From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for all of your support during the 2019 school year. I was incredibly proud of our students, staff and school community as we celebrated the achievements of our students and the success of the year at our Junior School Speech Night, and combined Middle and Senior School Speech Night this week.

Please congratulate our respective sub-school Dux and Proxime Accessit recipients for 2019:

Junior School
Year 4
Dux of the Junior School: Cooper Broxup

Middle School
Year 8
Proxime Accessit for Year 8: Ruby Stante
Dux of Year 8: Naiya Boschma-Wagner

Senior School
Year 12
Proxime Accessit of Year 12: Brooke Marriott
Year 12 Dux: Abby Frazer

A full list of award recipients can be downloaded via the links below:

Junior School Speech Night Award Recipients

Middle and Senior School Speech Night Award Recipients

As we plan for the 2020 and 2021 school years, please consider our term dates as you plan holidays and family gatherings in order to maximise student attendance at school each year.  

The term dates for 2020 and 2021 can be found on our school website:

We received great news this week with approval of a capital grant through the Australian Government and AISNSW Capital Grant Authority of a grant of $550,000 towards the construction of our Kindergarten classrooms at the Junior School.  

Thank you to our Business Manager, Mr Brett Dinsdale, our and our Deputy Principal, Mr Geoff Lancaster, for the huge amount of work that goes into a successful grant submission.

At our Speech Night this week, our Chair of School Council, Mr Chris Goldstone, announced that this will be his final year as Chair of our School Council. We sincerely thank Chris for his service to the School over the past 14 years, the last seven plus years as Chair of School Council.

We also thank Mrs Robyn Goldstone, a past P&F President for her unwavering support of Chris and the sacrifices made by their children, Nathan and Julian, as Chris devoted a huge number of hours each year in voluntary service to the School.

Chris has commenced a handover to our incoming Chair of School Council Ms Dominique O’Neill (2004), a past student of Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School and a highly regarded local lawyer. We appreciate Dominique taking on this important leadership role in our school community and I look forward to working with Dominique and Deputy Chair of School Council, Bill Adler, to continue to develop Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School as a world class Independent, Anglican, Coeducational school.

At Speech Night I was also able to pay tribute to my Executive Assistant, Julie Moore, who retires this year after 17 years of outstanding service to the School.  

Thank you, Julie, for all that you have done to help create an outstanding school for the children of the southern Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and northern NSW. We wish you and Peter every success in the future. 

In closing, I share with your a Christmas prayer:

Let us welcome God’s bright and shining morning star,
A child born in a manger,
A son sent to redeem the world,
A saviour come to renew all things.
May his light shine on you,
May his light shine through you,
The light of God’s Christmas star be with you,
In this season of new birth.

I wish all of our students, staff, parents, grandparents, special friends and supporters of the School a safe and holy Christmas and a very happy new year and thank you for all of your work to support and help our school to flourish and thrive in 2019.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquart

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain


Thank you from the Tweed Women’s Refuge

Below is a Thank You letter which has been written by the management team at the Refuge following last week’s presentation of gifts and donations.


Momentum Collective supports women and children who are displaced, homeless and in fear, to access safe and affordable housing so they can start to rebuild their lives.

Momentum not only works with women and children living in temporary accommodation such as the Tweed Heads refuge, we also support numerous women and their families who are living within our community.

In 2019 so far, we have supported 279 women and children with domestic and family violence support in Tweed Heads.

The gifts you have so generously donated will not only be given to the five families living in refuge at Christmas, but will also be distributed to other families in need who are living within your local community, to ensure that your kindness can reach as many disadvantaged people as possible.

The financial burden of being displaced due to domestic violence, and often at times going from a double wage to a single wage or to no wage at all, can be very overwhelming, especially at Christmas time.

Every mother dreams of providing for her children, however many are left living in poverty-like conditions after being forced to choose safety over materialistic items, leaving a dangerous situation with often only the clothes they are wearing at the time.

Your generous donations, your consideration and your spirit will be changing the lives of many people, and be providing them with something to make them smile not just this Christmas but in the months to come.

On Monday, 2 December the children staying at the refuge set up the Christmas tree in the lounge room, decorating it with bright tinsel and lovely ornaments. They hung trinkets all around the house, where staff heard them saying "I hope Santa knows where to find us this year".

Momentum are overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity, your time, your support and thoughtfulness. Once again, we cannot thank you enough for opening your hearts, for we are the lucky ones blessed enough to see the happiness on the excited faces, because of you.

Have a very Merry Christmas from the team at the Tweed Heads Women and Children’s Refuge.


I would like to add my thanks on behalf of the Lindisfarne staff, and wish you all a safe, happy and Holy Christmas.

Blessings for the festive season. 

Rev Chad Rynehart
School Chaplain


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Early Learning Centre

​Kindergarten Students Learn to Tie Shoelaces

Ascent Footwear in partnership with The Athlete's Foot visited us on 29 November to educate the students from Kindergarten. This fun, interactive workshop was used to help teach the students the important life skill of how to tie their shoelaces correctly. Each student was also given a personalised certificate for partaking in the lesson!”

Jo Hetherington
Director of Early Learning 

Junior School

Head of Junior School

Junior School Wrap Up

Our annual Junior School Speech Night this week has once again proven to be a highlight for all involved. Thank you to the many guests who attended and had the pleasure of watching our amazing Junior School students sing, perform and be recognised for their outstanding efforts and achievements throughout the year.

Many parents have commented to me since the evening that they were proud to be part of our community and the evening reflected the love and care they feel their children receive here at school. This is wonderful to hear and I highlight that it is only through a strong support structure from home that these things are possible. I also regularly hear from members of the local community about the positive messages they hear about Lindisfarne from our parent body. Thank you for this affirming word of mouth message to our community.

School reports should now be made available through Parent Lounge and these provide a talking point for parents with their children. It is important to keep in mind that a child’s learning journey is long so keeping a focus on positive messages will help them progress further in the future.

On the 15 January classes will be made available on Parent Lounge. Our teachers will be very excited to meet and get to know their new class in the year ahead. Making the composition of a class takes a lot of time and involves many factors including personalities, academics and friendships. Please trust that each student will have a great year with their new teacher in 2020.  

The holidays, and this long vacation period in particular, are a chance to recharge and refresh as well as spending quality family time together. I wish all families a safe and merry Christmas and I look forward to hearing lots of tall stories next year of travels, adventures and holiday fun next year.

Until next time…

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

Art Enrichment at the Junior School

A massive congratulations on a fantastic year to all the Art Enrichment students. This term students used their spatial awareness skills to concentrate on composition. They also practiced their rendering and watercolour techniques. They then created their own version of 'Sunflower’s'.

It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to some of Junior School’s most dedicated and talented artists, as the year 4’s move on up to Middle School. Pictured are some of their favourite pieces.

Simone Jordan
Art Enrichment

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Merry Christmas!

The Green Team.

Thank you for your support in 2019. We have achieved a lot and we look forward to working together in 2020 towards a more sustainable future for our school, our families and our communities. Watch this space!

Please find a link to an article about “Going Zero Waste This Holiday Season”

The Green Team

Eco Tip

Middle School

Year 5 Reflection

It's the most wonderful time of the year 
There'll be much mistletoeing 
And hearts will be glowing 
When love ones are near 
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Dear Parents and Year 5 Students,

It’s been an extremely busy but fulfilling year with lots of learning as well as many fabulous opportunities and achievements for all.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and happy holidays … and Students, be good to your families and don’t forget to check your Greenx7 battery every now and then! Holidays are the perfect time to consider Movement, Environment, Earthing, Time, Connection, Reflection and Breath.

Best wishes from the Year 5 Team.

Lisa Price, Dana Dowker, Scott Lewis, Nicola Jamison, Catherine Cox
Year 5 Teachers 

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"How quickly has this year flown by?" is more of a statement than a question for most of us. It is now, near the end of the term, year and decade, that we reflect on our achievements, challenges and lessons learned. 

We should also start preparing ourselves for 2020 with some SMART goals, rather than numerous unrealistic resolutions.

SMART is an acronym for:

Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Timed

This means the goal is clear and states exactly what you want to achieve. 
• What: What do I want to accomplish?
• Why: Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal.
• Who: Who is involved?
• Which: Identify requirements and constraints.

This means that the goal has to have criteria for measuring progress towards the attainment of the goal. This will help you stay motivated, reach target dates and experience the exhilaration of achievement 
• How much improvement will I make?
• How will I know when it is accomplished? (Target Dates)
• Indicators should be quantifiable 

Whilst an attainable goal may stretch you in order to achieve it, the goal is not extreme. That is, the goals are neither out of reach nor below standard performance, since these may be considered meaningless. 
• How can the goal be accomplished?
• How realistic is the goal based on other constraints?

It is important to choose goals that matter. A bank manager's goal to "Make 50 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by 2pm" may be specific, measurable, attainable and time-bound but lacks relevance. Relevant goals drive you forward. A goal that supports or is in alignment with other goals would be considered a relevant goal.
A relevant goal can answer yes to these questions:
• Does this seem worthwhile?
• Does this match your efforts/needs?

Time Framed
You need to have a target date for small, specific goals. A commitment to a deadline helps you focus your efforts on completing the goal on or before the due date. This part of the SMART goal criteria is intended to prevent goals from being overtaken by the day-to-day crises that invariably arise. A time-bound goal is intended to establish a sense of urgency.
• What can I do today?
• What can I do six weeks from now?
• What can I do six months from now?
• What can I do in 12 months from now?

Good luck with your goal setting!

Have a happy, healthy and fabulous festive season with your family and friends.

The PDHPE Faculty

Sport 2019 Wrap Up

Thanks to all of our students, parents, coaches and staff for your contributions to the Sport program throughout the year. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday, and we will see you rejuvenated and ready to go next year. 

We hit the ground running in early February with our Swimming Carnivals and a host of other sports we will be taking registrations for in the first few weeks back.

Little Legends

Bryce Corcoran and his team made the podium in 1st place for their age category at the Kingscliff Triathlon over the weekend. Bryce completed the cycle part of the relay. A great morning of fun!

Pictured above: Bryce Corcoran (L)

Ayva and Summer competed at the APDA Physical Culture Nationals in Sydney, Ayva is a National Finalist and Summer placed 3rd!

Pictured above: Ayva
Pictured above: Summer

Nathan Croft 
PE Specialist (P-4)


The Tennis Gold Coast Inter-school Challenge is on 16 February 2020. It’s a doubles format tournament, here is the link for more information. Lindisfarne will be entering this tournament again, and players can make their own team arrangements and will need to enter directly online. I can help assist matching players who do not have double partners in the first week back at school next year. 

Surf Life Saving

Congratulations to our surf life savers who competed on the weekend. The following students represented the Point Danger Branch at the Queensland Inter-branch titles at Currumbin Beach - Beau Meehan, Ruby Meehan, Jesse Starling, Jacob Sands, Lily Alford, Cimarron Crawford and Barlow Telford.

All competitors were tested against the best in the state for their chosen individual and team events in trying conditions on the day. Lily, Jacob, Cimarron and Barlow performed admirably in the flags and beach sprints and Beau, Ruby and Jesse were outstanding in the water, with the swim, board and ski. 

Pictured L-R: Cimmaron Crawford, Lily Alford, Jacob Sands, Barlow Telford

Pictured: Lily Alford (L)

Damien Clucas
Head of Sports and Activities


After accounting for The Armidale School in Round 2 last week, Lindisfarne set about trying to proceed even further into the Wiburd Shield competition by trying to beat St Columba Anglican School, Port Macquarie on Tuesday. 

Amid the continuing smoke haze and heat of Grafton, Lindisfarne won the toss and elected to bat on a typically variable wicket.

Gabe Leitch, Rupert Fahy, Brodie McDowell and Jack Furness all made a good start but were unable to press on. Charlie Evesson also demonstrated some middle-order resistance. However, some tight bowling from the SCAS team restricted the Lindisfarne boys to 106 runs after 37 overs.

In response, SCAS compiled some early runs quickly. Good bowling from Jack Furness (0-11 off 5), Tate Marquardt (1-23 off 5) and Rupert Fahy (2-14 off 5) stemmed the flow of runs and set up for a potential against-the-odds win for Lindisfarne. Further outstanding contributions with the ball from Charlie Evesson (2-11 off 3) and Daniel Lamb (2-6 off 2) almost delivered it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be though, with SCAS achieving the 107 runs required with two wickets in hand.

Cricket is a tough game. Statistically, players have to deal with more failure than they do success. It takes poetic teamwork, resilience and self-efficacy over a long period of time, not to mention hard earned skills from hundreds of hours training to produce and reproduce the best game results.  

Even though our boys did not get the result they were after, seeing them  play in the right spirit of the game, supporting each other when the odds were against them, staying positive, demonstrating gratitude to umpires, coaches and opposition and even showing their manners at dinner on the way home to strangers made it all worthwhile. As teachers, these are the most satisfying and humbling of ‘wins’ and one we will take any day. Well done boys and thanks- the future is bright.

Thanks also to Mr Anthony Kershler as coach for his ongoing support, time and guidance for all age groups in 2019, as we look to the future and making Cricket at Lindisfarne even stronger.

“I think playing cricket taught me more about playing in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career.” Satya Nadella CEO Microsoft

Simon Leach
Teacher in charge of Cricket

Netball News

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our Netball Families! 

Well done to all players this year! The list is too long to mention you all!

Thank you, Lindisfarne Netball Captains Ellie and Emily. You are awesome ambassadors of our sport.

Really looking forward to the 2020 season with the Netball Centre of Excellence and Tweed Netball competitions.

Monday Night Netball - Finals

The grand finals for the Monday Night Netball League are on 9 December, the first week of the holidays. We have two teams through for these matches; the Gold Lions and the Lionesses! All of the matches are at 6.30pm with the Gold Lions on Court 3 and the Lionesses on Court 2.

The Lionesses are: Danielle Watters, Jane Brennan, Emma Wardle, Lee Richards, Lauren Taylor, Louise Godden, Carys Nichols, Ellie Engel, Samantha Harvey and Amber Orr.

The Gold Lions are: Daisy Ashton, Jemma Hansen, Georgia Pikos, Tia Petersen, Lucy Tunsted, Jewel Orr, Shania Sealy, Jemma Grant, Olivia Sweetnam, Ebony Richards and Rosie Taylor.

We may have to meet up a bit earlier than for just a warm-up for the Gold Lions as you haven't played for a while!

PLEASE would ALL of the Lionesses and Gold Lions confirm their availability for the grand final ASAP. We obviously want seven on court! It would be lovely for some of the Red and White Lions to come and cheer your teachers, parents and peers too if you are able to get to the courts.

The photo below is of our Roaring Red Lions – unfortunately without Isla and Charlotte.

Tweed Representative Netball and LENA

Congratulations to all of the players who have been selected for the Tweed Representative Squads and/or our Netball Centre of Excellence this coming year.

I'm very proud of you all.


Thanks to all of the students who have contacted me as they wish to officiate in 2020. Please still let me know if you are keen. If you are a beginner, you can start during the holidays by passing (70%) the on-line Foundation Course. Please log in to mynetball for further information.

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball


Uniform Shop

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Summer Vacation Care

Employment at Lindisfarne

Speech and Drama Teacher

Part Time Contractor Position

Commencing Term 1, 20 January 2020

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is seeking to appoint an experienced and passionate itinerant Speech and Drama Teacher to complement our dynamic and expanding performing arts program. This role requires the teaching of students from P-12.

Key Competencies:

  • Passion and proven experience in delivering high-quality speech and drama programs.
  • Recognised teaching, speech and drama and/or public speaking qualifications.
  • Ability to teach to AMEB and Trinity examination standard, from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Demonstrate high levels of professionalism in all activities.
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School.
  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).
  • Applications should be forwarded to Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal via

Our tutors are self-employed and are required to hold an ABN.

Please provide a covering letter addressing the above selection criteria, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Refer to this link for the position description.

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Summer Holiday Local Library Activities

Message from the Tweed Shire Council