2023 Term 3 Week 4 11 Aug 2023

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment characterised by tolerance and support; which also respects differing learning styles and celebrates student achievements and parent engagement.

Part of this commitment involves ensuring students and parents have access to processes that allow for grievances to be managed appropriately, promptly, fairly and with sensitivity.  In doing so, we seek to ensure that our students and parents feel empowered, supported and heard throughout their journey at the School, especially when raising grievances with us.

In order to ensure this, we have updated our Grievance Policy - Students and our Grievance Policy - Parents. These policies follow from the updates we made to our Code of Conduct - Students and Code of Conduct - Parents at the end of 2022 and clearly outline the processes and expectations for students and parents so that we, as a school, can deliver on our commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment. I urge all parents and students to make themselves familiar with these policies and all of our policies as outlined in the policy section of our website.

Our dedicated Year 12 cohort have completed their HSC Trials, a culmination of years of hard work and perseverance. The rigorous examination period just undertaken is a stepping stone to their future aspirations and final preparations for HSC exams in October. The tenacity and resilience of the class of 2023, hallmarks of Lindisfarne students, fill me with pride.

I had the privilege of representing our School at the Anglican Schools Australia (ASA) Annual Conference in Canberra along with Reverend Constantine and Amy Blinco. We engaged in uplifting discussions about Anglican identity, awe and wonder, mission and service, staff and student wellbeing, reconciliation and the Voice to parliament. The experience of working alongside colleagues from 145 Anglican Schools around Australia was impactful and we have returned to Lindisfarne with an enhanced commitment to delivering quality education in ways that are meaningful.

This week our Year 9 students participated in 'The Rite Journey Abyss.' This initiative, aimed at guiding adolescents through their transitional years and life beyond school, has received glowing feedback from both students and facilitators, underscoring the importance of character education programs.

Tonight I will attend the National Education Awards in Sydney with key staff. Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School has been shortlisted in four categories of the Excellence Awards; Best Professional Learning program, Innovation in Learning Design, Best use of Technology and Education Rising Star (Alyssa Malone). This recognition is a nod to our consistent efforts in delivering exemplary education,  the unwavering support of our parent community and the collective efforts of our talented staff.

Art has always been a vibrant part of our school culture. Join us for the 2023 Lindisfarne Art and Design Showcase on Friday, 25th August, at 6.00pm, at our Mahers Lane Campus in Ngahriyah. Over 1500 artworks await you, with guest artists Craig Walsh and Sharon Muir gracing the event. Please book as per the invitation in the newsletter this week.

Service to the community is a core value we cherish. Our senior students will be participating in the 'Vinnies Sleep Out' initiative on Friday, 25th August. Their efforts to shine a spotlight on homelessness, right here in Tweed Heads, are commendable. Please support those in need by making a donation in support of our School team via this link.

St Cuthberts Parish will host the Portofino Fashion Parade on Saturday, 12th August, at 2.00pm (doors open at 1.00pm for shopping). All proceeds go to the homeless. This collaborative effort speaks volumes about the spirit of community and empathy that we, as part of the larger community, support.

In closing, the rhythm of school life continues to beat strongly across the southern Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and northern New South Wales. Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment.

Warm regards,  

Stuart Marquardt 

From the Deputy Principal


Chaplain's Corner

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

Can you help us help those in need?

About 25+ senior school students and 5 staff members are sleeping out on Friday, August 25, and braving the cold to raise much needed funds for Vinnies NSW and shine a spotlight on homelessness.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help those in our community who need it the most.

To accomplish this we have created a team called Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, Tweed Heads. If you can, please help by joining our team and fundraise alongside us in Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, Tweed Heads: Team Lindisfarne

If fundraising is not your thing, you can still help by making a donation through our team's page: click here to donate

It only takes a minute and any amount you can give (no matter how large or small) will go a long way in helping us reach our target.

Thank you, I really appreciate your invaluable and usual support with this event.

Homelessness Week (1-7 August 2023) and HOPE House Project

Australians come together every first week in August to look at ways we can tackle the hidden crisis of homelessness in our communities. Some of our year 10 Service Learning students have been looking at the problem of homelessness, and how we can find solutions to it. They have been working with me, Ms Urquhart and Mr Murphy to record a ‘call to action’ video below. Please watch it and share with your friends and family. 

Let us help our young people to realise this dream of HOPE HOUSE -a home of presence and encounter for all those who are experiencing homelessness due to mental illness or at risk of homelessness due to mental illness. If you would like to assist in ‘ending homelessness’ in the Tweed Shire, please get in touch. What can I do? May I help? 

Baptism and Confirmation 2023

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, once said, “The best decision anyone can ever make, at any point in life, in any circumstances, whoever they are, wherever they are, whatever they are, is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. There is no better decision for a human being in this life, any human being.” I’m inviting anyone interested in finding more about the Christian faith or becoming a follower of Jesus Christ through baptism to contact me as soon as possible via my email constantine.osuchukwu@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

I’m about to start preparing candidates for baptism and confirmation and would like you to join us if you feel called to become a follower of Christ or to find out more about the Christian faith.

For Our Prayers or ‘Good/Positive Vibes’

Please continue to pray for:

  • Our HSC students during these final months of their secondary school education.
  • Migrants and refugees, particularly those who have lost their lives in search of a better future.
  • All those who are sick in our community and those enduring grief and loss.
  • The flourishing and growth of our young people
  • Peace in the world and in our own hearts.
  • The elderly in nursing homes and those who care for them

A time for loving

I’m drawn this week to the words of Mark Twain who said: “There isn't time - so brief is life - for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving - and but an instant, so to speak, for that."

I wish you and yours a lovely and wonderful weekend.

The Reverend Constantine Osuchukwu

Important Information

Clubs, Activities and Academic Support

A range of clubs, activities and academic support is available for students on the Mahers Lane campus. Please use the links below to access the relevant information.

Academic Assistance Timetable - Term 3

Break Time Activities and Clubs

Co-curricular Offerings

First Nations

Parents and Friends

Father's Day Stall - Preschool to Year 6


The annual Father's Day stall is on for our students in Preschool to Year 6 with the stall being held at the Junior School on Thursday, 24 August. Students in Preschool who don't attend on a Thursday and our students in Years 5 and 6 can use the online ordering system to make a purchase.


Safe on Social


Wellbeing Team

Student Voice

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Whole School News

Lindisfarne Staff visit SCOTS PGC (Warwick)

Strengthening Bonds and Exploring Agriculture

Earlier this week, a delegation from Lindisfarne made the journey to SCOTS PGC in Warwick. This visit aimed to grow the connections between our two institutions and provided profound insight into SCOTS PGC's renowned agriculture program.

Upon arrival, staff were greeted with genuine warmth, reflective of the camaraderie shared between our schools. SCOTS PGC's team gave a comprehensive tour of their agricultural facilities - from vast fields of blooming crops to innovative technology designed to optimise farming practices. Across the grounds, it became evident how intricate and holistic their program is. Not only does it teach students the technicalities of farming, but it also instils in them an appreciation for the delicate balance of nature and the significance of sustainable practices. Wonderful perspective and insight as we look to establish our own agricultural program at Lindisfarne. 

Among the highlights of the visit were the opportunities for our staff to sit in on Stage 6 classes as the students prepared for end of course assessment and the EKKA Show simultaneously.  Such trips, while educational, require effort, coordination, and dedication. A special thank you goes to Mrs Mendoza (Director of Science), Mr Godden (Head of Junior School), Ms Foyster and Mr Wilson  who graciously volunteered their time and made the long drive possible. 

As we reflect on this journey, we are filled with gratitude for the hospitality shown by SCOTS PGC. We're eager to harness the knowledge gained and look forward to future collaborations that celebrate our mutual passion for education and community development. Lindisfarne looks forward to hosting representatives from SCOTS at Mahers Lane later in the month.

Mr Kane Bradford
Head - Professional Practice, Innovation and Partnerships

Tournament of Minds - Judges Needed

Join us once again as Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School proudly hosts the annual Tournament of Minds competition!

Tournament of Minds is a problem-solving program for a team of seven students who will complete open-ended challenges from one of the following disciplines:

  • Arts 
  • Stem 
  • Language Literature
  • Social Sciences

To ensure the success of this event, we are in search of passionate judges from both Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School and the broader community. The region finals will take place on Sunday, August 27th, at the Mahers Lane campus. Your involvement as a judge can be as much or as little as your schedule allows.

If you're eager to be part of this rewarding experience, kindly complete the Google Form provided HERE. Once complete I will be in contact.

Together, let's make this year's Tournament of Minds a remarkable celebration of creativity and innovation!

Scott Lewis
NSW ToM Regional Director

Staff Bio


Teaching and Learning Update - Curriculum Reform

Educators across the country are steadying themselves for several years of curriculum reform. Through the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA), the NSW Government has provided a revised timeline for the development and implementation of revised NSW curriculum in most subject areas spanning years K-12.

The English K−10 and Mathematics K−10 syllabuses for Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 have already been implemented as of Term 1 of 2023. As we move into 2024, these new syllabuses will be extended to include Stage 2 and Stage 3, following a period of planning and preparation in the schools.

In secondary education, the syllabus timelines for English and Mathematics in years 7-10 have also been defined. In 2023, schools have been engaging in planning and preparation for these syllabuses, with the new curriculums scheduled to be fully implemented across schools in 2024.

In 2024, Lindisfarne will be ready to implement new curriculum spanning:

  • K-10 English
  • K-10 Maths
  • K-10 Languages (including Aboriginal, Modern and Classical areas)
  • Y7-10 Computing Technology, Y11-12 Enterprise Computing and Software Engineering

This comprehensive roadmap outlines NESA’s timeline for reform. Rest assured that our curriculum leaders here at Lindisfarne are well ahead of the game towards realising successful implementation for 2024 and beyond. 

Mr Kane Bradford
Head - Professional Practice, Innovation and Partnerships

HSC Update

HSC Update 

Trial Written Examinations conclude on Friday, 11 August and Year 12 will be back in class on Monday morning. It is the time of year when Major Work and external examinations commence for the Class of 2023.

Industrial Technology Students submitted their Major Works on Thursday.

Next week the Textiles and Design Major Work will be submitted on Monday, 14 August  and English Extension 2 Major Work on Friday, 18 August.

Good Luck to all the students who will be doing performance examinations and language orals next week. 

  • Monday, 14 August the Dance HSC students will undertake their performance examinations  
  • Tuesday, 15 August Japanese Continuers HSC Oral Examination 
  • Thursday, 17 August Portuguese Continuers HSC Oral Examination

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

Junior School

Junior School Sport

Key Dates for Term 3

  • Total Footbal Academy - Monday Afterschool - Monday 24th July - 11th September
  • Skipping Club - Monday and Wednesday Morning from 7.30am on the Junior School Basketball Courts. 
  • NCIS Athletics - Wednesday 16th August 
  • Lindisfarne Tennis Championships - Wednesday 6th September 
  • Jump Rope For Heart - Jump Off Day Friday 8th September 

NCIS Athletics

The NCIS Athletics Carnival will be held next Wednesday 16th August in Coffs Harbour. We have a large number of junior school athletes travelling down to participate and represent the school. I would like to wish all of them the very best, and look forward to hearing about their efforts.


Jump Rope For Heart 

Jump Rope for Heart is the Heart Foundation’s primary school skipping challenge that helps kids move more, have fun and raise funds for lifesaving research and programs.

The Junior School students are amazing they have already skipped for well over  60 hours of skipping outside our school programs and have smashed the fundraising goal, currently we are sitting at an AMAZING $8259 dollars for the Heart Foundation. 

Don’t forget to log your skipping hours. This will show us how many hours per week we as a school are skipping. So get skipping and log lots of  hours.

Keep up the great work at home and remember Skipping makes our Hearts Healthy. 

Skipping Club

Skipping Club continued in a big way this week.. We have had more than 150 students, parents and carers join us so far. It is proving to be an awesome way to kick off your Monday and Wednesday morning. 

It will continue all term on Monday and Wednesday morning from 7.30 am on the Basketball Court,  finishing on the Wednesday morning in week 10 (20th Sept).

The idea of skipping Club is to get active, have some fun and learn some new skills and tricks while skipping. Skipping Club is open for all students from Kindergarten to year 4 and we also encourage parents and carers to join us. We have had a number of students and parents complete the ‘100 Club’ this is continuous skipping for 100 skips in a row, there is also a ‘50 Backwards’ Challenge, ‘20 Double Under’ Challenge and the ‘200 Club’ challenge to achieve. Challenges can only be completed at skipping club and you can only attempt one challenge per day, so get along to skipping club and have a go. 

Those students who achieve one of the challenges will be awarded a certificate on assembly for their efforts.

The following students and parents have achieved awards so far:

100 Club



Oliver Pratt


Annabelle Davis


Addison Murray


David Dickens


Adele Manwarring


Matt Dickens


Anju Bannerman


Renee Honey (mum)


Sandy Kirk


Olive Norman


Hugh Scott

4S Teacher

Backwards 50



Renee Honey


Annabelle Davis


200 Club



David Dickens


Addison Murray


Oliver Pratt


Anju Bannerman


Renee Honey


Getting active and having FUN with our kids is one of the truly great joys in life. Get up, get active, come along and learn some skills and ticks and have heaps of FUN and let’s get skipping to a heathy heart and body.  

Total Football Academy - After-school Program 

The final Total Football Academy session will continue in Term 3. The session will be held every Monday and will continue through until Week 9, concluding on Monday 11th September.

If you are interested in signing up for the Total Football Academy Program in term 3 please confirm your place by accepting the terms and conditions and making payment on Parent Lounge. There are a limited number of places available so please be quick to secure your spot. 

Information about the Term 3 program can be found here: 


Nathan Croft
P-4 PE Specialist

Book Week Celebrations

Book Week Character Parade

We are pleased to announce that our K-4 Book Week Character Parade at the Junior School will be held on Monday the 21st of August at 9 am. The Parade will be held in our assembly area, families are welcome to attend.

Parent Education Session

On Friday 25th of August at 8.00am, we welcome Author and Primary School Teacher, Joanie Flowers to the Junior School to speak to families about how to engage and nurture young readers in the early years. Further information will be coming out to our Junior School families in the coming days about this event.

K-4 Author Visit - Live Reading

Following the Parent Education session, Joanie Flowers will read her children’s book ‘Morrie and Strings‘ to our K-4 students and engage in a Q & A session about the characters in her book and her exciting life as a published author.

CBCA Shortlist Book Immersion

We will be introducing students to a variety of The CBCA 2023 Book of the Year Shortlist Books during our DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time throughout the week, including the winning books for 2023 in the following categories; Early Childhood; Picture Book and Young Readers category. The winners will be announced by the CBCA on 18th August at 12 noon!

See link to 2023 CBCA shortlist here.

Lindisfarne Great Book Swap

We will finish our Book Week celebrations with a Lindisfarne Great Book Swap! P-4 students are asked to bring a children's book from home to swap with another student and a gold coin donation in support of Indigenous Literacy Day. All funds will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to support local Indigenous communities to create and publish their stories in languages of their choice.

We look forward to a great week of reading, inspiring and growing our love of literature here at the Junior School.

Angela Mundy
Acting Assistant Head of Junior School

From the Junior School

It was another spectacular week at the Junior School this week!

One of the highlights was the impromptu visit from members of the NSW Police Force who joined our students for some games at lunchtime. It was great to share that time with them as they actively engage with the wider community and connect with students of all ages. Jenga, Naughts and Crosses and seriously epic handball games were enjoyed by all! See below for more images.

A big thank you to our parent community for being so cooperative and mindful of the enforced parking regulations at the end of Sunshine Avenue. Your dedication to adhering to these rules helps us to ensure the safety of our students and their families. Let's continue to work together to keep our community safe!

Over the past few weeks, we've noticed an increase in students bringing collectables and trading cards, such as Pokémon/trading cards and Woolworths figurines to school. While we understand the joy and excitement these items bring, they have unfortunately also led to some issues and social conflicts amongst the students. To ensure a harmonious and distraction-free environment for all, we kindly request parents to remind their children that school is not the place for these collectables. Please ensure your child leaves these items at home. We'd like to emphasise that no trading of collectibles should occur at school. This policy helps reduce the potential for disagreements, loss, or damage to these treasured items.

We have a number of special events and activities coming in the next few weeks. Of course, we have the Stage 2 Musical - Lion King Kids, being performed by our Year 3 and 4 students next week, followed by what I’m sure will be a very special Book Week.

Important dates for the rest of the term:

  • The Lion King Kids - Thursday 17 August 11.00am and 6.00pm
  • The Lion King Kid - Friday 18 August 11.00am & 6.00pm
  • Book Week Parade - 21 August
  • Father’s Day Stall - 24 August
  • Parent Education- Raising Readers - 25 August
  • Author Visit- 25 August
  • Great Book Swap - 25 August
  • Father’s Day Preschool Morning Tea Preschool Possums and Preschool Joeys 29 September
  • Father’s Day Preschool Morning TeaPreschool Echidnas and Preschool Koalas 30 September
  • Year 3 Camp Goodenough - 31 August - 1 September
  • Big Boys Breakfast- 5 September
  • Indigenous Literacy Day - 7 September
  • K - 4 Parent Teacher Interviews - 12 September and 14 September
  • RUOK? Day - 14 September
  • Last Day of Term 3- 22 September

I’m also excited to announce that the Lindisfarne Junior Campus has been chosen to host the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and its crew on August 23. The current schedule for the visit has the chopper touching down soon after morning tea and will include a brief presentation. Hosting the Westpac Rescue Helicopter at a school presents a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the initial spectacle of a helicopter touching down on school grounds. At the forefront, it offers a first-hand educational experience, allowing students to delve into the workings of rescue helicopters, the underpinning technology, and the vital life-saving roles they undertake. Such exposure could inspire budding minds to consider future careers in fields as diverse as aviation, emergency response, and medicine. 

Through the provided classroom activities, students will gain invaluable insights into safety, gleaning lessons from the crew about emergency measures and the intricacies of rescue operations. We are proud to continue to share these connections with such valuable community partners. Of course, flexibility around the visit will be important as the crew will need to prioritise emergencies if they unfortunately come up. We will be sure to keep the school community updated as further details come to hand. I would like to express my thanks also to Tweed Shire Council for allowing us additional access to Arkinstall Park for this great opportunity.

Thank you for being a special part of our Lindisfarne community. It is the collective effort from our parents, guardians, students, and staff that makes our Sunshine Avenue Campus such a fantastic place. Let's continue to work hand in hand, upholding our values and ensuring a safe and supportive environment for our students.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Jeremy Godden
Head of Junior School

Early Learning Centre

Green Team

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Middle School

Year 6 Camp Report - Canberra

On Monday, the 31st of July, the entirety of Grade 6 met at the chapel with our bags packed, ready to have an exciting journey to Canberra. To get there we had to hurtle through the air going 800 km per hour in a skinny metal tube. Adventure awaits.

Grade 6 students and 12 teachers were bussed down to Coolangatta airport. We checked in and observed the general public’s faces and expressions as over 100 children walked in two lines through security. Shortly after boarding the plane was another delight to observe the range of facial expressions. Pure joy of course. Arrival at our accommodation had three to six people sharing a room with mini fridges, TVs and air con! Luxury. The girls even got a daily morning wake up call of some blasting Taylor swift music from the honorable Miss Jacks. Camp was an amazing experience, with many friendships, and memories. We will be forever grateful for this amazing experience we were given. 

Monday Afternoon we all bussed in our activity groups to the Australian Institute of Sport. We were split into two groups and were given guided tours of what AIS provides for their athletes. The tour was amazing, including an incredible pool set to perfect temperatures, a recovery centre, a gym that catered to many athletes, sighting of Olympic medallist Georgia Godwin training in the gymnastics centre, the volleyball centre and even a sighting of kangaroos eating grass! We then all went to AIS’s Sportex with rowing simulators, netball activities, cycling, Olympic podiums, and much more.

Old Parliament House was a really special place, which left many awestruck. At first, we had to use special sanitary gloves to keep the heritage listed building safe. They had an amazing gallery, in which we found lots of Australia’s rich history. We as Lindisfarne students had the amazing privilege to sit in The Senate while we got to state changes we want to see in our future.

In The Australian Electoral Commission, we got to have the opportunity to see what it’s actually like to vote. We were put in a situation where we needed to identify who was eligible to vote. The requirements to vote are: being an Australian citizen; being above 18 and enrolling to vote. 

The Royal Australian Mint was a dream of an experience. Everyone’s mind was filled with dollar signs. It was thrilling to learn of the first currency to ever come to Australia, which were shipwrecked Spanish dollars. We discovered how the Australian Colonies hired a convict money forger to make Australian Coins at the cost of their freedom. We believe that many people‘s highlights of the trip would have been the infamous Questacon. This science centre provided some fabulous mind-blowing experiences, such as: The Indoor Moon; The Falling Slide, Caged Lightening and the amazing shop with lots of crazy merchandise.

Mount Ainslie provided breathtaking views of our Capital, Canberra. Some views from Mount Ainslie are the National Library, High Court, Old Parliament House, New Parliament House and The War Memorial. It was truly amazing seeing Canberra from such a magnificent height. 

We had an enjoyable experience cycling alongside Lake Burley Griffin, seeing the spectacular views. We had amazing guides touring us around the lake and teaching us about the history of Lake Burley Griffin. It was a special place with many memories along the way. 

Year 6 then participated in a fantastic trivia night hosted by Mrs Robins. She created a quiz for students to try and guess which teacher was who, back when they were our age and even babies (which wasn’t too long ago!) Let’s just say Mr Gilliland was easy to identify and scored many points for each team. All of our teachers worked extremely hard to make this amazing camp work.

On day four everyone woke up bright and early to pack our bags and leave but first we had a surprise visit from Mr Marquardt, Mrs Blinco and Reverend Constantine for Breakfast. The exploration of the playground and scavenger hunt was next on the list at the Arboretum, made particularly challenging with the morning fog. The scavenger hunt required us to find 25 keys scattered around the area. We had maps and a sheet to stamp the imprint of the key. The fastest time was ten minutes which Adam Blinco and Coby Ellison achieved.

A quick flight home was made particularly memorable as Izzy Simper’s Dad was our pilot! Some lucky children were even selected to enter the cockpit! A huge thank you must go to Mrs Cox and Mrs Thompson as well as all the teachers for organising such an amazing camp. 

Here is a link to our trip video. 

Click below to check out our photos.

Lucy Simmonds, Adam Blinco, Aili Bannerman and Isaiah Mammen

Speech Contest

On Thursday the Year 5 Speech Contest finals were held in the chapel under the guidance of Ms Rebecca Hassell. All students across the six Year 5 classrooms planned, wrote and delivered speeches that were entertaining, insightful, mature and engaging. This speech contest is not only a large part of the Speaking component of the Stage 3 English Curriculum but also a platform for three semifinalists to be chosen to move to the next stage of the Lindisfarne Speaking Competition to be held later this term.

Excitingly, twelve students were chosen to represent their classes. They  delivered their speeches with confidence and enthusiasm. Speeches were chosen from the topics; Masks, Laughter is the Best Medicine, Charity Begins at Home and Walk in Someone Else's Shoes, Books Food for the MInd, the Relevance of Fairy Tales and Chasing Rainbows.

Our finalists are Amelia Haubek (5A), Roy Jowlett (5B), Mya Hollands (5F) 

Semi-finalists were Mila Sampson, Chloe Manwarring, Aston Meigh, Imogen, Donken, Ruby Carroll, Hunter Gaffney, Jake Tottenham, Zoe Fox, May Els and Mya Hollands. 

Mrs Cathy Cox, our Middle School Leader, and Mrs Laurelle Gilmour, Year 5 Teacher, worked together with the difficult job of adjudicating the speeches to narrow them down from 12 to three students to progress to the Semi-Finals. 

All of the students did a marvellous job and should be extremely proud of their effort and achievements. Another example of our Year 5 students growing and achieving as lifelong learners!

Click below to see the photos.

Amber Jarvis
Year 5 Coordinator 

Year 5 Science

Year 5 Science Accelerated Boat Building Project Explores Buoyancy and Density

Greetings! Some of our Year 5 students recently completed an engaging boat-building project, diving into the world of density and buoyancy. Guided by a student teacher Mr Lachlan Prestage, they first understood that matter is made up of particles and has three states: solid, liquid and gas. They then grasped the science behind objects floating or sinking based on density and water displacement. Using recycled materials, students designed boats to showcase their understanding. This culminated in a boat showcase day, where the students each presented their boats to the class. They discussed the features of their design and their thought process behind the designs. The boats were tested and every single boat floated. Well done to our Year 5 Scientists!

Amber Phillips

From the Head of Middle School

I  would like to extend our gratitude to all parents and carers of our Stage 3 students for attending the Parent-Teacher Interviews on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Your involvement plays an invaluable role in not only understanding your child’s progress but also in strengthening the bond between our school and its wonderful community. It is always a pleasure to connect and discuss our shared goals and collaborate on the best ways to ensure the growth and success of your children.

The valuable feedback and conversations had during these interviews help us tailor our approach to better meet the needs of our students and fortify the partnership we have with you.

If you have any further questions or feedback following the interviews, please do not hesitate to reach out. Once again, thank you for your continued support and engagement.

Australian Air League NSW Group Recruitment Drive
The NSW Group of the Australian Air League is currently recruiting cadets in our area.

Since 1934 the Australian Air League has been teaching young girls and boys all about aviation while helping them to develop important life skills like leadership, discipline, self-confidence and teamwork.  They make new friends and take part in fun and exciting activities, on the ground and in the air.

When you join the Australian Air League you meet each week at your local Squadron where you will learn skills and take part in fun and interesting activities.  There are also weekend camps, ceremonial drill, training courses as well as the opportunity to go flying.  Through classes and practical demonstrations, members learn the theory of aviation and a wide range of associated topics such as Meteorology, Navigation, and Aero Engines, as well as general interest subjects such as photography, field craft and community service.

They welcome boys and girls from the age of 8 years old from many different backgrounds and cultures.  The Australian Air League is family-friendly too. Parents and families are welcome to help support their local Squadron or even join as a volunteer themselves.  All adult members and volunteers are ‘Working With Children’ checked.

The Australian Air League is also approved as an Active Kids Provider registered with Service NSW.

Running a strong program that is both fun and educational, the Australian Air League is making fine citizens out of young Australians.

If you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Kate Ede, Group Development Officer, New South Wales Group at development.nsw@airleague.com.au.

Community Enterprise Foundation - Scholarship 
The Community Bank Tugun, part of Bendigo Bank, is focused on supporting our youth by partnering with schools and community organisations to provide a variety of programs and opportunities specifically targeting youth, including the Tugun Scholarship Program.

Last year they launched the inaugural High School Scholarship Program for students entering Year 7 in 2023 as they identified the transition to High School can be costly to families.

This year they are pleased to announce that they will again provide 2 scholarships for $1,000 each, for Year 6 students who are especially faced with social challenges to assist with the costs of entering Year 7 in 2024.  

For further information, please find attached the criteria flyer and Scholarship Application Guide, as well as the below link to complete the online application.  

Please note the application can be completed by either the student’s teacher or parent and the application must address the scholarship’s criteria including the demonstration of academic achievement, community involvement, leadership roles and the financial and/or social challenges being experienced.

Scholarship - Foundation (communityenterprisefoundation.com.au)

The Scholarship Program will invite applications from 14 August 2023 until 8 September 2023 and are based on academic results up until Term 3 2023.  

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by 6 October 2023.

If you think your child may be eligible and you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Assistant, Maris Dirkx at marisdirkx@tuguncommunitybank.com or phone 0421 215 596.

Cathy Cox
Head of Middle School

Senior School

From the Senior School

As we progress through Term 3, I am delighted to update you on some recent events and exciting opportunities that have enriched the School experience for our students.

Year 12 HSC Trial Exams

Our Year 12 students have embarked on a crucial phase of their educational journey – the HSC trial exams. These exams provide a vital platform for our students to assess their preparedness for the upcoming Higher School Certificate. Year 12 students have been encouraged to approach these trials with determination and focus, utilising this opportunity to refine their study strategies and enhance their subject knowledge.

Border Schools Sports Days

Our school community was abuzz with energy as our students participated in the recent Border Schools Netball Gala Day at Arkinstall Park and the Border Schools Basketball Gala Day at Carrara Indoor Stadium. The enthusiasm and teamwork displayed by our young athletes were truly inspiring, and I commend them for their commitment to sportsmanship and healthy competition.

Border Schools Chess Gala Day

The strategic minds of our students were put to the test at the Border Schools Chess Gala Day. The event celebrated intellectual prowess and critical thinking. Our students exhibited remarkable analytical skills, sportsmanship, and a passion for the game. Such events remind us of the diverse talents that our students possess beyond the classroom.

Year 9 Rite Journey - The Abyss Solo Camping Challenge

The Year 9 students took a brave step into the wilderness as they tackled the Rite Journey - The Abyss Solo Camping Challenge. This immersive experience allowed our students to connect with nature, test their resilience, and develop their self-reliance. We commend their courage and determination, and we hope this solo challenge has enriched their personal growth.

As we continue our Semester 2 journey, I encourage all students to embrace the opportunities that come their way. Whether in academics, sports, or personal development, every experience contributes to growth.

Kate Cornell
Head of Senior School

Engineering Studies - Year 11

It has been a beautifully busy few months in the Engineering Studies Lab and students have been conquering colossal challenges of the mind. From robotic arms to pasta bridges, from disc brakes to prosthetic hips…all the adventures abound. We are looking forward to a great Segway into Year 12 where the future resides! …to infinity and Lindisfarne!!!

Click below to see their impressive work.

Ahmed Mulla

Careers and Vocational Education & Training (VET)

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)

Information about ADFA is available to students in 2023 with the Virtual ADFA Open Day now live. Visit the site now for interviews with ADFA alumni, ADFA trainee officers and UNSW Canberra academic staff and learn what it’s like to study and live at ADFA. The ADFA Open day is on Saturday the 19th of August with sessions streamed online: Business, Engineering and Computing, Science and Arts. In the meantime, learn more about the degrees available at ADFA.

Lauren Ward
Director of Careers and Vocational Education & Training (VET)

School Psychology / Counsellor

Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


Senior School Creative Writing Competition Winners

Lindisfarne students were given the opportunity to compose a 600-word imaginative response that either uses the entire image below or an aspect of it as inspiration for their response

There were a number of engaging submissions but the following responses were selected as the winners. Their prizes will be issued at the next Senior School Assembly. The winning entries for each stage are included below for your enjoyment. 

Stage 5 Winner   -  Amelia Holtsbaum

My mind is overcast with shadows overtop a stormy sea. A landscape that surrounds both the internal and external sight of my eyes. My thoughts are trapped within a lock, the key hanging just on the tip of the metal hinge, endlessly out of reach. The waves thrash against the inside of my skull. I wonder how many days until the boat of turmoil and trauma overtakes the innocence of my past, present and future. My heart pounds against my chest and the rhythm of it forces my eyes to pulsate in a similar manner. I pull my sun bleached hair across my shoulder to finally see the sea before me. My feet feel heavy and pull back from the edge. The skin on my heel is scraped and bloody through the effort of reaching the rock face. A tear helplessly escapes from the chasm of my eye. The deep blue, combined with the endless peril of crashing black against the stone both repel me whilst inviting my shivering body. My mother screams from the beach, attempting hopelessly indefinitely to persuade me from diving into the eager water. The raven himself is hoarse. A caw from the trees foreshadowing my intimate demise. My hand lets my hair free once again and I kneel on the rocks. The ocean licks my fingers as I reach to touch a shining white in the waves. The bright light moves closer to my hand, my other holding onto the crevice beside me. But the water crashes onto my feet, the mud of the rocks slides below me and my vulnerable figure tumbles into the unforgiving water. 

A moment of peace overcomes me, a moment of control, a feeling I had been lacking finally takes hold over my frail physique. A choice could be better associated with the juncture. A choice of life or death. I understood that then and there as my limbs beat against the waves in pursuit of survival, as if opposed, or rather an instinct to keep my lungs full of oxygen and not H2O, that I could decide my expiration date like a carton of milk close to spoiling in a forgotten fridge. The water soaks my hair and the coolness of the depths penetrates my limp soul. I could no more hear the awful cry of my mother as she rushed to reach me before it was too late. The light draws near. A horrifying brightness that what I once thought was desirable now feels like a conclusion I was unable to truly justify. My mouth opens in panic, frigid water draining into my windpipe. The luminescence surpasses the perimeter of my body, blinding my bloodshot eyes in the process. The vanquishing swash of the ocean hurls me against the serrated rocks. My torso aching and gnawing upon the blood leaving my torn skin. But there was nothing that I could grasp, like the light at the end of a tunnel I was on death’s doorstep. A soft touch reaches my mangled hand and rips me from the grim sea. A consoling hug wraps around my body coinciding with the warm embrace of cotton on raw skin. A touch so familiar that I can’t help but enfold around it. I regain my sight and look into her eyes which stare worriedly into mine. As she realises my conscience has been recovered my mother pulls me tight and begins to weep. And there it was, all that was absent from my entity and the key clicked open the lock to the cage that was holding me cruelly hostage as I steadily whisper, “I love you”.

Stage 6 Winner -  Isla Puckeridge

‘Think of Me’ 

During the spring his holly didn’t flower. I’m no botanist, I don’t know why. I’d seen him plant them in the winter, cleaving his dainty hand shovel through his icy flowerbeds. Occasionally I saw him strike something and watched as he’d extract a rock or a corroded pipe or a femur. He’d trim the lawns that were sprouting fiercely after their hibernation, crafting sharp fluorescent borders around his quaint cobblestone driveway. He’d clip the rhododendron shrubs that lined the sides of his house, a simple stone and timber affair, the walls pastel yellow, the roof brick red. The absence of neighbours, besides myself, gave excessive power to the heavy blanket of silence that suffocated his house, his garden, his life. No neighbours within a seventeen kilometre radius. 

The summers brought crisp lawns and sex in the sunshine. Women with red hair, permed hair, tiny waists and waists that yearned to escape from their bell-bottomed jeans would flounce and giggle through the white picket gate of his white picket fence. Each girl would manoeuvre between the flaking yellow side of his house and the rhododendron shrubs pressed against it, bursting forth into the backyard with a paint memento clinging to her hair or nectar stuck to her ankles. There she’d be greeted by a bouquet of geraniums and two Hamptons-style deck chairs, separated by a dainty wooden table laden with colourful cocktails and liqueurs. On those deck chairs he’d tuck a stray hair behind her ear, compliment her shoes, and after an hour, sometimes two, would take her as his own. I watched, unfalteringly, unashamedly. Occasionally he’d take them into the house, where I could no longer see him, forcing me to peer through his windows; the grilles were thin, like steel matchsticks, allowing for larger panes of glass through which I could peep, undetected. His matchstick windows were my eyes then. 

The autumn months issued orange leaves and red wrath. The stream of girls would thin to a trickle and he’d grow frustrated as his flowers withered and the leaves of his trees shrivelled, crisped and floated into a scattered array. He’d rake them into orderly piles, which the wind never ceased to kick. Ridiculing him, he felt. He’d hurl rocks through his matchstick windows, and screech when Logic arrived to remind him that he would be the one to replace them. I always felt a little pang for the next girl who’d respond to his advertisement, who’d shuffle past the rhododendrons and smell his offering of geraniums. Who’d giggle at his imitations of his army days in Vietnam the previous decade; he’d swing his old machete around, slicing thick jungle, decapitating enemy soldiers.  Sometimes, in his flurry of movement, his glasses would slip from the bridge of his nose, clatter to the floor. She’d stoop to collect them. It wasn’t often that she stood up.

He cooled down in the winter. Winter threw a bucket of water over the roads to his house, which froze quickly, sealing him onto his property. He enjoyed the privacy though. It was during this time that he’d pry them out from under the floorboards of his basement. He’d excavate his garden, forming unnecessarily deep, square chasms in the soil. He’d fill them with parts, then soil, then sprinkle white clover seed upon it, then more soil. There were five coffee-coloured plots this year. The row beside them, the previous year’s row, held only three plots of clover; they were beginning to knit together, slowly forming a single rectangular slab, like the plots to their left.

My grave was the plot in the middle.

Kylie Wharton 
Director of English

Sarah Lock Poetry Incursion

On Tuesday the 8th of August Year 11 Standard English students were fortunate enough to be visited by a prolific spoken word poet, Sarah Lock. Not only is Sarah a member of our local community, based in the Northern Rivers community, she is also the Byron Bay Poetry Slam Champion for 2022 and current NSW Poetry Slam Champion. She has represented NSW in the Australian Poetry Slam Championship, performing at the at Sydney Opera House in October 2022, where she was voted into the final round and placed within the top 5 slam poets nationally.

In her session with Year 11 Sarah presented a series of passionate and carefully crafted poems about topics including alternate narratives, politics, the dangers of mainstream media, labels and the importance of individuality, body image, duopoly and censorship. She also spoke at length about the process of constructing emotive poetry and how to captivate an audience through both language and performance techniques. 

This session was an incredibly valuable experience for the students in their study of performance poetry, and hopefully will also inspire many to explore writing poetry themselves. Sarah emphasised how poetry is not just for sharing or performance, but can also be a great creative outlet or way of practising mindfulness or working through personal challenges.

Students who enjoyed this experience are encouraged, or any members of the community who are interested to consider visiting the upcoming Youth Poetry Slam in Murwillumbah to support young poets in our local community. Link: https://poetsoutloud.org/event/poets-out-loud-youth-slam-3/

Emily Brewer

Book Week

Only TWO WEEKS to go! Remember Book Week is fast approaching.  Both Senior and Middle School students wear their costumes on the day. Is your costume starting to take shape yet?

Lindisfarne's Ms Malone is always Miss Happy.

2023 Byron Writers Festival

Got kids that love books, reading and creativity? Grab your tickets to Byron Writers Festival’s Kids Big Day Out for a day of storytelling adventure and entertainment on Sunday 13 August. Jump into a program of fun and interactive stage presentations, get creative in StoryBoard’s StorySpace activity hub and have your books signed by your favourite authors! 

Featuring a huge line up of Australia’s best-loved authors and illustrators, including musician Lucas Proudfoot, slam poet sensation Solli Raphael, bestselling fantasy author Amie Kaufman and local favourite Zanni Louise, plus many more. MC’d by the always entertaining Tristan Bancks.

Held on the lands of the Arakwal Bumberbin and Minjungbal peoples of the Bundjalung Nation, we pay respect to the traditional owners of these lands and acknowledge them as the original storytellers of this region.


Debating and Public Speaking





Elevating their understanding

As part of their work on right-angled trigonometry, Mrs Priscilla Price’s Year 10 5.2 class completed an “Angles of Elevation” scavenger hunt around the school grounds to improve their understanding of applications of trigonometry. Students used clinometers to measure the angle of elevation from the ground to the top of objects, including the goalposts, flag poles and various buildings. They used measuring wheels to measure the distance from the base of the object to where the angle was measured and then had to use trigonometry to calculate the height of the objects using their measurements.

Fantastic discussions were had throughout the activity about the importance of choosing a flat surface to appropriately model the scenarios with right angles triangles, and students compared their results for accuracy. 

Current research in Mathematics education emphasises the importance of using concrete materials to build mathematical understanding, and that this doesn’t end in high school! When students returned to the classroom they were much more confident in solving angle problems on paper, having worked them through “on the tools” first. Students were able to grasp the relevance of right angles trigonometry in the areas of measurement and construction. Well done Year 10! 

Mrs Karen West
Mathematics Coordinator (Acting)


Performing Arts

Stage 2 Musical - The Lion King

BOOKING LINK: The Lion King Kids

Disney’s Lion King has captivated the imagination of audiences around the world for years and now our Stage 2 students will take our audience on a journey to the African Savannah with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters, they will journey from Pride Rock to the jungle and back again. This is an inspiring, coming-of-age tale.

Each performance will be held in Ngahriyah at the Mahers Lane campus and will be held on 17 and 18 August. 

Performance times:

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th August::

  • 11.00 am - Matinee Performances
  • 6.00 pm - Evening Performances

Seats will be unallocated for all performances with doors to open 15 minutes before each show. Refreshments will be available in the foyer from 5.15 pm for evening performances. Additional parking will be available.

To book tickets and secure your seats for this unforgettable event, simply click on the following link: The Lion King Kids

Should you require wheelchair access, please contact performingarts@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

We can't wait to see you all in the audience, cheering on our talented students as they take the stage and bring "The Lion King Kids" to life. Your support means the world to all of our students!

Jesse Edwards
Junior School Music Coordinator

Year 12 Music Showcase Evening

On Thursday 24 August, Lindisfarne Year 12 Music students will present their Higher School Certificate performance repertoire to parents, friends and staff in the annual HSC Showcase at 6.00pm in the Chapel.

This is a great opportunity for students, parents and the Lindisfarne community to witness firsthand the elective performances of this talented cohort. Performing in front of a live audience at this stage in their course will form an integral part of their final exam preparation.

Sebastian Awad, Tyson Bennett, Curran Carr, Finn Condon, Cassandra Hill, Manaia Hyett, Isla Martin, Ember Mentink, Callum McNicoll, Chris Nellikkattu, Sienna Perdis, Finojet Rudd, Lucia Stewart and Olive Theobald, will present a variety of musical works including Rock, Funk, Neo Soul, Indie and Jazz.

The evening is supported by our vibrant Friends Of The Arts (FOTA) group, which is a subset of our school P&F made up of parents with an interest in the Arts.

Refreshments will be available in the Chapel driveway from 5.15pm before the performance commencing at 6.00pm.

We look forward to welcoming you all to this very significant milestone for the music class of 2023 with whom it has been a privilege to work. Please join us for this special music event and register your attendance at Music Showcase.

Dale Norton
Year 12 Music Teacher

Shakespeare Under the Stars

Germinate Records


Photography and Digital Media


Science Week


Help us create a brilliant future for young women in STEM. Applications for students and STEM Coaches is now open!

Curious Minds is a six months hands-on extension and mentoring program that provides highly capable girls in year 9 and 10 with the opportunity to develop their skills in STEM.

The program targets under-represented girls from regional, rural, low-socioeconomic, and/or Indigenous backgrounds, and creates real and tangible opportunities to help unlock their full potential.

We are currently seeking applications from students who identify as girls, interested in being involved in the program and STEM professionals who would like to volunteer as STEM Coaches. 

Apply to Curious Minds!

Applications for students and STEM Coaches open 1 August and close 29 September 2023

As a part of the program, students can expect to: 

  • Attend Summer Camp in December (4-days, virtual) and Winter Camp in July (6-days, face-to-face). 
  • Develop friendships and connections with other women in STEM.
  • Take part in high-quality training and development. 
  • Be part of a fun and supportive environment to build new skills. 
  • STEM Coaches will be asked to attend both the winter and summer camps for one day to meet their student and take part in STEM activities. Read about what you'll get out of the experience. 

Students interested in applying should: 

  • Live in a regional, rural or low socioeconomic area.
  • Identify as a female.
  • Be in Year 9 or 10.
  • Have an interest in science they'd like to explore further.
  • Be willing to commit to a six-month program. 
  • Students should express their interest in the first instance. If a student meets the criteria, staff will be in touch to continue the application.

Students can express their interest here: https://curiousminds.edu.au/express-my-interest-student/ 

STEM Professionals interested in applying should:

  • Have at least one year experience in their current field.
  • Identify as a female
  • Be willing to commit to a six-month program. 
  • STEM professionals interested in becoming a STEM Coach can submit their application by 30 September.

STEM Professionals can express their interest here: https://curiousminds.edu.au/coaches

Caitriona McCann

Technology and Applied Studies

Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Round Square


Expression of Interest for Homestay Families

Dear Families,

We are looking for expressions of interest from suitable families to host a Japanese University Student from Aoyama Gakuin University. We are running the program starting March 2 to 23, 2024. Again the program will be hosted at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, Mahers Lane, Terranora Campus.

Homestay Families are reimbursed $420 per week per student, a total of $1260 per student for the three weeks. Japanese students will learn about Australian Culture, Christianity and improve their English. The age range of the students is between 18 to 25 years with a variety of English language levels.

Homestay families will need to provide:
1. A safe and welcoming home environment;
2. A bedroom of their own; 
3. Three meals per day including a packed lunch and morning tea; 
4. Transport to and from the school;
5. Great conversations;
6. Fun weekend activities including visits to church on Sundays.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact Sue Hudson via email: drsuzannehudson@gmail.com

Jeremy Godden
Head of Junior School


Recycleman - The Return

Earlier this year the Recycleman, a champion of recycling, paid a visit to all our Preschool, Kindergarten, Year 1 and 2 classes, enlightening us all on the ways we can become recycling superheroes. We had the privilege of having the Recycleman returning to the Junior School for a follow-up visit at our latest Junior School assembly. The students were very excited to see the Recycleman return and listened eagerly as he shared his knowledge on recycling and how he was excited to see the students at the Junior School helping to create a cleaner environment through their composting efforts and by dropping off their hard to recycle items off at our recycling hub. Through his fun and humorous delivery all of our Junior School students took something away from the Recycleman’s visit. We look forward to welcoming the Recycleman back to the Junior School again in the future.

Patrick Brabant
School Assistant - Sustainability

Waste Wise Tips

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Digital Space

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular


Rugby News


Please see upcoming key dates for our boys’ and girls’ program below. You can find the full list of key dates HERE.


Thursday, 17 August

FNC 7s ZONE FINAL Boys (U18 & U16)

Thursday, 24 August

NCIS 7s (U14 & U16)

Friday, 1 September

Scots College PGC QLD 7s (U13, U15 & U18)

Wednesday, 13 September

NSW Rugby State Final 7s* (if qualify)

Thursday, 21 September

Rugby Captains Dinner

Friday, 22 September

Term 3 ends


Thursday, 17 August

FNC 7s ZONE FINAL Girls (U16)

Thursday, 24 August

NCIS 7s (U16)

Friday, 1 September

Scots College PGC QLD 7s (U15 & U18)

Wednesday, 13 September

NSW Rugby State Final 7s* (if qualify)

Thursday, 21 September

Rugby Captains Dinner

Friday, 22 September

Term 3 ends


NSW Rugby Zone Final 7s

Our boys U16 and U18 and girls U16 squads will be travelling to the NSW Rugby Far North Coast 7’s Zone Final at Woodlawn College on Thursday 17th August. If these squads win their respective divisions, they will qualify to represent the region at the state final in Sydney on the 13th September.  Selections for these squads will be released as soon as possible and if there are any conflicts with other commitments, please make sure to let us know.  We would also love to have as much support as possible from our school community at the tournament to get our squads to Sydney next week and parents/supporters are more than welcome to attend!


Rugby Captain’s Dinner

The 2023 Lindisfarne Rugby Captain's Dinner and Presentation Night will be held on Thursday, 21 September from 6.30pm at Peppers Salt, Kingscliff.  This dinner will be for our Year 5 to 12 students and parents who have been involved in the rugby program. There will be a number of awards presented on the night including:

  • Boys U12 Player of the Year
  • Boys U13 Player of the Year
  • Boys U15 Player of the Year
  • Boys 1st XV Player of the Year
  • Girls U15 Player of the Year
  • Girls 1st 7 Player of the Year
  • Most Promising 
  • Most Improved 
  • Representative Player of the Year
  • Spirit of Rugby Award

Tickets are $37.50 and bookings can be made HERE.  All students are required to be in formal school uniform on the night.  This will be a great evening and a wonderful way to cap off the 2023 schoolboy rugby season for both XV-aside and 7-aside programs. If you have any questions, please let Dr Coyne or your respective coach know and we hope to see you all there.

Integrated School Sport Selections

Please note rugby union will not be offered for integrated (Thursday) school sport in term 4. All students that are currently in the rugby program should select a sport for term 4 when integrated school sport selections open in week 6 of this term.

In preparation for the All Saints and QLD All Schools 7s tournaments, we will however have three training sessions for our U18, U15 and U13 boys squads on the following dates I would like you to mark in your calendars:

  • Tuesday 10th October 0700
  • Tuesday 17th October 0700
  • Thursday 19th October 0700

Gear Allocation

We have had our rugby backpacks arrive. These are available for collection from the PDHPE office under Ngahriyah for all players from our boys 1st XV, U15 and U13 XV-a side squads and girls U18 and U15 7s squads.

Training Notes

As we continue towards the end of term 3, it is worthwhile mentioning that all players and families should assume our Tuesday morning training will ALWAYS BE ON and we will let you know the evening prior if training is cancelled. As rugby is played in the elements, we will train through any adverse weather as much as possible.  All students selected in our 7s squads are expected at training, regardless of injury and if you cannot attend, please email your respective coach the night before.

Students should also be in proper training attire (NOT school sports uniform) with mouthguard, boots and any other equipment they play with for every session. This requirement also includes integrated school sport on Thursday.  Alongside this, students should have a towel and spare school uniform to change into in case there is wet weather.

Stack Team APP

The Stack Team app is our Rugby Union program’s main form of communication and resource house for all our squads, with exception of U12 boys. As a reminder, both parents and Boy’s U13, U15, 1st XVs and 7’s and Girl’s 7s students who have parental permission for smartphones should download the app and join the relevant squad in the app (e.g., 1st XV, U15 XV, U13 XV, Girls 7s). To download the Stack team app, use the following links:

● iOS: https://www.teamapp.com/ios-ap...

● Android: https://www.teamapp.com/androi...

Once downloaded, please search for 'Lindisfarne Rugby Program' and request to join. 

More Information If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Coyne (jcoyne@lindiisfarne.nsw.edu.au).

Netball News

Follow our Lindisfarne Lions Netball Bulletin here for further details and information.

Lindisfarne Lions Basketball

End of Season Wrap

We have arrived at the final season proper game for the Winter season, which started all the way back in March, and as early as February 8 for the trial fixtures. 
So here is a wrap for all our teams, as they head into the last competition round tonight - with the semi-finals starting next week. 

The U 18 Kings have trained and played hard this season, and although we have lost a few players, the remaining boys have worked hard on team cohesiveness, ball movement and passing to the open man. Although often only having 4 or 5 players, we are currently sitting 1st on the ladder (only via percentage!) and are charging to the finals in a great position. The boys have displayed great team camaraderie, and a positive attitude,  so we are looking forward to a good run for the rest of the season.
Thomas Chong
Henry McMillan
Cody Wilkes
Thomas Cunnah
Xavier Meulet
Isaac Deakes

Sitting snug in 2nd place on the U16 Division 2 standings -  with 2 losses from 12 games the Hunters are starting to hit their strides and play the type of basketball they are capable of. With their run and gun offence now complemented by better use of actions and improved team chemistry, focusing on controlling what they can control and a next play mentality, with improved team rebounding and more decisive help defence the boys are on track to reach their potential at the right time for finals. A hats off to the boys for making the adjustments that have led to their improvement and gradually becoming the team they want to be.
Pedro Cestari
Harry Kershler
Flinders Shirley
James Douglas
Billy Stokes
Talon Chilcott
Oliver Watters
Billy Blair

More images below

Mohatus have been showing glimpses of their potential as a team throughout the season. They have had some good wins and currently sit  3rd on the ladder. The boys have been training regularly and always show great effort at games. With a continued focus on defensive pressure, effective boxing out plus offensive spacing, cutting and quick ball movement at the other end, they are on a very positive pathway to the finals. I expect that with continued growth towards strong team chemistry, selflessness and trust in each other that they will enjoy continued success as a team.
Sascha Leitch
Ethan Eldridge
Levi Ford
Marcus Williamson
Ben Jolliffe
Tom Hirst
Jackson Brims
Oscar Pecht

Winning 8 out of 12 games this season, and currently coming 4th on the ladder, has given the team confidence and a spirit of optimism for the season’s end. It will be an exciting finish this week to see if they forge their way into the finals. Congratulations on a great team effort boys.
James Williams
Luken Brownlee
Timana Andrews
Evan Williams
Kailash Sivabalan
Rob Cahill
Izaiah Godfrey
Zeik Johnston

With a large pool of teams in their group, the Scouts have shown continued growth through the season, both individually and as a team - with a current standing of 12th place (out of 14). Several of these players had hardly played organised basketball prior to this season, so it’s been great to watch them develop their enjoyment of the game as their skills improve each week. Every player shows commitment to the process and brings great effort to games each week. They are developing a good understanding of what it takes to perform well as a team. It’s uncertain that they will make finals this season, however, they will continue to deal with games each week with a view towards continued improvement and enjoyment of the sport and all that it brings.
Cruz McKinley
Otis Harrison
Ori Spry
Cooper Broxup
Luka Friend
Connor McCormack
Noah Hawkins
Miles Scheiwe

With 10 wins from 12 games the U14 Lokis boys sit in 2nd place in Division 2. Due largely to their high octane offence, team chemistry and embracing the idea of getting better and learning from every training session and game, they are in a great position to make a strong finals run. While the wins have been great the highlight has been seeing each and every one of the boys improve individually, and collectively, and seeing them play the game the right way. If the boys are to go deep into the finals individual defensive accountability and more urgent help rotations are going to be the key.
Wallace Thompson
William Sheehan
Finn Whitaker
Jackson Macdonald
Saxon Chaseling
Frank Spooner
Beau Hewitt
Oscar Jolliffe
Arlo Short

Currently sitting in 5th place, with a 5 and 7 win/loss record - they are still in the hunt for a semi-finals berth, needing the 4th place to lose, and themselves to notch up a win.
The Ahadis have improved their shooting techniques, and are finishing better their second chance opportunities around the rim. 
They are also working towards more accountability in Defence, with improved communication as the key to this. Good luck Friday.

Arlo Boyd
Aidan O’Brien
Zac Young
Orlando Grogan
Charlie Buchan
Caleb Weate
Tyler Luff
Luca Berger
Laurie Bartell

The Kovus are currently sitting in 6th place - BUT, with a win this Friday, they could finish as high as 3rd place, and be finals bound.
Several of the Kovus players were brand new to proper match-play basketball prior to this season, so it’s been great to watch them develop their enjoyment of the game as their skills improve each week.
Best of luck this Friday, hopefully the bounce of the ball falls your way.
Kai Hobbs
Rufus Crawford
Ross Campbell
Felix Conn
Xavier Galle
Vincent Jordan
Gabe Townson
Cash Young

The Mufassas are an eclectic team of boys that are midway through their first season of basketball.  With only two on the team having played competitive basketball before, the focus this season has been on the fundamentals and learning the rules of the game.  
The team is currently sitting 9th on the ladder and have certainly developed both individually and as a team as the season has progressed - with a 5 and 8 win/loss. Still lots of fundamental skills  to work on, but one area that has seen a noticeable improvement is the boys defence, specifically, sticking with their player and not swiping at the ball on defence.
Highly commendable teamwork and a never-give-up attitude during those games have been huge highlights of the season so far.  
Lars Spooner
Miles Dawes-Sullivan
Arlo Johnston
Mason Weate
Sid Beard
Mads Nielsen
James Carroll

The Nalas are currently in 1st place on the ladder, with an 11 and 1 win/loss record. They have a good mix of height, skill and athleticism - mixed with some beginner level players, who have been contributing and improving every week.
Good luck in the finals girls - hopefully you emphatically ice your premiership!
Sabrina Harris
Britta Jamison
Honey Weate-Riwhi
Maya Stokes
Liv Blong
Peyton Cecil
Zahra Hughes
Emily Eldridge
Evelyn Thompson

The Queens are in 2nd place, with a 7 and 4 win/loss record - and a draw. They have lost a number of players, overcoming adversity and some very physical matches. 
They are in the finals, with their own destiny in their hands - good luck girls.
Ruby Silburn
Eliza Conn
Evie Mills
Cameron Risk
Jasmine Harrison
Dahlia Alagich
Stella O’Hare

From the Sports Desk

As I've mentioned several times this year, time continues to move forward, and we're now approaching the arrival of Term 4. With this in mind, we're excited to announce the last opportunity of the year for sport nominations for our Mahers Lane students.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday 22 August, as we open sport nominations for students in Years 7 to 11. The nominations for our younger students in Years 5 and 6 will take place on Wednesday 23 August. Be sure to take a look at the fantastic array of activities we're offering for the final part of the year, especially as warmer weather is just around the corner.
Years 5 and 6
Years 7 to 10
Year 11

Duke of Edinburgh
We're excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Duke of Edinburgh program for our Year 8 students. The launch will take place on Friday morning 18 August, during Home Room in O Commons. You can find more details about the international program in the provided flyer - available here.

Parents are invited to the annual Duke of Edinburgh Parent Information Evening, scheduled for Monday 21 August, at 6:00pm. The event will be held in the Chapel. Parents of students from Years 8 to 10 who are interested in learning more are warmly welcome to attend.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the program and possibly participate in the Bronze Adventurous Journey with Lindisfarne in November, we encourage you to sign up for more information through SEQTA/Parent Lounge or SEQTA/Student Cafe.

We look forward to your active involvement and enthusiasm for this enriching opportunity.

Border Schools Gala Day
The Border Schools concept has kicked off this year in full swing, after a few years of on-again off-again attempts to satisfy a shortfall of sport opportunities for our students. The final of the Gala Days was played this Tuesday, between Pacific Coast, St Andrews and Hillcrest. Sports detailed below:

Five Lindisfarne basketball teams travelled to Coomera Indoor Sports Centre on Tuesday to represent the school for the first time at the Border Schools Gala Day. Playing against perennial basketball powerhouse Hillcrest and some strong teams from St Andrews Lutheran College and Pacific Coast Christian School the students' efforts and results were commendable. A special mention to both girls teams for playing all day and getting wins with no subs - against formidable opposition, and one of the year 7 and 8 boys teams going undefeated, a really big thank you to all involved for making it a great day.

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Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School hosted the first Netball Gala Day on Tuesday 8 August at Tweed Netball Courts.
Schools from Pacific Coast, Hillcrest, St.Andrews and Lindisfarne competed in divisions. 

7/8 Girls
Congratulations to Hillcrest 3 who won the division and were undefeated on the day. Runners up were St.Andrews 1
7/8 Girls Team MVPs were selected by the opposing team and these were; LAGS -Anna Haubek, Sadie Eddy, Chloe Rosserand Charlotte Slack-Smith

9/10 Girls
Congratulations to Lindisfarne for winning the division and remaining undefeated on the day. St.Andrews were runner up.
9/10 Girls Team MVPs; LAGS- Chloe Nagle

11/12 Girls
Congratulations to St.Andrews who won this division. Runner up on countback was Lindisfarne.
11/12 Girls Team MVP’s; LAGS -Riley Cranston
Congratulations to St Andrews 1 who was first in the division on countback.
Hillcrest was runner up.
Year 9/10 Boys Team MVPS’s;
LAGS -Jack Hou

A team of five Lindisfarne students headed to St Andrew’s Lutheran College this week to compete in the inaugural Border Schools Chess Gala Day. The students from Years 7-11 played 7 rounds of chess against opposition of varying ages. Congratulations go to Tate Dee who ended the day in a 3-way tie for first place. Special mention goes to Noah Seller, the highest placed Middle School student and Zhyan Usovs-Norman, the highest placed Year 7 student.

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AFLQ Schools Cup Quarter Finals
On Thursday, August 3rd, the stage was set at the Yeronga AFL complex for the AFLQ Schools Cup quarter-finals. Lindisfarne proudly fielded two teams in the competition: one in the Junior Girls division and the other in the Open Girls division.

Kicking off the action at 11:30 AM, our Junior Girls faced a formidable opponent in St. Teresa’s Catholic College from Ipswich, known for their impressive speed. Throughout the game, Lindisfarne's young athletes exhibited unwavering determination, battling with great resilience. However, they encountered a team that shone with several standout performers across the field. Despite our girls' valiant efforts, a combination of illness and prior sporting commitments posed additional challenges, resulting in a final score of 68 to 15 in favor of St. Teresa’s.

Moving to the second match, our Open Girls took on the challenge presented by Lourdes Hill College from Brisbane. The opening quarter was a triumph, showcasing Lindisfarne's finest performance of the season as they surged ahead with an impressive tally of 5 goals to nil. The game maintained an intense competitive balance from there on, with Lourdes Hill gradually finding their rhythm and mounting a persistent challenge. In the end, Lindisfarne emerged as the victors, with a score of 59 to 28, securing their place among the top 8 teams statewide.

As a result, they have secured a spot in the semi-finals, scheduled to take place at Heritage Bank Stadium on 29 August. This achievement stands as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and skill exhibited by the Lindisfarne Open Girls throughout the AFLQ Schools Cup.

NetSetGo at Tweed Netball Association came to an end with a presentation last Saturday for our future netball stars.NetSetGo was led by our Lindisfarne Netball Coach and Alumni Ruby Sullivan and assisted by a team of helpers. We congratulate the 2023 team on an excellent program and present our Lindisfarne NetSetGo players, Elena Murray, Hanalei Hazelman, Lacey Weston, Lila Griffiths, Matilda Warren, Monique Immisch and Lyla Phillips.

NSW Secondary Schools Cup 2023
Lindisfarne competed in the NSW Secondary Schools Cup on Wednesday 9 August. This event has both girls and boys divisions that played in the Tweed district against Kingscliff, Banora Point, St.Josephs and Tweed River High Schools to progress the first two teams to the next district event in Ballina. The winners there move on to a NSW State final competition in Sydney.

Lindisfarne had 6 competitive teams with some exciting new combinations finding success across the day.
The Year 7/8 Boys won their division and are onto the next district event. The 7/8 Girls Sarabi Lions tied 3rd with Kingscliff with the Kimba Lions in 5th position. The 9/10 Boys were runners up in their division and will progress to the next district event. The 9/10 Girls Nala Lions came in 4th position with the Sarafina Lions coming in 5th.

Congratulations to all Lindisfarne players, coaches and umpires who consistently contested.
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For more netball news follow our Lindisfarne Lions Netball Bulletin here for further details and information.

Lindisfarne Tennis Championships
Lindisfarne’s Annual Tennis Championships will be held on: 

Date: Wednesday 6 September
Time: 4.00pm to 8.30pm
Location: Arkinstall Park Tennis Centre
Please see the flyer - here with all the details and please register to play via the link on the flyer.

Tweed Little Athletics
2023/2024 Season Sign-On

Spotlight on Myla Naylor
Myla represented Currumbin SLSC at the Australian Pool Rescue Championships over the weekend (4-6th August) and achieved some great results. 
3rd u/13 100m obstacle race
3rd u/12-u/13 patient tow 
3rd u/12-u/13 obstacle relay

Spotlight on Jack Sewell
Jack recently competed in the Gold Coast Short Course Swimming Championships - setting a new Gold Coast Championship record in the 10yrs 100m Back - 1st place in a record time of 1.18.05. (Finished the meet with 1 x 1st, 3 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd). Jack has also set other new 100m Back records at various Gold Coast & North Coast swim meets during the short course swim season.

Damien Clucas
Head of Sports and Activities

Top Eight in the State - AFL Open Girls Triumph

AFLQ Schools Cup Quarter Finals

On Thursday, August 3rd, the stage was set at the Yeronga AFL complex for the AFLQ Schools Cup quarter-finals. Lindisfarne proudly fielded two teams in the competition: one in the Junior Girls division and the other in the Open Girls division.

Kicking off the action at 11:30 AM, our Junior Girls faced a formidable opponent in St. Teresa’s Catholic College from Ipswich, known for their impressive speed. Throughout the game, Lindisfarne's young athletes exhibited unwavering determination, battling with great resilience. However, they encountered a team that shone with several standout performers across the field. Despite our girls' valiant efforts, a combination of illness and prior sporting commitments posed additional challenges, resulting in a final score of 68 to 15 in favor of St. Teresa’s.

Moving to the second match, our Open Girls took on the challenge presented by Lourdes Hill College from Brisbane. The opening quarter was a triumph, showcasing Lindisfarne's finest performance of the season as they surged ahead with an impressive tally of 5 goals to nil. The game maintained an intense competitive balance from there on, with Lourdes Hill gradually finding their rhythm and mounting a persistent challenge. In the end, Lindisfarne emerged as the victors, with a score of 59 to 28, securing their place among the top 8 teams statewide.

As a result, they have secured a spot in the semi-finals, scheduled to take place at Heritage Bank Stadium on the 29th of August. This achievement stands as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and skill exhibited by the Lindisfarne Open Girls throughout the AFLQ Schools Cup.

Matt Bedford
Director of Lindisfarne Sports Academy



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