From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your support of our 2019 P&F FunFest. It was terrific to see so many members of our school community enjoying the day and sharing in the fun. A big thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters, our terrific musicians and dancers and all of our stall coordinators. A heartfelt thank you to our P&F FunFest Convenors, Madonna Kucharski and Simone Gadd, who worked tirelessly for over a year to make this event a huge success. Thank you also to our staff who continue to go above and beyond to support our school community events with a generosity of spirit that is inspirational.

Today was a special day at both campuses as we celebrated KIN Schools Day. This service initiative is the brainchild of 14 year old Lindisfarne student Sam Smith who works very hard each year to support the Kids in Needs Association, raising vital funds to support children with special needs and serious medical conditions. Thank you to the student body for rallying behind Sam today and supporting this important program.

The local sporting season is fast drawing to a close. Most local sports have their grand finals underway and it's a timely reminder to all of us of how we spectate and support our teams. The best example we can set our children is to cheer good play from both teams remembering that both winning and losing require grace and dignity. Support the coaches and managers of teams by keeping out of the action and giving them the space to go about preparing the teams for the game.

As a school, we can be proud that four of our netball teams will play in grand finals tomorrow at the Tweed Coast Netball Centre at Arkinstall Park. Game times are 12.00pm and 1.30pm if you would like to take in some of the action. Congratulations to Lindisfarne Netball President Lisa Burdekin and the Netball Support Group on another successful season and Teacher in Charge Gay Maynard and Head Coach Danielle Watters on your leadership of the Netball program. Thank you to all of our coaches and managers for you commitment to Lindisfarne Netball. Go Lions!

This week, I announced our School Captains for the 2020 School year. Congratulations to Captains Jade Reid and Nathaniel Bryant and Vice Captains Annabelle Miller and Noah Chapman on your election to these important leadership positions. We look forward to working with you as we continue to strive to build an outstanding school where student agency and voice are valued.

On Wednesday, 11 September, Lindisfarne will be supporting a very special community choir event called Sing for R U OK? Day. From 6.00pm to 8.00pm at M|Arts Precinct in Murwillumbah, Vicky Jacobs from Melbourne’s highly successful Glee Club will lead an audience of community members through the rehearsal and performance of a well-known song.

The event is an initiative of Germinate Records and aims to lead the discussion around suicide prevention in our region. The event hopes to bring people of all ages and background together to meaningfully connect through music and contribute to the national dialogue on this issue just ahead of the national R U OK? Day.

Please watch this video:

The R U OK? Day 2019 campaign encourages us to "Trust the Signs" and start a conversation with anyone who may be struggling. You don't need to be an expert to reach out - just a good friend and a great listener. R U OK? provides some great resources on their website and you can follow the four steps below if you're planning to start the R U OK? conversation:

  1. Ask R U OK?
  2. Listen
  3. Encourage action
  4. Check in

I hope our school community gets behind the incredible Sing for R U OK? Day event and joins me on Wednesday evening.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

Sing for R U OK? Day

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain


Thanks to our FunFest Sponsors

Without the support and commitment of our FunFest sponsors, this event would not be possible. Thank you!

Lead Partners

Event Partners

Event Associates

Parents & Friends

Thank You

On behalf of the Lindisfarne P&F, I would like to thank the whole community for their support of FunFest 2019. It was a wonderful day of community, with fun for all ages highlighted by the drawing of the major raffle. Congratulations Olivia.

Thank you to every family who contributed to the day through the donation of items, support on stalls, attending and being involved.

Thank you to the staff of Lindisfarne who go above and beyond to ensure the event is successful.

A big thank you to our sponsors who are listed above, we appreciate your support.

My final thanks goes to Madonna Kucharski and Simone Gadd, the event organisers. Their tireless dedication and commitment to the event, and to our school, should be commended. The success of the day can be directly attributed to their selfless leadership. Thank you both.

The final tally for the event will be announced shortly.

Kind regards

Ramesh Sivabalan

P&F Race Day

Upcoming Events

Learn Sign Language

Big Boys' Breakfast - Mahers Lane

Staff Bio

Whole School News

The Great Book Swap

The libraries at both campuses were buzzing on Wednesday, as we held our first Great Book Swap. This is an initiative organised by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to raise much needed funds for our remote indigenous communities and also promote reading in local communities. The Lindisfarne students dug deep for this great cause and raised over $700.

All donations will go towards purchasing books, not only in English but in the local indigenous languages, with the aim of developing pre-literacy skills and familiarity with books for babies and toddlers under 5. It also helps with literacy programs in these remote communities and supports indigenous authors to write books about indigenous people, culture and community.

Below is a link showing a short video of the program:

Thank you to the Lindisfarne community for supporting this project and helping close the literacy gap.

Matt Fydler
Head of St Barnabas

Japan Trip 2019

There is now one available spot open for this year’s trip to Japan (7 to 20 December 2019).

The total cost is $4400 which, owing to the late change, must be paid immediately.

This is a remarkable travel experience, fully escorted and managed affording our students a unique and memorable holiday.

To commit to this wonderful opportunity, please contact Mr Eddie Miller via as soon as possible to secure your child’s place.

Eddie Miller 

Waste Free Wednesday

Plastic is everywhere. It is choking our oceans. It is clogging our waterways. It is to put it simply horrifying. The plastic plague is getting worse with every year that passes. Plastic is so prolific that it is unavoidable. Wildlife often comes in contact with it, having devastating results. Every year millions of innocent animals die as a result of plastic, their silent cries being largely unheard. To make the situation even worse every single piece of plastic ever made is still somewhere on the planet, much of it in the natural environment as it never breaks down. There is no such thing as "biodegradable plastic". And all this for what? Convenience.

To every problem, there is a solution and that is why I and the Lindisfarne Sustainability Committee are asking you to have a waste free Wednesday. Every Wednesday we are encouraging members of the Lindisfarne community, both staff and students, to bring their lunch in reusable containers instead of harmful disposable items like glad wrap, zip lock bags and aluminium foil. As well as reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill, it will also create a cleaner school. 

A solution, a movement, a change starts with an individual: you. Will you start having Waste Free Wednesdays and help to make a cleaner, greener future?

Patrick Brabant, Year 11
Sustainability Committee

​​Parent Lounge and Excursions

Throughout the rest of the year, we will be introducing the use of parent lounge for the approval and payment of excursions. At this stage only selected excursions will be processed this way.

Parents will receive an email notifying them that an excursion is being processed through parent lounge. If you receive one of these notifications, please login to parent lounge to approve and pay for the excursion. During the process you will be asked to review the medical details on file and make changes as necessary.

If you have any difficulties, please contain reception for assistance.

Thank you 

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

​Kids Helpline Sessions @ Sunshine Avenue

Over the course of the term, students in Years 2 to 4 have connected with a Kids Helpline counsellor to discuss important aspects of Digital Citizenship:

Year 2: Positive Use of Technology
Year 3: Cyberbullying
Year 4: Digital Identity

Lessons have been conducted via Google Hangouts which has allowed students to engage with an expert from the comfort of our Library. I encourage families to discuss these important topics over the dinner table and to explore the Kids Helpline website which contains a wealth of resources.

‘I learnt that you can call Kids Helpline anytime, about anything.’
Isabella G 2M

‘I liked the lesson because they taught us to stop and think before you send things on computers, iPads, phones and other devices.’ Gabi T 2M

‘Kids Helpline taught me that if someone cyber bullies you can stop, share  with an adult and shut it down!’ Tilli D 3A

‘I learnt that footprints on the internet stay there forever.’ Leni 2SR

‘I liked how we learned how to be Internet safe. I now know not to share my personal details.’ Esha 2SR

Krissy Affleck
Teacher of Information Services and Digital Pedagogy

Year 2 Open Classrooms

Year 2 Open Classrooms this week saw classes enjoy the company of their family members while developing their measuring skills and refining their mathematical thinking. Wearing hard hats and fluro vests, armed with tape measures and trundle wheels, students set out to find the perimeter and area of squares and rectangles on the oval. Each event was a terrific celebration of measuring, recording and calculating and a wonderful opportunity for shared learning.

Special thanks to the parents and grandparents who joined us.

Year 2 Teachers

Please click 'Expand Article' to view more photos.

Year 4 Entrepreneur Week

In a shock twist… the Year 4 timetable was completely scrapped for a whole week from the 19th – 23rd August. For the entire week students were guided through a design thinking process with the aim to empower small groups of student entrepreneurs and have them create a product to solve a social/global issue.

Not everyone gets such an amazing opportunity to learn the skills that could potentially help them in the future to become real Entrepreneurs. But this week, Year 4 got to do just that!

Guided by Navdeep Pasricha, Mr Cross and the Year 4 teachers, the students participated in daily workshops.

To start the week, students were introduced to a number of social issues affecting our local and global communities. This allowed them further insight to choose an issue they felt passionate about and group themselves into like-minded teams. Teams then engaged in workshops to learn new skills and develop their persuasive and entrepreneurial thinking. 

At the conclusion of the week, following the Big Boys’ Breakfast, students presented their PITCH (business ideas) to their parents and fellow Lindisfarne community members. As their teachers, we were extremely proud of their efforts, their confidence with public speaking, hard work and positive attitude throughout the whole process.

 Some feedback from the Year 4 students…

“We learnt new things and had fun at the same time; we got to choose our passion and had a choice in our own learning; it was great getting to work with different people from each class; we experienced a week of being an entrepreneur; we identified a BIG problem and found smaller problems within which helped us break things down to solve the BIG problem; we loved sharing with others how hard we worked.”

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

​The Peer Support Program K-6

The Peer Support Program for Kindergarten to Year 6 is now well underway. This valuable program seeks to provide dynamic, peer-led learning sessions that foster the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of young people. Student learning sessions are facilitated by trained peer leaders – our Year 6 students – with multi age groups from the younger years. All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are enjoying the sessions which are fun and engaging. 

Mike Lush 
Year 6 Coordinator 

​Stage 3 Public Speaking

Over the past five weeks, Year 5 and 6 students have worked hard to write, rehearse and present speeches to their class. Last Tuesday, two students from each of the Stage 3 classes competed in the semi final. The audience was treated to many entertaining and often enlightening speeches from our semi finalist candidates. 

Thank you to Mrs Rossington, one of our secondary English teachers, who had the difficult task of judging the competition. Not only did she determine the winning speakers but she also provided valuable feedback to the whole Stage 3 cohort, encouraging students to be authentic in their choice of topic and how they present to the audience as well as sharing insight into the judging process.  

Congratulations to Jamie Mifsud, Fletcher Burdekin, Ava Taylor, Phoebe Robins, Fletcher Bruhn and Oliver Muggeridge who will now compete in the Lindisfarne Primary Public Speaking grand final on Monday evening in the Chapel at Mahers Lane. 

Special thanks to Omar Caliskan and Sarina Amoedo for hosting the event beautifully.

Lisa Price
Year 5 Coordinator

Senior School

Careers News

Kingscliff TAFE Day

TAFE NSW Kingscliff Open Day Saturday 14th September from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Discover why TAFE NSW is Australia's leading provider of education and training in Australia! Bring your ambition. Bring your questions. Bring your family and friends. Register today...

QTAC/UAC Applications

If any year 12 students need any assistance to complete their application please book a meeting with me to ensure the application is completed correctly.

 Checklist for Year 12 Students

  • Register with QTAC (Personal email)
  • Start QTAC application and or UAC/VTAC applicatiomn
  • Make a list of your preferences

  • Complete Southern Cross Star Scheme-Optional

  • SRS: School Recommendation Scheme-UAC

  • Add any information to your Careers Transition plan- it should already have your:

  • HSC number and pin

  • UAC number and UAC pin

  • You will need to add your password for your QTAC application

  • VTAC Number and pin


Search the university you are applying to, for example:


Offer Date

Due Date to apply/submit documents

Final date to change preferences

15 November 2019

8 November 2019

8 November 2019

23 December 2019

6 December 2019

10.00am, 16 December 2019

15 January 2020

13 December 2019

4.30pm, 7 January 2020

24 January 2020

13 December 2019



Offer Date

Due Date to apply/submit documents

Final date to change preferences

14 November 2019

31 October 2019

10 November 2019

28 November 2019

11 November 2019

24 November 2019

12 December 2019

11 November 2019

8 December 2019

23 December 2019

11 November 2019

19 December 2019

10 January 2020

1 January 2020

5 January 2020

23 January 2020

15 January 2020

20 January 2020

6 February 2020

30 January 2020

2 February 2020

13 February 2020

7 February 2020

9 February 2020

5 March 2020

28 February 2020

1 March 2020


Thank you

Barry Woods
Director of Careers/VET/TAS


Mathematics Faculty


Science Matters

As the song says: “You may be right, I may be crazy, but maybe it’s a lunatic you’re looking for!”

In the 19th Century, “Lunatic” was the word used to describe someone whose mind had been affected by the moon, hence the term. Some people still connect many events with the moon from the biodynamic farmers who plant their crops in accordance with favourable moon phases to fishermen who only go fishing on certain parts of the moon cycle. 

The trouble with all things lunar is trying to separate the facts from the myths. There is no doubt that the moon has an enormous influence on the Earth. We know, for example, that the coral on the Great Barrier Reef will spawn (reproduce) five days after the first full moon of summer. WHY this happens is another story and one that is hard to figure out. Two weeks ago, in Science Matters, we explored the weird phenomenon of “Moon Wood” and how timber made from trees cut on certain moon phases has measurably different properties.

Many people who work in health care will tell you that their patients react to the phases of the moon. Midwives, for example, always expect a busy shift on the night of a full moon (also during thunderstorms), psychiatric nurses report elevated symptoms in people with mental illnesses and aged care workers will tell you that dementia patients display heightened agitation on nights when the moon is full.

The trouble is that these claims don’t seem to be borne out by scientific investigation. Statistically, across large sample populations, there is no difference in the numbers of births, presentations at psychiatric hospitals or agitation in nursing homes over repeated cycles of the moon.

This is where science comes into conflict with respected professionals who are adamant that the moon causes a change in behaviour.

There is only one area where a definite link to the moon has been found: Earthquakes and volcanos. In areas prone to these natural disasters, the likelihood of an event is closely linked to the high tides caused by a new moon. This is probably due to the additional strain the tidal pull puts on the Earth’s crust (known as the “Earth Tide”).

But who is to say that Science hasn’t missed something? There are so many strange phenomena that defy explanation. The interplay of the moon, sun and Earth may produce effects that we are as yet incapable of detecting let alone measuring.

In the meantime, if you feel yourself becoming restless as hair sprouts from your face and your fingernails metamorphose into savage claws, don’t be alarmed. You are just another lunatic.

Science Excursions

Next week is a big one for Science excursions. Year 7 is going to Brisbane on Monday and Year 8 is off to Hastings Point on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please visit Parent Lounge to accept the invitation for your son/daughter to attend these excursions. Your prompt action helps us with the planning process of these valuable learning experiences.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing or using Parent Lounge, please contact school reception on or call 07 5590 5099 for assistance.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator


Visual Arts

Performing Arts


​Private Tuition Reminder

Please be reminded that if your child is having private Instrumental, Vocal, Song Writing or Speech and Drama lessons it will be assumed that lessons are continuing from term to term.

If you wish to discontinue lessons, written notification needs to be submitted to the Performing Arts Administration Assistant at by the close of business on Monday, 16 September otherwise the following terms fees will be charged.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Learning Enrichment

Appreciation Week

Learning Enrichment Assistant Appreciation Week

This week marks the annual Teacher Assistant Appreciation week. At Lindisfarne, we are very fortunate to have a team of dedicated and caring Assistants that support both teachers and students. Many of the assistants run intervention programs and assist in a myriad of ways within the classroom. This week is a great way to celebrate the fantastic work that our team do across the school.

Write a Book in a Day

Write a Book in a Day Competition

On Thursday, we had 30 enthusiastic writers and illustrators participate in the Write a Book in a Day Competition. The competition is an initiative of the Kids’ Cancer Project and thousands of students across Australia participate each year. This year we entered 5 teams made up of students from Year 5 to Year 10. The teams worked tirelessly over the 12 hour period to produce some fantastic pieces. It was wonderful to see how well the students worked together and the enthusiasm they shared to produce their books. 

This year’s books will be displayed in the library for all to enjoy!


Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

International Immersion Program

Have you been wondering what the international visiting students get to experience as participants in the international immersion program?

Below is a sample weekly schedule which demonstrates the various interactive, fun and engaging activities that the international study tour groups encounter at our school. 

Each group request varies and is challenging to create, as it is very specific to the group’s intentions and outcomes. Our goal is to continue to create high quality, diverse and unique programs which offer once in a lifetime opportunities for our visiting students.       

Amy Fydler 
International Student Coordinator

​Homestay families needed for Korea YMCA visit 2020

Lindisfarne International are seeking compassionate, kind and caring families from our school and within our local community to host a group of Korean male students ages 15- 16 years old from the world renowned organisation, YMCA.

This group of students will be participating in class immersion program at Lindisfarne and require double placement accommodation from 2- 9 March, 2020.

As a homestay family, you will be required to:

  • Have another male child or parent in the household

  • Complete and submit a Working with Children Check

  • Participate in a Homestay inspection

  • Provide three meals, snacks, lunchbox/drink bottle

  • Own bed (shared bedroom with same gender is acceptable)

  • Private transportation to and from school each day

Homestay will be organised by myqueenslandhomestay (Margaret Imai).

Please contact her on 0408 078 023 for further enquiries.

​Farewell to the Lou siblings

It was with a mixture of sadness and pride that we said goodbye to our sweet, kind and hardworking short stay enrolled students, George and Cici last Friday at Sunshine Avenue. We dearly hope to see them both again soon, either in Australia or China. All of the teachers and students had an awesome experience hosting these lovely, sweet and kind children. Mrs Turnbull and Mrs Leary thoroughly enjoyed having George and Cici in their classes and our students will miss them a lot as they have truly become part of our Lindisfarne community.

From Mrs Turnbull- 

Cici started each new day at Lindisfarne with a smile.  She consistently gave 100% effort to all tasks, giving her absolute best throughout each and every school day.  Cici worked collaboratively with her peers during our DisruptEd week and presented an outstanding Public Speaking speech on her chosen topic ‘If Animals Could Talk.’  She formed some strong friendships in her time at our school and made a positive impact on our class. Cici is going to be missed by all members of our class and we wish her all the best on her return to China. 

From Mrs Leary- 

There is a little George shaped-hole in the hearts of 1L this week.  Gone is our bouncy, smiley friend, whose understanding of written and spoken English blossomed during his stay in Australia. But beyond that, it was a joy sharing our culture, environment, school and friendship with George.

Amy Fydler 
International Student Coordinator 

Digital Space




This term in PDHPE, our Junior School is participating in Jump Rope for Heart – a fantastic physical activity and fundraising program promoted by the Heart Foundation. The initiative has been running for over 35 years.

Since Lindisfarne started Jump Rope for Heart, our school has raised more than $21,000 for the Heart Foundation’s lifesaving work.

Jump Rope for Heart is a great way for your child to keep fit and learn new skills, but it also helps raise funds for vital heart research and education programs.

The Heart Foundation works to prevent suffering, disability and death from heart disease – a disease affecting two out of three Australian families. Funds raised through the Jump Rope for Heart program enable the Heart Foundation to fund ground-breaking research into the causes and treatment of heart disease, patient care and support.

The benefits of skipping and being physically active are enormous:

• Jump Rope for Heart fits into the National Physical Education Curriculum and encourages a whole school approach to promote physical activity and healthy eating. It is a hands-on opportunity for children to experience doing something for the greater good. 
• Skipping during breaks, and/or when incorporated into Physical Education lessons, can contribute to the achievement of the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity for young people. It also enhances fundamental movement skills and increases self confidence in students. 
• Jump Rope for Heart is an activity that children like to do.  
• Jump Rope for Heart is very accessible. Any child, regardless of fitness level or technical skills can learn to skip in a supportive environment. 

In conjunction with the Jump Rope program, Lindisfarne is also running a Skipping Club on Thursday mornings. Earlier this year we shone a light on doing activity and exercise with your child. Lindisfarne had great success in achieving this with our Runners Club, so we decided to provide another opportunity for our parents, carers and students to get involved together. So far this term, there have been over 94 students, parents, carers, grandparents and teachers attend one of our Thursday morning sessions. It has been fantastic to see the parents joining in again. What is surprising to see is the number of people who remember back to their own school days when skipping made up a major part of play and the number of amazing skipping parents! 

It doesn’t matter what form it takes; physical activity is amazing. It assists us in so many aspects of our lives. Get outside, get active and make it a family affair.

The PDHPE Faculty

Junior School Sport

Jump Rope For Heart

So far this term the Sunshine Avenue skippers have raised a whopping $6037. 

Every year level has been so excited to skip this term and the improvements from our students have been amazing. 

There is only two weeks left until we hold our school Jump Off Day on Thursday, 19 September at the Sunshine Avenue Campus This will mark the end of the program and an end to our fundraising efforts. The afternoon will be a chance for everyone to come together to skip and show off their newly learned skills. 

Parents are welcome to join us from 1.50pm as each year level will get the chance to showcase the skills and tricks they have been learning and perfecting in our classes. 

This week we were lucky enough to have a World Class Skipper and Lindisfarne student join our PE classes. Laura Downey is in Year 10. She has competed in two world championships for skipping in the past two years and last year she placed first in the 15 plus age group at the NSW state titles. Laura spent the day teaching the year 3 and 4 students, passing on invaluable knowledge, tips and tricks and then giving each class a small demonstration of her talents. Thank you Laura you were fantastic.  

Thank you for supporting the Jump Rope for Heart program!

Skipping Club

To support the Jump Rope for Heart and to give our students and Parents an opportunity to work on keeping their hearts happy, we will be running a Skipping Club from 7.30am - 8.15am every Thursday morning this term. Parents and students from K - 4 are welcome to come and join the fun. Skipping Club is all about FUN! Come and join the crew as we Criss Cross our way to a happy healthy heart. 

AFL Gala Day

The Year 3 and 4 students of Sunshine Avenue will be participating in the Tweed Heads District AFL Gala Day to be held on Friday, 20 September. Training will be held on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes on Arkinstall park. Students will play modified games of AFL in a non-contact and fun environment with their peers. Training will continue until Thursday, 19 September. 

Nathan Croft
PE Specialist P-4

​Saturday Netball

Grand finals are this weekend! 

We had four teams play in the preliminary finals on Saturday, 31 August.

The Orange Lions were Minor Premiers and won through to their grand final place the weekend before. 

Unfortunately, the White Lions went down to a strong Wildcats team. They started slow and were not able to pull themselves back into the game. They should be very proud of their 3rd place in the Cadets Division 1 though. The eldest in the Lions team is 15 - other teams have 17-year-olds in their squads.

The Blue Lions players performed V Seagulls for the opportunity to have a rematch v Minor Premiers Centaur. What a game! Our 10-year-old Lions roared into the grand final by 1 goal!

The Bronze Lions went into their match against Terranora as the underdogs but had pretty much secured the game by half-time. They led 9-4 after the first 15 minutes and kept a clean sheet in the second quarter. On the final whistle, they finished with 13 more goals than the team who had beaten them earlier in the season!

Pictured above: The Bronze team before they defeated Terranora.

The Silver Lions were expected to win through to the grand final to meet an undefeated Kingscliff team but made hard work of it in the first quarter. They settled in the second quarter and pulled away from Wildcats with a winning score of 21-11. A great team performance!

So! On Saturday, we have 4 teams in grand finals:

At 12.00pm, the 10year-old Blue and 12-year-old Silver Lions play against Centaur and Kingscliff respectively. The Silver Lions are all from Year 6.

At 1.30pm, we have our 9-year-old Orange Lions taking on Seagulls and the 11-year-old Bronze Lions play Centaur. The Bronze team has players from Stage 3. 

Go Lions, ROAR!

TAFE NSW Cup Netball

We have it confirmed! The Lions Kings will represent the Far North Coast region at the Genea Netball Centre, Olympic Park on Wednesday, 25 September. Eight regions will be represented. Our Year 10 boys will recommence training next week.

Monday Night Netball

If you are 12/13 years and over and wish to continue to play netball throughout Term 4, please let me know ASAP as we are entering teams into the Monday Night competition again this year. I have at least one team of Year 8 ladies already! We are also thinking of putting in a staff and parents’ team – interested? Please let me know.

Netball Presentation and Netball Centre of Excellence Launch

Please save the date for the culmination of the season with our awards evening and the launch of the Lindisfarne’s Netball Centre of Excellence: Tuesday, 17 September. We will meet at 5.30pm in the Ngahriyah. 

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me at

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball


Lindisfarne Tennis Championships

The annual Lindisfarne Tennis Championships are fast approaching, so please get your entry submitted if you are interested.

Spotlight on Lily O’Sullivan

Lily has been competing in the growing sport of pool based Life Saving. She recently competed at the Australian Championships on the Gold Coast in August. She took out the Australian Title in the 100m Manikin Tow With Fins and Silver in the 200m Super LifeSaver event. She was also awarded Bronze in 100m Manikin Carry With Fins and in the 100m Rescue Medley. This is her first real season of competing in Pool rescue, so has done very well. Lily is also heading to New Zealand to represent the New South Wales team in October.  Good luck Lily.

Spotlight on Lachlan Arghyros

Last Saturday Lachlan Arghyros competed in the 2019 Woolworths QLD Grommet Titles held at Duranbah Beach in the U12 age group. He made the finals and placed 2nd in the U12 age group for the event. His overall placing at the end of both events placed him 3rd overall in the Woolworths QLD Grommet Titles Series. Fantastic effort Lachlan, a young man with many talents.


Uniform Shop


Vacation Care - Spring 2019

Employment at Lindisfarne

​Systems Administrator

Full Time Permanent Position

Commencing 30 September 2019

The successful applicant will:

  • Be creative and relentless in developing high-quality systems and processes

  • Be a hard working, flexible team player who thrives in a continuous improvement environment

  • Be responsible for the physical and virtual infrastructure that supports teaching and learning at all campuses (Dell, VMware vSphere/vSAN, Ruckus, Meraki)

  • Be responsible for supporting a world class 1:1 device program and supporting services across several sites

  • Be proactive in developing business continuity processes and disaster management plans

  • Be a continuous learner and show passion towards the role

  • Be committed to building a service driven team

  • Enjoy being part of a very innovative, fast-moving team of professionals

  • Enjoy the freedom to be creative and try new things

  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School.

  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Applications should be forwarded to Mr Stuart Marquardt - Principal via

Please provide a covering letter detailing suitability and enthusiasm for the role, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Please refer to this link for the full position description.

Applications close on Friday, 6 September 2019.

Community News

Cudgen SLSC Sign On

Cabarita Beach SLSC