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As an Anglican School there are a number of occasions throughout the year when it is appropriate and necessary to stop and remind the School community of the significance of key events in the Christian calendar. As pointed out by Christian historian and academic John Dickson in his article “Truth in the Story of Christmas”, the traditional Christmas story won't be going away and will continue to be a source of wonder and hope for millions of believers and the curious alike. 

Our Christmas Service in the Middle and Senior School this year focussed on simplicity, with Rev Chad reminding students and staff to avoid being caught up in the materialism of our culture and to instead be grateful for all that we have and generous to those in need. It was wonderful to see the generosity of our community through the Giving Tree appeal which overwhelmed our visitors from the Tweed Women’s Refuge. 

The Junior School Christmas Chapel nativity similarly reminded our students of the simplicity of Jesus’ birth. From such humble beginnings Jesus’ life certainly has changed the world in which we live and I encourage you to explore this more over the Christmas season. 

Our Preschool and Kindergarten concert, My Big Journey, was a wonderful chance to celebrate how much learning and growth has taken place for our youngest students. We are so blessed to be a P-12 school where the joy of each stage of development can be recognised and enjoyed by our school community. 

The Transition Service for our Year 8 students moving into the Senior School provided time to reflect on our students wonderful adventure through the Middle School as well as generate excitement about the changes they will face next year. Our Year 9 students also completed their Rite Journey homecoming which brought closure to the year long character development program these students participated in. They were challenged, encouraged and mentored through many valuable experiences and important conversations. We believe the program was a resounding success and our Rite Journey staff are excited to welcome a new group of Year 9 students in 2020.

One of Mr Marquardt’s favourite sayings is that "you never really leave a school like Lindisfarne, you just stop attending every day". On Saturday night, we welcome our Alumni of 2009 back to the School as they celebrate their 10 year reunion with a tour of the Mahers Lane campus at 5pm followed by a social gathering at our Trade Skills Centre. It is a wonderful time of year to reflect on the importance of the relationships in our lives and to be thankful for those who have walked with us on our journey through life. 

Geoff Lancaster
Deputy Principal - Learning and Innovation

Important Information

From the Chaplain


Thank You Lindisfarne

Thank you everyone, for your generosity in donating toward the invaluable work done by the staff of the Tweed Women’s Refuge. You will be blessing many lives with the donations of food, toys, toiletries, books, games, and over $4,000 in gift cards.

There were lots of tears during a very emotional presentation to the staff of the refuge. They were incredibly grateful for all that our community has done to aid them in providing for some of the most troubled people in our wider community.

Bless your giving hearts.

Rev Chad Rynehart
School Chaplain


Parents & Friends

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Whole School News

Shomme and Raah

Year 9 student, Sam Smith shares his little book with a huge message.


Shomme and Raah are two 4-year-old kids with the most special friendship. They are always excited to see each other, although they've never had a conversation because Raah can’t speak. This is a book about acceptance and believing anything is possible.

Shomme makes a very special wish for his best mate Raah and it changes the world as we know it... "Magic really does happen.”

Shomme and Raah’s story shares a special message for both adults and children, it encourages kindness, acceptance and a message that we are all unique. It provides children and adults with a very simple strategy how to respectfully approach, acknowledge and engage with people from all walks of life, treating each individual with respect, kindness and compassion. 

Smile, don’t stare.

Wave, don’t point.

Say g'day, don’t turn away.

This is the message I hope is taught to every child and practised every day, now and forevermore!

I would like to thank my brother Josh, who is my inspiration for this book and best mate. Josh has taught me more than most ever could.

Sam Smith
Year 9 Student and Author of Shomme and Raah


If you'd like to purchase a copy of this book, please click go to: and click "book now". All proceeds go to local charity Kids In Need Association.

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Show and Tell at Preschool

Show and Tell is a regular part of our Preschool program, however on Thursday we had an extra special treat. Oliver Pecht from the Preschool Koalas brought in his big brother Oscar and his dad, Peter, who gave us a demonstration of their drone.

Peter has been working on some ideas for new applications for drone photography and video. His passion for his latest gadget was obvious as he gave us a demonstration of its amazing capabilities on Arkinstall Park and answered the children’s eager questions once we had returned inside. The children were in absolute awe as they had a first taste of the technology that will no doubt play a big part in their lives in the years to come.

Tim Pettit
Preschool Koalas

ELC End of Year Celebration

The Early Learning Centre End of Year Celebration, held on Wednesday morning was a wonderful way to top off this year’s activities. 

The Kindergarten and Preschool students celebrated their “Big Journey” by showcasing some of the songs and poetry they have learnt in their studies.

The Preschool students were lucky enough to have the expert signing skills of Mrs Michele Chandler, who taught them how to sign the words of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’.

Thank you to Mr Jesse Edwards and Mrs Amy Skene for their creative music and performance expertise and putting together such a fantastic show.

A new tradition was founded at the Junior School with a symbolic handing over of a fruit tree from a Year 4 student to a Preschool student for planting to nurture and watch it grow over the next five years they are on campus.

Mr Stuart Marquart helped students, Isaac Whitrod (Year 4) and Luella Whitrod (from Preschool) plant the lime tree near the pizza oven area.

The morning concluded with a lovely family gathering for morning tea. 

Thank you to everyone who made this event such a success. Wishing everyone a very safe and happy Christmas period.

Jo Hetherington
Director of Early Learning

Junior School

Hour of Code 2019

The ‘Hour of Code’ started as a one-hour introduction to computer science to show that anybody can learn the basics of coding and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. It has since become a worldwide event to celebrate computer science and this week, all students at the Junior School got involved! 

They got creative and used code to program a dance party, before exploring other topics of interest to apply their rapidly growing skills. You can also participate in Hour of Code activities by heading to Have fun!

Krissy Affleck
Teacher of Information Services and Digital Pedagogy

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Shower or Bath?

Now that is the question...

Middle School

Senior School

Year 10 Dinner Dance

Limousines, combis and party buses pulled up to Twin Towns, Mantra at Coolangatta on Friday evening at 6.00pm. The windy arrivals made the first photos difficult, but nonetheless it was exciting. 

Entering the venue, we were greeted by excited Lindisfarne students, family, friends and teachers. The photographer was frantic trying to capture all the glamourous moments of laughter and fun. After a hilarious group photo, we moved inside to listen to speeches, Mr Marquardt and Sam Dick (2013 Lindisfarne school captain) gave some insightful and inspiring words that will linger with us through our schooling years. We enjoyed a three-course meal, delicious food and with music in the air the chatter never ended. 

The photographer was kept on his toes with the onslaught of beautiful dresses and suits ready for capture. Jokes from the teachers and amazing dance moves displayed by Noah Gardner only amplified the joyous mood. Nilaya, Zion, Miranda and Daniel winning most elegantly dressed suited the event perfectly. 

Once the night had started to draw to an end, our makeup was smudged, heels were off and our stomachs were full, we still could not help but chatter about how amazing the night was. We thank all the staff and others involved for this glorious event.  

Tayla Fawcett
Year 10 Student


Year 10 Work Experience 

Year 10 students participated in work experience last week and this was a great opportunity to learn about different careers. We had students involved in a diverse range of careers from hospitals, allied health such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, VET Nursing, Education, Journalism, Photography, Hospitality, Construction, Electrician and Engineering to name a few. 

Carl Parry, Lealah Shostak, and Anjali Dutton raising funds for Sea Shepherd

Please see below one of the articles that was published in the Tweed Echo and written by our very own Year 10 student, Anjali Dutton.

The kids are alright…
Anjali Dutton 

Teenagers get a bad rap in the media – self-absorbed, argumentative, lazy, withdrawn, social media obsessed, irresponsible – but I’m here to tell you, as a young person, that the kids are alright. In fact, more than alright. I advocate that given the opportunity, we’d do a better job of leading than the ‘adults’ in the job currently (looking at you, Scott Morrison).

I am 16, and have lived in Byron Shire for 12 years. I love, and am so proud of this passionate, vibrant community. Our people have shown me the power of social activism – to stand up and hold ground. I have learnt to fight for what is right, both individually and socially. However, I feel disillusioned with those in power – their lack of honesty, transparency and action for equality. I often wonder what the world would be like if young people had a voice and a platform to enact social change. What action we would take, and why?

Seeking change

I asked for a little help from my friends via an Instagram survey (social media can be used for good!) seeking to better understand what other young people care about and what change they want to see in the future.
They responded with a passionate plethora of ideas, ranging from solving global hunger to authentic government in Australia.
My friends told me what mattered most to them, which included worldwide issues like LGBTIQ+ representation and gender equality – ‘Feminism does not mean women are better than men and should be more privileged, it’s the belief that all humans should have equal political, economic and social rights’ (Sienna).

Others focussed on national issues such as support for Indigenous Australians and closing the income gap: ‘I strongly believe that closing the gap is an important part of how our country grows moving forward’ (Oliver).

Some stated that welfare issues like domestic and family violence support services, and drug and alcohol assistance for young people need to change. Daisy advocated for animal welfare: ‘I would love for veganism to become a normal thing… It would help the environment and have a huge impact on saving animal lives’.

Time for action

My friends want a better and sustainable future. More than 100 young people told me they wanted the Australian government to take action on the climate crisis.

This issue isn’t unique to Byron Shire, with over a million students attending climate strikes around the world in September. My friend Gigi from Sydney was one of those and contributed this: ‘Our government refuses to put holds on our national fossil fuel emission levels because of the financial benefit… we struggle to see the adversity that faces us in the future’.

Young people everywhere are speaking out and standing up.

It’s not too late

What do I want? Not to live in a world that is burning and on the edge of extinction. I would like to live in a world where politicians prioritise serving the people over serving themselves, where we are all treated as equals, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, socio-economic status, beliefs, age or disability. I want to see a world where inner heart is valued over outer appearance. A world that values kindness above all else.

I hear my friends when they tell me they are scared for their future, for humanity, for the planet. I believe it is not too late. I believe we can stand, as one, and make beauty out of uncertainty. However, we need you to listen. We need you to hear our voices, our rallying cries, and take action.
The fires are burning. The planet is warming. The oceans are higher and hotter than ever before. For many, a sense of hope is dying. But we, as young people, have a message: we believe in change. We believe in our future. It is time to change the story: we are passionate, engaged, progressive and we are brave.

We will take direct action. We will fight for our future and for our planet. We will continue to take to the streets, to pressure our politicians, to strike for our hope. This is not about politics. This is about people – about us. And our future is now.

I invite all young people to engage in social action and shape our future. Join School Strike for Climate, Sea Shepherd, and Clean Coast Collective. Join together for change.

Anjali was an Echo Publications work experience student.


Ella Bruinenberg
Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to become a primary school teacher. So, this work experience was the perfect excuse to find out what it’s like to be a real teacher not just like me telling my teddy bears what to do in front of my small pink whiteboard (I was 7). I had the best experience. I fell in love with the Year 1 class I had at Terranora primary school and the whole idea of helping the students learn and grow. I will miss every student so much and I hope to see them in the near future. They all gave me lovely cards, drawings and small presents on my last day. Work experience helped me want to work even harder at school so one day I can have my very own class where I can help my students reach their dream jobs. I now can’t wait for what the future will bring.


Josh Stante - Engineering 

For my work experience, I was given an amazing opportunity to go on the New M5 motorway tunnel project that stretches from Beverly Hills out west, to St Peters towards the city. The massive tunnel comes out at St Peter’s interchange and this is where I spent most of my time on the local road’s sites around this section of the project. My experience included; spending time with civil engineers, attending meetings, doing an induction, going on site with civil engineers, doing a little bit of paperwork, and going inside the new tunnel. I learnt so much from this great experience and I enjoyed every moment on the project. I now have a much greater insight into what civil engineering is and what they do on a day to day basis.

Year 10: All My Own Work

HSC: All My Own Work is a program designed to help HSC students follow the principles and practices of good scholarship. This includes understanding, valuing and using ethical practices when locating and using information as part of their HSC studies.

To be eligible for the HSC, students must complete HSC: All My Own Work (or its equivalent) before starting Preliminary (Year 11) Course.

A reminder to students, once they have completed the five modules and taken a screenshot of each test result, you then submit that through the Google Form emailed to. Please see me for any assistance.

Any students that need assistance please see Mr Woods

Senior Language Students - University of Queensland

Summer language program

Our Institute of Modern Languages invites Years 11 and 12 students studying Chinese, French, German or Japanese to improve their language skills and enhance their fluency in our immersive Summer High School Enrichment Program, from 13–17 January 2020.

Applications close Monday, 16 December.

NESA Students Online-2019 HSC Students

  • Assessment ranks will be available 11 November to 2 December 2019
  • HSC results release – 17 December 2019
  • HSC Results Services - available from 18 December 2019
  • PDF HSC and VET credentials – download from 18 December 2019
  • Your access to Students Online will close 30 June 2020



Immerse Education's Academic Summer Programs/Scholarships

Immerse Education's Cambridge Summer School enables motivated and ambitious students from all over the world to gain an insight into advanced subject material, learning directly from expert faculty members from leading universities including Cambridge University, Oxford University and Harvard University.
Highly motivated participants attend from around the world, and carefully designed curricula not only stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity and challenge their expectations in their own ability, but will also support them as they embark on decisions about their university studies, and future goals. Extracurricular activities, including Preparation Workshops, support the most ambitious students on their path to academic excellence.
The 16-18-year-old programmes are intellectually stimulating and intensive, and are designed to provide a unique taster of what it’s like to study a subject at university level. The 13-15-year-old programmes are designed to ignite students’ interest and help them better understand what subjects they should be pursuing at a higher level. Choose from over thirty subject options, including Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Computer Science and Engineering.
Further information is available at:
Immerse Education Essay Competition: Win a full scholarship to the Cambridge Summer School
The Immerse Education Essay Competition offers students the opportunity to win a 100% scholarship to participate on an Immerse academic summer programme in Cambridge, UK. Immerse academic enrichment programmes are unique study abroad experiences designed for motivated young learners from around the world.
In order to enter, students aged 13-18 are required to submit essay responses to a pre-set question relating to their chosen subject and age group. From Medicine, Computer Science, Physics to Engineering, Creative Writing, English Literature, and many more subjects, there is a category for every area of interest. Students from all nationalities are welcome to enter the competition, and the competition is free to enter.
For further details, and to enter, visit
Barry Woods
Director of VET and Careers


​Immerse Education Essay Competition

Immerse Education Essay Competition: Win a full scholarship to the Cambridge Summer School

The Immerse Education Essay Competition offers students the opportunity to win a 100% scholarship to participate on an Immerse academic summer programme in Cambridge, UK. Whilst airfare costs are not included, all accommodation, breakfast and dinner and tutoring costs are provided. Immerse academic enrichment programmes are unique study abroad experiences, designed for motivated young learners from around the world.

In order to enter, students aged 13-18 are required to submit essay responses to a pre-set question relating to their chosen subject and age group. The topics that can be selected are extensive. Some focus areas are: medicine, computer science, physics, engineering, creative writing and English literature. There is a category for every area of interest. Students from all nationalities are welcome to enter the competition, and the competition is free to enter.

Entries for this competition must be submitted by 23:59 (BST) on Monday 20 January 2020.  For further details about the competition and how to enter, please visit:

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Mathematics Faculty


Science Matters

This is the last Science Matters for 2019. We have shared a hectic, eventful year of discovery in Science all the way from kindergarten to Year 12.

Our first class of Extension Science students impressed and informed us with their original research, we celebrated the success of our students in the tough ICAS Science competition, welcomed Zoe Crane back to show us what a career in Marine Biology looks like, constructed a giant Periodic Table for Science Week, travelled to the Queensland Museum to see how animals are classified and used the School’s boathouse on Cudgen Creek for the first time as the location for a Year 11 Biology Depth Study into the Mangrove Ecosystem.

Planning is already underway for next year’s events as well as regular, exciting Science lessons.

As we have discussed before in Science Matters, Science is a process, a way of thinking, that never comes to an end. Similarly, Science teaching is always changing to try to deliver the syllabus in new, meaningful and engaging ways.

The most important thing about Science is the understanding that it unfolds all around you every day. It is not confined to the laboratory because it can’t be. You run headfirst into Science everywhere you turn.

One of the outcomes of the NSW 7 to 10 Science syllabus is that students achieve a working level of scientific literacy by the end of Year 10 regardless of whether they go on to study Science in Stage 6. This is a big ask. Today’s society is so technically sophisticated and beset by so many complex issues that to understand them in a meaningful way by the end of Year 10 is bordering on fanciful. If the syllabus outcome was to be fulfilled, a Year 10 student would need to able to: Cast an informed vote in a hypothetical future referendum on whether nuclear energy should be used for electricity generation in Australia; Decide whether government funds would be better used to subsidise roof-top photovoltaic panels or solar hot water systems; Know if it is better to recycle plastic containers or re-use ones made of glass; Choose between desalinating seawater or reusing sewage; Make an informed choice about purchasing an electric or Hydrogen vehicle; understand the term “High efficiency coal fired generation”; Vote “Yes” or “No” on allowing GM crops to be grown or producing human clones and make a personal choice about how much meat to eat each week. 

This only a partial list but if you have a Year 10 student in your household, try discussing these issues at the dinner table (or on a Tech Free Tuesday evening) and see if they can provide any insight. How would you decide each of them for yourself? Do you know the Science behind them?

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave Year 10. Nor does it stop after Year 12, TAFE or University. Learning doesn’t stop even when you retire. If you cannot make an informed decision you render yourself vulnerable to influence from vested interests.

Science matters will return next year but for now, from all of us in the Science faculty, have a safe, relaxing holiday in the company of family and friends, a Merry Christmas and a happy, fulfilling new year in 2020. 

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator


Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Vocal Showcase ‘More than Words’

On Tuesday evening, students of talented vocal coach Dr Marissa Lee presented a showcase of their vocal prowess across a wide variety of musical genres, to the delight of a very appreciative audience. 

From bluesy interpretations of Amy Winehouse classics to heart-warming musical theatre classics, this concert displayed the great depth of vocal talent being nurtured at Lindisfarne. For some students, this was a premiere performance opportunity, whilst other more seasoned vocalists displayed their artistic and expressive development during this semester. Congratulations to all vocalists involved in this performance evening.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

My Big Journey - ELC Concert

From hot air balloon rides, to adventures into the jungle as well as to the moon and back, this year’s Early Learning Centre concert had it all - great costumes, music, drama, comedy, poetry and movement.

Our Kindergarten and Preschool students took us on an amazing adventure as they told their version of their journey throughout the year titled My Big Journey.

The concert was a fantastic success with Preschool and Kindergarten students putting all of their performance skills to the test in an extraordinarily cute and captivating performance. Not only did they look great, they sounded great too. All students are to be congratulated on their hard work throughout the year.

A huge thank you to all of our parent helpers for providing such wonderful and creative costumes. An extra special thanks to our wonderful house band which was comprised of Junior School peripatetic music teachers as well as our senior school Year 9 Music students.

A special thank you to Mrs Amy Skene for writing such a fantastic script for the ELC students to perform, and to our ELC staff members for practising with the students.

Jesse Edwards
Music Coordinator - Junior School

Term 4 Twilight Concert

As our Lindisfarne school year draws to a close, I would like to acknowledge all the hard work our peripatetic music staff and students have put in this year to make our Junior School Twilight Concerts so successful.
On Tuesday, Mahers Lane hosted our final Twilight Concert for the year. With a record number of parents coming along to support our Junior School students, this concert was a big success. The Term 4 Twilight Concert hosted a large variety of performances, ensemble groups and repertoire from piano and vocal solo/duet to string ensembles, guitar ensembles as well as large orchestral and rock ensembles to name a few.

These concerts are a wonderful opportunity to see each of our students develop and grow as performers and we thank you for your continued support of our soloist, ensemble groups and Twilight Concerts.

Jesse Edwards
Music Coordinator - Junior School

AMEB Exam Results

During November, we had a wide range of students undertaking AMEB Music and Theory examinations. Congratulations to the following students on their fantastic results:

  • Georgia Sweetnam  Alto Saxophone Grade 6  B+
  • Nicholas Dowd  Baritone Saxophone Grade 3 B+
  • Christopher Anderson  Classical Guitar Grade 1 A 

AMEB Strings

  • Will Saunders Violin Grade 1  B
  • Elise Matusch Violin Grade 1  B+
  • Abbey Horvath Viola Preliminary Grade B 

AMEB Cello 

  • Max Wanderer Grade 1  A
  • Matthew Sabey Preliminary  B+

AMEB Preliminary Piano 

  • Sacha Melrose Cripps B+
  • Sienna Williamson  A
  • Evee Sweet  A
  • Hannah Phillips  B+
  • Pearl Baker  A
  • May Summons A
  • April Henry  B+
  • Matthew Dennis A
  • Eliza Evesson B+
  • Teagan Gilmour A+
  • Sian McGilligan A
  • Jedda McLauchlan B+

AMEB Piano 

  • Fletcher Bruhn Grade 1 A
  • Jaxson Broxup Grade 2 A+
  • Keeghan Bruhn Grade 4 B+
  • Evie Chong Grade 1 A+
  • Eliza Fahy Grade 1 B+
  • Rodan Harper Grade 1 B+
  • Jessica Irving Grade 1 A
  • Manny Lopez Grade 1 B+
  • Rachel Robbie Grade 6 A
  • Louis Van Vorst Grade 2 B+
  • Max Van Vorst Grade 2 A
  • Jye Walker Grade 4 B+
  • Hugh Warner Grade 1 B+
  • Timothy Warner Grade 4 B+
  • James Warner Grade 4 B+
  • Madeleine Warner Grade 6 B+
  • Mia Watson Grade 7 A+ 

Theory Exams

  • Grade 1 theory exams:
    • Teagan Gilmour 97>#/p###
    • Sarah Hodges 95>#/p###
    • Tessa Ford 95>#/p###
    • Jordy Bell 82>#/p###
    • Will Saunders 99>#/p###
    • Will Ryan 99>#/p###
    • Rachel Robbie 99>#/p###
    • Eve Lambie 90>#/p###
    • Alex Larsen 87%
    • Callum McNicoll 100%
    • Brodie Slack Smith  99% 
    • Evie Chong 98%
    • Bradley Gilmour 90%
  • Grade 3 theory exams:
    • Monty Lush 87% (equivalent to first year of studies at university)

Students from the following year levels also completed AMEB Speech and Performance and Trinity College Speech and Drama exams over the past couple of weeks. Ranging in levels from Grade 1 to Grade 6 from Years 3 to 9.

Year 3

  • Ivy Thomson

Year 4

  • Eva Cusick
  • Anna Haubek
  • Sienna Eddie
  • Sienna Williamson
  • Evie Nowland
  • Zoe Radonich
  • Sacha Melrose- Cripps
  • Pearl Baker
  • Madeline Neumann
  • Matilda Daniel

Year 5 

  • Emily Daniel
  • Eliza Evesson
  • Hannah Jocumsen
  • Evie Reid
  • Hayley Maddalena
  • Sian McGilligan
  • Olympia Brewster
  • Leo Lush
  • Kimiyo Tango
  • Sunny Skene

Year 6

  • Cameron Davis
  • Asha Thomson
  • Macy Parkinson
  • Claudia Argyhros
  • Olivia Gorrie
  • Jamie Mifsud
  • Ava Wells

Year 8

  • Samara Skene
  • June Walker

Year 9

  • Evie Parkinson
  • Elli Neal
  • Eli Veldhoven


Friends of the Arts

2019 has finished on a high note for Friends of the Arts (FOTA) with their contribution to the success of the Stage 3 Showcase musical and the Visual Arts and Major Works Showcase. FOTA members selling drinks prior to the commencement of the Stage 3 production were inundated with thirsty guests who kept the volunteers frantically busy behind the bar. So, once again considerable funds were raised to support the School’s Arts program. For FOTA members, it was another highly enjoyable arts event that they were pleased to be a part of. 

On Thursday, 21 November, FOTA members again did what they do best in coordinating the catering for the official opening of the Visual Arts and Major Works Exhibition of senior students' works. Drinks and raffle tickets were sold resulting in more funds raised. FOTA arranged the generous raffle prizes as well as the People’s Choice awards for the students and assisted with the installation of outstanding artworks in the two days leading up to the official opening. The opening night was a huge success and FOTA were really excited to be a part of this annual event that gets bigger and better each year. 

Friends of the Arts wish all of the Lindisfarne community a safe and enjoyable Christmas and look forward to welcoming new members in 2020 for another exciting year in support of the Arts.

Amanda Anderson
Friends of the Arts Secretary

Learning Enrichment

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Lindisfarne International

We have exciting news from Lindisfarne International! 

Over the last six months, we have been working very hard on a mammoth application which will enable us to become registered with CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students). This means that we can recruit, enrol, teach and look after long stay students from any country around the world. 

These students can live and study in Australia for various time frames (depending on their student visa) and these can range from a semester up to 12 years. The living arrangements will also vary depending on the individual student’s needs. They can live with their parents, relatives or with local homestay families. 

This is a very exciting time for Lindisfarne International as we move into a new phase of offering enrolments to international students, who I am sure will give back to our school and local community in many positive ways. In 2020, we are very proud to announce we will be accepting our first international student, Louise Zanol Northfleet from Brazil. She will be enrolling into Year 9 and we welcome Louise and her family into the Lindisfarne community.

Amy Fydler
International Student Coordinator 

Digital Space

Device Return Information

Year 6

A friendly reminder to parents of Year 6 students to leave the ConnectEd iPad in the classrooms by next Wednesday (speech night). These devices will be prepared for new students entering the School, so this deadline is important.

Laptops will be available for collection at any time in the week of 20 to 24 January 2020.

Year 12

A friendly reminder to parents of Year 12 students to return the ConnectEd device including all accessories to reception or the Library at Mahers Lane by next Wednesday (speech night). These devices will be prepared for new students entering the School, so this deadline is important.

Thanks very much for your support! 

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Kind regards,

Gavin Kennedy
Director of Information Services



Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It provides the opportunity to raise community awareness of lung cancer and the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia with around 12,000 people diagnosed in Australia each year. The symptoms of lung cancer can often be vague and mimic those of other conditions, so it’s important to know what your cough is telling you.

If lung cancer is found at an earlier stage, there is more chance of a better outcome.

It’s important to know the symptoms of lung cancer as although lung cancer occurs mostly in people aged 60 and over, it can affect people of any age.

New and constantly evolving treatments such as immunotherapy are likely to continue to improve outcomes for people affected by lung cancer.

What are the symptoms?
  • coughing up blood
  • a new or changed cough that doesn’t go away
  • chest pain and/or shoulder pain or discomfort – the pain may be worse with coughing or deep breathing
  • trouble breathing or shortness of breath
  • hoarse voice
  • weight loss
  • loss of appetite
  • chest infection that doesn’t go away
  • tiredness or weakness

Many conditions can cause these symptoms, not just lung cancer.

Anyone can get lung cancer, even if they have never smoked. If you have any of these symptoms and they are persistent, talk to your doctor.

PDHPE Faculty

Lindisfarne Netball

Monday Night Netball

Mixed fortunes were won in Round 9. Both the junior teams played well against Tweed Representative teams; The Gold Lions had a bye and the Lionesses were victorious and secured their Grand Final place.

Good luck in the last Round game ladies! 

Tweed Representative Netball

Congratulations to all of the players who have been selected for the Tweed Representative Squads this year.

The Netball Centre of Excellence

Cusack, Miss Watters and myself were so pleased to see so much talent and potential of all the players who will take the court as Lindisfarne Lions in 2020. Ladies will be notified and invited to sign a contract to be part of the Netball Centre of Excellence before the end of the term.

All Lions Netballers who have played this year or who are new to the School Club, will also get the opportunity to train and play as a Lion in 2020. We are looking at having 20 teams!


Thanks to all of the students who have contacted me as they wish to officiate in 2020. Please still let me know if you are keen. If you are a beginner, you can start during the holidays by passing (70%) the on-line Foundation Course. Please log-in to mynetball for further information.

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

Gay Maynard
Teacher in Charge of Netball



A great win for Lindisfarne Intermediate Cricket team in our Wiburd Shield cricket match against The Armidale School. Lindisfarne were 4/215 off their 40 overs. Rupert Fahy made 52 and Brodie McDowell scored 92. In reply Armidale scored 8/183 after their 40 overs. A great win from the team.

Charlie Evesson was a standout in the bowling, with a consistent line and length that minimised runs and took wickets. He finished with figures of 3/32 off 7 overs. Daniel Lamb also played a critical role with the ball taking the first two wickets when the scores were 0/56. All players contributed in the field demonstrating a relentless display of concentration and teamwork. 

  • Blake Archer
  • Kai Croft
  • Charlie Evesson
  • Rupert Fahy
  • Jack Furness
  • Oliver Greeney
  • Daniel Lamb
  • Ryan Lamb
  • Gabriel Leitch
  • Tate Marquardt
  • Brodie McDowell

Charlie Evesson.

TAS batsmen, Brodie McDowell and Rupert Fahy.

Brodie McDowell with TAS player.

Thank you to Callum McNicoll (currently injured) for being our volunteer scorer who received a glowing endorsement from the opposition scorer praising his alertness, demeanour and scoring ability.


Lindisfarne sent two Year 9/10 Basketball teams (girls' and boys' team) to Lismore to compete in the Aussie Dent King Challenge on Wednesday. Here is a brief wrap:

Boys team

  • Oliver Churchill
  • Will Georgakopoulos
  • Monty Lush
  • Klyde Milroy
  • Flynn Southam
  • Corban Thomas
  • Finnegan Wagner
  • Emil Woods
(L-R) Finnegan Wagner, Corban Thomson, Klyde Milroy, Monte Lush, Will Georgakopoulos, Flynn Southam, Emil Woods and Oliver Churchill (in front).

The boys were an impressive force throughout the day and earned the respect of the competition. After three games played, they shockingly had not won a game...having lost by 2 points, 1 point and sharing a rare draw. They put together a convincing win in their final game and earned a semi-final game, where they lost a tough game to top-ranked Lismore High. Oliver Churchill and Corban Thomson were joint top-scorers on the day and a special mention goes to our 6th man, Klyde Milroy who made a huge impact coming off the bench. Well done to the boys.

John Cadman

Girls' Team

  • Daisy Ashton
  • Laila Campbell
  • Molly Fitzgerald
  • Georgie Hughes
  • Brooke Morris
  • Paloma Peisajovich
  • Tia Peterson
  • Keeley Rose
  • Paige Williams
(L-R) Back row: Mrs McIllhatton, Laila Campbell, Molly Fitzgerald, Tia Peterson, Paloma Peisajovich, Daisy Ashton. Front row: Brooke Morris, Georgia Hughes, Paige Williams, Rose Keeley.

Our girls had a successful gala day with two wins over Evans River High School and St John's College Woodlawn and two narrow losses to Lismore High School and Trinity Catholic College to finish third overall in the competition. Strong performances on the day were Daisy Ashton, Laila Campbell (until she broke her wrist) and Paloma Peisajovich. Georgie Hughes, Keeley Rose and Brooke Morris demonstrated a sense of good sportsmanship by playing for Evans River HS when they had players that needed to leave due to fires in their area. Paige Williams, Tia Peterson, Sophia Squires and Molly Fitzgerald all played with improved performance at each game and managed to hone their basketball skills.

Luanne McIllhatton 

Surf Life Saving

Congratulations to Fletcher Burdekin, Jules Loemker and Ava Arghyros  who are all in class 6B. They have been selected for the Far North Coast Surf Life Saving Team (along with Lily O’Sullivan and Ginger Allen) and will be competing at the NSW State Interbranch Championships at Bulli on the 7th and 8th of December.

Fletcher Burdekin, Jules Loemker and Ava Arghyros.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

In 2020 Stacey Bech is offering Rhythmic Gymnastics at Lindisfarne Mahers Lane Campus: 

  • Monday and Thursdays 4.00pm to 5.00pm FREE for Lindisfarne students.
  • Higher-level girls from 5.00pm to 7.30pm (these will include Lindisfarne students who want extra training and want to compete at a higher level)
  • Also Wednesdays from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

Please contact Cherie Montford via email ( for registration forms. 

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities

​The Lindisfarne Big Bash Cricket Tournament

Last Friday played host to the annual Lindisfarne Big Bash League (LBBL) cricket tournament. Moulded off the Big Bash League and Women’s Big Bash League, the day was filled with plenty of colour, loud music and the chorus of players yelling out ‘HOWZAT’. Add into the mix fast bowling, some big hitting and the day was an enormous success. 

The LBBL was made up of 140 Years 3 and 4 students. Each team made up of 10 players. There were 35 games of cricket played in one day, this equates to 350 overs of bowling or 2100 balls bowled. Thousands of 4’s, hundreds of 4’s and the hugest one ball tally ever seen when the ball entered the chicken coup and the batting pair was able to run 17. 

Thank you to our buckets (Year 7 and 8 boys who umpired the day with KFC Big Bash buckets on their heads) the boys really made the atmosphere electric and their efficiency made the day a great success. 

Suffice to say, it was a huge success and will be back on the calendar bigger and better next year. 

Nathan Croft
PE Specialist (P-4)

Kershler Cricket


Uniform Shop


Summer Vacation Care

Employment at Lindisfarne

​Teacher Aide - Junior School

Contract Position - Part Time (20 hours per week)

(Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 12.30pm)

Commencing Term 1, 20 January 2020

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is seeking to appoint an enthusiastic teacher aide to work with our supportive Kindergarten team.

The successful applicant will:

  • Have experience in providing assistance across key learning areas to students both individually and in small groups.
  • Be experienced in assisting to deliver a dynamic school curriculum and positive pastoral care to all students.
  • Possess outstanding interpersonal skills and presentation with the ability to work collaboratively with classroom teachers.
  • Have a genuine passion for working with young children.
  • Be willing to embrace the culture of the school.
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School.
  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Applications should be forwarded to Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal via
Please provide a covering letter addressing the above selection criteria, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Refer to this link for the position description.

Applications close: Sunday, 1 December 2019 

​Director of TAS

Full Time Permanent Position

Commencing Term 1, 20 January 2020

Lindisfarne is currently seeking a dynamic and energetic educator to join our School as Director of TAS commencing January 2020.

Key Competencies:

  • Possess demonstrated experience as an excellent teacher, leader and administrator
  • Have experience teaching across a range of TAS courses with a specialisation in computing
  • Be passionate about future-focused pedagogy
  • Have experience leading co-curricular engagement in STEM technologies
  • Demonstrate superior organisational and collaborative abilities      
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School
  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Applications should be forwarded to Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal via
Please provide a covering letter addressing the above selection criteria, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Refer to this link for the Position Description.

Applications close: Friday, 29 November 2019

​TAS Teacher - Computer Science

Full Time Contract Position

Commencing Term 1, 20 January 2020

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is seeking to appoint a dynamic digital technology teacher with the ability to teach computing subjects across Years 7 to 12.

Key Competencies:

  • Have passion, expertise and experience in teaching a range of digital technologies and design such as:
    • Senior Software Design & Development (SDD) - Stage 6
    • Information & Software Technology (IST) - Stage 5
    • VET - Information & Digital Technology (IDT) - Stage 6
    • Technology - Mandatory - Stage 4
  • Ability to inspire students to explore STEM technologies and help to lead and showcase technological innovation across the School.
  • Ability to maintain a positive and effective learning environment through well prepared and varied lessons, which cater to the range of student abilities and interests.
  • Set realistic and challenging academic standards of student performance.
  • Provide prompt and comprehensive attention to student work submitted for marking.
  • Demonstrate high levels of professionalism in all activities.
  • Experienced with teaching the NSW Syllabus is an advantage.
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School.
  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Applicants with a passion for technology and other relevant subjects are encouraged to apply.

Applications should be forwarded to:
Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal 
Please provide a covering letter addressing the above selection criteria, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Refer to this link for the position description.

Applications close: Friday, 29 November 2019

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