From the Principal

From the Deputy Principal


With the HSC commencing this week for our 2019 graduates, it has given me cause to reflect on our education system. It is my last chance as a parent to enjoy the experience of the HSC, with my youngest daughter, Olivia, finishing Year 12 this year. 

The NSW HSC is the most rigorous system across Australia and is highly regarded throughout the world. As a teacher, I have been very involved in HSC marking and judging and I believe the NSW system is about as fair and equitable as it can be for a standardised test. At the end of the day, however, an exam can only measure success in a very narrow range of skills. It was interesting to read the Opinion piece by former NSW education minister, Adrian Piccoli, in the Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday this week. His article was titled ATAR has failed students, universities and business, so let's replace it by 2025. In the article, Mr Piccoli suggests that Universities need to scale back the use of the ATAR and use a different mechanism to determine entry into highly competitive university courses. He comments that an exam based ATAR “excludes all of the other skill sets we know are required across virtually all university courses and the jobs of today. These include skills around communication, collaboration, reasoning, creativity and interpersonal ability. Without these skills, the best academic will never be a great doctor.”

Universities are beginning to change and I believe it is for the better. A number of our current Year 12 students have already been accepted into universities throughout Australia through early entry schemes involving applications that take into consideration the strengths of the students in areas such as leadership, service and creativity. Many universities are now publishing “guaranteed ATAR” cut-offs to take the guesswork out of the university application process and applications by portfolio are on the increase. Bonus ATAR points are also given by many universities for activities including school leadership, high level sporting achievements, chess, debating and completing the Duke of Edinburgh program. As shown in the graph below, it may surprise you that in 2016 only 26% of university entrants were accepted through the ATAR pathway.

So, what does this mean for Lindisfarne and for your students as they continue to move through their schooling? I believe it is great news. A change to the system will continue to reward high academic achievers but it is also beginning to reward those students who go above and beyond in other areas of their education. As a school that is working hard to prioritise future focussed skills (creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, entrepreneurship) and character education (as outlined in a previous newsletter article on The Lindisfarne Way), we will continue to provide students with opportunities to flourish across a wide range of endeavours. I think it is also heartening to recognise that despite the pressures of the HSC, it is not the most important thing about education and there are multiple pathways to success and fulfilment beyond school whether that involves university or not. 

Geoff Lancaster
Deputy Principal - Learning and Innovation

Important Information

​Mahers Lane Parent/Teacher Interviews

Dates for Parent/Teacher Interviews

  • Monday 28 October for Years 5 to 11 – 3.30pm to 7.30pm 
  • Wednesday 30 October for Years 5 to 11 – 3.30pm to 7.30pm 
  • Tuesday 5 November for Years 7 to 11 – 3.30pm to 7.30pm 

A letter will be emailed with further details. Please check your email addresses.

The PTO booking site (through the school’s website) will open at 8.30am on Monday 21 October for bookings. At approximately 8.00am you will receive an email with your login details.

Thank you 

​Homework Help

Please note there will be no Homework Help on Wednesday, 30 October due to Parent Teacher meetings.

Jodie Duggan and Kim Denny
Learning Enrichment Coordinators 

From the Chaplain

​Servant Leadership Team for 2020

“The greatest among you must become like the youngest, and the leader must become like one who serves.” Luke 22:26

This week, our student leadership team for 2020 was inducted during a special service in Ngahriyah. 

The Faith Formation theme for Year 11 pastoral care sessions is ‘Servant Leadership’ so our new Year 12 students have been focusing on leadership and service to others in a variety of forums since the beginning of this year. A number of staff and guest speakers have been encouraging the whole cohort over the last few months to think about leadership and what they might have to contribute to leading our school during 2020. 

There is a difference between being given a leadership position and actually being a leader. This week, some of our new Year 12 students have been entrusted with leadership positions, but it is up to them to continue to become leaders and live into those titles and positions.

One of my favourite leadership sayings comes from John C. Maxwell: “Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.”  

It's a short and simple quote, but says so much. Your ability to successfully lead a group of people in anything depends on your ability to influence the group. You can be designated as the person in charge of something, but not really have people listen to you or follow you. There is a significant difference between people following you because they have to and following you because they WANT to, and that difference is your influence.  

Jesus said to many people, “Come and follow me.” And even though he didn’t have a religious leadership position, many people chose to follow him because his influence was so radically different to the official religious leaders of his time. His influence was founded in love, kindness, compassion, inclusivity and generosity.  Those qualities were so attractive to so many, that he very quickly became one of the most influential leaders in history, and did it all without a leadership position or title.

With the help, guidance and encouragement of the staff leadership team, I hope and pray that our Year 12 students in 2020 will be people of positive influence to the students they have been called to lead and serve.

God bless.

Rev Chad Rynehart
School Chaplain


Parents & Friends

Upcoming Events

Pink and Blue Day

The Lindisfarne cancer fundraising day Pink and Blue Ribbon Day 2019 will be on Monday, 21 October (next week!). The pink ribbon is a symbol of the female cancers, particularly breast, and the blue ribbon is to remind of us of the male-associated tumours like prostate cancer.

On Monday, please wear pink and/or blue! All normal mufti-day regulations apply and a gold coin donation will be very much appreciated.

At the Mahers Lane Campus, please bring all of your cakes to be entered in the Bake Off, auctioned in the staffroom or sold at lunchtime.


The “cake donations” and Bake-off are House competitions and count in the House Cup at the end of the year. The donations raised by each class is a competition within each of the sub-schools and the Bake-off and fancy dress are individual competitions …

But the main purpose of the day is to have fun raising money and awareness of these worthy causes.

Staff Bio

Whole School News

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

It was great to see how quickly staff and students slipped back into the school routines this week despite having two weeks holiday and a time change (for some). Classes hummed with the sounds of learning and I was very interested to hear stories of travels from many of our students as I walked the playgrounds.

At school, we are fortunate to see how much these memories mean to the students. Simple activities completed together such as baking a cake are retold with such enthusiasm and pleasure that a Betty Crocker cake mix hurriedly mixed and put in the oven soon becomes a delightful French fraisier. Likewise a playdate or catch up with relatives is vividly remembered and eagerly embellished in the retelling. These are special times.

For some students, when asked what exciting things they did in the holidays they will respond that they did nothing, went nowhere and stayed at home. This, too, is really important. As we get older, we treasure ‘idle time’ and long for the days of relaxing and simply being lost in our thoughts. This is important for students too. In today’s hustle bustle world, there is far too little time to reflect and think things over. Idle time forces children to make their own fun, explore their environment more and gives them a chance to day-dream - when is the last time as an adult we had the chance to do that?

This fact, was openly demonstrated to me as I caught the train a number of times during the break. Every person, regardless of age, displayed considerable attention to their phone, checking email, watching videos and surfing the web. I wondered if, in years gone by, they enjoyed the journey more when they only had their own thoughts for company (and newspapers, I know).  

The short term ahead holds plenty of activities for our community. Open classrooms, music evenings, hockey, cricket and rugby gala days, excursions and incursions and of course plenty of learning. I thank parents in advance for their support all the way through to the end of term. The long Christmas vacation will be upon us soon enough and those playdates, catch-ups and cooking lessons will be celebrated once again.

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Waste Free Wednesday

Easy Eco Tips

Middle School

​Year 4 to 5 Transition

This week Year 4 students attended the 2020 Leadership Induction Ceremony at Maher’s Lane and then had lunch with Year 5.  It was another opportunity for the students to interact and play with the older students. It was so lovely to have the Year 4 students with us and wonderful to see both year levels excited to be in each other’s company. I took a group of keen Year 4 students down to the bottom oval and within minutes they had joined in with some secondary students to play soccer. A grateful ‘shout out’ to the secondary boys who were so welcoming and invited the little ones to join in without any prompting from me. We look forward to the Year 4 students being with us again at the Stage 3 Showcase matinee in a few weeks. The Year 4 to 5 Transition Liturgy will be held on Thursday 14th November.  This will be a formal occasion for our Year 5 students to officially welcome the 2020 Year 5 cohort to the Maher’s lane campus.

Lisa Price
Year 5 Coordinator

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

Welcome back from your holidays though I doubt our Year 12 cohort preparing as they are for their HSC examinations, would describe this time as a break!

Having recently returned from a two week study tour to Boston and New York, for my part I have had the luxury of being able to look at the bigger picture. It has been good to get away, not only for the reflective time which I have enjoyed but also to gain new perspective on situations which were previously unclear. I have returned with a new sense of clarity and purpose, ready to fine tune plans and move forward in the Senior School.

The most important message for me has been in taking time away which has allowed me to achieve perspective. I hope this holiday period has allowed us all personal growth time, particularly as we move into the final eight weeks of an academic year with exams for many in the Senior School. This is the time to reflect on and complete goals set earlier. 

The Year 12 Leadership Camp held on Sunday and Monday was a time for this cohort to examine and look forward to the very important role they will play in setting the tone for our school in the year ahead. The Leadership Induction Service on Tuesday put a natural bookend on the camp, recognising the role senior students play in developing a positive culture at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. The Camp set the standard and I am very much looking forward to working with this particular Year 12 cohort.

Charlotte Lush 
Head of Senior School

Year 12 Leadership Retreat

On Sunday, 13 October, student members of the 2020 leadership team and supporting staff gathered bright and early to depart for the Year 12 Leadership Retreat. The Lake Ainsworth retreat offered a range of activities designed to stimulate and strengthen our leadership qualities, such as raft building and a wide range of trust exercises. These activities carried through with the progress already made during our Year 11 exploration of the concept of servant leadership, which draws the focus of leadership away from “What have I got to gain?” and into “What have I got to give?”.

Although the activities we undertook had many differences they were all designed to develop our sense of collaborative critical thinking and problem solving, our ability to communicate effectively with clear and concise language and assist us in discovering the different strengths of the individuals within the leadership group.

In conjunction with the physical activities, we were also designated quality time with our teacher mentors, time which was used to become more familiar with our roles, accept advice, ask for guidance and begin planning for the exciting year ahead. We also had the privilege of attending talks lead by a few of the school’s most knowledgeable and influential teachers. Mr Lush introduced the cohort to the international organisation Round Square, focusing on future opportunities regarding international collaboration and exchange opportunities for students. Mr Gazal offered his wisdom on how to become a caring leader, by fuelling our actions with compassion, appreciation, respect and enthusiasm, and Mr Marquardt lead the discussion on how we can further build and improve our school culture and facilities. 

Overall the leadership retreat was an incredibly helpful and positive experience for all members of the 2020 leadership team and we feel supported and confident to step into our new roles. 

Emma Matusch
Prefect – Community



Educational Assistance Scheme - EAS 

If you have applied for Educational Assistance Scheme through QTAC, please submit your coversheet through your QTAC applications. Upload your documents to your application by logging in to Application Services and going to Outstanding Documents.

Due Date

  • Offer round: 23 December, 15 January
  • Due date to apply and submit documentation: 6 December, 13 December

Job Opportunity - Tweed Heads Optometrist

There a job opportunity for someone interested in retail at Tweed Heads in an optometrist’s store. There is an opportunity for good hours over the next few months then fewer hours once university starts.

It would be ideal for someone looking at Griffith or Southern Cross University or someone who might be interested in fulltime work, they are flexible, good employers and looking for a bright motivated student, who is quick to learn. There is no need for you to have retail experience but would be preferable.
Please email me at with your resume as soon as possible or see me for more information.

Year 12-2020

Year 12 2020, as discussed in our Year 12 meeting this week, I will be conducting interviews regarding dropping or changing of subjects all Week 2. You will need to have your transition plan and we will add to that as we plan for subject changes and pathway options.

Key points:

  • Subject changes – Week 3
  • Early Sign-out- Week 4

Diploma of Business

Please refer to the email sent to all students and parents. Please send an expression of interest to me at

Year 10 Work Experience 2019

Please refer to email for detailed information.

The arrangements for work experience this year are as follows:


  • 18 November: Surviving the HSC seminar, attendance at school.
  • 19-22 November: Work experience Dates
  • 22 November: Optional work experience/Dinner Dance

Students in the past have wanted/needed the Friday to get ready for their dinner dance so have asked for partial or all day off on Friday. (Student’s choice)

Work experience form

Page 1 of the form needs to be completed by student and parent. Student signs page 1, parents sign page 3.

The form given to the employer; they complete page 2.

Form return to me. I will check and approve the placement. Student and employer will receive a photocopy for their records.

Work experience form returned by Monday, 11 November

Work Experience forms are also available from my office.

Any questions, please see me.

Kind regards,

Barry Woods
Director of VET/TAS and Careers Advisor

Please click here to view the latest edition of the Options Career Information Bulletin.


Mathematics Faculty


Science Matters

Welcome back to Term 4 and the beginning of the home stretch for the 2019 school year. 

While our students are focussing on the upcoming exams and the teachers are bracing themselves for the looming whirlwind of marking, parent interviews and reports, many people in NSW are preoccupied with the imperative of day to day survival. Ninety percent of NSW remains in the grip of the worst drought experienced since records began. 

Interestingly, the last big drought, the millennial drought, was also the worst drought since records began which simply highlights the fact that droughts are getting both more frequent and severe.

Here at Science Matters, we had an enjoyable holiday break but the tanks are getting pretty low at the homestead and any time now we will have to cut down from three showers a week to two. However, we are much better off than many towns in NSW which have run out of water and are now relying on tank trucks to bring in fresh supplies.

Let’s do a bit of math. What is the volume of a rectangular prism with sides 1m, 1m and 1mm? Well, if we express all of the measurements in metres it becomes 1m X 1m X 0.001m which equals 0.001 cubic meters. Now, since we are talking about volume, 0.001 of a cubic metre is... 1 litre.

What is all the math about? Well, it shows that 1mm of rain delivers 1L of water to every square metre of land, or 10,000L to every hectare and so on. One mm of rain isn’t very much and when you start to talk about useful amounts of water, the numbers get very big very quickly. Twenty mm of rain delivers 200,000L of water to every hectare of land and  50mm brings a whopping 500,000L per hectare.

But what if it doesn’t rain? What if you need to get the water from somewhere else to keep towns inhabited and crops growing? Well, the volume that needs to be pumped out of the ground from aquifers or, worst of all, desalinated from sea water is unimaginable. Water is bought and sold in “megs” which is agricultural slang for megalitres or 1 million litres but even tens of thousands of megs are only enough to grow a few high value horticultural crops. It is not enough to irrigate pasture for cattle and sheep or to grow broad acre crops like wheat or maize.

As well as the practical problem of pumping huge volumes of water, our increasing reliance on groundwater is rapidly depleting our crucial aquifers which, in some cases, require hundreds of years to replenish.

The bottom line is that we rely completely on rain. The sun evaporates more water in a single day than it is possible to imagine and a single shower of rain brings more water than thousands of diesel pumps working around the clock.

It will rain eventually in western NSW, maybe even enough to declare the drought broken but, as climate change intensifies, the frequency and severity of droughts will continue to worsen.

As part of the pastoral care program in Year 7, our students are going to be researching how much a bale of hay costs and how they can be purchased and delivered to farming families in need. This is part of our pastoral care theme of “Giving” in the run up to Christmas during term four.

Spare a thought for our Year 12 students who are beginning their HSC examinations and wish them all the best when you see them around the school. Their Lindisfarne journey is nearly over.

Year 11 are beginning their Year 12 course work and Years 7 to 10 have examinations in week 4. Suffice to say that it is a hectic time and nobody can claim that they have no homework to do!

Have a wonderful week in Science and don’t forget how lucky we are to have water.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator


Visual Arts

Performing Arts


Performing Arts

Festival of the Guitar

Congratulations to the large group of guitarists who were involved this week in the Festival of the Guitar, hosted by our own Guitar tutor Alicia Charleston. The Festival of the Guitar was an intensive workshop-style gathering of guitarists of varying ability levels from our Mahers Lane Campus. Some of the sessions included tone production, ensemble awareness, improvisation, amp tweaking and a variety of specialised Guitar techniques.

The pinnacle of the festival was the final concert on Thursday evening which displayed the breadth of talent within the school guitar community as well as a virtuosic performance from Alicia Charleston.

Congratulations to all involved.

Young Men Using Their Voices

On Friday, 1 November, our artist in residence Darren Percival will run a vocal session at the Boathouse to encourage our young men to use their voice. Students will work and sing alongside male staff and work on vocal resonance, improvisation and ensemble harmony. This opportunity is planned to not only be a wonderful musical experience but also a character-building experience for our young men. Students will receive further information next week in House meetings.

Big Band Blast

Throughout the year we have all tracked the development of our Year 4 and Year 5 musicians as they have developed skills on a wide variety of wind band instruments. This is a wonderful program we are able to offer which gives students the opportunity to spend a year developing musical skills under the guidance of music staff and specialised tutors. For some students, it has been a struggle gaining the correct embouchure, others have struggled with trombone cases on the bus, some have flourished on their chosen instrument, however, we hope that all students have built the foundation of an enduring connection with music.

Parents and friends are invited to an afternoon concert of wind band music, showcasing the achievements of our Year 4 and Year 5 students, as well as a guest appearance from our Senior Orchestra. The concert will start at 1.00pm on Monday, 18 November, held in the Chapel at our Mahers Lane Campus.

Friends of the Arts AGM 

This Tuesday FOTA met for our Annual General Meeting, followed by a regular committee. We are pleased to have David Keay as our FOTA President, Amanda Sweetnam as Vice President, Amanda Anderson as Secretary, and Angela Doyle as Treasurer. Aside from these executive roles we also have an enthusiastic team of general members.

Special thanks to our outgoing President Mrs Robyn Butel. She was instrumental in the inception of this active parent group and has been key to coordinating a variety of successful events including The Big Chill Concert, Jazz At The Ivory, Senior Art Exhibition opening night, Meet the Music Tutors concerts, Bring It On catering and our sellout concert, A Night with Darren Percival. We are pleased that Robyn will be continuing to support the Friends of the Arts as a committee member.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Learning Enrichment

​Write a Book in Day

Students from the 3 and 4 took part in a Write a Book in a Day Mentor Program and were mentored by students from Year 7, 9 and 10. 

Within their teams, students were provided with parameters to develop their picture book, around the theme of pollution.  The most paramount component of the day was collaboration – ensuring that roles were developed in order to complete their book in the allotted time. As a team, students had the opportunity to explore the many facets of developing a book using a variety of techniques; including literary devices, using colours and enriching text to develop mood.

Stories were shared and will be published. These can be read in the Junior and Middle and Senior School library.

Kathy-Lee Bamford, Jodie Duggan and Kim Denny
Learning Enrichment Coordinators

Gardiner Chess

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio


Recording Studio News

Lindisfarne Songwriting Competition – win one of two $200 Robina town Square Gift Vouchers!

The Lindisfarne Recording Studio is running a songwriting competition during term four. The competition is open to all Mahers Lane students. Students can enter in two categories;

Solo artist/band  - This category is for singer-songwriters and bands.  Students can record their songs using an ipad or a phone - or any other recording device. Song submissions do not need to be complete songs however there is a minimum requirement of at least a verse and a chorus for each entry.

Songs will be judged on the quality of the songwriting, not the quality of the audio recording.

Electronic music – This category is for student producers who are making electronic music using Garage Band, FL Studio, Ableton Live, or any other music production software. Entries need to be at least 32 bars in length and should include programming, sampling and loops. The inclusion of live instruments and/or vocals is also encouraged.

Song can be submitted as mp3 files to:

Entries close on November 25 and a winner in each category will be announced on December 2.

Please feel free to email me or pop into the recording studio if you have any questions.

Holiday Recording Sessions

The holidays were a busy time at the recording studio with student engineers joinging us again to record drums, electric guitar, bass guitar and vocals for a new song by Germinate artist, Chelsea Redman. I would like to thank Sarina Amoedo, Cameron Davis and Chris Mathew Nellikkattu for their assistance during the recording process. (Pictured)

Brett Canning 
Recording Studio Producer 

International Department

Digital Space



The PDHPE Faculty

The world was blessed with Mr Jonathan Dwyer on what he assumes was a glorious sun- filled April 20th in 1984. As the son of a panel beater and Byron Shire resident, Mr Dwyer quickly developed a desire to work in any field other than the motor industry and now has a strong aversion to wind chimes and incense.

It was whilst in high school Mr Dwyer was recognised as having a flair for creative writing. With the encouragement of his teachers, he developed this craft and followed the next logical step for any creative soul; he got accepted in IT and Computer Programming at university. This “Bill Gates” goal was unfortunately not to be realised and much like Jarryd Hayne following dream after dream, Mr Dwyer switched career paths. This time to sport. 

An active individual, Mr Dwyer participated in a plethora of different sports, both individual and team oriented, with a huge amount of enthusiasm. Alas, even with this vast background in physical activity and a competitive nature, Mr Dwyer showed no discernible talent in any of his sporting endeavours. This was the point he knew teaching was his life’s calling. Combining Human Movement Science with Education, Mr Dwyer graduated from SCU in 2008 after which he spent most of his time working across a range of different subjects at Tweed River High School before moving to Lindisfarne in 2015. He currently teaches PDHPE across Stages 3, 4 and 5, having also had time working in Learning Support and Mathematics.

Mr Dwyer is best known and respected for his ability to subtly cheat in UNO, his emotional performance of the Heel and Toe Polka on Dancing with the Stars and is still waiting in hope to be called up for an NRL debut with the Cronulla Sharks.

Mr Jonathan Dwyer: This is Your Life.

Junior School Sport

K - 2 Fun Swimming Carnival 

Our K - 2 Fun Swimming carnival will be held this term. The date of the carnival is Thursday 14th November (Term 4, Week 5). Make sure you put the date on your calendars to come along and watch our next generation of swimming super stars. 
We are looking for parents to assist with age groups as helpers on the day, both in and out of the pool, if you are willing to assist on the day please email Mr Nathan Croft at 

Casuarina Cup Rugby Union

Casuarina Beach Rugby Club will be hosting the Casuarina Cup Rugby Union Tournament which will be held on Friday 8th November (Term 4, Week 4). The competition will be for students in years 3 & 4 and will be played in a 10 - A Side format. Students will train during lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursdays with Mr Croft. Students will not be required to change uniform as the training sessions will be tailored to what they are wearing. All details can be found on Parent Lounge. 

Super 6’s Hockey Gala Day 

This term Year 3 students will have the opportunity to play in the Super 6’s Hockey Gala Day which will be held on Wednesday November 13 (Term 4, Week 5). Team are mixed  - 3 boys and 3 girls and will play across half a hockey field. No goal-keepers are required. All students will get the opportunity to play on the artificial turf and grass. Information will be sent home via the Parent Lounge. 

Little Legends

Lucas Greaves and Myles Roberts

During the first week of the holidays, Myles & I competed in the National Schools Futsal Tournament in Brisbane. We were part of a team representing QLD made up of kids from all different schools. We were all selected after playing in Round 1 of the School Futsal Competition in May.  We had team training every couple of weeks before the tournament and it was fun to play futsal and make friends with our new team.

The tournament went for four days with teams from Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. We didn’t have a good first day as we lost all our games.  One of the dad’s, who coaches a soccer team, offered to help coach our team. He really believed in us and made us believe in ourselves too. On the second and third day we won every game and somehow managed to get to third place in our pool. This meant we made it to the quarter finals on day four.
Finals were really hard as the teams were very good. Our team had really learnt to trust each other and we played as hard as we could. We beat a team from North Qld in the quarterfinals, 3-1. In the semi-finals, we played the NSW team who were the top of our pool and had beaten us on the first day. We won 5-4 and had made it to the grand final.
The grand final was stressful. We were tied at half time and then again at full time. The game went into extra time with golden goal meaning that the first goal wins. The winning goal came from one of our players and we all screamed when the referee blew the whistle. We won!
We received a medal at the presentation ceremony at Dreamworld and got to go on rides at night. The tournament was really fun.

From Lucas Greaves

Madison Fernance 

Madison attended training sessions for two months prior to the National Schools Futsal Championships which were held during the school holidays from October 1-4 at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. She represented QLD South Coast U10 Girls and had a fantastic tournament playing against teams from QLD City and NSW. 

Her team made the final against NSW but unfortunately were they were beaten. She received her Runners Up medal at a presentation night held at Dreamworld which was booked out by the Australian Futsal Association for all players to enjoy all the rides with their coaches and teammates. Madison had a wonderful experience and has made some great new friends.

Nathan Croft 
PE Specialist P-4

Sports News

Touch Football

Lindisfarne ran a Touch Football pilot program looking for viable growth pathways for Touch Football and targeted U15 Girls after their NCIS success. This pathway included various school gala days, Monday night Palm Beach competition, and the major tournament we were aiming for - Queensland All Schools Touch Football Championships. 

In the second week of the October holidays, our U15 Girls joined hundreds of other schools for a massive tournament of Touch Football. There were 7 teams in our pool, and we walked away with 3 wins and 4 losses. It was a massive effort from the girls who have benefited from sustained excellent coaching from Danni Davis. The morale, culture and commitment over the past three months from all of these students has been outstanding. 

We look forward to rolling out a more rigorous Touch Football program in 2020 for both genders and wider age group inclusions.

Back row: Ruby Dokmanovik, Nicola Gee, Kiara Denny, Anika Smith, Naiya Boschma-Wagner, Ebony Richards, Giselle Smith
Front row: Zhari Boal, Eve Nussey, Grace Denny and Kate Sands 

Surf Lifesaving 

The first Secondary Schools Surf Lifesaving event for the season was held today in wonderful conditions at Coolangatta Beach. Lindisfarne was represented well by a small but talented contingent who have been training hard through the winter months. We ended up coming 3rd overall, a fantastic result given that we only took 15 students. Here are all the place getters:

  • 2nd 16+ Surf Relay mixed (Ruby Meehan, Beau Meehan, Maddi Jones and Jesse Starling)
  • 2nd 16+ Cameron mixed relay (Jacob Sands, Ruby Meehan, Beau Meehan, Maddi Jones)
  • 2nd 16+ Male Surf Race  (Beau Meehan)
  • 3rd U13 Girls Beach Sprint (Amy Cronk)
  • 1st U13 Girls Beach Sprint (Lily Alford)
  • 3rd U13 Boys Board Race (Ryan Muggeridge)
  • 3rd 16+ Iron Persons Male (Beau Meehan)
  • 1st U15 Iron Persons Female (Ruby Meehan)
  • 1st U13 Girls Flags (Lily Alford)
  • 2nd U13 Girls Flags (Amy Cronk)
  • 1st U13 Boys Flags (Cimarron Crawford)
  • 1st U15 Girls Swim (Ruby Meehan)
  • 2nd U16+ Boys flags (Jacob Sands)
  • 2nd U16+ Boys Beach Sprint (Jacob Sands)
  • 3rd U13 Boys Beach Sprint (Barlow Telford)

Secondary Schools Surf Lifesaving team


Congratulations to our U13 Girls for representing Lindisfarne in the Friday night Gold Coast Basketball competition. They won their first game 12-8, and had a most enjoyable time doing so. Lindisfarne also have an U17 Boys team going around in this competition (they play their first game 25 October). We are hoping this pathway will grow and are hoping to field even more teams in next year's winter competition.

Bonnie Starling, Ruby Lynch, Asha Thomson, Evie-Ray Ellis-Crawford, Emery Bucknall, Zhola McKimmin, Danika Richards   

Spotlight on Lily O’Sullivan

Last Sunday Lily O’Sullivan competed in the New Zealand National Pool Rescue representing NSW. She came home from Auckland with Two Gold, three Silvers and a Bronze medal. Outstanding results Lily, well done.

Spotlight on Nicola Gee

Nicola Gee had a jam packed sporting holiday representing Lindisfarne in 3 separate sports, NSWCIS athletics in Sydney, Australian Equestrian Interschool Nationals in Sydney and then back up to Brisbane for the All Schools Touch Football Tournament. Her highlight was her equestrian event in which she narrowly missed out being the National Eventing Champion. Nicola and her trusty steed ‘Steve’ won the Dressage phase and the Cross Country phase only to have a very unlucky couple of rails down in the Show Jumping phase. Congratulations Nicola and thankyou for your contribution to sport.

Spotlight on Laura Downey

Congratulations to Laura Downey and her recent success at the National Skipping Competition held at Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney September 28-31.

  • 2nd Double Dutch single
  • 2nd Single Rope pairs
  • 3rd Double Dutch pairs
  • 3rd Double Dutch speed 1 x 60
  • 3rd Individual Female Freestyle

This has resulted in Laura qualifying to represent Australia at the 2020 IJRU World Championships in Ottawa, Canada July 2020. Outstanding work Laura, well done.

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities


Monday Night Netball

The first two matches of Round 3 finished with the White and the Gold Lions scoring victories over rivals Saints (27-9) and Team Jade (33–12) respectively. Unfortunately, the Red Lions lost by only 2 goals to Seagulls and the Lionesses by 4 goals to SWS.

Please see the Lindisfarne games for the rest of the season below:


Tweed Representative Netball

Well done to all of our students who attended the Skills and Drills workshop on Tuesday this week. There is another session on Tuesday next week at the Arkinstall Park courts from 5.50pm onwards.

The trials are over two evenings on Tuesday 12 and 19 November. Good Luck to all of our girls who are challenging themselves to play at this level. The Trials for NCAS are also coming up soon.

Congratulations to Miss Watters who coached the 19’s Premier League team at the State Championships at the Firebirds home complex in the holidays. The girls finished second in their pool with convincing victories over Toowoomba and Townsville but a loss to Downey (Brisbane), the champions for the past 2 years. Sunday started with an epic battle against the Sunshine Coast – top of the opposite pool. Tweed won the match and the right to face Downey again in the grand final. It was a better game than on the Saturday and 24-24 at half time, but the city team managed to secure their third successive championship and the 19’s Southern State Champions won the silver medals.

The Netball Centre of Excellence

We have had an astounding amount of nominations for the Netball Centre of Excellence program.

Just a reminder of the trial dates:

For students going into Year 12 in 2020

  • Thursday, 7 November 2019 1:00pm to 2:40pm (school sport) 

For students going into Year 8, 9, 10 or 11 in 2020

  • Thursday, 7 November 2019 1:00pm to 2:40pm (school sport)
  • Thursday, 14 November 2019 1:00pm to 2:40pm (school sport)
  • Thursday, 21 November 2019 1:00pm to 2:40pm (school sport) 

For students going into Year 5, 6 or 7 in 2020 (including all new enrolments)

  • Thursday, 7 November 2019 4:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Thursday, 14 November 2019 4:00pm to 6:00pm

If you are unable to trial but still wish to be considered for a place in the program, please let Miss Watters or myself know.

Nominations for the Netball Centre of Excellence have been extended until Friday, 18 October 2019. 

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

Gay Maynard
Teacher in Charge of Netball

Woolworths Cricket Blast

Sports Injury Clinic


Uniform Shop


Employment at Lindisfarne

Performing Arts Assistant

Part Time Permanent Position - Commencing 8 January, 2020

The role of the Performing Arts Assistant at Lindisfarne is to provide administrative and secretarial support to the Director of Performing Arts. The Performing Arts Assistant provides assistance to the Performing Arts Faculty to ensure that all facets of the Performing Arts program operate efficiently at all times.

Lindisfarne is looking for someone to:

  • Facilitate the smooth running of the faculty under the guidance of the Director of Performing Arts
  • Provide general administrative assistance to the Performing Arts faculty
  • Carry out reception and secretarial duties in the Performing Arts office
  • Maintain records of Performing Arts supplies and equipment 
  • Be the faculty’s point of contact for staff, parents and the school community
  • Data processing using the student data base “TASS” system

The successful applicant will have:

  • Strong administrative skills and experience in effectively using a variety of computer applications, spreadsheets and databases
  • A background/experience in music and/or performances and can demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the rigours of performances, productions and ensembles
  • Experience in event management including planning, organising, managing and coordinating events, and be committed to attending events outside of normal hours to provide support for staff and the ability to anticipate and troubleshoot problems as they arise
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to coordinate with other stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes
  • The ability to prioritise competing work demands, process large volumes of work and to work to deadlines
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School
  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Applications should be forwarded to: 

Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal

Please provide a covering letter addressing the above selection criteria, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Please refer to this link for the full Position Description.

Applications close: 28 October 2019

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