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The Lindisfarne Way

Over the last three years staff, students and members of the wider community have worked together to develop The Lindisfarne Way. The Lindisfarne Way is a manifesto of key aspects of the school that we value as of fundamental importance. The opening section highlights the School’s Purpose, Values and Culture and I have included this below.

The Lindisfarne Way

Our Purpose

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is a high quality, independent, Anglican, co-educational grammar school that serves the southern Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and northern New South Wales. We seek to provide the distinctive identity, relationships, learning and leadership that support our staff and families to work together to meet our high expectations for the achievement and holistic development of our students in our local, national and international communities.

Our Values

Within our Anglican tradition, we value:

  • Compassion: Building genuine relationships through generosity of spirit and care for others.

  • Wisdom: Gaining the knowledge, understanding, skills and character that comes from learning.

  • Respect: Appreciating all within our environment and leaving an honourable legacy for those who follow.

Our Culture

We cultivate learning through relationships, expert teaching, educational research and innovation that focus on:

  • Leadership: Creating the competencies that equip us with hope, clarity and direction.

  • Standards: Establishing high expectations that empower student involvement, development, achievement, service and voice.

  • Collaboration: Working together within aligned structures, processes, practices and systems that enable our desired ethos and strategy.

You hear a lot around Lindisfarne about the School’s core values of Compassion, Wisdom and Respect and we are fortunate to be part of a community where these values are more than just words that appear on a glossy brochure. I want to focus briefly on the school culture that we are working hard to continue to strengthen. Over the last few months I have conducted many enrolment interviews and school culture is the most cited reason raised by prospective parents when I ask them why they have chosen Lindisfarne. Some common responses are that “we have heard great things about the school from friends” or “we want our child to be challenged and given opportunities to flourish.” 

We are proud of the high expectations we have for our students. As part of The Lindisfarne Way we have developed a Graduate Profile that describes the character traits that we want our graduates from each of our sub-school to exhibit. This document includes traits such as kindness, generosity, acceptance, resilience, creative thinking and many others. Rather than just being ambitious words on a page, our staff have been looking into ways to explicitly teach these traits through curricular and co-curricular activities. Developing these values is too important to be left to chance.

Geoff Lancaster
Deputy Principal - Learning and Innovation

Important Information

From the Chaplain

Year 12 - Leap of Faith

By the time this newsletter is released, our Year 12 students will be at their formal. Theformal is one of a number of significant events during their last week of regular schooling.

Next Monday night, there will be a service of thanksgiving in our chapel, followed by their final assembly next Wednesday, which concludes with the tradition of all students and staff forming a guard of honour for Year 12 as they walk up the famous stairs and say goodbye to the daily rhythm of attending Lindisfarne.

Each event forms part of a significant tradition and rite of passage, where the students celebrate an ending and a new beginning. They are released from this community, and will venture out into the world where they will find their place in other communities, and other forums.

Under the Faith Formation framework, the Year 12 pastoral program is called “Leap of Faith” and I still find myself reminding people that it is not a religious ritual or program. If we understand “faith” (in its most basic, non-organised religion form) as occupying the place in our lives between “now” and “not yet”, then by definition, we all have faith because we all live in that tension between what is now, and what is not yet.

The Leap of Faith program, then, is a very practical and flexible scope and sequence of themes and activities, where we try to address the issues and questions which students might have as they work toward whatever is not yet for them.

Any leap of faith can be daunting and frightening because you don’t know what is going to happen or how things are going to turn out. One of the spiritual and emotional components of the program is to guide students through some exercises aimed at overcoming doubt, because if you don’t have faith, all you are left with is doubt and unknowing, and they are not positive or productive mindsets.

I will address the students at their service of thanksgiving next Monday night, but also wanted to take this final opportunity in this forum to wish them all health, success and abundant wellbeing as they take their leap of faith into the unknown, and know that while you stop attending the school, we will always be here for you, and hopefully our influence will always be a part of you.

God bless you as you take the leap.
Rev Chad


Parents & Friends

Big Boys' Breakfast - Mahers Lane

Thank you to all the fathers, grandfather's and friends who attended the recent Big Boys' Breakfast at the Trade Skills Centre at our Mahers Lane Campus.

The event was a great success with close to 300 people present for a 7.30am bacon and egg, cuppa and catch up!

Thank you to all the teachers who assembled the bacon and egg rolls and an extra special thank you to our Senior students who kept the barista coffees coming all morning!

With your support we look forward to making the 2020 Big Boys' Breakfast a success as well. 

Upcoming Events

Staff Bio

Whole School News

​Mudgeeraba Rural Fire Brigade Donation

The Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School community delivered a donation of sweets and chocolates to the volunteers at the Mudgeeraba Rural Fire Brigade.  The donation was delivered by Martin Dixon, former parent of Lindisfarne and a Retained Firefighter (Engine Keeper) of Tweed Heads Fire and Rescue 468.

Over 200 people have been displaced by the blaze however there had been no loss of life.
A total of 17 properties have been destroyed in Queensland during the fire emergency, with many more incurring damage, including form smoke.  Eleven homes have been confirmed lost to the savage fires that have torn through the areas of Sarabah, Binna Burra, Witheren, Numinbah Valley and Springbrook.
The fires have burnt out more than 5500 hectares of land. Firefighters are still battling about 50 fires across the state.

It takes months for communities to recovery from the devastating impacts of the bushfires.  “We sincerely appreciate the help from community,” Brad 2nd Officer in Charge at Mudgeeraba Rural Fire Brigade.

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

​Year 12 Exam Stress

Seeing your child undergoing stress for the first time can be extremely overwhelming for a parent.  

What can parents do to help?  

  1. Taking a holistic approach and concentrating on basic needs e.g. diet, sleep, social connection, exercise, mental health and physical health.

  2. Regularly checking in with your young person, e.g. “How is the study going?” 

  3. Creating special time with the young person to do something with them that they enjoy.

  4. Letting them know you are there for them, e.g. “What can I do to help?”  This may look like topping up their water bottle and a reassuring touch or smile.

  5. Reminding them of the bigger picture and their goals, e.g. “Imagine how exciting it will be to drive yourself to University/Job!”

For extra support, please see the link below and other topics on School TV including Surviving Year 12, Anxiety, and Internet Addiction. Additionally, the School Psychologist Cassandra Gist is available for psychological therapy.

Cassandra Gist 
School Psychologist

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Junior School News

This week at assembly I spoke with our students about their school pride. This is something that develops over time and impacts positively on the experience they have at school. We had just watched a wonderful performance from our Stage 2 dance group and while our girls enthralled the audience, I observed both the routine as well as the faces of those watching.

I could see smiles, acknowledgment, admiration and awe in the young faces captivated by the performance. There were also many parents, so proud of their children sitting next to other parents showing pride in other people’s children. All students of Lindisfarne.

Each week at assembly we acknowledge musical efforts, academic feats, sporting and cultural talents. From skipping to dance, netball and surf lifesaving, our students shine across a huge range of endeavours.  

Highlighting these achievements, and showcasing where possible, not just shows students what they can aspire to emulate but also brings on another feeling amongst the students. School pride. Pride of the achievements of others, pride that students and their school are doing so well and pride in the opportunities offered by the school.

School pride helps children to identify with their group. The Lindisfarne tribe. It can be fostered further with support from home – something that benefits students and the school.  We are blessed to have a very supportive parent body and this week through; assembly, the Netball Presentation Evening, the Twilight Concert and the ‘Jump Off’ for Jump Rope For Heart, students and parents have shown their commitment to their passions and endeavours as well as our school. With our incredible students at Sunshine Avenue – we have a lot to be proud of. 

Mark Douglas 
Head of Junior School

Online Progressive Reports - Wabisabi

Online Progressive Reports. Changes in the Junior School.

Following a feedback cycle around our Online Progressive Reports the Junior School have implemented a few changes to enhance this system. This is in order to get the maximum benefit out of communicating about assessment, progression and the school’s day to day activity.

Students are uploading their own work to Wabisabi. This means that when a task is completed in class, students will capture their work using their iPad and upload it to Wabisabi. Parents and carers will notice that they may not contain teacher feedback instantly on this work. The teachers will update the post once they have viewed it and decided on the feedback for the student. This feedback should be present within a week. In the meantime, discuss the task with your students and talk about how they went. This can offer a really rich learning experience outside of the classroom. 

Also, teachers have moved onto a different cycle of posting. 50% of the posts on Wabisabi will be student achievement and progress. 25% of uploads will be whole class posts and another 25% will be images or information about other things happening at school. At the Junior School we want to ensure that parents and carers are being informed about progress and not just cocurricular activities happening at school. 

Finally, can I please ask that all parents update their Wabisabi app. A new release has been pushed out and it is important that all apps are up to date. In addition to this, the web application is now mobile responsive, meaning that it will fit into your mobile phones web browser and will provide the same, if not a better user experience. We also encourage parents to write comments on their students work. As students spend time reflecting on teacher feedback we also want them to see you have viewed this and made a comment.

If you have any questions or would like to chat more about this, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Tony Cross
Assistant Head of Junior School

Code Camp

Code Camp at the Junior School this coming holidays.

Code Camp is coming back to Lindisfarne these school holidays, ready to help your child get ahead of the digital curve!

As one of the highest-rated school holiday activities in Australia, Code Camp is a great way for to kids to spend time over the holidays having fun with their friends whilst learning how to think logically, problem-solve creatively and code their own app. This Spring, join over 85,000 kids in Australia who have already built their own games and websites with us!

Lindisfarne will be hosting Spark on the 2nd to 4th October. Bookings start on Wednesday 14th August - enrol now and get $20 off with the Early Bird Discount (code: EARLYBIRD if you enrol before Sunday 18th) here:

Tony Cross
Assistant Head of Junior School 

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Senior School

Drama Onstage Nominee



Congratulations to Murran for joining the lofty ranks of the highest assessed works in the recent HSC Drama Performance Examinations, by receiving a coveted OnStage nomination.  

Well done and good luck Murran!


Mathematics Faculty


Science Matters

What does a 100kg parrot say?
“Polly wants a cracker……..RIGHT NOW!”

OK, it’s a really old joke and pretty corny but you have to admit it’s a little bit funny.

There is no evidence to suggest that such an intimidating parrot ever existed but one in New Zealand came close.
Researchers have discovered the fossil of a one metre tall, 10kg flightless parrot that lived 19 million years ago in Otago. To date, it is the largest fossil of a true parrot ever found.

New Zealand is famous for its parrots and if you have ever been hiking in the backcountry of that beautiful land you may have had your backpack raided by a Kia, the mountain parrot and contender for the crown of the world’s most intelligent bird. The Kia’s impressive brain is matched with an enormous beak which it has been known to use to let down the tyres of cars whose occupants fail to produce a treat!

Why all of this talk about parrots you ask? Well, it is time we shared a little bit of good news for a change. While it is true that the natural world is under enormous stress, there are people out there actually making a difference.

One of New Zealand’s iconic birds is another giant flightless parrot, the Kakapo. This gorgeous, comical bird used to be common but, as always, the arrival of humans brought rats, cats and, most damaging of all, stoats all of which combined to nearly wipe the Kakapo out. In fact, they were thought to be extinct until a small population was discovered on Stewart Island in the late 1970’s. Since then, the birds have been relocated to predator-free islands and the eggs have been hatched under controlled conditions in incubators. This year a new record was set with ninety healthy chicks being born. Ironically, the increase in the number of eggs laid may be due to climate change. The warmer than usual seasons have resulted in the Rimu trees producing more seed, more often and this is the Kakapo’s favourite food.

The kakapo recovery program has been driven by a small group of determined people who have refused to give up on this adorable bird. Individuals CAN make a difference. It is easy to start feeling overwhelmed and helpless in the face of global challenges but if you keep your focus local and try to address just one problem in the place where you live, you can start to see the results of your actions. You will discover like-minded individuals all around you and the changes brought about by your combined effort will be greater than the sum of what you could achieve individually.

Take a moment to make yourself feel more optimistic and visit the Bush Heritage Australia site at where you will discover a whole community of people dedicated to repairing the damage humans have visited upon nature. This not for profit organisation purchases degraded farmland and turns it back into its original state with cat proof fencing to eliminate that most catastrophic of all introduced predators. This year they passed the 11 million hectare mark in land acquisition and continue to expand their  portfolio of permanently protected real estate.
The seven billion humans living on the planet are causing immense damage but luckily there are fourteen billion hands to help fix it.

Have a wonderful week in Science and make one positive change in your daily routine that will benefit the planet.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator 


Visual Arts

Performing Arts


​Festival of the Guitar

To continue the impressive co-curricular Performing Arts opportunities offered to our students we will be presenting our very first Festival of the Guitar in October. The festival will consist of a series of Guitar workshops directed by our talented Guitar Tutor Alicia Charleston. 

Alicia has worked for various artists in a wide range of music genres including pop, rock, folk, jazz, fusion, experimental, funk, metal, prog, techno and blues. Part of her music career also includes song writing commissions for independent films.  Alicia’s education highlights are Guitar Lecturer at Southern Cross University of Lismore, Head of Academy Music at Northern Rivers Conservatorium of Lismore, Head of Popular Music and Performance at JMC Academy in Melbourne and Freelance Curriculum Developer for TAFE.

The Workshops will culminate in our Festival of the Guitar Concert held in the Chapel on Thursday 17 October at 5.00pm.

All Guitarists in our Middle and Senior School are encouraged to attend this very special event. Please RVSP to

Mr Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

​DramaWorks 2019 – Congratulations!

Last Tuesday saw Year 10 and 11 Drama students travel to the Byron Bay Community Theatre for DramaWorks 2019DramaWorks is produced by the North Coast Drama Collegiate and presents the work of some of the North Coast’s most accomplished 2019 Higher School Certificate Drama students.  It was a fabulous performance, highlighting the incredible quality of dramatic work that students on the North Coast are delivering.  

Among those performing this year were Year 12 Drama students from Lindisfarne.  Murran Kain, Ashleigh Budge, Sol Faint and Karli Worrad were invited to perform their comical rhythmic piece about four strangers who meet on a train, Chooga-Chooga Train

These students are to be congratulated on their tireless efforts in the play building and rehearsal process, their team work, their dedication to the task and for consistently working at a demanding and rigorous level of excellence.  They represented Lindisfarne proudly and gave exceptional performances. 

As well as extending performers to yet another level and exposing Lindisfarne Drama students to a wider audience, opportunities such as these also creatively inspire younger audience members and further encourage them to create at the highest level and to never give up pursuing eminence.  

Simon Leach 
Head of House - St Andrews 

Learning Enrichment

Chess - Mahers Lane

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

​Lindisfarne Homestay families needed for Nabari High School visit 2020

Lindisfarne International are looking for support from our wonderful Lindisfarne families to homestay students from our Japanese sister school, Nabari High School for March 2020. The students will be in Australia from March 15- 22 and will require double placement (same gender) in a kind, compassionate and welcoming home. 

The homestay families will need to provide: Own bedroom, three meals, private transportation to and from Lindisfarne each day. A homestay inspection will be conducted prior to the group’s arrival. A donation of $200 will be offered to all families for the week visit. 

Please email Mrs Fydler via if you would like to open your homes and hearts and have a once in a lifetime cultural experience that you will never forget.

Amy Fydler 
International Student Coordinator

Digital Space



Junior Sport

Jump Rope For Heart

So far this term the Sunshine Avenue skippers have raised a whopping $8053. 

Every year level has been so excited to skip this term and the improvements from our students have been amazing. 

Thank you to all the students that have done an outstanding job fundraising. It is an excellent effort to have raised over $8000. This is double what we were hoping to achieve. 

Keep an eye on next week's newsletter as we will publish our fundraising total and have some awesome photos of our Jump off day as we conclude the Jump Rope for Heart program. 

Thank you for supporting the Jump Rope for Heart program in 2019!

Skipping Club

This week was the final Skipping Club for the term. It has been an absolute blast every week with students, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and teachers all coming along to participate. Just a few stats for you from the term:

  • We had over 110 participants throughout the term, an average of 52 per session.  

  • Of these 27 were parents, carers or grandparents

  • Combined we skipped for a whopping 170 hours.

  • There were 27 people who completed the 100 Club award.

  • There were 6 people who completed the 50 Backwards skipping award.

  • There was 1 person who completed the 20 double under award. 

It has been great fun and an awesome way to get fit for summer. Great job to those who turned up every week and had some fun. 

Nathan Croft 
PE Specialist P-4

Netball News

TAFE NSW Cup Netball

Lindisfarne’s Lions Kings will represent the Far North Coast region at the Genea Netball Centre, Olympic Park next Wednesday. Eight regions will be represented. 

Our Regional Champions are:

Corban Thompson, Connor Wilson, Oscar Veldhoven, Ethan Lonsdale, Jake Sands, Lewis Koppel, Oliver Churchill, Jayden O’Rourke, Fletcher Koppel and Nick Purcival.

We wish them the best of days!

Monday Night Netball

We have four teams entered into the Monday night Competition which started this week. In Division 2 we have a Staff, Parents and the Senior Rep girls Squad – The Lionesses. They won their first match V Cudgen quite comfortably – although I am not sure they were so comfortable the next morning. In Division 3 we have the rest of our senior girls playing as the Gold Lions. They were also victorious. We have two Year 6,7, and 8 girls teams in the Junior 1 Divisions – the Red and the White Lions. Each team played TNA Rep teams on Monday Night, but they made the opposition work for their victories! 

Netball Presentation and Netball Centre of Excellence Launch

We had an excellent end of the season awards evening on Tuesday. It was so great to have all of our players recognised for their representation of the School each Saturday and also to publicly thank the coaches, managers and committee for all of their hard work throughout the year. Mrs Lisa Burdekin and Mrs Sue Hammond stepped down from their roles of President and Secretary and they were acknowledged for their commitment and contribution over the past years. Mrs Lauren Taylor was also thanked for being the registrar in a year when Netball Queensland changed how to register! All of the umpires were awarded a certificate and their season’s wage packet and Mel Irving won a Fruit Platter for the best healthy half-time snacks!

Our Premier Winners, The Bronze Lions were congratulated for their perfect performance in the Grand Final: Arlia Tribe and Juliette Collins, who used to attend Lindisfarne, Emily Daniel who was overseas; Summer Wardle, Sunny Skene, Sian McGilligan, Jamie Mifsud, Evie Mills, Alex Greaves and Ruby Lynch. Jamie was also voted by the umpires as the Grand Final MVP and received the match ball as an extra trophy on the day.

Players from each team received trophies for the Best and Fairest and a Coach’s Award. 

The recipients were: 

Portia Brownlee, Evelyn Thompson, Willow Duggan, Zahli Bruhn, Keanna Eddie, Amelia Haubek, Hannah Phillips, Stella O’Hare, Ivy Thomson, Eira-Grace McGilligan, May Summons, Matilda Daniel, Jessica Irving, Hannah Jocumsen, Evie Nowland, Isabella Arghyros, Ava McIntosh, Kayla Archer, Sarah Hodges, Jamie Mifsud, Summer Wardle, Asha Thomson (also a GF MVP!), Bonnie Starling, Olivia Gorrie, Ella Mitchell, Daisy Allen, Claudia Arghyros, Ginger Allen, Yasmin Scott, Mia McKinley, Ruby Stante, Rosie Taylor, Georgie Hughes, Emily Lowns and Samantha Harvey.

Ms Danielle Watters spoke about the Lindisfarne’s Netball Centre of Excellence and the Netball Program for 2020 before Lily Hodges was presented with the Junior Umpire of the Year Award by netball royalty, Nicole Cusack and Cedar Maycock was the first recipient of the newly named Gay Maynard Award for the Senior Umpire of 2019. The prestigious President’s Award was announced by Mr Marquardt and presented by Mrs Lisa Burdekin to Ebony Richards.

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball

Please click 'Expand article" to view photos. 


During Term 3, Year 7 students have been completing a unit on Nutrition. Students have learnt about the role of carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. The culmination of this unit has been the preparation of a healthy snack which the students bought into school to be tasted by the rest of the class. 7A completed the task last Friday and it was a huge success. The students brought in a wide range of healthy snacks and a great morning of tasting and comparing was had by all.

Gay Maynard
Director of PDHPE

Sport News


Lindisfarne Tennis Championships

On Wednesday, 18 September, over 60 competitors converged on Arkinstall Park Tennis Complex to compete for the annual Lindisfarne Tennis Championships. There were some quality games evidenced throughout the evening, the main results below:

Open Boys
Winner: Joshua Mammen
Runner up: Alex Robertson

Open Girls:
Winner: Lucy Tunstead

Intermediate Boys:
Winner: Max Van Vorst
Runner up: Nicholas Dowd

Intermediate Girls:
Winner: Niamh Williams
Runner up: Bridget Bordiss

Junior Boys:
Winner: Jack Stafford
Runner up: Jackson Mater

Junior  Girls:
Winner: Zara Cusick
Runner up: Bonnie Starling

Primary Boys:
Winner: Miles Scheiwe 
Runner up: Noah Hawkins

Primary Girls:
Winner: Charlotte Slack-Smith
Runner up: Eva Cusick

In other Tennis news, congratulations to Brodie Slack-Smith, Noah Hawkins, Marcus Williamson and Nicolas Leotta on winning the Division 4 Championship at the Tweed Tennis Association Competition last weekend. The boys have played amazing tennis all season and were thrilled with their win.


We have a large contingent of secondary Athletes heading down to Sydney for the NSWCIS Championships. These students were very dominant at NCIS, so we are hoping to make our presence felt in quite a few events. Best of luck to you all, here is the squad:

Lily Alford
Kalan Bond
Oliver Churchill
Jye Conquest
Olivia Copeland
Grace Denny
Kiara Denny
Kody Edgar-Farrell
Caillie Eriksen
Nicola Gee
Lachlan Howard
Olivia Kane
Isaac Kidd
Phoebe Link
Etienne McDonald
Xavier Meulet
Kyrra-Lee Nash
Finley Neylan
Jacob Sands
Julien Sim-Sing
Anika Smith
Giselle Smith
William Spedding
Maxwell van Vorst
Jye Walker
Federick Watson


Congratulations to some of our students and a teacher (Jan Makepeace) who collectively play for Casuarina in the Tweed Border Division 3 competition. They won the premiership on the weekend, congratulations to you all.

Touch Football

We had a boys and a girls team represent Lindisfarne in the Ballina Years 7/ 8 NSW All Schools Touch tournament yesterday, with a spot up for grabs in the NSW All Schools Final in Penrith for each division winner.

Our boys had a limited number of substitutes, which didn’t bother them early in the day; however, later in the day the amount of games took their toll. They had a relatively even spread of wins and losses, and definitely have potential moving forward.

Our girls played their way into the finals after navigating their way through the pool games. After a nail biting semi-final victory, which culminated in an extra time drop-off format which got down to three players. Our speedster Kiara Denny used her pace and speed to score the winning try to make the Grand Final. Unfortunately, the girls went down 2-1 to Kingscliff High School in what was a very even contest. There maybe the possibility of a Wildcard entry to the NSW All Schools for this team. 

Overall, we are very excited with the trajectory that Lindisfarne is heading with its Touch Football program.


We sent three teams to the Woolworths Cricket Blast Cup for our Year 7 and 8 students in Murwillumbah today (Friday, 20 September). The girls had a blast in some perfect weather, small boundaries, tip and run -  soft ball format. Australia is clearly leading the world in Women’s Cricket, so it would be fantastic to see Lindisfarne have a girls team up and running soon.

Damien Clucas 
Head of Sports and Activities


Uniform Shop

Uniform - Senior School Blazers​

A reminder that  all students in the Senior School in 2020 are required to have a blazer as part of their formal uniform.

A more tailored blazer for our female students will be available in mid-October ready for the 2020 school year. The current unisex style will remain as an option for all students.

The Uniform Shop is only open on Thursday, 10 October 2019 during the holiday break, please make note of this date. Regular hours resume when the store reopens for normal trade on Monday, 14 October at 7.45am. 


OOSHC Holiday Program

Employment at Lindisfarne

Employment Opportunities

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is a high quality, independent, Anglican, co-educational P – 12 school serving the southern Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and northern New South Wales. It seeks to provide the distinctive identity, relationships, learning and leadership supporting its staff and families to meet the high expectations for the achievement and holistic development of its students in our local, national and international communities.

Full Time, Part Time and fixed term 

Lindisfarne is seeking experienced and enthusiastic candidates for several positions to commence from the 2020 school year. We are seeking expressions of interest from teachers with some combination of the following teaching areas:

  • English - Full Time
  • Science - Full Time & Fixed Term positions
  • Dance - Fixed Term
  • Physical Education - Part Time
  • Information Technology - Part Time 
  • Design Technology (Woodwork) - Part Time
  • French - Part Time
  • Maths - Part Time

Commencing 15 January, 2020

The successful applicant will:

  • Have demonstrated subject specific expertise, passion and teaching experience in Years 7-12.
  • Maintain a positive and effective learning environment through well‐prepared and varied lessons, which cater to the range of student abilities and interests.
  • Set realistic and challenging academic standards of student performance.
  • Provide prompt and comprehensive attention to student work submitted for marking and supervision.
  • Experience with teaching the NSW Syllabus and the ability to teach HSC Extension levels in one or more of these subject areas would be an advantage.
  • Work collegially in a strong team environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, competence and confidence in the relevant subject discipline.
  • Demonstrate high levels of professionalism in all activities.
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School.
  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Applications should be forwarded to:

Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal

Please provide a covering letter addressing the above selection criteria, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Refer to: for the position description.

Applications Close: Monday, 30 September 2019

Community News

Gold Coast Recreation Centre - Holiday Activities

Destination Tweed - Artisan Food Weekend