From the Principal

Farewell Year 12

This week was a most special time at Lindisfarne as we farewelled the class of 2019. It is with pleasure that I share with you my Principal’s address from the Farewell Assembly on Wednesday.

“Good morning staff, parents and friends of the School, students and the class of 2019.

This time of the year comes about all too quickly. The Year 12 Formal, Graduation Eucharist, the Farewell Assembly and preparation for final exams. It’s a busy and rewarding time, a time of joy, a time of sadness as one door closes and another door opens to a new season in your life. 

Much of your final year has been packed with the pressure of assessments and exams, major works, academic study and a range of co-curricular commitments. Much energy has been spent planning for life beyond school, future study and travel, training and employment, and entrepreneurial dreams of future businesses and enterprises that you might work for or create.

At this time of closure, celebration, reflection and transition to life beyond school, I ask that you might just pause and reflect for a moment on the real purpose of an education. The development of good judgement, the ability to act in such a way that you help to make the world a better place, the courage to make difficult decisions, to follow a moral compass and to seek whenever possible service to others.

There is a saying that at the heart of education is education of the heart. What good is an education if you do not use it to help others, to make a difference, to find new ways of doing ordinary things, to seek answers and solutions to real world problems?

The remarkable President of the USA in the early 1960s, JFK, asked his post World War II nation; ‘Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’.

I’d like to ask the class of 2019 something in a similar vain – ask not what you have to gain from your education or your career but instead ask what have you got to give to each other, to the world at large, to the local, national and global communities in which you will live, work and make a difference. 

At the Graduation Eucharist, we lit four symbolic candles for you:

  • the light of wisdom, 

  • the light of memory, 

  • the light of love, and 

  • the light of faith.

All of these things will be necessary as you transcend lives in the years to come. 

There are many challenges ahead; creating a more sustainable world, finding solutions to climate change, reducing adult and child screen time and reconnecting with self, nature and others are but a few of the areas that will require your attention in the age of disruption. 

So much awaits you in the future. Go forward with a grateful heart and our richest blessing.

In closing, I want to say how proud I am of you all, what a great privilege it has been to be your Principal and how inspired I feel about the contribution you will make to our society in your lives beyond school.

I want to thank your teachers, the dedicated staff of the School, your parents who have loved and supported you and our School Captains and Vice Captains, Chloe Green, Will Fitzgibbons, Abby Frazer and Luca Wright, who have led you and our school community throughout 2019. 

I hope that all students will have an enduring connection to Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School remembering that you never actually leave a school like Lindisfarne, you just stop attending every day.

May God bless you on the next stage of life’s journey.”

I trust that you enjoy the break ahead and I look forward to welcoming students back to school for a rewarding final term of the 2019 academic year.

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

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Whole School News

Year 12 Celebrates

It’s been a week of high celebration and joyful festivities as Year 12 reflects on their impending departure from the safe shores of Lindisfarne. 

Last Friday evening, students rejoiced in their resplendent finery at the Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School Formal, held at HOTA, Gold Coast.  In the presence of their parents and staff, students shared a beautiful meal, gave thanks for each other, their families and the school and danced into the late hours of the night, sensing one chapter of their lives was closing as another one was opening. 

Monday evening saw next phase of the school’s traditional graduation events with the Graduation Eucharist.  Held in the Evangelists’ Chapel and beneath the school’s motto, Let Your Light Shine, Year 12 students were humbly guided by Rev Chad, to bask in the warm glow of their time at Lindisfarne and to go forth and share their light with the world beyond school.

Tuesday saw another important Lindisfarne tradition enacted, as the Houses said a wistful goodbye to Year 12 students from their House Tutor Groups at the House Farewell. Laughter flowed and tears rolled as the reality of the impending terminus became ever clearer.

On Wednesday, the doleful day for many arrived. To end the season of celebration, it was The Farewell Breakfast followed by The Graduation Assembly, where the entire school came together to celebrate this year group’s wonderful achievements and memories. 

And then- that last, long, reluctant climb up the stairs to a life beyond Lindisfarne. 

But it’s not all bad Year 12- amid the sadness and tears of letting go, there is the joy and hope that only comes with the prospects of new beginnings.  Remember- you never really leave a school like Lindisfarne, you just stop attending.  Goodbye and good luck (especially in your HSC examinations).

How lucky I am to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard
A.A. Milne

Mr Simon Leach
Head of House - Andrew

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Waste Free Wednesday

Waste Free Wednesday - Tips

Following on from the success of our Waste-Free Wednesday last week, we thought it would be timely to give some tips on how you can make lunches and snacks waste-free ready for Term 4:

Example of lunch items with waste 

Example of items in a waste-free lunch

Sandwich in disposable cling wrap or plastic sandwich bag

Sandwich in a snug-fitting reusable container

Chips or pretzels in a plastic/foil packet 

Snacks in a reusable container

Juice in a squeeze pouch, with a plastic straw 

Water, juice or other drinks in a reusable and resealable bottle, filled at home from a bulk container

Yoghurt in squeeze pouches or plastic ‘shot’ bottles 

Yoghurt in a small reusable container, filled at home from a bulk container

Individually-wrapped muesli bars 

‘Trail mix’ in a reusable container

Pre-packaged fruit salad in a small plastic tub or tin 

Whole fruits without packaging or fruit pieces in reusable containers

Pre-packaged ‘snack pack’ of crackers and cheese spread 

Raw or salad vegetables such as carrot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and celery, plus a small container of dip.

Individually-wrapped confectionary bars or cakes 

Muffin, fruit bread or biscuits in a reusable container

Individually-wrapped cheese sticks / strings 

Cubes/slices of cheese in a reusable container

Disposable cutlery 

Durable cutlery that is designed to be washed and reused

Reusable containers – Using reusable containers is the cornerstone of a waste-free lunch! Suitably sized containers and reusable wraps will keep sandwiches intact and make little treats easy to pack. Although reusable containers may have a higher upfront cost than a roll of plastic wrap, they are durable, they will save you money in the longer term and they will help to reduce waste. 

Buying in bulk – Buying items such as juice, yoghurt, crackers, biscuits and cheese in bulk quantities or containers, rather than in individual servings, will probably save you money as well as reduce waste. It also allows your child to drink or eat only as much as they want at one time, and then they can reseal the container.

Packing a bottle of frozen drink with the lunch will give your child a cold drink and also keep the lunch cool. 

Lastly, join the Waste-Free Lunch Challenge! Seeing you go waste-free for lunch at the same time is the best possible motivation for your child. 

Dan Robins
Sustainability Committee

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

​Year 1 Story Sharing

Holidays to Brazil, choosing a pet and even receiving a new bed were just some of the incredible personal narratives that the Year 1 students proudly shared with their Kindergarten peers on Wednesday.

Term 3 saw enthused Year 1 students become authors, gaining a small insight into the hard work that goes into writing and publishing a story, inspired by the visit of children’s author Nette Hilton.

Coming up with an idea, sequencing events, learning interesting ways to open a story, drafting, editing and publishing were all part of the lengthy process the students of Year One undertook this term.

They were so thrilled to be able to share their published stories with the eager Kindergarten students, who listened intently as the stories were read and marvelled at the amazing illustrations that accompanied each narrative.

Year 1 are so deservedly proud of their efforts and so are we!

Amy Williamson, Kathryn Leary, Abbey Read and Linda Terry
Year 1 Teachers

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Junior School - End of Term 3

As we head into the holidays, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the whole Lindisfarne community for an incredible term in the Junior School. We experienced our very first DisruptED Week including the addition of our Green Team, the Big Boys' Breakfast, FunFest 2019, Jump Rope for Heart, musical performances, Twilight Concert, Tournament of Minds, sporting gala days and the ongoing excellence that occurs in our classrooms on a daily basis. 

It is important that we recognise that key events like Big Boys' Breakfast and FunFest shape the culture of our school. The Junior School prides itself on opening the school gates to all and ensuring that multiple opportunities are presented to parents and carers to become involved in school activities. Just this week Year 3 opened their classrooms up to the parents and showcased their work across Geography, Mathematics and Coding. It was great to be in the room with parents showcasing what our students are doing. 

This term we received the NAPLAN 2019 results. I’m pleased to announce that our results reflected the resourcefulness, resilience, reciprocity and reflectiveness of our students and teachers. I had the pleasure of analysing the data on our students and was really taken aback by the achievements in the Junior School. In Year 3 we saw 55% of our students in Band 6 or higher for Reading, 52.1% of students in Band 6 or higher for Grammar and Punctuation, 68.1% of our students in Band 5 or higher for Numeracy, 60% of students in Band 5 or higher for Spelling and a staggering 71% of students in Band 5 or higher for Writing. These results reflect the constant drive of our teachers and our students to excel in everything we do. 

Finally, before we all hit the beaches for the holidays with our children I’d like to leave you with a quote from the nobel Kid President. In an inspirational video about how to Vacation correctly he states that ‘kids want you to follow this algorithm. US + YOU + WHOLE VACATION = MEMORIES.

Enjoy your relaxing break and enjoy creating those memories. 

Tony Cross
Assistant Head of Junior School - Curriculum

​Junior School Art Enrichment

This term students explored the use of various mediums and techniques including oil pastels, crayon and watercolour resist. They also enjoyed working with black and white while focusing on positive and negative space, creating some dramatic visual compositions with scratch art. This complemented a short introduction to printing in monochrome. Lindisfarne has some talented little artists!

Kindy Art

Kindy started the term with some inspiration from Henri Matisse by creating colourful and vibrant artwork which were worthy of framing as shown. I congratulate all of our little artists for their efforts this term. 

Tony Cross 
Assistant Head of Junior School

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Green Team News from the Junior School

Our first committee meeting was held last week with a great turnout with each year level at the Junior School having a representative.  We decided at this meeting to send out a survey/feedback sheet to families to get ideas and suggestions about what they would like to see happening at a school level. Please return the form to school as soon as possible or email with your ideas. A big thank you to all the families who have already provided feedback and ideas.

We will be joining Mahers Lane in Waste Free Wednesdays in Term 4.  Every Wednesday say no to plastic and put your lunch into reusable containers and use other alternatives to plastic.

Keep a look out in the next newsletter for the eco tip of the week!

Thank you to the following committee representatives:

Leah Taylor (Parent), Caroline Jackson( Parent), Koa Stotz (Student), Sarah Whitrod,(Parent), Kerri Brydon (Parent), Melissa McCabe (Parent/teacher),  Lauran Turnbull (Teacher), Jo Hetherington (Teacher), Lisa Bilson (Teacher), Michelle Perkins (Teacher).

If you would like to join The Green Team at the Junior School please email

The next Green Team meeting will be held on Thursday, 17 October at 3.00pm in the Preschool playground.  Children are welcome and encouraged to be part of the sustainability team.

The Green Team 

Code Camp

Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Middle School

Student Achievements

Two of our Middle School students have been selected to represent the Queensland Team in the Australian Interschool Championships at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre next month.

  • Nicola Gee in Year 8 for Eventing
  • Zali Greeney in Year 5 for Preliminary Dressage 

Please join us in congratulating them on their place in the team as it is a great achievement and honour for them. 

Pictured above: Nicola Gee 

Amber Phillips 
Year 8 Coordinator 

Year 7 Term 3 Wrap Up

What a busy term it has been.

I find it hard to fathom that I only have one term left with the amazing group of students that are Year 7. It will be another busy one but we will be cramming a lot in as we work hard right up to the Christmas break.

This term we have placed a focus on using our technology for its given purpose and eliminating distractions in the class. We have had overwhelming success with this and in the process we have been educating Year 7 about being 'upstanders not bystanders' when their learning is being interrupted.

This worked well in conjunction with out Tech Free Tuesday, which has been embraced by many families. The emails from families and the level of engagement they have had with their children has truly made me smile. It won't always work and there will be nights when you can't be tech free but to at least be conscious of the idea of how much time we spend on our devices is learning in itself. To realise how much connection we are missing out on and to create ways of changing this is all a part of the process.

I strongly encourage that as you enjoy the holidays and your children recharge their batteries that you continue to have tech free periods, the days are warming up, nights are longer so get out there and live it. We will definitely continue this push in Term 4. Here is just a little feedback from our efforts so far and a few photos attached.

“A fantastic initiative. We have embraced this and each Tuesday is actually like when I was growing up."

"William his sister Jayde, Deb and myself played Uno last night. It's highlighted how much we "don't interact" on the other nights in a way. Keep up reminding people." 

“Thank you Julie for encouraging this! Amara really embraced it- actually we all did. I did gardening out the front, while the kids played tiggy out in the street with the neighborhood kids. They all enjoyed it so much they are planning more afternoons playing outdoors. It brought the neighbours together, and reminded me of how it was when we grew up in the 80's!"

“We had a great Tech free Tuesday at our place. Annabella was the champion of it, and made sure all devices were away. We had a great catch up and lingered a lot longer at the dinner table than usual. Thank you for kicking off this initiative.  It is a great was to consciously enjoy some 'in the moment time' with our family.”

“We spent two hours at the beach.”

“Tim and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Tech Free Tuesday. Thank you for initiating it. Our house was full of fun, laughter and conversation. We learnt so much about Isaac, his friends, school and interests in this short time. Not only that, evening jobs were enjoyed together with no stress. We are still talking about it this morning.”

Safe holidays and I will see you all next term.

Ms Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator

Senior School

​Simpson Prize Competition 2020

The Simpson Prize is a national competition for Year 9 and 10 students, encouraging them to explore the significance of the ANZAC experience and what it has meant for Australia. Eight winners are chosen from each State and Territory with the opportunity to visit overseas battlefields and participate in ANZAC Day commemorations.   Why not consider entering?  2020 Question “Allied victory brought an end to war, suffering and challenges for Australia and its people.” To what extent do experiences of 1919 support this view?   

Students entries must be submitted and endorsed by the student’s school. Closing date is 8 November, 2019 and winners travel in 2020.  Further details and entry guidelines can be found at

Mrs Jan Makepeace
History Teacher


Mathematics Faculty


Science Matters

“The secret message communicated to most young people today by the society around them is that they are not needed, that the society will run itself quite nicely until they - at some distant point in the future - will take over the reigns. Yet the fact is that the society is not running itself nicely... because the rest of us need all the energy, brains, imagination and talent that young people can bring to bear down on our difficulties. For society to attempt to solve its desperate problems without the full participation of even very young people is imbecile.”
(Adapted from Alvin Toffler)

Young people are remarkable. They see things with a clarity that becomes obscured to those of us above a certain age. We spend too much time lecturing our young people and not enough time listening to them.

This week the United Nations emergency climate summit was brought to a standstill by a square peg in the form of Greta Thonberg, a Year 9 student who put the 'Baby Boomer' delegates firmly in their place with a stern dressing down about their behaviour. She berated them for their chronic in-action in the face of scientific certainty.

At Maher’s Lane we turned to Patrick Brabant to explain to us that we needed to think differently about limiting the amount of non-recyclable waste from our campus. A simple fact that seems to have eluded us for the past twenty-three years.

Here at Science Matters we acknowledge our generational failure to address critical scientific issues surrounding climate change and polymer pollution and our collective delusion that perpetual exponential economic growth is possible.

This holiday, spend some time talking to your son/daughter about the climate crisis. Ask them what we should do. Since we are borrowing their world, the least we can do is listen and their insight might surprise.

Have a relaxing holiday, keep working hard if you are in Year 12, and listen to our youth. They have a lot to say.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator 


Visual Arts

Performing Arts



Congratulations to our Ensemble Performers and Production Crew

Special thanks should go out to our Senior School musicians and production crew who supported our Year 12 Graduation events during the past week. The Senior Choir prepared over 6 works and played an important role in the Year 12 Eucharist service as well as performing a very expressive and emotional rendition of “For Good” at the Graduation Assembly. Our Senior Orchestra also played an important role in farewelling our Year 12 students with their performances of Sweet Caroline and The Final Countdown at the Graduation Assembly. As always, our hard-working production crew were behind the scenes for these and many other events throughout the term.

All of these students have shared their time and gifts to help farewell our class of 2019.

Stage Band Swinging Out with Jazz Royalty

The Lindisfarne Stage Band are honoured to be supporting renowned jazz band Galapagos Duck at HOTA on Wednesday, 6 November as part of the Gold Coast Jazz and Blues Club performance program. 

Based in Sydney Australia, Galapagos Duck was an integral part of the foundation and success of the Jazz Club The Basement, performing continuously at the club for 16 years during which the Basement became known as one of the greatest Jazz Clubs in Australia and the World. The 'Duck' have also toured extensively throughout Australia and abroad with performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Singapore International Jazz Festival and throughout the USA. 

Tickets for this event went on sale this week at…/music-of-new-orleans-galapagos-duck/.

Friends of the Arts Meeting

On Tuesday, 15 October we have our Friends of the Arts Annual General Meeting starting at 6.30pm, followed by a General Meeting at 7.00pm in the Mahers Lane Library. All positions will be declared vacant and we would love to see parents with an interest in the arts support some of our successful arts events. Nominations for the Executive or General Committee must be in writing and received seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting. If you would like to nominate for an office bearers’ position and receive a nomination form, please register your interest to 

Mr Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Learning Enrichment

Chess Program - Junior School

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Lindisfarne Homestay families needed for Nabari High School visit 2020

Lindisfarne International are looking for support from our wonderful Lindisfarne families to homestay students from our Japanese sister school, Nabari High School for March 2020. The students will be in Australia from March 15- 22 and will require double placement (same gender) in a kind, compassionate and welcoming home. 

The homestay families will need to provide: Own bedroom, three meals, private transportation to and from Lindisfarne each day. A homestay inspection will be conducted prior to the group’s arrival. A donation of $200 will be offered to all families for the week visit. 

Please email Mrs Fydler via if you would like to open your homes and hearts and have a once in a lifetime cultural experience that you will never forget.

Amy Fydler 
International Student Coordinator 

​Homestay families needed for Korea YMCA visit 2020

Lindisfarne International are seeking compassionate, kind and caring families from our school and within our local community to host a group of Korean male students ages 15- 16 years old from the world renowned organisation, YMCA.

This group of students will be participating in class immersion program at Lindisfarne and require double placement accommodation from 2- 9 March, 2020.

As a homestay family, you will be required to:

  • Have another male child or parent in the household
  • Complete and submit a Working with Children Check
  • Participate in a Homestay inspection
  • Provide three meals, snacks, lunchbox/drink bottle
  • Own bed (shared bedroom with same gender is acceptable)
  • Private transportation to and from school each day

Homestay will be organised by myqueenslandhomestay (Margaret Imai).
Please contact her on 0408 078 023 for further enquiries.

Amy Fydler 
International Student Coordinator

​Hangzhou Principals Conference

This week we had another opportunity to welcome a group of 25 Principals and teachers from Hangzhou, China to our school for a day long conference. The topic for the day’s presentation focused on ‘Social Science teaching’. Our guest speakers included Mr Geoff Lancaster, Mr Bryan Malone, Mrs Kellie Douglas and Mr Richard Gazal. They all spoke eloquently on their main teaching area and shared their projects and innovative ideas with our visiting Chinese staff. We also heard from some Hangzhou teachers who spoke about Young citizen education in China, English as a subject area and integration of regional characteristics to create first class schools.

We thank all staff involved in this interesting and valuable conference and look forward to sharing more ideas, curriculum content and philosophies in the future with all of our visitors.

Amy Fydler 
International Student Coordinator

Digital Space



Junior School Sport

AFL Gala Day 

Dave Burns Fields was host to some amazing AFL talent last Friday, as the local school communities came together to participate in the Tweed District Footy Fun Day. Lindisfarne put two teams in the Year 3/4 competition, Lindisfarne Blue and Lindisfarne Yellow. The two teams played well all day competing hard, having fun and learning a lot about the game of AFL.The final game of the day was between the two Lindisfarne teams, both teams played with conviction and tried until the end of the game, as there was no scoring and the emphasis of the day was all about fun we will never know who won. Once again the students involved were an absolute credit to our school and to themselves. They played hard, but fair, tried their best and had so much fun. Thank you to Mr Tony Cross for his assistance with coaching the teams and his wealth of AFL knowledge was invaluable on the day.

Jump Rope for Heart Jump off Day 

The Lindisfarne Jump Rope for Heart has been a huge success in 2019, we have raised well over $9,000 for our eight-week program. Thank you to all the students that have done some fundraising and to all the students that have taken part in the skipping in term 3. The program culminated last Thursday with our Jump off day, where each of the classes got to perform their best skipping skills and tricks to the school. It was a fantastic afternoon with some mind blowing tricks performed. Thank you to Laura Downey our world champion skipper who is in Year 10 at Lindisfarne for coming to our Jump off Day to perform her routine and show the students her amazing talents. 

K - 2 Fun Swimming Carnival 

Our K - 2 Fun Swimming carnival will be held next term. The date of the carnival is Thursday, 14 November (Term 4, Week 5). More information will be sent home to parents of students involved early next term. Make sure you put the date on your calendars to come along and watch our next generation of swimming super stars. 
We are looking for parents to assist with age groups as helpers on the day, both in and out of the pool, if you are willing to assist on the day please email Mr Nathan Croft at

Casuarina Cup Rugby Union

Casuarina Beach Rugby Club will be hosting the Casuarina Cup Rugby Union Tournament which will be held on Friday, 8 November (Term 4, Week 4). The competition will be for students in Years 3 and 4 and will be played in a Ten - A Side format. Students who are interested are asked to come to the Rugby Meeting which will be held in Week 1 next term on Wednesday, 16 October at Lunchtime in 4H. More information will then be given to students and training days will be organised. 

Super 6’s Hockey Gala Day 

Next term Year 3 students will have the opportunity to play in the Super 6’s Hockey Gala Day which will be held on Wednesday, 13 November (Term 4, Week 5). Team are mixed  - three boys and three girls and will play across half a hockey field. No goal-keepers are required. All students will get the opportunity to play on the artificial turf and grass. 

Master Blaster Cricket

Cudgen Cricket Club is holding a Master Blaster competition for any children U10. The competition will run on Tuesday afternoons from 4.45pm-6.30pm. The competition will start on Tuesday, 29 October. However there will be a come and try day on Tuesday, 22 October at Cudgen starting at 4.30pm. The cost of the competition will be $99, which is perfect if you would like to use the $100 Active kids voucher from the NSW government. 

Nathan Croft
PE Specialist P-4


TAFE NSW Cup Netball

Lindisfarne’s Lions Kings represented the Far North Coast region at the Genea Netball Centre, Olympic Park on Wednesday. Eight regions played in two pools. The first match we went down to the eventual Champions from the Riverina Region. It meant that in our other round matches, we had to be victorious to make the semi-finals. With results going our way – 13:4 and 12:7, we won the right to play against Pool B winners SCAS. The pool winners met in the final and the Lions Kings finished a fabulous third in the State! The NSW State Men’s coaches approached us and asked for the boys to consider trialling for the State 17’s and under team! What a compliment to the talent shown by our boys after one season of playing netball. It is the best ever performance by a Lindisfarne boy’s netball team.

Our squad: Corban Thomson, Connor Wilson, Oscar Veldhoven, Ethan Lonsdale, Jacob Sands, Lewis Koppel, Oliver Churchill, Jayden O’Rourke, Fletcher Koppel and Nick Purcival all played some outstanding netball.

Pictured above: The Lion Kings at the Opening Ceremony and with NSW Swifts Captain Maddy Proud.

Monday Night Netball

The Division 2 Lionesses backed-up their first-round win with a victory over the established team: Infernos. 

The two Year 6,7, and 8 girl’s teams in the Junior 1 Divisions, the Red and the White Lions, played against each other on Monday Night. Lots of giggles as well as goals! – saw the Red Lions win against their peers. 

There are no matches during the holidays so Round 3 is on Monday 14 October.

At 6.30pm the White Lions play Saints on Court 12 and the Gold Lions play Team Jade on Court 3.

At 7.30pm Red Lions play Seagulls on Court 11 and the Lionesses play SWS on Court 2.

The Netball Centre of Excellence 

All Netball players should have received nomination information for the Netball Centre of Excellence trials. 

Just a reminder of the trial dates: 

  • For students going into Year 12 in 2020 - Thursday, 7 November 2019 1:00pm to 2:40pm (school sport)
  • For students going into Year 8, 9, 10 or 11 in 2020 - Thursday, 7 November 2019 1:00pm to 2:40pm (school sport) - Thursday, 14 November 2019 1:00pm to 2:40pm (school sport) - Thursday, 21 November 2019 1:00pm to 2:40pm (school sport) 
  • For students going into Year 5, 6 or 7 in 2020 (including all new enrolments regardless of year level) - Thursday, 7 November 2019 4:00pm to 6:00pm - Thursday, 14 November 2019 4:00pm to 6:00pm

If you are unable to trial but still wish to be considered for a place in the program, please let Miss Watters or myself know.

Nominations for the Netball Centre of Excellence have been extended until Friday, 18 October 2019.

If you have any questions regrading netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball

Sports News

Rugby 7’s NSW State Finals 

A very good Rugby news story occurred during the week with our Under 13 Rugby boys heading to Newcastle to play in the Rugby 7’s NSW State Finals. They had to qualify through a Lismore competition, and then through the Grafton leg to make this finals event. 

There were four pools of 3 teams, with the winner in each to play in the semi-finals. Our boys managed to finish 1st in their pool, seeing off Westfield Sports High and Merewether  High School in very tight contests. In the semi final we were beaten by the eventual State Champions - Hills Sports High School.

Our boys were really courageous a up against some massive opposition and found themselves tackling large Polynesian boys all day. A sterling effort in the coaching ranks from Mr Scott Lewis.

Congratulations to the following boys:

  • Baxter Ashton
  • Cash Cratchley
  • Jack Kerridge
  • Isaac Kidd
  • StroudKinneally
  • MannyLeach
  • Mani Lopez
  • Kobe McKimmin
  • William Sullivan
  • Cruz Dangerfield

(thanks also to Dane Henry and Cimarron Crawford for helping with the first two rounds)

NSWCIS Athletics

Congratulations to all our students who made the trip to Sydney for the NSW CIS Athletics meet. Well done to everyone for your efforts, here are some very commendable efforts:

Anika Smith: 1st Triple Jump (U13 Girls)

Julien Sim-Sing: 1st in Hurdles (U15 Boys)

Kiara Denny: 2nd Long Jump (U13 Girls)

Caillie Eriksen: 3rd 100m (U13)

Jye Walker: 3rd Long Jump (U14 Boys)

Oliver Churchill: 2nd in both the 800m and 1500m (U15 Boys)


Lindisfarne students formed over a third of the Tweed Border Under 15's Hockey team that competed in Division 2 at the QLD championships in Warwick last weekend.

The tournament started with a 1-0 loss in the last seconds of the game, but from then on the boys played the entire tournament undefeated and gained strength and confidence with each game. The final against Bundaberg was a tough game with Tweed Border taking the State championship 1-0.

Congratulations to the following students for their contribution:

Queensland U15 boys Hockey Championships - Brodie McDowell, Rupert Fahy, Flynn Howarth, Ollie Jeffrey, Jack Furness and Fred Watson - Division 2 WINNERS

Furthermore, well done to the following students for their contributions in the same tournament:

Queensland U15 Girls Hockey Championships (Team 1) -Tilly Cleary -7th Place in Division 1

Queensland U15 Girls Hockey Championships (Team 2) - Sophie Beck, Hester Clark, Sofia Clauson and Kate Sands - 4th Place in Division 3

Surf Life Saving

Congratulations to Lily O’Sullivan who finished first in the U15 Girls in the Queensland Secondary School Surf League - Sunshine Coast Competition. 


OASIS POOLS - Banora Point Partnership

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is excited to announce we have established a partnership with Oasis Pools at Banora Point to offer swimming programs to our community.   We are broadly aiming to provide opportunities for our students to improve their personal swimming standards across all levels of abilities. 

Commencing in Term 4, under the guidance of the experienced coaches at Oasis Pools, the students will be able to train all year during school terms utilising the long course (50m) lane space for training. The Oasis Pools Complex comprises a 50m swimming pool with eight lanes heated to 26+ degrees. There is also a 16m x 6m Teaching Pool called Aqua-Bubs Swim School which is heated to 32 degrees. Both of these facilities operate all year round.

We are also seeking to make swimming logistics for families a lot more accessible by offering a bus service (limited to 23 spaces) to and from Mahers Lane.

AM - A bus service to pick Lindisfarne swimming students up after training has been completed, five mornings a week in school term.

PM - A bus service to drop Lindisfarne swimming students to the Oasis Pools complex after completion of the school day, 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday) during school term.

This will be booked in advance, and is $3 per journey.

We cannot offer a bus service for Sunshine Avenue students due to supervision protocols. 10 Years and under require a parent or guardian to accompany any swimmers receiving tuition for any lessons at Oasis Pools. 

Facilities available to the children include, hot showers, kitchenette and eating area for post training breakfast access. 

Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Andrew Hunter: ASCTA accredited Silver license (30 years at Oasis Pools)

Assistant -  Rod Jones: Level 2 Surf Coach - S.L.S of Australia accredited (25 years coaching at Oasis Pools)


The Swim Squads operates six mornings per week: Monday to Friday from 5.30am and Saturdays from 7.15am. Four afternoons sessions are also offered each week: Monday to Thursdays from 3.30pm.

Senior: Mornings and afternoons - proficient swimmers usually with intrinsic motivation for higher achievements in the pool and/or surf competition aged 12 and above; however, younger swimmers have frequently been members of this group. Our pool swimmers compete both sides of the border and we are affiliated with Swimming NSW. Our Surf swimmers belong to different Clubs both sides of the border.

Junior: Afternoons from 3.30pm and Saturday mornings from 7.30am, they are proficient swimmers usually in the 8 to 13-year-old age bracket. Here they are introduced to the repetitive nature of squad training.

Mini: Monday to Thursday afternoons from 3.30pm, and Saturday mornings from 8.30am. Two groups comprise this level; firstly, the transitioning from Learn to Swim and secondly the transition towards the Swim Squad structure. These groups are arguably the most important levels in our structure as it is the developmental phase where the basics in all four competitive strokes are introduced and reinforced. Age from 6 to 10 years.

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar Students receive a 10% discount on ALL coaching services at the complex.

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport



It has been proven that if a neurologist can treat a stroke victim within the first 3 hours of the occurrence, there is high chance of a full recovery. Unfortunately, most people don’t realise that a stroke is happening. It may look like a person is unsteady on their feet, falls or are a bit shaken. To identify that someone is having a stroke, remember the first three letters: S.T.R. add another “S” and ask these 4 questions:
“Can you please give me a SMILE?”
“Can you please TALK, telling me a simple sentence?” 
“Can you please RAISE both of your arms in the air?”
“Can you please STICK out your tongue?”

If the smile or tongue is “crooked”; the tongue is one side or the other; the person is unable to talk coherently or raise their arms in the air – Please seek medical advice and you may have saved a life.

Lindisfarne Pink and Blue Ribbon Day

Also, a date for your diary: 

The Lindisfarne cancer fundraising day “Pink and Blue Ribbon Day 2019” will be on Monday, October 21, the start of Week 2. The Pink Ribbon is a symbol of the female cancers, particularly breast, and the Blue Ribbon is to remind of us of the male-associated tumours like prostate cancer.

Over the holidays, please:

  • Decide what to wear to win the fancy-dress competition. It just has to be pink or blue! All normal mufti-day regulations apply and a gold coin donation will be very much appreciated.
  • Practice making the cakes or cakes to be entered in the Bake Off, auctioned in the Staff room or sold at lunchtime.

Gay Maynard 
Director of PDHPE 


Uniform Shop

Uniform - Senior School Blazers​

A reminder that  all students in the Senior School in 2020 are required to have a blazer as part of their formal uniform.

A more tailored blazer for our female students will be available in mid-October ready for the 2020 school year. The current unisex style will remain as an option for all students.

The Uniform Shop is only open on Thursday, 10 October 2019 during the holiday break, please make note of this date. Regular hours resume when the store reopens for normal trade on Monday, 14 October at 7.45am. 


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