2020 Term 1 Week 01 31 Jan 2020

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have enjoyed a positive week of learning and achievement. It is always exciting to return to school after the Christmas holidays with the anticipation of the learning and achievement that we will all be a part of this year at the forefront of our minds.
Students and staff are quickly settling into school routines and we greatly appreciate the parental support as we establish routines and expectations for the year ahead.

As students return to school, it’s a timely reminder of some of the important factors that help children to be ready for school each day.

Regular routines at home, some structure around sleep and bedtimes, eating well, helping around the house, exercising, keeping hydrated with plenty of water in this hot weather and some downtime particularly each weekend are important factors and considerations in being in good shape for school each day.

During the week, I have shared information with the School community in relation to Novel Coronavirus. Please note the advice from NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education as follows:

NSW Health and NSW Department of Education advise that school and early childhood centre students, teachers and support staff who have travelled to mainland China and Hong Kong can be excluded from school until 14 days after departing mainland China or Hong Kong.

As further information comes to light, I will advise the school community. Please contact your Head of Sub-school or Deputy Principal Geoff Lancaster (glancaster@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au) if you have any questions.

One of the hallmarks of education at Lindisfarne is our strong and supportive school community. In conjunction with the Parents and Friends Association, we host a welcome function for all school parents and staff at the start of each year.

The host venue for 2020 is our Junior School Campus on Sunshine Avenue in Tweed Heads South. All parents (Preschool to Year 12) are invited to attend. 

I look forward to seeing you Friday evening.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

Safe on Social

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

2020 Parent and Student Guide

Please click on the image above to read our 2020 Parent and Student Guide.

From the Chaplain


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Staff Bio

New Staff

Hugh (Bill) Scott - Junior School Year 3

I have recently moved from Sydney where I spent close to a decade teaching at Newington College. There I taught and coordinated a range of year groups between Kindergarten to Year 6. As well as classroom teaching, I was involved in both the sports and music programs, assisting with coaching football and basketball, and helping with the Junior Choir and ensembles. In my spare time, I enjoy time with my family – going to the array of local beaches and rivers, as well as reading books and unwinding in front of Netflix. Cycling, swimming and getting amongst the outdoors keeps me active enough to keep up with my 2-year-old daughter. I would like to thank the Lindisfarne community for the warm welcome I have received. I am excited about the opportunities Lindisfarne provides and look forward to a rewarding 2020.

Brooke Magnum - Secondary Science Teacher

I started my teaching career in 2018 after the completion of a Master of Teaching to complement my Bachelor of Environmental Science. After completing my final placement and casual teacher work at Lindisfarne in 2018, I commenced full time employment in North Lakes (Brisbane) in 2019. In addition to teaching Science, I had the opportunity to teach Digital Technologies and STEAM which was a great experience. In 2020, I am blessed to be able to come back to Lindisfarne as a full-time Science teacher. I am excited to engage students in science and for them to see the magic that is science. I am looking forward to working with staff and students to further develop my practice. On weekends, I enjoy being active and spending time at the beach where I paddle board and walk my dog. I am passionate about sustainable living and hope to utilise this passion in my new role at the School. I would like to thank the staff, students and parents for their friendly welcome to Lindisfarne. 

Amanda Sweetnam - Middle School Teacher Assistant

My name is Amanda Sweetnam and I am very excited to be working in the Learning Enrichment Department with a great team of teachers, supporting students in the classroom. In the past 10 years, I have worked as a primary school teacher for the Department of Education NSW, teaching Kindergarten to Year 2. In the classroom, I developed individual learning plans and created a classroom that was inclusive for everyone. I began my career as an enrolled nurse working in hospitals in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast. After six years of nursing, I realised my passion was education and began to pursue a career in teaching. I worked for Education Queensland for nine years providing high-quality educational programs and assessments for students in Preschool to Year 2. Moving from the Gold Coast to northern New South Wales, we started our family and I took time off to be a mum which I thoroughly enjoyed. As a family, we have always been actively involved in our daughters' education and we knew Lindisfarne was our school of choice. My three girls have become part of the Lindisfarne family and have been welcomed into the community. It is this community feel and family orientation that drew me towards working at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. I am looking forward to being a part of a great team and continuing to support students using my knowledge and experience in education.

Whole School News

Student Absences and Late Arrivals

Attendance Absences / Late Arrivals

The School must be notified of an absentee or late arrival before 8.45am by phoning 07 5590 5099 (available 24 hours, seven days per week) or emailing studentadmin@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au at Mahers Lane or adminprimary@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au at Sunshine Avenue campus.

Junior School (Sunshine Avenues Campus) 
Kindergarten to Year 4 students arriving after 8.40am and Preschool students arriving after 9.00am, must sign in at Reception. 

Middle and Senior School (Mahers Lane Campus)

Late arrivals after 8.20am must sign in at Student Administration.

If students need to leave an organised school event (for example: musical presentation, rehearsal, presentation evening, sporting event, etc.) with someone other than their parents, notification is required in writing to the School at least twenty four hours prior the day of the event. This note should be addressed to the event convenor. If the event convenor does not receive a note, students will not be authorised to travel with persons other than their parents, or to use alternate methods of travel from the event. 

Extended Absences

Students are expected to attend school during listed term dates. Parents are asked to schedule holidays during term breaks to minimise disruption to students’ education. 

For planned absences greater than three days, parents need to submit an Application for Exemption from Attendance at School. For example: holiday leave, elite sporting commitment, employment within the entertainment industry, exceptional circumstances (extended medical, domestic, etc.). 

Application forms are available on the school website under Resources - Forms.

Year 5 and 6 students need to obtain the signature of their classroom teacher on page 4 of the application form. Year 7 and above students need to obtain the signatures of all their subject teachers prior to submitting. This step is imperative to ensure the teachers, students and parents are aware of what work/assignment/exams students will miss.

Completed forms are to be submitted to Student Administration at Mahers Lane campus or Sunshine Avenue reception at least one month prior to the date of requested leave to ensure it can be processed in a timely manner.

If you have any questions regarding applications for approval, please don’t hesitate to contact Tania Wilhelm via twilhelm@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au for Middle and Senior School, or adminprimary@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au for the Junior School.

Lindisfarne Bus Service - Important Update

Due to increasing demand for both our north and south bus services, we have additional buses scheduled which will commence with the start of school. 

Parents will receive an email outlining which bus their students will use based on their home address.

Please click here view the updated timetable.

Round Square

Round Square is a national and global community of over 200 schools who share a common link built around six themes, known as IDEALS.

  1. Service
  2. Internationalism
  3. Democracy
  4. Environmentalism
  5. Adventure
  6. Leadership

At Lindisfarne, we are very fortunate that these IDEALS fit within our framework. Indeed, the Lindisfarne Way shares much with these IDEALS, so for us, joining Round Square and ‘being’ Round Square was a natural conclusion.

For our student body, it offers an array of collaborative, exchange and conference opportunities. Shortly we have a student delegation heading off to a conference in South Korea and another to Chiang Mai.

Round Square Information Evening

I invite you to attend an information evening on 12 February where you will learn more about Round Square, with a particular focus on future student exchanges in Year 8 and Year 10. I encourage you to attend if your child is currently in Years 7 to 10.
Briefly, Year 8 students will have the opportunity to take part in a two-week reciprocal exchange program with other schools around Australia. Year 10 students will have an opportunity to take part in international exchanges for a duration of four to eight weeks.

Lindisfarne is just beginning this journey and for our students there is much to be excited about.  Below is a reminder regarding the information evening. 

If you would like to contact me, please do so at roundsquare@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

Where: Chapel
When: 12 February at 6.30pm (NSW)
Why: Round Square Information Session with a focus on exchanges

Mike Lush
Round Square Coordinator

Health Update - Novel Coronavirus

Dear members of the Lindisfarne School community

We are working closely with the Chief Executive Officer at Association of Independent Schools NSW who has released the latest information regarding the novel coronavirus.  Information appears below in full and includes links to relevant fact sheets and FAQ.

AISNSW is working with all education sectors and the Ministry of Health to monitor and respond to the unfolding international novel coronavirus situation. 

Currently there has been a small number of cases of confirmed Novel Coronavirus in New South Wales. Current advice on the impact of the virus remains unchanged however  NSW Health have provided revised advice regarding exclusions.

NSW Health and NSW Department of Education advise that school and early childhood centre students, teachers and support staff who have travelled to mainland China and Hong Kong can be excluded from school until 14 days after departing mainland China or Hong Kong.

This policy position continues to provide schools with support to do what they think is best for their school communities.

In accordance with national public health guidelines, mandatory exclusions apply for those who are a:

  • Confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus – exclude until medically cleared
  • ‘Close contact’ of a confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus – exclude for 14 days since last contact with the confirmed case

‘Close contact’ is defined as living in the same household, 15 minutes face-to-face contact with a person with confirmed coronavirus in any setting, or sharing a closed space with a person with confirmed coronavirus for more than two hours.

NSW Health has processes in place to identify any close contacts of cases confirmed in New South Wales. Advice about not attending school would be provided to these close contacts.

AISNSW will continue to work with the education sectors and Ministry of Health to monitor the situation closely and keep schools up to date as information becomes available. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Head of Sub School or the Deputy Principal.

As per usual guidance, staff and children who are unwell with respiratory illness should remain at home until symptoms resolve. Schools should continue to follow procedures for infection control.

NSW Health has information available on its website:

If you have any further questions, please contact your Head of Sub School or the Deputy Principal.

Kind regards

Stuart Marquardt

Lindisfarne Debating Club

Expressions of Interest for Debating Club

Closing: Monday, 3 February
Email: swalker@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

Please include: name, year level, and any debating experience you have.

Gold Coast Debating Summer School at Bond University 

Public Speaking: Conquer the Fear

Seinfeld said that nearly everyone fears public speaking. We worry about what people will think of us. We worry that we aren’t skilled enough. We worry that our thoughts aren’t that great or that we will have a mental blank at that critical moment when we are in front of an audience. 

Whilst public speaking is commonly listed in the top fears that many people have, there are so many reasons why students at Lindisfarne should commit themselves wholeheartedly to this type of activity – an activity that many find to be extremely confronting. Public speaking can:

  • build confidence and self-esteem; 

  • promote critical thinking; and

  • enhance the ability to organise ideas into a format that an audience can understand.

Fear shouldn’t stop our students from taking that first step. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "All great speakers were bad speakers at first." Public speaking is a skill. A skill that can be learnt. A skill that must be practised. Lindisfarne is keen to give our students an annual forum where they can consolidate their oral communication skills.

The 2020 Lindisfarne Public Speaking Competition is open to any interested students from Year 5 through to Year 12. Students, who wish to enter this competition, must compose an original speech that hasn’t been previously used in this competition. Whilst the topic is their own choice, it must be suitable to the school environment. The time limit is three minutes for Stage 3 speakers and five minutes for all high school speakers.

The grand final for this event will be held on 1 April. Heats will be held in the week commencing 16 March. To nominate, or to find out more details about the competition, email Mrs Walker by 17 February, with your name and year level, at: swalker@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Chess Club

Scholarships and Sibling Enrolments


Each year Lindisfarne offers a limited number of scholarships to students who meet the eligibility requirements. Applications for the 2021 school year are now open. Applications close on Friday, 14 February 2020.


  • Academic – Based on a high-level of academic merit.
  • General Excellence – For students who demonstrate strength in a range of areas (as listed below).
  • Music – High level of music capacity is required combined with satisfactory academics.
  • Sport – For students who are competing in at least one sport at state level or above combined with satisfactory academics.

For more information regarding applications please visit the Scholarships page of the Lindisfarne website.

Sibling Enrolments - 2021

As we commence the enrolment process for the 2021 school year, priority is given to enrolling siblings of current students. 

Each year Lindisfarne attracts more enrolments as families look to take advantage of the opportunities that are provided as part of a Lindisfarne education. This means that wait lists for enrolments will occur in many year levels.

Interviews for 2021 enrolments will commence this term, so current families must have their enrolment application for siblings submitted before the end of Term 1. Applications from current families after this date will move through the standard enrolment process. 

To enrol simply fill out the on-line application.

Kind regards,

Simon McKinley
Director of Community Engagement

Surfside Buses

With the start of a new year, we are speaking with Surfside about the efficiency and overcrowding of several routes to Lindisfarne. Route planning is based on the address data of bus passes issued. If you live in NSW and your child does not currently have a bus pass, please apply for a bus pass online through this link to help to ensure the bus services meet the needs of the school.

If you are concerned about bus routes, it is best to raise concerns directly with Transport NSW through their online complaints portal - https://transportnsw.info/contact-us/feedback/bus-feedback. Online complaints will be correctly logged and also passed on to Surfside formally which will help to ensure they are followed up. You can also email the school on reception@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au and lobby our State Member Geoff Provest (http://geoffprovestmp.com.au/contact/) to help fast track concerns.

We will continue working with Surfside to provide the best possible bus service for our students.

Geoff Lancaster
Deputy Principal

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Green Team

Sustainable Future Information Session

Join us on Wednesday, 5 February for our Sustainable Future Information Session with the Green Team.

Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program

Give the gift of sight - donate your old glasses to the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program and help those in need. Lindisfarne will be collecting glasses at both campuses during Term 1.

Waste Free Wednesday

Eco Tips

Early Learning Centre


Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

A huge well done to all of our students and families for such a successful first week back at the Junior School. The return to schooling after such a long break can provide some challenges however the smiling faces each morning were a reflection of our student’s eagerness to come back to school.

This week the oval has been opened up for parking. I thank all parents with their patience and consideration while navigating around the campus. Next week, the oval will no longer be open for parking so I strongly encourage parents to allow time for the additional walk from Ark Park and surrounds or to utilise our “kiss and go” at the turning circle.

As an educator I receive unique insight into the growth students make throughout the year. \It is a pleasure to see our students become more independent and tackle tasks themselves rather than relying on assistance. One simple task that makes a considerable difference is ensuring students take their own possessions from their bag into their class. While parents have the best of intentions by supporting their child in these actions, it does not allow independence skills to thrive. A child is much less likely to lose their hat or water bottle if they were the person who put them away, and I have every confidence that all of our students will master this fairly quickly.

Next week we have both the classroom information sessions and the P&F Welcome event. I encourage all families who are available to come and enjoy both sessions. Our school P&F do incredible work for the school community – work that benefits all children across the whole school. Should you be in a position to volunteer some time for a P&F event it would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

Road Safety at the Junior School

Please click on the image above to read about our road safety practices at the Junior School, or head to: 

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Middle School

Head of Middle School Report

What a great start to 2020 it has been for the Lindisfarne Middle School! It was wonderful to welcome so many students, new and returning, to the orientation day and class parties on Friday last week. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with so many Stage 3 parents at the afternoon tea as well.

We have certainly hit the ground running with our curriculum classes commencing from Period 3 on Tuesday with some engaging and exciting introductions to so many new topics across the school.

I have had the privilege of speaking with each of the year groups and have been truly impressed by their energy and their commitment to upholding the expectations and values of our school. Students’ uniform has been of an exceptional standard and I thank students (and parents) for their support in this area. I look forward to seeing this support continue throughout the year. For further information about uniform and appearance expectations, please refer to the Parent/Student Guide which can be found on our school website. Charles H Spurgeon is credited with the often-used quote, “Begin as you mean to go on, and go on as you began, and let the Lord be all in all to you.” These are truly wise words and, as we have seen this week, we are at a fantastic starting point from which to continue.

We have new members joining the Middle School leadership team this year too. Mrs Cathy Cox as Year 6 Coordinator and Mrs Kellie Douglas as Acting Year 8 Coordinator, along with Mrs Lisa Price (Year 5) and Mrs Julie McDowall (Year 7) have been busily ensuring the smooth transition of students (and families) into their respective year levels with great success so far.

As I’m sure you would be aware, 2020 will be an interesting year as we undertake the first project in our building program. The Middle School building will be an amazing addition to our facilities with 12 new classrooms, new staff spaces, amenities, a maker space and a 200+ capacity learning commons as well as the peripheral landscaping of the adjacent areas. The construction site has been cordoned off and work is scheduled to commence in a matter of days. I thank you all in advance for your patience and support as we navigate this year and, in time, reap the huge benefits of such a project.

I have spent much time during 2019 meeting and interviewing new families and I am proud to hear from the vast majority that some of the key factors in their decision to entrust Lindisfarne with the education of the children are our high standards and expectations and the ever-increasing access to extra and co-curricular activities. Maintaining our high standards requires a combined effort from students, staff and parents as we strive to meet and exceed those expectations. In highlighting the notion that our school is a community that will flourish with the positive influence and contribution of all of our members I also ask students, “How will Lindisfarne be a better school by having you in it?” As we reflect on this question, we create intentionality in our actions and contributions, be they creative, sporting, academic or service-based as we all look for ways to add value to our school and the wider community.

It is a truly exciting time to be at Lindisfarne and I can’t wait to see what the year holds for our school, our students and our community.

I look forward to meeting and working with you throughout 2020.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Meet the Homeroom Teacher - Parent Evening

The pastoral relationship formed between the classroom or Homeroom teacher and students is key to providing a successful Middle School journey. Classroom and Homeroom teachers provide the first point of contact each morning and, through these frequent interactions and the inherent conversations are able to develop a strong understanding of each student. The opportunity is provided also for parents, new and long-standing, to meet each other. 

Parents and guardians of all students are invited to meet their child’s classroom or homeroom teacher early in the school year as we establish these essential relationships so that they can work collaboratively to ensure the successful and positive experience for each student.

When: Monday, 10 February 2020
Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm DST
Where: Year 5 and 6 Classrooms or Year 7 and 8 Homerooms

During the evening, parents will gain an understanding of the roles of the Homeroom and classroom teachers and gain an understanding of the specific elements of each students Homeroom. Teachers will discuss some areas of focus for the Pastoral Care Program that will be addressed throughout the year as well as provide information about upcoming events, including camps.

We look forward to seeing you on the evening of the 10 February.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Welcome to Year 5

A warm welcome to Year 5, 2020 to all of our students and families.

Our first week was busy but fabulous with students and teachers establishing routines and expectations.  Moving around the school to various specialist lessons was exciting and our students did this calmly and confidently.  

Our team of Homeroom teachers, Amy Williamson, Quigley Ashton, Scott Lewis and myself are keen to support all of our kids not just in the academic sense but just as imperative, is their social and emotional development. In the coming weeks we will be endeavouring to get to know all of the Year 5 cohort as we strive to develop a cohesive, team approach to teaching and learning in Year 5.  We are all available for a chat if ever you need but your child’s Homeroom teacher should always be the first point of contact. If you need to make an appointment or give me a call at any time, my details are below.

In Week 3, Monday, 10 February there is an opportunity for parents to come to the classrooms to meet their class teacher, learn more about Year 5 and seek any further clarification around routines, expectations and curriculum if needed.  

Best wishes for a wonderful 2020 and I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Lisa Price
Year 5 Coordinator
Phone: + 61 7 5590 5099

Year 6 Report

Welcome back to Lindisfarne, 2020. This week, 317 new students started across both Lindisfarne campuses - 12 of those students being in Year 6. I would like to warmly acknowledge these students and their families as they join with current students and families returning for another year. With the efforts of our staff, students and parents, I know it will not be long before everyone is feeling settled and established.

Last week, the teaching staff returned for some very productive professional development and planning sessions to support the implementation and delivery of curriculum and wellbeing initiatives; ensuring your child will receive an education that is suited to his/her individual needs within the school community. 

Student resilience and wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development, and are optimised by safe, supportive and respectful learning environments. Schools share this responsibility with the whole community.

Therefore I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our Year 6 team: 

Led by Head of Middle School, Mr Jeremy Godden, we are all available if you need to discuss anything pertaining to your child, however, your Homeroom teacher should be your first point of contact.

Just a reminder that an outline of the day-to-day operations of the School and key information is available to you through the Parent and Student Guide located on the school website. Please ensure you read it, especially during Term 1 as families and students settle into a new school year. The school calendar is another important source of information. Please check this regularly through the Parent Portal.

Upcoming Key Dates:

  • Friday, 7 February - P&F and Principal’s Welcome Reception, Junior School Campus 6.30pm to 8:00pm.

  • Monday, 10 February - Meet the Homeroom Teachers 6.30pm to 7.30pm (DST), Homerooms.

  • Monday, 17 February - Years 3 to 8 Swimming Carnival, Murwillumbah.

More detailed information will be communicated about all events in due course.

If you have any questions about what is happening in Year 6 or would like to discuss how your child is progressing, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish all students a happy and successful year. I look forward to meeting many of you at the P&F and Principal’s Welcome Reception.

Cathy Cox
Year 6 Coordinator

​Welcome to Year 7

Wow! It is so hard to believe that we have entered the Year 2020, 2050 is now closer than 1990 and for those Generation X parents amongst us, 1990 feels like yesterday. Pete Sampras stormed onto the tennis scene, Nelson Mandela was released from jail and we all hummed away to Wilson and Philips’ No. 1 hit ‘Hold On’ ... bringing back memories or was that just me?

So, 2020 here we are and Year 7 has made a magnificent start to the year. Our cohort compromises of 192 students spread amongst eight classes. We have roughly 80 continuing students and 110 new enrolments. Year 7 is a big change for all students but with a carefully thought out and well-planned orientation process, we aim to have all 192 students settled and working within the first few days.

The range of emotions that comes with moving into Year 7, moving to a new school or even a new state is wide and varied. Some students are confident and happy and will walk into school without a sideways glance, others feel nervous but work through these with a little support, and others find the process totally overwhelming. Your Homeroom teacher, class teachers and I are here to offer all the support that is needed. A welcoming smile from the same teacher every morning, a friendly hello from a class teacher, a few close friends or a senior student pointing a child in the right direction all assist in the orientation and transition into Year 7. Our mateship camp in Week 3 cements the process as it provides countless opportunities for students to engage with each other, make new friends, connect with teachers outside the walls of the classroom and allows them to return to school feeling like a valued member of the cohort.

Through this process, we hope to make 2020 a rewarding and engaging process for all students - ensuring that each and every student works to their potential and finishes the year proud of their achievements. Who knows, they may make memories they’ll be recounting in 2050.

A few dates for your diary:

  • 7 February - New student ID photos Period 1 and 2.
  • 10 February - Meet the Tutor evening for Middle School at 6.30pm in your child’s Homeroom.
  • 17 February - Year 3 to 8 Swimming Carnival.
  • 19 to 21 February - Orientation Camp at Mt Tamborine.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Homeroom teacher or myself if you have any questions.

Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator

Year 8 Focus - Organisation and Resilience

I would like to start with a warm welcome to all of our returning families and especially those new families joining the Lindisfarne community. It has been a wonderful start to the week and I am extremely proud of the way that our students have been able to rise to the challenge of becoming our role models in the Middle School. 

Our focus in this first week of the term has been organisation and resilience. Our students have had to navigate a number of changes to their classes and routines to start the year and have done so in a mature and responsible manner. Change is an inevitable part of every life. As quoted by Heraclitus a famous Greek Philosopher, “The only constant in life is change.” Our students will face change every day and as educators and parents it is our role to help our children to develop the skills to navigate this change and be flexible to different solutions. Change will affect all students differently; some will flourish and enjoy the adventure that change will bring, others will struggle under the initial uncertainty and require a little more guidance and support. As a parent, there are a number of key steps you can take to help your child develop skills of resilience to navigate change.

  • Encourage your teenager to see change as an opportunity—the chance to gain new skills, to grow, to learn something new, to think and move outside the square.
  • Help them to put things in perspective. Encourage your teen to take a step back, give themselves time, and think about when they’ve dealt with a similar change in the past. Give them the chance to work through possible solutions before finding the solutions for them. 
  • Keep up a regular routine. Having a predictable routine at home can help teens to feel safe and secure, and can provide stability in a time of change.
  • Give your teen the chance to get away from it all, mentally or physically. Even a short break doing something completely different can help to create a new perspective. Encourage them to take a walk in the park, watch a movie, visit an art gallery, or simply get active.
  • Make sure your teen gets enough sleep, nourishment and exercise. Healthy minds and bodies are better equipped to cope when something out-of-the-ordinary occurs.

If you would like to learn more about resilience and how to help develop this in your child please follow the link below to various informative short videos on the topic.

Short Resilience Videos for Parents

This week, our students took part in a Character Builders incursion that contained a focus on leadership. Our students took part in various team building activities and very much enjoyed the incursion. 

This leads into our leadership speeches and voting this coming Tuesday for Middle School Leader positions. I am very excited to hear from the students who have nominated and wish them all the best of luck. House Captain nominations are due Wednesday, 5 February with speeches being conducted on Friday, 7 February. 

Kellie Douglas
Year 8 Coordinator

Senior School

Meet the Tutor - Parent Evening

One of the key relationships at Lindisfarne for all students in Years 9 to 12 is between a student and their House Tutor. This relationship forms the basis for the School’s Pastoral Care Program and provides parents and guardians with a consistent point of contact for their student’s education. Tutors are ideally placed to get to know your child well, being their first point of contact most days each week. They have the unique opportunity of being able to foster and observe the social and academic development of your child from the time they enter the Senior School in Year 9 through to their graduation in Year 12.

It is important for our House Tutors to get to know the parents and guardians of the students in their charge, so that they can work in partnership to ensure each student makes the most of their Lindisfarne education. New parents and guardians are invited to meet their House Tutor for the first time, whilst we invite established families to come along so they can build on existing relationships.

When: Monday, 3 February 2020
Time: 6.00pm to 7.00pm DST
Where: Mahers Lane Chapel

This is the first opportunity to come together as a Senior School to meet key staff. During the evening parents will gain an understanding of the role the House Tutors play within your child’s school life at Lindisfarne. Also, the meeting provides parents and guardians the chance to get to know each other.

Please RSVP by clicking on this link

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Year 9 Rite Journey - ​Parent Information Evening

Please note: this session will now be held in the Chapel and not the Theatre.

Following the Meet the Tutor meetings, an information session will be conducted for our current Year 9 parents outlining Lindisfarne’s exciting program called The Rite Journey.
The Rite Journey is a program which is deliberately and specifically targeted toward students in Year 9 to help them on their journey from childhood to adulthood. One of our strategic goals is to provide a holistic approach to education for your children, and this program fits seamlessly into that framework.

A team of staff who will be involved in the teaching and delivery of The Rite Journey, have been trained with the creator of The Rite Journey, Mr Andrew Lines.
Parents and carers of our current Year 9 students, will have the opportunity to hear from staff facilitating the program at a parent meeting from 7.00pm to 8.00pm in the Chapel following the Meet the Tutor meetings.

We will explore some of the intricacies of parenting teens in the 21st century and how The Rite Journey helps support your parenting and how you will be able to support your child through the process. We strongly encourage you to prioritise this meeting.

After the overwhelming success of our first year of running Rite Journey at Lindisfarne, and with so much positive parent and student feedback from our 2019 cohort, we are looking forward to partnering with you as we continue to improve and refine our delivery of the program. 

As this program is designed to be a partnership between school and parents/carers, it is vitally important that you make every effort to prioritise this meeting, so that we start the year with a common understanding about the goals and objectives of The Rite Journey. 

We look forward to seeing you on the evening of the 3 February. Please RSVP via this link.

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

​Senior School Swimming Carnival

The Senior School Swimming Carnival is on Thursday, 13 February and it is time to break out the House spirit. House shirts, school sports shorts and House colours are the uniform for this regular, but irregular, School day. Students need to arrive in good time at school; in good voice and action ready to support your House by either competing, assisting staff with the organisation, supporting their peers or encouraging from your designated House assembly area. We look forward to a fun day at the Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre at Murwillumbah which will commence with the traditional March-Past. All Senior School students Years 9 to 12 are expected to attend.

Further information from Mr Clucas can be found in the Sport section of the newsletter.

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

BASE Youth Leadership Awards

Further to the meetings with the Year 11 and 12 students on Thursday 30 January, we are writing to let you know that nominations for the BASE Leadership Men’s and Women’s Awards are now open!  All students in Years 11 and 12 are encouraged to enter. Entry is free. Finalists are recognised and winners of each award receive $500, a trophy and a shield for their school. All finalists will be considered to receive one of two university scholarships offered by Southern Cross University.

The goal of BASE Leadership is to identify and celebrate Year 11 and 12 students in their respective areas of excellence and to support them in their future endeavours. They aim for the young men and women in our community to strive for excellence and to be socially conscious young leaders.

The five categories for nomination are:
  • Academic and Leadership
  • Performing and Creative Arts
  • Sports Leadership
  • Youth and Community Service and Citizenship
  • Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Youth Spirit

Apply online at baseleadership.com.au. Further information including FAQ can be found online.  

Women’s nominations close 10.00pm, 18 February and Men’s nominations close 10.00pm, 3 March 2020.

Please be aware when nominating, all finalists must be able to attend the Awards Breakfast on 6 March (Women’s) and 20 March (Men’s).

Students can contact their House Tutor Teacher or Head of House for assistance with completing the application form.

Any student who did not receive the postcard issued at Thursday’s meeting can collect one from student admin.

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Technological and Applied Studies Faculty News

As the School has grown, Mr Marquardt has made the decision to employ a full-time Director of Technology and Applied Studies. Mr Henderson will arrive from Somerset College and start Week 5 of Term 1. Mr Henderson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Computer Science, Multimedia and Mathematics. I have been working closely with Mr Henderson to ensure that there will be a smooth transition. Mr Campbell will take the Year 7 Technology and the Year 9 and 10 Information System Technology classes for the first four weeks of the term until Mr Henderson arrives. 

I will take the Year 12 Information Digital Technology VET class and again I will work closely with Mr Henderson to ensure the students are prepared and ready for the HSC. 

We also have other new staff in the TAS faculty:

  • Mr Newton Walters who will teach Year 7 and 8 Technology and Year 9 and 10 Design.
  • Ms Firth who will teach Year 7 and 8 Technology and Year 9 and 10 Food Technology and Year 11 and Year 12 Hospitality.
  • Mr McDonald is our new Technology Assistant who will maintain the workshop and assist teachers in the classroom.

 The School has also invested in new equipment for the workshop and updated two Technology classrooms.

This is an exciting time for TAS faculty with an investment in quality staff, new equipment and updated classrooms. I will still be working closely with the faculty and Mr Henderson throughout the year.

If any parents have questions, please email or phone the school. I look forward to a very busy and enjoyable year with everyone.

Thank you.

Barry Woods
Director of Careers/VET/TAS

Tweed Youth Council Applications Year 10 and 11 Students

Youth Council is open to all Year 10 and 11 students, either involved in school SRC and/or interested in school community issues. Due to Year 12 student commitments, they are not eligible to apply. Students have an induction to Council procedures and then attend four meetings throughout the year.

I have sent all Year 10 and 11 students an application form and more information.

If you would like to apply for this opportunity, please see me as soon as possible to discuss the process.

Thank you.

Barry Woods
Director of VET and Careers


University Tour 2019

In the last week of Term 4, 2019 (and the first two days of the students’ holidays) a number of Year 12 students took part in a tour of Gold Coast and Brisbane universities. 

Students attended Southern Cross University, Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland and Bond University. Students stayed overnight in student accommodation at the University of Queensland. It was a great opportunity for the students to see the facilities at the universities and help them plan for their future.

University Showcase 2020 - Friday, 21 February

In Week 4, Term 1, there will be a University Showcase for Year 12 students during Periods 5 and 6. The format will be short panel discussions where a representative from each university will discuss a different facet to university life and then students will discuss and ask questions with individual universities representatives.

Year 12 Interviews

Year 12 Interviews will start Week 4 of this term, you will need to have access to your transition plan as we continue to plan for your future pathways. I will also be discussing your progress in Year 12 and areas to work to maximise your ATAR. University applications will open in Term 3 and need to be completed by the end of Term 3. This process and other post-school options will be discussed in further detail in our meetings and interviews.

Year 11 Subject Choices

If any Year 11 students have questions regarding their subject choices for 2020, please organise a time to see me and discuss your options

TVET TAFE Students Year 11 and Year 12 - 2020

  • Hi everyone, as discussed last year, the arrangement for TAFE 2020 will be:
  • TAFE starts Monday, 10 February. Classes will start at 1:30 pm and go to 5:30 pm.
  • There will be a bus that transports you to Kingscliff TAFE, but you will need to organise to get picked up from TAFE.
  • The bus will leave school at 12.45 pm
  • The first week is orientation and your TAFE teacher will then give you will the information for what you will need each week. You need to be uniform and you can change into suitable clothing at TAFE if needed.
  • The classes you miss Periods 5 and 6 on a Monday, you will need to use your extra study lessons to catch up.
  • Week 1, everyone will meet outside the TAFE canteen which is located just past the student admin when you first drive into the campus (there will be a few hundred students from other schools there, so it will be easy to find).

Barry Woods
Director of VET and Careers





Performing Arts

Performing Arts - Middle and Senior School

Co-curricular Music Ensemble Rehearsals

Rehearsals for our school ensembles will resume in Week 2 of this term, I would encourage all students with an interest in music to find an ensemble which best suits their skill level and get involved. 

New Ensembles for 2020

Year 7 and 8 Dance Studio

This year we are pleased to have Casey Tangye from Industry Dance directing a new Dance ensemble which is open to all students in Year 7 and 8. 

Dance Studio will rehearse every Wednesday lunchtime in the Chapel and all students are encouraged to attend. There will be a brief info session and registration for this group next Wednesday, 4 February in the Chapel.

Pop Choir

Students in Year 7 and Year 8 are invited to join our newly formed Pop Choir. Our Senior School vocal tutor Dr Marisa Lee will be directing this ensemble on Tuesday lunchtimes in the Chapel. This funky choir will perform pop repertoire and be accompanied by Mr Grant on Guitar. Students with an interest in singing are encouraged to join this ensemble which is a bridge between our Stage 3 Choir and Senior Choir. The first rehearsal will be next Tuesday 3 February.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Meet the Music Tutors Concert

On Wednesday, 19 February we will present an evening concert to showcase the talents of our studio music tutors and music staff.

This concert is a great opportunity for students to hear our music staff perform in a professional setting and will feature a variety of styles from Rock to Classical.

This event will be a great opportunity for parents and students to meet and chat to our studio music tutors. Any new students to the school with an interest in music are encouraged to attend this concert to gain an appreciation of the ensembles and programs on offer.

This year we will also include performances from the Senior Choir, Stage Band and senior students.
Starting at 6.30pm, the 90-minute concert will be hosted by our Friends of the Arts committee. Drinks and canapés will be available from 6.00pm.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Friends of the Arts

FOTA Meeting 

Friends of the Arts (FOTA) is a sub-committee of the P&F created in 2018 for parents and friends interested in supporting the Arts at Lindisfarne. FOTA has actively supported a number of events over the past two years including our evening with Bring It On The Musical, Darren Percival concert, the Visual Art and Major Works Exhibition. 

All interested parents and friends are invited to join us for our first meeting for 2019 on Tuesday, 11 February in the Mahers Lane Library at 6.30pm.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Photography and Digital Media


Science Matters

To all of our new students, welcome to Science Matters and to all of our returning students, welcome back. Here we will explore some of Science’s unmarked trails and shine a light into some of its dark, forgotten hallways during the 2020 school year. We will challenge you with topics that you have not yet heard about and give your convictions a shake-up about those that you think you understand.

We will take a forensic look at the terrible bushfires of 2019, stare down the Coronavirus, have a go at explaining why the Tweed River at Murwillumbah turned green last weekend and much, much more.

In this age of Google, the role of the classroom teacher has become less clear: Why learn about things when you can just look them up online? As a result, questions have been broken into two groups: Those that are “Googleable” and those that are not. Eternal questions like: “Why is the sky blue?” that have confounded parents for generations can be answered (correctly) at the touch of a button. However, questions such as: “Why can’t we get rid of cane toads once and for all?” do not lend themselves to answering by artificial intelligence. 

It is the non-googleable questions that are important, thought-provoking ones and they typically cannot be answered quickly or concisely. We have just shy of 200 Year Seven students studying Science this year and if every one of them learns how to research and answer a non-googleable question by the time they finish Year 12 there may be some hope for the future after all.
We in the Science faculty are looking forward to a sensational year and here at Science Matters we are looking forward to sharing our passion for the subject with you, our readers.

Strap yourself in for the 2020 academic year and don’t forget to check in with Science Matters each week for all the news, special events and a good, old fashioned, scientific chin wag.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator

Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Round Square

First Nations


Japanese Homestay Families Required

Homestay Families Required for Hokkaido Australia Visit in July

We are fortunate enough to have our lovely Hokkaido Australia Japanese students visit us again in 2020. These students are from a very rural area of Hokkaido, where there is very little access to modern technology and conveniences. Some homes have no TV, internet or phones in the household. It is a significant honour for these students to be selected to visit Australia as part of the charity organisation, Hokkaido Australia Society and we are seeking assistance from our staff and Lindisfarne families to volunteer their time and welcome these students into their homes for a week.

Dates: Sunday (afternoon) 26 July to Sunday (morning) 2 August
Placement: Single or double (depending on families choice)
Age of students: 13 to 16 years male and female 

Families will be compensated with a $50 gift voucher as a thank you gesture for accepting and looking after a student from a charity organisation.

Please contact Amy Fydler at international@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au if you would like to volunteer to be a homestay family for this visiting group of students.

“In 2018, our family hosted Nene. Nene was from a small village around 90 minutes from Sapporo. It was amazing to witness her awe and wonder as she experienced the Gold and Tweed Coasts and the Lindisfarne community. Our family still get great delight from the continued contact we have with Nene through the many cards and letters we receive. A great experience for everyone involved.” - Louise, Homestay parent, 2018.

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

What's New in the Recording Studio?

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for the Lindisfarne Recording Studio and our record label, Germinate Records. We are currently putting the finishing touches on our first release, ‘Throw Some Dice’ by Chelsea Redman - due out very soon! 

During the holiday break we shot a music video for the song as well as some ‘Tiny Desk’ style live performances by Chelsea, Jemma Mcnicoll and Jye Walker. Music production students assisted with these live sessions. Stay tuned for some cracking new music this year!

A big congratulations to the winners of the first Lindisfarnre Songwriting Competition. Students entered in two categories; Singer/Songwriter and Electronic Music.

There were some truly fantastic entries in both categories, so much so that we added a further two prizes for highly commendable work. 

The winners were announced at the very end of last year, they were:

  • Singer/Songwriter category: Jamie Mifsud (Year 7)
  • Electronic Music category: Ronan Green (Year 10)

Each winner received a $200 gift card from Robina Town Centre.

Our Highly Commended entrants were:

  • Singer/Songwriter category: Bronte Woodger (Year 6)
  • Electronic Music category: Kai Cusack (Year 7)

Each Highly Commended student received a $50 gift card from Robina Town Centre

It is just fantastic to see such talent in our younger students. I am looking forward to watching these talented young students develop over the coming years.

Brett Canning
Producer - Germinate Records

Digital Space


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

I trust that the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) lessons have been enjoyed this week and all students who have met their teacher now knows which are practical and which are theory sessions.

Please may I remind you of the requirements for the practical classes:
  • All students are to be prepared for the lesson: Dressed in their full Sports uniform including a hat; having applied sun cream; with an inhaler if one is needed, a full drink bottle, an open-mind and a willingness to learn!

If you know your child is not able to be ready for the class, please would you contact us, via an email, note or phone call to inform us. Thank you.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact any of us in the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Faculty if you have any questions or concerns.

Gay Maynard

Director of PDHPE

Junior School Sport

Happy New Year and welcome back. 2020 is shaping up to be another fantastic year for sport in the Junior School. 

We hit the ground running this term with lots of sport and events at the junior school, such as the Years 3 to 8 Swimming Carnival, Runners Club, Rugby 7s Gala Day, Netball for primary sport and the Years 3 to 12 Cross Country.  

Years 3 to 8 Swimming Carnival

Our first major carnival for the year will be the Years 3 to 8 Swimming Carnival to be held on Monday, 17 February. Information relating to the carnival was published in last week's newsletter. Have a read of the information and if you have any questions please contact our Head of Sport and Activities, Damien Clucas (dclucas@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au), or me at the Junior School (ncroft@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au).

Junior School Runners Club - Cross Country Training

The Junior School will be starting up Runners Club in Week 3. The purpose of the Runners Club is to assist in the running development of our school students. Last year, the Runners Club was a great success with both students and parents joining in to improve their running, fitness or just to spend time with each other doing a physical activity. 

All students in Years 1 to 4 are welcome to attend. Training days will be Tuesday and Thursday with sessions from 7.30am (sharp) to 8.30am.

Students will be required to bring along their school uniform to change into after the completion of the session. Students will be given time to change and have something to eat before the first bell at 8.45am. Parents and guardians are more than welcome to come along and join in too.

Nathan Croft
Junior School PE Coordinator


Lindisfarne Representation

There are lots of different pathways to represent Lindisfarne in a variety of Sport. Students are encouraged to pay special attention to Home Room messages in the mornings. This is the predominant communication medium to relay the roll out of these events to students. There are desks set up at Student Administration for students to nominate their names. Once names are collected, students can then be emailed further specific information such as possible trial dates and times.

In Week 1, we took student registrations for:
  • Open Boys Football
  • Open Girls Football
  • Open Boys Cricket
  • Open Girls Cricket
In Week 2 (next week), we will announce registrations for:
  • Open Boys AFL
  • Open Girls AFL
  • U15 Boys AFL
  • U15 Girls AFL
  • Primary Boys (Years 5/6) Football
  • Primary Boys (Years 5/6) Football
  • Open Boys Basketball
  • Open Girls Basketball
  • U15 Boys Basketball
  • U15 Girls Basketball


Lindisfarne Carnivals

Our Swimming Carnivals are fast approaching. Find a brief overview of both the Years 3 to 8 and the Years 9 to 12 Carnivals here. Schedule of events and NCIS information added since last week. 

Oasis Pools Partnership at Banora Point

In Term 4 last year, we began a partnership with Oasis Pools at Banora Point. Please click here for the details.

Bus shuttle bookings are to go through our Sports Administration assistant Cherie Montford (cmontford@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au). Bookings for the bus this term are an up front payment for a specific day (morning or afternoon), there are 23 seats maximum. 


Inter-School Tennis Challenge

We are calling for suitably skilled Tennis enthusiasts to represent Lindisfarne at the Inter-School Tennis Challenge on Sunday, 16 February 2020 at the Queens Park Tennis Centre in Southport.

This is a DOUBLES format competition, and students are encouraged to make their own partnerships, and submit their entries directly using the Entry Form on the link. Please CC Damien Clucas (dclucas@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au) if you are entering. 

If there are students looking for partners, there will be a meeting at recess Monday, 3 February in room C12. 


Lindisfarne is coordinating the NCIS Hockey Trials at Barrie Smith Fields (Murwillumbah) on 18 February. Needing to trial are any Open Boys, U16 Boys and U16 Girls. 

Please note that Open Girls, and Primary Boys and Girls need to provide individual nominations for CIS consideration if you think your skill level is of a high standard. Please email these to Mr Damien Clucas (dclucas@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au).

Our Teachers in Charge of Hockey, Mrs Allison Sands and Mrs Isabel Topper, will begin training Thursday, 6 February at 7.00am in the morning in Week 2. This is predominantly for the NCIS trialling individuals, but anyone is welcome Years 7 to 12. 


For any students wanting to train and participate in the Sport of Triathlon, Mrs Tracey Foyster (Year 6 class teacher) is offering spin bike and running training at the Mahers Lane campus beginning Wednesday, 5 February. Any student from Years 5 to 12 is encouraged to come and train every Wednesday and/or Friday morning from 7.00am. 

There is a Kingscliff Triathlon on 22 March and we can submit teams from Lindisfarne if the interest is there. 

We also encourage interested students to attend Twin Towns Triathlon Club on Saturday mornings (Mrs Tracy Foyster is a committee member), where students can experience Triathlon in a safe environment. For any swimming training needs we have the Oasis Partnership as a pathway.

Please contact Mrs Tracy Foyster (tfoyster@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au).

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities


For those of you who did not see last week’s newsletter, welcome back to the 2020 Netball Season!

It is going to be a very exciting year with plenty of opportunities for all players to enjoy the game and culminating on a tour to New Zealand! 

Monday Night Netball

Round 1 was abandoned but the Round 2 matches are as follows:









Wildcats Bobcats



Gold Lions


Wildcats Leopards



White Lions


Centaur Crew



Red Lions


Centaur Stars



Blue Lions


Jalapeno Hotties


Please be at the courts in time to warm-up and sign on.

Looking forward to a great Monday Night Season 1!

Netball AGM

On Thursday, 6 February from 6pm, we will be hosting our AGM in the Mahers Lane Library. You are all invited to attend.

Netball Centre of Excellence Induction Evening

Tuesday, 25 February is the date for this prestigious event. All Centre of Excellence athletes are expected to attend and an invitation with more details will be sent soon.

Thursday/ Friday afternoon Sport

It is an expectation that all Centre of Excellence athletes will choose Netball for Sport on a Thursday or Friday and stay after School at the Arkinstall Park courts. Other netball players may join the training sessions within sport time and will be transported back to the Mahers Lane Campus for a 3.20pm end of the day. 

Dates for the Diary

Saturday team Selections will be held in Week 2:

  • Tuesday, 4 February – Junior School players at Arkinstall Park 4.00pm to 5.00pm
  • Thursday, 6 February – Years 7 to 12 players at Mahers Lane Campus 3.30pm to 5.00pm
  • Friday 7 February – Years 5 – 6 players at Mahers Lane Campus 3.30pm – 5pm

Note: Centre of Excellence Players do not need to attend these trials. 


All novice umpires need to pass the Foundation Umpiring On-line Examination with 70% or above and attend the Beginners Course at Tweed on Saturday 29 February (see attached flyer). I will provide you with a pencil case, hair tie, pen etc… to keep your umpiring equipment together.

Australia Day Award

Congratulations to Ms Watters (coach) and ex-student Georgia Maynard (Captain) of the Tweed 19s Premier League representative team. For finishing second in the State Championships to three consecutive time winners Downey, they were presented with the Tweed Team on 2019 at the Australia Day Ceremony.

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me. 

Gay Maynard
Teacher in Charge of Netball


Junior School Library

Uniform Shop


Employment at Lindisfarne

Classroom Teacher of Art

Full Time (on-going)

Commencing: Immediately

Key Competencies:

  • Have significant passion, expertise and experience in teaching Art across the secondary year levels. 

  • Is experienced with teaching the NSW Syllabus

  • Maintain a positive and effective learning environment through well‐prepared and varied lessons, which cater to the range of student abilities and interests.

  • Set realistic and challenging academic standards of student performance.

  • Provide prompt and comprehensive attention to student work submitted for marking and supervision.

  • Demonstrate knowledge, competence and confidence in the relevant subject discipline.

  • Demonstrate high levels of professionalism in all activities.

  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School

  • Hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Applications should be forwarded to: 

Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal employment@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

Please provide a covering letter addressing the above selection criteria, current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Refer to the position description.

Applications Close: Monday, 3 February 2020.

Community News

Tennis Terranora Open Court Sessions