2023 Term1 Week 9 31 Mar 2023

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From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The end of the first term of the 2023 school year is fast approaching. It has been a busy and rewarding term of learning and achievement at Lindisfarne. 

This Sunday, members of the School community are invited to a combined service at St Cuthbert's Anglican Church Tweed Heads. A tradition in the School is to celebrate Palm Sunday with the parish as we enter Holy Week. All are welcome to attend this service. 

Likewise, we will hold subschool Easter services at school next week as follows:

  • Junior School Monday 3 April at 2:00 pm 
  • Middle School Tuesday 4 April at 11:00 am 
  • Senior School Tuesday 4 April at 8:40 am 

On Wednesday evening, I enjoyed joining parents and supporters for the Grand Final of the Gold Coast Schools 15 years Rugby Union Cup. Our team played strongly in the very challenging conditions with the weather closing in. 

The final result was Lindisfarne 15 to Pimpima 10, resulting in our inaugural Rugby Union Premiership. Our Under 13, Under 15, and First XV teams travel to Brisbane this weekend for the Ballymore Cup. This is a significant Inter School competition that draws teams from across Queensland. I wish our teams the very best for the games ahead. 

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the departure of four of our five gap assistants: Amelia Wilson and Millie Turner from the Rugby School in Warwickshire and Will Price and Freddie Cooke from Magdalen College School in Oxford.

These bright and talented individuals came to us from two prestigious schools in England, the Rugby School in Warwickshire and from Magdalen College School in Oxford, and have been an invaluable part of our team during their time with us.

Over the past several months, they have brought new perspectives and ideas to Lindisfarne, and their dedication and hard work have been greatly appreciated. We are grateful for their contributions and their impact on our team and our community.

I would also like to take a moment to extend a special thank you to our staff who became their host families who welcomed our gap assistants into their homes and made them feel like part of the family. Your hospitality and kindness have made a significant impact on the lives of these young individuals, and we are grateful for the love and support you have provided them during their stay.

As they move on to their next endeavours and travels, we wish them all the best and hope they will carry with them the skills and experiences they gained during their time with us. We are confident that they will continue to excel in their future pursuits and positively impact the world around them.

Freddie McElwaine-Johnn also from Magdalen College School Oxford, will remain with us for a further term before returning home to the UK, where he has gained entry to Cambridge University.

Please remember to set your clocks back an hour this weekend! Australian Eastern Daylight saving time will officially end on Sunday, April 2nd, at 3:00 am. Make sure to adjust all of your clocks, including any digital device that does not automatically update so that you can start the week on time.

ANZAC Day services will be held on 25 April throughout the region, immediately following the school holidays. We will be sending out more information to the school community in the upcoming week. Please stay tuned for further details about these services and how you can represent the School and support the commemoration of Anzac Day 2023.

We are excited to announce the first-ever Lindisfarne Soul and Blues Festival on April 29th at our Sunshine Avenue campus. The festival will feature some of Australia's best professional musicians, including Ray Beadle, Clayton Doley, and Pat Powell. These musicians are well-known and respected in the music industry, and our students will have the opportunity to perform alongside them.

Tickets can be purchased from this link.

The festival will also feature performances by our school choirs, stage bands, and rock bands. We invite everyone in the greater Lindisfarne community to come along, enjoy the music, and indulge in some food and drinks. Please bring a picnic rug or low-back camping chair and order an antipasto platter to enjoy on the green. Refreshments will be available for purchase, and our Friends of the Arts parent group will be running a BBQ.

Stuart Marquardt

From the Acting Principal

From the Deputy Principal


Chaplain's Corner

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

Thank You So Much
In this penultimate week of Term 1, I write to thank all of you for all the work you have done throughout the term, and for all your partnership, collaboration, friendship, care and creativity of love.

In particular, I would like to thank all of you for supporting our Harmony Week celebrations last week and for the funds raised which will go towards a local First Nations organisation. These Year 5 students put their creativity into action and made some beautiful Harmony Week artworks. Well done students!

Holy Week and Easter Services
This Sunday, Christians around the world will begin Holy Week celebrations leading up to Easter, when we commemorate the passion, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I would like to invite you to join us at St Cuthbert’s Tweed Heads (11 Powell Street) on Sunday at 9am for the Palm Sunday Service. All are welcome!

Alternatively, you can also attend our School’s Easter Services during the coming week:

  • Monday, 3 April at 2.00pm - Junior School, Sunshine Avenue.
  • Tuesday, 4 April at 8.40am - Senior School, Mahers Lane.
  • Tuesday, 4 April at 11.00am - Middle School, Mahers Lane.

Anglican Board of Mission’s Good Friday Appeal 2023
The heart of the Easter message is that human beings are immensely and unconditionally loved by God. Jesus’ death and resurrection reminds us that God’s love, not evil, sin and suffering, has the last word in our lives, and because of this love, our lives will not end in tragedy. In addition, it challenges us to work together to alleviate suffering, evil and sin wherever we see them. That’s why I’m encouraging you to please donate towards ABM’s Good Friday appeal to assist the work of Alhi Hospital in Gaza, assisting those in need of health care. Please visit here to learn more about the work of ABM in Jerusalem and how to donate. Thank you for your generosity and magnanimity.

Welcome to the Family of God

It is with great joy that we welcomed Bodhi Mark, son of Dale and Samantha Norton, to the family of God through baptism in our Chapel last Sunday. May Bodhi grow up to become the person God has created him to be, and may he find kindness in all that he meets in life. If you are interested in being baptised or have your child baptised, please let me know. 

Welcome to the Family of God

Ramadan Mubarak 2023
I’m aware that our Muslim brothers and sisters have just begun their holy month of Ramadan, when they pray, fast and do charity works for the betterment of the society. We send them our warmest greetings and pray that all people of Abrahamic faiths and of good will may continue to work together for the common good. Ramadan Mubarak!

A Prayer for Good Humour by St. Thomas More
Grant me, O Lord, good digestion, and also something to digest.
Grant me a healthy body, and the necessary good humour to maintain it.
Grant me a simple soul that knows to treasure all that is good
and that doesn’t frighten easily at the sight of evil,
but rather finds the means to put things back in their place.
Give me a soul that knows not boredom, grumblings, sighs and laments,
nor excess of stress, because of that obstructing thing called “I.”
Grant me, O Lord, a sense of good humour.
Allow me the grace to be able to take a joke to discover in life a bit of joy,
and to be able to share it with others. Amen.

I wish you a restful and relaxing weekend.

The Reverend Constantine Osuchukwu

Anglican Churches in the Tweed - Easter Services

Easter and Holy Week Service Times

Anglican Churches in the Tweed 2023

We would love to have you join us to celebrate Easter.

Kingscliff – St James
122 Marine Parade, Kingscliff
Contact Phone: (02) 6674 1513

  • Maundy Thursday 6th April 7:00pm - Worship evoking The Last Supper, The Garden of Gethsemane and the arrest
  • Good Friday 6th April 8:30am – The Celebration of the Passion
  • Easter Sunday 9th April 8:30am – He is Risen!

Murwillumbah – All Saints
32 Byangam Road, Murwillumbah
Contact Phone: (02) 6672 6070

  • Palm Sunday 2nd April 8:30am - Holy Communion
  • Maundy Thursday 6th April 7:00pm - Holy Communion
  • Good Friday 7th April 8:30am - Service of the Nails
  • Easter Sunday 9th April 8:30am - Service of the Light

Pottsville – St Marks
15A Coronation Ave, Pottsville
Contact Phone: (02) 6674 1513

  • Good Friday 6th April 10:30am – The Celebration of the Passion
  • Easter Sunday 9th April 9:00am – He is Risen!

Tweed Heads - St Cuthberts
Cnr Florence and Powell Streets, Tweed Heads
Contact Phone: (07) 5536 1060

  • Palm Sunday 2nd April 9:00am – Liturgy of the Palms with Lindisfarne Choir & Musicians
  • Maundy Thursday 6th April 9:00am – Remembering the Last Supper & Foot Washing
  • Good Friday 7th April 9:00am – Stations of the Cross (Solemn Service)
  • Easter Day 9th April 6:00am – New Light Early Morning Service
  • Easter Day 9th April 9:00am – Easter Celebration

Uki – Holy Trinity
Kylogle Road, Uki
Contact Phone: (0428) 166 783

  • Good Friday 7th April 9:00am
  • Easter Sunday 9th April 9:00am

Important Information

First Nations

Parents and Friends

Friends of the Arts

Safe on Social


Harmony Week

Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show

Our Preschool to Year 2 students were educated and entertained this week with Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show.  A fun, interactive live incursion, Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show teaches young children essential personal safety skills and knowledge using age-appropriate language, song, and dance, starring Bravehearts’ lovable lion cub ‘Ditto’ and a specially trained presenter.

Children learnt ‘Ditto’s 3 Rules’, which are:

  • We all have the right to feel safe with people.
  • It’s ok to say no if you feel unsafe or unsure.
  • Nothing is so yucky that you can’t tell someone about it.

We were lucky enough to experience Bravehearts’ updated Ditto shows. The three new shows have been specially tailored for Early Years (Preschool), Foundation (Kindy) and Years 1 & 2.  The new shows have updated songs and dances, new activity books and teacher guides. They also align with the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Curriculum, and are endorsed by the Australian E-Safety Commissioner. 

As part of the program, children were each given a Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Activity Booklet to take home. We encourage parents to work through the activities in the booklet with your children to help cement the personal safety messages from the show.

Bravehearts also have a free parent information booklet available on their website: https://bravehearts.org.au/about-child-sexual-abuse/resources-for-parents-carers/

Julie Henry
Junior School Psychologist

Coping With Stress

Coping is defined as the thoughts and behaviours used to manage internal and external stressful situations. It is a term used to describe engaging defence mechanisms which are subconscious or unconscious adaptive responses which aim to reduce or tolerate stress.

When an individual is subjected to a stressor, the varying ways of dealing with it are termed ‘coping styles and these are relatively consistent over time and across situations. Generally, coping is divided into two approaches, reactive (following the stressor) or proactive coping (aiming to reduce future stressors.

Coping is generally categorized in four ways:

  • Problem focused, where the individual addresses the problem directly through activities such as planning and supressing competing activities.
  • Emotion focused, which aims to reduce negative emotions associated with the problem; ie positive reframing, acceptance, humour and turning to faith.
  • Meaning focused, where the individual uses cognitive strategies to derive meaning from the situation.
  • Social Coping, where the individual seeks support to reduce stress through emotional or practical support from others.

Many of these coping mechanisms are useful in certain situations and so having various opportunities across a young person’s development to utilise and experience success with a broad variety of skills is likely to build success with coping. These skills become more readily accessible and fine-tuned over time. Teaching young people effective coping skills can have a significant impact on the way in which they view stressors, develop skills in resilience and reduce distress when faced with stressors

Maladaptive coping approaches which are associated with poorer mental health outcomes include disengagement, avoidance and supressing emotions. These styles might be evident within those who experience relationship instability, social withdrawal, substance use, self- injurious behaviours and reduced participation in social activities. These coping strategies may provide a helpful distraction in the short term and may provide temporary relief from difficult emotions. But as with positive coping strategies, the more one engages with maladaptive strategies, the more familiar and more readily accessible they become as an approach to stress. This is why focusing on positive coping skills is crucial in maintaining long-term wellbeing and resilience.

What is resilience? 

The ability to bounce back from a difficult situation. A resilient person is able to withstand adversity, learn from their experiences and cope confidently with life’s challenges.

Some factors which may increase resilience include; having a positive attitude, being optimistic, having the ability to regulate emotions and seeing failure as a form of feedback. People who have greater levels of resilience and are able to manage emotions effectively typically experience greater capacity to manage challenges such as physical illness, change of school, school transitions, managing workload and exams, family situation changes, change of friendship group, conflict with others.

Positive coping strategies include:

Talking it out

Encourage your child to speak up if they’re experiencing a tough time, by creating a safe space where their feelings won’t be judged. If what they’re going through doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, keep in mind that it’s very real for them, so be supportive and not dismissive.

It’s also important not to force your child to speak to you if they really don’t want to. Instead, let them know that you’re here to help, but if they’re not comfortable speaking to you (which is okay and shouldn’t be taken personally), encourage them to speak to someone else they trust, such as a friend or another family member.

Taking a Break

Taking an active time-out from something that is causing distress is a great way to refocus thoughts and energy. If your child is having difficulty coping, let them know that taking it easy from time to time isn’t being lazy; it’s actually very healthy, especially if they’ve been experiencing a hard time.

Doing something you love

Engaging in enjoyable activities can help lower stress and put them in a positive mindset. Some examples might be:

  • taking a walk or using an exercise app
  • listening to music
  • writing, drawing or painting
  • watching a TV show, movie or TED talk
  • playing a game online or joining a sports team
  • FaceTiming, calling, texting or physically hanging out with friends.

There are heaps of apps out there that can help your teen do activities or learn something new from the comfort of their bedroom. They can check out ReachOut's apprecommendations here.

Eating Well and Exercising

It’s no myth that physical health has a big impact on mental health. Ensure that your child is eating healthy, nutritious meals that will help their body support them through tough times. Exercise can also help by releasing tension and increasing energy levels.

Try getting as many vegetables, fruits and whole grains into your family’s diet. This might be things like choosing a wholemeal or grainy bread at the supermarket and swapping the after school biscuits to a pieces of fruit. Just as simple, easy and cheap but better for your whole family!

Using Relaxation Techniques

Teach your child some relaxation techniques that can help with relieving stress. Such as Smiling Mind, ReachOut Breathe and Insight Timer

Engaging in Positive Self Talk

Let your child know that it’s okay to feel good about, and even to compliment themselves on, all their achievements, however big or small. Start by letting them know why you think they’re great, and encourage them to talk about what they like about themselves. This can help to increase their positive mindset and motivation. Encourage them to be mindful of their achievements and skills (or even to write them down) as a regular reminder of their strengths.

Modelling positive coping behaviours

A really great way to encourage your child to develop positive coping skills is to model the behaviours yourself to show them what positive coping looks like.

Confide in your child about times when you’ve found it hard to cope, and share with them the positive strategies that have worked for you. This will not only make them feel less alone, but will also reinforce the importance of seeking help.

Teaching coping skills to your teenager could be one of the most important skills they learn. They will help your teenager manage any obstacle that may get in the way of their endeavours.

Spending time on working through problems with your child is a really important way of teaching them problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Going through the steps of solving a problem will help them break it down and work out how to tackle it, and they will remember these skills later when they have to deal with problems on their own.

Tackling a difficult problem can be overwhelming. Having your help working through problems shows your child that they’re not alone. It may also give them the energy they need to start solving the problem, and gives them a valuable opportunity to learn some of the skills they need to solve problems on their own.

Putting time and energy into developing their problem-solving skills will also send the message that you value their input, and help build a strong relationship with your teenager.

When your child comes to you with a problem, resist the urge to offer them a quick solution. Instead, work with them to come up with solutions. Walk through the problem step by step until you reach a good strategy to try.

 If you’re noticing that your child is beginning to engage in some maladaptive coping strategies you might focus on developing problem-solving skills, these are some key steps you can follow to give structure to the problem:

Step1: Identify the problem. Encourage your child to think about the difference between a problem and the symptoms of the problem. For example, is the problem that they failed an exam, or that they didn’t dedicate enough time to study?

Step 2: Consider possible solutions. Once the problem is clearly defined, think about all the possible solutions that your child could use to address the problem.

Step 3: Select a solution. Of all the options, which one does your child think will have the biggest impact? Which one will be easiest for them to achieve? They should decide which approach will work best for them

Step4: Give the solution a try! If your child doesn’t try anything different, the problem is unlikely to resolve itself. Encourage them to take small steps and see what happens. They may want to call on support from you, family members, their friends or others. If the approach doesn’t work, they can go back to Step 3 and try something else.

By giving your child a structured way to work through problems, they’ll likely be able to deal with life’s challenges more confidently and effectively.

In times when you notice maladaptive coping increases you can assist with the following approaches.

Delay: reduce access to the things your child might use to cope, this will delay the behaviour or impulse to utilise this approach. It will give your child an opportunity to choose a different or more positive way of coping.

Distract: suggest alternate activities that your child enjoys to take their mind off the negative feelings they are experiencing. When we’re overwhelmed, it can be difficult to remember the activities that bring us joy and it can be helpful to be reminded.

Some activities, such as listening to or playing music and reading, are solitary and so a good way for them to enjoy some space. Solitude is a coping mechanism that your child may need before they are ready to seek out their friends and family again. Some people take a bubble bath, write in a journal, or go for a walk or swim.

Hobbies and going to the movies are other examples of activities they may choose when they are ready to socialise. All these provide distraction and focus that can lift their sense of themselves.

Divert: Low-risk activities like punching a pillow or holding an ice cube until it melts are examples of ways to divert negative emotions in a physical way. There is a sense of discomfort experienced but it will not have lasting effects but may assist with diverting attention away from the emotional experience.

Relax: Managing the urge to engage in maladaptive behaviours is also a key skill you can teach your child. Developing a range of relaxation skills that include breathing, mindfulness, physical movement is important for all of us. Remember, a feeling or emotional reaction is not an invitation to act. Noticing the feeling, observing it without judgement and allowing space for it to arrive a subside, may be all that is required to improve relaxation.

Emmalene Wells

Student Voice

Upcoming Events


Whole School News

ANZAC Day 2023

This year our Lindisfarne students will be participating in local ANZAC Day Services on Tuesday, 25 April. On this day we remember all Australians past and present who have served in war. The spirit of ANZAC, with its qualities of courage, mateship and sacrifice, continues to have meaning and relevance for our sense of national identity. 

To help us acknowledge students attending the services, it would be helpful if you can please complete the form below to register your child’s intended participation - Although staff will be in attendance at each service students will remain under the supervision of their parents. Where students will be marching, further details on supervising staff will be sent closer to the time. 

Student Attendance Form

All students who are attending any of the services are requested to be in full formal uniform, including ties and blazers. As a sign of respect please ensure your shoes are polished and clean and your uniform is neatly presented. If any students wish to wear medals from a family member or relative they are to be worn on the right-hand side of their chest/jacket.

The details for each event are outlined below: 


  • Service Venue: Chris Cunningham Park, Tweed Heads.
  • Students in attendance, please meet Mrs Amber Phillips and Mr Simon McKinley in Chris Cunningham Park to gather for this Service, where a wreath will be laid.

Main Service at 11:00am We would like to see a large contingent of Lindisfarne students marching at this service. 

  • Service Venue: Chris Cunningham Park, Tweed Heads.
  • Year 12 student, Nicola Gee, will be speaking about Lieutenant James Rogers at this service. 
  • Year 6 student Beatrice Broad has been asked to read the Act of Remembrance. 

KINGSCLIFF Dawn Service at 5:59am

  • Venue: Kingscliff Beach, Cenotaph. 

Main Service at 11:00am

  • Venue: Kingscliff Beach, Cenotaph. 

BYRON BAYDawn Service: 5:30am

  • Venue: The Cenotaph, corner of Tennyson and Marvell streets, Byron Bay.  

Main Service: 10:50am

  • Venue: The Cenotaph, corner of Tennyson and Marvell streets, Byron Bay. 

MURWILLUMBAHDawn Service: 5:20am

  • Venue: The Cenotaph, near the Civic Centre, Murwillumbah.

Main Service: 10:30am

  • Venue: The Cenotaph, near the Civic Centre, Murwillumbah

CUDGENDawn Service: 4:28am

  • Venue: The War Memorial, Cudgen School

MULLUMBIMBYDawn Service: 4:30am

  • Venue: The Cenotaph, Corner of Dalley st, Mullumbimy.

Main Service: 11:00am

  • Venue: The Cenotaph,  Corner of Dalley st, Mullumbimy. 

POTTSVILLEMain Service: 8:00am

  • Venue: The Cenotaph, Tweed Coast rd, Pottsville

BRUNSWICK HEADSDawn Service: 4:50am

  • Venue: The Cenotaph, Fawcett Street, Memorial Park, Brunswick Heads.  

We look forward to the ANZAC Day services and hope to see a good representation of students on the day.

Charlotte Lush
Deputy Principal

School Fees - Reminder

A polite reminder that all parents and guardians paying School Fees by term, please note, these fees should now be finalised as the Term 2 statements will be processed next week.

Brett Dinsdale
Business Manager

Staff Bio

Teaching and Learning

From the Dean of Studies


2023 NAPLAN testing concluded on Monday 27 March. The test window was much moved to ensure that teachers and parents have access to the results in earlier in the academic year. 

I would like to thank all the students in Year 3,5,7,9 who conducted themselves so productively during the testing period. It was a busy 9 days with over 120 test sessions being completed.

Further communication will be sent home once the results have been received.

In May a small group of Year 10 Lindisfarne students will be undertaking National Assessment Program – in Science Literacy.

Reports - Term 1 

Interim reports for students in Years 5-10 will be available to be viewed via Engage in towards the end of Week 10. These reports are based will give you information on student effort during the term. 

SEQTA Engage

Please make sure you regularly access Engage to review your child’s marks and teacher feedback. You will also find all the information on Assessment Tasks for students in Years 7 - 12 on SEQTA Engage.

For help, please see the user guide linked here.

Expressions of Interest - Examination Supervisiors 

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in helping supervise the HSC Trial examinations in Week 3 and 4 for Term 3. 

Please email your contact details to  reception@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au

Term 2 - Save the date

Subject Selection Evening for students entering Year 11 2024  Monday,  29 May Subject Selection Evening for students entering Year 9 2024 Monday, 5 June.

Caroline Jeffries
Dean of Studies

Junior School

Junior School Sport

Dates for Term 1

Please find below Term 1 - Junior School key dates to add to your calendar.: 

  • Thursday 6th April (week 10) - Year 3-12 Cross Country 

Fun Cross Country

Last Friday 24th March was the FUN Cross Country for the Pre-school, Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students. It was a fantastic day, topped off by magnificent weather and happy, joyful and fun feels that swept across the whole of Arkinstall Park. Students ran with smiles on their faces, Parents and carers smiled as they watched and cheered. The atmosphere was perfect for our young people to run and have fun, topped off with an ice cold, Ice block. A perfect way to finish any fun run. 

A huge thank you to our Amazing staff who always go way above and beyond to make the day what it is. They are an fantastic bunch of humans who truly care about our students and made the day a roaring success. 

Thank you to Justin and Jamie who set up and packed up the grounds, making it look like a high profile Athletics event with the House tents and the finishing chute looking outstanding. 

A big shout out to our Ice Block sponsor for the day Jo Croft - from Jo Croft Mortgage Choice https://www.mortgagechoice.com.au/joanne.croft/ . Jo has been a major sponsor at Lindisfarne for the past six years and continues to support all our FUN carnivals. We really appreciate all the support from Jo and her team. 

Cross Country 3- 12 

The school Cross Country for years 3-12 (including 8yr old year 2 students) will be held on Thursday 6 April, the last day of Term 1. 

The timetable of events is below. Please be aware these are approximate times only and are subject to change throughout the day. 

The 8/9 and 10 years races run the 2km course. The course can be found here.

8/9 years Boys (Junior School)


1:20 pm

8/9 years Girls (Junior School)


1:30 pm

10 years Boys (Junior School)


1:40 pm

10 years Girls (Junior School)


1:50 pm

11 years Boys 


2:00 pm

11 years Girls


2:10 pm

Total Football Academy - After School Program 

The Term 1 Total Football Academy after-school program will finish up next week on Monday 3rd April. 

The Total Football Academy sessions will be available again in term 2. Information on the new program can be found in the flyer here -  AFS Lindisfarne-T2.pdf.

This information has been emailed to all K-4 students. There is a maximum limit of 60 places that can be filled. If you are interested please log on to Parent Lounge to accept and make payment as soon as possible to secure you place. 

Please note the Total Football Academy session in term 2 will begin on the first Monday back after the holidays. 

Runners Club

Runners Club has again been a major success. Thank you to all the students, parents and carers who have joined us in the mornings. We have had 65 runners over the term accumulating a massive 770km. 

8 Students have run more than a half marathon with one students running a marathon - 42km over the term. Well done to all the students who have been a part of the runners club. It has been alot of fun. 

Runners club will conclude on Monday 3rd April. 

Casuarina Hockey 

Casuarina Hockey Club are running a Wednesday 4.30pm Hook in2 Hockey program in term 2. 

There will also be an opportunity for kids to join in our term 3 program as well. Age is U6 & U8

For more details https://www.instagram.com/p/Cpv2lLnv6C2/ or to register go to https://www.revolutionise.com.au/casurinahc/registration/

Nathan Croft
P-4 PE Specialist

Easter Hat Parade

Please indicate your attendance by visiting the following link

Green Team

Middle School

From the Head of Middle School

Parent Information Evening with Nathan Verrinda from Online Guardians

The Online Guardians are an eSafety accredited business who are experts in the field of social networks and adolescent development. Online Guardians educate parents on various topics, including cyber, social networks, and adolescent development leading to awareness and positive change. Online Guardians utilise data, statistics, and evaluations to highlight the most accurate picture for individual schools. The ideology of their work is to provide realistic and tangible strategies to main stakeholders, which strengthen the foundation of support inevitably protecting our children. The Online Guardians Parent Information Evening will provide tangible and realistic strategies. 

Date: Wednesday 10 May at 6.30 pm Venue: Lindisfarne School Chapel, Mahers Lane

Think You Know Cyber Safety Student Education Session

In the lead up to Nathan Verrinda’s session, Lindisfarne will be holding a Stage 3 and a Stage 4 cyber safety information session for Middle School students, on Friday 28 April, next term.

During these sessions, areas such as self-produced child exploitation (sexting), privacy and inappropriate/unwanted contact, online grooming, image-based abuse and sexual extortion will be addressed and importantly the AFP encourages help seeking behaviour.

The Australian Federal Police play a significant role in ensuring children and young people are safe. As a result  the AFP is involved in many crime prevention and awareness raising initiatives, particularly in relation to keeping young people safe online and reducing the incidence of online child sexual exploitation.

The ThinkUKnow program is led by the Australian Federal Police and is delivered nationally in partnership with law enforcement and industry to raise awareness and educate the community about preventing online child sexual exploitation.

Daylight Saving

Please be aware that Daylight Saving comes to an end for another year, in the early hours of Sunday, 2 April. Good news for our NSW families who will get an extra hour of sleep. We look forward to seeing everyone in the same time zone on Monday morning for the start of the final week of Term 1.

Easter Service

The Middle School will hold our Easter Service on Wednesday at 11:00 am in Ngahriyah. All families are welcome to join this special celebration.

Palm Sunday Service

St Cuthbert’s in Tweed Heads has extended a warm invitation to all within our community to join the Palm Sunday Service on Sunday morning at 9:00am. Many Lindisfarne staff, students and families will worship together on this day. It would be wonderful to see as many families attend as possible. 

Germinate Records Live at the Citadel 

On Wednesday evening, April 5, we will be holding our second annual Germinate Records Live gig at The Citadel in Murwillumbah.  The event has sold out but for your future reference:

  • The evening is e a fundraiser for Tweed Palliative Support and Wedgetail Retreat
  • This year several of our very talented young singer-songwriters perform - Caalen Lewis and Oscar Rynderman, both in Year 7, are among the performers.  
  • There will also be a special performance from our brand new – and yet-to-be-named – New Music Ensemble. The New Music Ensemble is a group made up of senior school music students, university aged musicians and experienced professional musicians. Throughout term one, the group has worked in collaboration to create approximately 30 minutes of brand new music. The group will eventually travel and offer performances and workshops to those who may not have access to the skills and resources that we do here at Lindisfarne

New Music Release – Seventeen, by Josh Geoghegan

Our first new release for 2023 is due to hit streaming platforms on March 31.  Seventeen, a song by Year 11 student Josh Geoghegan, was recorded, mixed and produced in our school studio with the help of our talented music production students.  

An accompanying music video will be released in the following weeks. This will be the first of many new singles, all written by our fantastic student songwriters, to be released on the Germinate Records label throughout 2023.

I encourage you to come along next year and enjoy a fantastic night of music and entertainment.

Cross Country

On Thursday April 6, Lindisfarne will be holding our annual cross country. This is a compulsory school day and all students are expected to attend and participate. Parents, careers and family are welcome to attend and support on the day. The Cross Country Carnival which will take place at the Top Oval, Mahers Lane Campus. The timing is as follows:

  • Years 7 to 12: 10.20am - 12.45pm
  • Years 3 to 6:  1.20pm - 3.00pm

Please ensure your child:

  • Wears their House shirt and PE shorts with the School hat/cap (for those students in St Hilda or St Margaret Houses, they should wear their blue sport shirt)
  • Is wearing sunscreen and can reapply it throughout the day
  • Brings a water bottle from home 
  • Have morning tea and lunch packed 

Director of Sport, Mr Damien Clucas, has provided the schedule of events, for your reference. 

Cathy Cox
Head of Middle School

Accelerated Readers - Millionaires Recognised

On Wednesday, 29 March we celebrated the achievement of 13 Stage 3 students who had read over one million words this term as a part of the Accelerated Reader program. Those students were invited to have a delicious morning tea in the library with Mr Marquardt, Mrs Cox, Ms Jarvis, Mrs Thompson and Mrs McKinley to celebrate their achievements, and to share their thoughts about some of the books they have enjoyed reading this term. 

Congratulations to the following Stage 3 students.

  • Cole Kelly
  • Freya Seller
  • Josie Jamison
  • Brandon Prass
  • Zoe Fox
  • Sunny Willcox
  • Charlie Cairncross
  • Chloe Manwarring
  • Noah Canning
  • Adam Blinco
  • Nicholas Klein
  • Thomas Stone
  • Sophie Ozolins.

Carla McKinley
Year 5 Teacher

Senior School

From the Head of Senior School

NSW Police Visit

This week we welcomed Senior Constable Brad Foster and Senior Constable Adina Cotek from Tweed/Byron Police District to the School to speak to Senior students about consent, and the sharing of sexual images via social media. I am pleased to report their presentations were a resounding success. The officers were able to communicate the importance of seeking and receiving enthusiastic consent in sexual encounters, and the potential legal and social consequences of sharing sexual images without consent. The students were engaged and receptive, with many staying behind to ask questions after the presentations. The visit not only raised awareness and provided valuable information on these crucial topics, but also demonstrated the importance of community partnerships in promoting healthy and safe behaviour among young people.

Further opportunities to engage with NSW Police will be extended to students and their families through a series of community forums on Monday, 8 May and Monday, 15 May, respectively.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Interviews continued this week and will continue into Week 10. I continue to encourage students to attend meetings with parents as an important way to stay informed about their education and academic progress. These meetings provide an opportunity for students and parents to hear directly from the teachers about strengths, areas for improvement, and ways to develop skills further. By participating in these discussions, students will gain a better understanding of what is expected in the classroom and how to best meet those expectations. Additionally, attending these meetings shows teachers and parents that students are committed to their education and are taking an active role in their academic journey. 

Senior School Easter Service

The Senior School Easter Service will be held in Ngahriyah on Tuesday, 4 April, at 8.40am. Parents and guardians are invited to join us as we gather to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Cross Country

We look forward to holding the Cross Country Carnival on Thursday, 6 April. Please be reminded that attendance is compulsory for all students. This is an important event on our school calendar and provides a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate their physical abilities and sportspersonship. We look forward to seeing all students at the carnival, doing their best to contribute points to the House Cup. 

Prime Energy/Hydration Drinks

Earlier this week, Mrs Cathy Cox and I wrote to all Year 5-12 parents about our concerns regarding Prime drinks, a product that was introduced to Australia earlier this year with the sports drink's popularity immediately skyrocketing. Created by controversial YouTubers, the drink has been heavily marketed to their huge fanbase of mostly younger males. Young people have been flooding supermarkets, trying to purchase the drink, with stocks quickly selling out. I want to provide some increased clarity regarding Prime products to help our community understand the School’s firm stance on these drinks:

  • Prime Hydration: A still, coconut water-based electrolyte drink that claims to be fortified with "BCAAs and vitamins". It is available for purchase in Australia through retailers, and bottles have a disclaimer saying it's not suitable for children aged under 15.
  • Prime Energy: A carbonated drink that contains 200mg of caffeine per 355mL can – double the Australian legal limit of caffeine per 100mL. This product is not available to purchase through retailers in Australia but can be bought through online marketplaces and resellers. The Prime website says it's not suitable for under 18s.

The health concern for children is less about the Prime Hydration product and more about the Prime Energy drink, which is technically not sold in Australia, but can be bought from third-party sellers. Despite being caffeine-free, bottles of Prime Hydration — the one available in supermarkets — have a disclaimer on its containers, saying it's not suitable for children under the age of 15. 

For those wanting to learn more about Prime drinks, please have a look at some of the following links: 


Yahoo! News

Network 10

Kate Cornell
Head of Senior School

Class of 2023 Parent Dinner

Year 12 Parents are invited to celebrate at the Class of 2023 Parent Cocktail Event.

This School-endorsed gathering, arranged by parents, offers an opportunity for them to mingle and appreciate each other's company, acknowledging the collaborative educational journey their children have shared at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School.

Bookings are essential and can be made via https://www.trybooking.com/CGPQW

For more information contact Parent Representative Peta Fahy via pfahy1@eq.edu.au or Director of Community Engagement Simon McKinley via smckinley@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au.

Pastoral Care


From the Sportsdesk

Just like that, the term is almost finished. Cross Country is next week, with the forecast looking very wet indeed.  Our backup date is April 24 - first day of Term 2! Let's hope we can sneak this event through next week. 


On Monday 27th March, the NCIS Surfing Competition was held at Sawtell Beach. After Covid and Cyclonic conditions affected the last few years of competitions, it was great to host the event once again. With over 50 surfers entering the competition this year - double the previous event, excellent surfing was seen throughout the whole day. Conditions were clean in the morning with 3-4 foot surf and even though the wind became strong throughout the day, conditions still allowed strong surfing in all heats and finals. 

The following are the results of the competition - 

U16 Girls


U16 Boys



Ivy Parsons


Lachlan Arghyros



Dahlia Alagich


Xavier Poole



Zoya Dryburgh


Kade Martin



Coco Winchester


Mac Brindley


Open Girls


Open Boys



Manon Pouget


Creed Smart



Ava Arghyros


Tommy Horn



Aroha Foster


Bowie Robinson



Sumari Getz


River Robinson



Layla Hutchinson


Ollie Correy


Huge thank you to all schools, staff, and parents who got there ready for each heat and those who helped on the day with judging. Looking forward to this event again next year. 

NCIS Secondary Football

Congratulations to all our players on a very successful trip to Coffs Harbour for the NCIS Football Tournament. We almost swept all the silverware, three from four (with a runners up).

Our Open Boys and Girls and Under 15 Girls all were undefeated, and the U16 Boys were Runners Up.

Well done to the players selected in the NCIS  representative teams.

Full results and representative sheets - here.

Spotlight on Ned Simmonds

Got some footage of young gun Ned Simmonds coming from at least a length behind to win the 50m Breaststroke at NSWCIS last week. Ned is in Lane 6, enjoy - here

Spotlight on Aussie Surf Life Saving Championships in Perth.

Jules Loemker has had a great meet at the pinnacle of Surf Life Saving - the Aussies, which was held  in Perth. He is now the Australian Champion after finishing in 1st place in the individual board. Congratulations Jules!  

He then teamed up with Fletcher Burdekin and another team member to place 2nd in the board relay.

Izzy Tate picked up a 3rd place in Ironwoman and a 4th in the board. Phenomenal effort Izzy, well done.

After achieving great results in individual beach sprints and flags and all receiving medals in their respective beach sprint relays at QLD Youth State Champs in February, Fletcher Bisgrove, Brock Osborne and Ruby Power also competed at the Aussies. They again all achieved great results in their individual events with Fletcher and Brock receiving a silver medal for 2nd place in their U14/15 Male Beach Relay and Brock and Ruby receiving a Bronze medal for taking out 3rd place in the U 14/15 Mixed Beach Relay.

Surf Life Saving 

A few weekends ago Tweed Heads Coolangatta  Surf club held their presentation day for the 2022/2023 Nippers Season. These three little guys dominated in their age groups. 

David Dickens achieved 3rd place in the U9 Age Championships.

Ned Simmonds achieved 1st place in the U9 Age Championships.

Jack Kane achieved both 1st place in U10 Age Champs and was also the overall club champion for TH&C Surf lifesaving Club U8-U13.

Oliver Costello and Ben Dickens also had a stellar season, both attending QLD Surf lifesaving champs in Mooloolaba as part of the Tweed Heads Coolangatta Surf Life Saving State team. Both boys had a fantastic carnival and came away proud of their efforts. Highlights were:

Oliver came 5th in the U11 Male Beach Sprint.

Ben received a bronze medal for 3rd in U11 Mixed Beach Sprints.

Ben Dickens achieved 2nd place in U11 Age Championships presentation for Tweed Heads Coolangatta Nippers. Great effort boys!

Spotlight on Jack Kane.

Jack went to QLD Little Athletics State championships over the weekend. Jack had 5 events that he qualified for and he placed in all of them, 100m- 1st, long jump-2nd, 200m-2nd, high jump-3rd and 70m-3rd, PB all events.

Spotlight on Natasha Flahey 

Qld State Athletics Championship 

On Sunday 11th March at QSAC

Under 15, 3000m Race Walk 1st Place

Qld State Little Athletics Championship 

On Friday 24th March at Townsville 

Under 14G, 

1500m Race walk 1st Place

Javelin 12th

Discus 13th

Spotlight on Alumni Flynn Southam

Flynn Southam named Gold Coast Junior Sports Star of the year. Congratulations Flynn.

Mixed Netball Success

The Lindisfarne Mixed team are Monday Night Netball Champions after winning their Grand Final this week.  The closely contested match was goal for goal for most of the game but the team worked hard to the final whistle to get the win.  Congratulations to Hayden Ambler, Delta Bisgrove, Sabina Dempsey, Annie Hammond, Keeley Hughes, Elliot Latham, Gracie Lynch, Mia McKinley, Callum McNicoll, Trishul Sivabalan, Eden Smith and Ruby Stante. Callum McNicoll was also selected as the grand final player of the match.

Lindisfarne also had umpires selected to officiate and several players competing in a variety of Grand Final matches. Congratulations to all teams, players and umpires for their efforts in Season 1 of Monday Night Netball.

Danielle Watters
Strategic Director of Netball

Rugby News


Girls 7s Program

The registration for the 2023 Lindisfarne Rugby Union Girls 7's program was launched this week.   Our Rugby Union program is in its second year and similar to 2022, we will have a 1st 7 Girls team and we would also love to be able to field U15 and U13 7s teams (pending player numbers).

If you are interested in representing the school in Girls 7's, please complete the registration form HERE. Registrations close on Thursday 6th April. If you do register for the program, you are expected to be available for our Tuesday and Thursday morning training sessions at 0700 at the school.

Leading our Girls 7s program will be Miss Jessika Elliston and Mrs. Julie McDowell. Miss Elliston is a current NRLW player for the Gold Coast Titans, Queensland State of Origin player and has also played rugby union 7s for Queensland. Meanwhile, Mrs McDowell is the head of the PDHPE department at the school and a vast experience across a range of sports. 

We have a very full schedule for our Girls 7's program, especially in Term 3,  and we are also hopeful of adding tournaments/games for our girls to compete in at the back end of Term 2. We hope to have as many students as possible register this year to build on our success from 2022 and enjoy the great game of rugby union with their fellow schoolmates. So if you are interested in playing rugby 7s for the school is to complete the registration form HERE.


U13 trial v Kings Christian College

Our U13 travelled up to Bond Pirates and played Kings’ Christian College in their final hit-out before the Ballymore Cup. 

Gold Coast Super Schools Cup FINAL - 

U15 v Pimpama SHS 15-10

The Gold Coast Super Schools Cup reached its conclusion this week with our U15 squad making the final for the second year in a row. The final was played at Bond University against Pimpama SHS, who are a big strong team and who our boys went down to in a hard fought game last week. 

However, this week our U15s managed to turn last week's result around in a hard fought and weather affected game to secure Lindisfarne’s first rugby title!!  Clancy Halloran played an outstanding game and was named player of the final, with Koen Hodge and Oska Martin not far behind.


Please see upcoming key dates for our boys’ and girls’ program below. You can find the full list of key dates HERE.


Friday - Monday, 31 March - 3 April

Ballymore Cup (U13, U15 & 1st XV) AWAY

Tuesday, 4 April

NSW U10 Far North Coast 7s Tournament AWAY

Thursday, 6 April

Term 1 ends

Friday - Sunday, 21-23 April

The Armidale School Rugby Carnival (U12) AWAY

Monday, 24 April

Term 2 begins


Wednesday, 29 March

Registrations open

Thursday, 6 April

Registrations closes

Term 1 ends

Monday, 24 April

Term 2 begins

Thursday, 26 April

Thursday AM training begins (7s)

Tuesday, 2 May

Tuesday AM training begins (7s)


The Ballymore Cup - U13, U15 and 1st XV

The Ballymore Cup is Queensland's largest schoolboy rugby competition which has been running since 2003 and our U13, U15 and 1st XV are playing in over this Saturday to Monday. It is a state-wide competition for all schools that presents non-traditional rugby schools and schools from regional areas with the opportunity to compete at a higher level.  Here is a short video of the highlights from the 2021 Ballymore Cup:

As a brief overview of The Ballymore Cup, it will include: 

  • Tickets for the Reds v Crusaders Super Rugby game on Friday 31st March
  • Five games of rugby from the 1st - 3rd April pending draw
  • Three nights’ accommodation for all players at Nudgee College
  • Food for duration of tournament (i.e., all meals/snacks from breakfast on Saturday 1st April - lunch on 3rd April)
  • Transport to and from the school on Friday 31st March and Monday 3rd April

Unfortunately, we could only carry 25 players in each squad (23 active players for each game and 2 non-playing reserves). Congratulations to all players selected and we know you will make us proud over the tournament.  For our most up to date itinerary of The Ballymore Cup, please check HERE.  For the draft draw from QLD Rugby, please check HERE


Boys Training Notes

There will be NO training for our boys squads next week on Tuesday 4th April nor Thursday 6th April with the school cross-country. The next training session for the boys will be school sport on Thursday 27th April (fitness testing) followed by Tuesday 2nd May.  Please make sure we are keeping up with our strength and conditioning over the holiday break.

2022 Team Photos (1st XV, U15, U13 boy and Open Girls’ 7s)

The 2022 rugby union squads’ photos have arrived and all students that have ordered a photo can pick theirs up from the PE office at the school. 

The Armidale School Rugby Carnival 2023 - U12 boys

We have finalised selections for The Armidale School Rugby Carnival, which is on the 22nd - 23rd of April,  and congratulations to all players selected. Further information has been provided to selected players and we need to complete registrations on Parent Lounge asap. The cost of registration is $275 and please note we will need all players available for the Friday 20th - Sunday 23rd and if you will not be able to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.

Stack Team APP

The Lindisfarne Rugby Union program’s main form of communication for our Boy’s U13, U15, 1st XVs and 7’s and Girl’s 7s will be the Stack Team app with email being used as minimally as possible. The Stack Team app will host news and updates to schedules, live scores, player availability, important documents and links to our sponsors. 

Note, both parents and Boy’s U13, U15, 1st XVs and 7’s and Girl’s 7s students who have parental permission for smartphones will need to download the app and join the relevant squad in the app (e.g., 1st XV, U15 XV, U13 XV, Girls 7s).

To download the Stack team app, use the following links:

● iOS: https://www.teamapp.com/ios-ap...

● Android: https://www.teamapp.com/androi...

Once downloaded, please search for 'Lindisfarne Rugby Program' and request to join. We will be approving the requests from students and parents in the coming weeks as we roll out the app in more depth.

More Information

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Coyne (jcoyne@lindiisfarne.nsw.edu.au).

Learn to Row Day

I am excited to share with you the success of our recent Learn to Row Day, which took place last weekend at the Tweed Rowing Club

The event was a great opportunity for students of all ages and skill levels to try their hand at rowing. The Learn to Row Day was a huge success, with many participants expressing their interest in continuing with the sport. It was inspiring to see so many people come out and try something new, and we hope that this event has sparked a lifelong love of rowing in many of the students.


I would like to extend a special thanks to the Tweed Rowing Club coaches Garry and David who made the event possible. Also to those parents who helped cook food and take photos. 


If you missed out on our Learn to Row Day, don't worry! We offer regular beginner classes and opportunities for people to continue learning and improving their skills in rowing. Please email Mr Temperly (aled.temperly@lindisfarne.nsw.edu.au) if you’re still interested.

Mr Temperly

Outdoor Education


Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

ASX Sharemarket Game - Update

At close of trade on 29/3/23 there has been a lot of movement at the top of the board. Special mention to our new competition leader Henry McMillan (Year 11) who holds the top spot narrowly now from Danny Roddy (Year 11) and Indy Iliffe (Year 11). Mr Campbell is making moves though so watch out team.

Kane Bradford
Head - Professional Practice, Innovation and Partnerships


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Auditions

The inaugural Shakespeare under the stars @ Lindisfarne.

Rewriting Shakespeare’s classic rom-com

(Performed late term 3, 2023)

Open to all students in years 9-11 as an extra-curricular activity Part term 2 and Term 3

Auditions: Monday 3rd and Wednesday 5th April from 3.30 - 5 PM in room B12

What to do?

1) Email Ms. Otto in the English department requesting an audition or information- No acting experience is required.

2) Put AUDITION in the subject line.


You will need to prepare a 2-minute comedy or light drama piece for your audition (NOT Shakespeare). These can be easily taken from the internet – try websites such as The Monologue Blogger, Backstage or Stagemilk.


3) Successful auditionees will be offered a position in ‘The Players’ and notified by email Thursday 6th April. Workshop and rehearsal dates will be finalised in term 2.

Katy Otto

Mindful Reading in the Library

Here at the Mahers Lane campus we are incredibly grateful to have such a peaceful and calming space to read in. Especially on rainy days! 

In 10C English we use one lesson each fortnight as our wide reading time. During this time students are able to read a book of their choice. On the surface these students seem to be sitting in a library on a rainy afternoon… But really, they are embarking on sea voyages, fantastical adventures and emotional roller coasters in the form of literature. Others prefer non-fiction and spend the time perusing books about space travel, history or dinosaurs. There is a book to suit every reader in our library.

It is a wonderful opportunity for them to see the new arrivals and displays put together with love and care by our passionate library staff Mrs Dessman and Mrs Dempsey. It is also a fantastic time for students to share book recommendations with their friends, fostering a love for literature in their peers. Reading is not only a great way to improve literacy skills that will help students across all of their subject areas. It is also a valuable tool for broadening our perspectives and increasing our capacity for empathy and compassion. 

Not sure what to read? Can’t find a book that interests you? Visit our library!

Ms Brewer

Creative Industries

Native Australian Cuisine

We are excited to share with you the recent unit of work that our Year 10 Food Technology students have been studying, which focused on Native Australian Cuisine. 

As part of the unit, students had the privilege of engaging in a presentation/workshop with Lindisfarne's own Narelle Urquardt and her daughter Katrina. Narelle and Katrina provided a wealth of knowledge on not only Australian Native Indigenous ingredients but also on how they can be showcased in modern Australian cuisine. The students were inspired and equipped with first-hand knowledge to put towards their own creations.

Using the knowledge they gained from the workshop and their own research and investigation, the students went on to design, plan and create their own contemporary dish that heroed 2 native Australian ingredients. The level of skill and creativity that was demonstrated through their final products was exceptional. Some of the dishes created by the students were more than suitable for a modern Australian restaurant or cafe.

We would like to congratulate all Year 10 Food Technology students on their excellent showcase of Australian Native Cuisine. It was a pleasure to see the students' passion for this topic and their enthusiasm for exploring and experimenting with native ingredients.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Narelle and Katrina for their invaluable contribution to this unit of work. Their input and expertise provided the students with a unique and unforgettable learning experience.

Overall, we are extremely proud of the Year 10 Food Technology students and the outstanding work they have produced. We look forward to seeing where their passion for Australian Native Cuisine takes them in the future.

Hayley McDonald

Debating and Public Speaking

Gold Coast Debating

On Wednesday 22 March, the Gold Coast Debating Competition began. We had three teams debating. 

Open A Debating team

The Open A team, pictured below, had one hour to write an eight-minute speech each that argued that: Artificial intelligence poses more harm than good to education. There was a heated debate with the QLD Academy of Health Sciences, with the debate being awarded to Lindisfarne. Congratulations to our Open A team and their coach Miss Emily Brewer. 

From left to right: Zia Mowbray, Naiya Boschma-Wagner, Trishul Sivabalan, Bailey Keay and Ruby Stante

Intermediate B 

Our Intermediate B team, comprising Ajayip Janes, Ruby Castle, Tahlia D’Amici, Lil Proart and Marina McNeven Marsden, under the guidance of their coach Miss Alyssa Malone, debated Benowa State High. This team was successful in arguing against the contention that NAPLAN is worthwhile. 

Junior A – LAG 3

Only one of our Junior A teams debated on 22 March, the rest were postponed.  Lillia Abbey, Violet Chase, Gracie Davies and Eve Lobascher, coached by Dr Rochelle Abbey, argued that NAPLAN is worthwhile. Whilst they lost the debate, they were commended for their excellent arguments. They will now focus on building their confidence and enhancing their delivery skills.

From left to right:Violet Chase, Gracie Davies and Lillia Abbey

Suellen Walker
English Coordinator







Performing Arts

Performing Arts Private Tuition

In addition to regular classes, Lindisfarne has specialist teachers who offer private tuition in Speech and Drama, Piano/Keyboard, Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Vocal and Songwriting/Music Production.

For students continuing with private tuition, it is assumed that lessons are continuing from term to term, for the year unless written notification is submitted to the Performing Arts Administration by the close of business on Monday of the last week of term otherwise the following term’s fees will be charged.

For those interested in enrolling for private studio lessons for Term 2, please contact Performing Arts or complete the application forms on 'Parent Lounge'

Todd Hardy
Director of Performing Arts

Germinate Records

Seventeen by Josh Geoghegan OUT NOW!!!

Today marks the release of Seventeen, a new single by Year 11 student, Josh Geoghegan.  Now available on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms, Seventeen was produced, recorded and mixed in our school recording studio with the help of our super-talented student sound engineers. Proceeds from the song will go to Dementia Australia. 

You can best support this important charity along with the amazing talents of Josh Geoghegan and our student engineers, Chris Nellikkattu and William Ryan by purchasing the track for $2.00 via https://germinaterecords.bandcamp.com/track/seventeen  

The song is also available on your favourite streaming service here.https://gyro.to/123880Seventeen

To catch up on all of our releases on the Germinate Records label, take a look at our website via https://germinaterecords.com/

The music video for Seventeen will be premiered at next Wednesday's sold-out gig, Germinate Records Live. A link to the music video will be available in next week’s newsletter. In the meantime, here is a short preview featuring talented Year 11 dance student, Amelie Mitchell.

Brett Canning
Recording Studio Producer/Manager

Germinate Records Live

On the evening of Wednesday, April 5, we will be holding our second annual Germinate Records Live gig at The Citadel in Murwillumbah. This event will be an evening of entirely original music composed and performed by our super talented student songwriters and musicians and will once again be a fundraiser for Tweed Palliative Support & Wedgetail Retreat.

Additionally, the gig will serve as a single launch and film clip premiere for our upcoming new music release - Seventeen, by year 11 student, Josh Geoghegan. It will also be the debut performance of our New Music Ensemble, a new group featuring collaborations between senior music students, university music students and some of our on-staff professional musicians.

Tickets can be accessed and purchased here. Last year’s event sold out so please be sure to get your tickets early and come along in support of our talented students and this very worthy cause.

Brett Canning
Recording Studio Producer/Manager


Photography and Digital Media



Currently, in Biology, our class is learning about the parts of plants. By using a light microscope, we were able to see the structures of a plant at a cellular level. To do this, we prepared microscope slides using two different methods to achieve different results. 

Method 1: Wet Mount

  • This method involves slicing a thin slice of leaf with a scalpel, then placing it onto a glass microscope slide, covering it with a drop of water and carefully placing a thin glass cover slip over the top.

Method 2: Imprint

  • This method involved painting a small area of a leaf with clear nail polish, waiting for it to dry and then covering it with a piece of tape in order to lift the imprint off the leaf. The tape was then placed onto a glass microscope slide.

Using the wet mount technique, we were able to clearly see plant cells. This allowed us to further understand how cells interact with their extracellular environment.

The chlorophyll (green pigment in plants) is very visible in this photo, as well as the rectangular structure of the cells.

Photo 3 shows the stoma and guard cells which are prominent aspects of gas exchange in a plant cell.

Photo 4 shows both the stoma and guard cells similarly to Photo 3, however, the imprinting technique was used instead. We were able to clearly see how creating a wet mount shows higher levels of details when looking at plant cells. 

Olivia Danesi
Year 10 Biology (Accelerated)

Visual Arts

Learning Enrichment

Round Square



Waste Wise Tips

Lindisfarne Recording Studio

Digital Space

Chess Club

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular

Homework Club

The last Homework Club of Term 1 will be

Week 9, 29th March



Uniform Shop


Buildings and Facilities


Employment @ Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne encourages prospective applicants to consider proactively sending us an Expression of Interest (EOI) in working at Lindisfarne even if there is not yet a vacancy.

Why an Expression of Interest (EOI)?

Lindisfarne has strong enrolment growth due to its high-quality education, supportive community, and diverse co-curricular activities. 

  • We believe proactively identifying high-quality staff who would consider furthering their career at Lindisfarne is essential to meeting the needs of our growing student population.
  • We are developing a pool of qualified applicants who are already invested in working at Lindisfarne should a vacancy arise.
  • We believe this will streamline the recruitment process, allowing for a faster and more efficient hiring process when a vacancy does arise.

Casual Employment

We welcome all applications for casual employment as teachers, learning assistants or in administration. This is an opportunity to get your foot in the door.

Current Vacancies

Full-Time, Temporary for 2023 to commence in May or earlier by negotiation.

Mary- Ellen Jackman
Director of Human Resources

Community News

Cultural Engagement


Food Technology




Lindisfarne TV

Professional Practice, Innovation and Partnerships