2023 Term 4 Week 5 10 Nov 2023

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From the Principal


Dear Lindisfarne Parents and Guardians,

This week began with the Year 12 Eucharist Service on Monday evening. It was a beautiful service that filled us with hope and optimism for the bright futures that lay ahead for our graduates.

On Wednesday, the vast talents of our Year 5 and 6 students were on full display at the Stage 3 Showcase. Our students captivated the audience with their performances. I would like to thank the Performing Arts and the Stage 3 teams for their work throughout the whole year. It was a showcase for all fortunate enough to watch the performances.

We observed Remembrance Day with solemnity and respect, hosting short services at our Sunshine Avenue and Mahers Lane campuses. Together, we reflected on the sacrifices made for our freedoms and paid our respects in unity. We must continue to honour these traditions and impart and share their significance with our young people.

This evening, I have the distinct pleasure of attending the class of 2023 Year 12 Formal. It's an occasion close to my heart, not just in my role as Principal but also as a proud father. Like the Year 12 Eucharist earlier in the week, the Formal is an important rite of passage for our graduates and a joyous time as they share the event with parents and guardians who have supported their educational journey thus far.

Looking ahead, please be reminded of the upcoming Principal's Evening of Thanks. I am eager to host this event, which is a small token of our appreciation for the vibrant community that supports and shapes our school. This evening will allow us to gather, reflect, and celebrate the countless contributions that help make Lindisfarne a nurturing environment for our students. Please use this link to confirm your attendance. All in our community are warmly invited.

Enjoy your weekend, and I look forward to seeing many of you at our forthcoming events.

Warm regards,

Stuart Marquardt

From the Deputy Principal


Chaplain's Corner

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

Celebrating Our Uniqueness, Achievements and Giving Back To Our Community

As we reflect on the numerous events and activities of this week, it's clear that our Lindisfarne community has been buzzing with excitement and accomplishment. From heartwarming chapel services to the exhilarating Stage 3 showcase, there's so much to be proud of. Let's take a moment to celebrate the highlights of this week:.

Junior School Chapel Service: Celebrating Our Uniqueness

Our chapel service provided a moment of reflection and inspiration for all Sunshine Avenue staff and students. We learnt and sang “The Butterfly Song” reminding us of our uniqueness, and the message of God, the Creator, who made all things and gave them for our enjoyment and stewardship.

Graduation Eucharist: A Rite of Passage

The Graduation Eucharist on Monday evening was a beautiful celebration of our 2023 cohort's journey through their academic years. As they prepare to embark on new adventures, we gathered to thank God for the successful completion of their primary and secondary education, and to share in the sacrament of the Eucharist -true and lasting nourishment for the soul. It was a poignant reminder of the significance of community support in every phase of life, and of God’s grace that accompanies us all through life.

Stage 3 Showcase: “A Thing of Joy”

Our talented students in Stage 3 stole the spotlight during the Stage 3 showcase last Wednesday. From captivating performances to spirited displays of creativity and dance moves, it was an evening that showcased the incredible depth of talent within our community. Well done to all the students and the staff for a joyful and fun showcase.

Team Lemonade: “Using Our Gifts for the Good of Others”

It was heartwarming to see some of our Year 10 Service Learning students present a gazebo to Team Lemonade in aid of those who live with disabilities. It’s rewarding to know that the support for Team Lemonade has made a significant impact. This is a testament to our community's compassion and willingness to make a difference. Well done to Mrs Rhiannon Archer and the students.

As we move forward towards the end of Term 4, let's carry this spirit of unity, joy, hard work, collaboration, accomplishment, and generosity with us. Together, we can continue to inspire and uplift one another, making our community an even brighter beacon of hope and joy.

Thank you all for your unwavering support and participation in these memorable events. Here's to many more moments of shared achievement and giving back.

Pray for Peace in our World and in Our Hearts

“There is no way to peace”, A.J. Muste said, “peace is the way.” Let us pray for peace in our troubled world, but better yet, let us embody peace and be peace-full in our relationships.

The Reverend Constantine Osuchukwu

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Wellbeing Team

Student Voice

Lindisfarne TV - Episode 9

Celebrating Wellbeing and Happiness

We're excited to invite you to enjoy the latest episode of Lindisfarne TV, where we're spreading positivity and celebrating happiness! In this episode, we bring you:

🌟 Wellbeing Week Highlights: Relive the best moments from our recent Wellbeing Week. From yoga to colour runs, we've got your well-being covered.

🤗 Community Interviews: We went out and asked members of our school community what makes them happy.

As always, you can follow LTV on instgram: @lindisfarne_tv


Ryan Murphy

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Junior School

From the Head of Junior School

Sunshine Avenue has recently unveiled an enchanting addition to our school that has already captured the hearts and imaginations of our young students. Nestled at the base of the magnificent Poinciana tree near the Kindy Playground, the newly introduced Fairy Garden is creating quite a buzz.

The Fairy Garden, a whimsical creation carefully crafted to delight our little ones, is quickly becoming a favourite spot for students to explore and enjoy. Unsurprisingly, our magical new friends have already been visited by many excited children who can't wait to make new fairy acquaintances.

We thank Mrs Julie Henry for her vision and dedication in bringing this magical addition to Sunshine Ave. The fairy garden promises to be a place where our students can let their imaginations run wild, fostering creativity, and sparking countless adventures.

So, if you happen to stroll by the Poinciana tree, be sure to take a moment to visit our enchanting new fairy garden and share in the joy it brings to our Sunshine Ave family. We look forward to seeing the smiles and wonder it continues to bring to our students in the days and years ahead!

Work got underway this week for the construction of our new outdoor kitchen classroom. Perfectly located alongside the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, this new learning space will be a great way for students to continue to develop their culinary skills and interests. The paddock-to-plate concept will also give our students a better insight into the processes used to get produce from the farm into our homes as they plant, tend, harvest and use the various crops. An extra special thanks to the Lindisfarne Parents and Friends for their generous support of this terrific project.

Next week, we will be celebrating the Rite of Passage for our Year 4 students as the conclude their Junior School journey. We are looking forward to sharing a fitting Transition Liturgy in Ngariyah on Tuesday morning. This special occasion will be a great opportunity for the Year 4 cohort of 2023 to reflect on their time at Sunshine Ave and be warmly welcomed into the Middle School. I look forward to seeing our Year 4 families there.

Jeremy Godden
Head of Junior School


Key Dates for Term 4

  • Total Footbal Academy - Monday Afterschool - Through until Monday 4th December.
  • Casuarina Cup Rugby Union - Wednesday 15th November (Week 6)
  • FUN Swimming Carnival - K-2 Thursday 16th November (Week 6)

PLEASE NOTE - Amended date from last Term’s Newsletter.

  • Big Bash Cricket Gala Day - Friday 1st December (week 8)

Total Football Academy - After-school Program

The Total Football Academy will be running again in Term 1 2024. Information relating to this program will be available in the coming weeks.

We have been informed by the Total Football Academy that there will be a slight increase in the costs of this program moving forward. If you are interested in participating in this program, please keep an eye out for the registration information in the newsletter and in your email inbox.

FUN Swimming Carnival K-2

All Kindergarten to Year 2 students will be participating in a Fun Swimming Carnival, on Thursday, 16th November, which includes a variety of races and novelty events at Kingscliff Pool.

The day is all about FUN and water orientation. The novelty events are in the learn to swim pool, where the students are able to touch the bottom and gain confidence in the water and around others. The “races” are participation only. There are no results times or awards given out. Students are assisted in the pool by adults and get the experience of swimming laps in the ‘Big” pool. This is a fantastic precursor for our Year 2 students as they transition to the Swimming Carnivals in years to come.

Parental Assistance is required on this day, if you are able to assist either in the pool or helping with the BBQ please email Mr Nathan Croft via email ncroft@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

We would like to have at least 2 adults per lane per hour in the big pool; this makes an enormous difference in the smooth running of the day.

Three ways parents can assist are as follows:

  1. In Pool Help - Required to be in the Big pool or Learn to Swim pool assisting the students in races or games.

(1 hour time slot in the big pool. 9.30am, 10.30am or 11.30am)

  1. Class Help - Follow a class to each activity and assist the Teacher where required.

BBQ Help - Assist the P&F to cook and serve the BBQ Lunch.

Thank you for your support.

Nathan Croft
PE Specialist P-4

Early Learning Centre

Green Team

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Middle School

From the Head of Middle School

Stage 3 Showcase - 'Across the Universe' Delights Audiences

What a joyous event it was as our talented Stage 3 students took to the stage to showcase their incredible talents. The matinee and evening shows, both performed on Wednesday, left our audience spellbound with the combination of dance, music and storytelling.

The heart and soul of this production were undoubtedly the incredible students from Stage 3, who displayed immense dedication and enthusiasm throughout the entire process. Their hard work paid off, resulting in a performance that was truly out of this world.

The Performing Arts Department, under the guidance of the talented Mr. Todd Hardy, deserves special recognition for their outstanding contribution to the show. Their dedication to nurturing young talent was evident in every aspect of the performance, from the seamless choreography to the captivating music that filled Ngahriyah.

I would like to acknowledge the exceptional work of Mrs. Amber Phillips, whose choreography and costuming brought the story of "Across the Universe" to life. Her attention to detail and creative vision set the perfect tone for this intergalactic adventure.

But the show's brilliance didn't stop there. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Mrs. Amy Camer, who not only penned the script but also directed the entire production. Her vision and leadership ensured that every moment on stage was filled with energy, emotion, and a touch of magic.

A special shout-out is also due to Mr Rodd Bertram for the brilliant sound, lighting and special effects and to the dedicated Stage 3 staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that our students had a wonderful and unforgettable experience. From coordinating rehearsals to managing the technical aspects of the show, their efforts were instrumental in making "Across the Universe" a resounding success.

Remembrance Day
On Friday morning, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School marked Remembrance Day with a poignant and solemn service in our Outdoor Chapel. Led by our School Captains and Prefects, this heartfelt gathering served as a respectful reminder of all those who have given their lives in service of our country.

The service provided an opportunity for our students to reflect on the sacrifices made by brave men and women throughout history, as well as those who continue to serve today. It was a moment of unity and gratitude, reinforcing the importance of remembering and honouring our heroes.

As we approach Remembrance Day, we encourage our school community to attend local community services on Saturday, 11 November to pay their respects. Wearing their school uniform on this day is a meaningful way for our children to show their support and solidarity within our community.

If you would like to participate in any of the local commemorative services, they will be held at the following RSL sub-branches.

  • Kingscliff: 11.00am at Rowan Robinson Park, Marine Parade, Kingscliff

  • Tweed Heads: 10:45am NSW time in Chris Cunningham Park, Tweed Heads

  • Coolangatta: 10:45am QLD time in QE2 Park, Coolangatta.

Lest we forget.

Vex Robotics
We wish all of the Middle School Vex Robotics teams the very best of luck on Saturday as they compete in the State competition at Marsden State High School. Thanks to Mr Stephen Henders, Director of TAS, for this wonderful opportunity for our students.

Principal’s Evening of Thanks
A friendly reminder that you are cordially invited to join us for the Principal's Evening of Thanks, a special event that will be held on Friday evening, November 17th, at Mahers Lane on the Trade Skills Deck.

The evening promises to be a welcoming get-together that begins at 6:30 PM. It's a perfect opportunity for us to come together as a community to express our gratitude and appreciation for all that has been achieved.

We hope to see many of you there.

Cathy Cox
Head of Middle School

Homework Club

Final Homework Club Session of 2023

Homework Club will hold its last session for 2023 on Wednesday of Week 7 (November 22nd). We look forward to seeing the students again in Week 2 of Term 1.

Jacqui O'Sullivan
Learning Enrichment

Junior MasterChef - Year 8

Last week marked the conclusion of our Junior MasterChef assignment with the Year 8 classes. The students showcased their culinary skills by preparing some delicious meals that could be suitable to serve at our school canteen. Each class presented their masterpieces to a panel of judges, who faced the delightful challenge of selecting the winning dishes.

8:10 truly excelled in their MasterChef assignment, presenting some exceptional dishes. The judges were confronted with a tough decision but ultimately crowned a beautifully seasoned creamy chicken pasta as the winning creation. Noteworthy mentions include Nacho’s which had both meat and Vegetarian options, with students explaining the importance of ensuring the canteen offered a range of suitable meals for students with dietary considerations, and a nut-free Butter chicken that was presented to restaurant standard. The class all did a wonderful job and can hopefully re-create their meals at home for their families to try.

Technology Mandatory class 8.5 also presented outstanding dishes that wowed the judges. The judges were thoroughly impressed by the calibre of dishes presented, making the final judging a challenging task. The array of dishes presented was diverse, ranging from delectable Butter Chicken Quesadillas to two distinctly different pasta creations. However, it was the Chicken Burger with Sweet Potato Chips and the Native Australian Fried Rice with Kangaroo that stole the show. The competition was incredibly tight, with only one vote separating the two standout dishes. Ultimately, the Chicken Burger emerged as the winner due to its suitability for our canteen menu. Nonetheless, the Native Australian Fried Rice earned high praise for its exceptional sensory properties and inventive approach.

It's inspiring to witness such creativity and skill from our students in the Technology Mandatory classes. Their ability to craft such flavorful and unique dishes is a testament to their dedication and hard work. Well done to all Year 8 students for their creativity and development of technical skills throughout the Food Technology project.

Prue Smurthwaite and Hayley McDonald

Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant

The Stage 3 Bee Friendly My Garden Discover Ed class began the year investigating the importance of pollinators for food growth and our survival. Students decided that they would like to build a pollinator garden with plants that would specifically attract pollinator species. They were thrilled to be successful applicants for a Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant. 

The grant provided $1000 funding for students to purchase plants for their garden. Students visited a native nursery and learned about pollinator plants, and were involved in selecting the plants. A few days later, they planted the plants and transformed a bare bank into a beautiful pollinator garden. We are thankful to Woolworths for providing the grant to build the garden.

Tracy Foyster and Mike Lush

Year 6 Ad Astra Speaking 4 the Planet Competition Winners

Speaking 4 the Planet 2023 allowed students around Australia to link global and local issues and ideas. The overarching topic for the competition was Edge of the Future. 

Participants had to discuss this in regard to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals selected by the local council Tweed Shire Council focusing on Climate Action. Students were to select from four competition categories: speaking, writing, visual arts and performance poetry.

Due to the high-performing nature of the Year 6 Ad Astra class, we were offered the incredible opportunity to enter the high school national competition. Congratulations must go to Beatrice Broad, who was awarded second place in the performance poetry category. Taylor Van Niekerk is also congratulated as she was awarded highly commended in the writing category. The 6D Ad Astra class students are to be commended for all submitting excellent pieces for the competition.

Beatrice Broad – Performance Poetry Category

Taylor Van Niekerk - Writing Category

Broken World

A fire burns in our hearts.
Mirrored by the toxic flames
burning our world.
Harmful air dances around the Planet.
The tears of a poisoned ocean
Fill our fractured Earth.

Lucy Jacks
Year 6 Ad Astra Teacher

Across the Universe - Stage 3 Showcase

On a night filled with a touch of cosmic inspiration, a hint of stardust charm, and a dash of galactic magic, the Stage 3 Showcase "Across the Universe" left audiences in awe as 280 students took to the stage to deliver an exceptional performance. Their hard work and dedication paid off in a show that will be remembered for years to come.

The showcase, "Across the Universe," was a visual and auditory spectacle that transported the audience on a journey through space and time. The students' performances were nothing short of spectacular, leaving everyone in attendance thoroughly impressed.

This remarkable event would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of two extraordinary individuals, Amber Phillips and Amy Camer. Their dedication and skills played a pivotal role in bringing the show to life. Amber Phillips, the choreographer and costume designer, wove her creative magic into every dance routine and costume, ensuring that each act was visually captivating. Amy Camer, with her remarkable writing skills and directorial prowess, guided the students through their roles with a steady hand. Her ability to work with the students and bring out the best in them was truly commendable. She played a crucial role in the success of "Across the Universe." We owe a special thanks to both Amber and Amy for their dedication, passion, and the countless hours they invested in this production.

As we reflect on this unforgettable evening, it's evident that "Across the Universe" was more than just a performance; it was a testament to the incredible talents and hard work of the students, as well as the invaluable contributions of Todd Hardy and the Performing Arts department. We are grateful for their tireless efforts, and we look forward to witnessing more remarkable showcases in the future.

Thank you Year 5 and 6 students for making "Across the Universe" a stellar success!

Kylie Thompson and Amber Jarvis
Year 6 and 5 Year Coordinators

A Busy Time for Year 8

It has been a busy start to the term with students working through their examinations and assessment tasks. Their commitment and effort in preparing for their assessments should be commended.

Earlier in the term, students participated in Wellbeing Festival week where they could choose from a number of activities and workshops offered highlighting practical skills and ways to support wellbeing. The Middle School Connect was well attended and a great time was had by all.

Year 8 students also attended the leadership inductions for Year 12 school leaders as part of their transition into senior school. This important ceremony celebrated the appointment of School Captains, Prefects and Sports Captains and students were encouraged to reflect on how they might one day serve the Lindisfarne school community.

The Good Human Factory workshop has been another highlight of the term so far. Focussing on mental health and wellbeing, the workshop equipped students with practical tools to support each other and themselves as they navigate through the teenage years.

Looking ahead, Year 8 students will attend a Transition Service marking their passage into the senior school. We look forward to working alongside our Year 8 students as they reach important milestones in their school journey.

Mrs Blinco and Mrs Phillips
Teachers - Year 8 Coordinators

Senior School

Careers and Vocational Education & Training (VET)

School Psychology / Counsellor

Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise


English Extension 1

The students of 12 English Extension 1 kicked off their examination of literary worlds by experimenting with samples of ‘Stream of Consciousness’ imaginative writing. Readers would recognise this method in the works of Virginia Woolf, Jack Kerouac and James Joyce. It is a literary style in which a character's thoughts, feelings, and reactions are depicted in a continuous flow uninterrupted by objective description or conventional dialogue. Here are some samples of the excellent work being produced in our classroom.

Morbid, and orange. The air bloodred and sharp with the smell that only citrus can emulate, she slices up the first fruits of the season. How peculiar, she thinks, the cool knife sliding between à shining grapefruit, the colour orange is; or the word rather…how we attribute à colour to à word to à fruit, an orange; whereas an orange can only ever be an orange because it is orange, the colour orange. What then of à yellow orange? Two contradictory colours, yet people would still say; orange as the fruit, orange is the fruit, and yet they are unbeknownst to the paradox of object and assignment. The colour and stain of syrup overwhelm her, the waves of the setting sun golden as they arch over her back through the window behind; she thinks of Audrey's hair, rich as those strawberries that crush underfoot, splayed like à mirage; something dreamlike, unreal, effervescent threads between her fingers, every facet of gold and vermillion: strawberries and the yellowed sand, the salt breeze rich with the chattering of gulls as…the jam would be insatiable this season. Crimson marmalades and sour plum preserves, grapefruit juice fresh and crisp over ice and tall glasses beading with condensation in the heat; she would have to pry the jams from her brother, the Davidson plum juice staining his fingers; he had à wondrous taste for the sourest foods, something he’d inherited from her, à childhood of stashing thick, ripe lemons and mounds of cumquats under their beds, tangelo’s rotting in the groves after the spring harvest-- in the citrus orchards; she laughs quietly as the clouds swell and bruise, giddy with spring rain after à scorching week of hot hot hot, the kind of hot that creeps up the back of your ears and drags you under, hot that you can’t shake off, that clings to you in scraps and cobwebs, like the smell of citrus, the grapefruit pulp that sticks under your fingernails.


She felt that perhaps she wasn’t so different from them. Page after page, story after story of these men, these hunters, these predators, stuck venomous needles of truth into her consciousness. For she knew, and had done since her youth, that she had no heart; the metaphorical emotional complex described by so many of the authors whose books she’d devoured as a youth was not a concept she’d ever grown to understand adequately. These men, these killers of the vulnerable were closer to her mentality than any of the morally flawless characters she dually despised and adored. Words, familiarly unfamiliar, tripped and tumbled around her mind:




They were qualities these men supposedly lacked. Milat, Denyer, Bryant. Her too. Though she knew it should’ve unnerved her, would’ve unnerved anyone else, she felt bizarrely but uncannily as though her body were being tenderly submerged into the sea, the comforting perfume of salt drifting about her nose.


‘Psychopath’ was never a word to which she’d attached negative connotations. Psychopaths, as portrayed by the ancient yellowed papers she had for so many hours been engrossed in, were ‘evil’, ‘cruel’, ‘monstrous’, and a number of other conventionally disgraceful qualities that she disregarded easily as misunderstandings. She viewed herself, the psychopath, as:



                                             unburdened by the weakness that is emotion.

Upon reflection though, she recognised that perhaps, just possibly, she was also arrogant; though again, she viewed this as positive. Arrogance meant ambition, meant success, meant domination. She wasn’t so different from them.


Mrs Wolf was quite a peculiar character - not necessarily normal but delightful. Only a few saw her beyond the shoe department at Bergdorf's or at lunch under the gold ceiling at the Ritz. But many didn't know just how complex Mrs. Wolf was. Her mornings began eagerly and spritely at 11 a.m. She only forced herself up this early because if she rose any later her favourite brunch place would close and the restaurant would take no more seating.

So at 11:45 a.m. after deciding whether the blue dress or the red, hair down or hair up and whether flats or heels. This is an easily answered question because who dared leave the house in flats? She’d then find herself seated at the table for two overlooking the bustling street. Close enough to see and hear all but far enough away they couldn't see her wrinkles which she denies she even has. This is where Mrs Wolf's fun began.

Her eyes roamed casually waiting for her first victim to appear. Just as she brought the fine china to her perfectly painted red lips he appeared. The young paper boy strode by meticulously counting his pennies in the hope it would be enough to buy what he so desperately wanted. Then the cab drove by and parked perfectly in front of the paper boy blocking him from Mrs Wolf’s sight. As Mrs Wolf waited patiently for the boy to reappear she watched the cowering man depart from the cab, a woman trailing behind, a woman who was definitely not his wife.

The young waiter brought her over her perfectly plain toast. He always looked puzzled as to why the woman only ever got this single slice but Mrs. Wolf would just nod politely and slide the plate to the other side of the table.

Then the cab moved - the paper boy reappeared.

The fun rebegan.


As she lingered outside Mr and Mrs Xavier's house she knew that her fear of suffering from the past 6 months, day after day, had been futile. She was still here. Her gaze drifted over the door handle, how ordinary, how typical - way more normal than she had thought based on the descriptions he gave her as they splashed in the salty water months earlier. The sun's golden fingers would stretch over her freckled face as he described what now lay before her. Standing on the side of the road where the curb met the neat line of fresh grass, she waited. She had been told that his mum was never prompt. Should have believed it. The ordinary door handle rattled, then, the only safety she had was relinquished as the door opened and latched onto the wall with a clink. Mrs Xavier. She looked nothing like Peter's mum, Mrs Travis looked so much warmer and definitely more welcoming.

Katy Otto
Teacher - English Extension

Debating and Public Speaking






Performing Arts

Germinate Records


Photography and Digital Media


Technology and Applied Studies

Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Round Square



Lindisfarne Recording Studio

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Co-curricular and Extra-curricular


From the Sports Desk

LINDISFARNE LIONS - Netball and Basketball sign-ups

Muster Days are fast approaching. We need to close off the sign-ups to finalise student numbers and organise buses, rolls, staff etc. If you want to play for the Lions, this is a requirement to attend and be included in a team.

Please sign up on Parent Lounge (details embedded below) before 9.00am MONDAY.

Our Muster Day itinerary lets students meet the coaching staff, and also helps us place players in teams as best as possible. We play games, run some drills and sort as much as we can at Tallebudgera during these muster days.

Netball Muster Days:

  • 17 November - Years K to 5 (12:30pm - 2:15pm) - Mr Croft and Junior School staff present!
  • 23 November - Years 6 to 11 (10.00am - 12noon)

On a mobile device, scroll down until you see the Green Sign Up Now button under the Extra Curricular Heading and sign up via - “Netball Lions 2024 - Non Binding Sign up”

On a desktop device - use the Extra Curricular link on the left-hand side menu, then click the Green Sign Up Now button on the top right of your screen and sign up via “Netball Lions 2024 - Non Binding Sign up”.

Having completed these steps, if you do not see the option to sign up for Netball, your student has been signed up directly following their attendance at the Netball Pizza and Chat held at school. Thank you for taking the time to check. There is nothing further to do at this stage.

Basketball Muster Days:

  • 16 November - Years 6 to 11 (10am - 12noon)
  • 17 November - Years 2 to 5 (12:30 - 2:15pm) - Mr Croft and Sunshine Ave staff present!

On a mobile device, scroll down until you see the Green Sign Up Now button under the Extra Curricular Heading and sign up via - “Basketball Lions 2024 - Non Binding Sign up”

On a desktop device - use the Extra Curricular link on the left-hand side menu, then click the Green Sign Up Now button on the top right of your screen and sign up via “Basketball Lions 2024 - Non Binding Sign up”..

On Monday, all students who have signed up can pay for the non-refundable fee of $125 - which goes toward your Winter 2024 season fees. This Parent Lounge upload will be set up as an excursion and will appear this Monday 13 November, in the morning.

Comprehensive details as sent earlier through mass correspondence - HERE.


Some AMAZING Touch Football from our Primary contingent last weekend at QLD Primary All Schools Touch Football.

Played over two days, all teams played in their pools on Saturday - clambering to come out on top. The pool teams are all placed into a tournament predicated on their finishing position, with the main Championships division - other teams fall into other title contention slots.

Our Boys finished the rounds with 3 wins and 1 loss. The Girl's team finished their respective pools with 1 win and 2 losses.

Both teams ended up playing in the Plate Championship (similar to Div 3 out of 4 divisions), which means you lose sudden death games on Sunday - you head home.

With both teams winning their first two Sunday games, the torrential rain hit with high winds that challenged everybody, including players, parents, siblings, teachers and most importantly - the organisers. After around 90 mins in limbo, the games proceeded, with numerous pundits thinking games may be abandoned.

Our boys and girls were superb. The boys prevailed almost to stumps, only losing in the semi-final late in the afternoon.

The girls went on to win the Grand Final 3 nil, and were getting increasingly ruthless the longer the tournament went on.

Closer analysis of matches and scores:

Girls results link

Boys results link

A huge effort was made by everybody enduring those conditions - and trucking to Redland Bay all weekend. Mrs Norman was looped in with the victory parcelled up and was a very happy maternity coach. Phoebe Nagles captain's speech was spontaneous and brilliant.

Thanks to Giselle Smith and Matt Fisher for excellent coaching throughout the preparation and weekend.


Pegagus Challenge - Lismore Basketball

Our girls and boys Year 7 and 8 teams ventured to Lismore Indoor Centre on Wednesday, in which they played some school matches against students from that region; Woodlawn, Trinity, Lismore SHS etc.

The girls were missing a few of their big guns from their roster, but were very stout in each of their games, finishing 4th out of 6 schools.

The boys were also missing one of their strike weapons, but were too strong for all of those schools on the day - pulling away winning the Grand Final 35-17.

A very enjoyable day for all our players.

NCIS Primary Basketball

The NCIS Primary Basketball Girls and Boys teams went to Ballina Indoor Centre on Tuesday.

Both teams played some good basketball, with our boys coming 3rd out of 3 and the girls also finishing 3rd - out of 4.

Thanks to these boys and girls for a solid day of Basketball.

Spotlight on Isaiah Mammen

Following in the footsteps of his older brother Joshua Mammen - who also made State several times as a student at Lindisfarne and now plays college tennis in Ohio, USA. Isaiah Mammen has also qualified for state in his first year of competitive tennis. Good luck Isaiah.

Spotlight on Hunter Gaffney

Hunter Gaffney had a great day racing at the notorious Kurrawa Beach during the Gold Coast City Titles last weekend.

3rd Ironwoman

3rd Surf race

1st board rescue

1st board relay

1st Cameron relay

2nd surf team

The only medal missing is the one for all the parents who stood in the pouring rain all day Sunday!

Congratulations to you Hunter, you certainly have a lot of medals!

Football - UK tour

Five of our Lindisfarne football boys are in the U14/15 Kingscliff Wolves Football team are doing a tour of the UK. It promises to be a fantastic experience for them.

They actively fund raising for the tour and you can buy a ticket in their Mega Raffle. Good luck to Oscar Meulet, Evan Williams, James Letters, Patrick Turner and Cullen Grainger. The details for the Raffle can be found down below.

Damien Clucas
Head of Sport

Cricket News

Lindisfarne cricketers Brodie McDowell, Kai Croft and Harry Kershler are all following their cricketing dreams, this past weekend saw all three playing together for Manly Warringah District Cricket Club in the Sydney Premier Cricket competition. This competition started in 1893 and now consists of 20 clubs with Manly’s origins dating back to 1878. Brodie and Kai have recently made the move to Sydney having just completed their HSC, Harry is commuting whilst he continues his studies and moves into Year 11 next year. The boys are proud Lindisfarne students who represented our school on this year's Tour of the United Kingdom, we wish them all the best on their cricketing journey.

Anthony Kershler
Coach - Lindisfarne Cricket

Murri Rugby Carnival - Zane Weston

We are thrilled to announce that one of our own students, Zane Weston, was invited to play rugby at the Murri Rugby League Carnival. This is an annual four day rugby league carnival for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queensland rugby league teams. We couldn't be prouder of his achievement!

Zane, a dedicated and talented member of our school community, was invited to play and had to even prove he had over 90% school attendance to attend. His hard work, passion, and relentless dedication to the sport have truly paid off.

The event was a family affair with this family also there to support him. After meeting his team and getting their gear and jerseys it was straight into the first game in the Kayo Stadium. Unfortunately they suffered a big loss against South East Queensland All-Stars, but were able to keep their heads up and look forward to the next game.

The second game was against the Toowoomba Warriors. This was a much closer game, although unfortunately still a loss. Sadly halfway through that game, Zane’s broken thumb began causing issues. Zane’s ability to play with a broken thumb is a testament to his exceptional skills and commitment to rugby.

Overall Zane’s performance at the carnival reflects the values and spirit of our school. We have no doubt that he will continue to shine on the rugby field, making us all proud.

Amber Phillips
Year 8 Coordinator

Kingscliff Triathlon - November 26

A reminder that the Kingscliff Triathlon is on Sunday, November 26. Click below to enter the event in which you would like to compete. Please email Mrs Foyster if you have entered.

Kids Triathlon

7-9 yrs - 100m swim, 3km cycle, 0.5km run

10-12 yrs - 200m swim, 6km cycle, 1km run

Tempta Triathlon

13+: Pinky - 200m swim, 6km cycle, 1km run

Tempta - 300m swim, 10km cycle, 2.5km run

Sprint Distance

14+: 750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run

Triathlon training times are Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7.15am. Contact Mrs Foyster - tfoyster@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au for more information.

Rugby Report


We are excited to extend an invitation to businesses, organisations, alumni, parents, and all rugby enthusiasts to become a crucial part of the Lindisfarne Rugby Union Program in 2024 as sponsors. 

We had a number of great achievements in 2023, including our U15 and 1st XV teams securing victory in the Ballymore Cup Division 2, and we want to thank our sponsors for this year, whose generous support was instrumental in our success and helped us establish a high-quality rugby union program.

As we look ahead to the 2024 season, we want to build on these achievements and instill essential values like discipline, respect, and teamwork in our students through rugby union. To do this, our commitment for 2024 is to ensure that rugby union remains accessible for every student, regardless of their financial circumstances. From sponsorship, we aim to keep registration fees and equipment costs at a minimum, which means more students can participate in this fantastic sport. Sponsorship will also let us retain and invest in top-tier coaches like former All Black Rico Gear and current Jillaroo Jessika Elliston, whom we were lucky enough to have in 2023, as well as help us improve our infrastructure in the program to become a force in schoolboy and schoolgirl rugby union.

Please review the 2024 Sponsor Packages HERE for more information on sponsorship. If you would like to discuss these packages or other sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dr. Coyne (jcoyne@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au).


More Information

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Coyne (jcoyne@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au).


Steampunk and Photography @ your Library this week

Wonderfully creative ‘steampunk’ masks on display this week, a wonderful companion to our ‘steampunk’ genre books. All credit goes to Year 8.

Also, on display the awesome Year 9 Photography and Digital Media exhibition. Well done to these Year 9 students.

Gail Dessman


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Fundraiser - Help Support Lindisfarne Students

Five of our Lindisfarne football boys are in the U14/15 Kingscliff Wolves Football team are doing a tour of the UK. It promises to be a fantastic experience for them.

They actively fund raising for the tour and you can buy a ticket in their Mega Raffle. Good luck to Oscar Meulet, Evan Williams, James Letters, Patrick Turner and Cullen Grainger. The details for the Raffle can be found down below.

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