2021 Term 3 Week 6 20 Aug 2021

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Yesterday the New South Wales Government announced an extension to the lockdown until Saturday, 28 August 2021 for all of New South Wales including regional areas. The current Public Health Orders will remain in place until 28 August. 

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School will continue remote and online learning until such time as the lockdown and Stay at Home Public Health Orders are lifted. The School will remain closed for face-to-face learning and only open for children who are vulnerable or the children of essential workers who cannot conduct their learning from home.  We greatly appreciate your support with these necessary measures. As is our Lindisfarne Way, our staff have confidently stepped forward to put programs in place and ensure continuity of learning. 

Back at both campuses we work on planning for the remainder of the School year and the 2022 School year and a return to face to face learning as soon as health restrictions and government directions allow. Hopefully this will be sooner rather than later and I will keep our School community updated on a weekly basis. 

Part of our commitment to continuous improvement includes an annual survey of school parents, staff and Year 12 students. The parent survey will be released next Wednesday. Your feedback is important, valued and helpful as we continue to improve the School. Please take the time to complete the survey when you receive it next week.

The selection process has concluded for our School Captains and Vice-Captains of our school community for 2022. We have used preferential voting and the Australian Electoral Commission program Election Buddy as the voting platform. Once preferences are allocated you end up with the most preferred candidate who is elected as Captain and the second most preferred candidate is elected as Vice-Captain.

I’m pleased to announce that the 2022 Captains are Abby Pirotta and Daniel Green, and the Vice-Captains are Evie Parkinson and Ronan Green pictured below (L to R). Please join with me in congratulating our Captains and Vice-Captains and all of the students who stepped forward to be considered for election.

Tweed Shire Council is calling for feedback to guide their ongoing investment in the pedestrian and bike network across the Tweed. As a local resident of Terranora, and of course in my role as Principal I am pleased to see a committed group of locals advocating for a footpath along Terranora Road between the newly developed footpaths at the top of Fraser's Drive and those that finish at the top of Mahers Lane. This would provide a much needed safe travel path for local students and families, who not only access our school, but also Terranora Primary School and The Pavilions shopping centre. It is also now more important than ever, in these times, to provide a safe recreation space for families to be active and enjoy our part of the world. Please lend your support and your voice via the link to advocate for this vital piece of community infrastructure. Tweed Pedestrian and Bike Plan.

As we enter another weekend of lockdown please continue to focus on the things we can do rather than the things we can’t, even in this time of challenge.

Should you require any further assistance, please contact your respective Head of Subschool, Mark Douglas, mdouglas@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au, Jeremy Godden, jgodden@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au, Kate Cornell, kate.cornell@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au or Deputy Principal, Charlotte Lush clush@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au or Director of Community Engagement, Simon McKinley smckinley@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship as a result of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic please contact the Business Manager Brett Dinsdale, bdinsdale@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au in relation to available support.

School Chaplain, Reverend Constantine Osuchukwu, constantine.osuchukwu@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au, the School Psychologists, Sarah Broome, sarah.broome@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au, Susi Meyers, smeyers@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au and Senior Staff are available to school families and students at this time.

Kind regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal


Chaplain's Corner

Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff and Students,

These are challenging and tough times, and it’s taking its toll on all of us. Dr Russ Harris, an eminent doctor and psychologist, reminds us that it’s normal during a global pandemic to feel angry, afraid, sad and depressed. But, he encourages us to open up to these negative emotions, to accept them, and to try to replace them with positive thoughts and actions for ourselves and others. Please let’s take time out of each day to care for ourselves and to check up on others, particularly those vulnerable and isolated. Even a daily 30-minute walk in a natural environment can do wonders for us. Also, please know that I’m available if you need someone to talk to.

It seems that everywhere we look around the world, there’s a tale of human misery, disease, violence, death and ‘man’s inhumanity to man’, as Robert Burns put it. On the other hand, if we open our eyes and search for it, we’ll also see wonderful and amazing stories of humanity’s incredible kindness, love and compassion, as well as the undying power of the human spirit. So, it behoves us to choose how we respond to these times. "Everything”, Victor Frankl said, “can be taken from man but one thing: the last of human freedoms -to choose one's attitude in any set of circumstances". 

Thank you to each and every one of you for continuing to choose love, laughter, joy, light, hope and the well-being of our students in these trying and testing times.

Finally, I would like to update you that the Vinnies Sleepout in aid of the homeless brothers and sisters will go ahead next Friday, 27 August, but now as a virtual event. Please help us reach our target of $5000. We have so far raised $2800 and I’m absolutely grateful for your support of the Lindisfarne team. Please visit here to donate: https://tinyurl.com/h3w2pr2h

A Inspiring Prayer by Hafiz:

I sometimes forget that
I was created for joy.

My mind is too busy.
My heart is too heavy
heavy for me to remember
that I have been 
called to dance
the Sacred dance for life.

I was created to smile
To love
To be lifted up
And to lift others up.

O Sacred One
Untangle my feet
from all that ensnares
Free my soul.
that it might 
and that our dancing
might be contagious.

Thank you for being you, and for all you are doing for our School and community.

Constantine Osuchukwu

Important Information

First Nations

Parents and Friends

Win a Car - Raffle Draw Postponed

Thank you to our community for their support of the Parents and Friends Association FunFest raffle. 

The drawing of the raffle is postponed due to the current lockdown and a new date will be advised soon.

Please make every effort to sell your tickets ready for them to be handed back when face to face schooling resumes.

If you need to pay for your tickets via card, please call the Mahers Lane reception to make payment.

Good luck.

Simon McKinley
on behalf of the Lindisfarne P&F

Friends of the Arts

Safe on Social


Harmony Week

Vaping and Young People: Information for parents and teachers

Last week Teachers and parents from the Lindisfarne community joined hundreds online to get informed about vaping, including the risks and ways to respond to this emerging problem.

In staff communications leading up to the event, 

“it is so important for us, as educators, to stay abreast of the latest research surrounding this insidious habit". Mrs Kate Cornell Head of Senior School. 

All Northern NSW and Mid North Coast teachers, parents and caregivers of students from NSW Education Department schools, Catholic and Independent schools were invited to attend these free online teacher and parents session on vaping -  facilitated by drug educator Paul Dillon

The purpose of the seminar was to offer education, understanding and action around vaping and young people.  

As the Director and founder of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA), Paul’s presentation certainly echoed the fact that vaping is a growing issue for many parents and schools across the country. 

On reflection after the presentation Gaye Maynard Director of PDHPE shared on the broader value of the presentation: 

“I loved how he advised us on strategies to open the discussions around risk-taking generally and not specifically targeting vaping, smoking and alcohol use”.

Please see this link for the notes from the presentation.

Sarah Broome
School Psychologist

Lockdown Well-being Sessions

20-minute sessions are available to all students to offer support and tips for health and well-being during lockdown and beyond. 

Simply email me (sarah.broome@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au) and I will be in contact to make a time. 

This will be within school hours and the student admin team will note that you are in an appointment. 

I will be introducing the following ‘SAFE’ well-being framework in support of these challenging times when our routine and rhythm has changed and new demands present themselves. 

  • Self-care: doing the basics to care for ourselves. 
  • Appreciation of our strengths which can help with other things we are yet to master. 
  • Focus: bringing purpose and meaning into our tasks and goals. 
  • Expression: “be yourself - you are the most qualified” - celebrating uniqueness in all of us.


Sarah Broome
School Psychologist

​COVID Student and Family Support Pack - Headspace Tweed Heads

Headspace Tweed Heads team and Youth Advisory Group (YAG) today created this Student and Family Support Pack for schools to pass onto students and families. 

It contains tips and resources for support around dealing with the stress of COVID, learning how to deal with tough times, managing screen time, getting enough sleep, and how to help family and friends you are concerned about, as well as a list of supports you can call or access online any time during the day or night. 

The school can send out printed copies at your request also. At present headspace Tweed Heads is supporting young people with a mix of face-to-face, telehealth, and online support options. For referrals, appointments or further info contact us on (07) 5589 8700 or enquiries@headspace-tweed.org.au

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Teaching and Learning

Junior School

​Jump Rope For Heart

What we need right now is a bit of great news in the world, along with acts of selflessness and kindness, so today I am sharing with you some amazing news that involves all three of the above. 

The Junior School Campus has been enthusiastically skipping through the term, even in lockdown they are still getting their skipping on and keeping happy, healthy and fit. 

The amazing part of this story is that the students so far this term have been able to fundraise an outstanding


for the Jump Rope for Heart program. Your generous support helps to educate people and fund research to better prevent and manage heart disease into the future. You help by:

  • Funding high-impact research
  • Working to improve heart disease prevention, detection, care and support
  • Advocating to governments and industry for increased funding and resources for heart health
  • Building community awareness about living a heart-healthy lifestyle. This is done through public health awareness campaigns, accessible information and resources
  • Supporting health professionals in their work to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage heart disease.

They have not only been fundraising they have also been skipping and to date (minus the skipping in school lessons) have totalled an incredible 

240 Hours 

of skipping this term. That equates to 40 hours a week of skipping WOW! Congratulations to all of those students who have taken part in the fundraising so far. If you have not done so already check out our school page by following the link below https://www.jumprope.org.au/fundraisers/Lindisfarne-Anglican-Grammar-School---Sunshine-Ave-Campus

Below we recognise some of our amazing fundraisers and skippers. 

Top 10 Fundraisers:

  1. Brodie Curry 2R
  2. Milla Carpenter 4R
  3. Charlie Bailey-wong 4R
  4. Ethan Rugless KT
  5. Annabelle Davis 2R
  6. Charlie Davidson 1L
  7. Indiana Morrison 2B
  8. Zahli Williamson 2M
  9. Max Larsen 4T
  10. Sienna Bandiera 1L

Top 10 Skippers (by hours Skipped) 

  1. Indiana Andrews 4T
  2. Taylor Van Neikirk 4T
  3. Nicholas Klein 3S
  4. Beatrice Broad 4R
  5. Lucas Howarth 3S
  6. Isla Howarth KF
  7. Declan Clarke 3NC
  8. Luke Cecil 2R
  9. Isabelle Daniel 4H
  10. Arden Blum 1T

Don’t forget to continue to practice your Challenge goal (below) to achieve by the end of the 10 week program. 

Jump Rope for Heart Challenge Goals

Kindergarten - Skip continuously without stopping for 10 skips in a row

Year 1 - Skip continuously without stopping for 20 skips in a row

Year 2 - Skip continuously without stopping with a single jump and  two feet together for 50 skips in a row. 

Year 3 and Year 4 - Skip continuously without stopping with a single jump and two feet together for 100 skips in a row. 

Our school Jump Off Day is still on Friday 10 September, so add this to your calendar as this will mark the end of the program and is a chance for everyone to come together to skip and show off their newly learned skills. More information about the Jump off day will follow later in the term. 

Thank you for supporting the Jump Rope for Heart program!


Nathan Croft
PE Specialist P-4

From The Head Of Junior School

A sincere thank you to all of our Junior School students and parents as we have transitioned into online learning.  It has been very successful so far and the Google Meets I have joined and observed have shown students excitedly participating in their lessons.

I would like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our staff who together have created, collected and in many cases delivered over 400 online learning packs.  Their dedication to the students is wonderful to see.  I also have been privy to many kind words of support from our parents to the teachers so I thank you for your support and encouragement.

Parents may notice that in our second instalment of online learning we have allocated regular device breaks during the day.  This is very important for the wellbeing of our students who, on the whole, really enjoy their time on the iPads but also need to have time away from the screen.  This is particularly important at the end of the school day where iPads should be put away and on charge until the next day.  It is natural for the students to want some time for free play on the devices however, given the online learning day and the screen time that this requires, it is much better to disconnect at the end of each day.

I would also remind parents that as many of our staff are also based at home to follow the Level 4 COVID restrictions, and Queensland based staff are not allowed to cross the border, our provisions at school are greatly reduced.  I understand all businesses are facing this challenge and this has impacted their services too.  Thank you in advance for your flexibility with these challenges.

Mark Douglas
Head of Junior School

Green Team

Middle School

Year 7 - We Keep Moving Forward

A return to online learning has not stopped Year 7 from powering on with their Heroic Habits program. On Tuesday during wellbeing, classes began discussions about courage and were encouraged to share ideas and stories about what courage means to them. Teachers guided students through some very cool IT activities so they could visualise their work. Attaching “digital” sticky notes to google slides and using Padlet to summarise thoughts allowed a wonderful connection despite all being so far away.

On Wednesday we had an online Chapel and how wonderful to see 201 smiling faces across the screen. Year 7 were engaged in the kind and heartfelt words of Reverend Constantine and enjoyed watching 7C taking a role in leading this service.  Having Chapel and Heroic Habits interwoven has really helped Year 7 grasp their understanding of the habits and as we move forward we hope this deeper appreciation will enhance and encourage positive peer relationships.

Chapel concluded with the very upbeat song Happy by Pharrell Williams and while we all were not courageous enough to jump up and dance in our seats it certainly allowed Year 7 to start their online day in a positive way.

It was wonderful to receive this feedback from a parent immediately after chapel.

" This morning I joined Kobe in Chapel and it was so beautiful. I thank Rev. Constantine for sharing  a beautiful message of Courage and Happiness this morning. In the spirit of the service, I am grateful for this home learning experience and the ability to be involved this morning. Despite what lockdown deprives us of it is beautiful to recognise what this period of time provides us with as well". 

I am so incredibly proud of the way Year 7 have adapted to online learning and this change in their everyday lifestyle. They will be the most resilient adults in years to come. Keep up the great work.

Ms Julie McDowell
Year 7 Coordinator

From The Head Of Middle School

There has been plenty already said in the news and newsletter about our current COVID 19 situation so I’ll only add my heartfelt thanks to all of those students who have embraced the challenge and risen to the occasion with online learning. A very special mention to the amazing teachers for their commitment to the continuity of learning for all of our students, regardless of the format.

It is important to touch on a couple of matters for which I will ask parents and carers for help and support. Managing the virtual and online classroom is quite a complex undertaking for teachers and unnecessary distractions and behaviours add to this complexity. Please have a conversation with your child(ren) about the need for them to be focussed and attentive during the lessons and maximise the learning opportunities that have been developed for them by their teachers. The Google Meet is an extension of their physical classroom and the learning behaviours exhibited by students should reflect this. 

Thank you for your support and understanding.

This week during the scheduled Term Sport periods students were encouraged to keep getting”FIt for Fyds”. Running, walking, bike riding and swimming were some of the great ways that students got out here and added some physical activity to their week. Don’t forget to log your K’s as we aim to complete a full lap of Australia.


If you or your child is struggling during this difficult time, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the many support and wellbeing staff that are available.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Senior School

Careers And VET

With all of us currently transitioned to online learning and with many parts of the country in lockdown, uncertainty is high. For our Year 12 students in particular this presents many challenges, however, can also create opportunities. A reminder to our students that now is the time to be setting up options and Year 12 students do not need to be locking themselves into any one pathway. Each states tertiary admissions centre is now open for students to register if they are considering University:

  • UAC -    NSW (Cost = $70 before 30 September)
  • QTAC -   QLD (Cost = $46 before 30 September)
  • VTAC -   Victoria (Cost = $42 before 30 September)
  • SATAC -  SA & NT (Cost = $45 before 30 September)
  • TISC -    WA (Free)
  • UTas -    Tasmania (Free)

All tertiary admissions centres allow students to register and set up their preferences and then subsequently change them. It is important that students set up their accounts before the 30th of September to avoid late fees, however students are able to change their preferences and courses up to the 2nd of December. So if you are a Year 12 student and you are still unsure, that’s okay. The two steps you need to take are:

  • Book in a time with me to have a chat about your options
  • Set up your application before the 30th of September, knowing you can always change your preferences later

If you are considering a gap year, or are still unsure whether you want to go to Uni, still apply! You can always defer or decline offers that are made to you.

For our Year 12 students who are considering an apprenticeship post school. Please start to jump on Seek and see what is on offer in your local area. Some Government Departments are currently recruiting apprentices which could provide a great opportunity. If you need help with applications please book in a time with me.

Whether we are online or face-to-face, I am here to support students and available for appointments. Please don’t hesitate to contact me - lauren.ward@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Lauren Ward
Director of Careers and VET

From The Head Of Senior School

Trial Examinations

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt by our entire School community - particularly our HSC students who have had to manage considerable delays to the Trial examinations due to lockdowns and border closures. I remain very proud of the determination and resilience our Year 12s have shown in the face of adversity. With only a handful of Trials left, we keep these students in our thoughts.

Stress relief from laughter? It's no joke

According to Beyond Blue laughter is known to have many positive physiological effects including muscle relaxation, reduction of hormones associated with the stress response, positive immune system changes, and pain reduction, as well as being a great cardiovascular workout. Laughter and humour are seen as so important in maintaining and improving health that many hospitals now employ clowns to brighten the days of patients. While regular laughter has obvious physical advantages, research has shown that it is the impact of a sense of humour on mood and emotional states that leads to good health. Humour helps us to cope better with stress, control our feelings in difficult situations, to be more creative in solving problems, and improves interpersonal relationships. Regular laughter helps put people in a positive frame of mind, gradually making them positive thinkers. It is this positive thinking and optimism that is linked to better health outcomes.

Kate Cornell
Head of Senior School

Pastoral Care


Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


From The English Faculty

A quick note this week to thank all of our English students for the way they have seamlessly transitioned to online learning. We continued to be impressed with the commitment to their work and the way they are taking advantage of all of the learning opportunities they are afforded.

Thank you also to the parent body who have been thrown into the role of online learning supervisor and teacher. We appreciate your support from home where we can’t be there for your student.

And, of course, I would personally like to thank the English teaching staff for their incredible work they’ve done this week. Many of our team are at home teaching with their own little students working online thus, it’s important that we acknowledge the tireless work they are doing.

Across Years 7 to 10 we have been rolling out assessment tasks. Please check in with your student. They should be able to show you where their work is located on the Google Classroom and our team has worked together to ensure consistency across the year levels by creating documents with very clear guidelines. These are also available online.

Year 11 students are continuing to work towards Preliminary examination preparation (notification of the task requirements will be posted on respective Google Classrooms).

Year 12 students are back in the (Google) Classroom continuing their work towards HSC. Attached is a photo of the Year 12 English Extension 1 class earlier this week, as they work collaboratively to add value to their knowledge and understanding of Literary Worlds.

As always, the English team are always happy to help. Please reach out if you have any concerns, compliments or questions.

Take care.

Kylie Wharton
Acting Director of English

Creative Industries

Debating and Public Speaking






Maths Minute - Off Campus Learning

Learning Maths this week looks a lot different to learning Maths last week. 

It was great to see so many students get off to a great start with Off-Campus Learning. Congratulations to Year 7 in particular who were navigating this space in high school for the first time as a whole year group. Students were keen, engaged and have done particularly well with accessing the online material and taking note. It is great to see happy faces behind the screens and a positive attitude. Well done for being so organised. (Mrs McCann)

Caitriona McCann


Performing Arts

Germinate Records


PDHPE Online

As we navigate another time of uncertainty and lockdown, we have implored our students to remain active at home.

Each Mahers Lane student was sent the PDHPE Activity Matrix (linked here) and the "Run, Walk, Ride for Fyds" FaceBook link and asked to participate during their timetabled practical lessons:

To try and log some kilometres for Mr Fydler and let their teacher know and to try to "earn points" by completing tasks on the matrix, not only to keep busy, but to help out the family.

Please would you assist us by ensuring that all of the activities are performed safely?

Namely that:

  • activity surfaces are smooth, flat, free of obstructions and loose objects
  • students to wear appropriate footwear such as sports shoes
  • students to wear appropriate clothing 
  • students to ensure medical devices such as asthma inhalers or EpiPens are easily accessible. 
  • students have drink bottles 
  • students wear sun protection during outside activities
  • parent/ carers/ older siblings are in close proximity in case assistance is needed

Please seek clarification from the PDHPE teacher if you are unsure of the activities... and please feel free to join us all doing our bit to stay fit for Fyds and for our health.

We have done this before and we can do it again!

Stay strong and positive!

PDHPE Faculty

Photography and Digital Media


Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Round Square

A Postcard From The British School New Delhi

Want to know how you can help the planet? Adopting a sustainable lifestyle is essential to fight climate change and the plastics crisis we face today.

There are so many simple changes that you can make to reduce your waste. Team Bare Necessities is here to guide you through a one-hour session where we will talk about sustainable living. We will also learn to think about waste as a resource through DIY activities, have in-depth discussions and answer questions!

This Postcard is open to students in Years 5 to 7, on Wednesday, 8 September from 8.30pm. If you are interested in taking part please email Mr Lush at mlush@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

Mike Lush
Round Square Coordinator



Useful Tips

Patrick Brabant
School Assistant - Sustainability

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Digital Space

Chess Club

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular


Netball - Go Lions

Saturday Netball

Due to the present unsettled situation, Tweed Netball Association has decided to postpone Round 12 and the Finals. 

Round 12 - Saturday, 28 August





Pink Lions




Purple Lions




Crimson Lions




Orange Lions




Lime Lions




Bronze Lions




Aqua Lions




Yellow Lions




Blue Lions



Green Lions




Lavender Lions




Red Lions

White Lions



White Lions

Red Lions



Silver Lions




Navy Lions




Gold Lions




The Cubs (NetSetGo 5 and 6 year olds) and the Pink and Purple Lions will have their TNA Presentation at the end of their play. 

  • Semi Finals = 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 - Saturday, 4 September
  • Grand Finals = Winners of the Semi Finals - Saturday, 11 September

The Lindisfarne Lions Netball Club Presentation Evening will now take place on Friday, 8 October. How this will look will depend on the pandemic measures, but we are hoping we can have all of the Netball Community join us in the Ngahriyah to celebrate the 2021 season - even though the postponed NSW Cup and NCIS Championships will not be completed by then.

Monday Night Netball

Any 11 years to Open players who wish to play Monday Night Netball, starting on September 13, please contact me ASAP so teams and entries can be organised. If you have already played this year, the registration through NetballConnect will cost $10 and the Team fees of approx. $50 - $60, will be charged through the Parent Lounge. It would be great to have teams in all of the divisions for Season 2.

Netball Centre of Excellence 

It is so important for us to keep ourselves fit and motivated to finish the netball season, so here are some Netball Specific Individual Training Plans you can complete at home with very little equipment needed.

Rory has also posted a Workout on YouTube. Complete each exercise anywhere between 10-20 repetitions, and the whole circuit between 3-5 times as needed.

Stay Strong Lions!

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

“I’m here if you need!”

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball

From the Sport Desk


Please note the following correspondence from NCIS below:

  • NCIS Athletics - Tuesday, 7 September in Coffs Harbour CANCELLED
  • NCIS Rugby 7's - Biship Druitt College exploring an alternative date after Athletics
  • NCIS Primary Netball - Moved to Term 4
  • NCIS Secondary Netball - Moved to Term 4

The Executive will continue to monitor the COVID situation and meet when necessary to make decisions moving forward. The Lindisfarne Sports Department will forward any correspondence as soon as it’s forthcoming.


Postponed NSWCIS Events

  • Thursday, 2 September CIS Primary Athletics Championships 
  • Monday, 13 September CIS Primary Boys Cricket Trials - Squad Selection 
  • Tuesday 14 September CIS Primary Boys Cricket Trials - Team Selection 

CIS Secondary Athletics Championships 

With the current COVID-19 restrictions for Greater Sydney, we are conscious that these events require travel for a number of families and staff therefore wish to provide as much notice as possible.

We will investigate dates and venues with a view to running the events later in the year and will provide regular updates for students, families, staff and schools.

Rescheduled CIS Events

  • NSWCIS Primary Boys Cricket Trials (Day 1) on Monday, 11 October 2021 - Venue to be confirmed
  • NSW CIS Primary Girls Cricket Trials on Wednesday, 20 October 2021 - Venue to be confirmed
  • NSWCIS Primary Athletics Championships on Monday, 15 November 2021 at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre
  • NSWCIS Secondary Athletics Championships on Tuesday, 16 November 2021 at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre

Please note: NSWCIS is still working to confirm dates for the CIS 15 Years & Under and Open Netball Challenge, the CIS  Football Cup Finals, and the CIS Secondary Girls Rugby League Trials.


Postponed NSWPSSA & NSW All Schools Events 

In line with the Premier’s announcement regarding the extension of COVID-19 restrictions for Greater Sydney, the following events have been postponed:

  • NSW PSSA & NSW All Schools Cross Country Championships on Friday, 16 July 2021 at Sydney Motorsport Park
  • NSW PSSA Netball Championship from Monday, 19 July to Wednesday, 21 July 2021 at Menai
  • NSW PSSA Boys Football Championship from Tuesday, 27 July to Thursday, 29 July 2021 at Griffith
  • NSW PSSA Girls Rugby Union 7's Gala Day from Monday, 9 August to Tuesday, 10 August 2021 at Gateshead
  • NSW PSSA Boys Touch Football Championships from Tuesday, 10 August to Thursday, 12 August 2021 at St Mary's
  • NSWPSSA Rugby Union Championships from Tuesday, 17 August to Thursday, 19 August at Glen Willow Stadium, Mudgee
  • NSWPSSA Girls Touch Football Championship from Tuesday, 31 August to Thursday, 2 September at The Central Coast Regional Sporting & Recreation Complex, Tuggerah;

Rescheduled NSWPSSA & All School Events

To view the full calendar, head to the NSWCIS website: Events. Amendments to the calendar will be noted in the CIS Pride.

Following the announcement of postponed events in Term 3, a revised school sports representative pathway calendar has been published with new dates and venues.

Please be advised that this calendar is subject to change pending time constraints and COVID restrictions relating to the effective organisation of events.

Term Four Rescheduled Events

Cancellations - NSWPSSA & NSW All School .

In line with the Premier’ and the NSW Government's latest COVID-19 restrictions for Greater Sydney and time constraints, the following events have unfortunately been cancelled:

  • NSW All Schools Secondary Opens Hockey Tri-Series at Newcastle
  • NSW All Schools Secondary 15 years Touch Football Trials at Narrabeen
  • NSW All Schools Touch Football Quad Series at Mudgee
  • NSW All Schools Netball Tri-Series at Sydney Olympic Park

With the current COVID-19 restrictions for Greater Sydney, we are conscious that these events require travel for a number of families and staff and wanted to provide our students, families and staff with as much notice as possible.

There will be additional correspondence from CIS directly to the students involved in these teams with regards to the process for levy refunds and uniform options.

Lindisfarne Tennis Championships

Registrations are now open for the Lindisafarne's Tennis Championships to be held on Wednesday, 15 September 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm at Arkinstall Park South Tweed Heads.

Please see the flyer attached which includes the link to register.


Lindisfarne Lions Basketball Winter Season in the GCJBL have adjusted their semi-finals and finals to the following dates:

Semi Finals - The draw remains the same just the dates have changed

  • Wednesday, 25 August 
  • Friday, 27 August
  • Saturday, 28 August 


  • Wednesday, 1 September - confirmed
  • Friday, 3 September - awaiting confirmation from Gold Coast council. 
  • Saturday, 4 September - awaiting confirmation from  Gold Coast council.

We are awaiting confirmation as to how our NSW contingent fits into this

Summer League

Lindisfarne Lions Gold Coast Basketball Summer Season will be launching for registrations next week. 

The Summer League competition will run throughout all of Term 4. If the border situation looks untenable for teams to make Coomera in a timely manner, we will make a decision that will allow enough time for players to make alternate club arrangements.

Lismore Challenge

The Lismore Challenge Gala day is still poised to progress, albeit with a rescheduled date to bypass lockdown. This event is suspended at this stage. 

Spotlight on Gabriella Hill

With not much sport functioning at the moment, it was with great pleasure to receive a notification that Gabriella Hill competed in the Queensland  Cross Country Championships on Saturday -  just moments before her New South Wales status would have made it complicated with border restriction. She came 5th and made the Qld team in the U20 Girls. Competing in the next level may be tough with restrictions, but hopefully, Gabriella can get to the start line for the next level. Well done Gabriella!

Student Cafe sign ups available

The Australian Schools Volleyball Cup is now played on the Gold Coast. 

We are taking registrations now for Lindisfarne's inaugural entry in the Australian Schools Volleyball Cup (a 5 day competition that runs in the last week of school in December on the Gold Coast). The tournament operators of this event are determined to proceed - even if it is just for QLD schools.

We will be running hour-long morning or afternoon training sessions for our squads that will be encouraged as compulsory for the selected students. Please register your interest via Student Cafe in the following age divisions and we will be back in touch with further details via email:

Term 4 Sport selections

Please review the sports choices below for Term 4. The selections will open on Parent lounge in week 7 of Term 3 on Saturday 28 August and will close at 8.00am on  Friday 10 September. A very short instructional video can be viewed here. The most critical step is to ensure once you select the sport and the message shows “make changes”/“remove sign up” you click on the green “submit to school” tab (at the top right  of the screen) and this will open up the payment portal.

The sport options available can be view by clicking the links below:

Term 4 Sports Selections will be finalised through Parent Lounge, payment for your child's sport choice is required at the time of selection and their spot in that chosen sport will be secured upon payment

Please note -  some sports have a strict capacity limitation. Therefore, once they reach this quota, they will show as no places available and no longer be an option. 

To ensure you have a clear and comprehensive view of all sports options on offer, it’s recommended that you access the sports selections on a laptop or desktop as mobile phones may have a limited view and may also take longer to navigate all options on offer. 

Swapping of sports once selections and payments have been made will not be possible unless there are pastoral matters, injury or health issues that arise. Please encourage your child to liaise with friends prior to the selection date and have a second sport contingency in case their first sport choice reaches capacity.  Prior to the sports selection start date, please make sure that you have sourced your login details and can access Parent Lounge. This must be finalised before Friday 27 August. Please contact our Middle and Senior School Reception if you need your password reset.



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Do You Know A Local Hero?

In these challenging times, ordinary people in the Tweed do extraordinary things.

One of the best ways to recognise those people doing their best in our community is through the Tweed Shire Australia Day Awards, with nominations now open for next year’s event.

The awards are held each year on Australia Day (26 January) and provide an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate those that help make the Tweed such a great place to live, work and visit.

The awards recognise the outstanding achievement of individuals and groups in our community over the past year and cover an array of categories including:

  • Citizen of the year
  • Volunteer of the year (individual and group)
  • Young achiever in community service
  • Sporting achievement (individual and group)
  • Arts and culture
  • Community event of the year

Given the current COVID-19 situation, the format of the 2022 awards ceremony has not yet been confirmed. But whatever the format of the ceremony, Council will recognise great people in our community doing great things.

The Tweed Australia Day Ambassador for 2022 is Murwillumbah tennis coach Gemma Eaton who was awarded the 2020 Sporting Achievement Award (Individual). Gemma was one of several outstanding Tweed residents recognised for their achievement in 2021.

A citizenship ceremony will also be conducted on Australia Day in 2022.

View a video of the 2021 Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony at tweed.nsw.gov.au/citizenship-ceremonies.

To nominate someone who has made a contribution to the community, no matter how big or small, go to tweed.nsw.gov.au/australia-day

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