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"Get to" vs "Have to"

“Picture yourself sitting in a comfortable, well-upholstered chair, watching a movie you’ve been looking forward to seeing, with a well-dressed attendant bringing you food and drinks.” So begins a podcast I recently listened to by entrepreneur Seth Godin. He goes on to say that for most of us that sounds like a great way to spend your time, but if the reason we are watching the movie is because we are stuck on an aeroplane for eight hours then it may not seem so appealing (although in the current climate many of us are looking forward to being back on a plane).

Our perspective and experience of almost the same scenario can change dramatically based on our mindset. Seth Godin talks about the difference between “Get to” versus “Have to”. I mentioned this idea to staff and some of the students I teach as they returned to classes a couple of weeks ago. The season of COVID-19 has been an opportune time to reflect on many of the things we often take for granted. As workers, we may sometimes have the mindset that we “have to” go to work or a student might begrudgingly say they “have to” go to school. I encouraged the staff and students to flip this idea and change the narrative. 

“Have to” usually implies negativity, whereas “get to” shows anticipation of something positive. For students to have the perspective “I get to go to school”, they come with the right frame of mind to learn and enjoy time with friends. As adults, we too benefit from focussing on the positives and the privilege that we “get to” go to work or we “get to” spend more time with family. During the period of isolation many of us have missed work and school and I hope that we can now see greater value in some of the things we may have previously not valued so highly. Changing our mindset from “have to” to “get to” has the potential to dramatically change the joy we experience each day. I encourage you to reframe your conversations to move from the negative “have to” to the positive “get to”.

Geoff Lancaster
Deputy Principal

Important Information

Uniform Requirements

It has been wonderful to see our students return to face-to-face learning over the past couple of weeks and settle back into their normal school routines. As we continue the transition back, we are writing to advise that all students are to return to their full school uniform requirements from Week 7 (Tuesday, 9 June).

As the Junior School returned to full school uniform at the beginning of the term, this will simply continue.

For the Middle and Senior School Campus, students may wear their sports uniform on Thursday (Years 7 to 10) and Friday (Years 5 and 6) for sport and on any day when a student has a practical PDHPE or PASS lesson. On these days, students can arrive and leave in their sports uniform. 

On all other days, students are expected to be in full school uniform with tie and it is to be worn correctly according to the school rules, policies and procedures. Students have also been advised of the school uniform requirements through Pastoral Care lessons and the daily notices.  

As always, we thank you for your cooperation as we continue to move forward and settle back into our normal school routines.

Charlotte Lush, Jeremy Godden and Mark Douglas
Head of Senior School, Head of Middle School and Head of Junior School

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National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. During the week, students across the whole school were educated about significant dates and moments along the timeline of our First Nations peoples history.

The dates for NRW remain the same each year, 27 May to 3 June. These dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey — the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision respectively.

Reconciliation must live in the hearts, minds and actions of all Australians as we move forward, creating a nation strengthened and united by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The theme for this year’s National Reconciliation Week is ‘In this Together’. These are such appropriate and resonating words, pertinent to what has been happening in Australia and around the world this past week. It reminds us that, whether we are in a crisis or in reconciliation, we are all #InThisTogether.

The following link is a compilation of students and the wider community members expressing their ideas about National Reconciliation Week.

At the Junior School, students from Preschool to Year 2 explored ideas surrounding friendship, empathy and fairness. Through discussion, storytelling and hands-on activities, we shared our understanding of reconciliation, demonstrating care and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture. Students in Years 3 and 4 observed some real-life stories and experiences of Aboriginal people through a variety of resources and discussed the impacts on their overall culture. The song ‘Taba Naba’ from the Eastern Torres Strait Islands was a huge success with students enjoying singing in another language and taking on the dance moves.

Across both campuses, we have seen some engaging and meaningful activities being held within Art, Music, HSIE, The Rite Journey, Pastoral Care, Year 5 and 6 core classes and House Tutor groups — the understanding of Reconciliation was embedded into the programs across the School in such varied ways. Below are some images of some of the tasks and lessons that were created across the Middle and Senior School to encourage our students to recognise, educate and reflect on this significant week in our nation’s history. 

Matt Fydler, Rebecca Hassell and Angela Mundy
Head of St Barnabas House and Junior School Teachers

Subpods at Lindisfarne

With the return of students to school, the Subpod Composting project was completed this week. Thousands of worms arrived to fill the remaining 26 Subpods that were built during the online learning period. 

Students from Years 5, 6 and 7 were actively involved in preparing the bedding with a mix of coco peat and shredded newspaper for the worms.

It takes about a week for the worms to settle into their new environment before we begin feeding them with the organic waste that is collected. Small caddies are located in key eating areas around the School so it’s easy for students to dispose of their fruit and lunch scraps. A dedicated team of Year 6 boys collect the scraps after lunch breaks.

From next week we will be in full operation feeding all 31 of the Subpods at our Middle and Senior School Campus. Our goal is to capture all the organic waste produced at Lindisfarne to make nutrient rich organic soil and divert a significant amount of waste from landfill.

For success of the project a team of eager students is needed. So, if you would like to become involved in this project, please email me (

Tracy Foyster

Maths Help for Years 7 to 12

Round Square

Dean of Studies

School Psychology

Early Learning Centre

Junior School

Head of Junior School Report

Ahoy me hearties – we have a musical coming!

As parents in Years 3 and 4 would already be aware, we are delighted to announce that Pirates the Musical will be performed by the Stage 2 students of the Junior School. Dance choreography and chorus numbers have begun to be rehearsed and our young buccaneers will have their sea legs well and truly ready before the performances next term.

School musicals are an outstanding opportunity for students to showcase their performance and theatrical skills. The musical will be a learning experience for all involved and is something I am sure our students will look back with fond memories in the future. As the title suggests, it will be a pirate musical and fortunately I have a ready collection of pirate puns to keep our children rolling their eyes at my attempts at humour.

The showcase times have been set for late Term 3 and I will advertise them regularly as we get closer to the date. I am hoping that our COVID-19 crisis has settled down enough by then for parents to fill the venue and support our young students in their first musical experience. Until then, we will weigh anchor, hoist the mainsail and get underway!

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Green Team

Sustainable Schools Network Journal

Click this brochure below to read this month's Sustainable Schools Network Journal.

Eco Tips

Composting at Home

Our very own Mrs Tracy Foyster (with help from Mr Cameron Jackson) has made a great video about making compost. We hope this might inspire you to start composting at home.

If you have been doing something at your house or in your local community that helps make our world more sustainable, we would love to hear about it and include it in our school newsletter.

Please send photos and a short description to

Middle School

Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant

Stage 3 students are leading the way in reducing the amount of school waste going to landfill on the Middle and Senior School Campus after successfully receiving a Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant.

The grant gave us funds to purchase coloured indoor and outdoor recycling bins for the Stage 3 classrooms and eating areas.

Our focus is to capture paper and cardboard in the blue bins and the yellow bins are for plastics, glass and aluminium cans. Inside the classrooms our yellow bins are also recycling pens, highlighters, whiteboard markers and correction tape dispensers.

The extra indoor items we are recycling are the initiative of Patrick Brabant, our Year 12 Sustainability Prefect who has registered the School as a TeraCycle collection centre.

Tracy Foyster
Stage 3 Teacher

Year 6 Report

As a follow up to my communication last week regarding the introduction of Accelerated Reader (AR) for Years 5 and 6, I wanted to share some important information regarding reading.

Nobody doubts the value of reading, but numerous studies have identified the significant impact it has on the reader. It has been found that 10 minutes exposure to reading materials each day will help shape your child’s future. Interestingly, all reading materials (picture books, comics, novels, recipes, even the back of food packets) contribute to a child’s daily reading goal. Reading any of these materials for 10 minutes a day exposes a child to more than 600,000 words in a year. 

Reading for 10 minutes a day shapes your child’s future by benefiting their performance in general knowledge, vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency, and spelling which are linked to improved measures on a child’s academic success as illustrated in the infographic below.

It is critical that students spend time each day rehearsing fluent reading behaviours by accessing books at a suitable level to develop fluency and comprehension. Our AR program assists students to identify books at their independent reading level. 

Challenging books do not need to be discouraged as they can be read by parents to the child. By sharing the reading experience, parents model fluent expressive reading and instil a love of literature. A child’s empathy and emotional intelligence can be improved by frequent reading as it allows readers to better understand people and the world around them, which is especially important in today’s world. And in the words penned over 40 years ago by Dr Suess,

“The more that you read, the more things you will know
The more things that you learn, the more places you’ll go”.

Cathy Cox
Year 6 Coordinator

Year 8 Push Up Challenge

On 11 May this year, the annual Push Up Challenge started Australia-wide. Aimed at raising awareness and funds for headspace, the National Youth Mental Health organisation, participants were encouraged to reach a goal of 3046 push ups by 31 May. 

The original Push Up Challenge started in 2018 and has generated a large amount of support nationwide. This year, the focus was 3046 push ups as, tragically, this is the amount of lives lost to suicide each year.

To try and encourage our students to start thinking outwardly to support others, our Year 8 cohort took part in this challenge. Last Friday, 29 May, our students committed to reaching the 3046 push up goal during homeroom. Not only did they reach this goal, they surpassed it by completing well over 4000 push ups.

Whilst we did not fundraise due to the current economic climate, it was amazing to see whole homerooms joining together to reach a goal and raise awareness for headspace.  

It was also heartening to see our homeroom teachers get down and punch out 20 quick push ups!

A big thank you to all students and staff who participated in raising awareness for such a wonderful foundation.

Kellie Douglas
Acting Year 8 Coordinator

Senior School


Click the link below to read this week's careers information from Options.


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Performing Arts

Congratulations, Georgia Sweetnam

This week Georgia Sweetnam was selected to perform in an international online Big Band, directed by multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Gordon Goodwin.

Georgia recently submitted an audition video to Gordon Goodwin for inclusion in the 18-piece band, and was successful in securing one of only two Alto Saxophone positions. 

The Phathouse Remote Big Band is directed by Goodwin, who is based in Los Angeles and made up of high school students from across the globe including members in Japan, the UK, Italy, Australia and the USA. Students involved in the ensemble will attend regular rehearsals over the coming months using a newly developed online platform allowing musicians to rehearse in real time.

We wish Georgia the best of luck in her involvement in this international project and look forward to sharing her progress and performance recordings in the coming months.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts


Learning Enrichment

Homework Club

Homework Club for Middle and Senior School is held every Wednesday afternoon from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

Held in the library, Homework Club provides an opportunity to complete homework or assessments with the support of the Learning Enrichment Team.

For any questions, please contact: Jodie Duggan (Middle School) on or Tim Wyatt (Senior School) on

Germinate Records

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

International Department

Digital Space


Olympic Day

23 June 2020 is Olympic Day! Olympic Day is intended as an international movement and celebration to promote mass participation in sports and leading a healthy and active lifestyle. 

This year’s scheduled Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo has been postponed until 2021, resulting in many athletes around the world having to reset their current goals. 

Therefore the 2020 Olympic Day has chosen to focus on the theme of #OlympicDayGoals.

Students and all Australians are encouraged to set a goal at the start of June 2020 which they would like to achieve by Olympic Day on 23rd June 2020. The movement is also encouraging participants to record their success via various online social platforms. 

Further information can be found at:

What’s your goal?

Olympic Day 2020 | Australian Olympic Committee

PDHPE Faculty


Sports News

COVID-19 Restrictions

Communication is starting to appear on our radar indicating that restrictions will be loosened  in the not so distant future. No objective dates to work with yet in terms of inter-school sport, but there will be clear ‘return to sport’ directives up and running soon. 



The PD/H/PE staff have been continuing to log results for our in-house Modified Athletics Program. On June 25 we will be running the Sprint events and High Jump at school, releasing one Year Group at a time to compete. Information pertaining to the Modified Athletics Program - here


Cross Country

Our Modified Cross Country year group challenge is officially taking place in Week 8. This is a self-nominated event for any interested student across Years 3 to 12, a Google Form should have already been completed (for students in Years 5 to 12). If you want to go in this event, please email Cherie Montford

The Mahers Lane campus will compete in Week 8:

  • Years 5 and 6 - Friday Sport (June 19)

  • Years 7 to 10 - Thursday Sport (June 18)

  • Years 11 and 12 - Thursday 7.30am - 8.30am (June 18)

Everything you need to know about the Cross Country as it stands at the moment - here

Sports Training at School

External practitioners coming in to coach at school are suspended until at least Term 2, Week 8.This includes all Thursday and Friday Sport professionals, as well as Basketball, Touch Football, Athletics, Gymnastics. Some external consultants that are on existing contracts can now slowly return to the campus. At this point Anthony Kershler (Cricket) and Rory Davies (Sports Academy) will slowly be integrated back into operations. 

Mr Clucas and Mr Bedford are coaching Cross Country if you are interested, which is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We meet at the school gymnasium and start at 7am in the morning.

Sports Status

A brief overview of where we are at with various sports in the table below (no changes from last week):




School representative pathways cancelled 2020

Cross Country 

School representative pathways cancelled 2020. Lindisfarne modified carnival to proceed in Week 8 for Mahers Lane students, link here.


Athletics representative carnivals are neither postponed or cancelled at this point. 

  • NCIS has given tentative "in-principle support" to try and proceed if at all possible. Government restrictions need to be lifted for this to occur. This carnival will be reviewed later in the term, but as it stands is very unlikely.

  • CIS are yet to make a decision around any Term 3 Sports (including athletics), an announcement will be forthcoming around the end of May.

  • Our Athletics program is underway in a modified format and is being conducted here at school in various staggered stages, including PE lessons, normal assembly periods, lunches and a Modified Athletics Day on 25 June. Mass gatherings at external locations are suspended at this stage eliminating the normal Kingscliff location. Information here.


NCIS has given "in-principle" support to try to run the NCIS Secondary tournament. Government restrictions need to be lifted for this to occur. This carnival will be reviewed later in the term.

Further updates delivered by Gay Maynard as they are forthcoming.


AFLQ is neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates.

Touch Football

NCIS and CIS cancelled. 

NSW All Schools regional competitions cancelled; however, a major competition was rescheduled for Sydney over 3 days in November. 

QLD All Schools competition is neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates. 


  • CIS Cup is attempting to recommence in Term 3.

  • Bill Turner competition is CANCELLED for 2020

  • NCIS and CIS (Sydney) competition cancelled.


NCIS and CIS cancelled. Lismore Pegasus Challenge for Open Boys/Girls cancelled. 

Lismore Aussie Dent King for Years 9 and 10 Boys/Girls is neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates 


NCIS cancelled.

Other school competitions (regional)  neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates 


QLD T20 Knockout is postponed,  awaiting status updates. 


All events suspended, awaiting status updates. 


Mt St Patricks games cancelled Term 2. Both schools have confirmed willingness to play in Term 3 if COVID-19 restrictions allow. 

Rugby School fixture is cancelled in Term 3.


Regional and State events postponed, awaiting status updates. 

Surf Life Saving

Secondary Schools Surf League neither postponed or cancelled at this point, awaiting status updates

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport and Activities



No word back from the Tweed Netball Association (TNA) Executive Team yet, regarding details of netball in 2020. We will let you know as soon as we can!


Netball Centre of Excellence

The Netball Centre of Excellence girls trained on the Middle and School School Campus courts again this week. They worked on their general fitness but specifically agility and acceleration. Each of the players brought in their own ball to complete shooting and ball skill challenges. We all had a chance to talk netball — but there’s still no playing the game as yet.

Please see some photos of the seniors training during sport time on Thursday.

Remember, we are here if you need. So, please reach out and stay connected.

Gay Maynard and Danielle Watters
Teacher in Charge of Netball and Netball Head Coach


Uniform Shop


Employment at Lindisfarne

Community News

Kids Alive Couch Concerts

Concert series to educate families about water safety

A new initiative from Kids Alive is set to entertain and educate families about water safety. The Kids Alive ‘Couch Concerts’ was a series of free online events starting 1 June to help families with little ones learn how to navigate water safety.

Founder Laurie Lawrence said the concept was developed in response to the travel and leisure restrictions that have occurred due to COVID-19, with the organisation concerned kids and parents could be missing out on important water safety messages.

“We usually deliver our water safety programs nationally, onsite at swim schools and childcare centres but when we couldn’t travel and when swim schools and childcare centres were restricted, we jumped in and developed the new online events,” Laurie said.

“While restrictions are now starting to be eased, families and young children still need entertainment and education opportunities in the comfort of their own home. These online events may even reach a larger audience and keep water safety front of mind during winter.”

Throughout the month of June, Kids Alive will host over 18 virtual events live at 2pm each day through their Facebook page and website. The events have been designed to deliver water safety messages in a fun and innovative way and will include kids dance concerts, puppet shows, craft videos and book readings.