, Hannah Jocumsen, Isabella Arghyros, Matilda Daniel and Charlotte Slack-Smith.

Above: Charlize Hedger, Isabelle Daniel and Malia Watson.

Above: Hannah Jocumsen, Matilda Daniel and Isabella Arghyros.

Above: Aths Callie Eriksen (L) and Phoebe Link (R).

Above: Ellie Engel and Frances Watson.

Above: Fredrick Watson (L) and Jye Walker (centre).

Above: Giselle Smith (L).

Above: Kody Edgar Farrell.

Above: Maia Shaw (L).

Above: Ross McCann and Ronan Smith.

Above: Asha Thomson, Bonnie Starling, Zara Cusick and Rose Beddoes-Clarke.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

QLD Gymnastics State Championships were held last weekend. Outstanding results from our Lindisfarne students Matilda Johnston, Taylor Kane and Amara Pearson who competed in the RG Skools event. Matilda, Taylor and Amara won Gold for their trio ball routine and Matilda and Taylor won Gold for their pair ball routine.

In the individual events, Taylor Kane competed in Level 4 Senior and won 5th place in Ball, and also Amara Pearson performed in Level 4. Matilda Johnston earned the following results:

  • Level 4 Freehand 1st
  • Level 4 Rope 3rd
  • Level 4 Ball 4th
  • Overall 1st place and Gold medal

Matilda is therefore the new Level 4 State Champion, congratulations!

Above: 1st place Matilda Johnston

Above: Matilda Johnston.

Above: Matilda Johnston, Taylor Kane and Amara Pearson.

Above: Taylor Kane.

All three girls are now set to compete at Nationals next month. Our coach, Stacey Bech, runs free rhythmic gymnastic sessions on Thursday afternoons between 4.00pm and 5.00pm in Ngahriyah. Anyone interested in learning this sport is welcome to attend.

Above: Matilda Johnston, Taylor Kane and Amara Pearson with their team.

Spotlight on Flynn Southam

Flynn Southam swam at the QLD State Short Course Championships last weekend. He had a great meet, coming away with nine Personal Bests, and has been selected in the QLD State team to compete at the National State Short Course Championships at the AIS in Canberra in October. This is his first QLD team selection. 

Flynn earned the following medals:

  • 3 x Gold: 50m, 100m and 1500m Freestyle
  • 4 x Silver:  200m, 400m Freestyle and 50m, 200m Backstroke
  • 1 x Bronze: 100m Backstroke

Flynn’s efforts in the 100m and 200m Freestyle at this event has earned him top 10 placement in the National Boys 14 years rankings. This is a phenomenal effort. Well done, Flynn.

Spotlight on Shayna Cassone and Ella Kinneally

Shayna Cassone and Ella Kinneally competed at the Australian IRB Championships and earnt some outstanding results. Shayna won five gold medals (Under 23 surf, Under 23 mass, Open surf, Open mass, Open Taplin) and Ella won a Gold (Open Taplin) and a Bronze (Under 23 teams). The club also were winners of the under 23 Australian championships and Winners of the overall Australian championships!

Furthermore, Shayna also won a Gold medal at the Queensland State Titles recently as well. Well done, ladies. This is an outstanding results for yourselves, and for Kirra Surf Lifesaving Club.

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities


Uniform Shop


Employment at Lindisfarne

Systems Administrator

Full Time Permanent Position

Commencing 30 September 2019

The successful applicant will:

  • Be creative and relentless in developing high-quality systems and processes

  • Be a hard working, flexible team player who thrives in a continuous improvement environment

  • Be responsible for the physical and virtual infrastructure that supports teaching and learning at all campuses (Dell, VMware vSphere/vSAN, Ruckus, Meraki)

  • Be responsible for supporting a world class 1:1 device program and supporting services across several sites

  • Be proactive in developing business continuity processes and disaster management plans

  • Be a continuous learner and show passion towards the role

  • Be committed to building a service driven team

  • Enjoy being part of a very innovative, fast-moving team of professionals

  • Enjoy the freedom to be creative and try new things

  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School.

  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Applications should be forwarded to Mr Stuart Marquardt - Principal via

Please provide a covering letter detailing suitability and enthusiasm for the role, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Please refer to this link for the full position description.

Applications close on Friday, 6 September 2019.

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