2021 Term 4 Week 4 29 Oct 2021

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From the Principal


It's with great pleasure that I share the news that Lindisfarne has been recognised as one of the country's most innovative schools. A feature in The Educator magazine, has identified our school as one of the top 35 most innovative schools in Australia. Lindisfarne being awarded '5 Star Innovation School' status is great recognition for the collective efforts of our community, spanning initiatives in technology, curriculum, pastoral and pedagogical areas. Being recognised in this way is particularly strong vindication for the work of our teaching staff who work tirelessly to find new and innovative ways to engage and connect with our students. This acknowledgement follows an already impressive year for our school, with the school also a finalist in three categories at the Australian Education Awards; Principal of the Year - Non Government, Primary Teacher of the Year - Non Government and Best Use of Technology. Winners for these awards will be announced at a virtual event to be held on Friday 3 December.

This week I was able to explore some exciting technology resources with the Director of Technical and Applied Science, Stephen Henderson and some of the incredible virtual reality hardware and software that will be available to our students.

The first experience I had was exploring "Richie's Plank Experience". This involved using a 200cm by 18cm plank of wood to give a physical context. I was able to walk on a virtual plank 40 stories above the ground. Even though I knew the plank was fake, I definitely felt the same level of anxiety as if I was really there. The scenery was amazing and I was able to engage in all of the aspects of a real-life city that was moving around me.

The next technology I was able to see was using Youtube VR. We have invested in the GoPro Max technology to capture a 3D video of student experiences. In time we could apply this technology to share the experience of everyday school life with people in another city, state or nation without having to physically visit the school. Whilst I still believe a physical visit is still the best experience, the ability to share the great learning opportunities at Lindisfarne in a high end virtual experience created by our students is a good back up!

The last experience was to use Arkio. Arkio is a CAD programme that allows the user to physically walk around their designs. Students can create cities in a very short amount of time and then refine their models. Arkio also allows students to collaborate together when working on virtual projects at the same time. I was able to stand on the ground of the design that we put together and see how our students could apply the technology in the future.


Our Year 12 Software and Design students are currently using the Oculus Quest 2 to build virtual reality simulations using the Unity engine. One of our students has created a Nerf simulation as a major work that will eventually be multiplayer. These are just some of the opportunities that our school is working towards incorporating into our student's experience as we continue to explore the enormous learning platforms available in the information age.

With regional travel to commence from 1 November across New South Wales, I wanted to share a timely reminder from the Chief Health Officer that all people 12 years and over are now eligible for vaccination programs in Australia. For those still considering or progressing vaccination for Covid-19, now would be an excellent opportunity to book an appointment or consult your medical professional as the movement of people throughout New South Wales is expected to quickly gather momentum. Furthermore, the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) are strongly recommending Year 12 students pursue vaccination in the lead up to the 2021 HSC Exams.  A New South Wales Government Fact Sheet on Vaccination can be found here

World Teachers Day

A special thank you to all of our Lindisfarne staff on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day 2021. Never have teachers been more important in the lives of young people and their families than the last two years as we navigated the global pandemic and journeyed with our school community during this time of constant change for us all. The work of our teaching staff supported by the entire Lindisfarne team who work in and outside of our classrooms has been extraordinary. To all of our teachers who are part of this most noble profession, a true calling and vocation shaping the lives of future generations and in turn shaping the future of our local community, state, nation and beyond, we applaud you.

Today I ask our School Community to take a moment to quietly reflect on what all teachers do each and every day to make a difference in the lives of our children and young people at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar and for a job well done! Our teachers should stand tall, be proud of their many years of study, learning and achievement and remember the amazing work they do to inspire the next generation today and always.

Happy World Teachers’ Day to our talented team of teachers at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School and if you can read this, thank a teacher!

Stuart Marquardt

From the Acting Principal

From the Deputy Principal


Chaplain’s Corner

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled,” said Plutarch, “but a fire to be kindled.” At all levels of education the primary role of teachers is to light the fires of knowledge and wisdom and to get their students fired up about things that excite them, be it arts, music, sports, science, critical thinking and other pursuits. As we celebrate World Teachers’ Day today, we extend our immense gratitude to all our wonderful teachers and those who support them for their dedication, love and commitment at Lindisfarne School.

It’s been a source of great joy spending some time with the students this term during chapel services. These services help to kindle the fire of God’s love in the hearts of our young people as well as to inculcate in them true and lasting values.

Besides, they provide a time for prayer, reflection and contemplation which are vital for holistic education and integral development. Our children need more silence, not stimulation, in order to develop the capabilities of open heart, open mind and clear thinking needed to deal with life’s stresses, build more resilience and achieve higher self-esteem.

Chapel is also a time when we gather together in worship, to celebrate our shared communal life and to encourage our students to pay more attention to the good in their lives and in the world, but also to the needs of the wider community.

At the heart of the Lindisfarne chaplaincy program is prayer and loving action. Our prayer leads us to act as ‘God’s partners in good deeds’ as Julian of Norwich aptly puts it. Because the quality of our prayer is the quality of our life.

Finally, I would like to extend an invitation to all dads in the School to join me in an online Prayer Session for all our children. It’s been a difficult 20 months for them due to the pandemic and this is an opportunity for us to ask our Heavenly Father to continue to watch over and protect our children and our beautiful school and community. Below is the details of the Zoom meeting:

Topic: Lindisfarne Dads Prayer Group

Time: Sunday, 31 October, 2021 3.00PM - 3.30PM

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 869 8534 3500

Passcode: 223884

I look forward to praying with you and for one another.

Enjoy your weekend, and stay well and safe!

God loves y’all and so do I.

Rev Constantine Osuchukwu

Important Information

First Nations

Parents and Friends

Update from the P&F

The last Parents and Friends meeting for 2021 was held on Tuesday. Whilst Covid impacted many of the planned events for the year, it was still a productive year as the P&F delivered many engaging events and contributed funds to projects to benefit our students at both campuses.

Over $200,000 was funded by the P&F in support of the projects across the school which comprised of the following projects.

  • Recycling lockers at both the Junior School and Mahers Lane campus to support the sustainability initiatives. This project was undertaken at the end of 2020 but funded in 2021.

  • Support was provided for the Robotics program at the School in support of the STEM initiatives undertaken at both campuses.

  • Significant contributions were made in support of the Mahers Lane solar project and also to moving The Boathouse facility to a fully off-grid building with solar panels and battery storage.

  • The students at the Junior School are now enjoying their updated library after the P&F Committee agreed earlier in the year to fund the project. It includes new furniture and storage with the intent of providing a modern environment with the intent of encouraging the next generation of avid readers. The project was recently completed and we have had lots of positive reports from staff and students alike.

Use the controls on the top left to view the full room in 360 degree vision.

  • A shade sail was also installed over the Kindy Deck, providing an enhanced facility for the students to use while staying sun-safe on those warmer days.

  • Funds were also provided for an AV upgrade at the Junior School, a large contribution to the outdoor learning spaces associated with the new Middle School Building, and lastly towards new outdoor seating and picnic tables at Mahers Lane, with these projects expected to be complete and ready for the start of 2022.

The P&F ratified their meeting dates for 2022 and the Ordinary Meeting dates are listed below. All are welcome and we invite you to get involved in supporting the P&F as we support our students.

  • Term 1 - Tuesday, 8 February 6.30pm - Junior School
  • Term 2 - Tuesday, 26 April 6.30pm - Mahers Lane campus
  • Term 3 - Tuesday, 26 July 6.30pm - Junior School
  • Term 4 - Tuesday, 18 October 6.30pm - Maher Lane campus

Kind regards,

Ramesh Sivabalan

Show Your Support - The Athlete's Foot

Please support the businesses that support the Parents and Friends Association.

Ramesh Sivabalan
Lindisfarne Parents and Friends Association

Friends of the Arts

Safe on Social


Harmony Week

Student Voice

​Toiletries for Agape Outreach Centre & Fred's Place

Happy Friday! Whilst you enjoy your weekend at the beach take a moment to be grateful for such luxuries. We would like to thank those who participated in the donations for Agape and Fred’s Place. As a school community, the generosity seen these past two weeks is astounding; including the participation in both Fred’s Place and Pink and Blue Day. As we enter a season of giving, we encourage you to put compassion into action and donate to those in need. There are approximately 40,000 homeless people in New South Wales alone. It is up to us, individually, to make the decision to help others and then actually do it, without any expectations of return.

Fred's Place

Fred's Place is a St Vincent de Paul homeless support service. The facility has showers, laundry facilities, staffed kitchen, internet and telephone, lounge area, inside and outside areas to socialise, and mailing facilities. Legal and health services are provided at no cost. 

Agape Outreach

Agape Outreach Inc is a Christian organisation making a difference in other people's lives. Volunteers just like clients are welcome from all walks of life and beliefs. Agape Outreach strives to provide those in need with meals on the streets, to support families in need, they help people to set up in homes, assist in training with basic life skills and developing housing.

Thank you again to all those who assisted these organisations as they assist so many in need in our community.

Chloe Guye and Bailey Wright
Chaplaincy Prefects   

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Middle School

Stage 3 Report

Stage 3 Chapel

This week in Chapel Reverend Constantine focused on the importance of family. He spoke about how our family is our beginning, family is our rock. Our family is one of the most important and significant areas and relationships in our lives. It is where we learn to grow, mature and experience life. Family is always a place that you can go to for love and support. During difficult times, families are what can get us through. We are thankful to God for the care and love we get from our families. 

There are three important points to always remember about our family:

1. Family is important

2. Your family is a gift to you

3. Spend time with your family. 

It is important to not take our families for granted. We need to thank them each day for the sacrifices that they make for us and for their love and support.


We don’t choose our family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. ~Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"In time of test, family is best." ~Burmese Proverb

“Because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you and I’m home.” ~Finding Nemo

"Life is beautiful. It's about giving. It's about family." ~Walt Disney

Jesus grew up in a family who must have played a big role in his growth and development. Let us ask Him to bless all our families and to give us peace, joy, love and happiness.Our family is our foundation, our roots, we need to make this foundation to be strong. Always make time to see your family and spend time together. Be a gift to your family and allow them to be a gift to you. 

Year 6 Science 

Over the past few weeks the Year 6 students have been investigating States of Matter. They have been developing their understanding of the different properties of solids, liquids and gases and observing how and why these changes occur. 

Here are some photos of some great experiments that the students have been taking part in.

Can you walk on Custard? If you are intrigued, watch this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz9KnPZWOgs

Ice- Cream

Year 6 Big Write 

This week the Year 6 students completed a Big Write based on an image as a stimulus to spark their creative thinking. Students discussed and generated ideas about possible characters, setting, complication and resolution. They used the skills they have developed throughout the year to enhance and improve on their writing focusing on structure, use of various literary devices and punctuation and grammar. The students always enjoy sharing and celebrating their writing with their buddies. 

Social Media Platforms- Cyber Safety 

Just a reminder to parents about the importance of monitoring your child’s use of devices and apps at home. Many of our students are using Tik Tok and Snapchat. These platforms should only legally be used by children 13 years and above. Please continue to have conversations with your child if they are using these apps. We are having an increasing number of issues in Stage 3 around how these apps are being used.

Amy Williamson and Kylie Thompson
Year 5 & Year 6 Coordinators

From The Head Of Middle School

This has been an exciting week for the Middle School with the election of our 2022 Student Leadership team. It is tremendously courageous of all students who nominated and presented to the entire cohort about their leadership virtues and commitment to providing student voice within the Middle School and wider school community. I thank all of our candidates for providing such a strong field and encourage all students to remember that we can all take opportunities to lead and leave positive legacies wherever we go. With that said, it is with pleasure that I announce the 2022 Middle School Captains and Vice-Captains Elect.

Captains: Phoebe Robins and Leo Lush

Vice Captains: Tessa Ford and Ben Reeve

I look forward to working with this great team in 2022!

Coming up we have our Middle School Transition events for students and parents. Information has been sent out to families regarding the Year 4 in Year 5 Transition Liturgy and Orientation Day (17 November) as well as the Year 5 Parent information session (16 November). The Year 7 Orientation Day is scheduled for 16 November and we look forward to seeing all of our new and continuing students come together for the first time! The Year 7 Parent Information Evening will be held on 15 November. Please note, that due to COVID 19 restrictions still in place we will, unfortunately, need to hold the Year 5 and Year 7 Parent Information Sessions via video link. I look forward to seeing everyone then.

It is hard to turn around these days without running into the pervasive topic of vaping. I recently attended a webinar hosted by renowned Drug Education expert, Paul Dillon on this topic. It is clearly identified that this issue is one that will require school and parental attention and the strongest advice provided by most experts is to “be informed”. Talking to your teen about vaping: How to prevent them starting or getting them to stop if they've already vaped is the follow up article from that webinar and I encourage parents to take some time to read Paul’s comments and advice. The school takes a very firm stance on vaping and addresses the possession or use of vaping devices at school in the same way we respond to incidents relating to smoking or consumption or possession of alcohol or other drugs. If you are concerned that your child is vaping please reach out to your Year Level Coordinator for support.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Senior School

Careers and VET

As our Year 11 students transition into Year 12, many of them have begun to more seriously consider what their options might be post school. Students looking to study at University can often find it confusing when they explore the entry requirements and subjects that may be needed for certain degrees. Most Universities break down knowledge into “prerequisite”, “assumed” and “recommended”. Prerequisite knowledge refers to subjects that are compulsory in order to be eligible to enrol in the course. Assumed knowledge refers to subjects that are not compulsory for enrolment but are deemed to be very beneficial for study as the knowledge will form part of the course, and if a student hasn’t completed the subject they may need to do some catch up study. Recommended knowledge refers to subjects that are not compulsory for enrolment, however may be helpful in giving some foundational knowledge for one or more aspects of the degree. This is an example of the Bachelor of Science at Griffith University:

For this degree a student must have studied at least English Studies (which is the NSW equivalent of Applied English) for entry into the degree. A student would be assumed to have maths knowledge at least equivalent to Mathematics Standard, however they could still gain entry if they had not studied Maths or had studied Numeracy. It would be helpful if the student had completed one science subject, however it is not required for entry into the degree. While these requirements are important, it is essential to remember that if a student doesn’t achieve the required ATAR, in this case at least a 63, then the student will not gain entry to the degree, regardless of whether they studied Physics and Chemistry along with Maths and English.

Any students from Year 9 and above who are interested in studying Dentistry or Medicine are encouraged to register for  this webinar on the 29th of November. It will explain the pathways to Dentistry and Medicine including the UCAT assessment which is a considerable requirement that involves significant preparation.

Lauren Ward
Director of Careers and VET

From The Head of Senior School

Year 12

It has been pleasing to see so many of our Year 12s making the most of their study leave by coming in to meet with their teachers for some 1-1 sessions. With less than 2 weeks before the first HSC Examination, I would like to encourage students to maintain their commitment to study and preparation - the end is in sight!

Year 11

The Year 11 students were very excited to receive their Senior jerseys last week. This is a significant rite of passage for our students and I know that they will wear their jumpers with pride.

Year 10

I was able to speak to the Year 10s on Wednesday about the revised plans for their Work Experience Week. We are very pleased to be working in partnership with The Young Change Agents and also youth facilitator Graham Hyman in the last week of October to offer students the opportunity to consider the importance of entrepreneurship as well as approaches to their final years of schooling. The all-important Year 10 Dinner Dance will also take place in this week. More information will be communicated to parents in the coming days.

Year 9

Preparations are underway for the final stages of the Rite Journey program. I would like to thank Mrs Cathy Myers for the work she has been putting in to ensure that the Abyss and Homecoming Ceremony are able to go ahead (albeit in a different format to previous years). This will ensure that the Year 9s have a meaningful conclusion to what is a significant program in our School.

Kate Cornell
Head of Senior School

Pastoral Care


Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


Creative Industries

Debating and Public Speaking




Japanese Calligraphy & Culture Crush Club

Halloween in Japan

“Japanese Calligraphy & Culture Crush” club members were inspired by the approach of Halloween to create ‘Spooky Sumi E’ and ‘Otherworldly Origami’. 

Sumi E are pictures painted with calligraphy ink and the spooky subject matter were a range of Japanese supernatural beings - yōkai - such as the ‘haunted umbrella’, ‘tree spirits’ and even the dreaded ‘bath licker’! 

Otherworldly origami options included witches, ghosts, bats, jack o'lanterns and more

Students had fun and made creative cultural connections through the Halloween theme.





Maths Minute

Spooky Numbers

It is that time of year when spooky things are just around the corner. 

Spooky number facts 

Thirteen (13)

Unlucky for some, this number has a bad reputation, at least in the Western culture. Superstitious practices around this cause some to be extra cautious on Friday 13th , which is allegedly the most cursed day of the year when if something is going to go wrong it is sure to be on this day. Our last Friday 13th was August 13, 2021. In some years there can be as many as three Friday 13ths.  Some people are so nervous around that number that they avoid it altogether when choosing seats on a plane, house numbers, or having 13 dinner guests. The fear of the number 13 even has its own name: triskaidekaphobia

Four (4)

In East Asian cultures, the number 4 is unlucky. In several languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean, the number four has a very similar sound to the word for death. Beijing's traffic management bureau went as far as refusing to issue car license plates containing the number 4. The fear of the number 4 also has its own name: tetraphobia

Here’s a puzzle you can ask your friends? What is the difference between triskaidekaphobia and tetraphobia? ………...9


October 31st is known as Halloween, which has its origins in Celtic countries like Ireland. Some children dress up in costumes and go door to door to collect candy in their neighbourhood - trick or treating. This year’s date 31/10/21 is extra special -  can you think of an equation can you create using the date 31/10/21? 

Year 9 students have just finished a unit on Measurement. See pictures below for a lesson on comparing ratios of different body parts. Amongst other things, they proved the theory that your arm span is a good indicator of your height and the length of your femur bone goes about four times into your height?

Students discovered that the length of your femur bone goes about four times into your height?

Good luck to all those sitting their yearly exams next week and a shout out to year 7 who finished their hand in assignment on angles last week. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your hard work. 

Caitriona McCann
Mathematics Teacher


Performing Arts

Germinate Records


Pink & Blue Day Wrap Up


The total money raised on Pink and Blue Day was in excess of $2700.

The Sub-School Mufti-donation winners were:

Junior School = 2R

Middle School = 5D

Senior School = Andrew House 5

Each class received chocolates for their efforts.

House Points were awarded to 

1st = St Andrew House

2nd = St Stephen House

3rd = St Cuthbert House

4th = St Barnabas House

The “Guess the Lollies” jars were won by Eira-Grace McGilligan, Theo Midgley and Macy Duggan.

Rev. Constantine and the Prefects: Chloe Guye, Bailey Wright, Lucy White, Georgia Pikos, Flynn Martin and Tom Leach had the very difficult task of judging the Home-room decorated doors. However the winners were 4T at Sunshine Avenue and 5C at Mahers Lane. (Photos) They will receive a certificate and a gift.

Some fabulous suggestions for the teddies names were made! Mr Marquardt chose:

Doctor Penny Patients and Doctor Fred-eric from BA2. 

The Staff had auctioned wine, chocolates, candles and plants at recess and raised $800 for the Fydler Family.

I would like to extend my thanks to each and every one of you for contributing towards PINK and BLUE Day

We raised important funds for the Cancer Council to continue their research and support, as well as for our friend Matt Fydler.

But perhaps more than that: We raised awareness of the enormity of the cancer problem and we raised community spirit by uniting in the wearing of pink and blue outfits - showing support to everyone who has been touched by a cancer story ... which, unfortunately, would be all of us.

Many friends, colleagues, present and past students and parents are currently fighting their battle. On PINK and BLUE Day, we showed that we cared and enlisted in their army.

Heartfelt thanks again to you all. 

Love and wishes to those who are on the frontline right now.

Gay Maynard and the PINK and BLUE Day Prefects
The PDHPE Faculty

Photography and Digital Media


Science Matters

Last week we showcased Madeleine Warner’s work in Year 12 Extension Science. This week we will take a step back in terms of year level but certainly not in terms of quality to look at the amazing work some of our Year 10 students have done.

Year 10 science students have a mandatory assessment task each year referred to as the Student Research Project (SRP) which is assigned to every Year 10 student in NSW. The challenge is to come up with an idea to research, perform a first hand investigation and write a report as a culminating assignment for the Years 7 to 10 science curriculum. There were many excellent reports submitted by our Year 10 students but two simply outstanding examples were provided by Hudson Rhodes and Ariella Stafford who are both still in Year 9 but are participating in the accelerated science program.

Hudson’s SRP on projectile motion and Ariella’s on graphology both provide examples of the standard we want our students to strive for. In Hudson’s investigation, his method for collecting data was excellent. He used a device he built himself, was meticulous in controlling his constant variables, researched the relevant physics equations and used them correctly to generate his data. Ariella, on the other hand, used regression analysis to determine if her results were meaningful or not. This is well beyond the scope of Year 10 and a credit to her facility with mathematics.

I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to review these reports, especially if you have a son or daughter in Years 8 or 9. They demonstrate what is required to achieve the highest possible grade on the SRP assessment task. Part A contains research into the topics and Part B presents the results. 

Hudson Rhodes - Part A G10 AT3 Student Response Booklet

Hudson Rhodes - Part B Final G10 AT3 Student Response Booklet

Ariella Stafford - Part A G10 AT3 Student Response Booklet

Ariella Stafford - Part B Final G10 AT3 Student Response Booklet

We applaud Hudson and Ariella and we encourage all of our students to emulate them or, as Albert Einstein put it, “Learn the rules of the game and then play better than anybody else”.

Have a wonderful week in Science, work hard preparing for your assessment tasks, and be aware of the students you pass each day in the corridors. Some of them are producing work of exquisite quality.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Teacher

Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Round Square

Round Square News

Hyderabad Public School invites students aged 15 to 17 for a RS Zoom Postcard on 10th November with the theme “Acts of Kindness”. 

The 90 minute call will take place at 11.30am IST (GMT+5h30) which is 5pm AEDT.

Please register your interest with Mr Lush at mlush@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au before Thursday 4th November. 

Fountain Valley School invites students aged 15 to 17 for a RS Zoom Postcard on the theme “One planet, One Chance: "To what extent can individual action be used to combat climate change?”

The 90-minute call will take place at 6pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) on 17 November, which is 11am AEDT on November 18. 

Please register you interest with Mr Lush at mlush@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au by Friday 12th November.

Mike Lush
Round Square Coordinator



Waste Wise Tips

Lindisfarne Coffee Pod Recycling Milestone

Lindisfarne has just hit another milestone with our coffee pod recycling efforts. I am proud to say that Lindisfarne has now recycled over 13,000 coffee pods from our recycling hubs and staffrooms. This is an incredible effort from the Lindisfarne community. All the pods that we collect are sent to specialist recycling facilities where their aluminum/plastic is recycled and the pods coffee grounds are separated for composting. You can help us to continue our recycling efforts by dropping off your used coffee pods at our recycling hubs which are located at both our Mahers Lane and Junior School campus.

Patrick Brabant
School Assistant - Sustainability

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Digital Space

Chess Club

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular


From The Sportsdesk

The Sports Department is really excited for the sports programming next year, with some key announcements to be forthcoming in the next few weeks. We are anticipating a much clearer run across the board in most sports, albeit living with covid and whatever limitations or prerequisites that will entail. 


The NSW All Schools Athletics appears to be forging ahead with a rescheduled date, for details please see - here.

Parents and students make their own travel arrangements if they are interested - which is the normal procedure. An email outlining this content was sent to the qualifiers roster from our Lindisfarne carnival from earlier in the year.

Most students would obviously have had a significant impost on their normal training schedules due to the recent restrictions - this would have been felt statewide. We now have the services of Dr Joseph Coyne who has rejoined our staff and will be running the Athletics program into the foreseeable future. If restrictions allow, Dr Coyne can potentially run some athletic sessions for preparation. Please email Dr Coyne if this applies to you -  jcoyne@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

Also, please let the Sports Department know if you intend to compete, you will need to borrow a Lindisfarne competition singlet prior to departure.


We will be launching the inaugural Lindisfarne Lions rugby union program for 2022 in upcoming weeks. This program will involve games in both XV and 7-a-side for 1st XV/7, under 15 and under 13 teams across the full school year. The program will also consist of three training sessions per week made up of a contact and individual skill session, a strength and conditioning session and full team session.  More information will be provided in upcoming newsletters and school assemblies but if you or your children would like to be involved in the program, please contact Dr. Joseph Coyne by email here

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport

Kingscliff Swimming Club


Saturday Netball

Tweed Netball Association are hosting their Saturday Netball Presentation Day on Saturday, 4 December at Arkinstall Park from 8.30am to 10.30am. This is for ALL of our teams, our NETSETGO 5s and 6s and our 7s/8s Pink and Purple Lions. They will also be presenting the Meg Grace Award, Junior and Senior. Umpires of the Year and the Rep Winners. 

Please let your manager know that you are able to attend this morning - in your Lindisfarne dresses please!

Unfortunately, the Lindisfarne Lions Netball Club Presentation Evening, with parents, managers or coaches, will not be able to take place as planned. Due to the continued restrictions, we will celebrate the 2021 season in stage groups in special gatherings during School hours.

The Passing the Pride, when the 2022 captain is announced to work alongside Ebony Richards, and we thank Samantha Harvey for her outstanding contribution to netball at Lindisfarne, will also take place on this occasion. Netball Colours for Year 9 - Year 12 players will also be awarded. Players who have represented the School for two consecutive years will receive half-colours and for full-colours they need to have been involved in Netball at Rep level too.

Netball Coaching 2022

Anyone who is interested in coaching a Lindisfarne Team in 2022, please contact Head Coach Suzanne Evans for an information pack. Suzanne is running courses for all levels of coaching this Saturday and next Sunday:

  • Saturday, 30 October - 9am - 12noon
  • Sunday, 7 November - 9am - 12noon

You may also like to gain accreditation for your netball coaching expertise. If so, then please could you make sure you have your current WWCC and have completed the Foundation Course. The course costs $65 and will be refunded when you are a Lions Coach next year. 

Netball Centre of Excellence 

All players who wish to trial for the 2022 Centre of Excellence and the Rep squads, please see the scheduled sessions below.

Players may attend all of their age appropriate sessions but this is not mandatory. Year 4 students must be turning 11 years old in 2022.

The workshops will be run at Arkinstall Park by some of our present coaches who will assist in selecting the squads, as well as Club Ambassador Nicole Cusack. The teams will be named before the end of the year.

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

“I’m here if you need!”

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball

Lindisfarne Tennis Championships

We are still taking registrations for our Annual Lindisfarne Tennis Championships on Wednesday, December 1. This event also needs the Level 3 restrictions to be removed for it to proceed. 
Entries are now open, follow this link to register.



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