From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As per my letter to the school community this week, we are now entering Phase 2 of our COVID-19 return to school plan. We remain cautiously optimistic that we can now work towards a return to school for all students from 1 June 2020.

We look forward to Preschool, Kindergarten, Year 11 and Year 12 students being the first groups to return as of Monday, 11 May with other year levels to undertake a staggered return in due course as outlined in my correspondence. 

Please click here to read the full letter to our school community.

Please continue to support all staff who have worked so hard to get to this stage and the work of all our teaching staff to deliver multi-model continuity of learning at this time. Likewise, members of staff applaud the efforts of parents and students to rapidly adjust to a new way of living, working and learning together for our school and community.

To assist in the containment of COVID-19, I continue to encourage all members of our school community to download the COVIDSafe app if you feel comfortable to do so. This allows close contacts of anyone who contracts COVID-19 to be quickly identified, helping to minimise the risk of further transmission through the wider community.

Download on Apple Store 

Download on Google Play

As we plan for the return of students, we also continue to take the time to celebrate milestones in the history of Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. This week, we shared the story of the founding of our school with our students, staff and school community on the occasion of our annual Foundation Day. I want to pay tribute to Rev Chad Rynehart and Cameron Jackson for their considerable work to put together an online celebration of the founding of our school. Please take the time to view here if you haven’t already done so.

As part of efforts to lift the spirits of people through the self-isolation of COVID-19, Brian May and his band, Queen, decided to put together a collaborative work of their great hit ‘We are the Champions’. Members of the public were invited to submit a video of themselves singing the classic rock anthem and Lindisfarne’s very own (and very talented) Year 11 student, Jemma McNicoll, decided to enter a contribution. I am very pleased that Jemma was one of the select number of artists from around the world included in the final work that was put together with Brian May. Please take the time to enjoy this very special clip and congratulations, Jemma, on this very special achievement.

During this great time of change and as we continue to navigate the Health and Economic ramifications of COVID-19, I continue to come across inspirational stories of people who have experienced and lived through unimaginable suffering in times gone by. One such story is 103-year-old Harold Martin who passed away this week in Albany, Western Australia.

Most of you will never have heard of Harold but his story should be told — a story of survival against insurmountable odds and a story of a long life well-lived. I would encourage you to take five minutes and read the full article here.

Vale Harold Martin — an inspiration and a great Australian.

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal

Important Information

From the Chaplain


Parents & Friends

Upcoming Events

Staff Bio

Whole School News

Round Square

Spirit of Adventure

A person living out a spirit of adventure seeks out opportunities to stretch and push themselves beyond their own perceived abilities and the expectations of others. They are dynamic and driven, thriving on practical, experiential learning, and willing to tenaciously pursue their objective, overcoming setbacks and obstacles along the way.

An appreciation that adventure is a very personal experience, and will mean different things to different people, allows for supportive celebration of others’ achievements in all aspects of life. As such, a readiness to embrace uncertainty, to explore and pioneer in any field is supported and encouraged.

In that spirit, why don’t you come up with a new invention or musical instrument using “found objects” within the home and surroundings and “Dare to Share” it with a photograph or video of their invention in action. Please share your work using the hashtag

#RSdaretoshare or upload it on Podio here.

You can find a short inspirational film below that might capture your imagine.

Jay Silver: Hack a banana, make a keyboard

Why can’t two slices of pizza be used as a slide clicker? Why shouldn’t you make music with ketchup? In this charming talk, inventor Jay Silver talks about the urge to play with the world around you. He shares some of his messiest inventions, and demos MaKey MaKey, a kit for hacking everyday objects.

Mike Lush
Round Square Coordinator

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Matchbox Cars Wanted

Our Early Learning Centre is in need of matchbox cars. If you have been doing some clearing out over this time at home and your children have grown out of playing with their matchbox cars, we would love them at Preschool. 

Please drop off at either the Mahers Lane Campus Reception or Sunshine Avenue Campus Administration and let them know they are for the Preschool.  

Thank you for your help!

Junior School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Sustainable Schools Network Journal

Click the Journal below to read more:

Eco Tips

DIY Natural Cleaning Products

Each week, we will be sharing a green idea from our community that may be helpful to others in creating a sustainable and healthy environment for the future.

This week, one of our Green Team parents (Kerri Brydon) shares a recipe that she uses for making her own cleaning products.

*Please note: you can use any combination and brand of essential oils for this recipe.

If you would like to share something that has made a difference in your family to help the planet, please send a short description and image to

Middle School

Head of Middle School Report

It has been another great week of online learning in the Middle School. I could not be happier with the engagement and commitment shown by our students (with what I’m sure has been a significant amount of help and encouragement from parents) during these challenging weeks. I couldn’t be happier with the amazing work your teachers have done and continue to do in order to support your learning. But most importantly, I couldn’t be happier that it won’t be long until you are all back at school! With only one more week of full-time online learning to go, I’d love to see everyone keeping their foot on the accelerator as we eagerly anticipate the return to face-to-face learning (and socialising!).

Mr Marquardt communicated Lindisfarne’s Return to School plan for the transition back to face-to-face learning earlier this week. 

As always, if you have any concerns or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Have a fantastic weekend!

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Senior School

Year 10 Service Learning

Tutoring Online with Year 4

Our Year 10 students stepped up this afternoon and met online with small groups of Year 4 students to help them with their studies. Prior to the meet, the students nominated what subjects they would like to teach and what they needed help with, and were allocated into small groups. They met via a Google Meet and together worked on problem solving, reading and music. 

As soon as the Meets began, it was clear that there were smiles all round. Year 4 students were nervous about connecting with the Year 10 students, but were quickly put at ease and got down to business. We may have some budding teachers in Year 10 as the feedback indicated that they did a great job. Thank you to both Year 10 and Year 4 students, you did really well.

Natalie Marriott
Year 10 Service Learning Coordinator

Some quote from Wednesday afternoon:

“Bailey and I had lots of fun with the Year 4s, Lennox and Poppy. We laughed a lot which brightened the mood from the start so it was easy to get along with them. They were always smiling which was a good sign for us. Bailey and I learned a lot from them and we were able to find common interests such as favourite colours and siblings. They are incredible readers. Bailey and I were beyond grateful to have spent some time working on their English." - Amelia Kucharski (Year 10)

“I thoroughly enjoyed tutoring the Year 4s in Maths Extension. It was a nice experience of getting to know them and helping them. I was impressed by how enthusiastic about maths they were. I think the experience was enhanced by being able to choose which Year 10s we did it with as we were able to be friends.” - Ryan Harris (Year 10)

“The girls were fun! And really smart. It was weirdly nostalgic doing Year 4 Maths again.” - Jessica Bain (Year 10)

“We taught them a few notes to work on with their instruments.”  - Zahli McCusker (Year 10)

“The Year 10 students were really organised throughout the entire session.” - Eira-Grace McGilligan (Year 4)
“It was really fun and they explained the questions in a fun way.” - Koa Stotz (Year 4)
“The Year 10 students gave us time to figure things out.” - April Henry (Year 4)

Head of Senior School Report

While mothers are celebrated officially this Sunday, we know that in fact every day is a day to acknowledge and appreciate their central role in our society. Our mums are loved, whether they be mums-in-waiting, dearest mums we have lost along our way or all those people who have stepped in as mums when ours could not. But while this Mother's Day will be a very different celebration, these past two months have brought into sharp focus the importance of the family unit where we are nurtured and loved. The flip side of social distancing has given us the time to concentrate our attention on what is central to our lives and mothers clearly have a pivotal role to play. Happy Mother's Day for Sunday.  

To our Year 11 and 12 Students

Thank you for your support and commitment to your school and learning through this time of great change for us all. We are looking forward to seeing you back at school and in class commencing Monday, 11 May, as we enter Phase 2 of our return to school plan and start the transition back from online to face-to-face learning.

We realise a few of you may feel you cannot return to school just yet. This is fine and you can still continue to work remotely from home. The School will continue to support students unable to attend lessons due to self-isolation or parental decisions through online instruction for the duration of Term 2 if necessary. Please email to advise if you will be staying home for continued online learning at this time.

Students are the soul of any school. We look forward to welcoming our life force back to Lindisfarne next week. Your leadership will help prepare the way for us to reunite as a school community when we can again come back together.

Charlotte Lush
Head of Senior School

Careers Information

NIDA HSC Drama Performance

28 September to 2 October 2020, 10.00am to 5.00pm 

HSC Drama Performance is a comprehensive course for NSW students in Years 11 and 12. Broaden your understanding of performance styles and develop improvisation, acting and devising techniques. The focus is on how best to communicate as a performer to an audience in both the group and individual performance projects.

Learning opportunities

  • Text Analysis: practise the skills of interpreting texts as a performer.
  • Devising Techniques: discover strategies for generating performance material.
  • Performance Skills: develop movement and voice skills.
  • Dramaturgy: create a complete theatrical statement.

SAE Virtual Open Day 

21 May from 12.00pm to 4.00pm 

Join us at the SAE Virtual Open Day, an online and interactive experience on Thursday, May 21 from 12.00pm to 4.00pm. View campus videos, exclusive behind the scenes tours, course presentations, student showcases and experience SAE360 - SAE's interactive campus experience! Ask questions about studying at SAE with friendly course advisors LIVE during the event. Register here to attend:


Actuarial Studies Co-op Program Macquarie University

Students receive a scholarship of $19,600 per year for the duration of the four-year course. These highly competitive scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and an assessment of students’ motivation, qualities and skills. Our Actuarial Studies Co-op program is a highly competitive course in which high-achieving students alternate between classroom studies and workplace experience in the form of three placements of three to six months each. By offering talented students professional experience within your workplace, you’ll not only gain fresh perspectives from the brightest young minds, but also foster their comprehensive education and career preparation. 

Judy Hutchison, Associate Director, Co-op and Internships 
T: +61 2 9850 6485
E: or

Co-op Scholarship Macquarie University - Bachelor of Professional Practice and Bachelor of Professional Accounting

Our Accounting Co-op program is a highly competitive course in which high-achieving students alternate between classroom studies and workplace experience in the form of three placements of three to six months each. By offering talented students professional experience within your workplace, you’ll not only gain fresh perspectives from the brightest young minds, but also foster their comprehensive education and career preparation. Judy Hutchison, Associate Director, Co-op and Internships T: +61 2 9850 6485 E: or

What an Actuary Does

Melinda Howes graduated from Macquarie in 1989. Today, she is the CEO of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia. She has more than 20 years experience in the financial services industry.

My Health Career Videos

Watch a variety of specialists who give their candid insight on why they enjoy their careers.






SCU Nursing Webinar

12 May 5.30pm

See yourself on the frontlines? Register for our Nursing Information Webinar with live Q&A.

Nurses are consistently in very high demand which is why over 96 per cent of Southern Cross University nursing graduates are employed within four months of graduation (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2019).

Our panel will include a graduate, current student and an academic to answer all your questions live.

ACU Talk with Lawyers Online

3 June at 5.00pm

Have you ever considered becoming a lawyer? Join us online to hear from ACU alumni about their experiences working in legal practice. Take part in a Q&A session with our graduates to find out where a law degree can take you.

The University of Sydney, Contemporary Music Workshop at Sydney Con

4 June from 4.00pm to 6.00pm 

Join this online workshop and learn from Con experts about song writing, lyrics and song structures, as we explore the ways you can generate great, distinctive lyrics to distinguish your songs. This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for students considering studying Contemporary Music at the Conservatorium of Music. Register at


Careers with STEM Science Out Now – Read all about it 

Science, Data, Cyber-security, Engineering, IT, Maths, Health, Code and more!

The Careers with STEM magazines for students offer inspiration to young Australians to get involved in STEM and explore future careers. The series is supported by digital marketing, social media, video and via the Careers with STEM website. Careers with STEM magazines for students are distributed to all Australian schools and supported by regular e-newsletters to STEM classrooms. Careers with STEM focuses on STEM + X, where ‘X’ is your passion, another field or a world issue. It takes STEM beyond the classroom and into the careers of the future, which may rapidly shift from the increased pace of digital disruption. It’s about the innovation that happens at the intersection of cross-disciplinary study, research and at the start of young people’s lives.

Study Tips

Breaking bad study habits and replacing them with good habits. Great Advice Here.

Defence Recruiting

Information Sessions 

Gold Coast: Dial In Defence Careers Information Session

Thursday, 21 May, 6.00pm

Dial In to our upcoming info session from home on Thursday, 21st May, 6:00pm to hear from current serving members and find out if a career in the Australian Defence Force for you.

Click on the link below to register.

Can’t dial in to a session? Check out the recorded information sessions available on our website. 

ADF Careers Information Session

Navy Trades Information Session

Army General Entry Information Session

Defence Recruiting - GAP YEAR

There's still time for students to apply for an ADF Gap Year, but they’ll need to apply soon so they don't miss out on their preference.

The valuable work and life lessons gained during an ADF Gap Year are transferable and will give your students confidence in their future career paths. They can get real engineering experience, discover their leadership potential as an officer, or find passion in an administration role.

While ADF Gap Year roles initially involve only a 12-month commitment, it could be the beginning of a long and stable career in the ADF.

Students who take part in the ADF Gap Year program:

  • Enjoy a great salary package plus free healthcare

  • Gain valuable skills and work experience

  • Have job security and stability

  • Live a varied, active and healthy lifestyle

  • Make friends with like-minded people

  • Have the opportunity to see more of Australia

Click the image above for this week's career information from Options.


Mathematics Faculty



Visual Arts

Performing Arts

​Music Ensemble Rehearsals

Our instrumental and vocal ensembles are continuing to meet online with sheet music and rehearsal tracks being posted on our ensemble Google Classroom platforms. In Week 6, our ensembles will resume face-to-face rehearsals in preparation for upcoming recording and performance opportunities. If you play an instrument or sing and are not currently part of a school ensemble, this is the perfect time to join. 

To select the correct ensemble to join, please chat with one of the music teachers or send an email to to show your interest.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

AMEB Online Theory Now Free

For students interested in developing their skills in music theory, the Australian Music Education Board are currently offering their Online theory courses at no cost. The courses are a fantastic resource for students who are currently studying elective music or to compliment the skillset of our talented vocalists and instrumentalists.

Click the following link for further information:

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Private Tuition

We have over 30 specialist teachers who offer private tuition in Speech and Drama, Piano/Keyboard, Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Singing and Drums. These lessons have continued online and will be returning to face to face sessions in the coming weeks. 

Please refer to the Performing Arts Private Tuition page on our school website or email for further information.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts


Learning Enrichment

Walk for Autism

"No matter who we are, no matter how successful,
no matter what our situation, 
compassion is something we all need to receive and give." 
- Catherine Pulsifer

Lindisfarne’s community has always been most supportive and welcoming and one, without a doubt, we all feel proud to be a part of. For example, even during the absolutely unprecedented and uncertain times that we now face, unsurprisingly, Lindisfarne stayed true to its values of compassion, wisdom, and respect by coming together to support people needing a bit extra to not only succeed but simply enjoy their lives. 

Recently, for the second time, the Lindisfarne Learning Enrichment team joined the Walk for Autism fundraising event. The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of the experiences of people on the autism spectrum and their families and help to provide the best opportunities for them to participate, engage and thrive in the world around them. The Lindisfarne Learning Enrichment team would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported us on the way. As a result of the Lindisfarne community’s generosity, our team placed first amongst all workplace teams in the event, raising an outstanding $5,742.

Thank you, once again!

Elena Pettit
Learning Enrichment Assistant

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Digital Space


Hand Hygiene

In the light of the current epidemic it was apt that on May 5th, this week, it was a day set aside by the World Health Organisation as “World Hand Hygiene Day”. The purpose of this day was to raise awareness about the need for appropriate hand hygiene in order to prevent the spread of infection and the antibiotic resistance.

In order to protect yourself and others, washing your hands regularly is imperative. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry them thoroughly. Use an alcohol-based handrub (no less than 60% alcohol) if you don’t have immediate access to soap and water. In order to wash your hands properly follow the step to below:

PDHPE Faculty


Sports News

Cross Country

All representative Cross Country pathways are cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 implications around mass gatherings. Lindisfarne will still progress with a modified format for 2020 in the form of a Year Group Challenge. The logistics around getting this carnival completed in staggered components is much easier to do in year groups. It will also give students the unique opportunity of racing against their own year in its entirety, which doesn’t happen with the normal age group competitions. 

This is a good news story for our community, lots of our runners will be very excited around the sense of purpose that stems from having an event to train towards and compete in.

For everything you need to know about the Cross Country, click here.

Sports Training at School

External practitioners coming in to coach at school are suspended until at least Term 2 Week 8. This includes all Thursday and Friday Sport professionals, as well as Sports Academy, Basketball, Touch Football, Athletics, Gymnastics etc.

Mr Clucas and Mr Bedford will be running Cross Country training at 7.00am in the morning from Week 5 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Sports Status

A brief overview of where we are at with various sports in the table below, ** indicates a further update from last week update:




School representative pathways cancelled 2020

Cross Country **

School representative pathways cancelled 2020. Lindisfarne carnival to proceed, click on link.

Athletics **

Athletics representative carnivals are neither postponed or cancelled at this point, more information will be forthcoming soon.

Our carnival will be in a modified format and will be conducted here at school in various staggered stages. Mass gatherings at external locations are suspended for the foreseeable future.


AFLQ is neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates.

Touch Football

NCIS and CIS cancelled. 

NSW All Schools regional competitions cancelled; however, a major competition is rescheduled for Sydney over 3 days in November. 

QLD All Schools competition is neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates. 


Football competitions (Bill Turner, CIS Cup)  are neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates. 

NCIS and CIS (Sydney) competition cancelled.


NCIS and CIS cancelled. Lismore Pegasus Challenge for Open Boys/Girls cancelled. 

Lismore Aussie Dent King for Years 9 and 10 Boys/Girls is neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates 


NCIS cancelled.

Other school competitions (regional)  neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates 


QLD T20 Knockout is postponed,  awaiting status updates. 


All events postponed, awaiting status updates. 


Mt St Patricks games postponed, hoping to organise Term 3 games. Rugby School fixture is cancelled in Term 3.


Regional and State events postponed, awaiting status updates. 

Surf Life Saving

Secondary Schools Surf League neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities



Our Netball Centre of Excellence athletes continue to complete set workouts as well as their weekly “challenges”.

Enjoy the video of our Week 1 Challenge: Receiving and Passing the Ball.

In addition to the Nutbush Plank challenge set last week, some of the girls entered the Rebel Sports competition to beat Australian Diamond shooter, Caitlin Bassett, with their own netball tricks shots. Lindisfarne Lion, Hayley Maddalena (Year 6) has won a rebel voucher with her shot! Well done, Hayley! 

In our Google Meets this week, we set a new challenge: A tiktok with English Netball star Sasha Corbin. It would be great if all Netball players had a go!

If you are interested in working-out like our Lindisfarne Elite Netball Athletes, here is their fourth session below.

Remember ... we are here if you need, so please reach out and stay connected. 


Gay Maynard and Danielle Watters
Teacher in Charge of Netball and Netball Head Coach


Uniform Shop


Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News