2022 Term 2 Week 2 6 May 2022

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We’ve enjoyed another successful week of learning and achievement with more and more of our usual events and activities up and running.

One of the areas we explore with our students each year is the idea of ‘using your gifts for the good of others’. Every week we see examples of this in our school and the wider community.

This week a former student of Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, Kaylene Hennessy-Rasmussen (2006) returned to Lindisfarne to drop-in care packages prepared by her Year 8 Religion class at St Paul’s School (an Anglican School) in Brisbane.  The students in Ms Hennessy Rasmusson’s Year 8 Religion class at the school wanted to do something tangible to support students across the Northern Rivers region who have lost everything in the floods. They prepared a series of care packages that Reverend Constantine will work to distribute.

After a highly successful first career in Journalism, Ms Hennessy-Rasmussen felt a call to teaching and is a valued member of the faculty at St Paul’s.  Ms Hennessy-Rasmussen took time out during her visit to meet some of our School Prefects, tour the school and connect with two of her former teachers Mr Hamish Inksetter and Mrs Jan Makepeace.

Following her visit, Kaylene sent the School photo of the Class of 2006 (here). We are grateful to Kaylene Hennessy-Rasmussen and her class at St Paul’s for thinking of our region at this time.

On Wednesday evening it was our own students ‘using their gifts for the good of others’ with students involved with our school record label Germinate Records, sharing a very special concert performed at The Citadel in Murwillumbah. All proceeds from the concert were donated to Wedgetail Retreat to contribute to the important work in palliative care undertaken by Wedgetail each year.  I know that this support from Wedgetail has been provided to a number of members of our school community over the years including our very own Matt Fydler and it is important that Wedgetail receive community support so that they can continue the vital work that they do.

Today I was able to join the P&F and members of our school community for the Mother's Day High Tea. It was a great opportunity to celebrate Mothers in our school and the wider community. As Head of Junior School, Mr Jeremy Godden once quoted “the days are long but the years are short”. I’m sure all parents can relate to this quote, especially Mothers who contribute so much day in and day out to their children. There is no greater love than a Mothers unconditional love. Thank you to organiser Kim Brown and the volunteers for their efforts in bringing this event together. I also want to thank Nicole Thomas and the large group who supported her for providing the Mother's Day Stalls at both our campuses also this week.

Again in this context, we saw students ‘using their gifts for the good of others’ with our Hospitality students involved in both the food preparation and food service.

In addition, Mrs Tracy Foyster led a group of students over many months in a service activity to grow Mother’s Day Chrysanthemums in our Lindisfarne Community Garden. 

In writing today I’m reminded that for some in our school community, Mother’s Day can be a time of grief and sadness. We especially remember and send our love and prayers to all members of our school community who may be experiencing grief and loss at this time.

Over the recent school holidays, we received advice that our application for full Global membership of the International Round Square Organisations has been approved. The CEO of Round Square Rachael Westgarth wrote as follows;

“The Round Square Board was pleased to receive and review your application and Trustees were unanimous in approving your school as a Global Member of our network.

We have all been impressed and delighted by our interactions with Lindisfarne during your period of Candidacy, and hope that with this move to Global Membership your school will continue to flourish through further embedding and exploring the RS IDEALS, and through continuing collaboration with other schools in the RS community.

I know that Round Square schools around the world will be excited to connect with Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, where they have not already done so, and I hope that your own school community gains much from the interactions ahead.”

It is not an easy process to become a Global Member School with just over 200 member Schools worldwide.

I pay tribute to our Round Square Coordinator at Lindisfarne Mr Mike Lush for his work over the last two years to ensure that we were able to move from a candidate School to full Global Membership.

As you are aware Round Square (RS) is an established worldwide charitable association of member schools committed to an integrated educational philosophy, built around six IDEALS of learning (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service).

The Round Square focus is on how learning takes place. Together Round Square’s Member Schools aim to inspire and draw out from every child the capacity for personal responsibility, self-discovery, achievement and excellence, recognising that learning is most effective when it is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative.

Round Square promotes and supports cooperation and collaboration between Member Schools for the advancement of education around the world.

More information about Round Square can be found at www.roundsquare.org

Happy Mother's Day

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal


Chaplain's Corner

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

The last few years have been the most challenging for so many of us.  Pope Francis said recently, “We are not living an era of change but a change of era.” These once in a lifetime challenges we are facing have certainly led to heightened anxiety, depression, hopelessness and mental illness.

For so many these changes have provided an opportunity to change their mindsets, and to reassess their needs, values and priorities.

So much so that Anthony Koltz coined the phrase, “the Great Resignation”, to capture this reality across the globe as people ‘sort their lives out’ and reset.

On the other hand, these challenges can also be a portal, a gateway, a window into something new and better for us and for the human family.

Besides, the pandemic and natural disasters have reminded us that our well being depends on the well-being of others because we are connected.

They have reminded us that “we are human together” as we say in Africa, and that “all of us are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality and tied by a single garment of destiny”, to borrow the words of Martin Luther King Jnr.

How do we respond to this ‘change of era?’ How do we help each other navigate these challenging times?

One of the ways we can help each other get through these tough times is by acts of kindness and compassion. We have witnessed this in our local communities by how people banded together to assist each other after the recent floods. 

By cultivating the culture of compassion, we can help make this new era that’s emerging kinder, more humane and loving.

7 ways to improve the culture of kindness and compassion:

  1. Get to know people in your class or the school or in your street…
  2. Make sure everyone is included in conversations and decision making…
  3. Never go through the day without saying hello to all that you meet at school or in your suburb: teachers, students, visitors, neighbours…
  4. Pay attention to the needs of others…
  5. Smile often… “Peace”, Mother Teresa said, “begins with a smile.”
  6. Ask people how they are, and then listen for them to tell you…
  7. Speak kind words. Do kind actions. Think kind thoughts. And even have kind looks… Always.

I’m encouraging everyone to think about these 7 ideas and to find creative ways to embody them in our interactions with each other. 

Let us continue to make compassion the dominant force in our relationships. Let us make Lindisfarne the most compassionate school and workplace in Australia.

“It’s very appropriate”, said Hugh Mackay, “to dream of a better world and then to acknowledge that the only way to make the world a better place is person-by-person, relationship-by-relationship, workplace-by-workplace, street-by-street.” 

Please share with us your suggestions about how to improve the culture of kindness and compassion in our school and the wider community.

Finally, I wish our mothers a very wonderful and joyful Mother’s Day celebration this weekend. We also remember those who have lost their mothers recently or those whose mothers are sick or absent. May the Lord comfort all those for whom this weekend will be a tough one.

Thank you for your ongoing compassion, care and kindness, it’s very much appreciated.

Rev Constantine Osuchukwu

Important Information

First Nations

Parents and Friends

Golf Day

The P&F Golf Day is the next event on the P&F calendar. Bookings can be made via this booking link https://www.trybooking.com/BZJ...

Sponsorships are also available, for any futher information please contact P&F President Ramesh Sivabalan via ramesh.sivabalan@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

See you on the course.

Ramesh Sivabalan

Safe on Social


Wellbeing Team

​This Month On SchoolTV - Screen Time.

As a result of the global pandemic, there has been a noticeable shift in the amount of time people spend on screen-based devices. Families are transitioning back to pre-COVID routines but many are still struggling to re-establish the boundaries and rules around screen use. Some continue to deal with digital conflict and tech-tantrums on a daily basis. The latest research found that 77% of teenagers spend more than five hours on screens per day, but it is important to note that not all screen time is considered equal.

Parents play a crucial role in modelling a positive and healthy approach to using screens and assisting children to navigate the content they watch. It is better to model and mentor screen use, rather than monitor it. Children tend to do more of what they see us do, and less of what we tell them to do. However, it is still important to outline the risks and highlight the benefits of screen use to ensure you keep a balanced attitude. Encourage discussions around the issues that people experience in monitoring their screen time and be honest about your own difficulties.

Parents need to remain firm in their approach to managing screen time. Excessive screen time can be detrimental to a child’s overall wellbeing. Ensuring the correct privacy settings are in place is vital to prevent children from being inadvertently exposed to inappropriate content or online predators. Parents need to also be mindful of the potential impact screen time can have on a child’s social, emotional, educational, behavioural, and even physical domains.

In this edition of SchoolTV, care-givers will be provided with a range of guidelines and strategies to help manage screen time at home. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback. Here is the link to this month's edition https://lindisfarne.nsw.school...

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help. Julie.henry@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.auEmmalene.wells@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

Julie Henry and Emmalene Wells
School Psychologists

Student Voice

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Whole School News

School Camps - Attendance

For many students, school camp is the highlight of the year.  It’s a chance to learn away from the walls of the classroom and engage in activities outside of the mainstream curriculum. Being away from home can also be a challenging time for students (and parents). But attending camp is an important milestone and the benefits are overwhelmingly positive.

Six Benefits:

  • Builds independence
  • Builds Resilience and Confidence
  • Builds Relationships
  • Builds Social Skills
  • Builds Physical Fitness
  • Builds Connection Between Teachers and Their Students

Overall, camps allow students to grow and develop holistically - emotionally, socially and physically.

It is expected that all students will attend their respective camps. It is a critical part of students’ growth and development whilst at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School.

We thank all families for their support of this expectation.

Kate Cornell
Head of Senior School

Cathy Cox
Head of Middle School

Staff Bio


From The Dean Of Studies


The NAPLAN tests will commence next week on 10 May 2022.

Please access the links below for exact testing dates and times.

Year 3 

Year 5

Year 7 

Year 9


Year 11 Interim reports are now available to be viewed on Parent Lounge.  

Year 12 Mid Course reports will be available on Monday.

Higher School Certificate

The Trial Higher School Certificate and Higher School Certificate have been released to students and can be accessed via Parent Lounge under the school links tab Examination Timetables.

Subject Selection Evenings 

Please make a note of the dates for upcoming subject selection evenings  

Year 9 2023 - Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Year 11 2023  - Monday, 6 June 2022

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

Junior School

Junior School Sport

Dates for Term 2

Please find below some Junior School key dates to add to your calendar: 

  • **PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE** NCIS Cross Country Friday, 20 May
  • FUN Athletics Carnival P - 4 Friday, 3 June
  • K-6 Athletics Carnival Friday 24 June


Total Football Academy After school Sessions

The Total Football Academy session Hs kicked off for the term.. Sessions will run on Monday afternoons from 3.15- 4.15 pm on the back oval and Arkinstall park. 

Students are to meet Mr Croft on the Basketball courts after school to have a roll marked. Students will have time to change into training gear and boots if they would like, have a snack and be ready to start at 3.15 pm. 

At the end of each session, we need some assistance to coordinate the parent pick up. 

We have asked the Total Football Academy coaching team to sit the students down at the end of the session in a group and identify that there is someone ready to pick up each child individually. They have been asked not to let students go until their carer has been identified. 

Can you please assist us with this by waiting until each child has been released by the Total Football Academy coaches prior to taking them home.

Dates for this term are as follows and can also be found on the flyer attached. 

Sessions will be run on Monday 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May and 6, 20 June. 


AFL Auskick

The Junior school will be running the AFL Auskick program after school in week 4 of Term 2. The Auskick program is an introductory program for K - 4 students to learn the skills and rules of AFL. Trent Ryan from AFLQ will be joining us on Assembly next week and also running some promotional lessons in PE classes over the next two weeks. See the Information below on how to register.

LINDISFARNE PRIMARY SCHOOL Come join in on the fun of NAB AFL Auskick!



The Junior school sent seven teams to compete in the annual Gold Coast Schools Futsal Titles on Thursday. We had four teams of boys and three teams of Girls in the U9 and U10 age groups. 

It was a fantastic day with the students learning about the game and having a great time playing. The behaviour, sportsmanship and effort were exceptional by all. 

By the end of the day, we had two teams in the Grand Final Game, our Girls Yellow team and our Boys U 10 Blue. Unfortunately, both teams were unable to take out the win but it was an amazing effort just to make the finals. 

Thank you to Mr Hugh Scott and Mrs Ashleigh Manning for assisting our teams and to Mr Phil Rice, Ms Janaina Butteri, Mr Rod Sewell who took on teams in a managerial role. Your help was outstanding and we thank you. 

Nathan Croft
P-4 PE Specialist

Junior AFL AFL-Q Schools Cup,

The Lindisfarne Junior boys and Junior girls AFL teams were loaded with excitement and enthusiasm when they competed on Wednesday 27th April at the 2022 AFL Q Schools Cup in Byron Bay.

The junior boys team, led strongly by co-captains Tex Milroy and Will Roberts, played some tough competition against Mount St. Patrick College, Xavier and finally Kingscliff in some high intensity halves. 

In the first game, the boys lost a close battle with Mount St. Patrick, with Tex Milroy a stand-out in wet conditions. The second game was a strong result against Xavier, with a 25+ point victory led by best-on-ground Ben Crawford in the midfield. Finally, another close contest between local rivals Kingscliff saw the boys fall only a goal short, with James Douglas a stand-out across half-back. Overall, the boys were unlucky to not feature in the event’s Grand Final, as every player who took the field played to a very high standard. 

The girls faced Mt St Patricks in their first match and with wet conditions, they took some time to gain momentum. Although they lost to Mt St Patricks their confidence and skills grew and the girls rose to the challenge by going on to win their next two games against St Josephs and Maclean. This placed them in the final, up against Mt St Patricks. The final was an incredible display of teamwork and skills. Lindisfarne girls dominated for much of the game but were unable to capitalise on the scoreboard and Mt St Patricks won by a goal.

Sooke Paley was our player of the day in a display of speed and prowess that comes from experience and natural talent. She broke from congestion and kicked the ball forward all day, with the opposition unable to stop her. A special mention also goes to our three Captains Sabrina Harris, Ruby Power and Sooke Paley, for driving the skills, performing so well in games and creating a team spirit within the Lindisfarne AFL Girls team.

Thanks to our amazing coach Mr Matt Bedford and his assistant coaches Mr Jasper Schoenmaker and Mrs Tarley Jones, to their commitment to the AFL program at Lindisfarne. It was a wonderful experience for all involved. We are looking forward to the Lindisfarne seniors teams competing this Friday at the Cavanbah Centre in Byron Bay.

Mrs Jones and Mr Schoenmaker

From The Head of Junior School

Last Friday we paused to reflect on our school’s history and celebrate the vision and legacy of those who have come before us at our annual Foundation Day Service. It was great to see so many parents in attendance with past staff members, students and other members of the school community as we marked this important day. Thank you to everyone involved in making it such a special event.


Our Year 3 students will be undertaking the National Assessment Program- Literacy and Numeracy next week. This point-in-time test covers reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy. 

The data derived from the NAPLAN test is used by the school to inform resource allocation, curriculum planning and intervention strategies, and to provide classroom teachers with a consistent measure of student progress enabling them to tailor learning opportunities to the needs of their cohort.

It is important to note, that while NAPLAN is a valuable tool to inform our teaching and learning programs, we understand that it does not address the holistic development of our students. “NAPLAN does not replace the much deeper, more sophisticated and more frequent formative or summative assessments of student learning done by school teachers, nor does it provide judgement on how “good” a student, teacher or school might be.” (Dr Bronwyn Hinz, Policy Fellow at the Mitchell Institute, Victoria University)

I encourage students to try their very best and complete the tests to the best of their ability and wish them well as they sit NAPLAN for the first time.


The excited Year 4s gathered on Wednesday to be briefed about their upcoming camp. After two years without the opportunity to hold these vitally important camps, we are thrilled to be heading off to Camp Goodenough on May 18 for some fun activities, teambuilding and personal challenge opportunities.

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend our parent information session on Wednesday afternoon. For those who were unable to attend, a copy of the presentation slides will be provided to you via SeeSaw.


You will have received a letter this week outlining an updated procedure for providing morning tea and lunch to students who have not been able to place their lunch orders via Flexischools before the 9:00 am deadline. Due to the volume of orders that require processing and preparation every day, it is untenable to continue to take specific orders after 9.00am. Fresh fruit and a vegemite sandwich will be made available in these instances and will be charged to parents at the costs indicated in the previous correspondence. Thank you for your understanding and support with this matter.


The start of new term is great opportunity to review and update information relating to end-of-day arrangements and pickup routines. I ask that parents/carers log in to Parent Lounge and make any necessary adjustments to the records. This can be found in Parent Lounge at School Links / General Links / End of Day Arrangements. Having this information correct streamlines our busiest time of the day and reduces the potential for student anxiety about how they are getting home.  If changes need to be made, these can be made in Parent Lounge prior to 2:00 pm. As previously comunicated, whilst every effort will be made, we cannot guarantee that any changes to the afternoon pickup arrangements will be able to be communicated if received after 2:30pm. Thank you for your understanding and support with this matter too!

Jeremy Godden
Head of Middle School

Early Learning Centre

Green Team

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Middle School

Year 5 Dr Cameron Stelzer Author Visit

This week Year 5 were lucky enough to be involved in a fabulous workshop with the acclaimed Australian author, Dr Cameron Stelzer. Dr Stelzer has been a full-time author for seventeen years. He has written and illustrated twenty-two books for children and has worked with over seven-hundred-and-fifty schools. His books have won a dozen international book awards.

The students jumped into their writing workshop brainstorming ideas that stem from situations in everyday life, and then giving them an extraordinary twist. He inspired our young writers and mentored all of us to find the inspiration to ‘get started’, develop amazing descriptive writing skills, and move students to a higher and more sophisticated level of creativity in their writing and illustration.

His genuine interest in the students’ learning was clearly evident in this workshop. Along with a good dash of humour, excitement and enthusiasm, Cameron’s workshop engaged even some of our most reluctant writers.

Our workshop today was an engaging and informative behind-the-scenes look at creating an illustrated novel. Cameron used exciting visuals, captivating stories and humorous anecdotes to explore story planning, character creation, writing and illustration.

What a fabulous day of writing fun and learning we had! 

Amber Jarvis 
Year 5 Coordinator

NAPLAN Update - Year 5

NAPLAN is coming up in Week 3.  “It is important to remember that NAPLAN is not about passing or failing, but about assessing learning progress. At the classroom level it is one of a number of important tools used by teachers to measure student progress.” https://www.nap.edu.au 

It is also important to keep in mind that the testing is completed over three days, providing a snapshot in time of just a very small component of a child’s overall academic development. There is very little that students can do to prepare for NAPLAN other than practise reading and answering the NAPLAN style questions, and rehearse the different tests in a set time frame to assist them with time management.  Over the last two weeks, Year 5 students have had an opportunity to practise sitting the tests as well as discuss the interpretation of questions and justify answers.  How the students perform will be the result of all their years at school not just what they did in the weeks leading up to the test.

Making NAPLAN a big deal is unlikely to increase a student’s performance, instead it is more likely to increase anxiety and consequently reduce their performance.   As with any task on any day at school, Year 5 students are encouraged to try their best and ‘have a go’. 


Amber Jarvis 
Year 5 Coordinator

Accelerated Reader Millionaires - Stage 3 Reading

This year our Stage 3 students are again using the Accelerated Reader™ Program to support their reading and comprehension development. 

The program requires students to select and read a book based on their area of interest and reading level. Upon completion of a book, students take a computerised quiz based on the book’s content and vocabulary. Quiz performance allows teachers to monitor student progress and to identify students who may need additional reading assistance.

A key goal for students to achieve is becoming an AR Millionaire, something that is achieved once they have read 1 million words. These students are then invited to attend a Millionaire’s morning tea to celebrate.

Last term we had 8 students achieve this milestone: 

  • Isabelle Daniel
  • Ashton Schneider
  • Isaiah Mammen
  • Jasmine Cooke
  • Sunny Wilcox
  • Isabella Green
  • Claire Godden
  • Willow Howell

On Tuesday we held the first Millionaire Morning tea, where these students enjoyed discussing their favourite books with Mr Marquardt, Mrs Cox and Mrs Dessmann over a catered morning tea.

These readers will have had their photo added to the AR Reading Millionaires Display in the library, Congratulations on reaching this amazing achievement so early in the year.

We look forward to hosting another Millionaires Morning Tea soon!

Scott Lewis
Teacher-in-Charge of Accelerated Reader

Senior School

From The Head Of Senior School

In this week’s Senior School Assembly I was able to acknowledge the involvement of many of our Year 12 students who participated in the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) at the Tweed Civic and Cultural Centre. The students’ willingness to represent the School at such an important event certainly reinforces the exceptional leadership of our senior students. Always looking for opportunities to contribute and support, our Year 12s are establishing themselves as fine role models for the rest of the student body.

Tuesday’s assembly also gave me the opportunity to recognise the students and staff who have now begun their extensive training for the 2022 Kokoda Challenge. This terrific initiative seeks to change the lives, not only of the participants but also the Australian youth for whom the challenge seeks to support through fundraising for experiential programs that engage and inspire children to reach their full potential. Mr Dwyer has been instrumental in leading The Kokoda Challenge over a number of years. His dedication to this important activity is very much appreciated. 

The clear and consistent messaging about the importance of wearing the School uniform well has been heeded by many members of the Senior School; however, there is still work to be done by some of our students. We continue to remind all students that uniforms give students a sense of belonging and enhance pride in their school. Wearing a uniform shows unity and identity. These are the fundamental values on which positive school culture can be built. I look forward to seeing a marked improvement in this area in the coming days and weeks.

Kate Cornell
Head of Senior School


There are some exciting and interesting open days, information sessions and workshops coming up in the near future. You might be interested in:

UQ | Launch into a UQ Pathway
Thursday 12 May 2022, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Learn how to become part of our community of knowledge leadership at an undergraduate or postgraduate level at our short webinar and sign up for a one-on-one session with a study advisor.

Attending the event will be undergraduate and postgraduate Future Students staff as well as staff from two of our vocational education providers, UQ College and UQ Skills. Regardless of study area we’ll be able to assist you in finding a route to your dream degree and an outstanding career.

Find out more: https://future-students.uq.edu.au/events/launch-uq-pathway


Queensland School of Film and Television | Career Pathway Information Session
Saturday 14 May 2022, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Queensland Police Service | Recruiting Information Session
Saturday 21 May 2022, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

TAFE QLD | Nursing Webinar
Wednesday 15 June 2022, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

UQ | Experience Entomology Webinar
Thursday 2 June 2022, 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

UQ | Experience Zoology and Conservation Biology Webinar
Thursday 9 June 2022, 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

UQ | Experience Marine Biology Webinar
Thursday 16 June 2022, 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Queensland Conservatorium | Tertiary Preparation Workshop
Monday 27 June 2022 to Friday 1 July 2022 $495

Bond University | Virtual Open Day
Saturday 14 May 2022 from 2.00pm

USQ | Experience Day
Toowoomba: Tuesday 21 June 2022, 9:00 am - 2:30 pm
Ipswich: Wednesday 22 June 2022, 9:00 am - 2:30 pm
Springfield: Thursday 23 June 2022, 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

If you are interested in any of these opportunities more information can be found on the relevant institution’s website or contact me.

Dr Marriott
Acting Director of Careers and VET

Careers and Vocational Education & Training (VET)

School Psychology / Counsellor

Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


Debating and Public Speaking

Debating Update

All our debating teams participated in the Gold Coast Debating Competition on Wednesday 27 April. Just arriving at the venue was stressful due to accidents on the M1. As such, students, parents and coaches are commended for their fortitude and enthusiasm for debating. 

Senior Debating Team
Our senior debating team debated at A.B. Paterson last week and were awarded a win in their one-hour short preparation debate arguing that patriotism is not toxic

Bailey Keay, Trishul Sivabalan, Amity Chaffey and Zia Mowbray.

Intermediate Debating Team

The intermediate team, under the guidance of Mr Bradford, travelled to Miami State High School and successfully argued against the topic: Tourism poses an unacceptable threat. 

Xan Quirk, Scout Bee Jones, Jessica Wilson

Junior A Teams

Both our Junior A teams had to compete at Somerset College. Their focus was on whether or not tourism poses an unacceptable threat.  Mrs Treacy’s team (James Cunnah, Tessa Ford, Ryder Green and Nicolas Leotta) successfully argued against this contention. Mrs Fitzsimmon’s team (Eliza Evesson, Teagan Gilmour, Leo Lush and Ben Reeve) provided a commendable debate in support of the contention but were narrowly defeated by their opposition.

Junior B Teams

Our three Junior B teams also debated at Somerset doing their Round One catch up debates:

LAG1: Ziggy Bailey-Wong, Ava Keay, Kailash Sivabalan, Sienna Williamson. Coach: Mr Inksetter

LAG2: Abbey Archer, Emile Howie, Britta Jamison, Alexandra Salmon.  Coach: Ms Malone

LAG3: Violet Chase, Oscar Drysdale, Django Kahn-Casey, Molly Lowe. Coach: Mrs Makepeace

Their focus was: Everyone should have to learn a foreign language. As this was their first debate, there was much to learn. However, many of our students showed promise. We wish them every success in their future debates. 

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator


Year 9 Commerce - Business

Three Year 9 Commerce - Business classes have been working hard over Term 1 on their business concepts. Following on from a conference early in the year with ‘Young Change Agents’ on starting a Social Enterprise, our young Entrepreneurs were tasked with brainstorming business ideas that would not only be successful economically, but raise awareness for a social issue of their choosing. Ranging from T-Shirts to hand-made phone cases, chocolates and a fundraising Basketball Competition; there are a range of exciting business prospects in the works, The students will be running a market day on the 22nd of June where peers and school staff will be able to purchase items, with all money going to a range of charities, such as the Wedgetail Retreat, The RSPCA and the Tweed Womens Refuge.

Keep an eye out for the business websites in upcoming newsletters and on the school website for updates, and the opportunity to make online purchases for selected businesses!

Students making phone cases

Students brainstorming during the conference.

Georgina Doyle and Courtney Keast
Year 9 Commerce Teachers

Year 7 HSIE - Cookie Excavations

As part of the year 7 HSIE unit 'Investigating the Ancient Past’ Year 7 took part in a Cookie Excavation to practise their Archeology skills and understand the delicate work that goes into finding the artefacts they have studied in class. Students learnt about the importance of mapping and recording archaeological data and the delicate handy work that goes into discovering precious historical objects, and enjoyed eating their discoveries afterwards!

EMOJI Mapping - Year 8 HSIE

As part of the Term 1 Year 8 HSIE unit - Landscapes and Landforms - Students have been learning mapping skills, including reading compass direction, bearings, taking distance and reading contour maps! In Week 10, Year 8 have been outside doing fieldwork to measure distance and compass readings around the school campus. They then used their data collection to create their own annotated maps of the school, applying real-life experiences back onto a map of the school. 


Year 8 has also used potatoes to visualise contour maps. By drawing and measuring contour lines onto potatoes, and sketching them onto paper, students were able to draw a cross-section based on their potato contour map. Students enhanced their understanding of the purpose and use of contour maps through this hands-on activity by connecting the contour lines to an object they can easily comprehend, creating relative meaning to the application of contour lines on maps they see and use in class and in everyday life.

Georgina Doyle
HSIE Teacher


Children's Day

May 5th is a Day for Children in Japan! it is known as Kodomo no Hi子供の日. 

Originally celebrated as “Boy’s Day”, the symbols and traditions of Children’s Day are representative of strength and courage. Families display koi carp flagsKoi Nobori 鯉のぼり and present their sons with a replica samurai helmetkabuto 兜 to be displayed in the home. There is also a well known folktale “Golden Boy” Kintarō 金太郎 KINTARO (ENGLISH) Animation of Japanese Traditional Stories  KINTARO (ENGLISH) Animation of Japanese Traditional Stories which illustrates the values Japanese parents hope their sons will grow up to embody - strength, courage and kindness.

As with all Japanese celebrations, food and music are also an important part of festivities. Chimaki is eaten on Children’s Day and comes in two varieties, sweet and savoury.

  • Sweet chimaki might include fillings such as glutinous rice, sweet red bean gelatin, known as “yokan,” or kudzu (arrowroot) powder and is enjoyed as a snack or dessert.
  • Savoury chimaki includes a mixture of sticky glutinous rice, meat, and vegetables. Some of the meats commonly used are chicken and pork, while vegetables might include young bamboo shoots (takenoko), shiitake mushrooms, carrots, burdock root (gobo), chestnuts (kuri), or gingko nuts. Savoury chimaki is often enjoyed as an appetiser, snack, or meal.

Why not try making your own!

CHIMAKI | Japanese Traditional Sweets for Children's Day |Very few people know how to make this cake

Or perhaps you would like to learn the traditional folk song for Children’s Day, Koinobori.

こいのぼり🎏(♬屋根より高いこいのぼり~) byひまわり🌻歌詞付き|童謡 5月子供の日 端午の節句のうた|Koinobori|Carp streamer|保育士試験課題曲2017

Year 6 students and Japanese Calligraphy and Culture Crush Club students have enjoyed learning more about Children’s Day, creating origami samurai helmets, origami koi carp and making Children’s Day calligraphy creations. 



Japanese And Middle School Electives

May the 4th Be With You!

Star Wars Day was Wednesday May 4, this week!

Did you know that Japanese culture heavily influenced Star Wars? 

  • George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, was inspired by the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, who directed many period/historical dramas, including The Seven Samurai and The Hidden Fortress. In Japanese, the word for ‘period drama’ is JIDAI GEKI. The term ‘JEDI’ came from this.
  • Darth Vader’s helmet design was based on a samurai helmet.
  • Jedi clothing is inspired by samurai robes.
  • Lightsabers are long and narrow like samurai swords. 
  • The style of fighting with the lightsabers looks like the Japanese martial art of Kendo (Japanese fencing).
  • Yoda speaks using word-order similar to Japanese. For example - English: “There are always two.” Japanese: “Always two there are!”

There are further sources of inspiration from Japanese culture evident in the Star Wars franchise that may be explored in this article: Sith & samurai: What you didn't know about Star Wars and Japan | InsideJapan Tours.

Finally, a little something to tempt your tastebuds!







Performing Arts

The Big Chill

Calling all performers and entertainers! If you want the opportunity to perform on a stage with your friends in front of a live audience, start preparing your audition now for our Week 7 winter concert, THE BIG CHILL.

This is a student performers only concert featuring Drama, Dance and Music, with only the very best acts invited to take the stage.

Auditions will be held at lunchtimes in Weeks 4 and 6, so start preparing your acts.

Look out for posters around the School and come and talk to Mr Norton or Mr Grant if you have any questions.

Rock on!

Dale Norton and Johnny Grant
Music Teachers

From The Performing Arts Department

Co-curricular Performing Arts Ensemble Rehearsals 

Rehearsals for our school ensembles have already resumed this term, Students with an interest in music are encouraged to find an ensemble which best suits their skill level and get involved. 

All students studying elective music and drama, Years 9 to 12 are required to support our vibrant ensemble program.

Performing Arts Studio Tuition

Private lessons for speech and drama and music tuition are available at Lindisfarne for almost all instruments, voice and songwriting/music production. Right now is the perfect time to sign up. The 30-minute lessons occur during class time, before and after school on a rotating basis. 

Many thanks to those parents who have already completed the application form, we have over 550 students already enrolled.  Places are limited, if you are yet to enrol your child, please follow the link below. Some tuition has already filled and there are waiting lists.

2022 Application for Instrumental, Vocal and Songwriting/Production Tuition

2022 Application for Speech and Drama Tuition

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts 

Germinate Records

Germinate Records Live

On Wednesday evening a group of our very talented singer-songwriters performed to a sold-out crowd at The Citadel in Murwillumbah.  Germinate Records Live featured performances from Oscar Rynderman (Year 6), Charlie Rose (Year 9), Ronan Green (Year 12), Jemma McNicoll (Class of 2021) and Chelsea Valarie (Class of 2020).  The core idea underpinning the work of our school recording studio and record label – Germinate Records – is the concept of using your gifts for the good of others. These extremely talented student-songwriters used their gifts for the good of others by helping to raise money for Tweed Palliative Care & Wedgetail Retreat. A very big thank-you to everyone who came along to support our students, a great local music venue, and this very important cause.

Brett Canning
Recording Studio Producer


Having Fun with Fitness

Stage 5 classes are studying Fitness this term. Question 3 of the Year 10 assignment is to create a physical activity class. Here are some sessions we may be participating in during lesson times, and you could do in your own spaces at home with your family:

Complete a Power Pyramid: Choose 4 activities. Complete as many as you can of each activity in 10 seconds with 10 seconds rest - 20 seconds with 20 seconds rest - 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest - 20 seconds with 20 seconds rest - 10 seconds.

Timed 10-1: Choose 3 Activities and time yourself doing each 10 times - 9 times - 8 times - down to just one of each.

Deck of Cards 1: Create your own workout, chores and treats using a deck of cards. 

Hearts = Treats e.g. choice of dinner/ breakfast in bed/ hugs on demand!

Diamonds = Physical Activities e.g. squats/ burpees/ planks

Spades = Challenges e.g. bottle flipping/ quickest to complete a “Minute to Win It” task

Clubs = Chores e.g. washing dishes/ mowing the lawn

Deck of Cards 2: Create your own workout using the numbers of the cards matching an exercise.

Heads or Tails: Flip a coin and complete the exercises that match. Make sure to do all 10 rounds.



Round 1 (cardio)

60 second jog in place

25 jumping jacks

Round 2 (lower body)

15 squats

25 calf raises

Round 3 (upper body)

20 kneeling push-ups

10 hand release push-ups

Round 4 (cardio)

30 mountain climbers

20 high knees

Round 5 (core)

35 scissor kicks

20 sit-ups

Round 6 (upper body)

20 tricep dips (can use chair)

40 punches

Round 7 (cardio)

12 burpees

15 jumping squats

Round 8 (core)

60 second plank

15 Russian twists

Round 9 (lower body)

20 forward lunges

15 donkey kicks

Round 10 (cardo)

30 butt kicks

20 jumping jacks

Fitness Bingo: Create a Bingo card for each family member. Decide on the activity for each number 1 - 16. e.g. planks, crunches, burpees, squats, push-ups, jogging on the spot etc… Choose a number/ activity randomly with a phone app or picking out of a hat etc… Complete the activity!

First player to get a row (diagonally, horizontally, vertically) can miss an activity/ have a treat 

First player to get all 4 corners can miss an activity

First player to get a 2 x 2 Square can miss an activity

















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The PDHPE Faculty

Photography and Digital Media


Technology and Applied Studies

Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Round Square

Round Square Virtual Conference on Democracy for ages 16-18

Belgrano Day School is hosting a virtual conference themed around Democracy and the impacts of Artificial Intelligence. Below are the details.

Registration is now open for the 31st May Round Square Virtual Conference from Belgrano Day School in Argentina for delegations of up to six students aged 16-18 on the theme of “Artificial Intelligence, a call for learning”. The conference will start at 10pm and run for three hours (including a break). Delegates will take part from their own homes.  

During the Conference, our Hosts will pose the question: “How will AI change kids' and teenagers' ways of learning and living?”. Through different activities and discussions, delegates will reflect on, and imagine, future scenarios for life, education, and work in a society transformed by an increasing digital integration. 

 The Conference will feature three presentations conducted by different Guest Speakers (What is AI?; AI & Learning; and AI & Democracy), in which students will follow a reflection path, starting with initial concepts related to AI and its implementations, moving forward with the possibilities and challenges it represents in education, and how it transforms students' experience, and ending with AI's effects on access opportunities, as well as on social equity and inclusion.

 Belgrano is offering a thought provoking conference and if you wish to take part please email Mr Lush at mlush@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au no later than Friday, 13 May. 

Mike Lush
Round Square Coordinator


MUNA 2022

Last Saturday, a group of Year 12 students participated in the Rotary Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) at the Tweed Civic and Cultural Centre. MUNA is a significant international Rotary youth program in which our district participates, held around Australia since 1980. Students develop an awareness of the United Nations while building their debating skills in General Assembly style debates, where each team represents a specific country and their position on resolutions. Lindisfarne teams represented the USA, UK, Thailand and Mozambique in the whole-day event. MUNA is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about topical world issues, while forming connections with students from schools around the region, spanning from Grafton to the Gold Coast. The United Nations continues to give enthusiastic support for the ongoing growth of this worthwhile project for youth.

Olivia Grosser
International Prefect


Waste Wise Tips

Subpod Sucess

This week is Compost Awareness Week which is a international event aiming to raise awareness about composting and its benefits. At Lindisfarne we have a number of sustainability programs running to help lower our environmental footprint. One of these programs is our Subpod composting program which we started in 2020. In 2020, Lindisfarne received 41 Subpods which are a underground composting system which allows us to compost our food waste on site. With 41 Subpods between our two campuses Lindisfarne is the only school in the world to use Subpods at this scale! Since our Subpods were installed we have composted over 4.6 tonnes of organic waste between both our campuses. Composting is one of the best things that you can do for the environment as it reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill, reduces your carbon footprint (food waste in landfill releases the greenhouse gas methane which is around 20 times worse than carbon dioxide) and allows nutrients to return to the soil. We can’t wait to watch our Subpod composting program continue to grow and thrive.

Patrick Brabant
School Assistant - Sustainability

Help Us Win A Community Garden Kit

Remember to vote for Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School in the Colgate Community Garden Competition. Through this competition we have the opportunity to win a community garden kit valued at $4,780 for our school. You can vote for us here. You can also help us to win by dropping off your oral care waste at our recycling hubs. Accepted items include toothpaste tubes, plastic toothbrushes, floss containers and electric toothbrush waste. All brands are accepted.

Patrick Brabant
School Assistant - Sustainability

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Digital Space

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular



Club Netball

Saturday Netball Competition

Good Luck this Saturday. Roar Lions!

Round 3 - May 7.





Purple  Lions



Pink Lions



Navy Lions 



Lavender Lions



Crimson Lions



Orange Lions



Aqua Lions



White Lions



Lime Lions



Bronze Lions



Yellow Lions



Green Lions



Silver Lions



Red Lions



Blue Lions



Gold Lions



Black Lions





The Draw up to Round 10 is now correct on the Netball Connect App - although there is one Div 1 change of time due to umpiring. TNA’s full draw has been sent to all of the coaches and managers to share with our colourful teams.

Have fun NetSetGoers! The program starts on Saturday (7 May) at Arkinstall Park Grass Courts. The 10-week NetSetGo Skills Program for boys and girls aged 5 & 6 years will be an hour of fun games, drills and skills from 9.30am to 10.30am. 

Our Stage 6 Netball players enjoyed competition at the NSW Netball Fast5 at Ballina on May 6! We had 3 mixed teams of boys and girls playing the intense but thoroughly compelling version of the game where extra points can be won from shooting long bombs. More news in next week’s Netball Article.

Netball Centre of Excellence 

Training continued for the Navy, Silver, White and Red Lions on Thursday in Sport time and these more experienced players helped coach the Pink, Purple, Lavender, Crimson and Orange Lions until 4pm. The Gold Lions had a break from training this week with 6 of the players resting after the State Championships. (Photo of Tweed 17’s and Lindisfarne Gold Lions - Abby, Tobi and Ruby)

Congratulations to all of the girls who represented Tweed: Lily Hodges, Sienna Phelps (TP), Maya Fairweather (TP), Ella Mitchell, Savannah Jarrett, Tobi Chapman, Poppy Burdekin, Lexi McEvoy, Riley Cranston, Ruby Sullivan and Abby Pirotta. 

We were super excited to be at the Nissan Arena on Saturday 30 April: Firstly to see ex-student Tahlia Evans play in the Wildcats V Rays Hart Series match. The Wildcats lost by just 2 goals. They were so heartened by our cheer squad that they had photos taken with the group and signed autographs after the game. The White, Red, Bronze and Aqua Lions then watched the Queensland Firebirds take on the NSW Swifts. The Firebirds were just awesome - sorry Scarlett and Emy! A good contest before the score blew out to 73 - 60 by the end. Sonia Mkoloma was there to see how Helen Housby and Ebony Usoro-Brown performed, selecting for the English Roses and Vicki Wilson chatted to our guest, Netball Ambassador Nicole Cusack. Mr Gabb parked the Lindisfarne bus right at the front of the arena so everyone had to see it as they walked in! Such exposure for the School!

Our Emerging Talent players represented the NCIS at the NSWCIS Championship and trial on Friday 6 May. More news on how Eira-Grace McGilligan, Eden Jocumsen, Ella Agolley, Brielle Humphries, Rithika Sivabalan, Charli Hedger, Asha Hargrave, Freya Smith and Evee Sweet performed at the CIS Championships in Sydney in next week’s Netball article.

Boys Inaugural State Netball Championships

Wow! The Lion Kings! Congratulations to Jay Anderson, Zac Brims, Declan Brown, Lachlan Gonsal, Oliver Henderson, Oliver Jeffery, Henry McMillan and Fredrick Watson. We could not be more proud of you and your 3rd place at the Queensland Championships! Over Sunday and Monday, the Lion Kings played against teams from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Underwood Park, and the Darling Downs. None of the spectators - and there were many surrounding the show courts for our boys matches! - could believe that we were a School team and not an association or State representative squad. The Murri Taipans, winners of the title, had 6 Queensland Suns players and a State Basketball player to take the court. The UPNA Boys also had 4 Queensland Suns in their camp. All of these athletes had just returned from the Nationals in Adelaide where one of the Taipans was selected to compete for Australia. The Lion Kings only came second to the UPNA boys on countback (4 goals difference!) and with the exception of the Murri Taipans (where we put the best score against them over the 2 days with 10 goals), won victories over all other teams. A phenomenal effort! Netball Queensland organisers personally thanked Lindisfarne for taking up the challenge and accepting the invitation. They are now looking for us to do the same at the Junior State Age in July!


Good Luck to our novice umpires who have another chance to hone their skills and earn some money at the weekend!

Calling for any parents who would support the umpires supervising and coaching them as they start their officiating journey! PLEASE help if you know some of the rules!

If you have any questions re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

“I’m here if you need!”

Gay Maynard
Teacher in Charge of Netball

From The Sportsdesk


CIS Football Cup - Open Boys

On Thursday 28 April, our Open Football team hosted Bishop Druitt College (Coffs Harbour) in our second round CIS Cup clash. Although off to a flying start, we had a rough patch toward the end of the first half and found ourselves in a real battle. However, the second half was clinical and we played out a convincing 6-3 win. Sharpshooters Toby Shapland and Rufus Scott had two goals each and Max Bruinenberg and Hugo McAteer both blasted home impressive goals.

For three years now, our Senior Boys team is unbeaten in all competitions against our regional NCIS schools. This is a run of 15 games and an aggregate score of 67-7. 

The boys have earned a trip to Sydney for our next fixture against the prestigious Newington College, renowned for its sporting success. The boys are very excited at the prospect and look forward to embracing this tough opportunity.

John Cadman

CIS Football Cup - Open Girls

1-3 Loss vs Carinya. 

Well it isn't the result we were after Tuesday, but the girls acquitted themselves really well with the 12 players. We had a few key girls missing, but realistically felt our roster was good enough to get the job done - our girls played their hearts out until the final whistle.

Carinya learnt they could counterpress by getting in and behind us with through balls coming out of their own half and made us pay. Literally a 10 minute window saw all the goals hit the back of the net. Other than that window we had the lion's share of possession and played 65% of the match in their half. We hit the post a few times and their keeper saved a few one-on-ones which kept their lead intact. That is football sometimes though I guess.

Thanks to the young Year 7's (I never normally pick Year 7s in the CIS team) - you were awesome.

A big thanks to our captain - Cassandra Hill for her professional contributions throughout (much appreciated!). Thanks also to Bridie Bedford who trained up and played in goals for us!

Damien Clucas


Last week our students participated in the first round of the AFLQ Schools Cup at Byron Bay. Below is a summary of the results.

  • Junior Boys - finished 3rd/4th
  • Junior Girls - Runners up
  • Senior Girls - 1st
  • Senior Boys - 1st

Both the Senior Girls and Boys now progress onto the next round to be held on 19 July at Springfield AFL complex.

Thanks to Tarley Jones, Georgina Doyle and Jasper Schoenmaker for their coaching throughout the 2 days.

Mr Matt Bedford
Teacher in Charge AFL

CIS Secondary Swimming

Congratulations to the following students that took part in the NSWCIS Secondary swimming at SOPAC on Monday and Tuesday. 

  • Zoe Campbell
  • Cash Cratchley
  • Jack Cross
  • Ayla Drury
  • Baxter Fitzgerald
  • Tiggi Groves
  • Layla Hutchinson
  • Fray Hutchinson
  • Kaimana Lowien-Britt
  • Jack Matkevich
  • Maddison Oliss
  • Isabelle Popov
  • Hamish Procter
  • NoahRoseverne

Any noteworthy results will be forthcoming from parents in next week's newsletter when received.

Spotlight on Flynn Southam

Flynn Southam swam at the National Age Championships in Adelaide in the holidays. He has continued on his merry way of completely dominating his age group spanning our country. He got within 0.77 of Ian Thorpe’s (1999) 200m Freestyle record and beat Kyle Chalmers 100m record. Have a look for yourself!

  • 100m Freestyle - here.
  • 200m Freestyle - here.

World Swimming magazine articles with some telling analysis herehere and here.

Flynn will head back to Adelaide for the Open Championships in May which will be featured live on Prime Video. 

We love sharing this journey with you Flynn, well done for all your accomplishments. 

Spotlight on Lily O’Sullivan

Lily came home with 8 medals at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships this year. She received silver in U19 Ironwoman, Bronze in U19 Surf Swim and Board (she led the board the whole way and 7 girls from behind caught a wave that met her in the shore), Gold in U19 Rescue Tube Rescue, Silver in U19 Board Rescue, Silver in Open Surf Teams, Bronze in U19 Surf Teams, Bronze in U19 Ski Relay.

Lily was very happy as she is bottom of her age group this year and had four other professional NutriGrain athletes in her age group. She will find out in June if she is off to Italy for the World Titles - but it is looking promising at this stage.

Spotlight on Riley Johnston

Riley Johnston received a  record certificate from the 2022 SGC Championships held at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre on the 12th and 13th March 2022.

The Swimming Gold Coast Championships is a long held swimming tradition here on the Gold Coast and has been the stepping stone for numerous Commonwealth, World and Olympic Champions. The 50m form stroke events were a new addition to the program this year and as such, your victory earned you the prestigious title of SGC Championship record holder. As the inaugural custodian of this record, this piece of history should be celebrated and valued by yourself and all that support you. Well done.

Setting any record at a SGC Championship meet is a remarkable achievement given the Gold Coast region has been home to an enormous amount of exceptional swimmers throughout our history, including many Australian Dolphins, Commonwealth Games, World Championship and Olympic athletes and Champions, not to forget many World Record holders. You should be incredibly proud of your accomplishment. A list of all of our records can be found on our website - HERE

Congratulations Riley, an outstanding effort. Hopefully, this record enjoys a significant test of time!

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport

Senior Girls And Boys AFL - Friday 29th April

In the first game, the boys had a big win against Banora Point, with Seb Watters starring in the midfield in a 50-6 win. The second game saw another strong result against Xavier, with a 27-point victory led by best-on-ground Clyde Milroy, who kicked an amazing 3 goals out of the midfield. This ensured the Senior Boys made it through to the Grand Final to face local foes Kingscliff, and the game that followed did not disappoint.

Whilst the Lindisfarne boys were on top for the majority of the game, with Harlan Oliver and Finley Neylan the standouts, inaccuracy proved costly as Kingscliff made the most of their chances to level the score at the end of the game: 2.6-18 to 3.0-18. A 10-minute extra time followed, where the boys quickly took the lead and never looked back, running away with a 20-point victory, 38-18.

Special mentions go to Seb Watters, who took home the player of the carnival and Axel Hollis, who was fantastic running water for the Senior Boys team all day.

Lindisfarne played game 1 against Kingscliff and it was a tight match. The teams were tied at half time with 3 points each. Kingscliff began to dominate as they pushed back in the second half, while Lindisfarne’s backline held up extremely well in defence. Lily Alford had play of the game, stopping Kingscliff’s goal with a sweep of the backline. 

Game 2 saw Lindisfarne girls up against Xavier college. Strong pressure and hard work from Captains Toby Chapman and Makayla Sekac led Lindisfarne well ahead in the contest and they finished with a win 45 - 0. Key defence from Bridie Bedford, Lily Alford, Shakyah Jordan and Luella Bookman kept the other team from scoring.

Going into the final, Lindisfarne knew they were up for some tough competition playing Mount St Patricks. A highlight to the game was Tobi Chapman’s kick across through goal, hitting the contest with speed and always kicking accurately. By the final siren, Lindisfarne had won the tournament with a 30-14 score against Mt St Patricks. It was Captain Tobi Chapman who shone brightest with Most Valuable player of the tournament. The girls are proud of their achievements and look forward to playing at the next round of the QAFL cup in Queensland. 

Congratulations to both the Senior Girls and Senior Boys teams that progress to the next stage at Springfield, Tuesday 19th July.

Tarley Jones

Rugby Union Report

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Lions Rugby Squads, with every single team and player heavily involved in lots of rugby action.

Ballymore Cup

Just before the school holidays 73 players from our U13, U15 and 1st XV squads embarked on our inaugural rugby tour to the Ballymore Cup. This is the premier schoolboy rugby carnival in Queensland and it was a fantastic test for our squads to get a measure of where our squads sit after a term of training. 

The Ballymore Cup weekend was the full tour experience, with players staying in dorm accommodation at St Joseph's College Nudgee and playing multiple matches a day, over the course of the 3 day carnival. The touring squad also got the chance to attend the Reds vs Brumbies Super Rugby match at Suncorp Stadium.

It was a weekend of willing rugby, with each team making great progress and improvements throughout the tournament.

This weekend was also a wonderful opportunity for us to debut the new Lindisfarne Lions Rugby Uniforms which looked very good!

We look forward to returning to the Ballymore Cup in 2023.

Gold Coast Super Schools Grand Final

Last week our U15 squad played in the Grand Final of the GC Super Schools Cup against Merrimac State High School. 

Our Open Girl’s 7’s squad played the curtain raiser to the GF against Merrimac High. The team flew out of the blocks and were ahead by 8 points at half time but eventually went down in a close contact.

The U15 boys went into the match full of confidence after their success in the Ballymore Cup and played their hearts out. At the end of regulation time the scores were locked at 12-12. Unfortunately, in the end, Merrimac ran out 15-12 winners in Gold Point Extra time.

While the result was disappointing for the squad, the future is very bright for this young team who surprised many this season. Congratulations to all players involved and Mr Dick for a fine GC Schools campaign.

Miami High 7’s Tournaments

This week the focus of the program shifted to 7’s Rugby with the first of our 7’s Carnivals for 2022 being held at Miami State High. This significant shift of gears for the squads after a term of 15-a-side rugby.

Our Open’s Girls squad played on Wednesday and played a great game against Merrimac High. The girls are going from strength to strength and the improvements in both  attack and defence is very notable. The girls went down 4 tries to 2 but should be very proud of their achievements. They are looking forward to the Miami tournament and the opportunity to keep learning and improving.

Our U13, U15 and Opens Boys squads then played in the Boys tournament on Thursday - keep an eye out for results in next week’s newsletter.

Representative Rugby

CIS Girls Trials

Congratulations to Giselle Smith on her selection into the CIS Rugby Squad. Giselle travelled to Sydney to trial and was up against 90 other girls for a place in the squad. After a full day of trials the squad was narrowed down to 30 girls and Giselle was named as one of them. She will now train with the squad before final team selections later in the year. Congrats Giselle, we are all so proud of you.

AICES Trials

Good luck to the following players who have been selected to represent NCIS at the ACIES selection trials in Sydney next week:

  • Cimarron Crawford
  • Cruz Dangerfield
  • Flynn McCulloch
  • Jack Kerridge
  • Kai O'Sullivan
  • Koen Hodge
  • Max Mater
  • Max Reid
  • William Sullivan
  • Declan Brown

The squad will be coached by our own Mr Dick.

Term 2 Fixtures

It’s a busy term for the Lions with lots of rugby on the horizon. Please refer to the Competition Schedule HERE for upcoming fixtures.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Coyne, Mrs McDowell (Girls 7’s) or myself.

Scott Lewis
Manager - Boys Rugby


Over the weekend, three students represented Lindisfarne at the South East Queensland Equestrian Interschool Regional Championships, venue Queensland State Equestrian Centre, Caboolture.

Zali Greeney (Year 8) competed on her super pony Arajay Park Maverick in the Intermediate Show Hunter, taking away Reserve Champion.  The following day’s Dressage competition saw them take out first place in a huge field of 17 Year 7 to 9 students in their first of two Intermediate Novice tests.  Unfortunately Zali’s second test was challenging with Mr Maverick deciding that the fire hydrants and roller doors around the indoor arena were going to eat him!  That’s horses for you!

One of our newest team members, Nelly Brindley (Year 6), competing on Belrose Park Small Talk ( stable name Rocky) also had a memorable weekend.  Nelly was awarded multiple championships, including Champion Primary Novice Dressage, Champion Primary Show Jumping 50cm, as well as placing in Champion Primary Show Horse Hack and Champion Primary Combined Training 45cm (which is basically eventing without the cross country).  Not surprisingly, Nelly was awarded Primary Overall Rider 2022.

Continuing the fabulous results, another new member, Annabelle Brown (Year 7) was very busy competing on two horses.  Jawarra Havana (Nadia) and Shakira Cool Breeze (Breeze) won or placed in multiple Working Hunter, Show Jumping and Combined Training classes, earning Annabelle the Overall Secondary 60cm Championship.

Congratulations to Zali, Nelly and Annabelle on their amazing results!  All girls are now qualified for the Queensland State Championships and we wish them happy and healthy horses on their path to this important event.

Kathryn Leary
Equestrian Coordinator



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