From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As previously communicated, regional travel commenced on 1 November across New South Wales. In this context, I wanted to share a timely reminder from the Chief Health Officer that all people 12 years and over are now eligible for vaccination programs in Australia. For those still considering or progressing vaccination for Covid-19, now would be an excellent opportunity to book an appointment or consult your medical professional as the movement of people throughout New South Wales is expected to quickly gather momentum. Furthermore, the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) are strongly recommending Year 12 students pursue vaccination in the lead up to the 2021 HSC Exams.  A New South Wales Government Fact Sheet on Vaccination can be found via this link. Vaccination factsheet.pdf

This week the New South Wales Premier announced two major changes to New South Wales reopening roadmap.

Firstly, in response to the faster-than-expected rate of vaccination, the New South Wales Government will further ease rules for those who are fully vaccinated by bringing forward many of the roadmap changes scheduled for 1 December to Monday, 8 November. These freedoms will only be available for people who are fully vaccinated.

Secondly, those who are not fully vaccinated must still abide by pre-roadmap restrictions until the State reaches the 95 per cent double vaccination target, or 15 December, whichever happens first. 

Further to the Premier's announcement on 1 November regarding advice on school sport, end of year functions and medical contraindications, the Premier and the Minister announced changes to COVID settings for schools which will commence on 8 November. 

The New South Wales Government recommends that student activity continues to occur where practicable in cohorts to minimise the impact on the school of any positive COVID case. Any adults over the age of 16 (excluding students) must be fully vaccinated or provide a valid medical contraindication (and appropriate risk assessment undertaken) to be allowed on school sites. 


Excursions (excluding overnight excursions) can occur from Monday 8 November. 

Educational support for schools 

Activities provided on a school site by fully vaccinated external providers related to curriculum delivery or student wellbeing, can occur from 8 November. 

Dancing and music 

Music classes, bands, ensembles and lessons can occur from 8 November for instruments that can be played with a mask only (i.e. no woodwind instruments).  Dancing can also occur from 8 November.  AISNSW anticipates that the New South Wales Government will provide further information about music and dancing in schools later next week. AISNSW will update this advice once the information is received. 


Fully vaccinated volunteers and providers will be allowed on site from 8 November to support school operations or fulfil specific roles, such as helping with the canteen or uniform shop, assisting with gross motor skills or conducting reading groups. This can include parent volunteers. 

Community use of school facilities 

From 8 November, community use can occur outside of school hours, per general community settings and with a COVID-19 Safety Plan, including any specific plans required under Public Health Orders. 

Transitions and orientations 

Transitions and orientations can occur from 8 November and minimise mingling between transition or orientation cohorts and school cohorts where practicable.

Unvaccinated individuals 

Community freedoms for unvaccinated individuals will now come into effect from 15 December, rather than 1 December. This may affect plans for some end of year celebrations and will mean that only those adults that are fully vaccinated or have a valid medical contraindication certificate will be able to attend.  AISNSW are seeking further clarification from the New South Wales Premier’s department and New South Wales Health on this requirement.

Bond University Film & Television Awards

Our students continue to produce extraordinary work. Year 12 student Jake Frazer has been nominated in the Drama category of the Bond University Film & Television Awards. Jake has explored the confronting issues of alcohol abuse and domestic violence with maturity and sensitivity. Watch his impressive work below and be amazed by the depth of his work. Congratulations Jake and please take the time to vote for him in the People's Choice Awards. Voting Link.

Lindisfarne 2022 Musical 

We are pleased to announce the School Musical for 2022 will be We Will Rock You. This is an award-winning jukebox musical based on the songs of British rock band Queen and a book by Ben Elton. The musical tells the story of a group of Bohemians who struggle to restore the free exchange of thought and fashion, and live music in a distant future where everyone dresses, thinks and acts the same. Please see our 2022 Musical Launch promo.

Year 12 Exams

Lastly, I want to thank, and pay tribute to our Year 12 students, as they commence their final exams. It has been a difficult year for these young adults, but they have shown great resilience and determination and I wish them every success as they commence their exams. I also pass on my thanks to their parents and guardians for providing the love and support needed during the last 12 months, I am proud of this cohort and as parents and guardians, you should be too.

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal


Chaplain's Corner

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

As our Year 12s begin their HSC exams this week, please join me in praying this prayer for them:

A Prayer for our Year 12s

Gracious God, we thank you immensely for our 2021 Year 12 cohort:

We ask that the Holy Spirit may strengthen them, and imbue them with the gifts of good health, knowledge and peace during the HSC exam duration.

Enable them to be calm and to do their best so that they can reap the rewards of their study and learning. 

Enable them to be true friends and a support to others. 

We give you the gift of their work, and pray that they use their gifts and talents now and in the future for your service and for the betterment of our world. 

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

A Very Happy Diwali Festival Celebration

We send our warmest greetings to the members of our Hindu, Jains, Sikh and Buddhist communities as they celebrate this festival of light. We join them in giving thanks for all the goodness and blessings we enjoy in life, as well as in sharing these blessings with those less fortunate than ourselves.

Anglicare North Coast Campaign

For over 22 years Anglicare North Coast has been providing hope and love in action to those who are afflicted by poverty, abuse and systemic inequality. They are asking the support of the wider community to continue to provide hope and love to those who are hopeless, particularly during these challenging times. If you are able to assist, please click here for more information.

Thank you for your support.

Finally, I would like to offer words of encouragement and comfort to all those who are stressed and tired at this time because of the adverse consequences of the pandemic. It’s been a really tough time for everyone but remember that we are not alone. Please seek help and reach out if you are struggling and know that we also have a loving and dear God watching over us at every moment in our lives. 

Jesus invites us to come to him when we are weary and heavy-laden and he’ll give us rest (cf. Matthew 11:28). Let us seek refuge in Jesus, and like him, let us also continue to accompany one another with silence, kind words and loving deeds during this difficult time.

I wish you a relaxing and refreshing weekend.

May we continue to be grateful for who we are to each other, and for the work we do in our School and community.

Constantine Osuchukwu

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Wellbeing Team


Is it ever too early to be thinking about transitions at school? Possibly, however Term 4 is the perfect time to be thinking about them. 

Transition planning for all grades is well underway within the school. Some of the bigger transitions like Preschool to Kindy, Year 4 to 5, Middle to Senior School are not only on the minds of Lindisfarne staff, they are certainly on the minds of the children and probably parents as well.

School TV has a wonderful Resource addressing just this topic. From Preschool to Senior School there is something here for our students and parents at all ages and stages.

With tips on helping a child who is struggling the night before school, building resilience for students starting Year 7, challenges of starting school for the first time, managing higher levels of homework, and preparing your child to enjoy the experiences of school.

With so many random transitions this year you may be feeling totally on top of it – or totally lost and overwhelmed. Dip in and have a look, even if your child seems like the chilled one who doesn’t get phased, there are lots of helpful tips for managing your worries.

Julie Henry
Junior School Psychologist

Student Voice

Second Nature Sustainability

Introducing the 2022 Sustainability Prefects

Hey Lindisfarne Community! This is Miranda Rhodes and Riley Henderson and we’re the 2022 Sustainability Prefects. We’re so excited to share our plans and initiatives with staff, students and the wider Lindisfarne community. We are extremely passionate about encouraging students to get involved in a number of activities to improve the environment in order to look after our planet. And what better way than to start small. 

The first challenge we set out is…. Recycling. Our main goal in 2022, is to get students involved in sustainable practices. We aim to lead by example and inspire students in becoming more proactive when it comes to sustainable practices on and off-campus.  We believe student initiative and motivation is paramount when it comes to keeping our beautiful campus waste-free. Without the help of the students, staff and wider community of our school, we won’t be going anywhere. These big changes can’t happen and the difference won’t be as substantial without everyone’s effort.  We plan on implementing a reward system for the students, tutor groups and houses who show the most diligence when it comes to recycling and keeping our school clean. 

Why are we implementing this so early on you might ask? Well, we are trying to increase student participation in recycling until it becomes almost second nature! The quicker everyone is to create healthy habitats that will benefit the environment the better and throw in some prizes along the way. Who can argue with that? Pride comes alongside a healthy, happy environment and we hope to be able to uphold these standards and even better them as the year continues. 

Students create the most vital and lively part of our school culture and we hope they too can feel a sense of pride when approaching these little initiatives. Habits come from small and consistent efforts. If we all play our part and consciously try to make a difference at least once a day, soon we will be able to incorporate these effortlessly throughout our school and personal lives! We look forward to what the year has in store and wish you all the best in helping us achieve this goal!

Riley Henderson and Miranda Rhodes
2022 Sustainability Prefects

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From The Dean Of Studies

Year 11 Record of School Achievement (RoSA)

Year 11 students will be able to access their Grades for Year 11 via their NESA students online account 

HSC Minimum Standards Tests - Year 10 students 

There are a few students in Year 10 who need to complete their HSC Minimum Standards Tests. Now that yearly examinations are complete the Learning Enrichment team will conduct catch up tests from next week. Students involved will be emailed further details. 

Higher School Certificate Examinations 

On Tuesday, 9 November the Class of 2021 will commence their written examinations.  We would like to wish them good luck for their examinations and remind them that the school community is here to support and encourage them at this time.

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies 

Junior School

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Middle School

Middle School National Recycling Week

National Recycling Week, established by Planet Ark in 1996, falls this year on the 8th-14th of November 2021. This year we're celebrating its 25th anniversary!

When it comes to food waste, Australians are some of the worst culprits with the latest National Waste Report finding food and garden organics make up about half of all kerbside garbage. Food organics were also noted by councils as a top 3 contaminant in the recycling bin.

Australians send 3.2 million tonnes of edible food to landfill each year, that’s close to 17,000 Boeing 747 jumbo jets

  • $1,026 each year is the cost of food waste for the average household, enough for a return flight to Fiji
  • Food doesn’t belong in sealed landfills as they are anaerobic environments, meaning there is no oxygen available. In this environment organics rot and produce methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
  • Food scraps and liquid also don’t belong in recycling as it can ruin your good efforts and prevent recyclables from being recycled.

At Lindisfarne’s Mahers Lane campus we are lucky enough to have Sub Pods where we can recycle food waste. The worms in the subpods rely on the food scraps students in at Mahers Lane add to the small caddy bins scattered around the school. To encourage the use of such bins, Year 8 Middle School leaders will be walking around the school at lunch time during Recycling Week with the caddies. If you have some food waste you need to be thrown away look for your nearest Year 8 Middle School leader to help you.

Middle School students are also invited to enter the following competition to celebrate Recycling Week:

Amber Phillips
Year 8 Coordinator

Ad Astra Advanced Academic Program 2022

All families from Year 5 to 8 have been sent information in regard to our 2022 Ad Astra Advanced Academics program. A reminder that applications close on Friday, 12 November. Please contact Jodie Duggan if you have any questions about the program on

Jodie Duggan
Director of Learning Enrichment 

Senior School

Careers and VET

Many students are interested in the idea of studying overseas when they finish school and with international borders opening this can once again become an opportunity some may like to pursue. Study overseas can be complex and countries have different rules depending on their own system of education and University admissions. The process for most countries differs significantly from Australia where the main tool used to assess University applications is a students ATAR. Many countries require, not only the results of standardised testing, but often essay responses, details of extra-curricular activities and often also interviews.

The US is a popular destination as there is such a wide variety of institutions. EducationUSA are part of the US Embassy and provide a huge amount of information about study in the US. This is a good place to start your research if this is something you may be interested in. EducationUSA are running a webinar on study in the US, with a particular focus on California, on the 19th of November. I encourage you to register to get a good understanding of some of the requirements and the process of applying.

Often fees are also a key consideration with most Australian students being classified as international students. It is important to consider that even if you have a passport for a certain country, it may not mean you will be classified in the same fee status as someone who lives in the country and attended school there. This is particularly relevant for the UK where students need to apply to find out what their fee status is as part of their university application.

If students have any questions regarding this I encourage them to book in a meeting.

Please see the attached Options Career Bulletin for more news.

Lauren Ward
Director of Careers and VET

Careers and Vocational Education & Training (VET)

School Psychology / Counsellor

Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


Debating and Public Speaking



Festivals And Celebrations In Japan

This term in Japanese lessons, our Year 5 students have been learning about festivals and celebrations in Japan. Our focus has been on identifying traditions and customs associated with different festivals. 

We have learnt about うんどか (undokai) the Japanese Sports Day. It is a popular event in the school calendar; it's a fun-filled day with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration.

Next we learnt about cultural festivals  ぶんかさい (文化祭  bunkasai). These are annual open day events held by most schools, from nursery schools to universities at which their students display their artistic achievements. 

One of the language structures the students have learnt is to ask and respond to the question - What ‘activity’ do you like?  Some students from 5A have recorded their responses. Please click on the student names to see their video.

Wallace Thompson & Arlo Short

Mila Saines & Nelly Brindley

Meeram Usman & Evee Sweet

Eden Jocumsen & Lulu Dalton

Byron Bown & Caleb Weate

Catherine Cox
Director of Languages P-12



Maths Minute with 8F

As part of their work on Transformations and Congruence, 8F have been researching the work of M.C Escher, a Dutch graphic artist who was famous for his mathematically inspired art.

The students have been investigating shapes to see what properties make shapes tessellate (which means to fit closely together without gaps or overlaps), and have been manipulating the shapes by translating, rotating and reflecting them to form patterns. The students used various websites to create their own digital artworks, which can be seen below.

Karen West 
Mathematics Teacher


Performing Arts

Germinate Records


New PDHPE Team Member For Term 4

My name is Stephanie Oppermann, and I am in my final year of my Masters of Teaching. I am currently completing my final placement during Term 4 at Lindisfarne and am working closely with Gay Maynard, Lauren Brake and Izzy Topper in the PDHPE department. 

I live and work on the Gold Coast and it’s amazing how as soon as I cross the border, there is a sense of calm and happiness down this way. I love spending my time on the weekends at the beach whilst also catching up with family and friends. Travelling has always been a massive part of my life, so like millions of others, I am looking forward to when I can purchase that overseas ticket again!!

I have always heard such wonderful things about Lindisfarne, not only about the amazing teachers and staff but also about the caring and helpful community and more importantly students. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity to immerse myself in Lindisfarne life and culture, and I know having the chance to spend my final placement in a school of this calibre will give me the tools I need to become a successful teacher. 

I am looking forward to meeting everyone over the next six weeks! 

Stephanie Oppermann
The PDHPE Faculty

Photography and Digital Media


Science Matters

The arrival of November means that the academic year is nearly over and spring is well and truly underway. Along with warm weather and lengthening days, springtime brings a surge of activity in nature. Observing the natural world at this time of year provides valuable insight into the health of our local ecosystems.

A recent ritual associated with spring in our household is the Australian Museum’s “FrogID Week” where people are encouraged to download a frog call ID app onto their phones and send in recordings of frogs between November 12 and November 21. The scientists at the museum will identify the frog species and send back the result.

As well as being absolutely beautiful creatures, frogs are valuable bio-indicators which means that their numbers and species diversity is a measure of how healthy (or unhealthy) the environment is. Collectively, frogs have been under severe stress from cane toad competition combined with the deadly chytrid fungus and their numbers have been in decline for some years. In addition, there has recently been an alarming local extinction event in northern NSW that is not yet understood. Frogs and, interestingly, cane toads are being found with discoloured skin and in a lethargic condition shortly before dying. Work is ongoing to determine whether this is a variation of the chytrid fungus or a sinister new affliction and it makes FrogID Week more important than ever. Please take the time to visit the website at:

and get to know your local frog species while contributing to this important work. 

We have these Eastern Dwarf Tree Frogs calling at our place right now. They are gorgeous, tiny little things and you can see them sitting on leaves if you look closely when you hear their calls.

November is also Turtle Month and another citizen scientist initiative is being launched called the “1million Turtles Community Conservation Program”. The twofold aim is to draw attention to the plight of Australian turtles and to educate people that most of our turtle species are found inland and not in the ocean. Something like thirty species of turtles live in the creeks, rivers and billabongs of northern NSW and November is when they are on the move and laying eggs. 

Turtles suffer mainly from predation of their nests by foxes or being hit by cars. This is the time of year you are most likely to encounter a turtle crossing the road and we are all being asked to be particularly aware of these endearing animals during November. You can visit the 1million turtle program here:

and get involved in their citizen scientist activities. If you approach a local creek quietly, you may be rewarded with a sighting of one of our beautiful longneck turtles like this one.

In a cynical twist of fate our enormous human brains have given us “dominion” over the other animals on Earth. With dominion comes immense responsibility and it is up to all of us to help heal the creatures we have harmed.

Have a wonderful week in science and do something, no matter how small, to make the world a better place.

Hamish Inksetter
Science Coordinator

Technology and Applied Studies

Junior Master Chef

Food Technology class 8.10 competed in the Junior Master Chef challenge. The pressure was on in the kitchen as six cooking groups prepared a dish, of their design, for a panel of judges. 

Two teams were jointly victorious. Congratulations to team Aubergine and team Kiwi.

Savannah Bambery, Scout Bee Jones, Lilly Warman and Lyla Williams for their Honey Fried Chicken on Rice, and Sloane Bryant, Steph Scoullerm, Sahra Sim-Sing and Isabella Tate for their Handmade Ravioli.  

Caelie Drayson
Teacher of TAS 

Visual Arts

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From The Sportsdesk

AISNSW has released some easing of restrictions for school sport, which will be reflected in the adjustments of our scheduling for next week's integrated sports timetable. It is not sport at full throttle yet, but is markedly better in terms of extra flexibility.


The NSW All Schools Athletics appears to be forging ahead with a rescheduled date, for details please see - here. Parents and students must make their own travel arrangements if they are interested - which is the normal procedure. An email outlining this content was sent to the qualifiers roster from our Lindisfarne carnival from earlier in the year.

Most students would obviously have had a significant impost on their normal training schedules due to the recent restrictions - this would have been felt statewide. We now have the services of Dr Joseph Coyne who has rejoined our staff and will be running the Athletics program into the foreseeable future. If restrictions allow, Dr Coyne can potentially run some athletic sessions for preparation. Please email Dr Coyne if this applies to you -

Also, please let the Sports Department know if you intend to compete, you will need to borrow a Lindisfarne competition singlet prior to departure.


We launched the inaugural Lindisfarne Lions Rugby Union program for 2022 during Senior School assembly this week - and will do the same for Middle School next week. This program will involve games in both XV and 7-a-side for 1st XV/7, under 15 and under 13 teams across the full school year. The program will also consist of three training sessions per week made up of a contact and individual skill session, a strength and conditioning session and a full team session.  More information will be provided in upcoming newsletters and school assemblies but if you or your children would like to be involved in the program, please contact Dr. Joseph Coyne by email here.


We are still taking registrations for our Annual Lindisfarne Tennis Championships. We are taking into account all the Government directives (both QLD and NSW) and may need to swap the time we play this to enable our QLD students an opportunity to play. We will be contacting all registered players very soon, so please get your registration in - if you haven’t already done so. 

Please see the flyer attached below in the Tennis section.

Spotlight on Marlon Harrison

Despite the headwinds that have been COVID-19 - Marlon Harrison’s surfing results for 2021 have been outstanding. Congratulations young man - the future looks very bright for Marlon when considering these results:.

  • 2nd World Surf League Tweed Coast Pro Junior
  • 1st Australian Open of Surfing Sunshine Coast (Open Mens)
  • 4th Australian Open of Surfing Gold Coast (Open Mens)
  • Series champion Australian open of Surfing
  • Queensland Open Men's 2021 State Champion
  • Queensland State Junior Under 18 Round 1 Sunshine Coast Champion
  • Runner Up State Under 18 Junior Queensland State Champion
  • Runner Up RipCurl National Grom Search 2021
  • 11th WSL QS 1000 Port Stephens Pro (Open Mens)
  • 11th WSL QS 1000 Great Lakes Pro (Open Mens)

Well done Marlon.

Damian Clucas
Head of Sports and Activities


Club Netball

The Lindisfarne Lions Netball Club Presentations will now be held on Friday, 26 November. We will celebrate the 2021 season in stage groups in special gatherings during School hours. The Passing the Pride, when the 2022 captain is announced to work alongside Ebony Richards, and we thank Samantha Harvey for her outstanding contribution to netball at Lindisfarne, will also take place on this occasion. Netball Colours for Year 9 - Year 12 players will also be awarded. 

Managers and Coaches are asked to call in and meet the Parent Support Group at the Terranora Pavilions between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on Friday ,26 November, so we can personally thank you for your dedicated time and efforts for the Lindisfarne Lions Netball Club this year.

Team Photographs were taken this week in the Ngahriyah. The Cubs, Pink, Purple, Crimson and Orange Lions teams will have their photos taken on November 18 at Sunshine Avenue. Please see the schedule linked here

Tweed Netball Association are hosting their Saturday Netball Presentation Day on Saturday 4 December at Arkinstall Park from 8.30am to 10.30am. This is for ALL of our teams, our NETSETGO 5s and 6s and our 7s/8s Pink and Purple Lions. They will also be presenting the Meg Grace Award, Junior and Senior. Umpires of the Year and the Rep Winners. 

Please let your manager know that you are able to attend this morning - in your Lindisfarne dresses please!

Netball Coaching 2022

Well done to those of you who attended the first coaching session on Saturday. Please note that Suzanne is running courses for all levels this Sunday too:

Sunday, 7 November - 9.00am - 12.00pm

You may also like to gain accreditation for your netball coaching expertise. If so, then please could you make sure you have your current WWCC and have completed the Foundation Course. The course costs $65 and will be refunded when you are a Lions Coach next year. 

Netball Centre of Excellence 

All players who wish to trial for the 2022 Centre of Excellence and the Rep squads, please see the scheduled sessions below.

Players may attend all of their age appropriate sessions but this is not mandatory. Year 4 students must be turning 11 years old in 2022.

The workshops will be run at Arkinstall Park by some of our present coaches who will assist in selecting the squads, as well as Club Ambassador Nicole Cusack. The teams will be named before the end of the year.

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

“I’m here if you need!”

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball

Lindisfarne Tennis Championships

We are still taking registrations for our Annual Lindisfarne Tennis Championships on Wednesday, December 1. This event also needs the Level 3 restrictions to be removed for it to proceed. 
Entries are now open, follow this link to register.



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