2022 Term 1 Week 3 18 Feb 2022

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From the Principal


Update to Parents on Federal Government school funding issues as a result of the Commonwealth Government Direct Measure of Income (DMI) funding model.

Some parents may have seen the important story in The Weekly Times last week about the negative impact of changes to Federal Government schools funding policy on regional independent schools, including Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School.

We are a part of a coalition of adversely impacted regional independent schools urging the Federal Government to rectify this unfair policy.

For the past year, I have been active in lobbying the Federal Government in relation to the impact on Regional Schools as a New South Wales representative on the Coalition of Regional Independent Schools Australia (CRISA) and as a member of the AISNSW Regional Advisory Council.

Under the DMI funding model, 70% of non-government schools will maintain or increase their funding. However, 30% of non-government schools will see their funding decrease in real terms.

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is one of those Schools.

What is unfair is that regional independent schools across Australia are hardest hit by the funding decrease. When raised with the Federal Government they point to, ‘city schools lose funding too’.

On face value that is correct but the impact in real dollar terms is substantially different. The cuts disproportionately and unfairly impact regional independent schools including Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School with regional independent schools losing funding at an average of $760 per student. By contrast, this loss is $287 per student across metropolitan independent schools. How can this possibly be fair?

The Federal Government also points out that Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School actually receives an increase each year in funding over the next decade. Whilst factually true what they fail to point out is that the increase is 1% per year - so in real terms, we lose substantial funding over time.

We all realise that nothing goes up 1% per year and as we now brace for rising inflation in Australia it’s a fallacy to argue that 1% is an increase in real terms - it simply won’t in any way keep up with costs across the board.

What our regional independent schools are asking for is for a fair go, for our contribution to the provision of quality education and school choice in Australia to be recognised, and our role in creating significant employment and contributing to local economies across regional communities in Australia be acknowledged.

Regional independent schools are simply requesting fair annual indexation of Commonwealth Government funding for our Regional Independent Schools including Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School.

Our request is for the annual indexation to be a minimum of 2.5%. Is that too much to ask?

We will keep local families informed as we receive more information from the Federal Government. Repeated efforts by us and other impacted schools have so far not resulted in any policy change and we urge you to use your own networks to push for the Federal Government to address our concerns and ensure choice in non-government education across regional Australia.

You can read the story here: DMI Funding - Weekly Times and learn more about our concerns about this policy change at www.crisa.org.au

Covid-19 Update

Following the announcement by the New South Wales Premier on Thursday 17 February about staggered changes to New South Wales Covid settings in the next fortnight, AISNSW is working with the New South Wales Department of Education, Catholic Schools New South Wales and the Ministry of Health to clarify implications for school settings. 

At this stage, we have had confirmation that the current Covid safe school measures continue to apply at least until Friday, 25 February, including: 

  • the New South Wales Cabinet decision that masks are required in indoor school settings for staff and secondary students, as well as being strongly encouraged for primary students. 
  • the use of RAHTs for surveillance testing. 

As soon as we have any further advice about any future changes to Covid safe measures in schools we will, of course, be in touch. 

Please remember to continue the twice a week RAHT as Covid-19 is currently circulating in the School and wider community.

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal


Community Service

Chaplain's Corner

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

An Inspiring Message

Last Monday at our Chapel service, Beatrice Broad shared the inspiring message below with Stage 3 students and staff, beautifully weaving together the different elements of our recent Chapel themes. I’m very grateful to Beatrice for letting her light shine and by doing so enkindling our own flames with her message:

For this moment, I want you to think of yourselves as unlit candles.  

Now, think of the people that inspire, teach and love us, as flames.  

When our flames teach us something new or show us love, they share their flame, and our candles are lit.  

Then one by one, we can then share this knowledge and love with others, lighting their candles as we do, creating a sea of light.  

Anyone can light your candle. Look around you, the people that you see are your flames. Your classmates, friends, teachers, the school chaplain, they all give us inspiration, to do our best and be our best. To be a good friend, student or family member. And when we do these things, we spread and share our light.

In the bible John 8:12 Jesus says: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”   

Jesus is a flame too. He shows us the path to follow, He guides us with His light.

As our school motto says “Let your light shine”. Don’t be afraid to share your flame. Walk in the light and be the best version of yourself that you can be, Like Reverend Constantine has asked us, be compassionate towards everyone, and then watch in awe as the candle lights spread far and wide, all started from one act of kindness and compassion that you chose to do.  Let your light shine!

Beatrice Broad shining her light and inviting us to let our light shine.


School Year Service at St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church Tweed Heads

Another gentle reminder that everyone is warmly invited to join The Reverend Dway and his parishioners on Sunday, 20 February at 9.00am for a service and fellowship. Our school musicians will be singing at this service which should be uplifting and inspiring. All are welcome!

Lent 2022

The season of Lent begins on March 2 with Ash Wednesday. It’s an important and sacred time in the Christian calendar when we are invited to deepen our spirituality and grow in our Christian identity by becoming more compassionate, kind, just, loving and peaceful. If you’d like to join me in exploring how we can embrace justice and compassion this Lent please email me at constantine.osuchukwu@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au so that I can send you the link to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lenten study resource. 

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Our school community is developing a Reconciliation Action Plan to assist us with strengthening our ties with our First Nations peoples as well as to continue to enhance and celebrate their diverse and rich cultural heritage. If any parent would like to join our RAP task force team, please let me know asap.

A Prayer for Peace 

As we hear of rumours of war and military build-up on the borders of Ukraine, let us join with people of faith and goodwill in praying for peace:  

Come O Christ of Peace, Come O Spirit of Peace.  

Have mercy on your people,

Speak to the hearts of leaders,

Bring healing, send grace, 

breathe Peace upon our world.


(Jamberoo Abbey)


Thank you for who you are and for all you do for our school community.

Rev Constantine Osuchukwu

Important Information

First Nations

Parents and Friends

P&F Trivia Night - Saturday, 12 March

On Saturday, 12 March the Lindisfarne P&F will once again hold a Trivia Night in Ngahriyah. Tables of eight ($200)

BYO food and drinks, prizes and raffles and of course a best-dressed (or worst) prize for one table.


Safe on Social


Wellbeing Team

Student Voice

Year 12 Leadership Retreat

Last week the Year 12 cohort was formally inducted as leaders of the School for 2022. Over the weekend, the leadership team spent a day at the boatshed building connections with each other and our mentors. The day was full of fun activities and meaningful conversations. 

In the morning we spent time talking as a group, reflecting on the present and looking forward to the future. We took the time to get to know each other better, working with our mentors to discuss how we want our year to look. We spoke about how we can have a meaningful impact on the community through our leadership, exploring some ways we can give back to the School and community. As a team, we also discussed some fresh ideas. This time was extremely valuable, bringing us closer together as a team. 

After a quick break for morning tea, we got straight into the kayaks and set off onto the water. This session was all about understanding the importance of communication and teamwork. We were put through a series of challenges that forced us to learn to trust each other and work together - paddling blindfolded against the tide and wind while relying on the instructions of your partner was certainly a test. This activity helped to grow our communication skills with each other as we all really engaged and actively listened to each other. We also had the opportunity to play a ball game and work in a larger group. This activity was all about working with the people around you to achieve a common goal. The aim of these activities was to be able to better work together in groups and to learn good communication and encouragement. As we went we learned to adapt and change our strategies when things weren't working out. I think we all learned a lot from this experience. 

Overall, the day was a great experience. Everyone learned a lot and had the chance to talk through some goals for the year ahead. A big thanks to all the staff that worked hard to put such a great day together for us, we are all very grateful for your efforts! We can wait for the year ahead and look forward to giving back to this special community. 

Rosie Taylor
Communications Prefect

Upcoming Events


Whole School News

Meet the Music Tutors - All Welcome

Meet the Music Tutors Concert 

On Wednesday, 23 February we will present an evening concert to showcase the talents of our studio music tutors and music staff.

This concert is a great opportunity for students to hear our music staff perform in a professional setting and will feature a variety of styles from Rock to Classical.

This year the  concert will be followed by meet and greet which is a great opportunity for parents and students to chat to our studio music tutors. Any new students to the school with an interest in music are encouraged to attend this concert to gain an appreciation of the ensembles and programs on offer.

This year we will also include performances from the Senior Choir, Stage Band and Senior Rock Band.

Starting at 6.30pm, the 90-minute concert will be hosted by our Friends of the Arts committee. Drinks will be available from 6.00pm.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

We Will Rock You - Support Needed

Rehearsals for our musical 'We will Rock You' are well underway for our performance in Week 9.

The musical is set in a dystopian world 300 years into the future. Rock music has been phased out, however, a group of Bohemians are trying to restore and piece together a world that resembles the past. A world with music.

We are looking for clothes and items that can be 'upcycled' to be creatively re-purposed. The looks are blended with STEAMPUNK and ROCK THROUGH THE AGES.

Including but not restricted to;

  • Fashion items
  • Headbands, wigs, hairpieces or hats
  • belts, gloves or accessories

If you have anything to donate or lend that fits this vibe please let me know or leave it in a box in top reception labelled musical DONATE or musical LOAN. If you are lending an item please be sure to either label it so we know who it's from.

There are also a number of items we need for our set. Please let me know if you have any of the following again to donate or lend.  

  • Old TV (doesn't matter if it is broken)
  • VCR player
  • Tape recorder
  • Videotapes
  • DVD discs
  • Broken, faded rock memorabilia
  • Faded rock posters
  • Old jukebox
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bike helmets
  • ANY broken or old musical instruments
  • Harley-Davidson bike

There will be a sewing bee and a set working bee for these dates; Sunday, 6 March and Sunday, 13 March. 10.00am to 3.00pm. Please let performingarts@lindisfarne.nsw.edu know if you can attend or if you have certain skills to offer. 

Amy Skene

2023 Sibling Enrolments

Sibling priority is offered to families for the 2023 enrolment year providing applications are received no later than Friday, 25 February 2022. After this date applications will be sorted by date of entry.

For more information on making an application please find more details in the enrolments section of our website.

Simon McKinley
Director of Community Engagement

Staff Bio


Assessment Schedules and Changing Electives

Assessment Schedules

The 2022 Assessment Policies and Schedules are available on Parent Lounge and via Student Cafe and will be further unpacked with the students when assessment tasks are given to students during their classes. 

Assessment Schedule links.

Changing Electives reminder

Any students in Years 9 to 11 who are thinking about changing their electives must ensure that they check the availability of requested subjects and complete a change of subject form by Friday, 25 February.

Elevate Study Skills sessions Year 7 to 11

An important priority at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is preparing our students to take on their academic journey with as many skills and competencies as possible. We encourage students to be autonomous, self-directed learners to put them in good stead for their future. 

On Friday, 25 February Students in Year 7 to 11 will engage in study skills sessions with Elevate.  These sessions focus on time management, motivation, organisation, planning and study skills. Parents are encouraged to speak to their children about the sessions and discuss the useful tips and strategies that they learned.

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

Junior School

From the Head of Junior School

Please join me in congratulating our first cohort of House Captains for the 2022 school year. What a tremendous honour it is to be elected by your peers to lead the students at the Junior School during Term 1. We look forward to working with you all as we build on the great legacy of leadership from those who have gone before you.

Congratulations to the Term 1 House Captains:

  • St  Andrew - Dekota S and Reed U
  • St Barnabas - Evie B and Ginny L
  • St Cuthbert - Sierra J and Xavier M
  • St Stephen - Harvey J & Ayva I

We also took the opportunity to recognise the 2022 Year 4 cohort as the leaders of the Junior School in 2022. Mention was made of the opportunity and expectation of all students to demonstrate their leadership through positive role modelling of our school values and expectations to all members of our school community.  Our first (face-to-face) assembly was an opportunity to celebrate the terrific achievements of a number of our students who undertook the ICAS Maths, English and Science tests in 2021. Congratulations to everyone who entered these competitions. 

It was great to welcome our first performers to the school in a very long time on Monday this week. We were thoroughly entertained by the Hot Potato Band with their seriously fun covers and originals performed with enough enthusiasm and energy to rival a Year 1 student at playtime!

As we settle into the school year it is important to remind families that our school day starts at 8:40am. It is important for students to be in class and ready for the day at this time to ensure a settled start to each school day. Arriving after this time can cause disruption to the morning routine of the class and can even be stressful for those students arriving after the class has started. Thank you for your cooperation and support with this matter. For those finding the turning circle dropoff a bit slow in the mornings, the Walking School bus remains a viable alternative. Departures from Arkinstall Carpark at 8:15 and 8:30am ensure all students using that service are in class before the start of the first session and parents are free to go about their day (with dry shoes/feet).

Recently, a number of concerns have been raised about online content and some disturbing and inappropriate material being accessed by children. At Lindisfarne, we take a very proactive approach to digital citizenship/safety with students actively engaging in explicit learning activities about these topics. We also have ongoing partnerships with expert external providers such as Online Guardians and Safe On Social. In light of the recent concerns raised with me, a have provided access to a parent help guide regarding YouTube for children. The cheat sheet for parents can be found here. If you have concerns about content that your child has accessed, a report can be made directly to YouTube or to the eSafety Commission.

Construction of the new ELC is certainly underway with earthwork being undertaken this week. As we negotiate the coming months of reduced play spaces for students, please be assured that we are working to ensure that all students have access to suitable and age-appropriate spaces in which they can burn off some energy and have some fun during their designated breaks.

We are off to a great start! Well done.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Junior School

Early Learning Centre

Bush Preschool

Bush Preschool is back and ready for a whole year of nature-based learning!

Our trial Bush Preschool program was a huge success last year and has paved the way for the official offering of this new and engaging program to Preschool students. This term, the Bush Preschoolers' are travelling to Fingal Headland (Booningbah) on the Lindisfarne bus each Friday, where they will be immersed in child-led nature learning and forming strong connections with nature and this significant local site.  

Last Friday was our first off-site session and it didn’t disappoint! We set off from our ‘base camp’ and followed looped walking trails through the littoral rainforest and beach tracks. A few highlights we experienced on our bush walks were spotting a beautiful big lace monitor climbing a tree right in front of us and a bearded dragon camouflaged on a banksia tree. We also had fun challenging our gross motor skills as we climbed the basalt boulders to watch the waves and we spent lots of uninterrupted time using our bush tools to make nature concoctions. The children were thrilled to be a part of this program and are keen to head back to Fingal to see Boonin the echidna and make more discoveries throughout Term 1. 

Please contact Jo Hetherington at jhetherington@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au if you would like to add your child to the Bush Preschool waitlist! 

Michelle Donohue
Bush Preschool Leader

Expand for photos.

Green Team

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Middle School

From the Head of Middle School


This week on Assembly, Mrs Walker, from the English Faculty, invited Year 7 and 8 students to trial for the School Debating Team. There was notable interest from the student body for this extra curricular activity. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to compete in The Gold Coast Debating competition, later this year. Selections will be announced in the upcoming weeks.


Late last year, a significant number of students participated in ICAS competitions. These assessments are based on curriculum from relevant year levels but students are asked to demonstrate a deeper, integrated, and thorough level of knowledge for each learning area. The competitions included Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling Bee and Writing. All students who undertook these competitions received a certificate of achievement. It was pleasing to see such commitment from our Middle School students.

Middle School Electives

On Thursday, students were able to choose their Middle School Electives for Semester 1. This initiative was introduced to our Middle School with the purpose of giving our students new and varied experiences to help them identify some previously unearthed skills and areas of passion. Traditionally, Year 5 to 8 students have had little voice in the subjects they learn as teachers must follow a fairly prescriptive pattern of study. These electives allow the students to deviate from the set curriculum for a couple of hours each fortnight to pursue learning in an area of interest to them. The purpose is to challenge thinking with regard to taking risks, and to help students to build future focussed skills and perspectives.

Meet the Homeroom Teacher

Thank you to those parents and carers who were able to attend the Year 5, 6 and 7 Meet the Homeroom Teacher evenings, earlier this week. It was fantastic to see so many parents and carers in attendance. The Year 8, Meet the Homeroom Teacher session is scheduled for Monday, 21 February at 6.30pm. 

Year 7 Orientation Camp

Year 7 Orientation Camp information was sent home this week. Please confirm and update any medical details via Parent Lounge and return all necessary forms to Student Admin no later than Monday 21, February 2022.

This camp is an important part of the introduction to Year 7. It is a two-day outdoor education experience designed to promote friendships, break down communication barriers, set expectations and develop self-esteem. These outdoor experiences not only provide opportunities to interact with nature, but also provide challenges and risks for your children. As parents and teachers, we need to offer opportunities that are safe, but at the same time, challenging. Children need to take risks to investigate and push their limits in order to venture into new experiences. As the adults in a child’s life, we remove dangerous hazards, but not risks, which offer challenges. The Orientations Camp is designed to promote the development of the disposition of risk taking which sets the foundation for the challenge of learning. Offering challenge also addresses the essential skill of resourcefulness, which is the ability to take initiative to improve a situation.

Thank You

I would like to thank the dedication of our Middle School staff over the last three weeks. The students are very fortunate to have engaged and connected staff who are so willing to support your children in all learning experiences. As a school, we are grateful to each of the teachers for their commitment.

Cathy Cox
Head of Middle School

Senior School

Careers and VET

As we settle into the new year, many institutions are beginning to run webinars and information sessions for students and parents that want to get in early and plan for the year ahead. Year 11 and 12 students and parents are able to find out about applying and studying at QUT at an online Advice Night on Wednesday 23 March. The session will cover information on making course and career decisions, getting into uni, study costs and financial support. There’ll also be an opportunity to hear from current QUT students and ask questions about their courses and uni experience. You can register now.

Many students express an interest in a career in the business and finance world, especially in the Economics field but don't really know much about it. Often they will ask, “what is an economist”? or “do you have to be good at maths”? Find out some of the answers to these questions from UQ students by watching the video.

If you are interested in Science but don’t really know what pathways might come from studying Science, the Faculty of Science at UQ has gathered the profiles of scientists who have used their qualifications to gain entry into a diverse range of interesting and rewarding jobs and now work worldwide. The profiles can be accessed from ‘Careers that started in science’.

I encourage Year 12 students, in particular, to book a time to meet with myself or Dr Marriott to begin to explore their options and ensure they have a study plan and feel prepared for the year ahead.

Lauren Ward
Director of Careers and VET

Careers and Vocational Education & Training (VET)

School Psychology / Counsellor

SchoolTV - Understanding Adolescence

Adolescence is the transitional stage of development that is usually associated with the teenage years. In 2018, the Australian Curriculum Assessment Authority, redefined adolescence as affecting young people aged between 10-24 years. During this time, they experience rapid physical, cognitive and psychosocial growth which affects how teenagers feel, think, make decisions and interact with the world around them.

During adolescence, a child's brain can be considered as being “under-construction”. The rate at which this progresses will vary depending on the individual and also their gender. As a result, some parents may view adolescence as stressful or difficult. However, it does not need to be. Setting boundaries, implementing consistent monitoring and maintaining a strong and loving connection will help families adjust during this time.

It is also an important time to keep the communication lines open through clear and age-appropriate conversations. Speak openly about changes that they are experiencing and be conscious of their mental health as many of the conditions people confront in adulthood, can begin to manifest in adolescence.

In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers can learn how to guide and best support their young person as they transition through adolescence. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to this month's edition https://lindisfarne.nsw.schooltv.me/newsletter/understanding-adolescence

Did You Think of a Blue Monkey?

I want you to think about a blue monkey. Great, now close your eyes in silence and don’t think about that blue monkey at all for one minute!  How many times in that minute did you think of the blue monkey? I use this ‘experiment’ by Tuning in to Kids and Teens, an evidence based emotion coaching program for parents. Asking you to not think of a blue monkey is comparable to saying to yourself or a loved one “stop being anxious.” It’s nearly impossible. 

One of the first things I do as a counsellor is educate my clients on the development of the human brain and explain where anxiety comes from. We all have anxiety to some degree because we all have what is called an amygdala. The primary purpose of the amygdala is the ‘fight or flight’ response to triggering events. Strong feelings such as anger, sadness and anxiety are all normal and natural human emotions that are triggered by the amygdala. Triggers may be external factors such as actual threats or concerns, but they are also learnt behaviours from our family of origin, also known as our ‘Meta Emotion Philosophy’ (Tuning in to Kids). 

The amygdala is nestled inside our beautiful brains under the prefrontal cortex, the thinking region of our brains, also known as the ‘control tower’ of our emotions. One primary purpose of our prefrontal cortex is to help regulate emotions. It’s also the last part of the brain to develop (can take up to 25-30 years to fully develop). 

Parents, caregivers, coaches, extended family members, educators, counsellors and psychologists can all work together to help our children develop their prefrontal cortexes. We can do this in a number of ways. For today, I would encourage you and your children to increase the four essential happy brain chemicals: endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. The diagram below provides some examples of what we can do to increase these chemicals. Keep in mind that we are our children’s primary role models so it really helps to lead by example. 

Let me close by saying to parents, caretakers and Lindisfarne staff, you are doing an amazing job. Parenting and teaching can be emotional rollercoaster rides. Our self-care is essential in supporting children’s anxiety, so get to work boosting your happy chemicals. 

Natalie Daugherty
School Counsellor

Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

Meet the BEE Team

In the Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (BEE) department we provide a HSC Economic Course in Year 11 and 12 and next year we are excited to be introducing a Year 10 Course Commerce Extension; Business and Economics. In our department we are lucky to have an economics specialist teacher with academic knowledge and skills, Ms Ella Evans.


I first became interested in economics around the time of the Global Financial Crisis. As a High School student, I wanted to learn more about why recessions occur and the actions governments can take in response. I am proud to have been awarded a joint Top of Subject in Economics for my Year 12 studies. After High School, I undertook a dual undergraduate degree in Economics and Arts at the University of Queensland. I was subsequently employed by the University of Queensland as a Tutor for various economics courses. Being a Tutor involved delivering tutorial lessons, grading student essays and marking student exams. I most enjoyed being a Tutor for the course ECON3440: Competition Policy and Regulation. This work showed me that I loved teaching, so after completing a Masters of Teaching with the University of New England, I moved into delivering economics content to High School students here at Lindisfarne. I’ve developed various Economics programs from Year 9 through to Year 12 and am now the lead Economics teacher for the school. As we currently navigate through various economic challenges–the pandemic, trade tensions, the climate crisis, and rising inflation, to name a few–I believe that understanding economics is more important than ever.

Ella Evans 


Studies of Conflict - 'That Old Chestnut'

This week, Year 9 English students continued their studies of conflict. Mr Bradford’s class spent Friday afternoon unpacking some timeless topics in a heated class debate. ‘Old Chestnuts’ like:

  • “All people should have the right to own guns”
  • “All drugs should be legalised”
  • “Everyone should have a right to vote, regardless of age”
  • “Violent video games should be banned”

Needless to say, there were spirited arguments on both sides, but we’re no closer to solving some of the world's most debated issues. Thankfully it was all in good fun and despite the seriousness of the issues, the class could appreciate the lighter side of it all.

Kane Bradford 
Head - Professional Practice, Innovation and Partnerships
English Teacher

Lions Youth of the Year

Daniel Green and Trishul Sivabalan both ably represented Lindisfarne at the Coolangatta and Tweed Heads Lions Youth of the Year Quest on Tuesday 15 February. As part of this competition, each of the participants had to complete a 30-minute interview with a panel of judges. They also had to present two spontaneous impromptu speeches and deliver a five-minute prepared speech to a dinner audience at the Tweed Heads Bowls Club. 

The impromptu topics were: 

  • A day in my life.
  • Is solar energy the future?

In their prepared speeches, Daniel spoke about the cultural shifts that have occurred due to COVID, whilst Trishul focused on the negative impacts of social media. They were both articulate, engaging and thoughtful.  

Principal Stuart Marquardt, Trishul Sivabalan, Daniel Green and Head of Senior School Kate Cornell

Both our students should be proud of their efforts. Trishul won the Public Speaking Award whilst Daniel was awarded the Lions Youth of the Year. 

Daniel Green and Trishul Sivabalan with their certificates

Daniel will now represent the Lions Club of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads at the Lions Youth of the Year Competition Region Final on Saturday 12 March. We wish him every success during the next round of this competition.

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator

Debating and Public Speaking






Performing Arts

Hot Potato Band in the House

On Monday we were fortunate to have Sydney Funk New Orleans marching band “Hot Potato Band” visit Sunshine Ave and Mahers Lane for a series of inspiring workshops, finishing off with a very energetic evening performance in the Chapel.

Down at the Junior Campus the excitement for the immensely talented Hot Potato Band performance was so exciting to see. Not only did they inspire our Year 4 cohort as our students embark on their brass and woodwind journey but the entire Junior School including the teachers. The clear passion, energy, joy and love of music was so clear to all onlookers as the band had staff and students laughing and dancing in their seats. It is not a performance that our students will soon forget as they continue to ask when the band can come back next.

Both Middle School and Senior School Stage band students were amazed by the “Positive Vibrations” being whirled around the Chapel space throughout the afternoons workshop session. Incorporating movement into sections, cheering and acknowledging soloists, and shying away from playing in front of a music stand are just some of the vibrant and energetic performance tips the band introduced. A fresh, wholehearted bundle of musicality has been absorbed by our bands with all members being invited on stage for the encore performance titled “This is how it Should Be”.

Mr Edwards and Mr Norton

Germinate Records



This week, Stage 3 started learning and developing their field hockey skills, with knowledgeable assistance from Hockey Tweed Guru, Matt Bartell and Mrs Topper.

Students will participate in a four-week skills program, which focuses on the basic skills required in field hockey - stick grip, passing, receiving, dribbling, tackling and modified gameplay. It has been wonderful to watch our new and experienced hockey players progress their skills already … after 1 lesson!

The program concludes with an exciting six-a-side hockey gala day available for all interested students, called the Fitzpatrick Shield - named after the grandfather of Lindisfarne alumni and Olympians, Savannah and Madison Fitzpatrick. 

Students have the opportunity to bring their newly learnt skills to the hockey pitch and represent Lindisfarne in a fun day against teams from other schools around the Tweed Shire. No other hockey experience is necessary as divisions are created for experienced players and beginning players. 

“I just love seeing kids being able to achieve the skills of hockey by the end of the program and their level of improvement.” Matt Bartell - Tweed Hockey Coach 

Who knows whether we will have any hockey superstars waiting to shine all the way to the Olympic field from Stage 3!

Gay Maynard
Director of PDHPE

Photography and Digital Media


Technology and Applied Studies

Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Homework and Hobby Clubs

Homework Club Recommencing (Years 5 to 12)  

Homework Club will run between 3.30pm and 4.30pm in the Library. Students are asked to bring homework, assessments or study and will be supervised and have access to support by the Learning Enrichment Team. 

Hobby Hub Starts Monday, 14 February (Years 5 to 8)

Hobby Hub will be running every Monday and Tuesday at 12.45pm to 1.15pm in MM2. Come along and meet some new friends while drawing, playing with Lego, board games, reading or doing a puzzle.

Learning Enrichment Team

Round Square



Sustainable Tips

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Digital Space

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular


Rugby Program Launch

Students and their families involved in the Rugby program have been invited to attend the program launch on Thursday, 24 February at 6.30pm at Pioneer Country, Fraser Drive Tweed Heads.

Please confirm your attendance by Monday, 21 February for catering, the link to do so was attached to the invitation that was emailed to all players and parents.

Netball News

Monday Night Netball

Round 3 was a wash out! We will have to play 2 games one night now, so please watch out for emails re: this arrangement. At the moment, we are still due to play Rounds 4 and 5 over the next weeks but they are to be confirmed:

Good Luck in Round 4 - February 21 






Blue Lions 




White Lions 




Silver Lions




Gold Lions




Golden Oldies

Next top Model


and Round 5 - February 28!






Blue Lions 




White Lions 




Silver Lions




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Please be at the courts in time to warm-up and sign on.

Go Lions!

Club Netball

Don’t forget that.....

The Tweed Netball Association’s Saturday competition starts on March 26 at Arkinstall Park, Cunningham Street. Registrations will open very shortly. Netball Queensland are having an issue at the moment but we are hoping to have it all sorted by the weekend. Sign-on day is on Saturday, 19 February at the Tweed Clubhouse, but if you have let me know your intention to play you are not required to attend.

If you haven’t already, please complete the EOI form linked here.

We had a good turn for the first Captain’s workshop with Ebony and Poppy: 39 budding netball players having fun on the Arkinstall Park Courts! We believe the session was so successful that we would like to offer the same opportunity for the next couple of weeks at least. We will collect the girls from the Junior Campus and walk them over to the courts. Parents, please pick your children from the courts at 3.45pm.

Please see the attached video message from our Captains.

Netball Centre of Excellence 

The program has started for all of the Year 5 to 12 teams:

Monday - P1 - P4 = Strength and Conditioning training with Rory for all Years 7 - 12 players. The Elite teams train as a team, all of the other girls can have a session every week. They have been split into two training groups.

Tuesday = 7.30am Speed and Agility training with Mr Sam Dick in Ngahriyah or on the courts.

Wednesday = 7.10am Training on the Mahers Lane courts for all Years 5 - 6 players. 

Thursday = 3.45pm - 5.00pm Training at Arkinstall Park for all Years 7 - 12 players. 

Friday = 7.30am Shooting practice with Mrs Gay Maynard on the Mahers Lane Courts. 

Team Girls Cup 2022

On Friday, 25 February, the world’s greatest netballers descend on Melbourne for the Suncorp Team Girls Cup; Suncorp Super Netball’s pre-season competition. Over three days, the Suncorp Super Netball teams will be battling it out to be crowned winner of Suncorp Team Girls Cup, across an intense, round-robin format, with fierce, shorter, 10-minute quarters. 

We are inviting all Centre of Excellence players to come and watch matches together in the Chapel on Saturday, 26 February. More details will follow when we know exactly when the Firebirds are playing!

As mentioned last week, we have changed the date of the Centre of Excellence Induction Evening. It is confirmed that we will now host this event in the Chapel on Tuesday, 1 March at 6.00pm. We will follow this with a team bonding day on Saturday, 5 March - and “Yes” - we will play the M and M game!

NCIS Primary Trials

Lindisfarne are hosting the NCIS Primary Netball Trials on March 10. Please see the attached Information Sheet and the Permission to Trial note. If you are interested in trialling, please let me know so I can liaise with Lee-Anne Dobson.



I am hoping that all interested in umpiring this season have already contacted Tahu and are beginning to revise for your test! I renewed mine last year - so I can do it, you can!

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

“I’m here if you need!”

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball

From the Sports Desk


Thanks to all students, parents and teachers who contributed towards the smooth running of our swimming carnivals last week. Attached in the links below is the noteworthy results:

The winning house is ST STEPHEN - full breakdown here. Congratulations!

The Age Championships points are - here. Well done to each of you.

The 2022 Record Breakers are listed - here.  A massive amount of training and dedication goes to swimmers who break records. Congratulations and hopefully your name reads in the program for years to come.

Overall times, placegetters and general results can be found - here (double column view) and here (single column view).

March Past results:

  • St Stephen house - 1st
  • St Barnabas House - 2nd
  • St Cuthbert House - 3rd
  • St Andrew House - 4th

The North Coast Independent Schools PRIMARY carnival is next Thursday, 24 February at Alstonville, and we are looking forward to a big show from our team.

Primary Lindisfarne qualifiers for this carnival can be found - here, and by event here.

The NCIS carnival for SECONDARY students is on 17 March. We will release the Athlete rosters directly to the qualifying students later next week.

Sport Sign-ups

Throughout the year there will be lots of opportunities to sign up to trial for teams to represent Lindisfarne during school hours or join squads for training and skill development. These notices are released in the newsletter and also through Home Room notice announcements. When you want to sign up for a particular sport or activity, you do so through Student Cafe. Please look at this very simple instructional video - here.

So far we have taken registrations for Lindisfarne Representative Football, Touch Football and AFL. The trials and training for Football and Touch Football are underway already.

Touch Football

Touch Football squads started again this week, with a massive turnout! The afternoon program aims at developing players to be match ready for looming tournaments that we have planned, with Danni Davis coaching. 

We are further developing the program to include our Year 5 and 6 students, and a separate session for Years 7 to 12. 

  • Monday afternoon from 3.30-4.30pm - Years 5 and 6
  • Wednesday afternoon from 3.30-4.45pm - Years 7 to 12

This is for players that aspire to trial represent Lindisfarne in tournaments throughout the year. Whilst the top oval is undergoing reconstruction, we will use the Mahers Lane Bottom Oval.

Lindisfarne Lions Basketball

The first trial rounds of the Gold Coast Junior Basketball League kick off this Friday night, with the Lindisfarne Lions fielding 13 teams in their second year.

The Week 3 start point has meant a fair old scramble for all of us to place teams and get training, but we have managed to get there. Best of luck to all teams.

Spotlight on Harry Kershler

Harry Kershler has had a very busy summer on the cricket field, and after returning from a successful U14s NSW State Challenge - where he captained the side and was the leading wicket-taker, Harry returned home to Cudgen Cricket Club. Playing in the men's 2nd grade while still only 13 years old, Harry was able to spin his side to victory with a stunning five-wicket haul - with stats of 5/41 off eight overs. Congratulations Harry!

Spotlight on Riley Johnston

Riley Johnston attended the Queensland Sprint Championships on Saturday 12 February at Chandler, Brisbane.  Overall in the Finals, he placed 2nd in 50m Backstroke with a time of 34.36 and 3rd for 50m Breaststroke with a time of 37.75.  He also placed 6th in 50m Free with a time of Personal Best of 29.94.  We are very proud of Riley for smashing through the 30-second barrier with this PB - well done!



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