2022 Term 4 Week 2 21 Oct 2022

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From the Principal

From the Deputy Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians

Last week our Year 6 team represented New South Wales in the Primary Social Sciences competition at the Tournament of Minds International Final in Canberra. They had won through the Regional Finals and the State Final to be selected to represent their State. 

The team of Kayla Mupunga, Audrey Shapowal, Eira-Grace McGilligan, Rithika Sivabalan, Sana Rice, Rio Proart, and Charlie Buchan, supported by Mrs Dana Dowker and Mr Scott Lewis, were awarded Honours (2nd Overall). This a remarkable achievement, meaning they are the best in the State and the second-best team in Australia. I am sure you will agree that this is a credit to their hard work and dedication. Congratulations to these students, our whole school community are proud of your achievement. I look forward to reading the students’ account of their experience when it is published in next week’s newsletter.  

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuously improving the School, we believe it is critical to seek each parent and guardian’s opinion on a range of issues relating to Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. Your feedback is very important to us as we continue to build a successful school and strengthen our reputation as an educator of choice. As such, we have engaged the professional services of MYP Corporation (MYPCorp) to undertake a strictly private and confidential School Results Survey on our behalf. These surveys have now been distributed via email and should take approximately 10 - 15 minutes. These need to be completed by Wednesday, 9 November. There are no right or wrong answers and we ask that you respond honestly to each statement. I ask all parents and guardians to ensure they undertake this important survey.

Our Netball program continues to be among the most popular offerings at our school. Lindisfarne students are fortunate to have access to a Netball program that supports involvement at all levels, from recreational to high-performance pathways. Netball has been part of the fabric of our school for some time. The launch of the Lindisfarne Netball Centre of Excellence in 2020 progressed our vision for the program, aiming to enhance the skills of our athletes to a level that allows them to compete to the best of their ability. As with all major initiatives, it is important we continually evaluate and work on ways to grow and improve. For the next three weeks (Friday 21 October to Monday 7 November), we have a confidential survey open for feedback. The survey seeks to gather input from all participants in the program and is focused on a range of areas inherent to the running of Netball at Lindisfarne. I invite you to complete this survey, your views are important to us. To participate in this survey please click this link.

In a conscious effort to continue strengthening the relationships between students and staff, we announced that Lindisfarne will be introducing additional Houses in 2023. The two new Houses will be named St Hilda (Head of House, Mrs Bronwyn Dann) and St Margaret (Head of House, Ms Alyssa Malone). The Houses will be sky blue and teal/turquoise, respectively. Students/families now have the opportunity to either express their desire to move to one of the new Houses or stay in their current House. Further information regarding this was sent home in a letter from our Heads of School on Wednesday which included this link to request a change. Please ensure you have read the details and discussed this as a family before requesting a change. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests; however, this can not be guaranteed

On Wednesday morning our final Business Breakfast for 2022 was held in Ngahriyah as part of the Lindisfarne Business Network. Australian media icon, Mr Kerry O’Brien was the guest speaker. Every guest in attendance was enthralled as Kerry told stories of leadership and success from across his 55 years in journalism. From Australian Prime Ministers to Nelson Mandela, it was a pleasure to hear Kerry’s keen insights into politics, leadership, Australian society, and issues affecting our youth. We thank Kerry for his generosity and look forward to continuing this very successful Business Breakfast program into 2023.

At the same Business Breakfast, Principal Stuart Marquardt announced that Lindisfarne is partnering with Surfing Australia and have founded a National High-Performance Academy (HPA). The Surfing Australia HPA is an innovative new 12-month program, combining year-round performance coaching for elite surfing athletes from across Australia in Years 7 to 12. As Surfing Australia progressed with their plans to develop the HPA, they approached Lindisfarne to be the education provider for students who are in the Academy. For more information on this exciting program, please visit the Surfing Australia HPA website via this link. All inquiries regarding the Surfing Australia HPA and requests for further information should be sent directly to info@surfingaustralia.com or by calling (02) 6671 0000. We look forward to supporting the members of the Surfing Australia High-Performance Academy with their school education for the duration of this program.

Charlotte Lush
Deputy Principal


Chaplain's Corner

Dear members of the Lindisfarne Community,

Welcome Narelle Urquhart to the School and Chaplaincy Team

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Narelle Urquhart to you as the First Nations Cultural Engagement Coordinator. Narelle is Wiradjuri woman from central New South

Wales with connections into the Bundjalung Nation of the Northern Rivers. She is a mother, grandmother, and artist, as well as a successful art business owner. As we progress our reconciliation action plan (RAP), it’s wonderful to have Narelle join our team to assist us with this important work as well as help us embrace our Aboriginal heritage and build a more reconciled and just Australian society. 

Prayer Vigil for Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

Common Grace organisation is holding an Online Prayer Vigil on Thursday 3rd November 2022 at 7:30 pm AEDT on Zoom to seek God’s grace and mercy as we tackle the injustice of Aboriginal deaths in custody which continues to ruin families and communities. Please go to this link to register your attendance: Prayer Vigil

Mentors’ Day with the Prefects

It was great to join our new prefects and their mentors last Sunday morning to plan for the year as they take the mantle of student leadership. Young people are not the leaders of tomorrow, rather they are the leaders of today. We need their creativity, dreams, enthusiasm, and vision. Let us pray for and support them.

Immense Gratitude

Thank you most sincerely for helping our school raise some money to support Cancer Council Australia. These fundraisers are means of encouraging our students and community, in the words of St Mary McKillop: “to never see a need without doing something about it.”

Happy Diwali (Festival of Lights)

During the course of the coming week, millions of Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains around the world will be celebrating the Diwali Festival. We wish them a happy and beautiful Diwali and pray with them:   "O Divine Mystery, who is with us in the struggle between good and evil, this Diwali we ask that you guide us toward the light..." Amen.

A Prayer For Those Impacted by the Floods

Please pray for those impacted by the floods around Australia and in my country of birth, Nigeria. So sad to see the loss of lives and livelihoods. We pray for them and for those in our community still recovering from the catastrophic floods earlier this year. 

Dear God,

We celebrate spring’s returning 

and the rejuvenation of the natural world. 

Let us be moved by this vast and gentle insistence 

that goodness shall return, 

that warmth and life shall succeed. 

Help us to understand our place in this miracle.

Let us see that as a bird now builds its nest, bravely, 

with bits and pieces, so we must build human faith. 

It is our simple duty; 

it is the highest art; 

it is our natural and vital role in the miracle of spring; 

the creation of faith.


~Michael Leunig (Common Prayer Collection), courtesy of Jamberoo Abbey.

I wish you a restful and relaxing weekend filled with God’s choicest blessings in every way.

Rev Constantine Osuchukwu

Important Information

First Nations

Parents and Friends

Safe on Social


Wellbeing Team

Student Voice

Learning Leadership

Over the last year, the class of 2023 has developed their hopes and ideas for what we aim to provide as the Year 12 leaders of the school. This led to the establishment of the three trademarks we want to be known for; supportive, inclusive and connected. 

Last Friday, with the guidance of character builders and faculty members, the newly inducted Year 12 class gathered together at Kingscliff to undergo a fun and memorable day of beachside activities to help further strengthen our trademarks and leadership qualities. This was an amazing opportunity and it was great seeing the familiar faces of the character builders who worked closely with us on our Year 11 camp back in Term 2. These activities included flags, don’t touch the string and rigorous rounds of keeping it up that were all successful in evoking a sense of comradery and encouragement among our peers, qualities we will take through with us until this time next year when we complete our HSC.

When aspiring to do remarkable things, we must be first given remarkable things to do. The Friday leadership day was an example of such, allowing the students of grade 12 to work together as a cohort to build our skills of shared leadership. 

Following Friday’s leadership day, the 2023 School Captains and Prefects gathered at the Lindisfarne Boathouse for an engaging day of activities. All of the leaders were split into two groups, ready to take part in the planned activities. It was an important day for us as new leaders, we were able to strengthen our connections and purpose within our appointed positions. 

We first sat in a larger group where all the leaders discussed how they were feeling about the year ahead. A large range of cards with different emotions written on them, reminiscent of our Rite Journey days, were laid on the ground. We were asked to select from these cards in regard to how we were feeling that day and for the near future. This process was beneficial in emphasising a similitude of feelings across the group. Then, specific meetings with the leaders allocated mentors occurred. In these meetings, we brainstormed ambitious ideas for next year and discussed any worries we may have had, achieving clarity throughout the entire process. All of the leaders benefited significantly from these meetings and we look forward to leading the School in 2023. 

Additionally, we all participated in a unique kayaking activity that highlighted the importance of positive communication, trust and encouragement - key lessons that we will carry into our final year of schooling. In groups of two, one person was required to wear a blindfold and paddle solo, leaving the other person to guide them only with words as we were given certain tasks to complete in the water. As our competitiveness quickly kicked in, we had lots of fun attempting to paddle in the right direction as fast as we could (which was certainly a challenge for some of us). 

The 2023 leaders enjoyed a great day under the sun and are looking forward to the exciting year ahead.

Amity Chaffey and Jacinta Kieffer
Communication Prefects 

Upcoming Events


Whole School News

An Audience With The Archbishop Of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Justin Welby

“Do you think I will be able to get a selfie with him? Can we all get up there? Can I shake his hand? 

Questions, questions. It would be easy to think Lindisfarne students were waiting to see the latest Tik Tok sensation. No, the person they traveled an hour to Emmanuelle College at Ballina to see and hear was The Most Reverend Justin Welby, by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England and Metropolitan. To Australian Anglicans, he is simply the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. To our students, he was a wonderful inspiration.

Along with staff and students from the BEE, HSIE, and English faculties, members of the St Cuthberts community and Reverend Constantine Osuchukwu listened to the Archbishop’s address on Building Peace in Robust Diversity. Lightened by often amusing anecdotes, and sometimes the occasional faux pax, his humourous and deeply thought-provoking address offered many insights into the troubled world we find ourselves in. Frankly speaking from his experiences in peace negotiations, managing diversity within the Anglican Church, and current economic, climate and reconciliation issues facing society, Archbishop Welby provided context and relevance to many issues facing the world today. He asked the gathering to not sit on our hands. He challenged us to think beyond an indigenous Australian voice in the constitution. To Archbishop Welby, our question should be ‘so what now - what do we do?

As the picture below shows, yes, he shook hands, yes, students grabbed selfies and yes, we all left just a little wiser.

Judy McCue
Studies of Religion Teacher

Staff Bio


Junior School

Lindisfarne Tech Pledge

To revise our ICT Safe User Guidelines and to start Term 4 positively, all students across Kindergarten to Year 4 have made a ‘Tech Pledge’. The pledge outlines ways that students will be safe, kind, and responsible when using their devices. I was impressed with how thoughtful and appropriate the pledges were and are confident that our students are, and will continue to be, outstanding digital citizens! If you’d like to continue the conversation at home, check your child’s Seesaw Journal.

Krissy Affleck
Information Services and Digital Pedagogy

Junior School Sport

Total Football Academy after school Program

The Total Football Academy program started again in term 4.  This term the program will run until Monday 28th November. 

The Term 4 information is attached to the flyer 

here- Term 4 - AFS Lindisfarne.pdf

Please register via Parent Lounge in Events and Payments. 

The program runs every Monday afternoon from 3.15 pm - 4.15 pm there are still places available for those wishing to register. Registration will close next week. 

Rugby Union - Casuarina Cup

The Casuarina Rugby Club will be holding its annual Casuarina Cup competition on Wednesday 2nd November in Week 4 of Term 4. 

The Junior School will be entering teams in the Junior division. This will be open to Boys and Girls in years 3 and 4. Training will continue on Tuesday and Thursday at lunchtime with Mr Croft. Any interested students should see Mr Croft for more information. 

FUN Swimming Carnival  (Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2)

All Kindergarten to Year 2 students will be participating in a Fun Swimming Carnival in week 6 of Term 4. This Carnival is a non-competitive carnival that introduces the students to a variety of races and novelty events at Kingscliff Pool, whilst fully supported by helpers. 

The information below outlines the day. We are in need of support and Helpers to assist both in and out of the pool. If you are willing and able to assist please contact Mr Nathan Croft via email - ncroft@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au 


Friday, 18 November 2022 (week 6) 


Kingscliff Pool, Corner of Cudgen Road and McPhail Avenue, Kingscliff.


During school hours 9.30am - 12.30pm


Bus to and from school 



As per all our fun carnivals, we have a sponsor for the event that will be providing a sausage sizzle on the day for lunch. 

Information about the day will be sent home via an email next week and posted on Seesaw, so please save the date, assist where you can, and come along to another fantastic FUN carnival for our little people. 

Spotlight on Jack Sewell, Koa Stotz and Riley Johnston

Jack Sewell, Koa Stotz, Riley Johnston represent Gold Coast Region in Patron Shield Team 

Jack, Koa and Riley were selected in the Gold Coast Region Patron Shield Team that competed at Bond University Aquatic Centre on Sunday 18th September. To be part of the Gold Coast Patron Shield Team is a “great honour and privilege” as only four swimmers are selected to compete in each age group. The Patron Shield is an Inter-Regional Development Championship Event between the Brisbane, Darling Downs, Wide Bay and Gold Coast Regions. The Gold Coast Team was successful in winning the percentage trophy and narrowly came 2nd by 4.5 points in the overall championship that was won by Brisbane. There were many great swims by Jack (9 years), Koa, and Riley (12 years), all proudly representing the Gold Coast Region in the Championship. Riley achieved a new Patron Shield (Short Course) 12yr Boys 50m Breaststroke record of 33.71. 

Well done and great swimming boys. 

Nathan Croft
PE Specialist P-4

Early Learning Centre

Green Team

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Middle School

From The Head of Middle School

AFL Schools Cup Qld State Finals

On Tuesday we gathered for our first Middle School Assembly of Term 4. At this time we had the opportunity to recognise some outstanding achievements within our student body.

Last Friday and Saturday, I travelled to Maroochydore to support 14 of our Stage 3 girls who competed in the AFL Schools Cup Qld State Finals. This was a tough competition and our team performed strongly finishing in 5th position. Congratulations to:

Evie Barker, Skye Campbell, Isabelle Daniel, Amelie Groenveld, Charlize Hedger, Eden Jocumsen, Poppy Lynch, Lola Parsons, Eve Doyle, Frankie Watts, Milla Sergiacomi, Evee Sweet, Freya Smith, and Charli Wiegand

I would also like to thank Mr Matt Bedford, Mr Rhett McDonald, and Mrs Tarley Jones for their expert coaching and management of the team. 

Tournament of the Minds International Championships

There was another very exciting competition that took place last weekend in Canberra. This was the Tournament of the Minds International Championships. This competition saw schools come from all over Australia and New Zealand.

7 students represented Lindisfarne in the Primary Social Science division and were awarded Honours (second place)  This is an exceptionally outstanding achievement and I whole heartily congratulate the team:

Rio Proart, Charlie Buchan, Rithika Sivabalan, Eira Grace McGilligan, Sana Rice, Kayla Mupunga, and Audrey Schapowal

Middle School Captain Speeches

Congratulations to the eleven Year 7 students from the 2022 cohort who presented their speech at Tuesday's  Assembly, to be considered for the position of Middle School Captain for 2023. Each of the candidates spoke exceptionally well and with a great deal of confidence projected. Students of the Middle School now have time to consider who they would like to nominate as the voting process is open. 

I would like to recognise our current Middle School Captains and Vice Captains for leading the Middle School students with their own personal examples of dedication and community service.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Week 3 will see the School host the final Year 7-10 Parent/Teacher Interviews for 2022. Information has been sent to all families about the process of booking times to meet with students’ teachers. I encourage parents to bring their children along to the interviews to allow for open and honest communication. With the students at the centre of all discussions, it seems appropriate to have them involved.

VPN or Hotspotting Further to the letter shared with you earlier this week, We have recently noticed an uptick in some of our Middle and Senior School students using both VPNs and Hotspots during the school day, thus accessing unapproved sites, i.e. gaming sites. We would like to remind students that this practice is strictly prohibited at Lindisfarne and breaches the School’s Student Code of Conduct. 

When incidents of VPN or Hotspotting are detected the following measures will be implemented:

  • Students will receive an automated message on their device 
  • The VPN or Hotspot will be deactivated
  • Heads of School will receive a daily report of detected users 
  • Repeated occurrences may result in a temporary suspension of ICT privileges and parent notification

Thank you for journeying with us as we help our young people make well-informed choices about their responsibilities and their esafety.

Online Guardians ParentEd and Parent iPad Control Information Session

This a reminder that on Wednesday evening the 26 October there will be an opportunity to hear from Nathan Verinder from Online Guardians. Parents will learn about the pitfalls and risks associated with social media and online environments. This session will be held via Zoom for parents of Year 4, 5, and 6 students.

Parent Workshop: Lindisfarne Parent Webinar - New Age Parenting

Starting: 6.30 pm – 7:45 pm Wednesday 26 October 2022

To join us for this Zoom session please follow this link - Join Zoom Meeting


Additionally, on Thursday, 27 October there will be a further opportunity for parents to come along to an iPad Information and Safety session in the Chapel from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm. The evening will cover Year 5 and Year 6  expectations and framework involving technology and safety and a demonstration of Jamf  Parent Application for restricting School iPad usage at home. For this session please bring your child’s school-provided iPad, and your own mobile smartphone, and please install the Jamf Parent app either from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

Cathy Cox
Head of Middle School

Stage 3 Debating

This week saw our Stage 3 Debaters at TSS for Round 2, debating the topic that “Fairy Tales Set Us Up for Disappointment”. Our Year 5 and Year 6 students worked hard in preparation for writing speeches that were filled with powerful points such as gender discrimination, unreal family expectations, and that minority groups were not represented fairly. Their well-structured debates were strong, entertaining, and even had a touch of humour (which the adjudicators thoroughly enjoyed).

Our two Year 5 teams were victorious, arguing the affirmative case against St Andrews and Kings Christian College, and our Year 6 Teams also were well represented with a win and three very close second places.

The adjudicators gave marvellous feedback informing us that our speeches were extremely well-prepared and well-researched. They also commended the maturity of the debating skills of our students and their rebuttal skills stating that they were polished, confident, and timely.

Ms Jarvis and Mrs Thompson were very proud teachers watching our Lindisfarne students present their speeches with maturity, enthusiasm, and gusto. Congratulations to all of our Stage 3 Debaters! 

Ms Jarvis and Mrs Thompson
Year 5 and Year 6 Coordinators

Senior School

From The Careers Desk

Upcoming SBAT Information Evening - Information for Parents and Students

On November 2, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School and St Joseph's College, Banora Point together with the Regional Industry & Education Partnerships program are hosting an Information Evening for students and parents about school-based apprenticeships and traineeships. If you are interested, or would just like to know what a school based apprenticeship involves, then please come along. Register for the evening via the 'Parent Lounge'.

Event Details:

When: 5.15 pm – 7.00 pm Wednesday 2nd November
Where: Coolangatta Tweed Gold Club,62 Soorley St, Tweed Heads South. 
Light refreshments provided.

Register via the 'Parent Lounge'.

Upcoming SBAT Information Evening - Information for prospective employers

Come and meet your future workforce!

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School and St Josephs College, Banora Point together with the Regional Industry & Education Partnerships program invite your business to our School Based Apprenticeship & Traineeship (SBAT) Networking and Information Evening. The purpose of the evening is to connect employers with students who have shown an interest in this area and gain insight into what is involved in taking on a school-based apprentice or trainee.

Event Details:

When: 5.15 pm – 7.00 pm Wednesday 2nd November

Where: Coolangatta Tweed Gold Club,62 Soorley St, Tweed Heads South. 

Light refreshments provided.

Employer Registration via the QR Code below 

Apprenticeship Opportunities

  • Gold Coast Jaguar Land Rover and Gold Coast Porsche are currently seeking interest for their Apprenticeship Program in 2023. If you are is interested in engineering, electric vehicles and/or sports cars, then you may like to consider this 4-year program.  This is an opportunity to work with luxury vehicles and cutting-edge technology as we see electromobility becoming more established. Please let me know and I will send you more information.
  • Sunshine Sugar at Condon have apprenticeships for Fitter and Turners, Boilermakers, and Electricians. These are full-time apprenticeships. If you are interested in finding out more, then please contact me and Id be happy to put you in contact with the relevant staff.

Job Ready Program - Free two and a half day course

For all Year 12 students, Prestige Training have a Job Ready Program that is FREE of charge for Year 12 Students and will be held in their Southport Office starting on the 30th November 2002 (for 2.5 days). It’s a great opportunity for students to learn about application processes for job positions/interviews, writing professional resumes, and getting job ready!!!. 

They will also welcome any Year 11 students that are studying for the Diploma of Business with Prestige to the Program.

Natalie Marriott
Acting Director of Careers 

Red Earth Immersion

During the second week of the school holidays, 24 students from Years 8 to 11 were accompanied by Miss Malone, Mr Francis and Mr Frank Malone, to Cape York on the Red Earth cultural immersion trip for 9 days. As we travelled from the cooler weather of Coolangatta airport to the heat of Cairns, all of the students were feeling eager to know what lay ahead. We met our Red Earth leaders, Hayley and Sammy, who were both extremely friendly so our relationship was off to a great start. 

A 6-hour bus drive to the first Homeland followed. Panamuunji was home to Tim and Elaine, our hosts for the next 3 nights. Upon arrival, we looked out the window of the bus and saw a large number of puppies on their property, increasing excitement levels. Both Tim and Elaine were so warm and welcoming and hosted a traditional smoking ceremony to welcome us to Country. We were indulged in Language and History lessons by Elaine where we learned the following words: Ngamu (mother), Biiba (father), Nyundu ganaa (are you ok). Ellaine also shared her experiences as a health-care worker and how she would translate for Indigenous patients. She described it as being the connection between the Indigenous and Western communities. Tim shared the Law that had been passed down to him with the boys during “Men’s business”. We went for swims at a nearby creek where Tim told stories of how the creek was his source of fun with his mates, it fed him and looked after him. Therefore, he feels passionate that we need to be connected to the water, land, and fire and look after all 3 for future generations. The girls learned how to weave baskets, coasters, and bowls whilst the boys learned how to throw spears with Tim and Elaine’s extended family. One morning Tim took us on a bush tucker walk and in the afternoon we all painted tote bags to remember the trip by. Then some of the men in Tim and Elaine’s family danced for us at the Corroboree night and even let us join in! They taught us some great moves and we shared laughs and memories that we will never forget. Each night at Panamuunji we debriefed and listened to the Dreamtime stories of Tim’s father’s Homeland before heading to sleep in our tents. We shared our last goodbyes with a few hugs and the teachers exchanged details with Tim and Elaine so that we may remain in contact. There was even talk of a visit to Bundjalung Country in Tweed Heads.

It was time to move to the next Homeland, Binthi Warra! Passing through Hopevale, we visited the art and culture centre which was full of impressive artworks and sculptures, handcrafted by the locals. We then stopped at Isabella Falls where we had a refreshing swim underneath the waterfall and ate a light lunch. Once we arrived, we set up again and met the Traditional Owner, Mel. She had a big personality and was so easy to chat with about anything we wanted, which made it easy for all of the students to approach her and engage. 

The first day at the new Homeland, Binthi Warra, was project day! Some people were digging holes whilst others were guttering, making a roof out of iron sheeting and others built fences. All of this work went towards enclosing the outdoor kitchen from wild horses and cows. It was a hot and hard day’s work with a little bit of rain to cool us down. The next day we prepared the Gurrma, which is an underground slow-cooking technique that the local Indigenous use for special occasions. Some of us collected firewood, some helped to dig the large hole, got the rocks out of the bottom, and prepared the iron sheets to be placed on top. Once we chopped all of the wood, it was placed in the hole and the fire was lit. The on-and-off rain didn’t help the fire turn to coals but we quickly covered it up so that the heat did not escape. After about 6 hours we pulled the food from the Gurrma and ate the biggest feast ever, leaving our bellies full and ready to relax before bed. We ended our last night of Homeland immersion with a more in-depth, personal reflection. We all shared why we had originally come on the trip and compared this with what we actually ended up getting out of the experience. There were some pretty amazing responses shared. This felt like a special moment and the teachers said they were proud of the pretty significant personal growth they had seen in a lot of us, over such a short but compact week. 

Last on the agenda was visiting the Great Barrier Reef, an experience that all of us were eager for. It was an early start as we made our way to the boat dock. None of us expected just how rough the boat trip would be and some of us regretted having breakfast that morning. However, the rough boat trip (2 hours each way) was completely worth it as we had the opportunity to experience the amazing Great Barrier Reef. It was the perfect way to end our 9-day Red Earth immersion. As our immersion came to an end we were able to reflect on how lucky we all were to be given the opportunity for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Memories and relationships that were formed over a short period of time will stick with us long into the future. We appreciate the traditional owners, Tim, Elaine, and Mel, who welcomed us all into their Country and taught us all about their culture. 

Nicola Gee and Scarlett Conn
Year 11 Students

Careers and Vocational Education & Training (VET)

School Psychology / Counsellor

Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


Debating and Public Speaking



Japanese Sports Day and Radio Exercises

Members of the Calligraphy & Culture Crush Club have been very active this past week, doing Japanese ‘radio exercises’ and creating hachimaki for Japanese sports day undōkai activities.

Undōkai 運動会 is a sports day that Japanese students participate in every year from kindergarten through to senior school. Undōkai is similar to our athletics carnival but with more of a focus on team participation rather than individual achievement. All over Japan, students participate in their undōkai usually in October - on the weekend! It’s a family day of fun and a much loved part of Japanese school life!

Some of the fun events at undōkai include the ‘ball toss’, ‘bamboo grab’, ‘giant ball roll’, and ‘cavalry battle’. It is also quite common for classes to present traditional folk dances, or modern group dances, and even cheering competitions (like our house march-past). 

Essential undōkai items include obentō, sports drinks like Pocari Sweat or Calpis, and a plastic mat/tarp. It’s a great day out that Japanese students, staff, and families look forward to every year, and if you ever get to experience undōkai you will never forget it!






Performing Arts

Germinate Records


Photography and Digital Media


Technology and Applied Studies

Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Round Square


Homestay Families Required

From March 3 to 24, 2023 (please note the slight change of date), Lindisfarne will again be hosting students from the Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU) in Tokyo. The students are aged between 19 and 24 years and are studying various university subjects. 

The AGU student visit aims to provide cross-cultural experiences for both the Lindisfarne and AGU students.  Homestay families are required to provide a room, meals, transport to and from the school (they can catch the Lindisfarne bus), Sunday visits to church, and plenty of fun and conversations. Homestay families are reimbursed $300 PW ($900 in total) to cover the cost of food and transport. Due to the change of dates, there will be an additional $40. On Friday, the students arrive, and they will engage in activities at the school. It is hoped families can collect them (and their bags) at the conclusion of the school day. 

If you would like to express interest in being a homestay family, please email drsuzannehudson@gmail.com or phone 0432 147 776 for further information. I hope you can support this excellent program. 

Jeremy Godden
Head of Junior School


Waste Wise Tips

How To Recycle Your Coffee Pods

For many people, their day starts with a cup of coffee however this can have a big environmental impact. Across Australia, three million coffee pods are sent to landfill every day. Luckily there is a way to save your used coffee pods from ending up in landfill. 

At Lindisfarne, our recycling hubs accept a wide variety of items for recycling that cannot go into your kerbside recycling bin. One of these items that we accept are coffee pods. Since we got our recycling hubs in early 2021 we have recycled over 24,000 coffee pods! Many of these coffee pods are sent off to the specialist recycling company TerraCycle while the Nespresso branded pods are separated and are sent off for recycling through Nespresso’s own recycling program. The recycling process of these coffee pods is fairly simple. The aluminum or plastic is separated from the coffee grounds for recycling and the coffee grounds are composted. We encourage all members of the Lindisfarne school community to recycle their coffee pods with our recycling hubs. Our recycling hubs can be found in the assembly area at the Junior School and near student admin at our Mahers Lane campus.

You can see the recycling process of Nespresso coffee pods in these videos:

Patrick Brabant
School Assistant - Sustainability

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Digital Space

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular


Netball Survey - Provide Your Feedback

As you know, the Lindisfarne Netball Program continues to be among the most popular offerings at our school. Our students are fortunate to have access to a Netball program that supports involvement at all levels; from recreational through to high-performance pathways. 

As with all major initiatives, it’s important that we continually evaluate and work on ways to grow and improve. As we close in on the end of the 2022 school year, now is the time to reflect on all things Netball at Lindisfarne. 

For the next three weeks (Friday 21st October to Monday 7th November), we will have a survey open for feedback. The survey seeks to gather input from all participants in the program and is focused on a range of areas inherent to the running of Netball at Lindisfarne. I’d invite you to complete this survey, your views are really important to us. Responses are anonymous and you are encouraged to be open and honest in your feedback; this is how we will improve.  We hope to be able to use the findings from this survey to inform decisions about the program for 2023. Any questions about the survey process can be directed to Mr Kane Bradford, Head - Professional Practice, Innovation and Partnerships on (07) 5590 5099 or via email Kane.bradford@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

From The Sportsdesk

We are hurtling towards the end of the year, with Christmas festivities, shopping, and carols soon to be on the horizon. 

Next week our Opens and U15 Volleyball squads head to Coffs Harbour to compete in the NCIS 2022 Championships. They are also preparing for the Australian Schools Volleyball Cup in early December.

The week after, our Primary Basketball squads will also head down to Coffs Harbour for their Championships.

Sports Prefect Reports

We warmly welcome Kai Croft and Olivia Copeland into the Sports Prefects leadership role. By way of introduction, let's find out a little more about them and their aspirations for Lindisfarne Sport:

Kai Croft

I am one of the two Lindisfarne Sports Prefects this upcoming year of 2023. I am honoured to have the opportunity to impact the school and sport lives of many young people going to Lindisfarne. I am currently part of the Lindisfarne Cricket Program and one of the key leaders in the group. I have had the pleasure of being a part of NSW Cricket High-Performance Programs and have looked to strive in this area. I also enjoy playing other sports such as Hockey, Golf, and also Surfing. This year I want to be involved in the community to push sport through younger grades to be able to get as many people as possible involved and having FUN! I’m really looking forward to seeing what is to come this year not only for myself but for the future of sport at Lindisfarne.

Olivia Copeland

I'm so excited to be one of the Lindisfarne sports captains for 2022/2023. I currently play Netball for the Lindisfarne Gold Lions in the open team, and after two years of injury, I’m back to competing in long-distance running, including cross country. In this role, my goal is to try and get more girls involved in sport at Lindisfarne, sport is not only good for social reasons, but it also plays a major role in how you can develop as a person. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this role takes me and what I can contribute to all things sport at Lindisfarne.

Touch Football

Below is a snippet from the Courier Mail story from the QLD AllSchools Touch Football Competition that was held on the Gold Coast in the last week of the school holidays.


On Sunday 16th Toby Shapland, Max Bruinenberg, Hugo McAteer, Axel Hollis and James Campbell Year 10 represented Gold Coast United in the U16 Queensland National Premier League Football Grand Final against Lions FC winning 2-0 and becoming Queensland NPL Champions.

Spotlight on Jack Edwards

The Mini Joeys World cup is usually held in Hervey Bay but this year it came to Lismore which was great for flood affected Lismore.

Teams Australia wide can enter the competition and countries are drawn for each team to represent as if a mini World Cup.  Jack's Northern Rivers Football Academy team entered and was lucky enough to represent Australia in the competition.  Other teams were Germany (A Sydney NPL), Brazil (Toowoomba NPL), France (another NRFA team) and Argentina (a local Goonellabah team) etc….  Australia made it to the grand final but narrowly lost to Germany (Sydney NPL team).  It was a fantastic grand final and Australia played a fantastic game and deserved to win.  At the presentation 14 x U14 players were selected for the tour of Germany next June/July for 4 weeks and Jack was one of them. A great achievement, particularly when up against Sydney Academy NPL teams.   

Jack is pictured with Rale Rasic who coached the Socceroos in the 1974 World Cup! Rale is one of the organisers of the Joeys' Mini World Cup and one of the selectors.  

Spotlight on Jack Kane

Jack was selected to represent CIS at the NSWPSSA Primary Athletics Championships, which was held at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre from Wednesday 19 to Thursday 20 October 2022. Jack competed in the Boys 9 Years 100m sprint, he was a bit below his best after suffering a bug earlier in the week and ran half a second slower than his PB. He still came 25th out of the state from under 9 boys. 

Damien Clucas
Head of Sports and Activities

The 2022 StreetSmarts AFLQ Schools Cup

It was an epic two days of footy played by our Primary Girls' team at Maroochydore last weekend! Since March 2022, 630 teams and more than 12,000 students from primary and secondary schools across Queensland have competed in the StreetSmarts AFLQ Schools Cup. 30 high performing teams competed across seven divisions for the premiership.

Our superstar team was led by dynamites Eden Jocumsen, Charli Wiegand, Evie Barker, and Charlize Hedger. They were strongly supported by Amelie Groeneveld, Freya Smith, Skye Campbell, Lola Parsons, Isabelle Daniel, and Poppy Lynch. A number of debutants in Eve Doyle, Milla Sergiacomi, Frankie Watts, and Evee Sweet also joined the team late and played crucial roles in each of the games. 

For our first match, we were up against Banksia Beach SS, the eventual competition premiers. In what was largely a one sided contest, Banksia Beach outplayed our girls and came away as eventual winners. Despite the loss, the game served as a good eye opener for our team in how to prepare themselves for the remaining matches, as well as getting nerves out of the way.

For games 2 and 3 the girls showed huge improvements from Game 1. Game 2 saw them go down to Mooloolaba Primary by 7 points, before a nail-biting 1-point-loss in Game 3 to Ryan Catholic College, in the first semi-final. Despite the losses, the girls walked away from the day with their heads held high. We developed our skills and teamwork over the two games and managed to slow down the opposition from scoring too much.

Our final match saw the girls play St Mary’s Primary for the 5v6 playoff. Whilst St Mary’s used the wind advantage to their benefit, to take the early lead, Lindisfarne defended hard to keep us within 2 goals going into the final break. In what was yet another nailbiter, a goal from Evie Barker early in the 4th quarter and then another from Evee Sweet with less than 30 seconds to go on the clock meant the team secured the important win to finish 5th overall. The come from behind effort showed great tenacity and perseverance from the girls and will be a lasting memory for them as they reflect back on their achievements. 

We are so grateful to the players, umpires, coaches, teachers, parents, guardians, and volunteers who made this event possible. Also a special thanks to Mr Marquardt, Mrs Cox and Mrs Thompson for cheering the team on, Mr Bedford‘s star coaching and Mrs Jones and Mr McDonald’s supporting roles. It was a massive weekend of great footy and a memorable occasion for our primary girls. 


Book Of The Week

”The Companion” by Katie Alender

Winner of the Edgar Award for Young Adult Fiction!

The other orphans say Margot is lucky.

Lucky to survive the horrible accident that killed her family.

Lucky to have her own room because she wakes up screaming every night.

And finally, lucky to be chosen by a prestigious family to live at their remote country estate.

But it wasn't luck that made the Suttons rescue Margot from her bleak existence at the group home.  Margot was handpicked to be a companion to their silent, mysterious daughter, Agatha. At first, helping with Agatha--and getting to know her handsome younger brother--seems much better than the group home. But soon, the isolated house begins playing tricks on Margot’s mind, making her question everything she believes about the Suttons . . . and herself.  

Margot’s bad dreams may have stopped when she came to live with Agatha – but the real nightmare has just begun.

“The suspense and chills are there, and the plot advances the story to a dramatic conclusion that, even if readers can see it coming, is still startling. This book hits all the notes of a solid thriller— a creepy mansion, dark family secrets, a little romance, and a plucky heroine. Fans of suspense will enjoy this outing. Alender creates another tingly tale just right for escaping into this summer.” —School Library Journal 

“The best part about The Companion is the story’s ability to surprise you. Most Gothic horror tales, generally, tend to follow certain formats and include certain tropes. This novel definitely features all those elements but deploys them in such a way that you’re never quite sure what you’re looking at.  Its constantly shifting plot makes The Companion difficult to put down, and will likely leave you reading long into the night.” —Culturess

Gail Dessmann
Mahers Lane Librarian 


Uniform Shop


Buildings and Facilities


General Hand

Commencing Immediately

Lindisfarne is seeking expressions of interest from experienced grounds and facilities workers to join our growing Facilities team.

  • Salary Range: $55,000-$60,000 (depending on experience) + 10.5% superannuation
  • Full time continuing position

About Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is a high quality, independent, Anglican, Co-educational P-12 school serving the southern Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and northern New South Wales regions.

Located in the Tweed Heads district, ours is the most northern independent school in NSW.  We have a close connection with the land, and yet are within easy reach of the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

As an Anglican Grammar School, our values of Compassion, Wisdom and Respect are at the heart of our school and form the foundations of our teaching and learning supported by our cultural values of Standards, Collaboration and Leadership.

Duties and Requirements

  • Lawn mowing of 30+ acres using commercial lawn mowing equipment.
  • Brush cutting, edging, weeding and other grass and grounds maintenance.
  • Trimming of trees, shrubs and hedges using equipment such as chainsaw, pole pruner etc.
  • Maintenance of job-related tools and equipment.
  • General maintenance and labouring tasks including repairs and maintenance of grounds and facilities.
  • Tasks involving moving furniture, setup and breakdown of seating and equipment for events.
  • General maintenance and labouring tasks including waste management, minor building repairs and maintenance of facilities.
  • Ability to work independently, with initiative and to work proactively in a busy environment.
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the Anglican Christian ethos of the School.

    Click here for the full Position Description.

    Benefits of Working at Lindisfarne

    • Competitive salary based on qualifications and years of experience
    • Staff discount for school tuition fees for eligible staff 
    • Salary packaging
    • Staff social events
    • Free access to the School’s gym 
    • Free and confidential counselling through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    How to Apply

    1. Please select ‘Apply’ via Seek
    2. All applications should provide the following:
    • A covering letter outlining relevant skills and experience
    • A current resume  
    • The names of three recent professional referees

    Applications close on 22 October 2022 (the School reserves the right to close the vacancy early if sufficient suitable applications are received).

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