From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

During the week, we were able to finally get our transition building in place at Mahers Lane after delays including the prolonged wet weather at the start of the school year.The four additional classrooms will provide extra teaching spaces whilst the new Middle School building is constructed this year and remain in place whilst the Senior School Centre is constructed in 2021. Our IT department were kind enough to put together a time lapse video of the installation.

The construction of the Middle School building will commence next week and will take the remainder of 2020 to complete ready for use by our students at the commencement of the 2021 school year.

The development application for the Early Learning Centre at the Junior School Campus is also progressing well. I am pleased to advise that after a year long application and approval process we have been allocated a commonwealth grant of $550,000 through the Capital Grant Authority (CGA) of AISNSW towards the cost of construction of the Kindergarten rooms that form part of this project. Construction of the Early Learning Centre is also planned to take place this year and be completed ready for occupation for the start of the 2021 school year. It is good to be making progress with the first buildings of our Master Plan.

We are now well into the 2020 school year and I look forward to joining members of our P&F Association, school staff and parents at the 2020 P&F Welcome Reception tonight with the Junior School the host venue. It is a positive night as we build fellowship and friendship amongst the parent body and school community. I hope to see you there.

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain


Parents & Friends

Upcoming Events

Middle School Leadership Induction

Staff Bio

New Staff Introductions

Aaron Newton-Walters - Design and Technology Teacher

I have spent much of my life in the pursuit and acquisition of a wide variety of skills in the area of Design Technology. After graduating with an honour’s degree in Three Dimensional Design, I went on to complete a City and Guilds in Traditional Boatbuilding as way of furthering my woodworking and fine joinery techniques. I have always enjoyed passing on my knowledge to others so, with this in mind, I went on to study a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and became a Design Technology teacher. I taught in an outstanding secondary school in the UK for eight years before my wife and I emigrated to Australia in 2016 in search of warmer weather, waves and a fresh start. In the four years since we moved over here, I have spent my time working for Yellow Goat Design in Southport and then for a bespoke furniture company called RAW Sunshine Coast; both of these positions allowed me the accumulate new and more relevant and transferable skills which now enable me to be a more effective and highly skilled teacher here at Lindisfarne. I feel extremely lucky to be part of the Lindisfarne family and to be able to take advantage of this beautiful area that we are all lucky enough to live in.

Julia Treacy - English Teacher

My name is Julia Treacy and this year I've been warmly welcomed into the English Department at Lindisfarne. I've recently moved from Sydney where I studied journalism, media, communications and film at Sydney University. My experience in education has been as a mentor within learning support at a selective girls high school. I feel very grateful as this role has given me a strong foundation in skills to support individual student needs and taught me how to foster a positive growth mindset in my classroom to enable students to achieve their academic goals. Outside of the classroom, I am a mother of two little girls and a student of Italian language. I look forward to the exciting and challenging year ahead with my Year 7, 9, 10 and 11 classes. 

Melissa Hall - Science Teacher

After completing my Bachelor of Science (Biomedical), I followed a career in medical science working in pathology for 15 years. I started as a histology medical scientist and worked my way up to laboratory manager­­­ of an anatomical pathology laboratory. 

In 2014, I had an inclining that I needed a change in my career and began my teaching qualifications, completing my practical components in local Tweed region schools. It wasn’t until 2018, after the birth of my first child, that I decided to pursue teaching. 

During 2019, I worked at Lindisfarne in Science in a relief capacity, as well as at other local schools. I have had the opportunity to teach Years 7 to 10 Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Whilst at Lindisfarne, I began to know the staff, students and the philosophy of the School and soon realised this was a school that I wanted to regularly work at so was very pleased when I was offered a position. Having a strong background in laboratory work, I am excited to engage Science students and help them realise the real-world links to what they are studying and where studying science could take them. I am also looking forward to learning from my peers and further developing my teaching skills over the semester. 

When I am not at school, you will find me spending time with my family, particularly my 1-year-old son and my two pugs, enjoying what our beautiful area has to offer.

Whole School News

Parent/Teacher Evenings for 2020

The following dates have been scheduled for these evenings. Further details will be communicated closer to the days. Please note: Bookings for these interviews will be processed through Parent Lounge.

Junior School (Kindergarten to Year 4)

Term 1

  • Monday, 23 March
  • Wednesday, 25 March
  • Tuesday, 31 March

Term 3

  • Monday, 14 September
  • Wednesday, 16 September
  • Tuesday, 22 September

Middle and Senior School (Years 5 to 12)

Term 1

  • Monday, 9 March – Year 11 Accelerated and Year 12 

Term 2

  • Monday, 4 May – Years 5 to 11
  • Wednesday, 6 May – Years 5 to 11
  • Monday, 11 May – Years 7 to 11

Term 3

  • Tuesday, 8 September – Years 5 to 10
  • Tuesday, 15 September – Years 5 to 10

Term 4 

  • Monday, 26 October – Year 11 (commencing HSC courses)

Round Square

Upcoming Round Square Opportunities

Round Square elective students have been hard at work brainstorming service opportunities and other ways we can give back to our local community. I will keep you posted as they fine tune these and grow them into events for your calendar.

Round Square Information Evening

The Round Square Information Evening will be held at 6.30pm (NSW time) on Wednesday, March 11. For those with children in the Middle and Senior School, this will be an opportunity for you to discover more about Round Square and the opportunities that are open to our students. Please RSVP to if you wish to attend.

Conference Opportunity (Year 8 and 9 students)

Daly College, located in Indore, India, has organised a fantastic opportunity. The conference runs from 11/12 December to 23 December and consists of a trek, adventure activities and a visit to the ancient fort city of Mandu. Departure date is yet to be confirmed, but we will be back for Christmas. 

Adventure activities include Zorbing, wall climbing and rappelling, zip-lining/flying fox, lake crossing, water rafting. Other activities will include fashioning of rope ladders, Rope Rescue techniques and ladder walks.

Mandu or Mandavgarh is an ancient city of the Malwa Region in Madhaya Pradesh. It is dotted with awe-inspiring architecture from pre-Islamic and Islamic eras of the Indian history.

Students will also have the opportunity to enjoy a pre-trek tour to Jaipur- Agra- New Delhi, taking in amongst other things, the Taj Mahal and the amazing "Pink City" of Jaipur.

I am asking for expressions of interest from students in Year 8 and Year 9. There are only six places on offer. If this is an opportunity you and your child would like to explore further, please email me at
I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Lush
Round Square Coordinator

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

In the early years of schooling, we often refer to the importance of building attitudes and character traits that highlight who we want our children to grow into when they become adults. This can be hard to visualise when children are young and we are focused on the here and now. What we want our children to be is an easier path to navigate – certain grades will allow access to set courses and therefore a particular career. Despite being more challenging, making sure we are developing the who is critically important.

I often tell prospective parents how truly wonderful the students at Lindisfarne are. They are kind, compassionate, fun and proud of their school. Throughout the schooling experience, we try to build a community mindset, of selflessness and service. It is obviously much easier to do as the children get older and become more independent and our Middle and Senior Schools have numerous initiatives to give students the opportunity to showcase these attributes.

An example of this mindset was the response from many members of our school community to the recent bushfires. They generously gave their own time, efforts and money to support others. This makes for a supportive community and we all benefit in our day to day lives.

It is also with this in mind that I would like to give a big thank you to our groundsman, Jamie Sullivan. Many parents would have seen Jamie up to his knees in water and working tirelessly to keep our Junior School Campus afloat. Most would not know that he was at school very early to check on tide and river heights. Some may have wondered how many hours he was standing outside in the rain on those days and would have been amazed at Jamie’s ongoing smiles and positive demeanour despite the conditions.

What sets Jamie apart from most others is that despite the challenges he encountered with managing the water here at school, he still selflessly donned his Rural Fire Service (RFS) uniform to spend some in the evening sandbagging for emergencies around the local area. Those of us who work with Jamie know he is always very proud and eager to work beyond his school day and volunteer his time to the RFS. A simply outstanding community mindset. 

Jamie often mentions the wonderful manners and smiles he receives from children and parents alike when they see him around the school each morning. I hope that his actions for our community are a positive talking point with our Lindisfarne families as well.

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Healthy Food Stall

Due to popular demand, the Healthy Food Stall is back at the Junior School on Wednesday, 26 February from 8.00 am.  

Please come along and grab some healthy snacks for your family and lunch box (please bring your own containers to take treats home in). 

Healthy Baked Treats Needed

If you can help out with supplying some healthy baking please drop off to the Junior School office on Tuesday, 25 February. We also have a local coffee van in attendance, so bring along your own cup for a coffee.

Money raised will be put towards purchasing rainwater tanks for our gardens at the Junior School.

Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program

Give the gift of sight - donate your old glasses to the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program and help those in need. Lindisfarne will be collecting glasses at both campuses during Term 1.

Waste Free Wednesday

Eco Tips

Tree Planting

Middle School

Year 6 News

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the Junior and Middle School Swimming Carnival on Monday. It was a fantastic day. It is always so enjoyable to see the children actively engaged and having fun.  

Our rescheduled, Meet the Homeroom Teacher evening on Monday was well-received. Thank you for your attendance at this event as it assists with positive connections and consistent and clear messaging  between home and school. 

The culture of reading is firmly embraced at Lindisfarne. As a result, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to continue to advocate to your children, the benefits of  reading for pleasure; As reading is a critical skill in everything we do.

Reading for pleasure is the reading we do of our own free will, anticipating the satisfaction we will get from the act of reading.  It may begin as a request but continues because of self-interest.

Encouraging purposeful reading habits assists in developing the mindset of a lifelong reader. Becoming a lifelong reader is predicted on developing a love of reading.  Parents and the home environment are essential to the early teaching of reading and the fostering of a love of reading. There are growing studies that emphasise the importance of children reading for pleasure for both educational as well as personal development.

"Adolescents entering the adult world in the 21st century will need to read and write more than at any other time in human history.” (International Reading Association, Moore et al, 1999, p. 3 as cited by Clark & Rumbold, 2006).

An important factor in fostering lifelong readers, is choice.  Choice, interest and motivation are highly related. Surveys internationally suggest most children are more likely to read for pleasure if they can choose their own books.

“Students who choose what they read and have an informal environment in which to read, tend to be more motivated, read more and show greater language and literacy development”. (Krashen, S. (1993). The Power of Reading. Englewood, Col.: Libraries Unlimited, Inc.p2.)

Children with books of their own, read more, and more frequently. 

Library membership is positively correlated with reading frequency. Students who are members of a library are twice as likely to read at home. Non-library users are three times more likely to only read at school, or to state they cannot find a book to read.

We need to take a collective and collaborative approach across school and community to further develop a positive reading culture.

Cathy Cox
Year 6 Coordinator

Year 8 News

Character Strengths

For centuries building and strengthening character within our youth has been a universal goal in parenting and education. Character is not only important for personal wellbeing but also for societal wellbeing and these strengths play an important role in the development of our children. Character strengths not only act as broad protective factors, preventing and mitigating problems but also enable conditions that promote thriving or flourishing.

In the early 2000’s scientists discovered a common language of 24 character strengths that make up what is best about our personalities. So what are these character strengths? There are 24 character strengths which fall under 6 main categories of: Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance and Transcendence. Every person possesses these character strengths in different degrees, so each person has a truly unique profile. 

What does this have to do with our Year 8 students?

Findings of international studies have found that identifying and then working on your character strengths can help students  to be happier and healthier but also to attain better grades. In the coming pastoral care lessons, students in Year 8 will be identifying their character strengths and how they can use these strengths to help them in challenging situations. The goal of students identifying and strengthening  their own character is to support our students to move past the external markers of success to those of morally valued attributes. For example, a student receiving a prize  for winning an event can also focus on their character strengths and have an equal importance placed on the teamwork and gratitude in acknowledging coaches. Our goal for Year 8 is for our students to know what their strengths are so that they can used them in their journey to become a flourishing and grateful adult. This hope very much aligns with a statement made by  Franklin D Roosevelt in that ‘We cannot always build the future for our young people, but we can build our young people for the future’. We look forward to working with our students on character strengths in the coming weeks.

Middle School House Captains

It is with great pleasure that I announce the Middle School House Captains for 2020.

St Andrew House – Claudia Arghyros and James Campbell
St Barnabas House – Axel Hollis and Shakyah Jordon
St Cuthbert House – Naira Kraus and Fergus Hogan
St Stephen House – Charli Lamont and Dane Folpp

Our House Captain will be involved in many carnivals this year as well as supporting our Middle School Captains with various events taking part at the school. I wish them all the best in their positions this year.

Kellie Douglas
Year 8 Coordinator

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

Year 9 The Rite Journey - Calling and Departure Ceremony

The Rite Journey Calling and Departure ceremonies take place at Fingal Head and Kingscliff next week. 

On Thursday morning, parents and mentors join the students for the Departure Ceremony and are asked to ensure they have RSVP’d to this ceremony via the invite below. Your RSVP is important to finalise catering. Parents must also ensure they login to Tours and Excursions in Parent Lounge to confirm and make payment for their child’s attendance.

Emma Murray – Mind Coach

Lindisfarne is delighted to invite parents to a presentation by high performance mind coach Emma Murray on Wednesday, 1 April in the Mahers Lane Chapel.

As an experienced performance coach and leadership consultant, Emma works with many of Australia’s leading elite sporting teams and individuals, ASX 100 companies and financial institutions. With over 20 years’ experience and qualifications in business and life coaching, mindfulness, and psychology, Emma’s Performance Programs are designed to equip individuals with the mindset skills and thinking patterns to lead and execute at their very best every day. The ability of individuals to perform day in and day out at a consistently high level, whilst also leading with meaning and purpose, requires not only deliberate and on-going training of personal skill sets but also and increasingly, training around personal mindsets. 

Emma works with Senior School students to teach them specific tools and strategies to deliver their best work under the pressure and expectation of HSC exams and assessments.

Her work helps students understand the science behind how their mind works so that they can become more organised and process orientated with their study routines as well as become calmer and more present as the perceived stress of the final years of school increases.

Emma teaches parents specific tools so that they can help their children perform at their best both in their study routines and on exam day. 

Many parents are not aware that the things they say to their kids and the tools they are using to motivate them can in fact, hinder their child's performance. By giving parents an understanding of brain science and performance psychology, Emma will give parents easy to use language and strategies so that they can assist their child in getting the best outcome possible in their final years of school. 

Further information with booking details will be in next week’s newsletter.

BASE Youth Leadership Awards

BASE Youth Leadership Award nominations for men are still open and close 10.00pm, 3 March 2020.

All students in Years 11 and 12 are encouraged to enter.  Entry is free.  Finalists are recognised and winners of each award receive $500, a trophy and a shield for their school.  All finalists will be considered to receive one of two university scholarships offered by Southern Cross University.

The goal of BASE Leadership is to identify and celebrate Year 11 and 12 students in their respective areas of excellence and to support them in their future endeavours.  They aim for the young men and women in our community to strive for excellence and to be socially conscious young leaders.

The five categories for nomination are:
  • Academic and Leadership
  • Performing and Creative Arts
  • Sports Leadership
  • Youth Community Service and Citizenship
  • Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Youth Spirit

Apply online at  Further information including FAQ can be found online.  Please be aware when nominating, all finalists must be able to attend the Awards Breakfast for Men on 20 March.

Students can contact their House Tutor Teacher or Head of House for assistance with completing the application form.

Congratulations to the following students who have been named as finalists for the BASE Women’s award.

Community Service and Citizenship Award
  • Beatrix Meeves
Sports Leadership Award
  • Jade Reid
Academic and Leadership Award
  • Maddy McCloskey
  • Neave Butler
Creative and Performing Arts Award
  • Mia Watson
  • Georgia Sweetnam

All finalists will be interviewed next week before the winner announced at the award breakfast at Salt Bar, Kingscliff on 6 March.

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School


Lions Youth of the Year

Neave Butler, Cooper Bridge Tough, Daniel Green and Annabelle Miller all competed in the Coolangatta and Tweed Heads Lions Youth of the Year Quest on Tuesday, 18 February. As part of this competition, each of the participant had to complete a 30-minute interview with a panel of judges. They also had to present two spontaneous impromptu speeches and deliver a five-minute prepared speech to a dinner audience at the Tweed Heads Bowls Club. 

The impromptu topics were: ‘My biggest concern for the future is …’ and ‘What will be the economic impact on Australia because of the coronavirus?’ In their prepared speeches, our students competently spoke about: drowning in plastic, fleeting moments, our neighbours and democracy. They were poised, articulate and engaging.  

The competition was fierce and only two prizes were awarded on the night. Neave Butler is commended for being awarded the Public Speaking Award; her speech on the amount of plastic in the oceans received numerous compliments. Daniel Green is also congratulated for winning the competition. He will represent the Lions Club of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads at the Zone Final of the Lions Youth of the Year Competition on Saturday, 21 March.

Neave Butler, Annabelle Miller, Daniel Green, Cooper Bridge Tough

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Public Speaking Competition

Register your willingness to enter the 2020 Lindisfarne Public Speaking Competition NOW

Students in Years 5 to 12, who are interested, must email their details, before 24 February, to:

Heats will be held in the week commencing 16 March. The final of the competition will be held on Monday evening, 6 April 2020.

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Writing Competitions

What Matters? 2020

“What Matters? is a catalyst for young thinkers and young writers to develop a perspective, a point of view, on where we're heading as a society. Inspired by Gough Whitlam's commitment to involving young people in the shaping of Australia's future, the competition is currently open to school students in Years 5 to 12 from Australia. Responding to the simple question 'what matters?', entrants are free to express their views on any matter they care about.”

To enter What Matters? students submit an original written work between 400-600 words in prose or poetry, of either fiction or non-fiction. This competition closes on 8 May 2020.  Details about the competition guidelines and prizes may be found at:

Writing Competition Success – Mikalya Craig

Mikalya Craig, a Year 9 student, entered the 2020 Immerse Education Essay Competition run by Cambridge University. She is congratulated for seizing the opportunity to enter this competition and her success; she was awarded a partial scholarship to attend a Summer School in Creative Writing, which will be held at Cambridge University, England from 9 to 22 August 2020. 

A snippet of Mikalya’s narrative is below:

One mistake.
The door sends a slam that rings through Eliza’s ears. The appearance is anxiety-inducing and makes Eliza’s heart clench. Her mother’s shirt is stained with memories, pain and as a result of this, drenched in tears. The sight itself glazes Eliza’s glassy, blue eyes.
Eliza remembers the sign that read Cornelia Street. She used to grace the grey pavement that lay next to the post with vibrant pink and purple chalk. She remembers looking up at the sign and telling her sister that one day she would be that tall. Now she knew she will never get to reach that seemingly impossible milestone. 
This was now the salience of a heartbreaking scene with vectors in the form of harrowing gazes and car lights. Everything had moved in slow motion including the soon to be shattered bottles that splashed echoes of regret through the overturning vehicle. The next image was disturbing. A car capsized in a sea of blood. What followed was a quartet of sirens; sounding like out of tune violins. The ambulance. If she were to die, she would rather be punctured with memories than needles 

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Mathematics Faculty


Science Matters

The photograph above is of the Richmond birdwing butterfly. The iconic insect of the Northern Rivers is one of the most beautiful butterflies in Australia - if not the world - and it is endangered.

The cause for the Richmond birdwing’s decline is not complicated, it simply doesn’t have enough places in which to live. It is only found in the northern rivers and there is only one plant upon which its caterpillars can feed, the aptly named Richmond birdwing butterfly vine. The poor old adult females have been observed flying for up to 30km looking for one of these vines to lay her eggs upon.

For the past 10 years, Mrs Moose and I have been reforesting a 7 ha piece of old banana plantation. As the trees have grown, we have started planting the butterfly vine around the bases of them. This past summer for the first time we were treated to the spectacular sight of Richmond birdwings soaring around the property. They don’t flutter, not by any measure, they fly with speed and purpose from place to place and are so big that they can viewed in much the same manner as bird watching.

In the photo above, the BBQ tool provides a scale. This adult was found dead on the verandah one morning, hopefully after laying her eggs, and was just on 150mm from wing tip to wing tip.

It was definitely the highlight of the summer. But here’s the thing: These achingly beautiful animals don’t need to be endangered. They don’t ask for much, just the right kind of vine for their babies. If you have a spare corner of your garden, ask your family if you can plant one. It needs to be in a really shady spot, preferably under a fairly big tree. The vines are readily available from  nurseries that sell sub-tropical rainforest species and they’re not even very expensive.

It is so easy to help our animals: besides planting a butterfly vine, put out a shallow dish for lizards to drink from when it is dry, make sure that there is a way for animals to exit your pool if you have one and KEEP YOUR CAT LOCKED UP!

Do you have a photo of animals around your home? Maybe a resident python curled up in its favourite spot? A possum that visits at night? Or are you one of the really lucky ones who gets koalas passing through your place? Send in a photo (it has to be one that you take yourself) and we will publish it in Science Matters and have a chat about it.

Hamish Inketter
Science Coordinator


Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Meet the Music Tutors Evening

On Wednesday night, we were treated to a wonderful concert, performed by our talented studio music tutors and our senior music ensembles. Highlights of the concert included a rearranged version of ‘Hotel California’ featuring our composer in residence Mr Roger Lock, an expressive interpretation of Tchaikovsky from our piano tutor, Mrs Stephanie Palmer, and a shredding guitar battle between Ms Alicia Charleston and Mr Jonathon Grant in the Led Zeppelin classic ‘Rock and Roll’. 

The concert also featured our Senior Choir performing a funky arrangement of ‘Change Your Life’ by Little Mix and the Stage Band performing the Herbie Hancock classic ‘Watermelon Man’. 

We currently have 35 studio music tutors working across both campuses and nearly 400 students undertaking private tuition. Many of our tutors regularly work as professional musicians in a variety of local scenes between Lennox Head and Brisbane and this concert gave students and parents an opportunity to see our staff shine. The evening is also a chance for students and parents to meet with our staff and discuss musical opportunities, making the evening an informal parent-teacher evening as well.  

Many thanks to our Friends of the Arts committee for supporting another successful event. 

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Stage 6 Performing Arts Sydney Excursion

Year 11 and 12 Drama and Dance students and their teachers recently travelled to Sydney for a HSC Performance workshop and to view OnStage and Callback, featuring some of the best pieces of Drama and Dance from the 2019 Higher School Certificate.

The Group Devising Workshop, held at the iconic Belvoir Street Theatre in Surry Hills, empowered students with new and exciting techniques for creating dramatic works and gave students the confidence to trust in their own creativity and to better prepare them for the months ahead as they embark upon one of their major assessments for the year, The Group Performance. 

Meanwhile, Dance students were put through their paces in a rigorous three-hour workshop in the down stairs Studio rooms at the Seymour Centre at the University of Sydney.

It was then upstairs to join Drama students to watch OnStage or Callback, depending on your focus.  

In both cases, students watched on, inspired by what they were seeing and knowing they too could possibly achieve a similar result given enough time, commitment and hard work.

Excursions such as these help to drive students to achieve their own incredible outcomes - sometimes something they never thought they were capable of achieving. They also help to recalibrate students’ goals and intensify their focus - the shared experience providing an even stronger foundation and support network in their own search for excellence.  

Good luck to everyone! We cannot wait to see your creations. 

Simon Leach
Head of St Andrew House and Drama Teacher

Music Ensemble Rehearsals - Term 1, 2020


Learning Enrichment

Homework Help

Homework Help with the Learning Enrichment team starts next week!

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, the Learning Enrichment team will be running a Homework Help session for students in Years 5 to 12 in the Mahers Lane Library. All students are welcome to come along if they are requiring assistance with homework or assessment tasks. Please register your interest via email to Jodie Duggan:

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Homestay Families Required

Hokkaido Australia Visit this July

We are fortunate to have our lovely Hokkaido Australia Japanese students visit us again in 2020. These students are from a very rural area of Hokkaido, where there is no television, internet or phones in the household. It is a big honour for these students to get chosen to visit Australia as part of the charity organisation, Hokkaido Australia Society and we are seeking assistance from our staff and Lindisfarne families to volunteer their time and welcome these students into their homes for a week.

Dates: Sunday afternoon, 26 July through to Sunday morning, 2 August
Placement: Single or double (depending on families choice)
Age of students: 13 to 16 years male and female 

Families will be compensated with a $50 gift voucher as a thank you gesture for accepting and looking after a student from a charity organisation.

Please contact our Lindisfarne International Student Coordinator, Amy Fydler, via if you would like to volunteer to be a homestay family for this visiting group of students.

Aoyama Gakuin University Visit - Week 2

The Aoyama Gakuin students are so lucky to have the opportunity to participate in three weeks of intensive ESL lessons with the group leaders; Dr Peter Hudson, Dr Sue Hudson and Alyssa Hudson. Dr Peter Hudson has been bringing students from this university to Australia for nearly 20 years and has a teaching career spanning 40 years. He spent 10 years as a school principal and many years in professorial roles at Southern Cross University and Queensland University of Technology.

Dr Sue Hudson has coordinated many international programs from various Asian countries, and is currently Deputy Dean for Professional Experiences at Southern Cross University. Elyssa Hudson has spent many years working as a High school English/History/Drama teacher and now spends her time teaching English and writing to International students as well as studying to be a counsellor. We are so humbled to have these consummate professionals working in our school at the moment and look forward to establishing future projects with them.

The Aoyama Gakuin students have had a fabulous second week visiting our school. The focus for this week included class immersion amongst Years 5 to 12 classes and a service learning excursion with Dune Care. The students were buddied up with a middle or high school teacher from various faculties and engaged in a wide range of classes and clubs  such as Drama, Garden Club, Physics, Entrepreneur Club, English, Art and Round Square elective and Japanese.

The Aoyama Gakuin students also volunteered with Dune Care as part of their way of “giving back to our local community”. They participated in service learning guided by Mr Arthur Good and learnt about the importance of sand dunes in protecting coastlines and how to maintain sand dunes for future generations. The students walked through the sand dunes, past an overflowing billabong and planted trees within the coastal rainforest at Hastings Point. Despite the heat, all students had a fun and informative day.

Testimonials from three Aoyama students:

“I’m surprised that students in this school are very kind. They speak to me. I am glad.”
Taketo Kagaya

“Australian people always laugh and are very positive. When I couldn’t understand what to say, Australian people say it again with a smile.”
Manami Higashiguchi

“When I waited for my host mother after school, one boy talked to me. He was kind so I could enjoy talking with him.”
Rena Miyata

Amy Fydler
Lindisfarne International Student Coordinator

Digital Space





Our Lindisfarne Years 3 to 8 Swimming Carnival was a resounding success on Monday 13 February. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this happen, including all the staff who stuck to their guns completing tough jobs in the sweltering heat, the numerous parents helping with time keeping and odd jobs, and our wonderful students who were turning up in droves to the marshalling area to race. 

Congratulations to our Primary and Secondary Age Champions. Please note that we have withheld the 14 Years because these times need to be merged with the Years 9 to 12 Swimming Carnival.



Age Champion 

Runner Up

8 to 10 Years Girls

Eira McGilligan

Isabelle Daniel

8 to 10 Years Boys

Lewis Telford

Kobe Mundy

11 Years Girls

Kaimana Lowien-Britt

Matilda Daniel

11 Years Boys

Lachlan Arghyros

Fletcher Bruhn and Archie Loemaker

12 to 13 Years Girls (Primary)

Emily Daniel

Sian McGilligan

12 to 13 Years Boys (Primary)

Wil Anderson

Max Osmers



Age Champion 

Runner Up

12 Years Girls (Secondary)

Tiggi Groves

Maddison Oliss

12 Years Boys (Secondary)

Blaise Telford

Hamish Procter

13 Years Girls (Secondary)

Isabelle Popov

Zoe Campbell

12 Years Boys (Secondary)

Harrison Gray

Koa Lowien-Britt

Congratulations to the top three qualifiers in each race who earn the right to compete at NCIS if they choose. 

St Barnabas House appears to be the front runners for yet another Swimming Championship and have shot to an early lead by winning this carnival. Of course both carnivals contribute to the overall champion, so the race isn’t over yet. Complete point score breakdown here of Years 3 to 8 Swimming Carnival points.

We are also delighted to announce that we have some records that have fallen in 2020. A massive congratulations to:

  • Tiggi Groves (Year 7) - 12 Years Girls 50m Butterfly
  • Kaimana Lowien-Britt (Year 5) - 11 Years Girls 50m Freestyle AND 50m Butterfly

We look forward to the Senior School Swimming Carnival on 25 February (with 28 February as a backup).


In the opening round of the CIS Football Cup, the Lindisfarne Open Boys Football team had a convincing win against Emmanuel Anglican School (Ballina) on Wednesday. In the blistering heat, our boys superior skill and passing game led to overwhelming possession of the ball, with the result a resounding 4-0 victory. Ryan Simpkins and Lachlan McEwen each had a brace and a clean sheet was kept by Jack Smith, on debut. The team:

  • Quinn Butel (C)
  • Ryan Simpkins
  • Will Edwards
  • Gus Edwards
  • Flynn Curtis
  • Nathaniel Bryant
  • Brodie Copeland
  • Lex Rafter
  • Jake Frazer
  • Will Chapelle
  • Finnegan Wagner
  • Mackenzie Ebbott
  • Lachy McEwen
  • Corban Thomson
  • Max Harnell
  • Jack Smith

John Cadman


Lindisfarne ran the NCIS Hockey trials at Barrie Smith fields on Wednesday. It was extremely hot under foot for all the students who were getting put through their paces by Sharon Buchanen, Isabel Topper and Allison Sands (plus a Clarence Valley staff member). Lots of girls and boys made the squad to compete at CIS, well done to all concerned. 

Congratulations to the following girls who made the 16&Under NCIS team:

  • Sophie Beck
  • Bridie Bedford
  • Hester Clark
  • Sofia Clouson
  • Tilly Cleary
  • Amy Cronk
  • Caillie Erikson
  • Shakyah Jordan
  • Kate Sands
  • Luella Bookman (Shadow)

Congratulations to the following boys who made the 16 and Under/Open Boys NCIS team:

  • Rupert Fahy
  • Jack Furness
  • Flynn Howarth
  • Brodie McDowell
  • Oliver Jeffery
  • Fredrick Watson
  • Tate Marquardt


Lindisfarne sent 16 doubles pairs to the Gold Coast Inter-School Tennis competition. In the searing heat, our players were very steadfast in their efforts across all age groups. No teams managed to take the ultimate prize, there were some solid quarter final efforts. A full breakdown of results here.

(LtoR) Matilda Daniel and Miles Scheiwe
(LtoR) Eira-Grace McGilligan and Rithika Sivabalan
(LtoR) Chayse Kleinhans and Arlo Short
Open boys teams (LtoR)/ Luke Boulter, Alexander Ryan, Joshua Mammen, Daniel Green, Luc Mitchell, Alexander Robinson


Lindisfarne’s Interschool Equestrian team has had a brilliant first full season. Fabulous results have been achieved at Local, State and National level competitions against other prestigious schools from NSW and Queensland.  Dedication, commitment and camaraderie are the hallmarks of our small but successful team.

If you would also like to be considered, expressions of interest are invited from both junior and senior students currently competing in Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing or Showing.  Please contact Mrs Kathryn Leary (Year 1) on for further details and to register your interest. 

Kathry Leary
Teacher in Charge of Equestrian

Lindisfarne Representation

There are lots of different pathways to represent Lindisfarne in a variety of sports. Students are encouraged to pay special attention to Home Room messages in the mornings. This is the predominant communication medium to relay the roll out of these events to students. There are desks set up at Student Administration for students to register their names. Once names are collected, students can then be emailed further specific information such as possible trial dates and times.

Week 4 we took student registrations for:

  • Open Boys Rugby Union squad
  • Primary Boys and Girls Rugby Union 7’s

In Week 5 (next week), we will announce registrations for:

  • Years 7 to 9 Girls Cricket team
  • Years 10 to 12 Girls Cricket team


Lindisfarne has a partnership with Tweed Coolangatta Rowing Club if there are any interested Lindisfarne students in Year 7 or older. 

Contact Head Coach Garry Annand at Tweed Heads & Coolangatta Rowing Club on 0412 344 826 or via email:



Students across Kindergarten to Year 6 have been actively involved in a Hockey unit in their PE lessons. This program is presented by qualified and experienced coaches from Tweed Hockey, and covers all the basic skills that are needed to play the game. 

The Year 5 and 6 students participate in The Fitzpatrick Shield every year in Term 1 which involves schools from all over our region. Lindisfarne sends five teams to this event which is more than any other school. The Year 3 and 4 students have a Gala Day in Term 4 which hosts about 30 teams from the region. 

Hockey is very robust in our region, with the Tweed producing several state and national players, including four former Lindisfarne students. We are fortunate to have many ex-internationals who now reside in, or have returned to, the region and are keen to contribute back into the game. This obviously lifts our quality of coaching to one of the strongest in the country. 

Lindisfarne is fully supportive of Hockey Tweeds new Super 6’s school competition. It is very beginner friendly and we are trying to enter as many teams as possible.

Please register your child using the link above and if you have any questions about the competition, you can contact Margie Coleman on or on mobile 0413 622 950.

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities


Monday Night Netball

Yippee! We dodged any rain – although there was plenty of lightning – to play a few marvellous matches. Congratulations Gold Lions on your win and Blue Lions for you very entertaining nail-biter – final score 20:20!

Please be at the courts in time to warm-up and sign on.

Round 5 matches are as follows: 












Gold Lions


Centaur Mothership



Blue Lions


Jalapeno Hotties



White Lions


Centaur Crew



Red Lions


Centaur Stars


2020 Saturday Netball

Well done! all Year 2, 3 and 4 students who played in the heat at Arkinstall Park on Tuesday evening. You will all be roaring on court as Lindisfarne Lions this year!


Netball registrations for Lindisfarne have now closed. If you have not registered, please contact Danielle Watters IMMEDIATELY as we may have space in some teams.


Netball Centre of Excellence

Induction Evening

The Netball Centre of Excellence Induction is on Tuesday, 25 February from 6.30pm. Please ensure that you have sent in your RSVP.


Years 5 and 6 Squad training has started on Fridays during school sport time and will continue for the rest of Term 1.

15s Squad from Thursday, 27 February athletes will need to be picked up from Arkinstall Park at 4.00pm.

Opens Squads after school training commences Thursday, 27 February at Arkinstall Park from 4.00pm to 6.00pm.

Gay Maynard
Teacher in Charge of Netball

​Co-curricular Activities and Academic Assistance

Co-curricular Activities

Term 1, 2020 at the Mahers Lane Campus

Any questions should be directed to the organising staff.

Academic Assistance

Term 1, 2020 at the Mahers Lane Campus

Any questions should be directed to the organising staff.

Junior School Sport

Junior School Runners Club - Cross Country Training at the Junior School

Lindisfarne Junior School will be starting up at Sunshine ave in Week 4 due to the wet weather. The purpose of the Runners Club is to assist in the running development of our school students. Last year, the Runners Club was a great success with both students and parents joining in to improve their running, fitness or just to spend time with each other doing physical activity.  

Any student in Years 1 to 4 are welcome to attend. Training days will be Tuesday and Thursday morning. The training sessions are held at Arkinstall Park and will begin at 7.30am sharp and will conclude by 8.30am. Students will be required to bring along their school uniform to change into after the completion of the session. Students will be given time to change and have something to eat before the first bell at 8.45am. Parents and carers are more than welcome to come along and join in. 

Rugby Union

Far North Coast Rugby 7’s

Junior School will be entering the Primary School Regional Rugby Union 7’s Gala Day to be held on March 4th at Casuarina Rugby Union Club. A meeting was held on Tuesday this week for interested students. If students are keen to be involved please come and see Mr. Croft in his office or at training which will be held during Lunchtimes on Tuesday and Thursday. If you have any questions please contact Mr Croft at

Play Rugby at Casuarina

Register on-line now at (registration tab).
Under 6s upwards
All boys and girls welcome!

For all enquiries, please contact Danielle Hevers (Junior Registrar) via


Being a Positive Role Model in Sport

“Your child’s success or lack of success in sport does not indicate what kind of parent you are. But having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and who tries their best is a direct reflection of your parenting.” 

What a great quote!

Throughout my sporting career, I have had mentors, coaches and role models who I can truly be thankful for. They have taught and shown me what it is to be the best ME I could be, and that had nothing to do with sport, winning or being THE best. The greatest influence and I have to say the best, have been my amazing parents. I would say our parents were already instilling in us the virtues of respect, resilience, humility, and patience in sport and our daily lives, long before this quote came about. 

This article is a reset and a reminder on some ways that we can be great parents and role models for our children, particularly around sport. Below are 10 points just to check-in with, from time to time, to ensure we are being the best WE can be for our children. 

  1. KEEP IT FUN! The number one rule in any sport is to have fun. This is the reason games were invented and why we continue to want to play them. Remember not to take sport too seriously. 
  2. BE ENTHUSIASTIC, but don’t scream and shout instructions from the side-lines. Children want you to be proud of them, even when they get it wrong sometimes, shouting instructions from the side-lines can be more damaging than good. 
  3. EMPHASISE DOING YOUR BEST not winning.  Doing your best is achievable and realistic, winning is sometimes unattainable and can lead to undue pressure, performance anxiety and stress. All of these lead to NO FUN!
  4. CHEER AND ACKNOWLEDGE ALL the good in both teams. Being encouraging is an amazing tool and lifts our children up to try harder and continue when the chips are down. 
  5. ACCEPT DECISIONS BY THE OFFICIALS. Just remember that officials are humans too and we all make mistakes. A piece of advice I remember was “the umpire/referee/ official will not change his mind about a decision - so just get on with it”. We can really influence the way our children see and treat officials by accepting the decision and not questioning the validity of it. 
  6. DO NOT COACH FROM THE SIDELINES, as that is what the coaches are for. If you think you have value to add or could do a great job, become a coach, get your qualifications and go and do the job. I know many junior sporting teams that would love to have a great qualified coach running their team. 
  7. VOLUNTEERS RUN JUNIOR SPORTS. No one gets paid to manage or coach junior sporting teams. Encouraging the coach is just as important as encouraging the players.
  8. UNDERSTAND, UPHOLD AND SUPPORT THE LINDISFARNE WAY and the sports code of conduct. Rules are rules - lets value them and teach our children to do the same. 
  9. ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO DRIVE THEMSELVES. Let them make their own decisions on and off the field; just be a bright shining light showing them good and bad choices. 
  10. BE KIND and THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. Our words may be harmful, hurtful or inspiring and motivational to others. 

A simple rule that we can all abide by is to ENCOURAGE others. It is impossible to be negative when you are encouraging. Love your children. Love them playing sport and be a great role model - one of which you and they can be proud. 

Nathan Croft
PDHPE Specialist - Junior School


Uniform Shop


Before and After School Care - Term 1, 2020

Employment at Lindisfarne

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