2021 Term 1 Week 05 26 Feb 2021

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

At Lindisfarne, we believe great leaders don’t just lead, they serve.

American author, chemical engineer and former CEO of General Electric Jack Welch wrote in his book, Winning: “When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” This notion of servant leadership has resonated with me this week as we had the pleasure of inducting our Middle School Leaders for 2021.

On Tuesday, as our Middle School gathered to formally celebrate our Year 8 student leaders, Middle School Captains and Middle School House Captains, I carefully listened to our Year 8 cohort pledge to uphold our school values of compassion, wisdom and respect and act as role models and servant leaders to students right across our school. It was heart-warming to hear such sincerity coming from our young people as they endeavour to make our school, their parents and themselves proud of their actions and achievements, whilst striving to forge a legacy where achievement and the encouragement of others go hand in hand. With this incredible outlook, there are sure to be great things to come from our Middle School leaders in 2021.

Pictured above: Year 8 Middle School Captains and Vice Captains with Principal Stuart Marquardt.

We had some very exciting news from our Sports Faculty on Wednesday with Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School named as the 2021 NCIS Primary Swimming Champions! Reports of our Junior swimmers dominating the carnival leader board continued flooding in and, by the end of a jam-packed day of races, our students were deemed victorious and took home the championship trophy. Congratulations to those crowned Age Champions and Runners Up, and to all of our students who competed. We are extremely proud of you all.

Pictured above: Lachlan Arghyros and Kaimana Lowien-Britt holding the NCIS Primary Swimming Carnival championship trophy.

On Thursday evening, we were delighted to welcome back Australian netball royalty and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Nicole Cusack who joined us for the 2021 Lindisfarne Netball Centre of Excellence Induction. Our budding netball athletes, who range in age from 10 to 18, were captivated by their Netball Centre of Excellence Ambassador who spoke about the importance of sacrifice, dedication to the sport and, most importantly, camaraderie. Congratulations to our 2021 inductees, and thank you to Nicole, Mrs Gay Maynard, Miss Danielle Watters and the staff who worked to put on a great event for our elite netball players.

Our Year 7 students are looking forward to their Orientation Camp at Thunderbird Park, Mt Tamborine next week. This camp, often referred to as a Mateship Camp, is a wonderful chance for our Year 7 students to get to know each other on a deeper level outside of the classroom whilst embracing elements of outdoor education and physical activity designed to build cooperation, initiative, communication and self-esteem. We are already anticipating an abundance of great tales and triumphs from the students.

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our Online Guardians Parent Workshops over the past weeks. The recorded sessions have been added to Parent Lounge if you missed them and would like to learn more about cybersafety, online presence and cyberbullying as well as how we, as parents, can support our children with a healthy online and offline life balance.

Our Principal’s Tours have been of great interest to new and current families eager to visit our two campuses after hours this term. If you know of families considering enrolment at Lindisfarne, please encourage them to register for a Principal’s Tour by clicking this link: Principal's Tour Bookings.

As we’re in the midst of working through our 2022 enrolments, I also encourage all current families who are considering sibling applications for 2023 to submit them at their earliest convenience to give you the best chance of securing our limited places.

The first Lindisfarne Parents and Friends Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for Tuesday, 30 March 2021 in the Chapel at 6.30pm. If you would like to nominate for the Parents and Friends Executive Committee, please download the form from the Parents and Friends page of the Lindisfarne website.

Please also note the following AGM dates for our Parents and Friends subcommittees.

Friends of the Arts (FOTA) AGM
Date: Tuesday, 2 March 6.30pm
Venue: Library, Mahers Lane campus
Nominations for vacant positions will be taken on the night.

Netball Supporters Group AGM
Date: Wednesday, 3 March 6.30pm
Venue: Chapel, Mahers Lane campus
Nominations for vacant positions will be taken on the night.

Your first opportunity to support our P&F events this year is by coming along to the Trivia Night on Saturday, 27 March. Get in quickly as tickets are selling fast with only six tables left! 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal


Important Information

First Nations

Parents and Friends

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Lindisfarne Parents and Friends Association Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 30 March 2021 at 6.30pm at the Mahers Lane campus.

Ramesh Sivabalan

Safe on Social


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Junior School

Junior School Runners Club and Cross Country Training

The Junior School Runners Club has had a successful start with more than 60 runners who have run more than 400km collectively so far. The purpose of the Runners Club is to assist in the running development of our school students. 

Last year, the Runners Club was a great success with students and parents joining in to improve their running, fitness or just to spend time with each other doing physical activity. All students in Years 1 to 4 are welcome to attend. 

Runners Club training days will be Tuesday and Thursday morning and we will always be on, rain hail or shine. Training sessions will begin at 7.30am sharp and will conclude by 8.30am. Students will be required to bring along their school uniform to change into after the completion of the session. They will be given time to change and have something to eat before the first bell at 8.45am. Parents and carers are more than welcome to come along and join in. 

Dates for Term 1

  • Runners Club: Every Tuesday and Thursday concludes Tuesday, 30 March 
  • Cross Country Carnival Years 3 to 12: Thursday, 1 April

Nathan Croft
Junior School PDHPE Coordinator

Early Learning Centre

Green Team

Green Tip

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Middle School

Year 5 Report

English Overview


This term, Year 5 students are learning about ‘The Wildness of Stories’. In this English unit of work, the classes will investigate how composers make stories powerful. Our focus is on the graphic novel, A Monster Calls, and the film, The Never Ending Story, which are both examples of multimodal texts. A particular feature of these two texts is their use of stories within the story. The Year 5 students are working towards composing a range of their own narratives with this focus in mind. VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) is helping to embed the students’ understanding of the mechanics of writing and our regular Big Write sessions give the students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge, as well as share and celebrate their writing successes.


Year 5 and 6 students are well-underway with their spelling programs, Spelling Mastery (Year 5) and Spelling Through Morphographs (Year 6). These are both direct instruction programs that teach students dependable spelling skills (using the phonemic approach, the whole word approach and the morphemic approach). In Year 5, we will be targeting the morphemic approach. This includes combining the roots, bases, prefixes and suffixes into words that help to understand the meaning of words. Year 6 students are developing their spelling proficiency, as well as learning specific strategies through their workbook. The advantage of this program is that it teaches students how to spell words that are related in meaning, building on their prior knowledge of prefixes, suffixes and base or root words. This program is new to Stage 3 this year and the spelling results are indicating a positive, upward trend.

There is a small fee to pay for the student workbook and is payable through Parent Lounge.

Stage 3 will also be participating in the Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee this year. This will be a great opportunity for the students to consolidate their learning so far. A consent form will be coming home next week.


Mrs Rossington highlighted the importance of reading in last week’s newsletter. She shared some wonderful suggestions about how to promote the love of reading with your child at home. In Year 5, DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time is a highly valued and cherished 15 to 20 minutes where the students can be engrossed in their favourite book. We have regular Library sessions so each student can select DEAR books for the week or fortnight. Of course, students are welcome and highly encouraged to borrow books from the library before or after school, or during recess or lunch breaks. In addition, if your child has a book from home they love, please continue to encourage them to bring it to school for DEAR.

As James Patterson once stated: “There is no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading and kids who are reading the wrong books.”

Amy Williamson
Year 5 Coordinator

Senior School

Head of Senior School Report

Year 9 The Rite Journey - Calling and Departure Ceremony

The Rite Journey Calling and Departure ceremonies take place at our Mahers Lane Campus and Kingscliff beach on Wednesday, 17 March and Thursday, 18 March. 

On Thursday morning, parents and mentors join the students for the Departure Ceremony. Please ensure you have RSVPed to this ceremony via the link below. 

The Calling Departure 2021- RSVP  

Parents must also ensure they login to Tours and Excursions in Parent Lounge to confirm and make payment for their child’s attendance.

Year 12 University Roadshow 

Thank you to Barry Woods for his organisation and for facilitating the Year 12 University Showcase. This was held on last Friday, 19 February. 

Our Year 12 students attended the Showcase which was held in Ngahriyah. This was a great opportunity for them to gain first-hand information about a variety of Universities and what they offer. 

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews have been scheduled for Tuesday, 9 March commencing at 3.40pm for Year 11 Accelerated HSC Courses and Year 12 HSC Courses.

Bookings can be made from 9.00am on Friday, 26 February through the Parent Teacher Interview link on Parent Lounge. 

Any issues accessing Parent Lounge please contact Reception on 07 5590 5099.

Bookings will close on Tuesday, 9 March at 9.00am.

Kate Cornell
Head of Senior School

Dean of Studies Report

HSC Minimum Standards Tests 

Students in Year 10 will complete the tests next week.

Further information from the NSW Standards Education Authority (NESA) about the tests is available here.

Any concerns please contact me via cjeffries@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

Careers Information

Year 12 University Showcase

On Friday, 19 February, Year 12 students had the opportunity to attend the University Showcase held in Ngahriyah. The feedback from the university representatives was outstanding with many stating our students were the most engaged group they'd had. Our Year 12s asked great questions and tried to find out as much information as they could. Well done, Year 12.

Questions that came up in our discussions:

  • What happens now that you are leaving the School?
    The School has advertised nationally to ensure they get the best candidate for the role of Director of Careers and VET. I will be available during the transition to ensure it is a smooth process.
  • What if there is a delay with the new Director starting at the school?
    I will be available for as long as needed.
  • When do university applications open?
    Term 3, except for Bond University which is Term 2.
  • What are Early Entry Applications for university? 
    Students can apply to some universities in Term 3, based on Year 11 and Mid-Year 12 results and receive an offer based on those results, not your ATAR.
  • Are we going to have a university tour, as we missed out due to COVID-19 last year? 
    I have spoken with the Head of Senior School, Mrs Cornell, and we are looking at available options. 

I want to interview everyone over the next few weeks. Could you please make sure you have updated your transition plan with any of your Year 12 assessment results that you have? I will come down during your studies. There is no need to book a time. 

Year 11

Students need to have completed All My Own Work, and if you need any assistance, I can work with you to achieve this during lunch. Please see me to book a meeting.

Year 10

All Year 10 students have received their log in details for Natural Ability and they will all have an introduction to the program in their Careers class. Following that, they are to complete all the testing at home in a quiet environment where you can concentrate. Any issues, please email robert@naturalability.com.au or me.

“We were all born unique with our own individual strengths and weaknesses and personal set of abilities, but too often we are a square peg getting forced to fit into a round hole. Imagine how great it would be to find the square hole, the perfect match for your unique abilities, the place in the world where you “fit”.

That is what Natural Ability is all about, helping you find the right fit in your team, your work or your career based on your unique abilities and to design your own future based on who you are as a unique individual.”

Please click here to read this week's newsletter from Options.

Thank you.

Barry Woods
Director of Careers and VET

School Psychology / Counsellor

Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


Debating Summer School

Enthusiastic debaters attended the Debating Summer School at Bond University on Saturday, 20 February. Students gained an insight into the skills needed to be a participant in the Gold Coast Debating Competition. Nicolas, Mia and Tom share their thoughts below:


On Saturday, a group of students went to Bond University to attend a debating Summer School. During the session, students learnt how to structure a debating speech and rebuttal, and learnt how to prepare a debate. In addition, they also learnt the roles of each team member, along with some extra tips. At the end of the session students observed a high school debate on whether Tik Tok should be banned. This was a great way to begin to immerse ourselves in debating. And they served cookies.
Nicolas Leotta 


The Debating Summer School was very informative and would be very helpful for first-time debaters. The show debate was so interesting to watch and see the educator's side of the marking as the debate was happening. I learnt a lot from the morning.
Mia Harris 


For a beginner as inexperienced as me, Bond University Summer School was extremely helpful. The first session consisted of the fundamentals of matter, manner and method (the three main areas where marks are earnt) and basic rebuttal techniques. Then the show debate demonstrated the actual mechanisms of a debate, before the advanced debating course explained the use of Points of Information and the other components of advanced debating.
Tom Leach 


A huge thank you is extended to Ms McCue, her daughter Chloe and Mr Inksetter, who completed the adjudicator training courses. Their willingness to undertake these courses and commit to regular debating adjudication enables Lindisfarne to meet the adjudication requirements. 

The following students are congratulated for their selection and willingness to represent Lindisfarne in debating:

  • Junior Team 1: James Cunnah, Leo Lush, Nicolas Leotta, Ben Reeve (coached by Ms Brewer)
  • Junior Team 2: Eliza Evesson, Tessa Ford, Teagan Gilmour, Scout Bee Jones (coached by Ms Treacy)
  • Intermediate Team: Amity Chaffey, Thomas Chong, Mia Harris, Ava von Stolzenheim (coached by Mrs Makepeace)
  • Open Team: Olivia-Jade Greenslade, Connor Hooley, Thomas Leach, Miranda Rhodes (coached by Mrs Walker)

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Debating and Public Speaking



LOTE Update

The Language faculty has had a wonderful start to Term 1 with approximately 1,000 students studying a second or, in some cases, third language. 

The benefits of learning a foreign language are well-documented. Not only does it improve the knowledge of one’s own language, boost problem-solving, critical thinking, and listening skills. It improves memory and concentration. Children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. More holistically, it broadens our perspective on the world and encourages respect, understanding and tolerance. All of these skills and attributes are so very important in being a well-rounded and productive member of society.

With the first few weeks of classes well-underway, our Stage 1 and 2 students are learning French greetings and classroom commands through various song and activities, Stage 3 students are being immersed in the Japanese and French cultures while learning classroom commands also. Stage 4 students are studying self-introductions and daily life, with a particular focus on the macro skills of listening and speaking, while Stage 5 and 6 students continue to deepen and develop their linguistic skills.

An essential part of learning another language is to learn about the country, religion, customs and lifestyle of the native speakers of that language. Exposing students to these aspects of a foreign culture and language inspires them to find out more for themselves.

Next week, our Japanese students will learn more about an important seasonal festival celebrated in Japan, Hinamatsuri. It is also known as Girls' Day or the Doll Festival. This festival was traditionally known as the Peach Festival (桃の節句, Momo no Sekku), as peach trees typically begin to flower around this time. Hinamatsuri is observed annually on 3 March to celebrate female children and pray for their continued health, success and happiness. This celebration is over 1,000 years old. 

Hinamatsuri is very important in Japanese culture, as there are many symbolic elements present throughout the festival. It is meant to honour, celebrate and inspire young girls throughout the country. The traditions of the festival are designed to help ensure the young girls’ next year and life are filled with good luck and fortune. This festival is usually only celebrated in homes of families with daughters.

Families prepare special dishes and girls invite special friends over to celebrate with them. Traditionally on this day, families display ceramic dolls dressed in traditional court dress of ornate, decorative robes from the ancient imperial court during the Heian period. These dolls represent the Emperor, Empress, attendants and musicians, and are set on platforms covered with a red carpet material. Often, 15 dolls are displayed on a seven-tier doll stand. Parents hope their daughters will be as noble as these court dolls. 

Dolls are passed down from mothers to daughters. Relatives give gifts of furniture, trees and household items to the girls to add to their displays. The dolls are displayed only for a few days before they are carefully packed away again for another year.

Cathy Cox
Director of Languages



Performing Arts

Germinate Records


World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day is held on 3 March each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world. It coincides with Hearing Awareness Week in Australia.

  • Hearing loss is costing Australia $15 billion a year in health system costs and lost productivity

  • Hearing loss affects 70% of people over the age of 70 and it has a huge impact on the quality of life

  • It is more common than heart disease, cancer and diabetes

  • 500,000 hearing aids are bought every year in Australia

World Hearing Day 2021 marks the launch of the World Report on Hearing, presenting a global call for action to address hearing loss and ear diseases across the life course.

The theme of World Hearing Day is 'Hearing care for ALL! Screen. Rehabilitate. Communicate

The World Hearing Day 2021 and the World Report on Hearing present a global call for action to address hearing loss and ear diseases across the life course.

The key messages of World Hearing Day 2021 target:


  • The number of people living with unaddressed hearing loss and ear diseases is unacceptable

  • Timely action is needed to prevent and address hearing loss across the life course

  • Investing in cost-effective interventions will benefit people with hearing loss and bring financial gains to society

  • Integrate person-centered ear and hearing care within national health plans for universal health coverage. 

General public

  • Good hearing and communication are important at all stages of life

  • Hearing loss (and related ear diseases) can be avoided through preventative actions such as: protection against loud sounds; good ear care practices and immunisation

  • Hearing loss (and related ear diseases) can be addressed when it is identified in a timely manner and appropriate care sought

  • People at risk of hearing loss should check their hearing regularly

  • People having hearing loss (or related ear diseases) should seek care from a health care provider

During Hearing Awareness Week, the most important thing you can do is to focus on your own hearing and that of your friends and family. If you or any of your family are having difficulty hearing, you should arrange a hearing test as soon as possible no matter how gradual the decline.

According to research, it takes people an average of seven years from the time they start thinking they might have a hearing problem to actually seek treatment, so the time to act is sooner rather than later.

We are also encouraged to examine the listening habits of our children during Hearing Awareness Week, with the golden rule being that if they are wearing earbuds and you can hear their music, then it’s too loud and is damaging their ears.

The PDHPE Faculty

Photography and Digital Media


Science Matters

Spare a thought for the poor old sacred ibis. This much-maligned bird often referred to scornfully as the “bin chicken”, “tip turkey”, “picnic pirate” and other unprintable names, has recently been observed doing something remarkable.

The ibis has been seen picking up cane toads, shaking them, and then washing them in water. This process is repeated up to three times before the bird tosses the toad down its throat for lunch. This behaviour has been witnessed from the Sunshine Coast as far south as the Northern Rivers.

Last week, at the cane toad workshop in Murwillumbah, the presenters ran through a list of native Australian animals that are able to eat cane toads. These include the water rat, keelback snake, crows, magpies and... ibis. It is the ibis behaviour that is the most amazing because it is complex, they seem to be stimulating the toads to produce their toxin and then washing it away in water, and it has appeared relatively recently. It begs the question, did the ibis learn from watching other birds get sick from eating toads? Do they do this with some other prey species? Do the adults teach their offspring how to eat the toads? It is another example of nature never ceasing to surprise and amaze?

Other unsung predators of cane toads are the aquatic invertebrates. We had never heard of this either at Science Matters but little creatures like dragonfly nymphs feast on newly hatched cane toad tadpoles without being harmed.

However, the cane toads have taken a dreadful toll on species like quolls and black snakes whose numbers have crashed wherever the toads are present. Even freshwater crocodiles have been found dead with cane toads in their stomachs. All of which makes the news about the ibis even more exciting.

The workshop introduced the tadpole pheromone trap which can be spectacularly successful when it is used properly. The presenters put up images of traps literally full of cane toad tadpoles being pulled out of dams on the Sunshine Coast. However, you cannot use these traps without instruction and you should visit the Watergum website for information about the traps and how to use them.

In the meantime, look upon the ibis with new respect. Not only a staple of ethnic cuisine according to urban myth but an intrepid, ingenious predator of cane toads.

Have a wonderful week in Science and never ever underestimate what nature is capable of achieving.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator

Technology and Applied Studies

Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Round Square

Postcard from Colombia

Join us on Thursday, 4 March 2021 at 10.00am (NSW time) for a Round Square Postcard from Colegio Gran Bretaña, Colombia where they invite students aged 12 to 15 years to discuss the topic of ‘Adventures at home’.

On the call, participants will be invited to share new skills and talents that they have learned in the comfort of their homes.

If interested, please email me at mlush@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

Mike Lush
Round Square Coordinator

Model United Nations Assembly

Whilst not a Round Square event, our local Rotary District is hosting a Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) on Saturday, 1 May. MUNA is designed to create an awareness of the role of the United Nations (UN) in mediating international issues and has clear links to the Round Square Ideals of Democracy and Internationalism. 

Open to students in Years 11 and 12, the purpose of MUNA is to encourage young people to learn about other nations and to understand and appreciate the workings of the UN while they develop debating skills and gain self confidence in public speaking.
The debates reproduce genuine UN debates often with a fine flow of rhetoric, points of order, motions of dissent and bloc walkouts! MUNA is actually a UN initiative and there are a variety of MUNA events held throughout the world.

For further information please email me at mlush@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.  

Mike Lush
Round Square Coordinator



Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Electronic Music Competition

The closing date for our electronic music competition is fast approaching. Students can submit their entries until 4.00pm on 15 March 2021. See the flyer below for more details.

Brett Canning
Lindisfarne Recording Studio Producer

Terapai Richmond Visit

This week, we were extremely lucky to have drumming legend Terapai Richmond recording in the school studio with a group of our talented student songwriters and engineers. Terapai plays drums for many well-known artists and bands including The Whitlams, John Butler Trio and, now, our very own Year 11 student, Ronan Green. Thank you, Terapai!

Our Year 10 Service Learning group prepared the studio space, set-up microphones and worked as sound engineers in preparation for this week’s drum recording session. Thank you, Manaia Hyett, Chris Nellikkatu, Roman Sullivan and Bailey Keay.

Ronan Green and Chris Nellikkatu with drumming legend, Terapai Richmond.

Service Learning with Year 10 students Chris Matthew Nellikkatu, Roman Sullivan, Bailey Keay and Manaia Hyett.

Brett Canning
Lindisfarne Recording Studio Producer

Digital Space

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular


From the Sports Desk


NCIS Primary Swimming Carnival

Well done to our boys and girls for winning the Primary NCIS Swimming carnival on Wednesday. Unfortunately, there were no parents allowed in due to COVID-19 and a few of our youngsters were a little nervous initially. However, they soon set about dominating many of the age groups with some excellent swimming. 

Congratulations to the following Age Champions and Runners Up - (full list here):


Age Champion

Runner Up

Junior Girls

Isabelle Daniel

Junior Boys

Jack Sewell

11 Year Girls

Eira Grace McGilligan

11 Year Boys

Riley Johnston

12/13 Year Girls

Kaimana Lowien-Britt

12/13 Year Boys

Lachlan Arghyros

Jack Cross

Well done to the following students for advancing to NSW CIS if they wish to take this option - here.

Extracurricular Sport 

Here is a video guide as to how to enrol for any of the extracurricular activities you hear in homeroom — for either teams or Individual entries.

The students that register through this process will appear on our rolls for further information via email. 

Touch football — squad training for upcoming events NCIS, NSW All Schools and QLD All Schools. 

  • Years 7 to 12 boys and girls

Cricket Trials — T20 Cricket Knockout

  • Senior girls (years 10 to 12)

  • Junior girls (years 7 to 9)

Basketball - NCIS 

  • Open - girls

Registrations may be completed through Student Cafe for Years 7 to 10 and Parent Lounge for Years 5 and 6. Please click here for instructions.


Congratulations to Matilda Daniel for heading down to compete in the CIS Primary Girls Tennis tournament. She won two matches and lost three, and was disappointed to lose one of these games as it went to deuce each game. 

Matilda has wonderful, intrinsic motivation with her training and work ethic, and she will be all the better for her Sydney CIS experience. 

Rugby Union

Lindisfarne competed in our first game of the Gold Coast Schools Cup Rugby Union tournament versus Xavier College from Ballina. 

We lost 27-5 overall against a very well drilled Xavier outfit, but the scoreline didn’t reflect how close the game was. All the boys should hold their heads up high for the grit and tenacity they demonstrated until the final whistle. 


Today, our full contingent of senior girls and boys took the field in our first Tobias and Marquardt Cup and CIS double tournament.

The squads have both just begun their campaigns on the training paddock for the year ahead, but had enough of their strategic systems in place to prevail against Emmanuel Anglican College in all divisions.

  • U15 Boys: 2-1 Win
  • U15 Girls: 5-2 Win
  • Open Boys: 1-0 Win
  • Open Girls: 10-0 Win

Southern Gold Coast Independent Schools Sport Association

We were very excited to launch the Southern Gold Coast Independent Schools Sport Association this year. It was supposed to be running in Terms 2 and 3, however, a prudent decision was made by all associated schools to schedule games only in Term 3 for 2021. The dynamic nature of the NSW/QLD border is concerning for all schools, and we were seeking a more reliable set of health circumstances and government directives before rolling out this association. 

This association will allow for regular sustained interschool competition within our allotted sport time, and we are very much looking forward to getting involved. All schools involved will convene at the end of Term 1 to assess whether we proceed this year or not.

Lindisfarne Lions Basketball Club

Last week, we had 10 excited teams take the courts at Carrara to represent Lindisfarne in the Gold Coast Junior Basketball League competition. 

Our teams were absolutely awesome in their first games, which was one of three trials. Lindisfarne is running a ‘Coach the Coach’ clinic here at school tomorrow (Saturday, 27 February) from 8.00am to 9.00am in Ngahriyah for any interested parents to assist with courtside coaching duties. 

Cross Country

Our Cross Country training is running for any student from Years 3 to 12. We meet at the gymnasium under the Trades Skills Centre at our Middle and Senior School Campus in Terranora from 7.15am to 8.00am every Wednesday and Friday. Intensity will be clicking up a notch this week. 

Spotlight on Elliott Cleary

Elliott finished up with second place in the first round of the Australian Karting Championships. In his sport, this is a big deal and a huge achievement for him. His category, KA2, is made up of 35-40 of the elite juniors in the country. For Elliott to come away with second place is incredible and you can tell from his face he was thrilled.

Damien Clucas
Director of Sport and Activities


Monday Night Netball

Pretty tough competition for our Lions teams last week. Fabulous game for the Red Lions — only going down by one goal! However, the best game of the night was between our mums teams. The Golden Oldies kept the Glitter Bombers scoreless in the last quarter to level the total tally by the end of the match. Brilliant! Well done, ladies!

Good luck in Round 5 on Monday, 1 March. 





Gold Lions



Red Lions

Terranora Torpedoes



Blue Lions

Centaur Sixers



Golden Oldies 




Lions (Mixed)

Hot Shots



Silver Lions

Jalapeno Hotties



White Lions

Centaur Magic



Glitter Bombers 



Any Gold Lions who would like a game for the Mixed Lions at 6pm or the Silver Lions at 7pm, please let me know.

Please be at the courts in time to warm-up and sign on.

Netball Dates for the Diary

Team Selections for anyone who would like to play for the School on Saturdays will be held at Arkinstall Park, starting at 4.30pm, on

  • Thursday, 4 March and 

  • Thursday, 11 March – for all Middle and Senior School players (Years 5 to 12)

  • Tuesday, 9 March and

  • Tuesday, 16 March for the Junior School players.

Tweed Netball Association are running a Beginners Umpiring Course on Saturday, 6 March; a Red and Green Bib Umpires Course on Saturday, 20 March and the C badged umpires have a course the following weekend on Saturday, 27 March.

It is essential that all Umpires planning to participate in 2021’s Saturday Competition attend the relevant workshop.

These workshops will go through INF’s Rules of Netball changes, Netball Australia‘s Umpire Updating Requirements and Tweed Netball’s Umpiring protocol and procedures.

These workshops will update you all on the changes that have occurred, and answer any questions you may have.

Please also note that this will be the only course run for new umpires in 2021 so if you are thinking of learning more about the game - and earning $10 every match (even as a beginner!) then please register ASAP. See the flyers below for more information

Nicole Cusack Coaching

Calling for any interested netball players and coaches!

On Saturday, 20 and 27 March, Nicole is holding coaching sessions at Tweed for any wannabe coaches. In order to share her expertise, she is also looking for players — 10 years and 12 years respectively — for each of these workshops. An excellent opportunity to be instructed by an international coach!

Netball Centre of Excellence

The Netball Centre of Excellence Induction Evening took place on Thursday, 25 February. 

Our Ambassador, Nicole Cusack presented an inspiring speech about the benefits of playing netball and each student with their certificate and badge. Our Netball Captains, Samantha Harvey and Ebony Richards, introduced the 2021 coaching team and thanked them with a small bouquet of sunflowers: Nicole Cusack, Danielle Watters, Mel Groves, Suzanne Evans, Lauren Brake, Brooke Magnum and Gay Maynard.

During Sport training time, Nicole put the shooters from each of the teams through their paces. She was pleased to report some real potential!

Enjoy the photos below.

Strength and conditioning training

Strength and conditioning training with Rory continues on Mondays during School time. 

If you have any questions regarding netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

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Classroom Teacher of English

Full-time contract position

Commencing on 19 April 2021, for three terms

Lindisfarne is seeking expressions of interest from highly motivated, charismatic and passionate educators who will work to meet the high expectations for the achievement and holistic development of our students.

Key Selection Criteria

The successful applicant will:

  • have significant passion, expertise and experience in teaching English across the secondary year levels (Stage 6 experience an advantage)
  • maintain a positive and effective learning environment through well‐prepared and varied lessons, which cater to the range of student abilities and interests
  • set realistic and challenging academic standards of student performance
  • provide prompt and comprehensive feedback on student work
  • be able to work collaboratively in a team-focussed environment
  • demonstrate knowledge, competence and confidence in the relevant subject discipline
  • demonstrate high levels of professionalism in all activities
  • have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School
  • hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Located at our Middle and Senior School Campus in Terranora, northern New South Wales, this is an outstanding opportunity to join a dynamic learning community in an aspirational school.

Please click here to read the position description.

How to Apply:

Please select "apply now" via Seek, or forward your application to Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal, employment@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au. Please provide a covering letter addressing the key selection criteria outlined above, a current resume and the names of two recent professional referees.

Applications close, 4.00pm Friday, 5 March 2021.

Classroom Teacher of Senior Geography

Full-time contract position (maternity leave)

Terms 2 to 4, 2021

Lindisfarne is seeking expressions of interest from highly motivated and passionate educators who will work to meet our high expectations for the achievement and holistic development of students.

Key Selection Criteria

The successful applicant will:

  • have significant passion, expertise and experience in teaching Geography across all secondary year levels; with Senior HSC Geography experience highly desirable
  • maintain a positive and effective learning environment through well‐prepared and varied lessons, which cater to the range of student abilities and interests
  • set realistic and challenging academic standards of student performance
  • provide prompt and comprehensive feedback on student work
  • be able to work collaboratively in a team-focussed environment
  • demonstrate high levels of professionalism in all activities
  • demonstrate knowledge, competence and confidence in the relevant subject discipline
  • have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School
  • hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Located at our Middle and Senior School Campus in Terranora, northern New South Wales, this is an outstanding opportunity to join a dynamic learning community in an aspirational school.

Please click here to read the position description.

How to Apply:

Please select "apply now" via Seek, or forward your application to Mr Stuart Marquardt – Principal, employment@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au. Please provide a covering letter addressing the key selection criteria outlined above, a current resume and the names of two recent professional referees. 

Applications close, 4.00pm Friday, 5 March 2021.

Director of Faculty — Careers and VET

Full-time continuing position commencing 22 March 2021

We seek to appoint an outstanding educational leader as our next Director of Faculty - Careers and VET. The Director of Careers and VET is responsible for developing and implementing the delivery of a successful career’s program, vocation development and post-school options services that effectively meets the needs of the students and the School from Years 7 to 12 in a positive and future-looking focus and to assist students to design their vocational pathway(s).

The successful applicant will:

  1. Be experienced in delivering a high quality, comprehensive careers program for secondary students which prepares students well for post-secondary pathways.
  2. Have experience in promoting student participation in industry, university and tertiary institution career events; and pathways to University, Colleges and TAFE and private providers.
  3. Provide strategic leadership and manage the day-to-day operations of the School’s VET programs. Currently, these programs include Hospitality and Screen and Media and a range of TVET TAFE courses.
  4. Have experience in establishing and managing the delivery of School approved VET programs.
  5. Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment desirable.
  6. Formal qualifications in Career Development desirable.
  7. Possess demonstrated experience as an excellent teacher, leader and administrator.
  8. Demonstrate high levels of professionalism, superior organisational and collaborative abilities.
  9. Demonstrate an ability to develop a positive, harmonious and constructive team environment.
  10. Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School.
  11. Hold a current NSW Working with Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Located at our Terranora campus in northern New South Wales, this is an outstanding opportunity to join a dynamic learning community in an aspirational School.

If this position provides the professional challenge you are seeking, please visit our website via http://bit.ly/LindisfarneEmployment for full details.

Applications close, 4.00pm Friday, 5 March 2021.

School Psychologist

We are seeking a qualified Clinical Psychologist/Psychologist to join our team:

The successful applicant will have:

  • Professional qualifications in Psychology enabling professional registration
  • Relevant experience in a school environment
  • An ability to effectively deal with child, adolescent and family issues in an educational context
  • Understanding of the academic and wellbeing needs of students as these relate to the learning and personal growth outcomes for students
  • Expertise in identification, formulation and counselling of students
  • An ability to work effectively with highly sensitive and confidential matters
  • Demonstrate high levels of professionalism, superior organisational and collaborative abilities
  • Demonstrate an ability to develop a positive, harmonious and constructive team environment
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School
  • Hold a current NSW Working with Children Check (or be eligible to apply for one).

Located at our Terranora campus in northern New South Wales, this is an outstanding opportunity to join a dynamic learning community in an aspirational School.

If this position provides the professional challenge you are seeking, please visit our website via http://bit.ly/LindisfarneEmployment for full details.

Applications close, 4.00pm Friday, 5 March 2021.

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