2022 Term 2 Week 8 17 June 2022

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From the Principal

From the Deputy Principal


Dear Parents,

On Wednesday morning we launched the Lindisfarne Business Network and hosted the inaugural Lindisfarne Business Breakfast at Club Tweed.  This is a professional forum for networking and collaboration between the school, industry and community to cultivate relationships and share ideas.

Local businesses from the Tweed and Gold Coast regions gathered at Club Tweed to hear from keynote speaker Ben Roche - Vice President (Engagement) from Southern Cross University. Ben gave an informative and insightful presentation. Thank you to Ben for his attendance and contribution on the morning. A big thank you also to our Foundation Sponsors Club Tweed and Smile Street Dental.

Club Tweed Concert Thursday 16 June

On Thursday, 16 June our Middle School and Senior School Stage Bands and a selection of Year 12 Music students, performed once again at Club Tweed. The evening concert showcased a variety of Funk, Jazz and Latin repertoire. Led by Mr Todd Hardy and Mr Dale Norton, there wasn’t a spare seat available as family, friends and Club Tweed patrons enjoyed listening to the impressive musical talent that was on display.

Golf Day Friday, 17 June

Today, the Parents and Friends Association held their annual Golf Day at the Tweed/Coolangatta Golf Club. Thank you to the participants for their support and also for the numerous sponsors and supporters of the Parents and Friends Association.

Homeless Forum Wednesday, 22 June

Next Wednesday 22 June, a group of Year 10 Service Learning students together with Reverend Constantine are conducting a community forum on Homelessness. They are looking at the causes of homelessness and the ways we can address these causes, rather than just the symptoms. Getting the community to discuss and take action on this intractable problem teaches the students the importance of collaboration in bringing about social change and transformation. We'd be delighted to have the support of your presence and contribution at this forum which will commence at 5.30pm in the Mahers Lane Chapel.

Building Parent-Child Relationships - Free Webinars

Presented by Relationship Capital in association with our school, these webinars are for those who want the best for their children, are concerned for their success and want to know that your ‘help’ is ‘helping’. 

Dr Carlos A Raimundo will share key principles in relating successfully with your children through understanding the relational dynamic between parents and child using role theory. 

These sessions will have space for participant interactions, mutual learning, questions and comments. I encourage all parents to consider these webinars and utilise this informative resource.



Athletics Carnival 

Lindisfarne will be holding a Years K to 6 and Years 7 to 12 Athletics Carnival at Walter Peate Oval, Kingscliff next week to conclude the term.

Years 7 to 12 will be on Thursday, 23 June and Years K to 6 will be on Friday, 24 June. 

There will be various food and drink stalls operating during the day. The Parents and Friends will be running a BBQ stall also.

Competitive and novelty events will be conducted on the day with results leading to the awarding of the Athletics House Shield.

Please remember that the Athletics Carnival is a compulsory school day. We welcome competitors and enthusiastic House supporters alike. It is important to remember that it is not just about the athletes, the School wants all students to be excited about carnival days by making them a spectacle, with something for everyone.

Remember to wear your House polo shirt and I encourage all students to enter into the spirit of the day and enjoy this opportunity. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Charlotte Lush
Deputy Principal


Chaplain's Corner

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,


In this penultimate week of Semester 1, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your diligence, care and hard work. It truly ‘does take a village to raise a child’ and I pray that God may continue to grant success to the work we have done this Term.

Anne Frank’s Anniversary

It was the 93rd anniversary of Anne Frank’s birthday last Sunday, 12th June, 2022. Anne’s diary continues to be a source of inspiration and hope 75 years after its publication, even as it reminds us not to forget the horrors and shocking atrocities of the Holocaust. I find inspiration in these words of Anne, “I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I've never met. I want to go on living even after my death! And that's why I'm so grateful to God for having given me this gift, which I can use to develop myself and to express all that's inside me!”

Community Forum on Homelessness, 22 June at 5.30pm

Next Wednesday, 22nd June at 5.30pm in the Mahers Lane Chapel, a group of year 10 service learning students are hosting a community forum into homelessness.

The forum is to discuss how we can work together to tackle homelessness in our community. At this forum the students and I would also like to make a pitch for our Hope House initiative for the vulnerable members of our community who are homeless because of mental illness or at risk of homelessness because of mental illness. All are welcome! Please email me at constantine.osuchukwu@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au if you’d like to attend and support our students.

Some of the Year 10 students organizing the community forum on homelessness.

Here again the words of Anne Frank ring true: “How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

For Our Prayers and ‘Positive Thoughts or Vibes’

Please let us carry in our hearts and prayers and send good wishes and positive thoughts all those still recovering from the devastating floods; those who are sick with cancer and families caring for them; those in palliative care and the medical professionals assisting them; those without life’s basic necessities and those who are homeless and poor.

Let us also give thanks for ‘all the quiet miracles that seek no attention’ and for the gift and blessing that we are to each other.

To Come Home to Yourself by John O’Donohue

May all that is unforgiven in you 
Be released. 
May your fears yield 
Their deepest tranquillities. 
May all that is unlived in you 
Blossom into a future 
Graced with love.

Thank you for who you are and for all you do, it’s much appreciated!

Rev Constantine Osuchukwu

Important Information

First Nations

Parents and Friends

Athletics Carnival - BBQ Support Needed

Hello everyone,

Volunteer opportunities for "P&F BBQ Athletics Carnival Year 7-12" are now open. This event will be on Thursday, 23 June.

Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn't work) to go to the signup sheet:


To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do.

Thank you for volunteering!

Steve Cornell
P&F Vice President

Safe on Social


Harmony Week

Student Voice

Upcoming Events


Year 3 Book Stall

Whole School News

Lily O'Sullivan - Australian Youth Lifesaving Team Announcement

A massive congratulations to Lily O’Sullivan who has been selected in the Australian Youth Lifesaving Team who will be travelling to Italy in September for the World Championships. The opportunity to race for your country is one reserved for only a very special few and Lily joins an elite club of those who have worn the Green and Gold. 

The World Championships is a unique event as it combines both Surf Life Saving and Pool Lifesaving meaning the team of 12 (6 males and 6 females) competes in 43 events with an overall pointscore to determine the World Champion team. Lily will compete in both pool and surf events requiring a unique and versatile skillset. Lily and the Australian Team will be fighting to reclaim the World crown from New Zealand who won the last title in 2018. We wish Lily all the best over the next 3 months as she prepares for this huge moment in her sporting career.

Sam Dick

Staff Bio

Teaching and Learning

Junior School

Green Team

Middle School

From The Head Of Middle School

Stage Band Performances

It has been another busy week at Lindisfarne as the term draws to a close. Last night I was fortunate to attend a performance at Club Tweed put on by our Middle School and Senior School Stage Bands.  It was wonderful to see the support of so many family, friends and the community. The performances were outstanding and incredibly well received by the audience. Congratulations to Mr Todd Hardy and his team for such a successful evening.

Athletics Carnival

Next week we are running the Primary and Secondary Athletics Carnivals on Thursday and Friday, respectively. Both carnivals will take place at Walter Peate Oval, Kingscliff. 

This is a compulsory event and all students are required to attend in House shirts and sport uniforms to either compete or show their support. It would be great to see students getting into the House spirit by adding some colourful accessories to support their House. Over the last couple of weeks House groups have been practising House war cries and chants in anticipation of the events. Food trucks will be on site, both days.

This year, the senior carnival, on Thursday 23 June, will consist of Years 7-12 while the junior carnival, on Friday 24 June, will see our K - Year 6 students competing. Please refer to the Athletics Carnival letter for more details regarding the respective carnivals. 

Fuse Cup

Today the Middle School hosted the second Fuse Cup esports competition - Mario Kart 8. We were joined by three other schools, St Joseph’s College, Banora Point, St Mary’s Catholic College, Casino and Clarence Valley Anglican School, Grafton. There was much competition and fun had while also learning about positive gaming behaviours. It was a fantastic day. Thank you to Mr Stephen Henderen, Director of TASS and his esports team for organising this event. Please keep your eyes peeled for the Fuse Cup article and pictures in next week’s newsletter.

Cathy Cox
Head of Middle School

Senior School

From The Head Of Senior School

International Men’s Health Week

In this week’s Senior School assembly, we were able to recognise International Men's Health Week. This proved to be an invaluable opportunity to highlight the importance of men's health and to promote and support the health and wellbeing of men and boys in our communities. Historically, there have been barriers that get in the way of men keeping their bodies and mind in good condition. It is important to understand what's stopping us so we can take proactive steps to overcome it. I would like to thank St Barnabas House Captain Monty Lush and St Cuthbert House Captain Jet Vonhoff for speaking about these issues to the wider student body.

Red Earth

On Tuesday evening I had the great pleasure of participating in the online information night for Lindisfarne’s inaugural Red Earth Immersion to Cape York. Participating students and their families had the opportunity to hear details about the trip to Far North Queensland whilst also having time to ask some pressing questions. The 27 students from Years 8-11 are very much looking forward to attending the immersion in October under the care of Mr Frank Malone, Mr Liam Francis and Miss Alyssa Malone.

Subject Selection Evening

Thank you very much to the Dean of Studies, Ms Caroline Jeffries for running another very successful subject selection evening, this time for the Year 9 2023 cohort. The evening was very well attended by students, parents and guardians and offered insight into the electives available to these students for their first year of Senior School. Special thanks must also go to the Directors of Faculty for supporting this very important evening.

Athletics Carnival

The 7-12 Athletics Carnival is scheduled to take place at Walter Peate Oval, Kingscliff on Thursday, 23 June. Students and families are respectfully reminded that Thursday is considered a normal school day. As such, attendance at the carnival is compulsory and arrival and departure from school are expected. All students are required to attend in House shirts and sports uniforms to either compete or show their support. Students are encouraged to get into the House spirit by adding some colourful accessories to support their House. Over the last couple of weeks, House groups have been practising House war cries and chants in anticipation of the events. Food trucks will be on-site for those wishing to buy their lunch.

Reminder - Processes and Protocols

From time to time it is necessary for parents to collect their children from school before the end of the school day. Parents and guardians are kindly asked to sign students out from Reception. This must be done in person so that the students can be “handed over” to parents and guardians at this time. Many thanks for your support of this important process/protocol.

Kate Cornell
Head of Senior School

Year 11 and 12 Examination and Study Guide Orders for 2022

The school has again negotiated discounted prices with education publishers Pascal Press for HSC Past Papers, Revision and Exam Workbooks, and Excel Study Guides covering selected Preliminary and HSC subjects. These are an extremely valuable source of revision questions as students prepare for their final examinations.

This year, to simplify the process, Pascal Press has provided us with a 25% discount code to be applied when processing your online order.

The Success One HSC 2022 Editions contain past HSC questions from 2008-2021 with detailed worked answers written by experienced HSC markers and a topic index of past HSC questions to facilitate topic revision. Success One HSC 2022 Editions are available for:

  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Standard Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics and Extension 1 Mathematics
  • Business Studies

The popular Revision and Exam Workbooks are also available for Year 11 and 12 Standard and Advanced Mathematics courses. These workbooks contain additional practice questions and tests to help in exam preparation.

The HSC and Preliminary Excel Study Guides are specifically designed to maximise exam success. These study guides have been written by experienced educators and include course summaries and revision exercises with answers and explanations. Year 11 Preliminary Course Study Guides are available for:

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Standard Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics
  • Business Studies, Economics, and PDHPE
  • Design and Technology

Year 12 HSC Course Study Guides are available for a wide range of courses. Please visit Pascal Press for further information and to order any of these study resources. Use the discount code LINDISFARNE25 at checkout to obtain a 25% discount. This code will remain available until 30 June 2022.

The easiest way to see all of the titles available for each year level is by choosing the “BY YEAR” link on the home page and selecting either Year 11 or 12.

Richard Marriott
Director of Science

Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


Creative Writing Competition


Have Hope!


Which House at Lindisfarne can compose the best pieces of imaginative writing? Enter the competition and see!  

This competition is open to any student from Stage 3 to Stage 6. Use the image and/or the words above to inspire a piece of original imaginative writing. The inspiration can come from the entire image or one aspect of the image. You simply need to submit your typed submission, of no more than 600 words, to Mrs Walker by Monday 25 July. Clearly indicate your name, your House and what year group you are in.

Suellen Walker 
English Coordinator

Book Review Competition

The English Faculty is launching its Book Review Competition. This competition is open to any student from Stage 3 to Stage 6. Vouchers will be presented to the best reviews in each stage. There are four simple steps that entrants have to follow:

1. READ Select a book, fiction or nonfiction, and read it.

2. COMPOSE Compose a one minute book review.

3. FILM Film yourself chatting about your selected book. This recording should be filmed in landscape.

4. SUBMIT You simply need to submit your recording to Mrs Walker by Monday 1 August

Suellen Walker 
English Coordinator

Creative Industries

Debating and Public Speaking




ImmerseMe Games 2022

The ImmerseMe Games 2022 ran from May 19th to 26th and was a wonderful opportunity for students to compete against other students from around the world and develop their language skills. Coincidentally, the ImmerseMe Games took place at the same time as our Year 7 - Year 11 Camp Week. This made it challenging to achieve maximum student participation, but we still managed to rank 39th in the world out of 68 participating schools! 

Congratulations to the students who earned points by completing online interactive activities in any of the languages offered by ImmerseMe. Most of our language students are learning Japanese or French, but there are others with language skills in Spanish, German, Indonesian and more! All of our language students from Year 7 to Year 12 had access to ImmerseMe during the Games. Look for this opportunity again in 2023!



Round Square Language Lab - Japanese Sessions

Join Japanese Language Lab for ages 14-18 

Round Square are pleased to invite participants to register for Japanese Language Lab sessions, which will be brought to us by students from Linden Hall High School and Junior & Senior High School of Kogakuin University in Japan

Over a series of Zoom Calls, each lasting 60 minutes, our hosts will lead conversations, which will be completely conducted in Japanese, for students aged 14-18, who are keen to practise and develop their language skills. 

On July 19th the topic will be music. The sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 5:30pm Sydney time. 

Each participating school may register up to 6 students, aged 14-18, plus one adult by the Thursday before each session. The music session is still open for expressions of interest for registration up until Thursday 14th July..

Lindisfarne students may indicate their expression of interest by completing the following  Google Form below.


Lindisfarne Student Participation in the Anime Language Lab

On June 14th the discussion topic was anime and three enthusiastic participants from Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School joined other students from around the world to discuss their favourite topic. The session included a group welcome before joining ‘breakout sessions’ based on student ability. There was a fun icebreaker and self-introduction followed by finding out which anime character shares your birthday. Next there was an anime quiz where our students shared their impressive knowledge of anime, whilst making the most of the opportunity to put their language skills into practice. It was a lot of fun!

Students are encouraged to express their interest in joining the final language lab session by completing the Google Form above.



French Semester 2 French Food

Year 8 French Bread festival: Fête du pain

In Week 7 students in 8.2 and 8.4 French participated in a French bread festival to culminate our studies of French food in Semester 1. In Paris every year bakers compete to make the best baguette and the winner supplies the French parliament ‘Elysée’ with their baguettes and bread for the following year. The baguettes are judged on five criteria: taste, smell, appearance, doneness and texture. Students carefully rated local baguettes for the same criteria and came up with a clear winning baguette: Cubby Bakehouse.

Year 5 French shopping

In Week 8 students in Year 5 learned commerce skills as well as French vocabulary to buy and sell items in their own shops. They exchanged their goods with pretend euro currency and were given the challenge of making the most profit. We also had police who fined students 10€ for speaking in English. There were some amazing shops with baked goods. The winners in 5A were Isabelle D and Farrah M who made over 2000€ ! 

Looking forward to more fun activities in French Semester 2!

Madame Weterkamp
Teacher of French



What are the chances?

Year 7 Mathematics classes are beginning to study chance and data, and what better way to introduce the topic than by performing some chance experiments. This week, 7G made predictions, calculated theoretical probabilities and discussed their expectations in activities involving dice, playing cards, coloured tiles, spinners and with a trash can toss (which was definitely the favourite activity of the lesson!)

In classes, we will extend upon this and learn how understanding chance plays an important role in everyday life.

Mrs Karen West
Mathematics Teacher


Performing Arts

Performing Arts Private Tuition

In addition to regular classes, Lindisfarne has specialist teachers who offer private tuition in Speech and Drama, Piano/Keyboard, Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Vocal and Songwriting/Music Production.

For students continuing with private tuition, it is assumed that lessons are continuing from term to term, for the year unless written notification is submitted to the Performing Arts Administration by the close of business on Monday of the last week of term otherwise the following term’s fees will be charged.

For those interested in enrolling for private studio lessons for Term 2, please contact Performing Arts or complete the application forms on 'Parent Lounge'.

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

A Night Of Jazz featuring Monica Trapaga Friday 22 July

We are happy to announce that on Friday, 22 July we will be hosting A Night of Jazz featuring our visiting artist Monica Trapaga. This will be the culmination of a two-day Jazz workshop with Monica and renowned Sydney Jazz musician Andrew Robertson.

A Night Of Jazz will be a supper club-style event and feature our Senior Choir, Senior Stage Band and Middle School Stage Band, followed by a performance from Monica and the Moochers seven-piece band.

Tickets for the show including canapes are only $30, available from the trybooking link below. Tickets will be limited to an audience of just 119, in tables of 7.


Many may know Monica Trapaga from her numerous television credits going back to regular performances on the Midday Show, Roy and HG’s Club Buggery, Steve Vizard, Good Morning Australia, Better Homes and Gardens, Behind the Wheel, while maintaining a favourite spot in every preschooler's life writing, producing and touring her original music and videos. She was involved in Children’s Television for over twenty years as a regular host on ABC's PlaySchool, and then recorded three hundred and fifty episodes of Playhouse Disney for Channel 7 and the Asian Disney Channel.

Her true love however is Jazz. From her first stint with her brother Ignatius Jones in “Pardon Me Boys”in 1985 to her own very successful band Monica and the Moochers. She has performed and recorded with her own Cuban Bands, Big Bands, and various Jazz Quartets. Her first national tour was with Australian Jazz royalty James Morrison, Don Burrows and Bob Bernard which launched her career in the Jazz world where she is in her element.

Monica continues to tour and record and also hosts her own Radio Show every Friday night on ABC Jazz - "The Dinner Set".

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Germinate Records


Core Subjects and the Elective Course

On Wednesday evening, Year 8 gathered in the Ngahriyah to hear about the choice of subjects on offer to study in Years 9 and 10 (Stage 4).

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education is a core subject for all students from Kindy to Year 10 across Australia. However, we also offer an elective course - PASS.

  • What is PASS?
    • PASS stands for Physical Activity and Sport Studies

    • It is a subject that covers 3 broad areas of study being
      • Foundations of physical activity
      • Physical activity and sport in society
      • Enhancing participation and performance

    • This means students will cover everything from the science behind body systems and energy production to the societal importance of sport in shaping Australian culture to practical aspects of coaching their peers and running events for Lindisfarne.
  • Who and why would you choose PASS?
    • Anyone who has a love of sport and physical activity both as a participant or a spectator
    • Students who enjoy being heavily involved in their PDHPE practical lessons
    • Those who are involved or wish to be involved in sporting roles like coaching or team/event management
    • Students who want a greater understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of elite athlete training and their local sporting clubs.

  • Some of the tasks you might be involved in could be:
    • The development of a coaching plan teaching your classmates
    • Planning and running events like the Smithy Sprint or Jump Rope for Heart
    • Studying the nutritional requirements of different athletes
    • Participating a wide variety of different sports and the development of new skills in the practical lessons
    • Experiencing the use of different technologies that are used in sports and training
    • Looking at the impact Sport has had on our Australian Identity

  • PASS - A good building block for Stage 6 PDHPE
    • Whilst it is not a prerequisite, PASS develops a strong knowledge base that may assist students if they are thinking about completing the highly academic PDHPE course in Year 11 and 12.

Please do not hesitate to speak to any of the PDHPE staff if you have any questions you need answered in order to make your informed decision regarding your Stage 4 electives.

The PDHPE Faculty

Photography and Digital Media


Visual Arts

Wollumbin Youth Art Award

Students are encouraged to get their entries ready for the The Wollumbin Youth Art Award (WYAA)! This is a biennial award for young artists aged 5 to 18 years. Held in conjunction with the Wollumbin Art Award, the WYAA is open to young people living in the Tweed, Byron, Ballina, Kyogle, Scenic Rim Shires as well as Lismore and Gold Coast City. Artists can submit visual art works of any subject matter and medium. The Award, named for the mountain which the Gallery overlooks will explore unique and diverse local perspectives. The WYAA celebrates the artistic talent and creativity of young people living in the region.

Age categories and prizes

5–8 years = $100

9–12 years = $150

13–15 years = $250

16–18 years = $500

The Wollumbin Youth Art Award is generously sponsored by the Friends of the Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre Inc.

Key dates

Entries open: Wednesday 27 April 2022

Entries close: 5pm Sunday 17 July 2022

Exhibition dates: Friday 23 September – Sunday 27 November 2022

Photo Image credit: Justin Ealand / Tweed Regional Gallery Website

Bronwyn Dann
Acting Director of Visual Art

Garden Sculpture Project

Students, community members and staff have taken part in artmaking “crafternoons” to create sculptural pieces for Hiromi Tango’s Garden sculpture project which will be installed in the new Tweed Valley Regional Hospital. These therapeutic making events have offered participants an opportunity to develop new skills and slow down busy minds with the act of making small components for a large sculptural installation. Many thanks go to Visual Art and Textiles teachers, Kath Mason and Prue Smurthwaite for organising and facilitating these valuable workshops, and to the staff, students and community members who gave their time to create for this wonderful project!


Bronwyn Dann
Acting Director Of Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Homework Club will Recommence Week 2 in Term 3

Homework Club will not be on in Week 9, it will recommence in week 2 of Term 3. 

Happy Holidays!

The Learning Enrichment Team

Round Square



Waste Wise Tips

Waste Wise Tips

We Still Need Your Bread Bags

Remember to drop off your bread bags at our recycling hubs. These are recycled through the Wonder Recycling Rewards competition. Through this competition, Lindisfarne is able to win free sporting equipment with the grand prize being a free exercise circuit made out of recycled plastic. The more bread bags we send off for recycling the more we can win! All brands are accepted. We participated in this competition last year and were able to win free sporting equipment which Mr Croft now uses in his Junior School PE lessons. Our recycling hubs can be found in the assembly area at the Junior School and near student admin at our Mahers Lane campus.

Patrick Brabant 
School Assistant - Sustainability

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Digital Space

Chess Club

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular

Kokoda 2022

Training is in full swing for our 48 and 96km Kokoda walkers who have been training for the upcoming Kokoda challenge on the 16/17th July. Lindisfarne has 7 teams competing in the 48 km event and 2 teams competing in the 96 km course 

In the 48 and 96 km event, all teams will have support crews who set up mini-camps and various checkpoints along the way and provide walkers with warm food, hot drinks, blankets, and a chair. Other than these rest stops there is no stopping in both events. Both the 48 and 96 km walkers will walk through most of the night. The 48 km walkers should take between 12 and 15 hours while the 96 km team will hope to finish under the 39 hour cut-off.

Teams have been training every week for 7 weeks now and have 5 weeks to go, Sessions start very early on a Sunday morning and can last anywhere from 7- 10 hours, covering somewhere between 24 and 40 km This is not just bushwalking but steep vertical climbs which can be 2-3 km long and then a steep descent on the other side. Along the way, walkers are learning about nutrition, hydration, the advantages of poles, and the importance of good shoes.

A huge congratulations to all our walkers for their commitment so far.  It is a huge dedication of time as well as an enormous physical and mental challenge. The work you are putting in the lead-up will pay off on the day.

We look forward to seeing how you all go in the big events,

Mrs Bedford and Mrs McDowell
Kokoda Team Leaders



Throughout the season, the consistent weekly training sessions have helped each of the players progress and develop their basketball knowledge, ultimately allowing them to become better players and help their teams in a variety of ways each week. 

As the finals rounds approach, this week's round of the GCJBL saw the games continue to become more competitive with teams competing for a better position on the ladder, priming them for the upcoming finals rounds. The U21s Kings came out with a good win this week bumping them up to 2nd place on the ladder with only 1 loss this season. Each of their remaining games plays an important part of determining the outcome of their season. Likewise, the U17 Hunters are in 5th position on the ladder, only narrowly out of 3rd, meaning that their upcoming games against teams ranked both above and below are important in putting them in a better position for finals.

Results this week:


  • U21 Kings vs PBC Black (49-36 win)
  • U17 Hunters vs Celtics Green (23-29 loss)
  • U17 Scouts vs PBC Black (18-35 loss)
  • U15 Kovus vs Celtics Shamrocks (25-17 win)
  • U15 Mohatus vs Central Stars Gold (26-19 win)
  • U15 Attilas vs Blades Daggers (28-29 loss)
  • U15 Ahadis vs TSS Grey (12-31 loss)
  • U15 Mufasas vs Blades Swords (34-12 win)
  • U13 Lokis vs Celtics Clovers (17-26 loss)
  • U13 Fangs vs PBC Black (38-24 win)


  • Open Girls Queens vs Panthers Blue (5-52 loss)
  • U15 Sarafinas vs PBC Magpies (8-43 loss) Basketball

Damien Clucas
Head of Sports and Activities


Club Netball

Saturday Netball Competition

Round 8 is on June 18th.

This draw sees a couple of Lindisfarne derby matches!





Silver Lions



Navy Lions



Pink Lions



Purple  Lions



Lavender Lions



Orange Lions



Crimson Lions



Bronze Lions



Aqua Lions



White Lions



Lime Lions



Green Lions



Red Lions



Black Lions



Yellow Lions



Blue Lions



Gold Lions





The cancelled wet weather matches have now been scheduled for two Sundays - July 31 and August 7. Please plan around these catch-up games. 

Parent Support Group Annual General Meeting

There will be a meeting on Monday 20 June in the Chapel starting at 6.30pm. We hope to see each team represented with at least one parent, coach or manager. This is your opportunity to see what we hope the rest of the season will look like and discuss ideas on how we can improve the Lindisfarne Lions Netball Club. One of the Agenda items is the Fundraising Day at the TNA courts on July 30th. We will be asking for your support in providing goods and your time to have a Sausage Sizzle, Bacon and Egg Rolls, lolly bags and sweet treats.

Association News

TNA will be hosting two coaching sessions with our 11s coaches (12 teams across the clubs) over 2 Saturdays - 18th and 25th June from 9.15 to 10.30 at the courts presented by Mike Kiker.  These sessions are free and we would like to request that the Lime Lions coaches attend.  Please confirm with me if you are able to attend. 

Tweed are hosting some Netball Clinics in the holidays. Not just beneficial for the players but coaches, you may pick up some tips too!


Centre of Excellence

Well done Lindisfarne Lions! We had 10 teams representing the School at the NSW Cup at Mullumbimby on Thursday. Results from the NSW Cup.

The Years 3 and 4 Lavender and Orange teams joined for a training session with the Orange Coach Stacey Sampson as the other teams forfeited on the day.

Both the Aqua and Bronze Lions (Year 5/6) qualified for the next Round in Casino in August, thanks to the superb coaching of Giselle Smith and Ruby Sullivan.

The Year 7/8 teams finished 3rd and 4th so narrowly missed out on the next round.

The Year 9/10 Lions finished 2nd (losing to St Joseph's by only 2 goals!), qualifying for the finals in August, and a very respectable 4th.

The Year 7/8 boys were undefeated throughout the day and the 9/10 Lion Kings only lost to EAC, so both progress to Lismore in August for the Secondary NSW Championships.


The Lion Kings have captain Oliver Jeffrey speak on this video re: the State Championships at the beginning of Term 2. Please click the link HERE.

If you have any questions or stories you would like to share re: netball, please do not hesitate to email me.

“I’m here if you need!” 

Gay Maynard 
Teacher in Charge of Netball

From The Sportsdesk


Primary Overview

For our Lindisfarne carnival, students compete in individual age groups 8,9,10,11.12/13 Years Primary:

  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 800m 
  • High Jump
  • Long Jump
  • Shot Put
  • Discus

Please note that the representative team selections for ALL upcoming carnivals (NCIS, NSWCIS and NSWPSSA) are from the following age groupings: 

  • 100m:  8, 9, 10, 11, 12/13 Years
  • 200m and  800m:  8-10 Years (combined),  11 Years and 12/13 Years
  • All field events:  8-10 Years (combined), 11 Years and 12/13 Years

Field Event registration

For the Lindisfarne Primary Carnival, all students who wish to register for Field Events Athlete need only attend the marshalling on the day. The qualifiers to make the finals in these events will be very rigorous. 

Age Champion

8 Years, 9 Years, 10 Years, 11 Years, 12/13 Years 

Primary Athletics timetable - here

Secondary Overview

  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 400m
  • 800m
  • Discus
  • Long Jump
  • High Jump
  • Javelin
  • Shot Put
  • Relay.

Field Event registration

All Field Events Athlete rosters are completed, and have been pre-registered via Google Form early in Term 2. These lists are finalised. 

Age Champion

12 Years, 13 Years, 14 Years, 15 Years, 16 Years, 17 Years, 18 and over Years.

Secondary Athletics timetable - here

General Track and Field Information (across both carnivals)

Track Events


  • We are using timing gate technology for all Track Events. Students will need the last four digits of their Student Identification Number written in permanent marker on their arm. This ID will be used at marshalling -  which will calibrate to our Meet Manager database at the finish line.
  • The 100m, 200m and 800m (plus 400m for secondary) are open to all students on the day to compete in. 
  • For the 100m and 200m events, students can choose Seeded Heats or General Heats:.
    • Seeded Heats are competitive races. Individuals must enter into these races to contribute points for Age Champion, or if they wish to represent Lindisfarne at NCIS or further representative levels. 
    • General Heats are for students of varying abilities to compete in and enjoy the race experience without any pressure.
  • The 800m (and 400m secondary) event is completed in the morning before the main carnival begins and is Seeded Heats only.
  • The Invitational 100m Sprint for both Girls and Boys is the EIGHT fastest competitors throughout the day for each gender. These athletes will be invited back to race in order to ascertain the fastest athletes in the School.
  • Starting blocks will be permitted for the 100m and 200m (for trained athletes only in the seeded heats)
  • Footwear must be worn in all events. Running spikes may be used in all track events. Maximum length for spikes; Track - 7mm and Field - 9mm.

Field Events

  • Please remember that Track Events take priority over Field Events. If you have a clash, please report to the official at your Field Event beforehand, explain the situation and ensure your name is marked off. You can then compete in the Track Event when called and then return  to the Field Event. Please follow this simple procedure.
  • There is a one throw/jump qualifier for each field event, with the finalists being decided to complete in the full competition:
    • High Jump - will follow the ‘one foul you are out’ until the 8 finalists are determined, then the standard three foul rule is implemented. Qualifying heights based on NCIS standards.
    • Shot Put, Javelin & Discus - 8 finalists will be determined from the longest qualifying throws, then a standard three throw final.
    • Long Jump - 8 finalists will be determined from the longest qualifying jumps, then a standard three jump final.
    • ** All finalists will be under the discretion of the Field Event coordinator, some common sense leniency may be implemented.
  • Be timely to the scheduled field event marshalling area (consult map).
  • Organise check marks and run-ups in good time so as not to hold up the starting time of the respective events.
  • Report to the event coordinator for any field event that you need to leave to complete a track event

NCIS Secondary Football

The rescheduled NCIS Secondary Football tournament was held on Wednesday in Coffs Harbour. All of our boys and girls teams were severely depleted with illness/injury running with bare minimal reserves. This gave the opportunity for some fresh faces to come into the squads  - with all teams holding their heads high throughout the day. All the representative Sydney games have been completed already, so there was no pressure on any of our players in terms of selections up for grabs.

In the wash up, here were our results:

Open Boys - 3rd

Open Girls - 2nd

U16 Boys - 3rd

U15 Girls - 2nd

Cross Country

For the NSWCIS Cross Country we managed to get most of the top 30 results and a general overview deconstructing the event into last week's newsletter. 

We asked parents/students to send in some more photos though, so please see a few Sydney Cross Country shots:

Ned Simmonds and Theodore Houghton

Austin Lowes and Noah Hicks

Finn and Lucia Juric

Channing Melville, Ned Simmonds, Jack Kane and Theodore Houghton

Summer Immisch and Andie Buchan

Summer Immisch

NSW All School's Under 16 Hockey

Congratiulations to Eliza Fahy, Bridie Bedford and Brodie McDowell who travelled to Newcastle on Tuesday and Wednesday to compete in the NSW Under 16 All Schools Hockey.

Eliza, Bridie and Brodie were representing NSWCIS and competed in a range of training drills and small sided games as well as games against the Combined Catholic Colleges and Combined High Schools. 

The two day All Schools event was part of a selection trial for players to compete in the NSW All Schools Hockey team which competes at the School Sports Australia National Championships later in the year. 

Both Eliza and Bridie missed out on selection but congratulations to Brodie McDowell who was selected as a shadow player for the boys team.

TFA Holiday Program


88/110 MAHERS LN,



When: Mon 4th, Tues 5th & Wed 6th July 

Time: 9:00am - 2:30pm 

Cost: $150 


9:00am - 2:30pm $150 3 Days


Mon 4th, Tues 5th & Wed 6th July $60

The development camp will deliver coaching sessions covering technical practices, skills practices, small sided games, functional practices, phases of play and games (age appropriate).

Spotlight on Ned Simmonds

A follow up on young Ned Simmonds who competed in the Queensland titles for Jujitsu in both Gi and No-Gi last week, in which he secured a Silver and a Bronze.

In winning the Silver in the Gi lost, he lost by 2points - which is a phenomenal effort. 

He then competed against the Australian Champion in No-Gi and by all reports lost by a whisker. 

Congratulations Ned!

Sports Excellence Scholarship Funds

Please find the application page which details the criteria for a Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund for any student aged 10 - 18 years of age, who attends an Australian school Primary or Secondary can apply - here. Some of our community members may very well meet the criteria.

A general Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund June update newsletter - here.

Damien Clucas
Head of Sports and Activities

Rugby Union

A break in the weather meant our teams finally got to play some matches over the last few weeks!

Len Diett Cup

The 1st XV has had two home games recently at Casuarina Beach Rugby Club. 

The first game against St Mary’s Catholic College Casino was lost 5-29. This was a tough match for our team with a number of injuries and illness affecting player availability for the game combined with St Mary's playing very well.

The next game was our return match against Xavier Catholic College and was an extremely close game with the scores tied 0-0 with 10 minutes to go. However, an errant pass on attack inside Xavier’s half was picked up and ran back for a converted try against the run of play. That was then followed by another converted try to Xavier right on full time.

Both games were contested in great spirit and our 1st XV has exhibited a massive amount of development in a short period of time. In these games, there were some very fine performances from Jesse Frier, Declan Brown, Will Sullivan and Jack Kerridge in both games along with Cimmaron Crawford, Jasper Foggo, Owen Reardon, Flynn McCullough and Zac Brims also proving they belong at this level.

We also want to thank Dave McCullough, Dave Gately and Dave Lamb for kindly volunteering their time on our post match BBQ at both matches.

GC Schools 7’s

After multiple cancellations we finally got to get our Under 13, Under 15 and Girls 7’s teams on the field for some action.

U13s - The u13 boys 7s rugby team played 2 very spirited games on Wednesday night against traditional 7s powerhouse Miami State High.  The first game against Miami Gold started with Miami getting the jump on our boys and scoring two quick tries (1 conversion) before our boys found their rhythm and scored two tries of their own going down in a tight contest 12-10.

In the second game, Miami Blue taught our boys a lesson in how to play 7s rugby, with patient defence and great counter attack and we went down by three tries.  Overall, we learnt a lot and are looking forward to the next 7s tournament.

U15s - It was great to finally put our 7s training into action on the field on Wednesday night. The under 15s started with a willing contest against Miami, going down 24-19 with a late try to Miami stealing the win. In the second game, the boys started strong and took a 12-0 lead into halftime. Varsity hit back with a long distance try of their own before the weight of possession and a couple of penalties sealed a winning try for Taj Billet. These games have given the boys a great opportunity to build some momentum as we head towards a very busy sevens calendar in Term 3.

Open Girls- The girls side had a tremendous win against Somerset. This is the second time they have come up against Somerset and the difference in their play was immense, taking Somerset by surprise. In the words of coach Mike Elliston “ they are starting to look like a 7’s team now”. Their ball movement across the field was impressive and they chased down every single ball. The effectiveness of their tackling has improved out of sight and they shut down many attacks from the Somerset side. The girls continue to show a wonderful attitude and willingness to learn and it is definitely paying off in their games.

Bring on the next game!

Scott Lewis
Lindisfarne Lions Manager

Girls Cricket

Our Senior Girls Cricket team played their first match of the QLD State T20 competition. Due to to Covid, border closures and floods the girls have missed several opportunities to play a game. Many of these girls have never played in an official cricket match before so it was inspiring to see how many put their hands up to represent our school.

The enthusiasm was the first thing evident upon arriving at the ground, no shortage of smiles, laughs and a willingness to be involved.

The game commenced with Lindisfarne batting first and after a steady start from Nicola Gee and Ruby Meehan we lost our first wicket. A few overs later we were in a bit of trouble at 4/18. That was all the joy Marymount High would have with their bowling effort as our two Cricket program girls Savannah and Steph took control and finished our 20 overs with an 88 run partnership. Savannah finished 49 not out and Steph 23 not out.

Lindisfarne 4/106 at the close of innings.

Steph and Savannah opened the bowling and reduced Marymount to 1/3 after the first two overs. All our girls then put up their hands and had a bowl and wickets were tumbling at a consistent rate. All the girls bowled well and tried their very best all whilst having a smile and a laugh. The highlight was some of the fielding with three direct hit run-outs from Steph, Nicola and Anika. A massive win for the girls with Marymount finishing their innings on 6/73. 

Congrats to all the girls who brilliantly represented our school. They will now move onto Round 2 of the Queensland T20 Knockout.

If you would like to know more about our Lindisfarne Cricket program (for boys and girls)  please send an email to jmcdowell@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au or Anthony.kershler@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

Coach “Kersh” and Ms McDowell


The Benefits Of Reading

Book Of The Week

‘How to spell catastrophe’ by Fiona Wood

Fiona Wood, three-time winner of the CBCA Book of the Year for Older Readers, moves into middle-grade fiction with the funny and charming How to Spell Catastrophe. Nell McPherson is coming to the end of year six and her previously predictable life is being upended: long-term friendships are shifting, Nell’s interests are changing and her mum wants their family to become blended (or, rather, ‘pulverised’). All this upheaval sends Nell’s anxiety into overdrive and try as she might to contain her worries in her Catastrophe Binder, the time is coming to channel some of that energy into the wider world. Wood’s fifth book is a realistic portrait of existence on the border between childhood and growing up, full of awkwardness, rebellion and the battle for independence. The author’s light touch with this teenage tumult demonstrates her understanding of the age group as Nell navigates new social situations and uncomfortable feelings. The young characters make mistakes in order to work out what friendship, bravery and responsibility look like, supported by the adults in their lives. Readers from 10 to 14 will appreciate the care shown for their emotional landscape, the humorous wordplay and the broader themes of climate change and anxiety. Anyone who enjoyed The Year the Maps Changed or The Edge of Thirteen will be right at home with How to Spell Catastrophe. 

Gail Dessmann
Mahers Lane Librarian


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