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Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we navigate these unprecedented times that we all face I wanted to share with you some information I came across this week. It was posted by Character Lab and called Free Your Mind based on an article written by Professor Martin Seligman, the Director of the Penn Positive Psychology Centre and Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Seligman shared with his students the story of the 1665 Cambridge University shut down as the bubonic plague swept across England. The then 22-year-old Isaac Newton retreated to the family farm Woolsthorpe Manor and was isolated for more than a year on his own during which time he revolutionised the scientific world.

The article was a timely reminder that perhaps some of the isolation that we will all experience over the next few months may free us from conventional routines and requirements and indeed provide space for curiosity and creativity.

If you are interested in reading the full article it can be accessed through:

In case of our own School, I want to continue with planning for the future whilst we are consumed by the present. I’m extremely grateful to the school community for the support of parents, students, and staff for the rapid adoption of remote, online and home-based learning as we faced rapidly changing times together. The circumstances that the COVID-19 global health and economic emergency has created is absorbing much of our thinking at present, however I see a need for all of us, especially the school to be planning for the day when school can return to face-to-face learning and to be planning for the future of the school despite the challenges of the COVID-19 experience this year.

If we are to do this well then I really need the feedback of as many members of our School Community as possible. We are currently undertaking a cultural audit of the school and I would greatly appreciate if you could find some time between now and Tuesday April 14 to complete the online cultural audit being conducted for the school by Circle group.

 Lindisfarne Discovery Survey

Your feedback will greatly assist the school to remain responsive to the present and plan for the future, especially for the return of students later this year and for the years beyond.

Finally, I was reminded this week of the wonderful friendships and relationships that are possible through our global connections as a Round Square school. Roedean School in South Africa has shared a beautiful musical offering and I took some time to listen to and watch the YouTube clip of ‘Hallelujah”.

As you move forward into the weekend I hope there will be some space to perhaps listen and share in this beautiful musical offering with your family.

With the love and support of our school community as we face this time of great challenge together.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

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Whole School News

ConnectEd Rollout

Today we launch our ConnectEd online platform for learning. Curriculum documentation and resourcing is still being led through Seesaw (Junior School) and Google Classroom/Meets for Middle and Senior School students. This platform contains all the latest updates from our Principal, wellbeing resources for students and parents, together with reflections from Rev Chad, the arts, sport, technology and service departments.

The intention is to keep our community connected during these times, sharing the wonderful work happening in classrooms, faculties, our community, and the world. I hope you find this helpful as we make our way through these uncharted waters.

Charlotte Lush 
Head of Senior School

Round Square

Round Square - Keeping Connected

Last week I shared with you part of an email from Danielle Taylor of Bupa Care. Lindisfarne is keeping in contact with the residents here and more cards and video messages will be sent to the residents over the coming weeks.

Amazing things are being done by other Round Square schools too, staying connected with own school communities, and perhaps even more importantly, for now, the wider community.

Here are some examples from the past week:

  • Students at Roedean School, South Africa, have released an amazing virtual choir rendition of Hallelujah, to remind us all that we are “together in spirit and song though apart at uncertain times”. At Pathways Aravali the staff and students composed and performed "Spooky Corona" to remind us all about the importance of handwashing.
  • Felsted School, England, has opened up its Boarding House to accommodate paramedic students from East of England Ambulance Service undertaking urgent training. The Head of Design and Technology at Dover College has been busy making full face masks for local Hospitals. Several other RS Schools including Buckingham Browne and Nichols, Boston USA, and Latymer Upper School, London, have donated goggles and gloves from science labs to medical services.
  • At Brookhouse in Kenya, pupils have been sharing photographs of themselves in their favourite reading places and Windemere School, UK, is offering storytime with Miss Spottiswood live on Instagram each afternoon and have a “Wednesday Workout” challenge online. Lower Canada College has been sharing knock-knock jokes to raise smiles.
  • Pupils from Keystone and Kilittasi in Istanbul and Bishop College School have been making Rainbows of Hope and putting them in windows to spread smiles. Pupils at the Indian High School Dubai have been sharing videos of their morning yoga sessions.
  • Prep school pupils from The Kingsley School, UK, have been looking for ways to ‘fill other people’s buckets with kindness’ and have been picking flowers, writing letters and dropping off care packages. Newcastle Grammar School helped prepare meals for those in need at a community lunch. Takeaway meals were provided plus toilet paper donated by school staff.
  • A student from Bishop Druitt College wrote letters to all her elderly neighbours asking them if they needed any help. She received phone calls from every single one of them saying thank you for brightening their day and reaching out at a time of loneliness.
  • A student from Rothesay Netherwood School, Canada, helped deliver food to those in need and has been busy keeping in touch with family members in Pakistan – “I have made a goal now that every week I will perform at least one act of service and hopefully I can do that” she says.

I am hopeful we can all do that too.

Mike Lush
Round Square Coordinator

Dean of Studies

2020 HSC Update

Please see below the latest media release from NESA that was shared with the students yesterday.
If you have any concerns or questions please contact me.


2 April 2020 - Media Release

Chair of the NESA Board, Professor Peter Shergold today announced a number of key decisions about the 2020 HSC made by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) COVID-19 Response Committee to protect the health and safety of students, teachers and parents during this challenging time.

Effective immediately, the Committee has agreed to:

  • give Principals and system authorities the power to determine the number, type and weighting of tasks for Year 11 school based assessment, in line with the decision communicated last week for HSC students

  • lift the requirement for VET students to undertake NESA work placements

  • cancel mandatory group performance exam in Drama and the mandatory ensemble performance exam in Music Extension

  • modify other performance exams that breach social distancing requirements.

The Committee will meet next week to provide advice on major projects for Visual Arts, Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, Textiles and Design, English Ext 2 and Society and Culture.

Professor Shergold said today’s decisions and every future decision made by the Committee will prioritise the adoption of arrangements for the 2020 HSC that are practical and do not disadvantage any student.

“The Committee is continuing to meet weekly to address issues and provide up to date advice.

“I can say with certainty that students will have the opportunity to receive their HSC credential this year, so students should continue to learn, complete their assessments and taking care of themselves.

“This year’s HSC students will be able to continue with the next chapter of their lives, whether that’s university, an apprenticeship or TAFE,” Professor Shergold said.

A Technical Advisory Committee of assessment experts and key stakeholders is currently working to establish a fair and equitable way to calculate a mark for each of the cancelled components of the HSC.  NESA will communicate this process as soon as it is finalised.

Detailed advice about today’s decisions will be available on NESA's COVID advice page next week.

Caroline Jeffries 
Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

It is wonderful to see the number of smiling student faces each morning during our synchronous meet with their teacher. Dress ups, farm visits and fairy-tales have all been part of the experience. I am not sure of the correct modern vernacular for dropping into a video unannounced, however, I have really enjoyed being able to say hello to our students when I pop into the class or join the link. Children’s excitement and enthusiasm has not diminished despite the distance.

Next week is officially our Week 11 of term. This is a very long term and when added to the new scenarios of social distancing and remote online learning, it is both expected and understandable that everyone is very tired. Please try to keep this in mind during the week ahead as students continue to grasp the new situation that we are now in. We had an extremely busy and fruitful term until this point so our young children would normally be needing the upcoming holidays. Our transition to remote learning has not changed their need wind down in the coming term break in a week’s time.

Many would have read about the change in terminology from being ‘stuck at home’ to ‘safe at home’.  A quick glimpse of the news and the tragedy unfolding around the world at an unprecedented scale, highlights the need for Australians to follow the guidelines that have been set out so that we may avoid a similar fate. My thoughts and prayers are with the global community at this time and I hope all of our Lindisfarne community continues to stay safe.

Mark Douglas 
Head of Junior School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Eco Tip

Middle School

Year 6 News

A friend shared a poem with me recently that was written by an Irish Poet, Kathleen O’Meara, in 1869 – after a plague devastated Ireland in the late 1860’s – how appropriate for today.

Something Lovely
'And people stayed home and read books and listened and rested and exercised and made art and played and learned new ways of being and were still and listened more deeply someone meditated someone prayed someone danced someone met their own shadow and people started thinking differently---- And people healed... And in the absence of people who lived in ignorant ways dangerous, mindless, and heartless.... The earth began to heal--- And when the danger ended and people found themselves... They grieved for the dead and they made new choices and dreamed of new visions and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully just as they had been healed'.

By: Kathleen O ' Meara (1869)

In the past, when schools experienced extenuating circumstances such as fire, extreme weather or epidemics, we were paralysed when the face-to-face setting was not possible. Learning ceased.  However, we have witnessed schools around the globe shifting to online learning. The gravity of this moment cannot be understated as our dedicated staff have been transforming teaching and learning in innovative and impactful ways. One of the silver linings from this time may very well be reimagining what education can and should be in the 21st century.    

We are finding that there are a range of needs for both students and educators.  We would like to help all students have a positive learning experience. As a result, we need to understand a few key points:

  • Online learning is all about connecting with others and fostering the relationships students and teachers have developed. 
  • Recognise that online learning is not about replication of what happens on-campus, rather it is an opportunity to reimagine learning in new spaces. 

Finally, balance is fundamental to keeping our online community healthy. Everyone’s overall screen time is bound to increase, so it is important to balance that with extra breaks away from technology.

Moving around the School, this week I have witnessed many remarkable teaching and learning moments; from streaming science experiments and OzHarvest cooking classes to online peer-collaboration for mathematical problem solving tasks to guided reading sessions and much, much, more. The students have engaged fully and deserve recognition for their efforts.

Pictured: Mrs Foyster's Slime Experiment 

Cathy Cox
Year 6 Coordinator

Connecting with our Middle School Community

I am very impressed by the leadership shown by so many people during these unprecedented times. I am especially impressed by our Year 8 leaders who have taken some time out after their day of online learning to create a video for all of our Middle School students so they can keep in touch. Although only short in time, the video is a demonstration of the positive nature of our whole student body.


Kellie Douglas
Acting Year 8 Coordinator

CSIRO Bebras Challenge March 2020

March has been a month of changes and challenges so it was only fitting that on the 16th of March 27 Year 6 students participated in the CSIRO Bebras Challenge. Founded in 2004 by Professor Valentina Dagiene from the University of Vilnius, Lithuania. Bebras has over 40,000 students in Australia participate from over 620 schools and 1.6 million students from around the world.

The goal of the Bebras Challenge is to promote computational thinking skills in a way that highlights student abilities. Students are able to showcase their problem–solving skills through pattern recognition, algorithms and decomposition.

Our students performed exceptionally well and out of the 27 participants 21 were recognised with Merits, Credits and Distinctions, no small feat. Congratulations to the following:


  • Eliza Evesson
  • Tessa Ford
  • Emy Griffiths
  • Rodan Harper
  • Jessica Irving
  • Grace Lark
  • Lucas Martins-Hickel
  • Thomas Maseyk
  • Jackson mater
  • Oliver Muggeridge
  • Oscafr Meulet
  • Pheobe Robins
  • Oscar Schapowal


  • Chayse Irvine 
  • Emily Daniel
  • Hayley Maddalena
  • Bjiou Roberts


  • Alexandra Larsen 
  • Nicolas Leotta 
  • Lil Proart
  • Thomas Spedding 

Mrs Dana Dowker
Year 6 Teacher

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

As we lead into our last week of Term 1 I acknowledge the wonderful work taking place in the Senior School. Wellbeing teams are still meeting regularly (not face to face but remotely) which means the usual channels are open for students' support, albeit in a different format. 

Thank you to the many parents who have communicated their appreciation of how well the online platforms are working and of the dedication of the teams of teachers. Some students are finding this new reality an opportunity to push on with their major works whilst others may be finding some of the volumes of work a challenge. Over the next week and holiday period, we will be continuing our evaluation of what is working and what needs further refinement. In order to keep improving our offering to students, we need your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you. 

To our Year 12 students:

Our Lindisfarne Way document outlines the qualities and values we want our graduates to have: compassion, wisdom, respect, leadership and to set high expectations for themselves. Your resilience and ability to adapt has been profound. It has been so humbling to observe the way in which you have taken it in your stride, adapting to the new norm in which we find ourselves. We know growth often happens at the point of tension. We realise we are not the first to face challenges, but it really is time for us all to unite from our “bubbles,” to dig deep knowing that we are all in this together. 

This is the time for us to acknowledge no man is an island. The Lindisfarne ethos of contribution and service is strong. We encourage students to face challenges. We encourage tolerance and resilience. We practise gratitude, all the while ensuring solidarity and empathy are key drivers. Let us together move forward with kindness, secure in the knowledge that we WILL come together as a school community at some point in the future. In the meantime, I salute our students, families, and staff. Stay safe!

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School


UAC News

Year 12 students have been emailed their UAC PIN on 1 April. (Students need to add this to their Careers Transition Plan). Further advice regarding special arrangements for Year 12 students will be made available in the coming weeks and months as we work with universities, NESA and other stakeholders to ensure that no student is disadvantaged in relation to university entry in 2021.

The links to the Course Guides for every university in Australia are here in the attached .pdf.

Year 11 Interviews

I have started having Year 11 Careers Transition Interviews. You can download the transition plan from the Year 11 Goggle Classroom, or I have also emailed the plan to everyone. This is a check-in with you, and to see how you are managing your Year 11 subjects.

Natural Ability

Year 10 students were supposed to have their Natural Ability workshops last week. After further discussion with Robert from Natural Ability, he has offered to produce an exclusive detail video for every student in year 10. Robert will explain all aspects of the program and relate all the information back to the results that students achieved. As this will be a very detailed and individual program, the length of the video will be about 40 minutes, parents and students will receive this early Term 2. 

Online Learning

For all students, please make sure you log in at the start of the day and log off at the end of the day and leave feedback to help us improve the program.


Mathematics Faculty

BEBRAS Challenge Results

In Week 8 Lindisfarne competed in the Bebras Challenge.

Bebras is an international initiative aiming to promote Informatics (Computer Science, or Computing) and computational thinking among school students.

We had 73 students from Year 7 to 10 participated in the challenge this year. 
The students achieved the following results:

1 High Distinction - (Eva McDonald), 7 Distinctions, 11 credits and 28 merits.

The students who achieved a credit or above are listed below.

  • Eva McDonald 8D - High Distinction
  • Daniel Green 10T - Distinction
  • Olivia Greenslade 10T - Distinction
  • Kobi Tokatly 8D - Distinction
  • Wil Frazer 8D - Distinction
  • Xavier Meulet 8D - Distinction
  • Shakyah Jordan 8D - Distinction
  • Jessica MAseyk 8D - Distinction
  • Julien Sim-Sing 10T - Credit
  • Matthew Lowns 10T - Credit
  • Drew McGlinn 10T - Credit
  • Ryan Harris 10T - Credit 
  • Benjamin Williams 8D - Credit 
  • Max Milton-Goodhead 8D - Credit
  • Amy Cronk 8D - Credit 
  • Charlie Evesson 8D - Credit
  • Amity Leach - 7D - Credit
  • Lachlan Marshall 7D - Credit
  • Keira Mulholland 8D - Credit 

Frank Malone
Director of Mathematics



Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Online Learning

Virtual Rehearsals 

This week we have started our roll-out of Online Virtual Rehearsals with our Senior Orchestra, Senior Choir and Stage band. The ensembles meet at their regular rehearsal time, but as opposed to their regular style of rehearsal, the groups are collaborating on remotely recording a different piece each week. This week students have become familiar with importing specially prepared backing tracks into garageband and setting recording levels appropriately to record their instruments/voices. In the coming weeks we will be showcasing the results of these collaborative recording projects and also rolling out these initiatives to more of our ensembles.

Socially Distanced Performances

Two weeks ago whilst students were still at school we were fortunate capture the following footage of two of our music ensembles.

On Friday morning we moved timpani’s, drum kits, music stands and plenty of instruments and took our Orchestra rehearsal outside of the Chapel. Not only was it great for our for the Orchestra to rehearse in the fresh air, it was a nice welcome to students and staff as they arrived at school for the day. 

Senior Choir rehearsals were moved into the chapel during the last week of school and our Stephanie Palmer our Choir director conducted some well-spaced rehearsals in the round. Our production manager Cameron Jackson captured the following footage of Change Your Life by Little Mix.

Online Learning from Performing Arts

During the past week our performing arts teachers have thrown themselves into online learning and developing engaging tasks and meaningful activities for our students from Preschool to Year 12. 

Our message to students is to continue their artistic development at home during this time and to find creative and possibly new ways to perform and share performances. Our musicians are developing skills in recording techniques and also being encouraged to develop their technical skills through regular practice. In Drama students have been undertaking acting activities using their camera in the video meets. Year 9 students are undertaking a Melodrama Unit in which they are acting as the central stock characters, whilst the Stage 3 students have been creating superhero slide shows, dancing with Miss Casey and preparing creative film clips.

We will be uploading these into the The Arts section of the new ConnectEd (this link) platform next week.

Todd Hardy 
Director of Performing Arts


Learning Enrichment

Germinate Records

Recording Studio News

Thank you

A big thank-you to everyone who supported last week’s release of ‘Throw Some Dice’ by year 12 student Chelsea Redman (aka ‘Chelsea Valarie’). So far the single has been very well received.  Chelsea’s ABC Gold Coast interview was also a huge success with host Julie Clift remarking that the song sounded like a release from an established American artist rather than a debut release from a young artist. You can listen to the entire interview featuring two songs from Chelsea here. ‘Throw Some Dice’ was also featured this week in a review by Blank Gold Coast with Chelsea’s press photo as the main visual heading the ‘New Music’ section. You can read the review here.

For those yet to hear ‘Throw Some Dice’ you can listen here and watch it here.

Aged Care Video Package

There has been a tremendous response to our aged care video project. Musicians of all levels were asked to record themselves performing a few minutes of music and wishing well.  We have some excellent student entries and even some entries from ARIA award winning and Golden Guitar award wining artists. The videos will be collated into a video package that will be sent to aged care centres so that people there can still enjoy live music. There is still time to send an entry, the project will be sent out early next week.  You can send your entry to:

Brett Canning 
Recording Studio Producer 

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Digital Space



Well done to all of our students who are getting away from your screens and keeping yourself active, before school, between lessons and after the 3.20pm bell. It is so important for you to get some fresh air and some exercise. 

For Stage 3, 4 and 5 students, whatever activity you do during your PDHPE class or at any other time throughout the day, please remember to record it in your Personal Training Journal. We have had some great entries already of people finding their own apps and workout programs on-line and performing them or doing one of the circuits sent via the Newsletter or Google Classrooms, these have included: 

  • I went to my front yard and shot hoops
  • The whole family spent the day gardening
  • I kicked a footy on the beach with my brother
  • I lost count of how many laps of the pool I swam
  • I went for a surf at Cabarita with my Dad
  • I helped clean the house
  • We all went for a kayak on the canal
  • I stretched for an hour before bedtime. I had tight muscles and it helped me to relax.
  • I went for a run to see the sunrise with my Mum
  • Mum did a workout with me then stopped to film me for my journal
  • I went for a bike ride with my dog
  • I jumped on my trampoline until my heart was beating really fast!

There is also the website "Find Your 30" by Sport Australia:

It allows you to tailor your workout ideas, based on where you are (indoors/outdoors) and who you are with (alone/with others in the family). 

We are loving being able to share your journey … so please keep posting!

Keep safe, well and active.

The PDHPE Faculty


Sport and Google Classroom

Sport was delivered through Google Classroom this week, a concept that no doubt many families all across the nation are getting accustomed to. I delivered the above video message to highlight the absolute importance of maintaining our Physical Health in the current climate. Not only does a good workout assist individuals with their own health components, it also makes a significant improvement to their contributions to the household dynamics --  with numerous family members in close quarters isolating for an indefinite period of time. We also encourage our Year 11 and 12 students to incorporate fitness into their timetable, exercise will help control the extra pressures that the Stage 6 workload demands. 

Lots of our students already have substantial intrinsic motivation, set programs or expertise in various sports. For those needing some inspiration, or are short on ideas, we have created a substantial online Sport Resource Library on the new ConnectEd Remote Learning site, this link takes you straight to the Sports Page.

Wishing everyone all the best out there, and hopefully you can kick some fitness goals.

Damien Clucas 
Head of Sport 

Netball Centre of Excellence

While we have been adjusting to life on the sidelines, Lindisfarne’s Elite Netball Athletes, from the Netball Centre of Excellence, have all been hard at work focusing on building strength and power. Athletes and coaches alike are very optimistic about the season ahead and want to ensure that when the time comes to get back out on the court we are a force to be reckoned with.  

They say a picture paints a thousand words so here is what our athletes have been up to this week:

If you are interested in working out like our LENA girls you can check out our first session.

We are also working on a netball video and can’t wait for you to see it.  
Remember we are ‘here if you need’, so please reach out and stay connected.

Gay Maynard                                         Danielle Watters
Teacher in Charge of Netball               Netball Head Coach

Please click 'Expand Article' to view more photos of our LENA Athletes.


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Employment at Lindisfarne

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